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Get that, Hugh Malcom Downs, summing to 71, died on 7/1, in the year of 71 / 20 death rituals, and even starred in 20 / 20. Again, 71 is the 20th prime.

Sick stuff.

For a bit more, he died at 99, on a 48 date numerology. It reminds that the Illuminati was formed on a 99 date numerology, May 1, 1776.

5/1/1776 = 5+1+17+76 = 99 *Thirteen = 99 (13 families)

7/1/2020 = 7+1+20+20 = 48 *Illuminati = 48

Catholic Church Government New World Order News

This news out of Italy, the home of the Catholic Church, came July 1, 2002, emphasis on 7/1, like 71.

Catholic = 71

CDC = 71 (The CDC turned 74 years old on this same date)


84 million Captagon tablets?

The Catholic Church = 84

The Jesuit Order = 84

Jesuit = 84

I think this is a tribute to the CDC on the 84th Meridian West, in Atlanta.

I think they’re hinting at the big money they’re going to make off the coronavirus pandemic, being orchestrated by the Church.

This happened on a 48 date numerology.

7/1/2020 = 7+1+20+20 = 48

Captagon Tablets = 48

Atlanta = 48

News Secret Societies Sex Trafficking

Her arrest comes on her 191st day of her age, July 2, 2020.  These numbers point straight to the Society of Jesus and the Jesuit Order.  Never mind that her birthday is Christmas.

Today is July 2, or 7/2, like 72.

Last year, Epstein was arrested on July 6, 2019, the 187th day of the year: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2019/07/39-71-167-168-223-322-jeffrey-epstein.html

Read about Epstein’s August 10, 2019 death here:  https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2019/08/34-38-71-73-163-202-jeffrey-epstein.html

Read more about Epstein here:  https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/search?q=jeffrey+epstein

Her arrest comes July 2, written 2/7, like 27.

Ghislaine Maxwell and ‘number of the beast’ have something in common.

Ghislaine = 84; Jesuit = 84; Masonry = 84; Zionism = 84; United States of America = 84

Today is 327 days after the death of Jeffrey Epstein, August 10, 2019.  Recall, he died on Tisha B’Av.


Don’t forget how ‘Catholic’ and ‘sex trafficking’ come together.

Jesuit Religion

Now we’re talking.

Crucifix = 93; God’s Son = 93; Nazareth = 93

The Jesuit Order = 201; Ignatius of Loyola = 201; Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201

Thus, 201 and 93, even connect to the terminology of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Esoteric Rambo's Corner

The name for my segment on gematriaeffect.news “RAMBO’S CORNER” was coined by the site’s owner Zachary K Hubbard.

The name for the popular internet gematria calculator was coined by its creator Derek; GEMATRINATOR.

The synchronicity in gematria could not have been planned, and can only be explained by the matrix.

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Cesare Borgia whose image is the basis for the popular European depiction of Jesus Christ

There is an ongoing theme in ritual-disguised-as-news-events, that is playing out with greater frequency at the moment: that is the theme of correlating – on an occulted level – Jesus Christ with Mercury. Mercury is a Roman deity; Mercury is a planet.

In the popular Western sun-based Tropical Zodiac the planet Mercury rules two signs: GEMINI and VIRGO.

Jesus Christ’s similarity with the Roman Mercury is that they are both divine and mortal, spirit and flesh; messengers from the heavenly realm to earthly realm.

In the tarot tradition the card that represents the planet Mercury is # 1 THE MAGICIAN. The Magician is pictured in the long flowing white and red garments that Jesus Christ is popularly depicted in.

The “Three Wisemen” who were given exclusive, divine knowledge of Jesus’ birth were called MAGI. From the word “Magi” we get the word “MAGICIAN.”


In 1978 Christian Pastor and Meteorologist Ernest L Martin published “The Birth of Christ Recalculated” in which he determined that the real birthday of “Jesus” (he would not have been named Jesus since that is a much later Roman moniker) is September 11th, 3 B.C.

Interestingly his name ERNEST MARTIN sums to 156 gematria. The 156th prime number is 911.

Ernest L Martin also wrote about the real birthday of “Jesus” in his 1996 book The Star That Astonished the World, which can be read online here.

A September 11th birthday makes Jesus a VIRGO.

CESARE BORGIA The Model for the Image of Jesus

139 the Jesus Code

With a 13th September (13-9) birthday Cesare Borgia is a VIRGO; ruling planet MERCURY.

Cesare Borgia, the image of Jesus Christ is the most significant of the Jesus/Mercury/Virgo/Gemini associations. Here are other recent popular culture examples:


Tupac Shakur is a GEMINI and, not only is his death-date under VIRGO, but it is the birthday of Cesare Borgia, the model for the image of Jesus Christ. That date 13th September is written 139, an important number in the Jesus code.


Nas appeares as a crucified Christ in his 1999 video for the song HATE ME NOW. Nas is a VIRGO. “Hate Me Now” is in keeping with the 139 code.

Check out this post by Zachary K Hubbard : Leader of Church of England says we should revisit white Jesus, June 26, 2020. It unveils the 139 code as it pertains to the topic of Jesus in the news.

In his post Hubbard includes the observation that the gematria of “WHITE JESUS” sums to 139. Again: 139, 13 September is the birthdate of “white Jesus” model Cesare Borgia, and death date of “black Jesus” Tupac Shakur.


In The Matrix trilogy the main protagonist NEO is a Christ-like savior figure. The Matrix has an occulted Christian theme. The Christ-Neo metaphor is made most apparent at the final battle scene when Neo’s body, in a crucifixion position, lights up with the shape of a cross (below).

A close-up of Neo’s passport shows that he was born on the birthday of CESARE BORGIA: 13th September in keeping with the 139/Jesus/Gemini/Virgo/Mercury code.

Not just any actor was chosen for the Mercury role: Keanu Reeves was chosen because he is a VIRGO.

The tarot card that represents Mercury is The Magician; card number ONE. NEO is an anagram of ONE.

Neo’s real name is THOMAS which means “twin.” This is a GEMINI reference, emphasizing MERCURY the ruling planet of VIRGO and GEMINI.



Neo’s passport expires on September 11th, 2001, the possible birthday of the real “Jesus.”

September 11th featured the Gemini twin towers symbol, and occurred on a Virgo date.

The alleged ringleader was Mohamed Atta whose September 1st birthday makes him a VIRGO. His 33 year-old age-at-death is the same purported for Jesus Christ.

846 has proven to be a huge ritual number regarding the George Floyd event, was already significant in the 911 Mercury ritual which started at 8:46 a.m.


When we use Jewish a.k.a. Latin gematria we see why 846 is significant:

Other Virgo/Gemini Artists Portrayed as Jesus

In my post The Greater Ritual Part 6: BLACK JESUS and the Mercury Pattern  I list rappers who have been presented as Jesus Christ. They were all either Virgo or Gemini.

  • Kanye West (Ye-zus). The female (besides his mother Mary) most associated with Jesus Christ is Mary Magdalene. Kanye West’s wife is Kim Kardashian.

Kanye west is a GEMINI.

  • Beyoncé is literally venerated along side Jesus Christ in actual church services called “Beyoncé Mass.” She has the moniker “BEY-zus.” Beyoncé is a VIRGO.
  • Kendrick Lamar’s image has been crafted around Jesus Christ. He is a GEMINI.
  • Kodak Black has three crosses tattooed on his face: he is a GEMINI.
  • Jadakiss appeared with a crown of thorns on the cover of his 2009 mix-tape The Passion of Kiss. Jadakiss is GEMINI.
  • Mase appeared with a crown of thorns on the cover of his 2005 mixtape Crucified 4 the Hood. Mase is a VIRGO.
  • Remy Ma appeared on the cover of her 2007 mixtape Shesus Khrist as crucified Christ. Remy Ma is a GEMINI.
  • Denmark Vessey appeared on the cover of his 2013 album Cult Classic as Jesus Christ.

Again: I discuss this in depth in this post: The Greater Ritual Part 6: BLACK JESUS and the Mercury Pattern 

  • NIPSEY HUSSLE: It is important to note that the Roman Mercury is inherited from the Greek HERMES, and is the same entity.

Nipsey Hussle was marketed as a Christ figure, even dying at the age associated with Christ’s death: 33. He was neither a Gemini nor a Virgo but his real first name is ERMIAS, which is Tigrinya (his father’s native language) for HERMES. So, Nipsy Hussle was a Christ figure named after the Mercury archetype.



This brings us to current news where last week pastor, writer and civil rights activist Shaun King tweeted about depictions of white, European Jesus.

As part of the ritual – because the subject matter is focused on Jesus – Shaun King could only be either a Gemini or Virgo. Shaun King is Virgo.

See Zachary K Hubbard’s decode on this topic: https://gematriaeffect.news/shaun-king-calls-for-the-removal-of-white-jesus-statues-june-23-2020/

Below is one of Shaun King’s messages

“ALL OF THEM” is emphasized. Gematria tells you why.

It is ironic that Shaun King, a strident opponent of white Jesus depictions, shares a name-gematria-value (139) with the birthday of the model for the white Jesus image 13-9 (13th September).

41 is the gematria value of “MERCURY” that is most emergent in Jesus/Mercury/Virgo/Gemini rituals.

So, no surprise that 41 shows up in the Shaun King segment of the greater, over-arching Mercury ritual.

Shaun King was born on the 17th of September; written 17-9. 179 is the 41st prime #.

Other Mercury rituals in which 41 has been prominent have been:

  • September 11th, 2001 World Trade Center attacks which occurred on a date with 41 numerology.

The Pentagon’s construction was initiated in the year ’41.

  • Kobe Bryant death: Bryant was a VIRGO, who died at age 41.

His name has 41 gematria.

There are multiple 41s coded into the life and career of Kobe Bryant, but a final example is his initials K.B. Compare with the initials of Jesus Christ J.C. and his residence L.A.