Arizona House votes to overturn century-old abortion ban, paving way for 15-week limit, April 24, 2024

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Again, tomorrow is the 666th day of Ketanji Brown Jackson being in office, and Friday is 666 days after she took her seat with the Supreme Court.
Number of the Beast=87

There are 72 demons in the Goetia and today has 72 date numerology, going with the overturning of Roe v. Wade in the year 1972, emphasis on ’72. *Jesuit Order=72
-Roe V. Wade=39 & 42
-Arizona=39 & 42


At the same time, today is the 115th day of the year. *Lucifer=115 *Killing=115 *Masonic=115

22 to 24? Grover Cleveland was #22 & #24, and Trump is about to Turn 78. *Cleveland=78

Barrett joins “liberals” in arguing Idaho’s abortion law of 1986, April 24, 2024

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This news comes April 24, 2024, the 115th day of the leap year.
Killing=115 (Abortion is the topic, which some see as murder)

This Supreme Court decision pertaining to abortion in the United States pertains to Idaho this time.

This news comes while Idaho is 133 years old. *Government=133 *President=133 *White House=133

This news comes exactly 22 weeks after the June 24, 2022, overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Abortion=122, 50
Satanic=122, 50 & 22

Notice the 670 days. *Satanic=67 *Blood Sacrifice=67 & 86 *Human Sacrifice=67 & 86

This law they are visiting pertaining to Idaho is from ’86.

And don’t overlook the 95 weeks and days either, because today is the day Joe Biden is signing off on the $95 billion for Ukraine and Israel. You’ll notice something in common with the people often shown on TV who heavily advocate for abortion to be free and widely accessible.
Six Hundred Sixty Six=95

You know how they love to get the beast tribute in with abortion. It’s ongoing.

For example, today is 87 days after Barrett’s birthday. *Justice=87 *Number of the Beast=87

Remember, she replaced Ruth Bader Ginsburg who died in a Jesuit murder ritual at age 87, September 18, 2020, the anniversary of the cornerstone being laid for DC in 1793, and the anniversary of the CIA’s creation in 1947.

Today begins her 183rd week on the Supreme Court *Order Out of Chaos=183

And did we miss a headline from April 20? That was 666 days after the June 24, 2022 overturning, on Freemasonry’s birthday. *Freemason=96 *Satanism=96 & 24

The Roe v. Wade overturning was on the 24th, and today’s news and protest in DC pertaining to abortion is on the 24th of the month, April 24. *Woman=24

Today is also the 24th day of Alito’s age, and he is who the overturning of Roe v. Wade was centered on, as we well covered at the time with his “memo leak” synced with his 72nd birthday.

Recall how important 54 & 72 were in Roe v. Wade and the overturning of Roe v. Wade. This news comes today on 72 date numerology. *Jesuit Order=72 *President Biden=72 *President Trump=72

1986 was 38 years ago, reminding us that DC is on the 38th Parallel North.

Notice where ‘death’ fits in with this ruling.

Again, the year ’86 is symbolic. *Blood Sacrifice=86 *Human Sacrifice=86 *Jesuits=86

Furthermore, today is 88 days after John Roberts’ 69th birthday, January 27.
Judge=88 *Gavel=88 *Trump=88 *George Washington=88 *The Republican Party=88

Don’t forget why 69 matters. *Supreme Court=69 *Catholic Church=69 *The Jesuit Order=69

Barrett is born one day later, January 28, or 1/28, a big number so far this year.

Recall what happened to the bridge in the “black” part of Baltimore at 1:28 AM on March 26.

No race has been more targeted with abortion.

FYI, two days from today, April 26, will mark 666 days since she took office. Tomorrow, April 25, will be her 666th day on the court.

Today is 223 days after her birthday. *The Synagogue of Satan=223

She will turn 54 later this year. *Jesuit Order=54 *Mark of the Beast=54

Attempt to repeal Arizona’s 1864 abortion ban fails with Mayorkas impeachment, and Joe Biden visits Pittsburgh to talk infrastructure, April 17, 2024

Abortion Biblical Federal Government Infrastructure News Secret Societies

Today is April 17, 2024, and what connects all major political headlines is the ‘number of the beast.’ You’ll see what I mean below. *Number of the Beast=174 (17/4)

1864 was 160-years ago, and the year before the shooting of Abraham Lincoln, April 15, 1865.

Next year, 2025, will be the 161st anniversary. *American Civil War=161

Notice on April 9, 8 days ago, there was a 4-2 vote by the Arizona Supreme Court, regarding this issue.
Arizona=42 (a number with a large history pertaining to race *Jackie=42)

April 9, 2024, has 57 date numerology. *4/9/2024=4+9+20+24=57 *Supreme Court=57

As for the 4-2 decision, it goes with this latest news coming April 17, or 17/4, similar to 174.
Number of the Beast=174 (the beast rules for 42 months)
-New Testament=42

April 9 is also like 4/9, or 49. *Revelation=49

Revelation teaches about the number of the beast.

For the clincher, ‘Abortion Ban’ equates to 666.

Also, today is the anniversary of Barbara Bush dying, married to George H.W. Bush, who spoke of the New World Order on numerous occasions.
New World Order=174

This 174 thing pertains to Joe Biden being in Pittsburgh today to talk infrastructure. Recall, Mike Tomlin of the Pittsburgh Steelers picked up his 174th win with the Steelers by beating the Baltimore Ravens, October 8, one day after the 174th anniversary of the death of Edgar Allan Poe, named after Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. *Baltimore Ravens=174

Don’t forget all the deaths connected to Baltimore the year leading up to their 2023-24 season.

And recall the beast ritual at the United Nations 174 days into the first Jesuit Ignatian Year.

And don’t forget members of Congress are being paid $174,000 per year right now.

Today is 44 weeks into Xi Jinping’s age. *Joe Biden=44

He is also dealing with World Trade matters.

Also noteworthy is that today is the 108th day of the leap year, and the ‘geometry’ number and constructing and engineering have much to do with geometry (gematria means geometry in language).
Geometry=108 & 108

Also today, the Mayorkas impeachment failed. His name connects with ‘Number of the Beast.’

Today is 145 days after Alejandro Mayorkas last birthday, November 24.
Catholic=145 (145 more chapters in Catholic Old Testament)

Israel was created May 14, or 14/5. That date is in 27 days. *Ritual=27

Today is 167 weeks and a day after Mayorkas took office, February 2, 2021. 167 is the 39th prime number. And this ritual comes in his 39th month of being in office.
Federal=39, Masonry=39, Secrecy=39

And for one last point, this ritual comes 149 days after Biden’s birthday. D.C. is the 202 area code.
Skull and Bones=149 & 202

Pro-Palestinian protesters shutdown Golden Gate Bridge (and others) April 15, 2024, in tribute to Temple Mount

Biblical Federal Government Islam Jewish Related Military News Protest War World War

This story occurred on April 15, or 15/4, and it has everything to do with Temple Mount.

In light of Pro-Palestinian protesters shutting down the Golden Gate Bridge, recall this story from 2019, pertaining to Palestinians being arrested for protesting the closing of the Golden Gate at Temple Mount in Israel.

From the February 19, 2019 headline to the April 15, 2024 protest was a total span of 269 weeks, the 57th prime number (Jews=57, Scottish Rite=57).

Also, this ritual occurred 191 days after the war began in Israel on October 7, 2023.
Society of Jesus=191

You could also say it was the 192nd day of the war, and Skull and Bones is 192 years old at this current moment. Of course, they are modeled after the Templars, who have a lot to do with the history of the Temple Mount site.

Furthermore, San Francisco’s history has a lot to do with the date August 11, or 8/11, and the current Mayor, London Breed, has an August 11 birthday to boot (her name also reminds us of London Bridge). This date is important because 8/11 is similar to 811, and that is the number you call when you want to dig. Recall, the show DIG is about extreme Zionists blowing up Temple Mount so that they can rebuild the Third Temple to bring about the Jewish Messiah. It goes with Donald Trump helping raise funds in Israel in recent years to build the Third Temple.

Trump National Golf Club at epicenter of April 5, 2024 earthquake

Biblical Celebrity Earthquake Elections Military News Sports

This earthquake comes on April 5, or 4/5, like 45. And the epicenter is on #45’s golf course?

On top of that, it is a 4.8, before the 4/8 eclipse. *Donald Trump=48 *Illuminati=48

Keep in mind today is the 96th day of the year. *Freemasory=48 & 96

It was at 10:23 AM, 123 days before the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima in ’45. Of course, ‘Little Boy’ was dropped on Japan on August 6, 1945. *Little Boy=123 *Conspiracy=123

It was the biggest since 1884, 140 years ago, and the epicenter was in “Whitehouse” Station, New Jersey, equating to 140 in gematria, like ‘Washington.’
White House Station, New Jersey=140

Also, notice this article by Time Magazine about Trump’s course that had the earthquake today, it was published May 5, 2017.
Earthquake=55 *Military=55 *Satan=55

MAGA is the highest degree of the Church of Satan.

From the publication of the article to the earthquake was exactly 361 weeks later.
Trump National Golf Club Bedminster=361

361 has a square root of 19 *Quake=19 *Chaos=19

It was opened in 2004 when Trump was 58. Today, April 5, is the first of the last 271 days of 2024, which is the 58th prime number, going with Trump becoming #45 in the 58th US Presidential Election.
271, 58th prime *Freemasonry=58

58 also has the bomb connection. *Nuclear Weapon=58 & 68

As for the 68 part. *Nuclear Energy=68 *Donald John Trump=68 *Golf=68

Remember what happened in 1968, leading up to 9/11?

And while this is going on rumors of World War with Iran are breaking out.
World War=48 & 42 *Iran=42 *War=42

Keep in mind this earthquake was 42 weeks and days after Trump’s last birthday.

This is high ritual, and it is biblical. *Ritual=45 *Holy Bible=45 & 45

And for another thought, what Masters golfers are from the area of this quake?

Or is it a tribute to the bombing of Japan in ’45, because the PGA has some top flight Japanese golfers.

The Masters is in Georgia, where the Guidestones just celebrated their 44th anniversary.
Georgia=44 *Earthquake=44 *Trump, 44th person to be US President

Ramapo Fault=43 *New Jersey=43 *Nuclear=43

Nuclear energy began development in ’43, 81 years ago.
Ritual=81 & 81 *President Trump=81

President Biden is 81 years old right now. *Joseph Robinette Biden II=361

There was a 4.0 aftershock. 4.8+4.0=8.8 (Trump=88)

Adrian Schiller, died suddenly & unexpectedly April 3, 2024

Biblical Celebrity Christianity Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers

This man died unexpectedly on April 3, 2024, the anniversary of Jesus’ crucifixion, and the show The Last Kingdom is about a war between the Pagans and the Christians. Just think about it.
Jesus Christ=43 *Killing=43 *Adrian=43 *RIP=43

He died 101 months after the debut of the show. *Christian=101 *Church=101

The show ended on March 9, or 9/3, similar to April 3 typically being the 93rd day of the year.
Crucifix=93, God’s Son=93, Nazareth=93

Bandman Kevo’s son shot dead on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024, after Scam School news

Biblical Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers Religion

It was March 22 that the news dropped about his “scam school,” and then it was 9 days later, Easter, he tweeted about his son’s death, at age 15. For one, ‘scam’ equates to 9 in gematria, and for two, Order 322 allows 15 members per year.

His son was shot 44 days after his February 16 birthday, speaking of familiar patterns.
Shooting=44 *Execution=44 *Easter Sunday=44 *Kill=44

He is 34-years-old at the time of the death, on Easter.
Rapper=34 *Murder=34 *Jesus=34 *Black=34

Keep in mind 3/31, the date of the incident, is a lot like 331, the 67th prime number.
Blood Sacrifice=67 *Human Sacrifice=67 *Satanic=67 *Soul=67

Think about giving up the son on Easter…

Kevin has the Jesus connection.

For more familiar patterns… *Bandman Kevo=102 & 60 *Slavery=102 *Nigger=102 & 60

Luke Fleurs, South African professional soccer player, gunned down, April 3, 2024

Biblical Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers Racism Sports

Luke Donn Fleurs=177 & 201 *The Jesuit Order=177 & 201
Luke Donn Fleurs=60 & 75 *Order=60 & 75

This happened on the anniversary of Jesus crucifixion, April 3, 2024.
Triclavanism=201 (how Jesus was crucified)
-The three nails in the Jesuit logo symbolize it
Capital Punishment=201

His name also has the Jesus Christ connection. *Luke Fleur=59 *Jesus Christ=59

Keep in mind Luke is a book in the Gospel. *Luke=59

The little-known legend of Jesus dying in Japan at age 106

Biblical History Jesuit

Did you know this potentiality regarding Jesus & Japan, the house of the rising sun? The recent leader of the Jesuits (the Society of Jesus) died at 84 in Japan. That was Adolfo Nicolas, the ‘Superior General.’
Superior General=84
The Jesuit Order=84
The Catholic Church=84

Recall that Ignatius of Loyola died 84 days before his birthday, and the first Jesuit Pope, Francis, was born on 84 date numerology (12+17+19+36=84).

His twin brother would have been Thomas. *Thomas=22 *Twins=22

His death at age 106 goes with him being a man of prophecy. *Prophecy=106

Rashee Rice meets with Dallas PD, Wednesday, April 3, 2024 news (the Easter-crucifixion joke)

Biblical Car Crash Celebrity Holidays News Sports

Read about the Easter Ritual with Rashee rice here.

This update comes on the anniversary of Jesus being crucified.

Notice where Jesus ties in with April 3, or 4/3.

The date can be written 3/4 as well.

Recall this recent ritual with 11 and 34 and Bob Marley & the Wailers.

The 43 goes with this story coming out of Dalals, the “43 land,” because it is Dallas Cowboys territory.

Dallas Cowboys=43 *Policeman=43 *Football=43 *Masonic=43

He met with the police on April 3, or 4/3.

Think of the ‘fraternal’ order of police.

Remember what Brady did at 43 in Florida? *Florida=43

Bush became #43 because of Florida in 2000. He went to Yale. So did football’s founder.