Alabama flash flooding kills 4 and spurs rescues from homes and cars, October 6-7, 2021

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The number ‘4’ is associated with death

Recall, the first weather warfare experiment that was admitted to was on the dates of August 15-16, 1952 (the Lynmouth flood). I bring this up because that date can be written 15/8, and ‘Alabama’ equates to 158. Of course, August 15 is the date the Society of Jesus was created.
Society of Jesus = 56
Alabama = 56 (Home to one of the 27 Jesuit universities in the nation)
Mobile = 56 (Jesuit U. in Mobile, Alabama)
Marshall County = 56 (Where the latest flood is)

You know the biblical story of the flood, which is a story that relates to prophecy.

I bring that up because Alabama flooded on October 6, or 10/6, like 106, a number that has a relationship with 52, the year of the first admission, ’52.

Notice the two ways Marshall County connects with the Society of Jesus, 56 and 79.

This ritual came 25-days before Nick Saban’s 70th birthday. *Flood = 25
-This ritual comes a span of 97 days from the championship game (25th prime)

This wouldn’t be the first time a “nature” ritual was performed with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Nick Saban is on 266 career wins at the moment.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266 / 85

The flood ended on the day leaving 85 days in the year.

Over two feet of rain in Italy, in 12 hours, October 4, 2021

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This flooding happened October 4, 2021, the 277th day of the year, in the land of Pope Francis, who has been outspoken on the subject of “climate change.”
277, 59th
Pope Francis = 59
-Pope = 52
-Flood = 52
-Earth = 52
-Enlil = 52

This took place 74 days before Pope Francis’ upcoming birthday, December 17. They’re saying it rained 740+mm in 12 hours.

This ritual also came a span of 40-days from the Superior General’s birthday, Arturo Sosa, born November 12. Think of the Bible, 40-days and 40-nights.

‘Climate Change’ is the phrase after New York flooding of September 1-2, 2021 (but is it really to blame?)

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Climate Change is the phrase after the New York flooding, where the emergency was declared on September 2, 2021, the date having 52 numerology.

9/2/2021 = 9+2+20+21 = 52

With regards to the Jesuits (Society of Jesus), they were established August 15, 1534, in Paris, France, a land known for “climate accords.” On that date in 1952, emphasis on ’52, the Royal Air Force conducted an experiment with RAF rainmakers, causing flash flooding that killed reportedly 34 people. *Lynmouth = 34

And notice where ‘Lynmouth Flood’ fits in with ‘Jesuit Order’.

At this moment, they’re saying at least 14 have died from this flood.
Dead = 4+5+1+4 = 14
Ida = 9+4+1 = 14

Louisiana blackout began span of 52 days from World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon

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From July 9, the date of Cyber Polygon, a simulation which is very much focused on how the power grid could go down with hacks and intentional attacks, to the power grid going down in Louisiana, August 29, 2021, was a span of 52 days.

The number ’52’ connects to ‘power outage’ and ‘hurricane’.

Recall, Klaus Schwab runs the World Economic Forum and the Valentine’s Day blackout throughout the nation was perfectly coordinated with his birthday, which is why we saw what was coming before it happened.

Ida to flood northeast, September 1-2, 2021

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Flash flooding alert for northeast September 1 through the morning of September 2, 2021? Recall, September 2, is one of the “52 dates.”
9/2/2021 = 9+2+20+21 = 52

And don’t forget the coverage of Ida began on August 27, the anniversary of Harvey flooding, and the 239th day of the year, the 52nd prime. *Hurricane = 52 *Tropical Storm Ida = 239