Celebrity Murder by Numbers News

Mr. Tiger’s last full day on earth was April 5, or 4/5, like 45.

This Michigan star has passed on April 6, or 4/6, like 46.

Notice the mention of 67-years.

He died on his 110th day of his age, and the 97th day of the year.


The date he has passed on is the day leaving 269-days left in the year, the 57th prime.

Coronavirus News

Crown?  Corona?  Corona means crown, and she is giving up her crown to solve the corona. This comes one day after the Queen of England’s speech on coronavirus.

This news comes April 6, or 4/6, like 46.

Notice, this news comes on the day leaving 269-days left in the year, and she is Miss ‘England’.


She was born in ’96, like how April 6 is the 96th day of the year in non-leap-years.

Her surname, Mukherjee, sums to 96 as well.

Notice, they say she has an IQ of 146.


Don’t get me started on the United Kingdom apartment fire of June 14, or 14/6.

Coronavirus News

Notice how ‘inequality’ fits in with the ‘coronavirus’ ritual.

And keep in mind, America already had the greatest wealth disparity in the history of the world.  And at the same time, don’t forget this is all by design.


What the article does not discuss is how small business is getting decimated, while mega corporations such as Amazon and Wal-Mart are prospering and gaining market share.

Big Tech History News

Interesting that this riddle was chosen for 1982, and since that period of time Seattle has become the tech center of the world.


TIME’s Person of the year in 1982 was ‘The Computer’.

This matters because of 19-year cycles.  19 years later was 2001.  That was the year the government allied with big tech and the telecommunications giants to begin the process of spying on our lives with our computers, the ones on our desks, on our laps, and in our pockets (cellphones).

And don’t forget how they rolled out the PATRIOT Act which gave them the “right” to do so.  It was on October 26, 2001, 45-days after 9/11.

*Don’t forget about the 1968 ritual that revealed the plans for September 11, 2001 and the excuse for the technology intrusion.  Part of that ritual included the release of the film 2001:  A Space Odyssey, which is about technology overtaking man.  Read more here:  https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2018/11/39-68-156-man-who-played-hal-in-2001.html

Now skip another 19-years, and here we are in 2020, with more and more chatter of moving more and more things to computers, and ones that not only go in our pockets, but our flesh.  Microsoft is making ID2020, a biometric scan of the body that reveals medical history, Amazon has developed very sophisticated facial recognition technology and is working on turning hands into credit cards, and MIT announced they can implant our medical records in our flesh through a vaccine shot.  Of course, 2020 is also the year of 5G, the wireless data technology that is a leap of approximately 100x in terms of speed and connectivity from the prior technology.

I can’t wait for 2039, if we even make it.

Big Tech Financial News

In light of 2020 being a year that has brought up discussion about merging technology with the human body (ID2020, vaccines with computer chips that hold medical records, etc.), let us not overlook that on January 18, 2020, CNBC ran a story about Amazon working on technology that will turn consumers’ hands into credit cards.  Of course, no company has benefited more from the coronavirus pandemic than Amazon, who is selling even more stuff online than they were before.


Celebrity Coronavirus Secret Societies

Notice the emphasis on ‘Castaway’.

Tom Hanks full name is Thomas Jeffrey Hanks.

LeBron James made his social media post about this on March 18, 2020, the 78th day of the year.

Ultimately, I just want to document one more use of Tom Hanks in a headline in this ongoing coronavirus agenda.  In this case, the reference was from LeBron James, aka King James.  Let us not forget ‘corona’ means crown and Tom Hanks was in the film Larry Crowne, where his nickname is Lance Corona.


Coronavirus Military News

Notice the stories in the top right, and top middle, both relating to the Navy.  And keep in mind these headlines comes April 6, or 4/6, like 46.


The Navy captain’s name sums to 46, so of course he is front and center on 4/6.


As for the emphasis on the word ‘stupid’, we saw this with a Conor McGregor headline after his aunt supposedly died. Notice how the word overlaps with ‘virus’.

Celebrity Coronavirus


The musician speaking out is Christopher Cross, who has a name summing to 93, a number showin up everywhere with regards to the outbreak, as documented.

Consider this news comes the week of Good Friday and Easter, and his last name is cross.

God’s Son = 93; Nazareth = 93

Cross is 68-years-old at the time.

Today is April 6, or 4/6. *Religion = 46 *Catholic = 46 *Virus = 46

Celebrity Coronavirus Murder by Numbers


Notice, Lee Fierro died on her 53rd day of her age, and starred in ‘Jaws’.

The film came out 45-years earlier, and she died on April 5, or 4/5, similar to the massive 45 ritual with the Surgeon General on this same day.  Notice, her name also sums to 93, like Wuhan Coronavirus.

Her death happened on a ‘Sunday’, and they say the sun is 93-million miles away.

*Sun = 54 (April 5 can be written 5/4)