Magick Flight Numbers and Related Ritual

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From antiquity to today, the world’s most influential people have been occult adepts and masters of the mystery sciences; unseen powers that inform the visible personalities presented as our political, social, economic and cultural leaders.

One of the few visible, acknowledged occult leaders is famed British adept and magician Aleister Crowley; one of the most influential “powers-behind-the-power” in modern times.

Crowley’s followers believe that his teachings were not his creations, but discoveries of universal powers that can be used for either good or evil depending on the will of the practitioner. The magicians behind 911, who invoked Crowley were definitely evil, and one can debate as to whether or not Crowley would have endorsed it.

11 77 93 175

The four flight-numbers of 911 are all magick (as Crowley spelled it) numbers that he singled out – in his LIBRI (texts) – as particularly powerful.

Of the number 11 he states:  

“the number of Magick in itself [and] therefore suitable to all types of operation. [It is] the sacred number par excellence of the new Aeon” 

Of 77 he writes:  “7, the septenary; 11, the magical number; 77, the manifestation, therefore, of the septenary. 

175 is the number of “uniting oneself with a deity.”

93 is the most significant number to Crowley’s spiritual philosophy of Thelema.

It was on September 11th 1990; 11 years before the grand ritual, that President George H. W. Bush described a “new world order” in his speech to a joint session of Congress titled “TOWARD A NEW WORLD ORDER”.

Gematria reveals just how “magickal” the four numbers are:

11 + 77 + 93 + 175 = 356

In Aleister Crowley‘s most famous book LIBER AL VEL LEGIS; The Book of the Law, which he claims to have channeled from an Ancient Egyptian mystical entity named Aiwass, he espouses bringing down the symbolic twin pillars that held up the sky separating Heaven and Earth. Those Twin Pillars of Ancient Egypt are on the book’s cover.

Notice that the cover – featuring Twin Pillars – says “AS DELIVERED BY XCIII…”

XCIII is Roman numerals for 93 the most salient number of Crowley’s mystical orders and of the 911 ritual.

The Circle of Magick Flight Numbers

  1. “September eleventh” has Gematria of (flight #) 77.

2. “seventy seven” has Gematria of (flight #) 175

3. “one hundred and seventy five” has Gematria of 279

279 is the sum of flight #s (11 + 93 + 175 )

4. “two hundred and seventy nine” has Gematria of 345

345 is the sum of flight #s (77 + 93 + 175)

5. “three four five” has Gematria of (flight #) 77

6. “seventy seven” has Gematria of (flight #) 175………..and on turns The Circle of Magick Flight Numbers

175 + 77 = 252

104 = 93 + 11

Aleister Crowley‘s death-date is December 1st, ’47.

The reflection of 47 is 74. 7/4 = 1.75, like 175 a ritual flight-number and one the most revered in magick.

4/7 = 0.571. Like 571, the reflection of 175.

175, the number uniting oneself with a deity

Jewish Ordinal Cipher

The enduring question is: What deity are the architects of the 911 grand ritual uniting with in invoking 175?

Aleister Crowley‘s birthday 12th October, written 12/10, like 1210, is 121 (in numerology 0 can be dropped).

Crowley’s death day December 1st, written 12/1 also gives you 121.

121 is the Ordinal/Simple Gematria value of “Anti-Christ”, which – if not an actual conscious entity – is at least symbolic of low frequency wavelength energy, base consciousness.

“Crowlean” Numbers in a Related Ritual

In another infamous ritual 121 is invoked when the oil rig Deepwater Horizon explodes and sinks in the Gulf of Mexico, causing the largest environmental disaster in United States history. The date was April 20th, 2010; the 121st birthday of Adolf Hitler.

Crowley was a double-agent for Nazi Germany and the Allies.

Like 911, the explosion and seemingly endless oil geyser – the ocean, beaches, plant and animal life awash in oil – was an apocalyptic scene.

Notice the co-ordinates of the ritual’s location: North Latitude 28 degrees, 44 minutes, 12.01 seconds, like the date 12-01, December 1st; 121 in numerology.

It occurred on West Longitude 88 degrees. 88 = 77 + 11 (two 911 flight numbers)

In Britain Crowley’s death-date December 1st is written 1st December; 112, like 112 the Gematria value of “OIL SPILL.”

At the time of the explosion, the Deepwater Horizon was on Mississippi Canyon Block 252, referred to as the Macondo Prospect, in the United States sector of the Gulf of Mexico

The location of the disaster is BLOCK 252, a number (175 + 77) we’ve discussed as part of the “Crowlean” numerical magick system employed in the 911 grand ritual.

Two hundred and fifty two” sums to 104 in Gematria.

104 is the sum of (the other two 911 flight #s) 93 + 11.

There were 11 Deep Horizon deaths

The Cinematic Extension Of The Ritual

This DEEPWATER HORIZON movie poster advertises a September 29th, 2016 release-date (although the official release date is September 30th). Aleister Crowley himself stated that magic(k) is more powerful the more elements you layer into the rituals; so the more numbers the better, hence multiple release-dates.

September 30th, 930 is like 930; 93 in numerology. 93 is the major 911 number.

September 29th, 2016 leaves 93 days in the year.

From 2015’s 911 anniversary to the September 30th movie release-date (9/11/2015 to 9/30/2016) is 1 year, 19 days. Like 119, the reflection of 911.

From: the date of the explosion and start of the disaster: APRIL 20th, 2010 To: SEPTEMBER 30th, 2016 DEEPWATER HORIZON movie-release — beginning and end dates included — is a span of 77 months, 11 days; two of the relevant ritual numbers.

Ritual Numbers In The Movie Statistics

GROSS BUDGET: $ 156 million. The 156th prime number is 911

NET BUDGET: $110 million: The twin towers were each 110 stories high. Virginia State Route 110 runs by the Pentagon; the other 911 target. Two of the 911 planes were from American Airlines a name that equals 110 in gematria.

The day of the Deep Horizon explosion; April 20th, 2010 was the 110th day-of-the-year.

BOX OFFICE: $121.8 million: 121 is the major “Crowley” number decoded earlier in this article.