Dave Chappelle sparks LGBTQ+ controversy on eve of Matthew Shepard’s fatal beating, October 5, 2021 (Netflix asked to censor Chappelle October 6)

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The Closer debuted on October 5, 10/5, like 105.
Bible = 105
Masonry = 105
Zionism = 105
Order of Illuminati = 105

It debuted on the day the MLB postseason began, and ‘The Closer’ is baseball terminology.

It begins with him talking about most “niggerish” decision he made in a long time, getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which comes right after he says this is going to be his last special in a long time.
The Closer = 42
Vaccine = 42
Nigger = 42
*Jesuit = 42

He then jokes about being molested by his priest, and how he liked it. Keep in mind, on this same day, the Jesuits of France, put out the biggest report of all-time of the molesting of 330,000 children by the Catholic Church in their nation.

From there he goes on to talk about black people beating up Asians, like how his black genes beat the Chinese coronavirus…
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56
Dave Chappelle = 56

From there he goes to tell his new theory on aliens, that they’re people who used to live on earth, but left here. And he calls them the “Space Jews.”

Then he tells the story of “Clifford, the giant nigger.”

Then he gets to talking about ‘Da Baby’ and his remarks towards the LGBQT community. He also talks about how that same man got away with killing a person in Wal-Mart, which he says is a fact.

After that he talks about how in the Stonewall days, gays had thick skin, but now they’re soft.

*I’m watching it now so I don’t know what happens next…


Notice on Wednesday, October 6, 2021, the 23 year anniversary of the beating of Matthew Shepard, 56-days from his own birthday, Dave Chappelle is attempting to be censored.

241, 53rd prime
Transgender = 53
Equanimity = 53

Remember Caitlyn, on the front of Vanity Fair?
Caitlyn Jenner = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
-Caitlyn = 84
-Jesuit = 84
-The Jesuit Order = 84

See how perfect it has all been?

Matthew Wayne Shepard, the homosexual 21-year-old beaten 56-days before his birthday, October 6, 1998

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The Matthew Shepard was a huge story, at the end of 90s, bringing attention to the rights of homosexuals.

Notice, Matthew Shepard was beaten 56 days before his 22nd birthday, meaning he died at age 21.

King James Bible = 56

Think of Adam and Eve and their 56 children.

The point is, it is a biblical number.

So is the name Matthew.

And shepherd is a common word used in the Bible.

Notice where his name fits in with the Jesuits.

Above is the Jesuit logo, an order that was created to counter the 95 Theses, and that has the motto Iesus Hominum Salvator abbreviated IHS in their logo. It also has the Templar cross.

He was 21.

The date was October 6, or 10/6, like 106.

Authority = 106
Prophecy = 106
-This happened in ’98, in the 44th state, Wyoming
Prophet = 98 / 44

Look at where are in 2021.

Keep in mind October 6 is the day leaving 86 days left in the year.
Blood Sacrifice = 86
Human Sacrifice = 86
*Jesuits = 86

The film about his beating his called Dear Jesse, equating to 86.

Florida teen makes history as first transgender homecoming queen, October 5, 2021

Jesuit News Transgender / LGBTQ

Think, this generation was about 10-years-old when the media really started pushing the normalcy of transgender with the likes of Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn. As you know, that was a major Jesuit ritual, so no wonder this news comes on a date with 56 numerology.
10/5/2021 = 10+5+20+21 = 56
I Am Cait = 56


Evan Bialosuknia = 96
Olympia High School = 96

Jenner = 96

And don’t forget, Jenner is from Sandy Hook of all places, home to the elementary school that had the massive 56 ritual of its own.

Adam Peter Lanza = 56
School established in ’56
Shooting 56-years later

And now, Sandy Hook hero, Patrick Dragon, dead from Covid-19, but kind enough to pose next to the 56 first.

Richard Buckley, fashion editor and husband of Tom Ford, dead at 72, September

Catholic Church Fashion Jesuit New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Transgender / LGBTQ

Notice Buckley’s career with New York Magazine began in ’79… prior to his death at age 72… 42 years later.

1979 to 2021, 42 years.

Dead at 72.

And see below for more on ’79.

The partner of 35-years, to ‘Tom Ford?’

Catholic = 35
Holy See = 35
*Eye = 35


And again, New York Magazine, in ’79? Buckley?

As a reminder, the guy who has been fucking America in the ass every single day since the pandemic was declared, March 11, 2020, his 79th day of being 79 years old, is Anthony Fauci.

Keep in mind this news broke late, September 20, 2021, the 263rd day of the year.
263, 56th prime


Oh yea, the ’86 part about them meeting in that year also fits in. *Jesuits = 86

And for one more, the news of the death came on Ford’s 25th day of his age.

Notice he began with Gucci (Italy, like the Jesuits)
Thomas Carlyle Ford = 78 (Jesuit = 78)

Remember, the Jesuits serve the Pope.

September 20 was 277 days after Pope Francis’ birthday.
277, 59th prime
Pope Francis = 59

In MNF, the Packers won with 35 points, 35-17. *Pope = 52 / 25
Catholic = 35
Holy See = 35
Eye = 35
*The football is the shape of an eye…
*Genesis 3:5

The Packers coach improved to 27-7, the Lions coach fell to 5-9 (277 and 59).

This was not an accident either.

And think of men in tights, and this tight end joke with the Pope and Harbaugh.

Keep in mind his acclaimed film, Nocturnal Animals equates to 187.

And this news is circulating today, September 21, the day leaving 101 days in the year (news broke late the night before).

TMZ promotes GLAAD’s targeting of Matt Damon for ‘stop saying fag’, August 3, 2021

Celebrity Entertainment News Population Control Psychological Operation Transgender / LGBTQ

Notice the post at 56 minutes after the hour.

*And think of the ongoing parallel with Tom Brady and Matt Damon (the Boston thing), because today is Tom Brady’s birthday, just before the start of the NFL season ending with Super Bowl 56.


And notice TMZ saved the story until a span of 67 days from his upcoming birthday.

ESPN writes about the ‘magic’ within the WNBA’s first transgender player, Layshia Clarendon, June 24, 2021

Celebrity Entertainment News Sports Transgender / LGBTQ

ESPN comes at the world with this top story one day after we ask, “Is magic real?”

Of course this news about her being the first transgender NBA player comes 53 days after her birthday, what we often call the ‘transgender’ number.
Transgender = 53
Gender = 53

The story also comes on a date with 71 numerology.
6/24/2021 = 6+24+20+21 = 71
*Layshia Clarendon  = 71


Carl Nassib becomes first active NFL player to come out as gay, June 21, 2021

Entertainment Jesuit News Sports Transgender / LGBTQ

Notice that this news comes on June 21, the 172nd day of the year. *Carl Nassib = 172

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172

This news also comes on a date with 48 numerology.
6/21/21 = 6+21+21 = 48
Gay = 48
MNF = 48

Raiders host the first MNF game of the season, September 13, 2021. That is in 84 days.
Jesuit = 84

That is also 12 weeks.
Gay = 12 / 48
MNF = 12 / 48

The Number 154 and the HEXAGRAM, a Symbol of Duality and Neutrality

Celebrity Esoteric Rambo's Corner Transgender / LGBTQ

Symbols can have multiple meanings. When a symbol has multiple meanings you try to discern which meaning is being referred tp – in a particular situation – cased on the context in which it is being used.

Also one particular entity can be represented by multiple symbols. Over time different cultures and traditions will craft various names and symbols for one single original archetype.

This is important to note in general, and in this case where we are analyzing the symbolism of Saturn.

Acts 7:43 “Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.” Amos 5:26 “But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.”

The star of Remphan is generally accepted as a reference to the planet Saturn. Saturn has been represented by an 8-pointed Star but is more commonly represented by the six pointed star; the hexagram. The hexagram contains a hexagon in its middle section. The North Pole of the planet Saturn has a hexagon five times the size of planet Earth.

The “Star of Remphan” is also known as the Seal of Solomon. The signature feature of the Temple of Solomon is its twin pillars. Twin pillars are a symbol of the zodiac sign of Gemini. The zodiac sign of gemini os ruled by the planet Mercury. That relation is seen in gematria. “SOLOMON” and “MERCURY” have double overlap.

Hermes is the Greek form of the Roman god Mercury. “SOLOMON” also has double overlap with “HERMES.”

Mercury – in Western tradition – is considered an androgynous planet. Mercury represents the Yin-Yang duality principle. Mercury is Hermes. The Hermetic (HERME-tic) principles are based on dualism: “As above so below”; the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence; The Hermetic Principle of Gender; The Hermetic Principle of Polarity.

The upside-down triangle is the feminine ( YIN )principles. The rightsize up triangle is the masculine ( YANG ) principles. The name SOLoMON contains the Yin-Yang duality: SOL is Sun masculine principle, MON is Moon feminine principle.

From Albert G. Mackey’s Encyclopedia of Freemasonry:

“The interlacing triangles or deltas symbolize the union of the two principles or forces, the active and passive, male and female, pervading the universe … The two triangles, one white and the other black, interlacing, typify the mingling of apparent opposites in nature, darkness and light, error and truth, ignorance and wisdom, evil and good, throughout human life.”

The union of the Yin and the Yang can represent harmony, balance and equilibrium and can be a meaning to the Seal of Solomon/Star of David.

It is understandable how this symbol can be used in the literal, three dimensional material world interpretation which is the transgender phenomenon; literally transforming actual males and females into physical androgynous beings.

The premise – on which the decoding of the number 154 is based – is that the “Star of Remphan/hexagon/Star of David/Seal of Solomon represents SATURN and/or MERCURY; not just Saturn.

This is illustrated by gematria where “HEXAGRAM” and “MERCURY” have double overlap.

I have mentioned – in previous articles – that new World Trade Center contains in its design the concept of the juxtaposition of opposing forces; it features the upside down, and right side up triangles.

The new World Trade Center a.k.a. One World Trade


One of the official names of the new World Trade Center is “ONE WORLD TRADE.” This name sums to 154.

In gematria “Star of Remphan” sums to 154

“Saturn’s Cube” sums to 154.

The Ancient Roman festival honoring the god Saturn was “SATURNALIA” which sums to 154.

The “Seal of Solomon” is a name for the hexagram. When you spell out “ONE FIVE FOUR” you get triple overlap in gematria with “SEAL OF SOLOMON.”

Numerical anagrams of 154 will also have triple overlap with “Seal of Solomon.” So, 145 spelled out: “ONE FOUR FIVE” super matches “SEAL OF SOLOMON.” This is significant because the nation that bares the “Seal of Solomon” on its flag; Israel has its Independence Day/establishment date as 14th May written 145 (one four five).

“CATHOLIC” sums to 145. The Catholic Old Testament has 145 more chapters than the Protestant Old Testament.

But also, a significant term for this topic is “NEUTRALITY” sums to 145. Saturn is neutral, and is said to be the judge who imparts punishment and/or reward. In the Vedic tradition Saturn is associated with Karma; good or bad depending on what the soul deserves.

This is why Saturn rules the judiciary system and the realm of laws. Judges wear the black of Saturn; in most sports referees and umpires wear black.

Each side of the planet Saturn’s amazingly perfect hexagon is 14,500 kilometers long. 14,500 = 145 in numerology.

“NEUTRALITY” also applies to the transgender realm, where gender neutrality is celebrated; blurring the lines between male and female.

The 154 Transgender Code

With this context we can now understand why the hexagon a.k.a. “Star of Remphan” (which represents both Saturn and Mercury) manifests in transgender narratives with the number 154. The following transgender terminology sums to 154;

“TRANSSEXUAL” sums to 154, as do:



154 in Popular Culture and the News

Born This Way album cover

Singer Lady Gaga whose music and videos celebrate the androgyny theme (she has a male alter ego named Jo Calderone) released a song and album “Born this Way” in 2011. The song was about this very issue, so the title is not random: “BORN THIS WAY” sums to 154.

The official music video for Born This Way ( which is over 7 minutes long) begins with the upside-down feminine triangle, and ends with the right-side up masculine triangle.

The beginning of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video (left), and the end of the video (right)

Veronica Ivy

Veronica Ivy

Veronica Ivy (born 1982), formerly Rachel McKinnon, is a Canadian philosophy professor, competitive cyclist, and transgender rights activist.[1][2] In 2018, she became the first transgender world track cycling champion by placing first at the UCI Women’s Masters Track World Championships for the women’s 35–44 age bracket.

Notice that the age group starts at 35.

“VERONICA IVY” sums to 154.

Demi Lovato and ALOK

On February 25th, 2001 Singer/actress Demi Lovato was selected to publicize a social media post that condemned and shamed people who celebrate the sex of expectant mothers’ babies. Lovato shared an Instagram post that stated that transphobia is not just violence or hateful sentiments towards trans people, but also the belief that transgender people are not as natural as non-trans people.

Lovato was chosen because her name “DEMI LOVATO” sums to 154

Demi Lovato was sharing an original Instagram post by performance artist and trans activist Alok Vaid-Menon.


  • In gematria “TRANSSEXUAL” sums to 71
  • The name “Alok Vaid-Menon” sums to 71
  • Alok Vaid-Menon’s birthday is July 1st written 7-1.
  • The headline made by ALOK – and popularized by Lovato – is “GENDER REVEAL PARTIES ARE TRANSPHOBIC.”

“GENDER REVEAL PARTIES ARE TRANSPHOBIC” sums to 353; the 71st prime number.

35 and 53 the Transgender Code Numbers

In gematria “GENDER” sums to 53 and 35. “TRANSGENDER” sums to 53. A lot of terminology that pertains to the hexagram (which symbolizes saturn and Mercury) sums to 35 and 53:

  • “ONE FIVE FOUR” = 53
  • “SEAL OF SOLOMON” sums to 53.
  • The day of the week named for Saturn is “SATURDAY” which sums to 53.
  • “SATURN’S CUBE” sums to 35.
  • “SATURNALIA” sums to 35.

One reason that Saturn imagery is used in transgender narratives is that in Greco-Roman mythology Saturn castrates Uranus and then is castrated by Jupiter.

ALOK made the famous instagram post at age 29, a significant Saturn number:

The orbital cycle of the planet Saturn is 29 years.

Saturn is “KRONOS” to Greece. “KRONOS” sums to 29 in gematria.

In gematria’s four base ciphers “ALOK” is the reflection of “SATURN.”

Demi Lovato’s Instagram handle of “ddlovato” has the SATURN values of 93 and 42.

The number “NINETY THREE” spelled out sums to 154, and has the same gematria values in the four base ciphers as “BORN THIS WAY.”


With the “merging of the duality symbols” in the design of the new World Trade Center it should be no surprise that the numbers 911 and 119 often manifest in the transgender narrative:

  • The duality triangles are in the design of the new World Trade Center. A popular name for the “merged duality triangles” symbol is the “STAR OF DAVID” which sums to 119.
  • 911 is the 156th prime number. “TRANSGENDER MALE” sums to 156.
  • The term “GENDER WARS” sums to 156
  • The phrase “Male to female gender reassignment” sums 911 in the Latin/Jewish cipher. This same value also applies to “Female to male…….”

The same phrase also sums to 305 which is the same as 35 in numerology.

  • “FAKE FEMALE” sums to 119 in English Extended cipher.
  • The attacks of September 11th, 2001 famously started at 8:46 am. The phrase “TRANS PEOPLE” sums to 846.


In January of 2021 transgender female Tiffany Moore’s outburst at an Albuquerque, New Mexico Game Stop store went viral. Moore was repeatedly referred to as “sir” by a Gamestop employee. The tirade is most remembered for Moore’s quote: “IT’S MA’AM!”

Further evidence that the juxtaposed upward and downward triangles in the One World Trade Freedom Tower design is symbolic of ( among other things ) male-female androgyny , is the gematria comparison of “TIFFANY MOORE” and “FREEDOM TOWER” which are a perfect super match in all four base ciphers.

The Freedom Tower

Popular internet memes followed the incident. the most popular memes do not appear to have come from clever random citizens; they fit too perfectly with gematria and are most likely consciously done by the esoteric code. One of the most circulated memes was titled “MACHO MA’AM TRANNY SAVAGE.”

The phrase “Macho Ma’am” sums to the all-important code number 154 in the Latin/Jewish cipher.

Caitlyn Jenner‘s original name is William Bruce Jenner. “WILLIAM JENNER” sums to 145.

Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner says boys should not play in girls sports (trans or not), May 2, 2021

Celebrity Entertainment Sports Transgender / LGBTQ

Bruce Jenner weighs in with some facts on why women aren’t to compete with men on May 2, or 5/2, like 52.

Notice he went with the truth, like his male identity, for this TMZ special.


And notice this news came on Bruce’s, or Caitlyn’s 187th day of his age.

Read more about Bruce becoming Caitlyn, 187 days from his birthday.

Society of Jesus = 187
The Jesuit Order = 201 *Caitlyn Jenner = 201

Elliot Page: The Throne of Jupiter and the Ritual of Juno’s Birth of Vulcan

Catholic Church Celebrity Esoteric Jesuit Rambo's Corner Transgender / LGBTQ

Time magazine announced (and released its cover design well ahead of schedule) that it would feature a transgender male on its cover for the first time in the magazine’s history. The March 29th, 2021 cover will feature Elliot Page who is formerly Ellen Page.

I have done a decode on the official announcement of the Ellen-to-Elliot Page transition, in which I explained its esoteric roots.

The same core esoteric elements are at play with the TIME magazine feature. It is also important to acknowledge that one of the most influential powers behind the current world zeitgeist is Rome, that never fell; only changed its facade. The Vatican and the United States are the two primary elements of the mask that the Roman Empire hides behind.

The most vivid examples of Rome’s continued presence is the Fasces symbol and the eagle in American governmental iconography; and the fact that the Roman Senate sat on the sacred Capitoline Hill while the United States Senate sits on Capitol Hill.

The Vatican venerates Jupiter in the form of Saint Peter.

The Esoteric Keys to the Ellen/Elliot Page Roman Ritual

JUNO The Patron Goddess of the Roman Empire

The sacred Roman Capitoline Hill honored its elite deities, The Capitoline Triad that featured Jupiter symbolized by the eagle, and Jupiter’s sister and consort Juno the Patron goddess of the Roman Empire.

The (at-the-time) actress Ellen Page established herself as an A-lister with her starring role as a character named after the patron goddess of the Roman Empire in the eponymous movie JUNO.

Jupiter as Saint Peter

Peter is JU-peter. The priceless 1st Century Roman statue of the god Jupiter was moved out of Italy to a city named after St. Peter: St. Petersburg, Russia as homage to St. Peter representing Jupiter.

The Gematria of “Jupiter” and “Transgender”: 99, 53,35

“JUPITER” has gematria value of 99. This will emerge in a Jovian ritual.

“Transgender” sums to 53 in gematria. “Gender” sums to 53 and 35. These numbers are virtually guaranteed to manifest in a gender/trans gender narratives.

If you spell out the number “THIRTY FIVE” it sums to 53 in the Septenary cipher.

The name “Elliot” sums to 35.

The name “PAGE” sums to 16. The 16th prime number is 53.

Elliot Page is described as a “TRANS MAN” which sums to 53.

The Time magazine article is written by Katy Steinmetz who writes regularly for Time on transgender related topics. Gematria explains why she is designated by Time Magazine to focus on transgender issues: her name “Katy Steinmetz” sums to 53.

The Throne/Chair: The Symbol of Jupiter

The throne/chair is a symbol of Jupiter. Jupiter is Zeus in Ancient Greece. Zeus and Jupiter are depicted seated on thrones/chairs as exemplified by the Capitoline Jupiter statuette below.

The Capitoline Jupiter

Statue of St. Peter on his signature Jovian chair/throne

St. Peter is depicted seated at St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and various other places, in a similar manner to Zeus and Jupiter are.

The throne/chair itself is venerated. The Chair of St. Peter a.k.a. The Throne of St. Peter has a spectacularly ornate shrine in St. Peter’s Basilica, and even has its own holy day: The Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, observed every February 22nd.

The primary tag-line and catch phrase from the movie JUNO is “It all started with a chair.” This occulted reference is now crystal clear: Jupiter.

The horizontal orange-and-white stripes – on her shirt and in the background – are symbolic of the orange and white horizontal stripes of the planet Jupiter, as is the tiger motif rug.

The Planet Jupiter

“It all started with a chair” sums to 241 which is the 53rd prime number.

“It all started with a chair” sums to 353 which is a palindrome and is a combination of 35 and 53.

“CHAIR OF PETER” as it is also called, sums to 53 in the septenary cipher.

It is also known as the “Throne of St. Peter” which sums to 201, the preeminent Jesuit number.

“THRONE” sums to 35.

The planet Jupiter rules the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

It is of utmost ritual significance that the first openly Jesuit Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a Sagittarius. He represents Jupiter. Elliot Page, being a Pisces, also represents Jupiter.

The sculptor of the Chair of St. Peter Gian Lorenzo Bernini was born and died in Sagittarius (December 7th, 1598 and November 28th, 1680). His name “GIAN LORENZO BERNINI” sums to 99.

“Gian Lorenzo Bernini” also sums to 56 (in the Septenary cipher); a very important number to the Jesuit Order.

His last name “BERNINI” sums to 71, an even more significant number that connects “Peter” (71) to “Zeus” (71) to “Jovian” (71) to “Catholic” (71) to the Jesuit Order’s a.k.a. “The Society of Jesus” (71).

The 53-35 Code unites Mythology and Transgenderism

In Greco-Roman mythology Jupiter castrates his father Saturn. Castration can be performed in male-to-female gender transition. The term “CASTRATE” sums to 35 in the Septenary cipher.

The glyph (symbol) for the planet Jupiter looks like the number 24.

In gematria “CASTRATE” also sums to 24.

St. Peter’s Cross; The Mutable Cross of the Zodiac: Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo

St. Peter’s Cross is the upside-down cross in the fashion in which St. Peter is said to have been crucified. Gematria reveals this association: “INVERTED CROSS” and “CROSS OF St. PETER” are a super-match in 3 out of 4 base ciphers.

Peter is said to have been crucified under Roman Emperor Nero. It is also called the Petrine Cross.

In astrology it is known as the Mutable Cross. The Mutable signs are Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter), Gemini (ruled by Mercury), Pisces (Jupiter) and Virgo (Mercury). Sagittarius-Gemini forms one axis of the cross; Pisces-Virgo forms the other. Jupiter and Mercury are detriments; polar opposites of each other.

Elliot Page is a Pisces. Elliot Page is married to Emma Portner who is a Sagittarius. Both are part of St. Peter’s Cross. Portner is Jupiter, Page is Juno the consort of Jupiter.

The movie Juno had two release dates; both on the Petrine Cross: September 1st in Virgo, and December 5th in Sagittarius.

The Mutable Cross a.k.a. the Petrine Cross or St. Peter’s Cross is an inverted cross. In gematria “INVERSION” sums to 35 in the Septenary cipher.

Tarot Symbolism in the Time Magazine Cover

The Mutable Cross/Petrine Cross is represented in Tarot by Major Arcana card number 12 (XII): The Hanged Man that depicts a man hanging upside-down off of a tree by one ankle.

TIME magazine’s cover is designed with this esoteric code. It is designed to be inverted like St. Peter’s Cross of which Page is a part, being a Pisces. It is a Pisces-Virgo, Sagittarius-Gemini cross. When inverted the TIME magazine cover displays Elliot Page as The Hanged Man.

“THE HANGED MAN” and “INVERSION” have double overlap in the base ciphers of gematria, most significantly at the value of 53.

The New Testament twice quotes Jesus as referring to Peter as Satan: in Matthew 16:23 and Mark 8:33. It is interesting that “SATAN” sums to 35 and 55.

Female-to-male transitioners receive a mastectomy to remove breast tissue. “MASTECTOMY” sums to 35 and 55.

There is another Tarot card represented here: Card 0; The Fool which features a small dog. The dog in the Elliot Page Time Magazine cover is the dog on The Fool card. The dog represents instinct, intuition and connection to nature. If the Time cover is meant to be viewed upside-down then the dog from The Fool card is reversed which would signify going against nature. “AGAINST NATURE” sums to 53 in the Septenary cipher. A reverse Fool card also indicates a bad decision.

In pictures of his youth Elliot Page very often appears to be a boy. It is a possibility that Page was born a male, raised to be a female who then detransitioned back to a male.

Elliot Page’s male appearance as a youth

If this is the case then maybe The Fool card should be read right side up, in which case Elliot is following nature and natural instinct symbolized by the dog. The Fool card right-side-up also represents a new beginning; the beginning of the Elliot era in Page’s life.

In gematria “THE FOOL CARD” sums to 53

Notice the bright white light shining behind the heads of Page and the character on The Fool card. This could be interpreted to represent the star Sirius known as “the Dog Star.”

Time Magazine Elliot Page Issue Release Date of March 29th, 2021 and The Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, February 22nd

March 29th, 2021 is a date with 53 numerology.

Time Magazine releases the Elliot Page issue 35 days after The Feast of the Chair of St. Peter (February 22nd, 2021).

Remember that Page is associated with a Jovian chair as Juno in the eponymous film.

The date of the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, February 22nd, leaves 53 days in the year in non-leap years.

When you spell out “FEBRUARY TWENTY SECOND” you get gematria value of 277.

March 29th, the date of the Time Magazine release leaves 277 days in the year.

This is the perfect day to release a magazine with Elliot Page as the feature story because “ELLIOT PAGE” sums to 277 in the Latin/Jewish cipher.

The term “GENDER BENDER” sums to 277.

The phrase “Elliot Page as the Hanged Man” sums to 222, like the date Feb 22, of The Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter.

As Ellen, Page was romantically linked with actress Drew Barrymore. Their partnership was highly publicised in the media, including this Marie Claire Magazine cover.

Drew Barrymore is not a random choice for a partnership with Ellen Page: her birthday is on the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter February 22nd.

Drew Barrymore’s birthday and the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter are one day after Elliot Page’s birthday. That makes them both Pisces. Pisces is part of the astrological Saint Peter’s Cross, and ruled by Jupiter. Remember that Page’s current spouse Emma Portner is Sagittarius, a sign that is also ruled by the planet Jupiter.

Page has clearly been chosen to play the symbolic role of the consort of Jupiter: Juno the Patron Goddess of Rome.

The JUNO Space Orbiter

In 2016 NASA’s Juno entered the orbit of Jupiter on July 5th. From the March 29th, 2021 publishing date of the Time Magazine Elliot Page special — to the 2021 anniversary of the Juno probe arrival in Jupiter’s orbit — is a 99 day span. 99 the key gematria value of “JUPITER.”

From the day of the Time Magazine Elliot Page Issue release (March 29th) to the Roman Holy Day honoring Jupiter and Juno; The Feast of Jupiter and Juno ( April 22nd) is 24 days.

Remember that the quote and tagline from the movie JUNO; “It all started with a chair” sums to 353, a palindrome and combination of 35 and 53; the chair being a powerful symbol of Jupiter.

Look at how 353 is referenced in the official account of the Juno space probe’s Jupiter mission:

After starting with a 353 reference, the sentence ends with a 535 reference.

The Ritual of Juno’s Birth of Vulcan

The gods of Rome are still venerated today, on an occulted level. The Ellen/Elliot Page saga is a vivid example of that. As Ellen, Page embodied the Roman Queen of the Gods, and Goddess of child birth JUNO. Gematria proves this fact: “Juno” and “Ellen” have double overlap in gematria.


The movie Juno ends with Ellen Page’s character Juno Mac Guff fulfilling the role of the Roman goddess of childbirth by giving birth in the final stages of the movie. Juno gives birth to a boy.

In Roman mythology Juno births two boys; Mars and Vulcan.

Juno Mac Guff gives birth to a baby boy

Gematria indicates which son of Juno is alluded to in the movie ritual: “ELLIOT” and “VULCAN” are a super match across three of the base ciphers.