Judge tosses out Alec Baldwin case in dismissal, Friday, July 12, 2024 (142 weeks later)

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This ruling comes on the 101st day of Alec Baldwin’s age. Notice all the 101.

‘Dismissed’ is the word, and it equates to 101.

Today is also 142 weeks and a day after the October 21, 2021 shooting (Dismissed=101 & 142).

His full name fits in as well. *Alexander Rae Baldwin III=142

Recall, it was a church shootout scene on the set of Rust.

Read older posts documenting the Christian angle in this ongoing ritual.

In Revelation, the letter is written to the Church of Philadelphia about the Synagogue of Satan.

Did you see the Phillies smack the Dodgers 10-1 the other day?

The Eagles started 10-1 last year. They did that the year they Won Super Bowl 52 as well.

The victim was Halyna Hutchins.

The word 101 also has to do with historical shootings through the word ‘assassin.’

This news also comes on 63 date numerology, and he was 63 when he shot the woman (7+12+20+24=63).

This headline is jiving with the ruling today.

This line is released July 12, 2024, 133 days before the anniversary of JFK’s assassination, and Baldwin was 63 when he shot Hutchins.

President=133, White House=133, Government=133 *Slim Shady=133


For some other Jesuit fingerprints, notice the 85, 103, 122, 274 & 320 (Jesuits=103).

Her name goes with the Jury being picked on July 9, 97 days after Baldwin’s birthday, on a date that can also be written 9/7 (Mary Marlowe Sommer=97, Roman Catholicism=97).

Today is the first of the last 173 days of the year (Mary Marlowe Sommer=173).

The Crystal McKinney accusation against Diddy May 21, 2024 (in light of No Way Out, Biggie & Skull and Bones, Order 322)

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This happened on May 21, 2024, and made the news mainly on May 22, a span of 322 months from the release of Puff Daddy’s first album, No Way Out, on July 22, 1997. Order 322, or Skull and Bones, is in its 192nd year of existence (Crystal McKinney=192).

Read more about the Crystal McKinney ritual here.

May 21, 2024 was also Biggie’s birthday anniversary, he would have been 52.

Keep in mind No Way Out will turn 27 on July 22, 2024, 10 days after the new Eminem diss track “Fuel.” Eminem was also born in ’72, the year Diddy’s father was murdered and the year Joe Biden became Senator-elect (and then his wife and daughter died).

August 9, 2024, 307 days after the war in Israel began


With Freemasonry being 307 years old at the moment, it is noteworthy that August 9, 2024, will be 307 days after the war in Israel & Gaza began (October 7, 2023).
307, 63rd prime number
Freemason=307 (Jewish Gematria)

That will be five days after Obama’s 63rd birthday, and the anniversary of Reagan resigning, as well as JFK’s child dying, both men and Presidents with Parallels to Joe Biden, the man getting a very 63 sendoff, just like JFK, at age 46, in ’63.

That is also a span of 308 days (44 weeks).
Joe Biden=44 (VP to #44)

JFK, the 44th term US President

Eminem releases The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace) 97 days before his birthday, Friday, July 12, 2024(Coup de Grace)Eminem releases The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace) 97 days before his birthday, Friday, July 12, 2024

Celebrity Death Entertainment History Murder by Numbers News

Never forget Eminem’s ‘Darkness’ ritual paying tribute to the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting.

64:28 length (Kill=64 & 28) *July 13 has the 64 & 28 date numerology (the day after release)
*March 19 can be written 19/3 (and today is typically the 193rd day of the year)
-193, 44th prime *Houdini=44 *Detroit=44


Eminem’s 12th album was released on the 12th of July.

His group is called “D-12.” D is the 4th letter, and we’re in the time of Cancer, the 4th sign.
Cancer=44 *Houdini=44 *Detroit=44 *Kill=44 *Execution=44 (fateful number)

Today is the first of the last 173 days of the year. *The Dirty Dozen=173 (D-12’s full name)

They were formed in ’95. *The Death of Slim Shady=95 (the Vatican is 95 right now)

July 21 is typically the 202nd day of the year (this year it is July 20 because it is a leap year)
Iesus Hominum Salvator=85 (the war in Israel has a lot to do with 85, & so did the wars in Afghanistan & Iraq…)
*The Vatican is 95 years old right now *311, 64th prime (64 minute album) *Peritonitis=64 (Houdini’ cause of death)

This album was released 97 days before Eminem’s October 17 birthday.
Death=97 (Death of Slim Shady?)

On the new album, Eminem references Diddy, who had his house raided on the anniversary of Biggie’s album coming out in 1997, March 25, an album that was released 16 days after his March 9 death (Notorious=97, Death=97 & 25).

Keep in mind this album is synced with Eminem’s 52nd birthday, and the single for this album was Houdini, named after a man who died at age 52 (Kabbalah=52, Gematria=52, Tree of Life=52…).

Another 52 is ‘Slim Shady.’

The word on the Houdini chorus is ‘Abracadabra’ and it also equates to 52.

Today is 109 days after the Diddy raid, and the first single was “Houdini.” *Houdini=109

*Shooting=109 & 44

It’s also a span of 110 days. *Slim Shady=110

Coming back to 52, notice the overlap with ‘President’ and ‘Slim Shady.’

Again, 52 is a very special number, & it is not an accident that we tell time in intervals of 52-week years.

Keep in mind today is 133 days before the JFK assassination anniversary, November 22.

‘President’ has triple overlap with ‘Slim Shady,’ ’52, 110, & 133.’

Government=133 *Authority=133 *Football=133 (Eminem, from Missouri, like the Chiefs)
-NFL founded on 133rd birthday of the US Constitution
-Mahomes born on the anniversary of both, September 17

Houdini died on October 31, or 10/31, and this news comes 131 days before Joe Biden’s birthday.

Houdini’s date of death can also be written 31/10, a bit like 311.

201 is 311 in base-8 counting (311, 64th prime (64 minutes, 28 seconds — album length)
Joe Biden=64

Fuel is 9th track on the album (released on 9 date numerology) (Tupac died in the 9th month on the anniversary of Biggie’s Ready to Die)

This song comes out the day before the ‘kill date,’ July 13, 2024.

Notice the overall with ‘Fuel’ and ‘kill.’

The album released 44 weeks and a day after Sep. 7, the anniversary of Tupac being shot and Mac Miller dying
his album is 64:28 long


He references Biggie and Tupac on the ‘Fuel’ track.

Today is 234 weeks after his last album was released (counting).

Today leaves 172 days in the year. *Ad maiorem Dei gloriam=172

The album was released while the Vatican was 95 years old (The Death of Slim Shady=95).

Today is the 153rd day of the Vatican’s age. *Jesuit Order=153

The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace)=138 (1:38 intro) *Federal=138

For one last point, today is 42 days after the Houdini single came out (Jesuit=42, Freemason=42).

Eminem does “black” music, like Elvis, who died at 42 (Slavery=42, Tuskegee=42, …).

Detroit is on the 42nd Parallel (lots to say about 42)(associated with Black History, like February)

The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace)=150
Harry Houdini=150


The sun is 150 million km away on average.

Also noteworthy, this album has released 73 days before the Church of Satan’s 55th birthday. It was established on the date, April 30, 1966, meaning it turned 58 this year (Sacrifice=73).
-See more on ‘sacrifice,’ Eminem, and Houdini below

Eminem was born two weeks before the 46th anniversary of Houdini’s death, and he was born in 1972, the year Joe Biden became Senator-elect, eventually #46.

Starting with Genesis 46…

And then evil hidden hand…

And then the state…

And then the industry that is full of 46…

Remember what they did to Coolio on the 46th anniversary of Pastime Paradise?

Judge rejects Rudy Giuliani’s bankruptcy case, 45 days after his birthday, July 12, 2024

Elections Federal Government Legal News Secret Societies

This news comes 45 days after Giuliani’s birthday, and it is connected to his legal troubles that are connected to Donald Trump, #45. Of course, #45 was the master of receiving the bankruptcy.

45 is 9th triangular number, and today has 9 date numerology.


The $148 million stands out. *Donald J. Trump=148 *The Art of the Deal=148

Keep in mind that today can be written 12/7, like 127, and important numbers on 9/11, the day Rudy Giuliani’s legacy is tied to (Trump was also part of that day).

*It’s now the top story.

Gavin Newsom, Joe Biden, & the Jesuit Order’s establishment anniversary, August 15, 1534

Elections Federal Government History Jesuit News Secret Societies


Biden & Gavin Newsom are both Jesuit-educated.

The Jesuit Order’s birthday, August 15, is 56 days before Gavin Newsom’s birthday, and he is Mr. 56, and he is 56 years old right now (Gavin Newsom=56, Society of Jesus=56, Washington DC=56).

That day is 11 days after Obama’s 63rd birthday.

Again, Obama won the 56th election with Biden, and Kamala took office with Biden at age 56.

And again, 56 years ago, the US got the first black woman Senator, and Netflix added the movie about in on the Ides of March (Ides of March=56).

Serena Williams calls out Harrison Butker at ESPY’s (56 days later & 56 days before the season opener)

Battle of the Sexes Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit News Psychological Operation Sports
July 11, 2024 has 62 & 26 date numerology (Serena=62 & 26)

Serena’s remarks came 56 days after Harrison Butker started the controversy on May 16, 2024.

Serena Williams’ remarks also came Thursday, July 11, 2024, 56 days before the Chiefs open the NFL season on September 5, or 9/5 (Society of Jesus=56, Black Lives Matter=56).

Keep in mind Serena is 42. *Slavery=42 *Tuskegee=42 *Jesuit=42 *Georgetown=42

The Chiefs just became 4-2 in Super Bowls on the 42nd day of the year.

Georgetown was built with slaves.

Also, her remarks come 213 days before the February 9, 2025 Super Bowl.

That is the LA area code, and the Williams sisters grew up in Los Angeles.

Of course, the Rams just won the Super Bowl on 2/13 (Super Bowl 56…).

Read prior posts on the Harrison Butker controversy here.


Hakeem Jeffries and Biden met about the election Thursday, July 11, 2024 (590 days later)

Elections Federal Government Jesuit News Politics Secret Societies

Read older posts about Hakeem Jeffries by the numbers here.

And this top headline from Fox goes with today having 18 date numerology in its past.

He will turn 54 the same day Obama turns 63, August 4, 2024. *Jesuit Order=54 (Jesuit=84)

JFK was killed in Dealey Plaza in ’63 *Dealey Plaza=54 *Kennedy Curse=54 & 63

Biden has the same birthday as RFK. *Ambassador Hotel=54

We’re in the 54th month since Hakeem Jeffries quoted Notorious BIG about Donald Trump.

That was January 21, 2020, a week after they paid tribute to Notorious BIG at the College Football Championship.

July 21 will be exactly 54 months later (July 21 is typically the 202nd day of the year & DC is the (202) area code)
Skull and Bones=202 (Jeffries has the Skull and Bones connections)

Keep in mind Diddy is 54 right now, and his house got raided on the anniversary of the Notorious BIG album releasing, Life After Death. He also has the same Jesuit Georgetown prosecutor that R. Kelly got at age 54.

And that reminds us Hakeem Jeffries and Elon Musk have met by the numbers, and Musk will turn 54 years old next year, June 28, 2025.

Recall that Musk offered $54 per share on April 14 for Twitter, and he met with Jeffries 153 days after his birthday, January 26, 2023, nearly a year to the day of his big Neuralink revelation.
Jesuit Order=153/144/54 (144, like 14/4 date) *Bavaria=54 *The Illuminati=153

Today’s news comes on 63 date numerology. 7+12+20+24=63 (JFK in ’63)

And who can forget the 56th Mayor of Chicago, with the same birthday as Obama, August 4?

The US got the first black woman Senator in ’68, the year of the assassinations, 56 years ago, and Kamala Harris took the White House at age 56 as VP with Biden, similar to how Biden won the 56th US Presidential Election with Obama (Black Lives Matter=56, Society of Jesus=56, Washington DC=56).

*House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries=163 *Barack Hussein Obama=163 (38th prime — Election=38)


They met Thursday, July 11, 2024, 117 days before the election (Central Intelligence Agency=117).

They met 24 days before August 4 (about the 2024 election).

Jeffries launched his bid to replace Nancy Pelosi on the 322nd day of 2022 (Nov. 18). Yale is 322 years old right now, and Skull and Bones is in its 192nd year of existence (Hakeem Sekou Jeffries=192).

He was voted to replace Nancy Pelosi as Democratic Party Leader in the House on November 30, 2022, the fourth anniversary of the death of George H.W. Bush, of Skull and Bones.

FYI, today is the 590th day since Jeffries was voted to replace Nancy Pelosi.

The root number is 59, going with Biden winning the 59th US Pres. Election, and Kamala being 59 right now, and Obama being “Renegade.”

Notice, it is also 84 weeks and days… (the 8/4 birthday thing).

Keep in mind, the first Jesuit Pope has the 59 & 84 thing going on.
Pope Francis=59 (born on 84 date numerology, Dec. 17, 1936)

59 also has that fateful history. *John F. Kennedy=59 *Kill=59