Kevin McCarthy ousted as Speaker of House, October 3, 2023 (replaced by 47-year-old)

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit News Secret Societies

Today leaves 89 days in the year. *Chaos = 89

He has been removed on his 251st day of his age (54th prime).
Jesuit Order=54

Today is 10/3. *Jesuits = 103 *Scottish = 103

He has been removed 269 days after become speaking of house (while he is 58).
269, 57th prime
Scottish Rite=57

He has been replaced by 47-year-old Patrick McHenry.
Government = 47
Authority = 47
Republican = 47
Democrat = 47
DC = 47
*News = 47

St. Norbert professor who designed original Packers ‘G’ logo dead at 83, October 3, 2023 news

Death Freemasonry Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Sports

Dead at 83? *Football = 83 *Murder = 83

It goes with where the Big G was created, De Pere, Wisconsin.

He was a professor at St. Norbert College, founded by a Catholic Priest, going with Vince Lombardi, the Jesuit, who made the Green Bay Packers the Green Bay Packers. And per the article, it was Vince Lombardi who asked him to make the Big G logo in the shape of a football.
St. Norbert = 41
Green Bay = 41

The Big G is the logo of Freemasonry as well.
St. Norbert = 58
Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58

It is the year of Super Bowl 58.

And the name John Gordon, the surname with a G, also ties in.
John Gordon = 42
Freemason = 42
Jesuit = 42

The G also ties in with how Vince Lombardi died at Georgetown.

Notice, he died during NFL Week 4, two days after the Packers lost to open the week versus Detroit. As you know, the number four is associated with death.

He died Saturday, September 30, 2023, 27 days after the death anniversary of Vince Lombardi, September 3.

CNN reports 10.3 million people own guns in Thailand after October 3, 2023 shooting

Mass Shooting New World Order News Shooting

10.3 million people after the 10/3 shooting, eh? Remember, the Jesuits make up the news.
Jesuits = 103

15 guns per 100 people? Sure. Gun = 15.

And don’t forget Thailand has a red, white and blue flag, it also has the 33.
Thailand = 33
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33
Masonry = 33

Boye Mafe’s mother’s death on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018

Death Jesuit Murder by Numbers Sports

Boye Mafe lost his mother on Mother’s Day, May 13, 2018, 201 days before his November 30 birthday.
The Jesuit Order = 201
Boye Mafe = 72 & 144
-Jesuit Order = 72 & 144

She died on 56 date numerology.
Society of Jesus = 56

He was 19 years-old when she died and funny enough, on MNF, October 2, 2023, they told this story.
10/2/2023 = 10+2+(2+0+2+3) = 19

He had a big game in a win for the Seattle Seahawks.
Seattle = 19

Philadelphia journalist Josh Kruger murdered 11 days before Friday, October 13, 2023, in the month of Halloween

Entertainment Federal Government Murder by Numbers News Secret Societies Transgender / LGBTQ

This death comes at the beginning of October, in a month that we will have a Friday the 13th, and in the month of Halloween. Of course, Freddy Krueger is a main character in the Friday the 13th series. RIP.

The had to get a photo of him wearing a Nike shirt? It goes with his death at age 39.
Nike = 39

Jimmy Butler unveils new emo hairstyle, October 2, 2023

Celebrity News Racism Sports

Jimmy Butler has become the Andre 3000 of the NBA, and this news breaks on 10/2. It’s a reminder that these people don’t have a choice.
Slavery = 102

Keep in mind Dwayne Wade is also pimping out his child for the LGBQT agenda, and both he and Jimmy Butler went to the Jesuit school Marquette.

54 seconds? *Jesuit Order = 54

1:45? *Catholic = 145