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Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the case that overturned Roe v. Wade on Freemasonry’s birthday, in the Jesuit-Masonic city, June 24, 2022

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit Legal Politics


The case to overturn Roe v. Wade on Freemasonry’s birthday, June 24, 2022, was ‘Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.’ Notice the gematria of 159 and 201.

Scottish Rite = 159
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201

Furthermore, notice Dobbs is for Thomas E. Dobbs, another 201.

Read my December 1, 2021 post on Dobbs vs. Jackson and overturning Roe v. Wade.

Joe Biden signs gun safety bill June 25, 2022, in tribute to September 13, 1994 assault weapons ban

Federal Freemasonry Government Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting New World Order News Politics
God willing, it’s going to save a lot of lives = 191 (Society of Jesus = 191) *Bill passed by Senate on day leaving 191-days

Notice, the signing of the bill comes on June 25, or 25/6, like 256. Recall, the ’94 Assault Weapons Ban was on September 13, the 256th day of that year.
Second Amendment = 256
Assault Weapons = 256


There were 193 dissenting votes, the 44th prime number.
Shooting = 44

And don’t forget, Uvalde’s school shooting was on the Governor’s 193rd day of his age.
Salvador Ramos = 193

And as for the July 11 get together, that is the 192nd day of the year. Recall, they reported 19-children and 2-adults dead, and you could also say it was 192-days after the Governor’s birthday.
Assault Weapons = 192

For another point, today is Joe Biden’s 218th day of his age (born Nov. 20, 1942).
Holy Roman Empire = 218

WeatherTech shooting of June 25, 2022 comes 33-years after company was established

Corporate Mass Shooting News

Here’s our typical Saturday shooting news, and it comes on the back of the gay bar shooting reported in Oslo, Norway on the same day. As for this being in the Chicago area, it fits with the date numerology.
6/25/2022 = 6+25+(2+0+2+2) = 37
Chicago = 37 / 44
Shooting = 37 / 44 / 107 / 109
Saturday = 107 / 109
Oslo, Norway = 157 (37th prime)

Notice the police were dispatched at 6:25 AM on the date 6/25, George Orwell’s birthday.

And for another, it is Mr. Columbus in charge of the scene.
Bolingbrook Police Captain Anthony Columbus = 177
Bolingbrook = 177
The Jesuit Order = 177
New World Order = 177

For another familiar pattern, WeatherTech was established 33-years-ago.
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33
Masonry = 33
Federal = 33
Police = 33

And in light of it being George Orwell’s birthday, he was very much focused on weather.
George Orwell = 56 / 70


Gay bar shooting in Oslo, Norway cancels pride parade, Saturday, June 25, 2022

Mass Shooting News Police State Transgender / LGBTQ

Notice, this shooting came at 1:14 AM, the 74th minute of the day.
Hate = 74
Killing = 74
Gematria = 74
English = 74
Occult = 74
Masonic = 74
*White Supremacist = 74
-You had the white supremacist bombing in Oslo (Anders Behring Breivik)

And we know how 74 is often paired with 33 in these rituals.
Gay = 33
Norway = 33
Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33
Order = 33
Police = 33

Also noteworthy, this comes on a date with 37 numerology, in the right location.
Oslo, Norway = 157 (37th prime)
Shooting = 37
6/25/2022 = 6+25+(2+0+2+2) = 37


This comes on George Orwell’s birthday.

Gabby Petito makes the headlines, June 24, 2022, the 175th day of the year, on Freemasonry’s birthday

Freemasonry Murder by Numbers News Psychological Operation

This news comes June 24, 2022, the 175th day of the year.

Today was also the overturning of Roe v. Wade.
Roe versus Wade = 175
Abortion = 122 / 50
Satanic = 122 / 50

“Was Gabby pregnant?” was a question throughout the story. The coroner eventually said no.

Also, her names equates to 58, and today is Freemasonry’s birthday.
Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58
Solomon’s Temple = 58
Fraternal = 58

*The body is the temple.

‘Night of Rage’ threatened after Roe v. Wade overturned (and Sav Says makes Fox News), June 24, 2022

Controlled Opposition Federal Government News Police State Predictive Programming Terrorism

Notice that Night of Rage equates to 187.

Don’t forget Trump’s GOP Convention, July 18, 2016, a span of 187-days from Inauguration Day. And don’t forget from his June 14 birthday to Pope Francis’s December 17th birthday is a span of 187-days.

Also, don’t forget when Ginsburg died 187-days after her birthday. That’s what turned the balance of the court.

And don’t forget how George Washington, who the first Jesuit university in DC is named after, Georgetown, overlaps with Holy Roman Empire, including 187.

Truth In Plain Sight | Supreme Court ends nearly 50 years of national abortion rights, June 24, 2022

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit New World Order News Psychological Operation

Notice the emphasis on nearly 50 years.
Abortion = 50 / 122
Satanic = 50 / 122
San Francisco = 50 / 122
-Where Satanic Church was established
-You know the 122 list…
Washington = 49 / 50
America = 49 / 50
Jesuits = 50
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 122

Keep in mind Roe died on the 49th day of the year, February 18, 2017.


The 1:22 building collapse in the (305), Miami, June 24, 2021, a year to the day of Roe v. Wade being overturned on modern Freemasonry’s birthday

Explosion Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit Legal New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Predictive Programming Terrorism

Recall, the Miami building collapse of June 24, 2021, a year to the day of Roe v. Wade being overturned. This is interesting for three reasons. For one, it was a building collapse on modern Freemasonry’s 304th birthday (established June 24, 1717). Second, the time the collapse happened was reportedly 1:22. And as we know, the Roe v. Wade decision was on January 22, 1973, or 1/22, 122-days after Roe’s September 22 birthday, and the memo leak was May 2, 2022, the 122nd day of the year, 1-month and 22-days before the overturning.
Abortion = 122
Satanic = 122

Central Intelligence Agency = 135 *Terrorism = 135 (135 apatments)

Then, Miami is the (305) area code, and Roe v. Wade was overturned on Freemasonry’s 305th birthday. Of course, Miami is a city on the beach (water), and this decision comes in the time of cancer, which is a water sign, and water is associated with birth.
Moon = 57
Birth = 57
Supreme Court = 57
Vaccine = 57
Bill Gates = 57
Georgetown = 57

The thing about the Elvis movie coming out the same day Roe v. Wade was overturned, June 24, 2022, Freemasonry’s birthday

Astrology Entertainment Federal Freemasonry Government History Jesuit Jewish Related Legal Medical Monuments Murder by Numbers New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Politics Psychological Operation Racism Religion Satanic Secret Societies

On the day of Roe v. Wade being overturned, the Elvis Presley movie released. This is interesting because Elvis was accused by many of doing the devil’s work in terms of getting their young daughters into promiscuity and very non-Christian behavior. For an easy example, all I have to do is look at my mom’s family and her many sisters, all of which were Elvis fans to say the least. Ha!
Promiscuity = 129
129 is 201 in base-8 counting
Elvis died with his 21-year-old girlfriend, Ginger Alden (the one with the 201 name)
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
Overturning Roe = 201
William Henry Gates = 201 (Event 201)

And regarding the Jesuits, Elvis died at age 42, after becoming an icon for Sun Record Studios.

And never forget his amazing ’42’ rituals with Jonas Salk and Bill Gates on October 28, 1956.

And don’t forget June 24 is Freemasonry’s birthday, the 305th, and Elvis was born in ’35.

This movie comes 167-days after what would have been Elvis’s 87th birthday.
Justice = 87 (Supreme Court ruling on same day)
-Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at age 87 (her death changed the balance)

And regarding 167-days later, and the movie and the federal decision on the same day…
Elvis Presley = 167
167, 39th prime number
-Federal = 39
-Masonry = 39
-Secrecy = 39

167, 39th prime number
39 books in OT (Jonas Salk, Bill Gates, and Elvis are all Jewish)

There’s also this story of Elvis dealing with the possibility of abortion due to Priscilla Presley.