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*Covid masks are now being labeled with warnings of being cancer causing and having reproductive harm.

Jon Rahm wins the U.S. Open, as predicted on Patreon, in clear ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’ and ‘Father’s Day’ ritual, June 20, 2021

Coronavirus Entertainment Pharmaceutical Tyranny Psychological Operation Sports Staged Media / Controlled Opposition

Jon Rahm has won the US Open, as predicted, 222-days after his birthday, after supposedly testing positive for “Wuhan Coronavirus” on June 5, 2021.
Wuhan Coronavirus = 222
-This is the 222 major 222 ritual with a U.S. Golf Major in the time of ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’.

April 4 was 77-days ago (11 weeks) *Or a span of 78 *Jesuit = 78 *Sunday = 78


Notice the news about him becoming a father broke on April 4, or 4/4, like 44.

And notice he has won today on Father’s Day, equating to 44.

*We liked Jon Rahm to win the tournament for these reasons.

*Another big win for #TeamGematria.

Also, today he began three back from the leader, another winning clue.
-Three = 56
-Coronavirus = 56
-Covid Vaccine = 56
-Society of Jesus = 56

Jon Rahm Covid positive on 5/6 (June 5)
-Dustin Johnson = 56
(Won Masters after Covid-19 diagnosis)

Recall Dustin Johnson’s coronavirus ’56’ ritual before winning the 84th Masters:

I have a feeling this child is in for a tragic ending, since the news of its birth was on 4/4, and the ritual was for the 121st US Open. Of course ‘blood sacrifice’ equates to 121, and ‘kill’ equates to 44. Sadly, athletes and entertainers losing family, including babies, happens at a high rate in the world of celebrity.
Blood Sacrifice = 121 (121st US Open)
—121, square root of 11 (The news of the Child’s birth was 11 weeks before Father’s Day)
Kill = 44


133 Days | The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl 55 win & Milwaukee Bucks winning their 10th Conference Finals appearance, June 19, 2021

Entertainment Sports

From the date the Bucs won the Super Bowl to the date the Bucks beat the team from New York in the East-semis, June 19, 2021, was a span of 133-days (where the NFL is HQ’d). *Football = 133

53 combined points in first quarter combined & Nets led 53-47 at half
Brooklyn Nets = 53 *Milwaukee = 53 (This is the Buck’s 53rd season)
The Bucks avoided their 53rd road loss in franchise Playoff history in Game 7 vs. Brooklyn

Football = 133

Also, the Bucks came into that game with 133 Playoff wins all-time, and won their 134th, improving to 134 and 143.
-Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 143

Keep in mind the Bucks advanced to their 10th Conference Finals in team history, and Tom Brady went to his 10th Super Bowl in Super Bowl 55, in his team’s hometown, Tampa.
55, 10th Tri. Number
55, 10th Fibonacci Number

Super Bowl 55 was the 51st of the modern era, and the Bucks picked up their 51st away win in Playoffs all-time.

Notice Wisconsin also equates to 55.

The Packers lost to the Bucs in the NFC Championship in the game with the very questionable ending.

Keep in mind the Bucks’ coach picked up his 40th win in the Playoffs in his 75th game, in the 75th NBA season:
Brooklyn = 40 / 41
Green Bay = 40 / 41

From the June 19 game to the upcoming Super Bowl 56, the 52nd of the modern era, is 239-days later, the 52nd prime.
239, 52nd prime
Super Bowl 56 (52nd of modern era)

It is 34-weeks and 1-day as well.
Bucks = 34 (Giannis, #34)
LV = 34 (Brady won 34th playoff game in Super Bowl LV, his 7th ring) *LV = 34 in English and 55 in Roman Numerals
-DMX was in the news April 3 in a GOAT Ritual *Goat = 43 *Bucks = 34 (With horns as well)
—Rapper = 34 * Vegetable = 34 (His state of being as reported on April 3)
-DMX funeral was in Nets stadium 56-days before Game 7, June 19, when Bucks ended season of Nets (their funeral)
—Bucks = 56 *Barclays Center = 56 *Super Bowl 56 upcoming

Keep in mind Brady won his 7th championship this year, and Kevin Durant was defeated in Game 7, after changing his number to 7 for this season, similar to G, the 7th letter, what is on the Green Bay Packers logo.

On the subject of 10, read about the Pirates ending their 10 game losing streak against the Indians, similar to Bucs (Pirates) and Chiefs (Indians), and Brady winning Super Bowl 55, in his 10th.

The Pirates won the series 2-1, and the Indians won the final game 2-1, making the Pirates 25-45 for the season.
Tampa Bay = 25
-Tom Brady will be 45 the year of Super Bowl 57 (53rd of modern era *Brady won Super Bowl 53)

Cole Beasley, Buffalo Bills receiver, tweets he would rather retire than get Covid-19 vaccine, June 18, 2021

Coronavirus Entertainment News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Sports
This news about Cole’s tweet from yesterday is big on the 19th *Cole = 19 *Covid-19

The tweet was made June 18, 2021, a Friday. That was a date with 65 numerology.
-6/18/2021 = 6+18+20+21 = 65
—*Pandemic = 65
—Decade of Vaccines = 65 (Bill Gates cause)
——The Covid-19 vaccine went live on Bill Gates 42nd day of being age 65 *Vaccine=42
—Event 201 on Melinda Gates 65th day of being 65 years old
——-65 million people die in the Event 201 coronavirus pandemic simulation (October 18, 2019)
—Bill and Melinda Gates were married 65 days after Bill Gates 38th birthday, January 1, 1994
——-Pandemic = 38 / 65
——-*Coronavirus Pandemic = 94
——-*Seattle, Washington = 94 (Where it began)
——-Bill Gates father died at 94 in the time of the ‘pandemic’ & his mother died in ’94 (June 10).

And recall this recent story in the sport’s world, from June 5, or 6/5, about Jon Rahm testing positive for coronavirus, on the date written 6/5, or 5/6.
-Pandemic = 65
-Coronavirus = 56
-Covid Vaccine = 56
-Society of Jesus = 56

And don’t forget that Bill and Melinda Gates turned 56 and 65 respectively, in 2020.

Read more about the Decade of Vaccines and 65 here.


Here is the Tweet:

It comes 53 days after his birthday, a fitting number.
Covid = 53
Vesica Piscis = 53 (The shape of the football)
Fish’s Bladder = 53 (What Vesica Piscis means)
—53 man roster in the NFL
—53-yard wide field (53 and a third technically) (Think about what 1/3 is in percentages)
—We’re in the age of Pisces, symbolized as a fish, and the NFL is the game of our AGE

And we’ll see what they do with the NFL season and “coronavirus” because these remarks were made 86 days before the Bills’ first game, hosting the Steelers, where 86 and the Steelers come together through the Batman film series…

Hines Ward also had 86 touchdowns in his career.

September 11, 2021, the day before before the game, will have 41 date numerology. It would be something else if he tested positive then.
-*9/11/21 = 9+11+21 = 41

41 and 86 relate to symbols, and familiar symbols, such as the triangle and pyramid.

*September 12, the day of the game, is 86-days after his birthday, and it also his 87th day of his age. On top of that, it is a date with 42 numerology, so we will see how this storyline plays out.
9/12/21 = 9+12+21 = 42
Game 1 is 87th day of his age
Retire = 42 / 87

Related Thought:
Bill Gates = 87 (He is Mr. Vaccine, Mr. 42)
Vaccine = 42
*Bill Gates got the vaccine 86 days after his birthday, or on his 87th day of his age.

Biden announces Champ, their German Shepherd has died, June 19, 2021, in #46 ritual

Catholic Church Federal Government Jesuit Murder by Numbers News
*Very Nervous = 113 (113, the number of deception)

First, the housing market is being bought up by investors who seem to have endless supplies of cash, as if they know something the rest of the public does not (hyper inflation and all homes costing a small fortune coming soon?)
-“By 2030 you will own nothing, and be happy.” -The World Economic Forum

It should be curious to all how this is taking place, at this moment (the timeframe of Agenda 21 and 2030), and in the time of the pandemic, somehow there is this huge rush to buy up every last property. If you are not familiar with Agenda 21 and 2030, please look them up (they are related, Agenda 2030 is the add-on for Agenda 21 by the N.W.O. types, including the U.S. — Obama was at Agenda 2030 meeting).

United States = 40 *US = 40 ($40 billion / mo)


When is pouring fuel on a fire a good thing?

This is all part of the planned destruction of what we once knew as America.

And with regards to the symbolism, shortly after Obama’s dog Bo died by the numbers, we have the passing of ‘Champ’, Biden’s dog. Read more about the passing of Bo here. *And read the comments to that post as well, great work by Neo and Hickock (who saw the Biden connection then).

The news comes 42 days after the death of Bo, Obama’s dog, May 8, 2021.
-D.C. = 42
-Jesuit = 42
-Freemason = 42

This news comes on a date with 46 numerology, for #46, the second ‘Catholic’ president, Joe Biden.
Catholic = 46
Sacrifice = 46
JFK assassinated at age 46
June 19, 21 is 6/19/21 = 6+19+21 = 46

Read more about Biden, 46 and his rigged presidency here.

The name Champ equates to 41.
C+H+A+M+P = 3+8+1+13+16 = 41
41 is the 13th prime (Dead after 13 years)

He died 115 days after the photo was taken *Killing = 115 *Masonic = 115

This also comes 211 days after Joe Biden’s birthday, the 47th prime.
-President = 47
-White House = 47
-Government = 47
-Authority = 47
-Republican = 47
-Democrat = 47

D.C. = 47
*Trump = 47
Obama took office at age 47
-Joe Biden was the 47th VP to Obama

Read about the 47 spat with Trump and Biden here.

Also, notice that Joe Biden is 78 when his ‘german shepherd’ dies.
The dog has died on a date with 66 numerology as well.
6/19/2021 = 6+19+20+21 = 66

Jesuit = 78
Pope Francis was 78 when Beau Biden died at age 46

Read more about Beau Biden’s death here.


The Boule’s Martin Luther King Jr. ritual in Philadelphia over Atlanta, June 18, 2021, on 68th anniversary of MLK’s wedding

Catholic Church Entertainment History Jesuit Sports

Game 6 of the NBA Finals was on the 68 year anniversary of MLK’s wedding, June 18, 1953, and MLK is from Atlanta, where the game was, Philadelphia @ Atlanta (Philadelphia, home of Boule, now HQ’d in Atlanta).
Basketball = 68
Mathematics = 68
Catholicism = 68
MLK assassinated in ’68 (Atlanta lost the game)
-Atlanta Hawks debuted MLK jersey this season, January 18, 2021 (MLK Day)

This game was 75 days after the anniversary of the assassination, June 18, 2021, in NBA’s 75th season.

Catholic Church = 75
New World Order = 75
Order = 75
-*MLK killed in Martin Luther “95 Theses” joke, on 95th day of ’68 (Catholicism = 68)

It was also 19,433 days after his assassination, April 4, 1968.
-19,433 is the 2,203rd prime number *Philadelphia = 223 *The Synagogue of Satan = 223 (Revelation 3)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 489325b0-screen-shot-2021-06-19-at-11.37.35-am.png
If 76ers defeat Hawks in Game 7, they will be 10-4 vs. Hawks in Playoffs all-time
-Roman Catholic Church = 104

The Hawks are 20-22 away for the season, heading into Game 7, at Philadelphia.
-They can fall to 20-23 (2203)

Guess how many losses Philadelphia has in the Playoffs right now? Yes, 223.

And guess how many home losses? Yes, 76.

MLK born 15/1 (like 151) *151, 36th prime *MLK = 36
-Game 6 was 151 days after debut of MLK jersey

Partial credit for this post goes to The Illusion.

Read more about the rituals with Game 6 here:

Pirates end 10 game losing streak vs. Cleveland Indians, 131 days after Super Bowl 55

Entertainment Sports

This game was 131 days after Super Bowl 55. *Super Bowl = 131
-That match was Buccaneers (Pirates) and Chiefs (Indians)
-Do you recall the 131 ritual with the Rays-Red Sox 131-days before SB 55?

The Pirates won 11-10, ending a 10 game losing streak
-Brady has been to 10 Super Bowls
-His next is 11

And notice the Pirates stayed on 44 losses.
-Tom Brady will be 44 years old this upcoming season

Atlanta Hawks lead 29-22 after 1, Game 6 of East Semis, June 18, 2021 | On 68-year anniversary of MLK’s wedding

History Sports

Today, June 18, 2021, has 29 date numerology, and the hometown Hawks lead 29-22 at the end of the first quarter.
-Today is 109 days (29th prime) after Nate McMillan began coaching the Hawks on March 1, 2021.
-If the Hawks win today, they pick up their 29th home win of the season.
*This was today’s talking point in looking at this game on Patreon.
-6/18/2021 = 6+18+(2+0+2+1) = 29

Today also happens to be the 68-year-anniversary of MLK’s wedding, June 18, 1953.
-Basketball = 68
-Catholicism = 68
-Mathematics = 68
-MLK killed in ’68

Also noteworthy, today is 151 days after Atlanta debuted the MLK jersey, on MLK Day, January 18, 2021.
-MLK’s birthday is 15/1 (January 15)
-On January 15, 2021, Pope Francis blessed an ATL MLK jersey
-151, 36th prime *MLK = 36 *Friday = 36 / 36
-Jesus Christ = 151 (MLK, a Christian figure)


Philadelphia has started the 2nd quarter 7-0, evening the score at 29, 29, on the 29 date.

About 50 Portland police officers resign due to indictment of Corey Budworth, Thursday, June 17, 2021

Black Lives Matter Government Jesuit News Police State

The resignations were yesterday, June 17, 2021, the ’44 date’.
6/17/21 = 6+17+21 = 44
Officer = 44
Portland = 44
RIP City = 44 (Portland’s nickname)

The news comes one day after, having 65 numerology.
6/18/2021 = 6+18+20+21 = 65
George Floyd = 65

Portland was known for having the longest George Floyd protests.


The name ‘Teri Jacobs’ equates with ‘police’.
-Teri Jacobs = 102
-Police = 102

And the ‘RRT’ is the ’56’.
-RRT = 18+18+20 = 56
Black Lives Matter = 56
-Society of Jesus = 56

And the name Corey Budworth connects.
-Corey Budworth = 69 / 177
-The Jesuit Order = 69 / 177

And notice the ‘umbrella’ symbolism that CNN provides for the story.
-Umbrella = 84
-Jesuit = 84

Nike is HQ’d in Oregon, just outside of Portland, in ‘Beaverton’
*Nike = 21 *Jesuit = 21 *Saturn = 21 (Nike’s logo is a ring of Saturn)