San Diego Padres owner Peter Seidler dies at 63, November 14, 2023

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The Padres owner has died at age 63.

The Rangers just won the World Series at the start of the month, in their 63rd season.

Seidler was born on November 7 and died on November 14, 7 days later.

His birthday is the anniversary of anniversary of Roy Halladay’s passing, 11/7, like 117.

San Diego, California=162, Major League Baseball=162, Baseball=162 (162 games in a season)
San Diego, California = 108, Major League = 108 (108 double stitches on a baseball)

Keep in mind November 7 leaves 54 days in the year, going with 54 outs in a game.

He died 57 days after this September 18 announcement.

Recall, Bruce Bochy got his 57th win in the postseason as a manager, winning the World Series. And recall, Tim Wakefield died at 57 just as the postseason was getting underway.

As we know, the 119th World Series ended on the 119th day of George W. Bush’s age, the man who threw out the first pitch of the 2023 World Series, and the man that the Rangers season was scripted around from Opening Day, March 30, 2023. Of course, Bush is in Skull and Bones, or Order 322, and notice the transfer of the Paders to Peter Seidler was approved on November 18, 2020, the day that is typically the 322nd day of the year.

He died exactly a span of 156 weeks later (911, 156th prime).

For one last point, he died on the day leaving 47 days in the year, and the Rangers who won the World Series play in Arlington, Texas. *Arlington=47

He also died on the day of the MLB owner’s meeting.

It goes with the news about his health on September 18, the day the CIA was created in ’47, and the day the cornerstone was laid for Washington DC, September 18, 1793 (Baseball=18).
9/18/1793 = 9+18+1+7+9+3=47

House passes Mike Johnson’s short-term bill to avert shutdown, November 14, 2023

Federal Government News

Recall, they funded the government for 47 days. Now, on the day leaving 47 days in the year, they fund the government yet again. And now we’re funded through the 33rd day of the year, how perfect.

And don’t forget that Mike Johnson is the 56th Speaker of the House.
Mike Johnson=56
Washington DC=56

March for Israel takes place in December, November 14, 2023 (What is 47?)

Activism Federal Government Islam Jewish Related News Secret Societies War

Mike Johnson=56 (56th Speaker of the House), Washington DC=56, *Society of Jesus=56

Funny how for a decade I’ve drawn the parallel between the 4th of July, all the 47’s in D.C., and Israel being drawn up in September of 1947. Now here we are on November 14, 2023, the day leaving 47 days in the year.

Of course, Israel was drawn up as a nation, September 3, 1947, before it was created officially on May 14, 1948. And as we know, 47 is a special number.

The Gematria is also perfect. *March for Israel=74 & 88 *Jewish=74 & 88

Another 74 and 88 is *George Washington=74 & 88

Another is *Holy Roman Empire=74 & 88

Keep in mind Israel was once under the occupation of the United Kingdom.
United Kingdom=146
March of Israel=146
*Jesus Christ=146

Soon the blind’s messiah will return, the one with the 14/6 birthday, Donald Trump.

He left office at age 74, and will return… think about it.
Jesus Christ=74

Of course, in Washington DC, most politicians are Christians in the land of Roman architecture.

And of course x2, this nation’s got the 7/4 birthday.

Keep in mind today is 38 days after the war began on October 7, and Washington DC is on the 38th Parallel North, the home of the ‘Pentagon,’ where “Marching for Israel” is big business at the taxpayer’s expense, in resources and lives.

Andre 3000 to release first album in 17 years on November 17, 2023

Celebrity Entertainment History Predictive Programming

Andre 3000, a name pertaining to time, and today leaves 47 days in the year.

Andre’s group Outkast got famous with ATLiens, a play on aliens, a subject going back to 1947 and New Mexico, the 47th state, with the Roswell incident. Or, it goes back to the 47th Parallel in ’47, Seattle, where the first official UFO sighting was right before the New Mexico incident. And now Seattle is associated with the Space Needle, and Microsoft as well as Amazon, companies both having roots in New Mexico.

A year ago I showed what Andre’s 47th birthday had to do with the war in Ukraine & the nuclear scare.

17 years after his last, on November 17! I love that he won’t rap anymore.

It also comes out on 71 date numerology, going with ‘flute.’
11/17/2023 = 11+17+20+23=71

Of course, the war in Israel began on Vladimir Putin’s 71st birthday, 71 days before the Pope’s birthday, October 7, 2023. And as for this war having a lot to do with the Middle East, the flute is an instrument very much highly associated with the region.

This story is on the front page of CNN.

André Benjamin = 56 & 79 *Society of Jesus = 56 & 79
November 17 is 11/17 (1117 is the 187th prime + 11×17=187) *Society of Jesus=187

This news comes 174 days after his birthday.
Number of the Beast = 174
New World Order = 174

This news comes on 48 date numerology.

Think of the song “rock and roll suicide.” These guys make choices when they’re too young to choose it.

Today through December 31 are the last 48 days of the year as well.

Do severe wind storms come next? They’ve synced up some serious things with Andre 3000 over the years, such as 9/11 and the wars that came after. Remember Bombs Over Baghdad?

Keep in mind November 17 is a special date, leaving 44 days in the year.

And as for the title…,times%2C%20it’s%20the%20same%20sun.

New Blue Sun = 136 / 37 / 134 / 53
-Between 136 and 134 is 135
-Instrumental Flute Album = 135

There are 78 cards in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck & Donald Trump will be 78 for the 2024 election

Freemasonry History Jesuit Secret Societies Tarot

There are 78 cards in the Rider-Waite Tarot, the most popular in the world.

It was published in 1909. *Arthur Edward Waite=199

Notice the publishing of this article on the Tarot trump cards by the Metropolitan Museum of Art on April 8, 2016, just before the selection of Trump.
Donald Trump = 48 (4/8 date)
Netflix had the hit show “House of Cards” about the Presidency at the time
Prince died in April of 2016, around the time of the article & he had the song Black Donald Trump

Again, Trump will be 78 at the time of the 2024 election, and he announced he was running at the end of ’22, like the 22 Major Arcana in the Tarot. It goes with MAGA relating to magic, and also being the name of the highest degree of the Church of Satan.

And recall, Donald Trump, the ‘President,’ left office at age 74, and the election was called for Biden at the time Biden reached 74 million votes (on his way to 81).
-White House=47

Joe Biden was also 78 years old at the time, and he’ll turn 81 in a few days.
Scottish Rite = 78
Jesuit = 78
-The Fool = 81
-President Trump = 81
-President Biden = 81

In light of knowing how to spell Caesar correctly (one of those special “47 words connected to authority and its history), with the silent a before the e, it makes me think about Tool’s AEnima album (they’re into the occult), and the occultist A.E. Waite, who is connected to the history of ‘Tarot’ cards.

Remember, the band Tool clearly had some kind of foresight on the coming pandemic, Covid-19.

It is the name of the album, as well as the song. And notice the way the A and E are formed.

And think about what an enema is.

And think about how their song AEnema is about flushing the city of LA (and more).

In light of the lyrics think about the Georgia Guidestones and what was written on them before they came down in an Illuminati / Jesuit ritual 201 days after the Pope’s birthday.

Also think about Event 201, the Covid simulation just before Covid, hosted by Mr. 201, Bill Gates, that was declared 78 days after Anthony Fauci’s birthday (the spokesperson for it, Jesuit trained at Holy Cross), and how 201 goes back to Agenda 21’s signing day in 1992, June 13, the day leaving 201 days in the year in 201 land, Rio de Janeiro.
Rio de Janeiro = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
-Scottish Rite=78
-*Wuhan Coronavirus=78
_*Order Out of Chaos=78
-The 78th verse of Genesis is 3:22 (you know that one)
Order of Illuminati = 201

For more on the AE, it is a latin diphthong.

And for one more, Trump was called President elect in the early hours of November 9, or 11/9.
Tarot Cards=119

Think of the Serta ad with Trump talking to digital sheep, 11 & 9.

These people are in the “AE” club, if you will.

Fani Willis ask for emergency seal of evidence after video leak in election subversion case, November 14, 2023 (What is 47?)

Elections Federal Government Legal News Secret Societies

Today is November 14, 2023, the day leaving 47 days in the year.
Trump = 47
Judge = 47
Gavel = 47
Obey = 47
Authority = 47
Government = 47
Republican = 47
White House=47

Think about it, nearly every President claims to be Christian and swears in on the Bible.

Read about one of Trump’s best 47 rituals of all-time here.

If you read The Trump thing, don’t forget Obama took office at 47, and Biden was the 47th VP, who became President-elect 47 years after becoming a Senator in 1973 (infamous year, Roe v. Wade).

Trump currently has AGENDA 47.

Also, read about the 138 Fulton County and Donald Trump ritual here.
Fulton County=138
Donald Trump=138
-47 days left in the year (today’s news)
Federal=138 (We are 138)

Today is 51 weeks before the federal election, November 5, 2024.
Federal=51 & 138

The D.A. is Fani Willis.
Fani Willis=51

And read about the Fulton County indictment on the day leaving 138 days left in the year, August 15, 2023, the Jesuit Order’s birthday, and the three year anniversary of the death of his brother.
-Today is 91 days after August 15 *The Society of Jesus = 91 (13th tri. number)

*Also, Donald Trump Jr. turns 47 just after the 2024 election, December 31, 2024, 56 days later. The election is November 5, 2024. *Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56

Recall, Coronavirus began 56 years after Trump’s Jesuit education began. And don’t forget Newsom just turned 56, and he and Trump are friends, and Jesuits.
Gavin Newsom=56 (“56% will get Covid in 8 weeks, 56 days)
Anthony Fauci=56 (Also Jesuit educated)
Covid Vaccine=56

This news comes on 48 and 68 date numerology.
Donald Trump = 48
Donald John Trump = 68