United Methodist Church lifts 40 year ban on LGBTQ clergy, May 1, 2024 news

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These are the headlines on May 1, 2024, the Illuminati’s 248th birthday.
Columbia University=248

Today, the Illuminati transitions from 247 to 248.
United Methodist Church=247

40 is a very biblical number (look into it if you don’t know). It starts in the Old Testament, with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. *Old Testament=40 *United States=40 *US=40

Recall, there are 929 chapters in the OT of Protestant Bibles. *United States of America=929 (Jewish)


There were 51 dissenting votes on May 1, or 5/1.
May First=51 *Adam Weishaupt=51

The ban was in place since ’84, a very Jesuit number, reminding us that Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit.

White House responds to Pope Francis after he condemns ‘gender theory,’ April 8, 2024

Catholic Church Federal Jesuit News Transgender / LGBTQ
Faith Friction=138/75/213/78

Gender Theory=144, 72 & 54
Jesuit Order=144, 72 & 54

Recall how important 144 & 72 are to Joe Biden’s legacy. *President Biden=144 & 72

And the same is true for the first Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis.

Today is also 8/4, like 84. *The Jesuit Order=84 *United States of America=84


Virginia transgender lawmaker storms off after being called ‘sir’ by 42nd Lt. Governor in Black History Month, February 27, 2024

Gender Government News Racism Transgender / LGBTQ

As per usual, the ’53’ code is in effect for the national transgender headline.

This news comes on 53 date numerology. *2/27/24=2+27+24=53

Today also has 19 date numerology. *2/27/2024=2+2+7+2+0+2+4=19


Notice, they’re attempting to shame the 42nd Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.
February=42, Slavery=42, Nigger=42, etc.

And they have to shame her while she is 59-years-old.
Slave=59, Negro=59, Blues=59, Rasta=59

Pebbles LaDime Doe killing becomes first federal hate crime towards transgender in history, February 23, 2024

Death Legal Murder by Numbers News Transgender / LGBTQ

Doe was killed at age 24, back in 2019, and now this story comes up to start ’24, in Black History Month.
Black History=181 (42nd prime) *Daqua Lameek Ritter=181

‘Hate crime’ has the 53 encode, like ‘transgender.’

It goes with the recent killing story of Nex Benedict, who died after being beaten at school on February 8, or 8/2, like 82.


This news comes 54 months after the killing, and on the 54th day of the year.
Jesuit Order=54

February 23 is something like 223, the 48th prime, and the killing was on 4/8, or 4th of August.

The killing was also on Obama’s birthday, who hired the first transgender employee in White House history. He was also the first president to routinely call his wife a man’s name, Michael, instead of Michelle.

Nex Benedict, the nonbinary teen beaten to death, February 7, 2024

Death Murder by Numbers News Transgender / LGBTQ


Nex Benedict received a deadly beating on February 7, 2024, a date with 53 numerology, the number seen time and time again in ‘transgender’ related rituals.

53 is the 16th prime number (16-year-old)

They passed away from the beating the following day, February 8, or 2/8, like 28.

And let us not overlook that the beating came on February 7, the 38th day of the year.
Murder=38, Killing=38, Death=38, RIP=38

Transgender funeral for Cecilia Gentili becomes ‘sacrilegious’ at St. Patrick’s Cathedral,

Catholic Church News Transgender / LGBTQ

Mocking God=53 & 172
Transgender=53 & 172

As we know, “53” is the transgender number.

In this case, the activist died at age 52, thus in their 53rd year of life.

The activist also died at 52, on the Pope’s 52nd day of their age. *Pope=52


Cecilia Gentili=89
Sacrilegious Funeral=89

Cecilia Gentili=73
St. Patrick’s Cathedral=73
Mass of Reparation=73

The surname Gentili is similar to genitals, as well as gentile.

For one last point, the funeral was on the 46th day of the year, February 15.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine vetoes bill banning gender affirming care for transgender minors, December 29, 2023 (the latest LGBTQ 201)

Depopulation Government News Population Control Secret Societies Transgender / LGBTQ

This news comes on December 29, 2023, or 12/29, like 1229, the 201st prime.
Caitlyn Jenner=201, The Jesuit Order=201, Order of Illuminati=201

It also comes 258 weeks and days after he took office.

Number of the Beast=258, The Holy Bible=201 (Ohio=47, Christian=47, DeWine born in ’47)

Again, DeWine was born in ’47.



This news comes on the 359th day of his age, the 72nd prime number, a very special number.
Jesuit Order=72 (72 names of God in Kabbalah) (72 demons in Goetia)

Notice how the 72 also connects with ‘trans.’

Richard Michael DeWine=172
Mike DeWine=172
*Ad maiorem Dei gloriam=172

Pope Francis authorizes blessings for same-sex couples, Monday, December 18, 2023

Catholic Church Jesuit News Transgender / LGBTQ


On the Ides of March, March 15, 2021, the Vatican ruled it could not bless same-sex marriages.


From the March 15, 2021 ruling, to the overturning December 18, 2023, is exactly 144 weeks later. It is also 33 months and 3 days (Gay=33, Sex=33).

Keep in mind March 15 can be written 15/3, like 153.

And again, just yesterday, the day before this overturning, Pope Francis turned 87, going with the Jesuit suppression ending in history on August 7, or 8/7. It also goes with ‘Ignatius of Loyola’ have a Gematria value equating to 87. *Ignatius of Loyola=87 *The Catholic Church=87

It goes with why the article features testimony from the Jesuit Priest, James Martin.

James Martin has a December 29, or 12/29 birthday.
1229, 201st prime, The Jesuit Order=201

Notice the overlap with ‘number of the beast’ and ‘gay marriage.’

And while they Catholic Church has not yet condoned gay marriage, only gay couple blessings, you can tell this is a step in that direction.

Ben Cardin’s aid, Aidan Maese-Czeropski, fired for filming gay sex tape in Senate, December 15, 2023

Federal Government News Transgender / LGBTQ


An aid named Aidan, eh? What about AIDS, eh?

Notice this happened in Room 216. Of course, XXX is related with pornography.
6x6x6=216 (X is 6 in Gematria)
X is the 24th letter (24 is 2+4=6) (Aidan is 24)

And it goes with the surname of the man being attached to the film, Maese-Czeropski.

666, 36th triangular number (Sex Tape=36)

The room is largely used for confirming Supreme Court Justices, and was also used by the 9/11 commission. Here’s the number of the beast connection.
Justice=87, Number of the Beast=87
New York=666

Keep in mind Barack Obama was born on August 4, 1961, the 216th day of the year, and is the US President who did the most for gay rights. This ritual occurred Friday, December 15, 2023, 133 days after his birthday.
President=133, White House=133, Government=133

This ritual also came 10 days before “Santa” day, December 25, 2023.
Satan=10, Santa=10