Gabby Petito’s fiance lives at house number 4343

Freemasonry Jesuit News Secret Societies

If you pay attention to the news, you’ll notice Brian Laundrie’s house number is 4343, in Florida…
Florida = 43
Killing = 43
Masonic = 43
RIP = 43

Keep in mind this story is clearly the work of the Society of Jesus.
Jesus Christ = 43

*Think of Jesuit pawn, Tom Brady, going to Florida at age 43.
*Football = 43

And understand this is a ritual of the Society of Jesus.
Jesus Christ = 43

Comedian Anthony Johnson, from the film Friday, dead at 56, September 20, 2021 news (blame it on Ice Cube)

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

Dead at 56? The news breaks September 20, the 263rd day of the year?
263, 56th prime
Society of Jesus = 56
-Some sources are reporting he was 55 (if so, age 55, is your 56th year or life)

If they end up saying he died from Covid…
Coronavirus = 56

Also, they’re saying his date of death was September 6, 2021, 83 days after Ice Cube’s birthday, the star of Friday. As for today, the news comes 97 days after Cube’s birthday.
Murder = 83
Death = 97

Arthur did a good video on Ice Cube’s connection to EIGHT deaths from Friday.

Also, with regards to him dying on 9/6, that was the day before Eazy-E’s birthday, and Eazy-E died on March 26, or 26/3, like this news broke on the 263rd day of the year. Keep in mind Ice Cube started out with Eazy-E in NWA, and not only that, but Anthony Johnson played Eazy-E as an actor. For more, go back and read my old post about Ice Cube’s Lethal Injection album being synced with Eazy-E’s death, a man who died 201 days after his birthday.

Gabby Petito’s remains found Sunday, September 19, 2021 (after 9/11 disappearance)

Catholic Church Jesuit Murder by Numbers News

Gabby Petito’s remains were believed to have been found on SUNDAY, September 19, 2021, after disappearing near Grand Teton. Notice this image from Fox News, does it not remind of a cross?

19/9 date
199, 46th prime
Grand Teton = 46
Sacrifice = 46
Catholic = 46 (Religion = 46)

Keep in mind she was born March 19, and her body was found six months later, September 19.
March 19, Pisces
September 19, Virgo

*Chaos = 19 / 46

Gabrielle Petito = 75
Catholic Church = 75

As for disappearing on September 11, that is new year’s day on the Christian Coptic Calendar, and some contend it is Jesus’ real birthday.

Adding to the ritual, from her March 19 birthday to her disappearance report on September 11 was a span of 177-days.

And adding further to the ritual, her body was found on a date with 69 numerology.
9/19/2021 = 9+19+20+21 = 69

And for one more point, notice how Petito fits in with ‘September Eleventh’, equating to 77 and 85.

And the cross… and christ…

And for one more point, she was found in Wyoming, the 44th state.
Kill = 44
Execution = 44
Brian = 44 (Boyfriend’s name)

And for even one more, the boyfriend’s surname is Laundrie.

Chris Rock says he has Covid-19 and you should get the vaccine, Sunday, September 19, 2021

Celebrity Coronavirus Jesuit New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

Guess how old Chris Rock is!

And not only is he 56, but this news comes 142 days from his upcoming 57th birthday…

This news also comes 224 days after his birthday.
The Society of Jesus = 224
Society of Jesus = 56

Get vaccinated? In a ritual synced with his 57th birthday?

Bill Gates = 57

FDA panel recommends Pfizer’s Covid booster for people 65 and over, starting September 20, 2021

Coronavirus Federal Government News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

65 and over, eh? We’ll call this the boost the baby boomers to the grave jab, and as they say, the third one is the charm.
Pandemic = 65
Event 201 (65 million die in the simulation)
Event 201 on the 65th day of Melinda Gates age
Bill Gates married Melinda 65 days after his birthday (January 1, 1994)
Bill Gates declared a ‘Decade of Vaccines in January of 2010, days before talking about reducing population with vaccines at his 2010 TED Talk
Vaccine went live right after Bill Gates turned 65 years old
Recall the 65,000 US cases ritual

Remember, Bill declares it in Switzerland, where the ‘pandemic’ was declared from.

And recall, the pandemic was declared March 11, 2020, the 79th day of Anthony Fauci the Jesuit being 79 years old.

The Templar cross is in the Jesuit logo.

The Jesuit logo is at 10 Downing Street. And Boris Johnson’s mother, who was divorced in ’79, just died at age 79, by the numbers…

Keep in mind the boosters will go live September 20, the 263rd day of the year.
263, 56th prime
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
56, reflection of 65

And again, the third one’s a charm.

Listen to the sick fuck Bill Gates talk about reducing population with vaccines (2010).

George Malkemus, Sarah Jessica Parker’s friend, dead at 67, September 16, 2021

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

George Malkemus reportedly died Thursday, September 16, 2021, a span of 191 days from Sarah Jessica Parker’s upcoming birthday. Notice she is 56 at the time of his passing.
Society of Jesus = 56 / 191

Notice he was 67 years old.
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67

The news first broke on September 17, a date with 67 numerology.
9/17/2021 = 9+17+20+21 = 67

He died on a date with 66 and 46 numerology.
Homicide = 66
Sacrifice = 46