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The LGBTQIA Community? I spy another 201.

The Jesuit Order = 201

As we know, the Jesuits are behind confusing the masses about human sexuality, and religion, and science, and pretty much everything for that matter.

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit News Transgender / LGBTQ

As I have been exposing, transgenderism is clearly a Jesuit agenda (who else would it be since they control the media…?). Anyhow, this news comes on the 56th day of the year, February 25, 2021.

And keep in mind they are the Synagogue of Satan within the Catholic Church. Which fits in with the fact that the symbol of the Church of Satan is the Baphomet, which is male and female.

Read about the ongoing Society of Jesus and transgender rituals taking place, from entertainment to Washington D.C.

As for Marjorie Taylor Greene, the CIA plant, today is 274 days after her 46th birthday (Catholic = 46 *Religion = 46).

*Iesus Hominum Salvator = 274

And get a load of how the name Marie Newman equates to 53 and 64, the same as ‘transgender’.

And would you believe that she is 56 years old at this time?

Better yet, it comes 47 days before her upcoming birthday.

Read more about the number 47 and D.C.

This bill has 223 cosponsors.

*Synagogue of Satan = 223 *Masonic = 223
*Church of Satan’s logo is Male & Female (Baphomet)

2/19/2021 = 2+19+21 = 42 *Jesuit = 42 *Freemason = 42
February 19 is the 50th day of the year *Satanic = 50 *Washington = 50 *America = 50

And notice how ‘Equality Act’ goes with ‘transgender’.

Joe Biden = 64 *Marie Newman = 64

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The WWE wrestler Gabe Tuft has become Gabbi Tuft. Let this be another example that the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) are behind the celebrity transgender agenda.

His WWE name was Tyler Reks.

Read about the premature death of Luke Huber and his wife’s tribute to his passing “56 hours later.”

I Am Cait = 56

Notice how ‘Gabbi’ syncs with ‘Jesuit’.

And keep in mind this announcement came on February 4, or 4/2, like 42, in the 42 month, ‘February’. *February = 42

It also came while he (I mean she) is 42, and on his 153rd day of his age.

Born in ’78, converted in ’21 *Jesuit = 21 / 42 / 78

This news comes 95 days after his 42nd birthday, and the Jesuits were recognized by Rome on the day leaving 95 days in the year, to counter the 95 Theses.

And notice how the media is running with this picture of Gabi holding the Ace of Hearts.

Trans = 72 *Sophie = 72 (Just died on 72 date numerology)

Keep in mind this announcement came on a date with 47 numerology.

2/4/2021 = 2+4+20+21= 47

And for one last point, Reks equates to 53, like ‘transgender’, and ‘Vanity Fair’, which should remind you of Jenner…

Read about the recent rituals with Philosophy Tube transitioning and the death of Sophie in the same day.

Jesuit Transgender / LGBTQ

Notice how Philosophy Tube equates to 187 and 191, the same as ‘Society of Jesus’, and reminding us of Bruce Jenner coming out as transgender 187 days before his birthday.

187 / 191

Adding insult to injury, Oliver Thorn (now Abigail Thorn) was born on April 24, the day Bruce Jenner came out in history as transgender, in 2015.

Oliver Thorn = 66 *Woman = 66 *Jenner = 66

Today is 281 days after Oliver Thorn’s birthday.

*281, 60th prime *Oliver Thorn = 60

Today is also 84 days before Oliver’s upcoming birthday. *Jesuit = 84

Keep in mind this news comes on a date with 72 numerology.

1/30/2021 = 1+30+20+21 = 72

Read about the death of SOPHIE, on the same day as the transition of PhiloSOPHY Tube.

History Jesuit Transgender / LGBTQ

Bruce Jenner = 65 (His last year of being “Bruce”)

April 24, 2015 was the date Bruce Jenner came out as transgender, before changing his name to Caitlyn Jenner. *Jenner / Gender…

That was 187 days before his 66th birthday. *Society of Jesus = 187

In light of the Jesuit connection, notice the the name Caitlyn Jenner fits in.


And notice how ‘Caitlyn’ equates to 84.

And notice at the top, the emphasis on ‘I Am A Woman’, equating to 153, the same as ‘Jesuit Order’.

I Am A Woman = 153 / 53 *Jesuit Order = 153 / 54

The name change to Caitlyn happened September 26, the day leaving 96 days in the year, and a span of 33 days to his 66th birthday.

Thirty-Three = 66 *Woman = 66
Cait = 33 (I Am Cait)

And for more Jesuit fingerprints, look no further than the TV show, I Am Cait. The title equates to 56…

And notice the show ended on the one year anniversary of Bruce coming out as transgender.

Federal Government News Transgender / LGBTQ

And notice, going with the 35/46 pairing, Pete Buttigieg went to the Catholic High School, Saint Joseph. Speaking of which, read what Pope Francis just wrote in relation to St. Joseph:

This news comes December 15, 2020.

12/15/2020 = 12+15+20+20 = 47

And thank goodness CNN reminded us all that Pete Booty-gay is poop shoot pioneer.

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Ellen Page as Juno MacGuff. The tiger symbolism refers to Jupiter the striped planet

On December 1st, 2020 the actor formerly known as Ellen Page officially came out to the public as transgendered male Elliot Page.

Major credit and acknowledgement goes to gematriaeffect community member and commenter Anthony C Davison for discovering that King James (IV of Scotland, I of England) is coded into Page’s transition story.

Elliot Page

King James VI of Scotland, I of England

In depictions of him in his youth James appears androgynous if not female. He could be described as “gender fluid” in modern parlance. The above portrait is from 1574. Below he is depicted at age 17.

James at age 17 (right)

King James’ eldest son is Henry Prince of Wales is clearly depicted in girls’ clothing below.

Portrait of a young boy, traditionally called Henry, Prince of Wales 1594-1612, eldest son of King James I of England,

Wikipedia acknowledges that James could have been gay. x

“James’s sexuality is a matter of dispute”

— Wikipedia

Gematria is more affirmative when you compare the gematria of his name “JAMES” and the word “GAY.”

Were Henry and his son boys who were feminized in appearance or females presented as males in later life and in history? One can only speculate, especially when you see that King James is woven into the Ellen/Elliot Page narrative.


The distinctly striped planet JUPITER

Elliot Page’s most famous acting role is lead title character Juno MacGuff in the 2007 film JUNO. Juno is a Jupiter reference: the Roman goddess Juno is the Patron Goddess of the Roman Empire, and sister and consort of god Jupiter.

The planet Jupiter is distinct in its physical appearance for its stripes.

The Juno movie poster pays homage to the planet Jupiter with orange and white horizontal stripes. Ellen Page’s character Juno McGuff appears on the poster in an orange-and-white shirt bulging from her pregnant belly, simulating the planet Jupiter.

Juno is the patron goddess of the Roman Empire and part of the Capitoline Triad, a group of three supreme Roman deities that included Jupiter.

Because of its stripes Jupiter is symbolized as a TIGER. More homage to Jupiter is evident in this scene that displays a tiger-motif rug (below).

Mr. Davison made the connection between the movie Juno and the NASA Jupiter orbiter by the same name.

Juno arrived in the polar orbit of Jupiter in the year 2016 on the 5th of July. The timespan from that day to the day that Page came out as transgendered male Elliot (December 1st, 2020) is 1,611 days.

The King James Bible was first published in the year 1611. Elliot Page — having played a Jupiter-themed character — made the announcement on a date that synchronizes with a major Jovian event by the same name as her character. A historical LGBT figure was chosen to synchronize with Page’s celebrated LGBT-themed announcement.

53 and 35 the Gematria Code for the LGBT Theme

Often in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender narratives the principle character has a name that sums to 35 or 53 in gematria.

Chelsea Manning

A well known example is U.S. Army whistleblower Bradley Manning who transitioned to Chelsea Manning. In gematria “CHELSEA” sums to 53. Manning was initially given a 35-year-prison sentence.

Baphomet; Symbol of Duality

The Baphomet is one of the most recognizable, vivid and striking occult images. It represents — among other things — the principles of polarity, duality, and non-binary; not not only regarding sex and gender but in general; like the Chinese Yin-Yang. The American Church of Satan has co-opted the Baphomet, but – like all symbols — they can represent multiple concepts good or evil depending on the will of the invoker.

“BAPHOMET” sums to 35 in gematria.

In keeping with the code of the polarity theme, the names of the male-female principle entities in the King James and Elliot Page narratives both sum to 35.

“KING JAMES” sums to 35. “ELLIOT” sums to 35.

St. Peter’s Cross

Peter is the Patron Saint of Catholicism. St. Peter’s Cross is the upside-down cross. “CATHOLIC” sums to 35.

A deeper esoteric principle at play here is St. Peter’s Cross. St. Peter’s Cross is known as the Mutable Cross in astrology. It is depicted as an upside-down inverted cross.

The 12 signs of the tropical zodiac are presented in a wheel divided into 12 equally sized segments. Each segment is a zodiac sign.

Each season of the year; Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn contains three zodiac signs. The signs that occur at the end of the season; as it transitions or mutates into the next season, are called the MUTABLE signs:

At the end of Spring, transitioning or mutating into Summer is GEMINI. At the end of Summer is VIRGO. At the end of Autumn is SAGITTARIUS. At the end of Winter is PISCES.

Sagittarius is directly opposite Gemini which forms one axis. Pisces is directly opposite Virgo which forms the other axis. The two axis form a cross on the zodiacal wheel.

The planet MERCURY rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo. The planet JUPITER rules the signs of Pisces and Sagittarius. So each leg of the cross has Jupiter on one end and Mercury on the opposite end. The Mutable Cross a.k.a. St. Peter’s Cross is formed by Mercury-Jupiter opposition.

The above depicts the Pope in the Mitre “fish hat” on the right. The middle is the Mesopotamian “fish god” Dagon. Fish is a reference to PISCES which is ruled by JUPITER.

Wikipedia’s entry on Dagon states: ” The god’s name derives from the root *dgn ‘to be cloudy’, implying that he was originally a weather-god.” JUPITER is a stormy planet and a god-of-thunder weather god.

The first openly Jesuit pope is a SAGITTARIUS, ruled by JUPITER.

On the left is the mother of Zeus/Jupiter: Rhea/Ops sometimes equated with Cybele. She is the symbol of VIRGO which is ruled by Mercury.

LGBT narratives such as those of King James, Elliot Page and Chelsea Manning align with the Mutable Cross a.k.a. St. Peter’s Cross. Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius.

  • Firstly, Page’s transgender announcement was consciously made on a date (December 1st) in Sagittarius.
  • King James is a Gemini
  • King James‘s eldest son Henry Frederick, Prince of Wales is a Pisces.

  • Elliot Page is a Pisces
  • Ellen Page’s character Juno Mac Guff’s boyfriend is Paulie played by Michael Cera. Michael Cera is a Gemini
  • Elliot Page’s real-life wife is Emma Portner who is a Sagittarius.

In Roman mythology Juno is the consort (you could say “wife”) of Jupiter. Since Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and Emma Portner is Sagittarius, she is Jupiter married to Juno in the form of Elliot Page.

  • Juno has two release dates. The first release date is for the Telluride Film Festival, the second is for movie theaters in the United States. Both dates are in accordance with St. Peter’s Cross: September 1st, 2007 is in Virgo, December 5th, 2007 is in Sagittarius.

  • Another high-profile “A List” LGBT celebrity is musician Freddie Mercury. His birth and death dates align with St. Peter’s Cross. He was born on September 5th which is Virgo. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury hence his stage name “Mercury.” He died on November 24th which in Sagittarius.
  • The aforementioned Chelsea Manning is a Sagittarius with the same birthday as Pope Francis: December 17th.

  • Juno was written by Diablo Cody who is Gemini.

  • St. Peter is said to have been crucified upside-down by Roman Emperor Nero.

Nero’s birth and death days align with St. Peter’s Cross. Perhaps it should be called Nero’s Cross. He is a Sagittarius who died in Gemini.


St. Peter’s Cross represents — among other things — the principle of inversion and reversal. St. Peter’s Cross is an inversion of the Latin Cross. In keeping with the gematria code for “transgender” “INVERSION” sums to 53.

Inversion can be positive or negative. A positive form of the inversion principle is thinking critically and looking at the world from an alternate perspective, enabling one to see past the illusion of dominant prevailing false narratives. The Hanged Man Tarot card is related to St. Peter’s Cross a.k.a. The Mutable Cross. “MERCURY” sums to 40 and 41 as does “HANGED MAN.” The Hanged Man card is also related to Pisces.

  • The other number relevant to the Ellen/Elliot Page – King James correlation is 57. “Hanged Man Card” sums to 57.
  • The term “CROSS OF NERO” sums to 57.
  • The NASA space orbiter by the same name; JUNO is reported to have reached the orbit of the planet Jupiter on 5th July or July 5th. A date written 57 or 7-5.
  • In gematria “JUNO ORBITER” sums to 57.
  • In gematria “JUPITER” sums to 99. When you spell out “NINETY NINE” it sums to 57.
  • The mythological home of Zeus is Mount Olympus. “Mount Olympus” sums to 57.
  • Gemini is part of St. Peter’s Cross. In gematria “GEMINI” sums to 57.
  • Gemini King James (VI of Scotland, I of England) is the longest-serving Scottish Monarch with a reign of 57 years, 246 days.
  • King James was buried — in 1625 — on May 7th, a date written 57.
  • It can also be 7th May and 7-5. The budget for the movie Juno is listed as $7.5 million.
  • The phrase “ELLEN-TO-ELLIOT” sums to 57.
  • The term “GENDER FLUID” also sums to 57.
  • In the movie Juno Ellen Page plays a character named Juno Mac Guff. The name “Mac Guff” sums to 57.

  • Elliot Page’s wife is Emma Portner. Her name sums to 57 in gematria.

“BIRTH” Theme

The most salient topic of the movie Juno — besides its Jovian theme — is birth. Juno MacGuff is pregnant in the movie poster and throughout most of the film which culminates with her giving birth.

Juno Mac Guff (Ellen Page) gives birth in one of the latter scenes of Juno
  • In gematria “BIRTH” sums to 57. “CHILD BIRTH” sums to 57. “BIRTH RITUAL” sums to 57.
  • Juno MacGuff gives birth to a male. This is representative of a male to whom the patron goddess of Rome gives birth, namely: MARS. In gematria “MARS” sums to 57.

Mars is said to be the father of Romulus who founds Rome.


201 is a hugely significant — if not defining — number of the Jesuit Order. In Latin gematria (“Jewish” cipher on the gematrinator calculator) “MARS” sums to 201 just as “ROMAN” sums to 201.

Occulted Representations of Zeus/Jupiter in the Vatican and the United States the “New Rome”

Jupiter was portrayed in this Roman statue (below) from the first century A.D. It was transported to St. Petersburg, Russia in 1861. It is no coincidence that it was moved from Italy to a city named after St. Peter, who is himself is named after Ju-piter. He is depicted seated with one foot forward. This statue is based on the Ancient Greek statue of Zeus at Olympia that no longer stands, and is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Statue of JUPITER in Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg

An artist’s rendition of the statue of Zeus at Olympia, Greece

Zeus is the model for the statue of St. Peter (Ju-PETER) (below) in The Vatican.

In the capital of the United States, the “New Rome”, President Abraham Lincoln is portrayed as Zeus at the Lincoln Memorial (below) which is a mock Temple-of-Zeus.

Popular culture invokes Zeus/Jupiter. Netflix tv series House of Cards portrays female Vice President and President Claire Underwood in a Jovian pose on the fasces-styled throne of the Lincoln Memorial.

President Francis (with the same name as the current and first openly Jesuit Pope) Underwood is similarly depicted.

Below is Zeus in his temple from the 1997 Disney animated film Hercules. Juno is the Roman expression of the Greek goddess Juno. Hera is voiced by actress Samantha Eggar who — like Ellen Page who portrayed the same mythological character — is a Pisces, part of the zodiacal St. Peter’s Cross.

Zeus is voiced by Rip Torn whose father was nicknamed “tiger.” As stated in this and earlier articles: “tiger” is a reference to the planet Jupiter the striped planet.

The movie poster for Juno below displays the orange-and-white horizontal stripes of Jupiter in the backdrop and shirt worn by Ellen Page, a tiger-motif rug and the all-important Zeus/Jovian throne pose.

The tagline “It all started with a chair…” is loaded with occulted significance. As always gematria unearths the hidden message: “It all started with a chair” sums to 353 in gematria. 353 is the 71st prime number.

This is significant to Elliot Page because “TRANSSEXUAL” sums to 71. Page is a “PISCES” which sums to 71.

71 is the most significant value that links the Jesuit Order to a Jovian cult with its roots in Babylon.

The Temple of Zeus was located in Olympia, Greece in which Zeus was presented sitting on a giant throne. This is “the chair” referred to in the movie poster tagline.

Pope John Paul II on a “St. Peter’s Cross/ Cross of Nero/ Mutable Cross” throne

The archetype did not “all start” with Zeus. The archetype is from Babylon (hence the prevalence of 71 since “BABYLON” sums to 71) and even earlier.

In gematria the phrase “giant on a throne” sums to 71.

This is the picture (out of tens of thousands) that Wikipedia chose for their Elliot Page entry. While Page is “smiling”, Page’s eyes are not really happy. Wikipedia felt compelled to give us this insight.

Celebrities like Page and Caitlin Jenner may be forced into these roles using MK Ultra style trauma-based mind-control techniques, unlike regular people who change of their own volition.

Astrology Esoteric Rambo's Corner Transgender / LGBTQ

53, 41

Sophie Cook

I have posted on how the number 53 is a code number that emerges in narratives about gender-related subjects, specifically transgender issues.

This is because 53 is the Gematria value of the words “GENDER” and “TRANSGENDER.”

English soccer/football’s Premier League just honored Sophie Cook this past October 11th which is National Coming Out Day, an annual LGBT awareness day observed in the United States, Ireland, Switzerland and Holland.

Steve Cook (right) before transitioning to Sophie Cook

Sophie Cook became the first transgender woman to work in football’s Premier League as club photographer for AFC Bournemouth following her transition from Steve to Sophie in the summer of 2015.

The name “Sophie Cook” is in synch with the Gematria transgender code of 53, as is the name of the city and team that employs Sophie Cook: Bournemouth.

Sophie Cook (right) with AFC Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe

Gematria explains why Sophie Cook was given jersey number 50: A term that transgendered people identify with is “NON-BINARY” which sums to 50 in Gematria.

AFC Bournemouth’s nickname is “the Cherries.” The name “CHERRIES” has triple overlap with “Non-binary”; another reason Bournemouth were an ideal team for a historical transgender “first.”


MERCURY: The God of Transitions

The symbol/glyph for the planet Mercury

A major aspect of transgender coding is Mercury the planet and Greco-Roman god (HERMES to Greeks), this is because Hermes/Mercury was known as “the god of transitions.” “TRANSITIONS” sums to 50, another reason Sophie Cook was given jersey number 50.

  • Mercury is associated with polarity and opposites, and transition between opposites:

The planet Mercury is visible from Earth only in the twilight after sunset and before sunrise, in other words: the transition periods between day and night.

In Western/Greco-Roman tradition Mercury is the only planet that is androgynous; all other planets are either male or female. This is the planet that is both male and female. The god Mercury/Hermes is male.

In Gematria “MERCURY” sums to 41.

Cook’s jersey reads “SOPHIE 50.” The gematria of “Sophie” + 5 + 0 = 41.

Sophia Cook was born Steven Cook on Fourth January; 41 as it is written in Britain. 41 like the gematria of “Mercury.”

October 11th, 2020 – when Sophia Cook was nationally honored in Britain – is a date with 41 numerology:

In Gematria “LGBT” sums to 41.

The Chinese Yin-Yang symbol represents the duality/polarity principle that Hermes/Mercury does. So, no surprise that – in Gematria – “YIN-YANG” sums to 41.

Of all public figures, the one who stands out as the most salient embodiment of Mercury’s significance to LGBT is Farrokh Bulsara.

The zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo are ruled by the planet Mercury.

Farrokh Bulsara was born on September 5th making him a Virgo, and hence his stage name by which he is most famous: Freddie Mercury.

His most famous outfit was his black-and-white checkered motley; a suit that further symbolized the Mercury duality principle.

Freddie Mercury in his black-and-white duality motley

His first name Farrokh sums to 41 and 40 like “Mercury” sums to 41 and 40.

Hermes and Mercury are Greco-Roman expressions of an ancient archetype that existed in pre-Greco-Roman civilizations. Ancient Kemet/Egypt had Thoth/Djehuti; Ancient Persia had Zoroaster ak.a. Zarathustra Spitama. These are all expressions – by different cultures – of the same entity.

Freddie Mercury was born into the Zoroastrian faith; so on that level also, he represented Mercury.

Look at how Freddie Mercury’s real first name “FARROKH” matches up with “DJEHUTI” the Ancient Egyptian pre-cursor to Hermes/Mercury:

Zoroastrianism was the dominant religion of ancient Persia. Look at how well “Persia” and the Greek expression of Zoroaster; “Hermes” match up in Gematria.

Consider that the New Testament states that knowledge of the divine birth of Jesus Christ was given exclusively to three Magi from the East. Magi are Zoroastrian high priests. The East is Persia.

Also consider Iran’s designation as a primary enemy of the United States and Israel. To get a vivid idea of Iran’s status look at this or any other map of United States military bases stationed in Iran’s neighbors, literally surrounding Iran.

911 was Mercury-related mega-ritual. The planet Mercury rules Gemini. The symbol of Gemini is twins. The World Trade Center Twin Towers were giant Gemini signs. September 11th falls under Virgo which is also ruled by Mercury.

This gives even more symbolic significance to Freddie Mercury: his name sums to 911.

The date 9-11 is also 11-9. “Zarathustra Spitama”

Also consider that the 911 attacks were a pretext to invade and control Iran’s neighbors Iraq and Afghanistan, to set up more military bases around Iran.

Celebrity Esoteric Rambo's Corner Transgender / LGBTQ

53 35

This is a follow up to my previous two posts about the binary and non-binary. The term binary applies to separate polar-opposites. Non-binary is the amalgamation of opposites.

One of the most ominous of non-binaries is the human-machine unification. The esoteric and metaphorical non-binary is harmony between the feminine vibration of empathy care and love, and the masculine of will, ambition and action.

Spirit is considered masculine, flesh is considered feminine (matter = MATER; Latin for “mother”). All humans are spirit-flesh non-binary.

But A.I. computer programs and machines are neither male nor female. So rituals are performed to celebrate this abominable anti-spirit, anti-human, anti-Earth non-binary; exemplified by the technological phenomenon of SINGULARITY. No symbol expresses this dystopian agenda more than New York City’s One World Trade Center with its design containing the male triangle and the female triangle, formerly the binary Twin Towers.

One World Trade Center with its Alchemical male-female symbols.

Celebrity transgenderism and gender-neutrality is an example of this ritual. Not to say that some people are genuinely more comfortable as gender-neutral or the opposite sex, but high-profile personalities appear to be coerced (often using MK Ultra-style trauma-based mind-control techniques) into these rolls to promote a broad psychological operation.

I established – in Part 1 and Part 2 – that the key gematria numbers are 53 and 35.

Another esoteric binary symbol is the black-and-white checker pattern.

“CHECKER” sums to 53 and 35


No other corporation has embraced transgender/gender-neutrality more than Target; a company with monopolistic authority as it stayed open nation-wide while most businesses were forced to close and even went out of business. Target knows the gematria code: in this ad Target offers free shipping on purchases of gender-neutral toys of $35 and up.


In 2018 Angela Ponce became the first transgendered contestant in a Miss Universe pageant.

Again: by the code: the last name “PONCE” sums to 53.

In order to qualify to compete in Miss Universe one has to have won the Miss Universe title for their individual country. Angela Ponce was crowned Miss Spain on June 29th, 2018; a date with 53 numerology. 6 + 29 + 18 = 53.Ángela_Ponce

Angela Ponce in a trance-like state

I have asserted that most if not all high-profile celebrity transgenders are coerced into those roles with MK Ultra style mind control. The above picture of Angela Ponce can only be described as a hypnotic state; dissociated (“melted” in MK Utra jargon) state pending the triggering of a personality.

Synchronicity With the 911 Ritual

Binary — non-binary is a central theme of the September 11th WTC attacks. “MISS SPAIN” sums to 119. 110 is one of the biggest numbers related to the 911 ritual (the towers were each 110 stories high, Flight 77 supposedly flew over Virginia Highway 110 – which runs by Arlington National Cemetery – to hit the Pentagon. “ARLINGTON” sums to 110, “Osama Bin Laden” sums to 110. The memorial that indicates where each tower stood is called a “FOOTPRINT” which sums to 110. Angela Ponce won “Miss Universe Spain” which sums to 110.

December 17th

Ponce’s historical Miss Universe appearance was held on December 17th, 2018. December 17th happens to be the birthday of Pope Francis. December 17th is also the birthday of another world famous transgender U.S. Army whistle blower Chelsea Manning formerly Bradley Manning.

The name “CHELSEA” was chosen to fit the code; it sums to 53.

December 17th is the birthday of the first openly Jesuit Pope Francis Bergoglio. The Jesuit Order was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola.

With this in mind consider the significance of this t-shirt worn by Arielle Keil who will compete in this year’s Miss New Zealand beauty pageant as its first post-operative transgendered contestant. the shirt reads “LOYOLA.”

Arielle Keil

The shirt is for a brand “Loyola Company.” LOYOLA is a New Zealand clothing brand marketed to the LGBT community. Their website:

“Arielle” sums to 35 in gematria. the name “Keil” is more popularly spelled “KYLE” which has gematria of 53; perhaps a deeper occulted 53.

I have cited the parallels with 911 non-binary ritual. The name “Thomas” means “twin” which is a reference to the Twin Towers. In the movie Matrix, the hero Neo’s passport expires on September 11th, 2001. His name in the movie is Thomas A Anderson which has amazing synchronicity in gematria with “Loyola Company.”

Neo’s nickname is “The One” which plays on the WTC Freedom Tower “oneness” theme.