The 7 Chakras & the inverted Pride Flag

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Have you ever noticed that the Pride Flag is an inversion of the 7 Chakras? It is curious because the Pride Flag puts the color representing sexuality near the top, instead of the base. And in Kabbalah, the Tree of Life is similar to the chakras chart, where sexual energy is something that is meant to be reserved and used in discipline if spiritual ascension is ever to be achieved.

Gay bar shooting in Oslo, Norway cancels pride parade, Saturday, June 25, 2022

Mass Shooting News Police State Transgender / LGBTQ

Notice, this shooting came at 1:14 AM, the 74th minute of the day.
Hate = 74
Killing = 74
Gematria = 74
English = 74
Occult = 74
Masonic = 74
*White Supremacist = 74
-You had the white supremacist bombing in Oslo (Anders Behring Breivik)

And we know how 74 is often paired with 33 in these rituals.
Gay = 33
Norway = 33
Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33
Order = 33
Police = 33

Also noteworthy, this comes on a date with 37 numerology, in the right location.
Oslo, Norway = 157 (37th prime)
Shooting = 37
6/25/2022 = 6+25+(2+0+2+2) = 37

This comes on George Orwell’s birthday.

Elon Musk’s son wants to be identified by new transgender identity, Vivian Jenna Wilson, June 20, 2022

Big Tech Celebrity News Psychological Operation Transgender / LGBTQ

I spy another 78 ritual for Elon Musk. First, recall when he was declared the richest man in the world on the 78-year anniversary of the death of Nikola Tesla.
Tesla = 78
Jesuit = 78

In this case, his son wants to be called his new girl name because he is transgender, and that name is Vivian Jenna Wilson. *Vivian Jenna Wilson = 78

Keep in mind the new middle name, Jenna, is a lot like Jenner, and gender.

Xavier Musketeers?

The decision came 66-days after Xavier’s 18th birthday.
Woman = 66
Jenner = 66

Married with Children predicted Bruce Jenner’s male to female conversion May 19, 1996

Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Predictive Programming Transgender / LGBTQ

In Married with Children’s May 19, 1996 episode, Torch Song Duet, there is a joke made about Bruce Jenner being a woman (two times). Notice how the name of the shows syncs with the ritual of Bruce becoming ‘Caitlyn Jenner.’
Caitlyn Jenner = 201
Married with Children = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201

Notice the episode released 204-days after Bruce’s birthday.
Jewish Mysticism = 204 / 201
-God is male and female in Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah)
-Gematria is related to Kabbalah

Justine Lindsay becomes first transgender cheerleader in NFL with Carolina Panthers, June 6, 2022 news

Entertainment Jesuit News Sports Transgender / LGBTQ

This story broke Monday, June 6, 2022, emphasis on 6/6.

As we know the woman of 2022 is a man who is confused.
Woman = 66
Jenner = 66 (Sounds like Gender)

Recall the Bruce Jenner show, I Am Cait.
I Am Cait = 56
Justine Lindsay = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

And as we know, 53 is the transgender number.
Carolina = 53
Transgender = 53

The other two 53 teams in the NFL are ‘Los Angeles’ and ‘Patriots,’ who met in Super Bowl 53.

Also noteworthy, this news broke 97-days before September 11, 2022, the Panthers opener.
Carolina Panthers TopCats = 97

Look at those feet!

May 17, 2022, the ‘kill’ date, & the suspicious deaths of Sherin Celine Mathew & Musa Yamak

Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Transgender / LGBTQ

Notice on this date, two deaths stand out in a big way.
5/17/2022 = 5+17+20+22 = 64
5/17/2022 = 5+17+(2+0+2+2) = 28
5/17/22 = 5+17+22 = 44
Kill = 64 / 44

First, the 27-year-old “suicide” of Sherin Celine Mathew, a transgender model and actor.
Ritual = 27

That means they died in their 28th year of life, in Kochi.
Kochi = 28

And second, the 38-year-old German boxer, Musa Yamak.
Germany = 38
Murder = 38
Killing = 38
RIP = 38

He was a ‘boxer.’
Boxer = 28

We’ll see what other deaths roll in from May 17, 2022 as the next few days unfold.

Dave Chappelle’s first joke after onstage attack at Hollywood Bowl was “that was a trans man,” May 3, 2022

Celebrity Entertainment News Psychological Operation Staged Media / Controlled Opposition Transgender / LGBTQ

So predictable. On May 3 (5/3), this had to be the headline.
Transgender = 53
Hollywood Bowl = 53

Read the ‘transgender’ prediction for the Dave Chappelle attack here.

And remember, this happened at the ‘Hollywood Bowl’ on 5/3…

Dave Chappelle = 241, 53rd prime
6’4″ Lia Thomas of Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania = 53

Of course, ‘transgender’ refuge in the U.S. was one of the top stories on May 3, 2022.

And in history the first transgender person died on this day, May 3, 1989.

It’s also the day Family Guy predicted Bruce Jenner would become trans in 2009.

And read about Kayla’s ‘Pose’ find in relation to the transgender “53” rituals.

Dave Chappelle reportedly attacked on May 3, 2022 at Hollywood Bowl (by the numbers)

Celebrity Entertainment News Staged Media / Controlled Opposition Transgender / LGBTQ

Something tells me they’ll say this was connected to the LGBTQ community. Recall he was scorned for speaking facts on the community October 5, 2021.

In this case the attack came on May 3, or 5/3 or 3/5, like 53 and 35.
Gender = 53 / 35
Transgeder = 53
Dave Chappelle = 241 (53rd prime)
*Hollywood Bowl = 53

This also came exactly 36-weeks after his August 24 birthday.
Attacked = 151 (36th prime)

And notice the event relates to Netflix, like his October 5 comedy special.