How My Rihanna Super Bowl LVII Halftime Prediction was Determined, the Birth Theme and the Neptune Ritual of Tua and the Miami Dolphins

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June 26th, 2022

On September 25th, 2022 the National Football League announced the headline performer for the upcoming Super Bowl LVII to be played on February 12th, 20223.

In a video on my Youtube channel THE TRUTH CODES I suggested that Rihanna would be the ideal Super Bowl half-time performer given that she represents the same mystery esoteric foundation of the script for the Super Bowl and for the current world zeitgeist in general. That esoteric foundation is BIRTH.

Rihanna recently experienced the most celebrated pregnancy and birth outside of a British royal birth.

In gematria the number of “BIRTH” is 57. Super Bowl LVII is primarily based — esoterically of course — on the theme of birth.

The most famous child birth in history is performed by “MARY” the “MOTHER OF JESUS”.

“MARY” equals 57.

The nativity of the Virgin Mary is September 8th which is the date on which the season that will culminate in Super Bowl 57 began. “MOTHER OF JESUS” has a value of 57.

The 2022-23 NFL season that will culminate in Super Bowl LVII began on the date — September 8th — that celebrates the birth of the “BLESSED VIRGIN MARY” which has a value of 202.

202 can be a date: 20th February which is Rihanna’s birthday.

Super Bowl LVII will be hosted by State Farm Stadium whose nickname is “THE BIG TOASTER” which has a value of 202 like Rihanna’s birthday.

“BIRTH RITUAL” and “CHILD BIRTH” have values of 57.

Super Bowl LVII will be on a date with 57 numerology: 2 + 12 + 20 + 23 = 57.

“Mother” in Latin is “MATER” from which we get English words like “maternity”. “MATER” has a value of 57.

Birth and creation is symbolized by the “FLOWER OF LIFE”, which has a value of 57.

“NEW BEGINNING” equals 57.

Rihanna was celebrated in a marble statue representing the Greek goddess Eirene amongst a pantheon of Greek deities at the Met Gala in New York City on the very day that the United States Supreme Court’s draft decision to repeal the birth-related Roe v Wade was released: May 2nd, 2022.

The clincher for Rihanna being the most appropriate person for Super Bowl LVII is the fact of why they chose to represent the birthing Rihanna as the goddess Eirene specifically:

There is a moon of Jupiter named after the goddess Eirene.

The moon Eirene is also known as Jupiter LVII. LVII as in Super Bowl LVII.

The Moon is related to birth since it determines monthly cycles which are related to female fertility.

“MOON” is 57 in gematria.

LVII is a Moon of Jupiter. Jupiter co-rules Pisces. Rihanna is a Pisces.

Rihanna tweeted her thank you response – for the marble statue – to the Met Gala the next day May 3rd at 2:12 am.

2:12 is like the date February 12th, the date of Super Bowl LVII.

When the image of a ritualistically significant celebrity like Rihanna is put out to the public, every element of her appearance is significant. At the time when she was on the verge of delivering – and the eyes of the world were upon her – she was displayed across the media in a RZA t-shirt. RZA is a Hip-Hop legend who founded the Wu-Tang clan.

RZA’s birthday is 5th July which is 5-7.

If it seems like a stretch to suggest that RZA was chosen symbolically simply because his birthday is 5-7 then let us take a closer look at her RZA t-shirt. Rihanna was about to give birth to a baby boy. The t-shirt displays the cover art of RZA’s 2003 album “BIRTH OF A PRINCE”.

The most significant song on the album “Birth of a Prince” is track number 15 “THE BIRTH”.

The date October 7, 2003 is on the shirt; the release date of RZA’s album Birth of a Prince.

On October 3rd, 2003 the Billboard music charts was headed by song Baby Boy by Beyonce at number 1.

There is a distinct “Birth of Jesus” theme to the ritual.

A pregnant Rihanna was depicted in marble as Eirene the Goddess of Peace.

An association confirmed by gematria:

“Rihanna” and “Goddess of Peace” have double overlap in the base ciphers.

If the “Goddess of Peace” gives birth to a Prince as the ritual stated through her RZA “BIRTH OF A PRINCE” t-shirt, then the child born would be the “Prince of Peace” which is a moniker for Jesus.


The father of the celebrated Rihanna birth is rapper A$AP Rocky whose birthday is October 3rd, written 10-3. This is NFL season 103 that will culminate in Super Bowl 57.


Rihanna is heavily coded with the theme of water.

  • She is a Pisces which is a water sign.
  • Pisces is co-ruled by Neptune whose Greco-Roman anthropomorphism is the god of the sea and rivers.
  • Poseidon/Neptune’s most salient symbol is the trident. The trident is a symbol of Rihanna’s native Barbados.
  • Rihanna’s fan club is referred to as Rihanna Navy.
  • Rihanna acted in the 2012 movie Battleship where she played a member of the U.S. Navy. In Battleship Rihanna’s character Cora Raikes served aboard the real life U.S.S. John Paul Jones.

U.S.S. John Paul Jones has a value of 57 the “BIRTH” number.

“John Paul Jones” has a value of 52.

The U.S.S. John Paul Jones was ordered and awarded on September 25th, 1987.

Rihanna was announced as Super Bowl half time performer on September 25th, 2022.

  • I would like to shout out Eureka Stockade from the comments section of my Youtube channel for this great addition: Ethiopia’s Millennium dam produced electricity for the first time on Rihanna’s birthday February 20th, 2022.

The dam is also known as the “Renaissance Dam” which is its primary name. Renaissance is French for “REBIRTH”, fitting the prevailing theme.

52 and 25 are the gematria code numbers for “FLOOD” and “FLUID”.

“RENAISSANCE DAM” has a value of 252 which is a palindrome of 25 and 52.

Remember that Rihanna was unveiled in statue form as the Greek goddess Eirene on 5-2 May 2nd, or 2-5 2nd May; the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v Wade abortion law was “leaked”.

Gematria reveals a relationship between 57 and 52 / 25:

Roman numerals for 57 — as they appear for the Super Bowl and the Jupiter Moon named after goddess Eirene that Rihanna portrayed in statue form — “LVII” has values of 25 and 52.

Pisces, Neptune, the Miami Dolphins and the Tua Injury

The star of the Miami Dolphins is Quarter Back Tua Tagovailoa who is a Pisces.

The Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel is a Pisces who just this past off-season replaced Pisces Brian Flores as Head Coach.

The Miami Dolphins franchise will be 57 years old at the time of Super Bowl 57 on 57 date numerology.

On Thursday September 29th, 2022 Too Tagovaiola suffered a severe concussion in Cincinatti against the home team Bengals. This was just four days after suffering a concussion against the Buffalo Bills.

Here we see the 52/25 water theme. Again: the dolphin is a symbol of Poseidon which is confirmed by gematria:

A grand slam match.

The common essence between Rihanna and the Miami Dolphins is revealed by gematria:

“Rihanna”, “Dolphins” and “Poseidon” have double overlap in the base ciphers of English gematria.

97 is the 25th prime number like the date 2-5, 2nd May.

Poseidon / Neptune is a god of the sea and rivers. Neptune rules Pisces which is a water sign. The draft opinion to overturn Roe v Wade was “leaked” on the same day that a pregnant Rihanna was displayed in marble statue: 2nd May, or May 2nd; 2-5 or 5-2. The flood/fluid number.

Tua was severely concussed ( he appeared paralyzed ) against the Bengals when sacked by Josh Tupou. Josh Tupou was born on 2nd May / May 2nd. And it was Tua’s 2nd concussion in 5 days for another 2-5.

The score was 6-7 at the time that Tua was knocked out of the game. 67 is a major “WATER” number.

“WATER” also sums to 68 which is Josh Tupou’s jersey number.

If you are an enthusiast of water based high rituals then you will appreciate that there is more: When Tua was removed from the game his replacement was……BRIDGEWATER; Teddy Bridgewater the back up Quarter Back for the Miami Dolphins.

Rihanna was born in Bridgetown, Barbados, so the water theme embedded at multiple levels.

Teddy Bridgewater is a Scorpio which is also a water sign.

“CONCUSSION” has the big “birth” number that is also applicable to the Super Bowl: 57. Remember that the Miami Dolphins are 57 years old and will be at the time of the Super Bowl.

This also could have been a ritual sacrifice of Neptune. 911 was a ritual sacrifice of Neptune/Poseidon.

If so this is a playing out of the ancient Sumerian war-of-the-gods which are the original archetypes of Poseidon and Zeus.

Tua Tagovaiola represents Neptune/Enki. He was forced to play despite having had a concussion four days earlier as a destruction-of-Neptune/Poseidon/Enki ritual.

Enki’s bitter rival in mythology is half brother Enlil who identifies with Jupiter which is the orange striped planet represented by the tiger. The Bengals are Enlil in this ritual enactment of the war-of-the-gods.

The day of Jupiter is Thursday, which is why the Jovian Bengals destroyed the Neptune symbol on a Thursday.

911 was a ritual destruction-of-Poseidon/Neptune/Enki. The twin towers had Neptune tridents in their design.

The alleged perpetrator Osama Bin Laden was a Pisces who was buried at sea in the U.S. Military’s Operation Neptune’s Spear.

Bin Laden was born in the year ’57, and died on May 2nd / 2nd May.

“POSEIDON” = 119 and “DOLPHINS” = 119.

Ironically the sign of Pisces is ruled by two planets: Neptune and Jupiter. Duality that is present throughout creation.

Rihanna, the Birth Theme and the World Cup

As I mentioned: birth is a world wide theme at the moment. A sporting event multiple times bigger than the Super Bowl is the quadrennial World Cup of soccer/ football whose final will be a 57 day span to the Super Bowl.

Hosted by the country of “QATAR” which has a value of 57;

a tournament that literally features a stadium obviously designed on the female generative birthing organ; the Al Janoub Stadium.

A hit song of Rihanna’s is “What’s My Name?” whose chorus is “Oh na-na…” repeated. Nana is a slang term for vagina.

It remains to be seen if she sings it at the Super Bowl. I expect that she will.

Gematria confirms this association: A cover of Vogue Magazine featured a pregnant Rihanna with the title “OH, BABY!” which is a grand slam super match in gematria with “OH NA-NA”.

You can watch my video that — 3 months prior to the announcement — stated that Rihanna was the artist best suited for the ritual theme of Super Bowl LVII here:

The World Cup will feature female on-field referees for the first time, one of which Yoshimi Yamashita shares Rihanna’s February 20th birthday.

Her name “Yoshimi Yamashita” has a value of 237 in gematria.

237 is like the date 23rd July which is the annual Roman Neptune celebration day Neptunalia.

Queen Elizabeth II caught the “crown” virus on Rihanna’s birthday in 2022.

For more on Rihanna’s connection to Queen Elizabeth II see my video here:

I am also in the process of creating a video on synchronicity between the Royals: Elizabeth and Princess Charlotte, and the Baltimore Ravens who recently lost Super Bowl winner Tony Siragusa. The singer Prince is related.

Judge blocks Indiana’s near-total abortion ban, September 22, 2022, a Thursday & Jane Roe’s 75th birthday anniversary

Abortion Federal Government News Psychological Operation
Indiana = 52 (Recall what happened on May 2, 2022…) *Heart = 52 (Green Chakra — Green Pro Choice)

This news comes on September 22, 2022, Jane Roe’s birthday, as in Roe, from Roe v. Wade, which was decided January 22, 1973.
Abortion = 122 / 50
Satanic = 122 / 22
-Today is 22/9
-229, 50th prime

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85 (The Pope is 85) *August 5 (8/5 date)

This picture is from Indianapolis, the lone 201 city in America.
Indianapolis = 201
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201

Pope Francis is 85 right now, going with the 8/5 date of the picture.
Pope Francis = 122
Abortion = 122
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85 / 122

And don’t forget how big 201 was in the overturning of Roe v. Wade, from the name of the case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, to what they did with Ketanji Brown Jackson and Stephen Breyer… a pattern that goes back to Chief Justice John Jay.

ALSO, today has 73 date numerology, like how Roe v. Wade was decided in ’73, the year of Soylent Green.
9/22/2022 = 9+22+20+22 = 73

Notice, 22 weeks, and all this in the year 2022, emphasis on ’22, and this news on the 22nd day of September, the first day of “fall.” And here we are, being ruled over by the fallen.

The September 15 date stands out (15/9… like 159).
Scottish Rite = 159 / 165 / 57
Donald Trump = 159
-Born on 165th day (June 14)
Soylent Green = 159 / 165 / 57
Kelsey Hanlon = 57
Supreme Court = 57

Soylent Green in ’73, like Roe v. Wade. And don’t forget the vaccine approval for six month olds the week before Roe v. Wade overturned. It served as a reminder of who Bill Gates father was (Planned Parenthood), and that Bill Gates got his coronavirus vaccine on January 22, 2021, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, on the 122nd Meridian West.

North Dakota judge blocks abortion trigger ban day before it goes into effect, August 25, 2022

Abortion Federal Government Jesuit Legal News
abortion trigger law? The politics, guns and abortion… and the rituals…

This comes 62 days after the June 24, 2022 overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The judge’s name also has the ’83’ connection. Bruce Romanick?

Recall what happened on August 3, 2022, when Biden signed his executive order safeguarding abortion.

Keep in mind Joe Biden is #46, and this is considered a win for him.

And North Dakota is the 39th state, and today has 39 numerology.
8/25/2022 = 8+25+(2+0+2+2) = 39

Remember, June 24, 1717 is the establishment date of modern Freemasonry.

In the same cipher, notice how Judge Bruce Romanick equates with Burleigh County.

He did a 180 on what was to go into effect tomorrow…

And recall 72 was a HUGE number in the June 24, 2022 overturning.
6/24/2022 = 6+24+20+22 = 72
Burleigh County = 72 / 72
Jesuit Order = 72
72-year-old Alito…
Roe v. Wade was decided 72 days after Henry Wade’s birthday…
-It was 122 days after Jane Roe’s
-Abortion = 122 (Jan. 22, or 1/22 decision in ’73)
-Roe v. Wade overturning memo leak May 2 (122nd day)
-Iesus Hominum Salvator = 122

Roe v. Wade was decided 7-2. It was overturned 5-4.
Jesuit Order = 54 / 72
John Roberts = 54

It was overturned a span of 54 days from the memo leak on May 2, 2022.

Also, don’t recall the overturning of Roe v. Wade with Dobbs vs. Jackson was a massive 201 ritual. Today is 25/8.
Order of Illuminati = 201 / 258

Read about the Capital Punishment ritual from today, August 25, 2022.
Capital Punishment = 201 / 258

Indiana becomes first state to ban most abortions, August 5, 2022, 42-days after Dobbs v. Jackson

Abortion Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit Legal News Psychological Operation Secret Societies

This news come 42-days after the Roe v. Wade overturning, on August 5, 2022.
Roe v. Wade = 42
Freemason = 42
Jesuit = 42

Recall, the overturning was on Freemasonry’s in birthday, in a massive Jesuit ritual, in the Masonic-Jesuit city, Washington D.C.

As for today being August 5, or 5/8.
Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58

And as for Indiana, it has the gematria connections to 33 and 47, important numbers to the Freemasons and the Jesuits.