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Earthquake Military News


At 8:07, it struck next to ‘Sparta’, equating to 87.

HAARP was patented in 1987, and August 11 will be the 33rd anniversary.

The name ‘Sparta, North Carolina’ equates to 223, the same as the full name of HAARP.

Read more about HAARP, earthquakes and 223 here: http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2019/03/44-118-223-811-august-11-1987-patent.html

As for the 5.1 magnitude, this news comes on a date with 57 numerology.

8/9/2020 = 8+9+20+20 = 57

8/9/2020 = 8+9+2+0+2+0 = 21

The 94 years reminds us of the ‘Roman Catholic Church’.

This happened on 8/9, on the border of Virginia. Remember, Virginia and Maryland used to be the Catholic Colony.

And keep in mind this happened on a Sunday.

Coronavirus News


This news comes Sunday, August 9, 2020, a date written 8/9, like 89.

This news comes 201 days after the first case of coronavirus was confirmed in the United States.

The Jesuit Order = 201 *Event 201

You have to appreciate the 0.93% stats out of New York, the land of 39 and 93.

And to think, every single coronavirus story is nothing but fake data based on numerology. And to think, people still don’t know better. It speaks to how dumb the masses are.

Catholic Church Federal Government History Jesuit New World Order

Read about Tom Clancy, the Jesuits and the CIA: https://gematriaeffect.news/tom-clancys-jack-ryan-released-on-amazon-august-31-2020-his-very-jesuit-death-on-the-anniversary-of-the-hunt-for-red-october/

The CIA was created on the 201st of Pope Pius XII’s age, 71. *Catholic = 71

Rome = 51 *Federal = 51 *Conspiracy = 51


Read more about Jesuits and 201: https://gematriaeffect.news/pope-francis-lives-in-vatican-suite-201-march-26-2013-news/ and here: https://gematriaeffect.news/event-201-the-coronavirus-outbreak-and-the-jesuit-couple-bill-and-melinda-gates/

September 18 leaves 104 days in the year.

The director of the CIA at that time was Roscoe Hillenkoetter, having gematria of 94 and 104, the same as Roman Catholic Church.


When 9/11 happened, it was 116 days after Pope John Paul II’s birthday, or on his 117th day of his age.


Central Intelligence Agency = 117 *Sept. 11 used to be 11/7


11×7 = 77

His name, Pope John Paul II syncs with September 11, 2001, 77.

Pope John Paul II was 81 *Mark of the Beast = 81 *New York = 666

The phrase ‘World Trade Center towers’ also fits in.

The coronavirus outbreak began March 11, 2020, while the United States of America was 243 years old.

When the pandemic was declared, it was 85 days after Pope Francis birthday.


Pope Francis = 122

Pope Francis the 266th Pope

It was also his 86th day of his age.

*Jesuits = 86 *Coronavirus Outbreak = 86

Read about the August 4, 2020 Beirut explosion coming 135 days before Pope Francis 84th birthday, and the Beirut barracks bombing coming on a day with 135 numerology, October 23, 1983: https://gematriaeffect.news/at-least-135-dead-from-beirut-explosion-august-5-2020-latest/

Catholic Church History Jesuit World War

Pope Benedict XVI resigned on the 59th day of the year.

Pope Francis replaced him 13 days later, on the 72nd day, March 13, 2013.

3/13/13 (3, 2nd prime, 13, 6th prime)

Pope Francis became 266th Pope, the first Jesuit.

Pope Francis became Pope 12 weeks and 2 days after his December 17, 2012 birthday.

Pope Francis is the 266th Pope, the first Jesuit.

His birthday is the 351st day of the year.

351, 26th triangular number

For the greater glory of God = 351 (26th triangular number)

It was also 86 days, connecting to who he represents, ‘Jesuits’.

Benedict’s resignation was also 47 days before his own 86th birthday.

Benedict’s name is Joseph Ratzinger, equating to 191 and 79, the same as ‘Society of Jesus’.

The Papacy went from being held by a German to an Argentinian, kind of like how Adolf Hitler went from Germany to Argentina at age 56.

Hitler faked his death in Berlin.

His death came right after FDR, who died on the 102nd day of the year.

Read more about FDR’s 102 death, 18 days before Hitler: https://gematriaeffect.news/franklin-d-roosevelts-very-jesuit-death-april-12-1945-18-days-before-adolf-hitler-at-the-end-of-world-war-ii/

Catholic Church History Jesuit World War

The fall of the Ottoman Empire came after the conclusion of World War I.

April 23rd (Typically 113th day of the year, but in a leap year, the 114th)
*World War = 114


The World Wars have been instigated by the Vatican and Catholic Church.

Vatican = 70

Society of Jesus = 187

Christianity = 65

World War I was instigated by the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.


The death was blamed on ‘Black Hand’. Notice the overlap with ‘Society of Jesus’. *Black Hand is much like “hidden hand”, a familiar pose with Jesuits and Masons.

Pope = 52 / 56

Society of Jesus = 56 / 187

Unification or Death = 93 / 105

105, 14th triangular number (1914 assassination)

The Skull and Bones symbolism in their logo is clear. Again, Skull and Bones is directly related to the Jesuits.

June 28, 179th day of the year

179, the 41st prime

Skull and Bones = 41


193, 44th prime *Kill = 44 *Execution = 44 *Shooting = 44

He will killed 26 days after Pope Pius X’s 79th birthday.


Pius X would die 79 days after his own birthday, born June 2, dead August 20.


Notice he became Pope August 4th, 1903.
Jesuit = 84; The Catholic Church = 84


Notice how the name Pope Pius X equates with Art of War, the Jesuit translated text, supposedly written by Sun Tzu. World War I’s start and the June 28th assassination happened under his watch.

He would be replaced September 3, 1914, after his death, by the 258th Pope.

Number of the Beast = 258

Dead on 1/22, or 22/1
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 122
Jesus, Savior of Men = 221


Pope Benedict XV = 70 *Benedict XV = 54 *Jesuit Order = 54

World War II began with Pope Pius XII at the lead.


He became Pope on his 63rd birthday.

World War II began 183 days after his birthday, and he died on his 222nd day of his age, 82.

Pius XII = 44 / 46 / 82 / 107

*Military = 44 / 107 *Soldier = 82 *Catholic = 46

World War II began 1/9, September 1.

Notice how ‘order out of chaos’ factors in further.

Catholic Church = 75; New World Order = 75

Jesuit = 78

*Chaos = 19 (World War II) began on September 1, or 1/9, like 19.

Notice how the attack of Pearl Harbor was coordinated with Pope Pius XII, coming 144 weeks after becoming Pope, and on his 281st day of his age, the 60th prime.

It was also a span of 1,012 days. *Jesuits operate in 112 countries
*Catholicism = 112

281, 60th prime *Order out of chaos

Islam Jesuit New World Order Terrorism

Notice the 2:17 post time. The attack on Beirut was on the 217th day of the year.

This news comes August 8, 2020, a date with 56 numerology.

8/8/2020 = 8+8+20+20 = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

Today is Donald Trump’s 56th day of his age, 74. *Jesus = 74

Today is 8/8. Jewish = 74 / 88 *Trump = 88 / 47

Hassan Diab = 78 *Jesuit = 78

The attack came 211 days after his birthday *211, 47th prime

Judgement Day = 48 *World War = 48 *Explosion = 48

The explosion was August 4th or 4/8, like 48.

Ritual Sacrifice = 154

8/4 attack *Jesuit = 84


Catholic Church Jesuit Military Murder by Numbers New World Order


August 31st leaves 122 days left in the year, corresponding with the gematria of Iesus Hominum Salvator.

Pope Francis = 122 *Iesus Hominum Salvator = 122

Read more about the Jesuits and 122: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2019/07/122-266-iesus-hominum-salvator-ihs-pope.html

Central Intelligence Agency = 243 *Jack Ryan works for the CIA

The first scene of this show begins in a Catholic Church, where a priest is murdered by Muslims, in Paris, France.

Paris, France = 70 *Francis = 70 *Vatican = 70 *Amazon = 70

Jorge Mario Begoglio = 201

ISIS = 56 (What the show focuses on)

John Krasinski, who plays Jack Ryan, starred in the Jesuit comedy, The Office, that ran 201 episodes.

Read more about that here:

As for Tom Clancy, he was born on the 102nd day of the year, and died 172 days after his 66th birthday.

Art of War = 102 *World War = 102

*American Civil War began on 102nd day of the year

*9/11 attack lasted 102 minutes

Clancy is known for his military related writings.

He got his start in 1984 with The Hunt for Red October.

263, 56th prime *Society of Jesus = 56

Tom Clancy died on the 29 year anniversary of the publishing date.

Jesus = 29 / 11

Notice Tom Clancy died at ‘The Johns Hopkins University’
That’s the 322 gang.

Tom Clancy died 202 days after Pope Francis becoming Pope.

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266

Skull and Bones, 322, is an offshoot of the Bavarian Illuminati, established by Adam Weishaupt the Jesuit. Adam Weishaupt died November 18, 1830, the 322nd day of the year.

172 connects to Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

Notice Tom Clancy got his start in 1984, emphasis on ’84.

His second novel, Patriot Games, has major overlap with ‘Jesuit Order’.

Clear and Present Danger = 96

The divisors of 42 sum to 96. Jesuit = 42

181, 42nd prime

251, 54th prime

The gematria of Tom Clancy is as follows:

Maryland = 34 / 47 *Where he is from *Born in ’47

Government = 47 / 137

137, 33rd prime

*Prophecy = 106 *His work is known for predictive programming.

Gregorian = 58 *Calendar = 58 *Pope Francis = 58

Roman Catholic Church = 104

32 sun rays on the Jesuit sun

*Ryan = 22 / 58

And here is what Tom Clancy wrote in Red Rabbit about the Jesuits running the world.


*Georgetown and Boston College are Jesuit schools

Jesuit News

This news comes August 8, 2020, a date with 56 numerology.

8/8/2020 = 8+8+20+20 = 56


The Beirut explosion on August 4 was blamed on ‘ammonium nitrate’, equating to 93. Keep in mind, that explosion was near a port, the same as this one in Sussex, near Newhaven.

Saturn = 93

The sun is said to be 93 million miles away

The Jesuits logo is the sun.

*Today is Trump’s 56th day of his age. *Trump = 88