Turkey’s & Syria’s deadly earthquake at 4:17 AM, February 6, 2023, is clearly a Jesuit ritual & tribute to the Synagogue of Satan

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The Turkey & Syria earthquake of Monday, February 6, 2023, a 7.8, was the worst for the region in 84 years (78 and 84).

The earthquake also took place on the first Jesuit Pope’s 52nd day of his age.

Remember, the first act of weather warfare was admitted to in ’52, on the Jesuit Order’s birthday, August 15, 1952.

*Part of CNN’s narrative this morning is how this earthquake can improve relations with Turkey and NATO, who has been a member since 1952.

Also, as I stated, 2023 would be full of tributes to Philadelphia and the Synagogue of Satan, as well as “natural disasters.” Of course, the letter to the Church of Philadelphia in Revelation, is located in modern day Turkey.

Keep in mind February 6 is the 37th day of the year, going with Revelation 3:7, where the letter to the Church of Philadelphia begins.

Read about HAARP being patented on the 223rd day of 1987 here.

And as for it being in ’87, this ritual took place on the 87th day of the Superior General’s age.

You could also say it came 86 days after his birthday, while the Pope is 86-years-old, reminding of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, or 8/6.

Adding to the ritual, notice the gematria of the fault line.

And as I just pointed out, the death of the ex-president of Pakistan, at 79, was a clear Jesuit ritual, and his birthday was the anniversary of the establishment of HAARP.

When the news broke in the U.S., the 65th Grammy’s were taking place, and it was at the same time as the Sam Smith “Unholy” performance.

It’s a reminder that the Church of ‘Philadelphia’ was in ‘Turkey.’

And it is a reminder that Biden is from Pennsylvania, and is surrounded by Jesuits, and this ritual comes on his 79th day of his age. Of course, the US is sending help… and the US developed the HAARP technology.

It was still February 5, or 5/2, in the U.S., while Sam Smith was playing the devil, 103 days before his upcoming birthday.

Keep in mind the Philadelphia Eagles play in Super Bowl 57 next week, to conclude the 103rd NFL season.

As for Kim Petras, she also fits in with the ‘devil’ ritual.

Her birthday is the 239th day of the year (52nd prime).

The date of their performance can be written 2/5 or 5/2 (like 25 and 52).

The performance was exactly 29 weeks before her birthday to boot.

Keep in mind, they are both 30-years-old, going with ‘Bible.’

Jesus ministry begins at age 30.

Furthermore, the earthquake of February 6 was 102-days before Sam Smith’s upcoming birthday, a favorite number of the Jesuits.

And the name of the song goes back to the Jesuits, who were created to counter the 95 Theses.

Again, this technology that has been developed allows them to play ‘God,’ thus the ritual on February 6, or 2/6, like 26.

The earthquake happened at the 257th minute of the day.

And again, the initial deadly quake happened at the 257th minute of the day.

As for why it was first reported that “at least 100” people were dead on February 6, or 6/2, like 62, it goes with ‘Turkey.’

Also, this came 20 days before the President of Turkey’s birthday.

And don’t overlook that he is 68-years-old while this happens. As we know, it is a number connected to ‘terror’ and tragedy.

Furthermore, this comes 83 days before António Guterres’s birthday.
António Guterres = 201 / 87
The Jesuit Order = 201

Order of Illuminati = 201 (This happened on Adam Weishaupt’s birthday)

It also came a span of 84 days, going with worst quake in 84 years.


Keep in mind Turkey recently changed its name to Turkiye.

Turkiye = 37 (Earthquake on 37th day of the year)
-Revelation 3:7
Turkiye = 44
Earthquake = 44
Military = 44

George Santos changed his name from Anthony Devolder in 2019, February 1, 2023 news

Biblical Catholic Church Federal Government Jewish Related News

As I’ve been saying, George Santos is a tribute to the Synagogue of Satan, and a perfect story for the year 2023, a number similar to 223 in numerology terms.
Anthony Devolder = 223
Philadelphia = 223
The Synagogue of Satan = 223

George Santos = 55
Satan = 55


December 29, 2022 news | Ukraine, Israel, Netanyahu, George Floyd

Biblical Black Lives Matter Jesuit Jewish Related Military New World Order News Politics Racism War World War Zionism
Massive Missile Attack = 68 (The World War historical number)
George Santos is a fake Jew and Catholic (like the Jesuits)

The top story on 12/29 is gloating about ‘weather control.’
Weather Control = 201
12/29, 201st prime

Other top headlines include Netanyahu’s furthest ever right-wing government taking hold.
State of Israel = 201
Netanyahu left his PM position for Israel on June 13, 2021
-That is the day leaving 201 days in the year

And again, lookout for 2023 and Israel while the nation is 74 years old.
The Synagogue of Satan = 223
Jewish = 74

And don’t forget the 75 ritual with the NY Times pledging the New World Order to Jews.
New World Order = 75

Israel will turn 75 on May 14, 2023.

Also, George Floyd is back today.
George Perry Floyd = 201

And as for Russia-Ukraine, we know the entire thing is one 201 ritual after the next.

NBA unveils The Michael Jordan Trophy, December 13, 2022

Biblical Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Sports

This announcement came 66 days before Michael Jordan’s 60th birthday.
Bulls = 66
Trophy = 60

And this coming on the 13th, goes with Revelation 13 and 666.
13, 6th prime
6 new trophies…
Basketball Game = 666

Keep in mind Jordan finished his career in Philadelphia, the town named in tribute to Revelation.
Revelation = 59

It comes while he is 59 years old, and in the 76th anniversary of the NBA.
Michael Jordan = 59 / 76

And for another familiar pattern…
The Michael Jordan Trophy = 113
The National Basketball Association = 113
Michael Jordan = 113


Also, how fitting for #23 (and perhaps there is something to 236…)

Tom Brady gets the Bucs to 6-6 with 6 yard TD pass 666 days after Super Bowl 55, Dec. 5, 2022

Biblical Celebrity Entertainment News Satanic Sports

Brady had his 44th fourth quarter comeback over the ‘Saints.’
Saints = 44

And notice all the mention of “13” for the final game of NFL Week 13.
NFL = 13


Just before Brady “earned” his 44th comeback win in the 4th, they went to commercial break and paid tribute to the ‘GOAT,’ Brady, with a picture of a goat representing him. Keep in mind he was still on 43 total wins, tied with Peyton Manning, who finished his career in Colorado, whereas Brady will likely finish in Florida, the state he went to at age 43.
Florida = 43
Colorado = 43
Football = 43
GOAT = 43

Recall the Yale Goatville killings just before he won Super Bowl 55, the ‘Satan’ Bowl.
Yale = 43

Of course, the Baphomet is the symbol for the Church of Satan, and fittingly, this latest GOAT tribute came 666 days after he won Super Bowl 55.
Satan = 55 / 35
Baphomet = 35
Tom Brady = 35

Numerology = 55 / 125
-Latest ritual on 12/5

And in this latest ritual, Brady and the Bucs improved to 6-6, on a 6 yard TD pass to conclude the game.

Revelation 13 is about the beast.

This ritual closed out NFL Week 13.
13, 6th prime (6-6, with 6 yard TD pass…)

Read about about Super Bowl 55, the Weeknd and Satan (Saturn) here.

Actor Clarence Gilyard sacrificed at age 66 in clear number of the beast ritual, November 28, 2022 (Virgil Abloh reminders)

Biblical Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

On 11/28, ‘Clarence,’ the UNLV professor is dead.

Again, 1128 is the 47th triangular number.

Last year ‘Virgil Abloh‘ died on this day, in a number of the beast ritual, tied to Kanye West, and this man, Clarence Gilyard, played the character ‘The Beast’ in a 2016 film. *Plus, if you follow me on Patreon, you know I tied the games yesterday to the ‘Number of the Beast.’
Beast = 47
-Virgil Abloh died at age 41
-Die Hard = 41
–41, 13th prime
–Revelation 13 (The Beast)

He is dead 6 years after the release of ‘The Beast,’ in 2016.
-Revelation 13 in 66th book of the Bible
-13, 6th prime

66, 11th tri. number

Of course in the NFL, which is dictated from Las Vegas, had it’s MNF game on this date, and both teams became 4-7 (like 47). Also on this day, President Biden had his big ritual for the rail workers, 74 days after the tentative agreement was struck on September 15.

Masonic = 74
47 degrees on Scottish Rite compass of France

On November 28, 2005, the Steelers and Colts also played on MNF, and the Steelers fell to 7-4, while the Colts improved to 11-0.
Beast = 11

Keep in mind he is a black man, and he is dead at 66.
66, 11th tri. number
Black = 11

Keep in mind he was born on Christmas Eve as well.
Jesus = 11 / 74
-Christmas Eve = 74
-Clarence Gilyard = 74



He is dead 339 days after his birthday.
United States of America = 339
Texas = 66
*Texas Ranger = 66
*Number of the Beast = 66

He is also in a film called ‘The Beast.’
Beast = 47 / 88
Clarence Gilyard = 88


August 16 leaves 137 days in the year.
Clarence Gilyard = 137
-137, 33rd prime

He died on the day leaving 33 days in the year.

Clarence also died on a date with 61 numerology.

He is also dead 75 months after the release of the film.
Catholic Church = 75
New World Order = 75
Order = 75


Erik Spoelstra’s 666th career win, November 12, 2022, over the Charlotte Hornets

Biblical Celebrity Entertainment Sports

This game is where the head coach of the Miami Heat, Erik Spoelstra, got his 666th regular season win. Notice his team won with 132 points.
Revelation 13:2 mentions the beast (666)
-666, 36th tri. number
Hornets = 36 / 36

The game was 11 days after Spoelstra’s birthday
Beast = 11
-He is 52
Prophecy = 52 / 666

This game was also on the day leaving 49 days in the year.
Revelation = 49

Keep in mind the Charlotte Hornets are the only 201 team in the NBA.
Charlotte Hornets = 201
The Holy Bible = 201
*That Old Serpent = 201 (Biblical phrasing for devil)

The Houston Astros World Series victory, November 5, 2022, on the anniversary of the Astroworld Festival, and in their 666th game since the Astroworld album released

Biblical Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit News Sports
Forty-one = 118 *118th World Series
*George Herbert Walker Bush = 118 (He was #41) *Last time you saw him was after Astros won 2017 WS

As covered on Patreon before it happened, the Houston Astros won the 2022 World Series in Game 6, on the anniversary of Houston’s Astroworld tragedy, in their 666th total game since the Astroworld album released, against Philadelphia, named in Revelation, like the beast, and the number 666. Keep in mind Houston won 106 games in the regular season.
Prophecy = 106 / 666

253, 22nd triangular number (2022)
22 chapters in Revelation

Houston became 11-2 in postseason this year and picked up 77th postseason win all-time
Houston = 112 / 77

Phillies picked up 31st road loss in postseason all-time, and Travis Scott is 31 years old.
-Houston = 31

He has the same birthday as the Church of Satan, established April 30, 1966.

Also, let us not forget the Astros won their only other World Series in their 56th season, whereas this time they won on the day leaving 56 days in the year, and they only won on this day in Game 6 because the game was moved due to one of the matches being rained out in Philadelphia. That ties in with this article written about me in 2017, and how I landed Astros over Dodgers due to Hurricane Harvey.

Artemis I’s 8:33 launch rescheduled for September 2 or 5, 2022 (and the 1968 reading of Genesis by Apollo 8)

Astrology Biblical Freemasonry Jesuit News Outer Space Secret Societies
11:44 post *Jackson = 44 (Apollo 11 in the year NASA & Michael Jackson turned 11, 1969) *Cancer = 44 (Ruled by the moon)

The Guardian doesn’t know to capitalize NASA? Are AIs writing the news?

The launch was scheduled for 8:33.

And now the Guardian tells me today I reached my maximum of 33 articles for the year.

I’ve never seen this before today.
Order = 33
Secrecy = 33
Masonry = 33
England = 33

London is divided into 33 neighborhoods.

And notice the gematria of ‘In the beginning,’ what Genesis means.
Bible = 33
Good Book = 33
Genesis = 33
Seed = 33 (Genesis means seed)
-Genesis translates to ‘In the beginning’
-In the beginning = 137 (137, 33rd prime)

Read about the 1968 reading of Genesis by Apollo 8 astronauts in space here.

Moon Mission = 56 (56 is 70 in base-8 counting)

Recall, today’s launch, Aug. 29, 2022 was scheduled for 8:33 (137, 33rd prime)
August 29, 241st day of the year
241, 53rd prime — 53 years since ’69 Moon Landing
-Moonwalker = 53 (Michael and NASA…) (Both born in ’58) (*Star = 58)

It was to land October 10, 2022, the day when counted through December 31 totals 83 days, and Michael Jackson first moon walked in ’83, in Motown, on the ’83rd Meridian West, in the ’83 city.’
Detroit, Michigan = 83
Michael Jackson = 83


They’re saying the soonest they can relaunch is Friday, September 2, 2022.
9/2/2022 = 9+2+20+22 = 53
Religion = 53

92 has also been a big number in Russia-Ukraine.

It could also be on September 5, or 9/5, or 5/9.
Motown, on the 83rd Meridian
Motown since ’59

And of course, the Jesuits and the 95 Theses.