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Zachary K. Hubbard

Welcome truth seekerGematriaEffect.news is a place dedicated to spreading truth, knowledge and awareness to the masses, about Gematria, the ancient practice of coding numbers into words, a Kabbalistic practice, and how it is used by The Cabal, every single day, to contrive propaganda, rig elections, rig sports, and even murder, all for the purpose of steering the public, and not for the betterment, worldwide.  The goal of this site is to shed light on who The Cabal is and help bring their tactics & tyranny to an end, while also helping people free themselves from the matrix of misinformation that is the mainstream media, which ultimately serves as a massive energy theft from the public.  As dark as the subject matter can be, you will find that it is also very enlightening and empowering, and even at times fun!  You will also find, the knowledge is as simple as A, B, C is 1, 2, 3.