Shelter in place ordered for Newtown, Pennsylvania after police standoff, March 17, 2024

Gun Control History Police State Psychological Operation Secret Societies

Yesterday I mentioned how Falls Township was right next door to Newtown, the same town name where Sandy Hook once happened. Also, let us not forget that days ago, March 13, 2024, they drew parallels to Dunblane and Sandy Hook yet again, by calling Aaron Rodgers a Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist on the anniversary of Dunblane.

So here we are four days later, on a Sunday, on the ‘kill’ date numerology.

Adding insult to injury, today is 94 days after the Sandy Hook anniversary.

Never forget the World Trade Center towers that opened on the 94th day of 1973.

And don’t forget who is doing this either.

On this Sunday, it’s another tribute to Helios.

Again, the language and the calendar are all in sync.

Keep in mind today is 17/3, or 3/17, which are both interesting for the following reasons.

173 is the 40th prime number.

317 is the 66th prime.

This news also comes on the ‘kill’ date, having numerology of 28, 44 & 64
Kill=28, 44 & 64

And in light of the ritual they just did with Aaron Rodgers, today is his 107th day of his age.
Shooting=107 (107, 28th prime number)

Aaron Rodgers accused of Sandy Hook conspiracy theories on anniversary of Dunblane massacre, March 13, 2024

Celebrity Gun Control Mass Shooting News Psychological Operation Sports

This news comes on the 73rd day of the year, reminding us that Sandy Hook was compared to the Dunblane Massacre in the UK, that got got rights taken away.

Notice that today is the 28th anniversary of the Dunblane massacre.

The 73 and 28 pattern ties in with ‘Adam Lanza,’ the supposed Sandy Hook gunman.

And let us not forget that Newtown, CT is on the 73rd Meridian West.

Today is the 103rd day of Rodgers age. *Rodgers=103 *Jesuits=103

Yesterday, the New York Times published he was at the top of the list for RFK Jr.’s running mate. That was the 72nd day of the year, March 12, or 3/12, like 312.
Aaron Rodgers=72 *Aaron Charles Rodgers=312

And for the clincher, from Dunblane, March 13, 1996, to Sandy Hook, December 14, 2012, it was 201 months and one day later. *Aaron Charles Rodgers=201 *The Jesuit Order=201

US had prepared for potential Russian nuclear strike in Ukraine, March 9, 2024 CNN news

History News Psychological Operation War

This is CNN’s front page on March 9, 2024. Go back and revisit these posts to understand why nuclear fear mongering is the topic today. You’ll notice the one at the top from exactly two years ago today.

Again, March 9 is typically the 68th day of the year.
Nuclear Energy=68
Nuclear Weapon=68

The date can also be written 9/3, going with the history of dropping the bomb on ‘Japan,’ and the ’93 World Trade Center bombing that eventually lead to “Ground Zero.”

Ryan Clark’s March 3 “666” X post, his Bohemian Grove story & his June 6, 2024 earthquake prediction

Biblical Big Tech Celebrity Earthquake News Psychological Operation
*Emory Andrew Tate III=97 *Ryan Clark=97 (25th prime) *He is 25 at the time of this attention, plus more.
And who remembers the Patriots 25 point comeback, on 2/5, in the 97th NFL season, vs. the Falcons? *Falcons=25
Additionally, Ryan Clark has fought in 25 fights to date (24-1)

This started Sunday, March 3 (33).

Notice where Ryan Garcia’s 8/8 birthday ties in with the 88 gematria of ‘beast’ and ‘I’m okay,’ the headline emphasized in the top right.

Again, it all began with a hoax post and 666.

You can see the coverage on Ryan Garcia in the mainstream, lead by TMZ, began on March 4.
March 4 is 3/4 (like 34)

Keep in mind it was March 4, or 3/4, he posted about children being raped at Bohemian Grove.

March 4 was the 64th day of the year.

Notice, Ryan Garcia started making waves online after a hoax post was published to his X on March 3, 2024, the 63rd day of the year, sort of like six-threes, since his post referenced 666 and Satan.

Then, on March 5, the 65th day of the leap year, he got attention for headlines about his social media post the day prior. It goes wit him claiming to be a Christian and a ‘Jesus’ believer.

Jesus=34 *Beast=34 *3/4 coverage

And now on March 6, the 66th day of the year, he predicts a bad earthquake for June 6, 2024. Funny enough, we have talked about the USGS and suspicious earthquake richter readings before, that often change after the story first breaks, and change to something numerically fitting.

The concluding book of the Bible is full of earthquakes, and the protestant version has 66 books, going with the teaching in that same book about the number of the beast.

His remarks on March 6, come 92 days before June 6.

Furthermore, it is a span of 93 days, and HAARP, the military technology that can quake the ground, was officially established in ’93.

Keep in mind Revelation 6:12 is about a massive earthquake, and it is similar to June 12, or 6/12. So I ask, could his prediction be 6 days early?

Also, June 12 will be 98 days after his birthday, and he was born in ’98.

For one more, his June 6 prediction is 63 days before his 26th birthday, and his name became the center of attention starting on March 3, the 63rd day of the year. That also means from his 25th birthday to June 6, is 303 days later.

Last, his ESPN fight page.

The ritual is going down while he is on 25 fights, as a 25 year old.
Ryan Garcia=97 (25th prime)

It all began on a ‘Sunday,’ for King Ry, March 3, or 3/3, like 33. It also began on the 78th day of the first Jesuit Pope’s age, Pope Francis. *Jesuit=78 *Order Out of Chaos=78

Justice Mohn arrested for showing his decapitated father’s head online, January 31, 2024 news

Big Tech News Psychological Operation

This news broke as soon as the hearing concluded with congress and big tech, where the focus was on parents who have lost their children to online forms of violence (including suicide).
Justin Mohn=44


US Justice Department releases report on Uvalde, Texas Robb Elementary Mass shooting, January 18, 2024

Federal Freemasonry Government Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting News Police State Psychological Operation Secret Societies
Chaos and Confusion=181 (today is 18/1) *181, 42nd prime *Gun=42
Jesuit=42, Freemason=42

Recall, 19 children were reportedly killed because 19 police officers stood down. And now this latest news comes 19 months and change later (the killing was May 24, 2022).

The name of the school was ‘Robb.’

Today’s update, only to bring back the psy-op, is 1/18. Of course, 1+18=19.
Homicide=118, Death=118

Let us not forget this happened on the 144th day of the year.
The United States of America=144
Jesuit Order=144

Nikki Haley not saying Civil War becomes focus of media, December 28, 2023, before Albert Pike’s birthday

Celebrity Elections History News Politics Psychological Operation Racism

Notice, on the day before the anniversary of Albert Pike’s birthday, the Civil War is front and center, a recurring theme, from January 6th, to the recent Civil War film trailer, to the death of Andre Braugher, to Obama’s newest film Leave the World Behind which discusses a Civil War breaking out in America, and beyond. Of course, Obama was born in 1961, the year that marked the 100th anniversary of the Civil War’s start. And of course, he gave his acceptance speech in the Land of Lincoln.

And notice Albert Pike was the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, founded in Charleston, where the Civil War began, April 12, 1861.

It was established 60 years before the Civil War began, and the Civil War broke out after the election of 1860. Now, here we are before the 60th US Presidential Election, which Haley is running in. Of course, she is also from South Carolina and has a January 20 birthday, or 20/1, like 201.
The Jesuit Order=201, Order of Illuminati=201, Confederate=201

Nimarata Nikki Haley=115, Charleston=118
Nimarata Nikki Haley=83, Election=83 (23rd prime) (23 days before her birthday)

Texas woman leaves Texas to obtain medical emergency abortion, Monday, December 11, 2023 news

Abortion Freemasonry Legal News Psychological Operation Secret Societies
Kate Cox = 79 / 25 / 110 / 38 *Death=25 & 38 *Murder=38 & 79

Kate Cox? Abortion? If you get a lot of cock, and you’re not ready for parenthood, it could result in this type of situation as it has for so many other women. Anyhow, the legal decision that has lead to the article was made December 7, 2023, Pearl Harbor Day. And it makes one wonder if this will become a lot more common occurrence with newborns, having “lethal abnormalities.”

December 7 was 319 days after the Roe v. Wade anniversary, that supported the right to an abortion, January 22, 2023. *Masonic=319 *Lucifer=319 *Killing=319

Recall, Roe v. Wade was overturned on Freemasonry’s birthday, June 24, and Albert Pike, a well known Freemason in U.S. history, discussed the importance of Lucifer in Freemasonry in his book Morals & Dogma.

And notice below it was the “first time in at least 50 years, a judge has intervened to allow an adult woman to terminate her pregnancy. It goes with why Roe v. Wade was overturned in the 50th year since the ruling in 1973, which just passed its 50th anniversary January 22, 2023.

Think of the date 1/22, like 122, going with 50.

The Church of Satan was found in San Francisco, on the 122nd Meridian West.

And as for the year ’73, the final chapter of the Catholic Bible is Revelation, judgement.

So here we are with a judge’s decision, in 2023, as written about in Revelation 3:7.
The Synagogue of Satan=223, Philadelphia=223 (It is 2023)

75-year-old woman becomes CNN’s focal point of why you should be sad this year at Hanukkah, December 7, 2023

Catholic Church Holidays Jesuit Jewish Related News Psychological Operation Secret Societies

This news comes on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, related to World War II, the war that had the Holocaust, now being compared to what happened in Israel on October 7, 2023.

This story is about a 75-year-old woman.

Israel is 75-years-old right now, and CNN’s idea today is that you should be sad for this Hanukkah.

The dilemma is the war and the hostage situation.

Never forget this headline from the New York Times, October 6, 1940.
Order Out of Chaos=75
New World Order=75
Catholic Church=75
Roman Catholic=75

The Superior General, Arturo Sosa, turned 75, November 12, 2023, shortly after the start of the war.
Ignatius of Loyola=75, Adam Weishaupt=75

The Pope will turn 87 December 17, Saturnalia. It goes with the Jesuit suppression ending on August 7 in history, or 8/7, like 87. *Ignatius of Loyola=87 *The Catholic Church=87

Hanukkah also equates to 42 and the Holocaust began in ’42.
World War=42

Think about it…

Notice the character is the story, Jean Joachim.
Jean Joachim=44 & 64
Israel=44 & 64
Zion=44 & 64

44 traces back to the beginning of Israel and the times of Theodor Herzl. 64 traces back to the United States formation 64 days after the establishment of the Illuminati, by a Jewish man, Adam Weishaupt.

And now, back to the article…

New York to Seattle…?
Richard Sills=84
The Jesuit Order=84
The Catholic Church=84
United States of America=84

Recall, Israel waited until October 8, 2023 to declare war, a Sunday, and the day leaving 84 days in the year. *Sunday=84

For one more, the gematria of ‘Menorah.’ The 74, 38, 115 & 34.

Men, or, eh…? A question people are having to ask more and more in 2023.

Remember, Gaza strip is getting smashed at age 74.

And recall the 38 ritual with the USS Gerald Ford, named after the 38th President.

11 more hostages released Monday, November 27, 2023, a date with 9 numerology

History Islam Jewish Related Knights Templar News Psychological Operation Religion Terrorism War

11 hostages released on the 9 date numerology?
When they’re calling this Israel’s 9/11?
11/27/2023=1+1+2+7+2+0+2+3=18 (9)

Of course, the hostage stories have been full of 13, a special number in Judaism. It’s not arbitrary most Bar Mitvahs happen when a person turns age 13.