Deadly tornadoes kill at least 23 in Mississippi, March 24, 2023

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The deadly Mississippi tornadoes of March 24, the 83rd day of the year, have left 23 dead, so they say. As we know, 83 is the 23rd prime number.
Murder = 83 / 34 (March 24, 2023 had 34 date numerology)

*And yes, I realize the subtitle says at least 24 dead on the 24th, but read the actual article (below) as well as other published articles thus far. Everyone is running with 23 (of course it will change). The point is, the reported numbers are not arbitrary.

Furthermore, this came on a date with 70 numerology.
Climate Change = 70

California’s record rains lifts most of the state out of drought conditions, March 23, 2023 news

Climate Change / Environment Military News Weather

This news was published March 23, 2023, a date with 69 numerology.
3/23/2023 = 3+23+20+23 = 69
Weather Control = 69 / 177 / 201
The Jesuit Order = 69 / 177 / 201

As we discussed, the biblical flooding began in perfect sync with the Jesuit governor, Gavin Newsom.

Also, don’t overlook the mention of how “33 million” were living in drought conditions, now it is only 4.6 million. The new figure go with masonic “order out of chaos” motto.
Masonry = 33
Ordo Ab Chao = 46

California residents urged to prepare for flooding, March 8, 2023, the 150th day of Gavin Newsom’s age

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16 million Californians are under flood watch on March 8, or 8/3, like 83.
Flood = 83 / 52
California = 52

This news comes on Gavin Newsom’s 150th day of his age.

Notice Genesis 8:3, about the flood, and 150 days.

The phrase ‘powerful storm’ also fits in.

This news comes on a date with 54 numerology.
Jesuit Order = 54

Keep in mind today is the 67th day of the year.

Read about Hawaii’ flooding of March 8, 2021, a date with 52 numerology here.

Climate Change / Environment News Weather

Starting on the 70th day of the year, March 11, 2023, nearly the entire country is expected to suffer the same frigid weather. Talk about about massive manipulation.
Climate Change = 70 (March 11, 70th day)

Notice it last through the Ides of March, March 15, or 15/3.
Jesuit Order = 153

It is a reminder that weather warfare was first admitted to on the Jesuit Order’s birthday, August 15, 1952.

Historic coast-to-coast storm, February 22, 2023

Military Natural Disaster News Weather

65 million people, 29 states. The two numbers have numerology of 11, the master number.

And for the record, out here in Washington state, the wind started to blow tremendously on Tuesday, February 21, 2023, the 52nd day of the year. As we know, that is the number connected to weather warfare, since 1952.

And in this case, a couple states south of me is ‘California,’ so we’ll see what this storm brings to that state, since they’e emphasizing 65 million people.
California = 52 & 65

Also, how often do “coast to coast storms” happen? Historically, they didn’t.
Coast to Coast Storm = 56 & 223
Natural Disaster = 56 & 223

And consider today is 2/22.
Order Out of Chaos = 222

For certain people, there are lots of money to be made from these storms.

Severe weather hampering rescue efforts in Turkey, February 7, 2023

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This news comes Tuesday, February 7, 2023, a date with 52 numerology, the number of weather warfare. Again, the first act of weather warfare was admitted to on the Jesuit Order’s birthday, August 15, 1952, and not in that year by accident. Also, as we covered, the earthquake happened on the Pope’s 52nd day of his age.
Pope = 52
Devil = 52
Enlil = 52
Earth = 52
Flood = 52

Notice, they’re reporting at least “5,200” dead at this time.

And how about Ukraine sending “87” emergency staff? As we covered yesterday, the earthquake happened on the Superior General’s 87th day of his age.
The Catholic Church = 87
Number of the Beast = 87

Keep in mind today is the 38th day of the year. Expect the death toll to increase a lot.
Earthquake = 163 (38th prime)
Death = 38