Donald Trump, Mike Pence and Jonathan Karl’s Book “Betrayal”: The January 6th Capitol “Insurrection” and The Hanged Man Archetype

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On January 6th, 2021 The Capitol in Washington D.C. was the scene of what was dubbed by the media as an attempted coup, an insurrection and one of the greatest attacks on American democracy in the country’s history.

Objective observation of the events of January 6th in Washington D.C. suggests that it was not but an event performed to create a specific reaction to the public; mostly in deepening the political division and a distraction from a looming genuine threat to American – and world – freedoms; the tried-and-true Divide and Conquer strategy.

As with all major events that profoundly effect emotions and perceptions on a mass scale, this one was based on esoteric archetypes and elements.

I will point to one of the esoteric roots of what was a grand ritual using Western magic traditions.

A highlight of the January 6th, 2020 event (highlighted by the media in order to embed it onto the public consciousness) was a gallows and hangman’s noose set up on the Capitol grounds by purported insurrectionists.

Gallows and hangman’s noose set up at January 6th, 2021 Capitol “insurrection.”

Below is an example of an on-line post promoting the hanging theme ahead of the event:

The esoteric root of this aspect of the ritual can be seen in the Tarot tradition (whose origins go back to Ancient Kemet/Egypt) in the Major Arcana a.k.a. Trump card (this is most likely not a coincidence, and a detail to the ritual) THE HANGED MAN.

There is an astrological meaning to The Hanged Man tarot card: it represents the inverted cross; the upside-down cross known as the Mutable Cross. The Mutable Cross is a cross formed on the zodiacal wheel between Sagittarius and Gemini on one axis, and Pisces and Virgo on the other axis.

The Mutable Cross is also known as “St. Peter’s Cross” or the Petrine Cross (highlighted in grey above). It is the inverted; upside-down cross.

More evidence that the term “TRUMP CARD” is not a coincidence, and does tie Donald Trump to the “The Hanged Man” card, is this March 20th, 2017 TIME Magazine cover that when inverted reveals Trump in a position, specifically with his legs, of The Hanged Man.

Remember that The Hanged Man is the Mutable Cross which is made up of 4 zodiac signs including Gemini. Donald Trump born June 14th, is a Gemini and part of the Petrine Cross.

The American media has participated in the latest chapter of the ritual. Author Jonathan Karl published a book titled: “BETRAYAL: The Final Act of the Trump Show.” The title “Betrayal” is a direct reference to The Hanged Man tarot card, which in earlier editions was known as “THE TRAITOR” card.

To clinch the real root of the ritual, the book’s author Jonathan Karl did a face-to-face interview with Donald Trump himself – in November – where he specifically focused on a purported chant by January 6th “insurrectionists”: “HANG PIKE PENCE.”


The key number here is 67. This is the gematria value of “HANGED MAN” and “NOOSE.”

Mike Pence’s birthday is June 7th, a date written 6-7.

Jonathan Karl feigns outrage at Trump’s dismissive quip that Mike Pence was “WELL PROTECTED”; a specially chosen phrase in accordance with the ritual. “WELL PROTECTED” sums to 67 in gematria.

The anti- Mike Pence emotion is based on the fact that he did not challenge the 2020 Presidential election results, and is portrayed as a traitor to the Republican Party. Clearly they are playing out a script from the archetypes of the mystery traditions.

Judas who is popularly portrayed as having betrayed Jesus (yes, Trump is Jesus in this play) is also known as “Judas Thomas.” The name Thomas means twin. “Judas Thomas” sums to 67.

A June 7th birthday makes Mike Pence a Gemini, and part of the Mutable Cross, the upside-down cross which is represented by The Hanged Man Tarot card.

The Hanged Man Tarot Trump card came into play during the September 11th sorcery. September 11th is under Virgo which part of the Mutable Cross. The Twin Towers represented Gemini since twins are the symbol for the zodiac sign of Gemini.

A major story that emerged from the horrific ritual was the death of an individual who jumped from one of the burning towers. A documentary was made of him titled 9/11 The Falling Man.

What is remarkable about the falling individual is the position he briefly ended up in — which the documentary makers intentionally and consciously used as the cover for the documentary — which was strikingly similar to The Hanged Man Tarot Trump Card. The title “The Falling Man” is suggestive of “The Hanged Man.”

In gematria “The Falling Man” sums to 67.

This is all part of a greater dark ritual. It is no coincidence that the author of the book “Betrayal” Jonathan Karl — who focuses specifically on the “Hang Mike Pence” chant from the January 6th Capitol event — was born on 119; January 19th.

The title and subtitle of his book: “BETRAYAL: The Final Act of the Trump Show” sums to 156 with S exception of Pythagorean gematria (S the 19th letter is only reduced once by adding 1+9, so S = 10). In Pythagorean (Full Reduction) S is reduced again (10, 1+0) to equal 1.

911 is the 156th prime number.


Gemini and Virgo are ruled by the planet Mercury. So Trump and Pence both being Gemini, represent the planet Mercury.

Mercury is also a Roman god. The day of veneration for Mercury, Mercuralia, is the 15th of May, a date written 15-5 like 155.

Mike Pence’s full name “Michael Richard Pence” sums to 155.

“St. Peter’s Cross” sums to 155; St. Peter’s Cross being the upside-down Mutable Cross represented by THE HANGED MAN tarot card.

The Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade Vehicle Attack and the Ritual Destruction of the Love Principle

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143 | 26 | 62

In recent weeks — and throughout 2021 — I have been pointing to an ages-old (literally since the dawn of civilization) ritual theme of the sacred feminine. The Sacred Feminine is often (but not exclusively) the principle of care, compassion and humanity that has been anthropomorphized in the form of goddesses and other symbols.

Balanced with the sacred masculine principle of action, it produces constructive, life-affirming progression.

Trinities are based on the metaphysical Thought, Action, Emotion. Trinities represent balance and harmony. Thought is the skull, action is the crossed femur bones, and emotion – which is the sacred feminine – is the heart.

In the skull and crossbones symbol the heart is missing. This is an incomplete trinity; thought and action, but no emotion. Thought and action with no emotion results in psychopathy. Two thirds of the trinity is 2/3 which equals .666. This is one reason that 666 is associated with evil.

Other symbols of the love/care principle – besides the heart – are the dove — which Christianity co-opted from the Babylonian trinity where the dove represented queen/goddess Semiramis — and Venus the planet and goddess of love. Destruction of these symbols in ritual promotes evil and creates the lowest-frequency-vibrations.

The November 21st, 2021 Christmas Parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin — that saw 4 women, 1 man killed, and 48 other people injured (at last reporting) — was one such ritual.

Even though the sacred feminine is a metaphor, females are primarily used in rituals relating to it.

In light of the fact that evil/psychopathy is thought, action but no emotion (sacred feminine) consider this CNN headline: “Waukesha parade crash suspect appeared to have no emotion as officers tried to stop him, authorities say”


In 2019 the state of Pennsylvania created 1-4-3 Day in honor of Pennsylvania native Fred Rogers who embodied the love/care principle.

“1-4-3.” It’s a code that beloved children’s television star Fred Rogers would say to his friends in the neighborhood — and it stands for the number of letters in the words “I love you.” 

The 143rd day of each year (May 23rd in a non-leap year; May 22nd in a leap year) is a spirit-of-kindness day in Pennsylvania.

The highest-profile of those killed and injured were members of a group called the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies. “MILWAUKEE” sums to 143.

Valentine’s Day is another day that honors the heart and love. Acts of psychopathy on Valentine’s Day are Destruction-of-the-Sacred Feminine rituals such as the 1929 so-called Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago. “CHICAGO” sums 143.

Another act of psychopathy on Valentine’s Day is the 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. It took place in Parkland, Florida which is part of the Miami Metropolitan area; significant because Miami is the only major American city that is founded by a woman: Julia Tuttle.

151 “Holy Spirit”

“Julia Tuttle” sums to 151 like “Holy Spirit” sums to 151. “The Milwaukee Dancing Grannies” sums to 151.

The accused perpetrator Darrell Brooks is a rapper whose stage name is Mathboi Fly. No coincidence that the video for his track “Half a Ticket” (201), is 1 minute 51 seconds long, like 151.

The Holy Spirit is the sacred feminine principle of care symbolized by the dove. In gematria “DOVE” sums to 17.

There were 17 killed, 17 injured in the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

Venus Planet/Goddess of Love

The planet Venus is a sacred feminine symbol. Venus takes 224.7 days to complete one full orbital cycle around the Sun. 224 is a major Venus number.

From the November 21st, 2021 Waukesha, Wisconsin Christmas Parade attack, to the next Valentine’s Day February 14th, 2022 is 2 months, 24 days, for a Venerian 224.

“Waukesha, Wisconsin” sums to 214 like the date 2-14; February 14th Valentine’s Day.

“Miami, Florida” also sums to 214.

62 and 26 Feminine Code

62 and its reflection 26 are key code numbers for the female realm.

Female-related terms like “girl”, “Queen”, “lesbian”, “Madonna”, sum to 62 and 26. “Matriarch” and “Virgin Mary” sum to 62. These are just a few examples.

The first female Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris was sworn in on a date with both 26 and 62 numerology: January 20th, 2021.

With this in mind November 21st, 2021 is an ideal day for a Destruction-of-the-Sacred Feminine ritual. Remember that “I Love You” is a phrase made up of 1, 4 and 3 letter words, making 143 a “love” code; May 23rd being the 143rd day of a non-leap year. November 21st, 2021 is exactly in the middle of 26 weeks after the most recent May 23rd, and 26 weeks (and 1 day) before the next May 23rd.

It was also 6 months, 2 days before the next 1-4-3 (I love you) Day, for another 62.

The perpetrator is said to be Darrell Brooks who is a rapper who goes by the stage name Mathboi Fly. “Mathboi Fly” sums to 626 in the Latin cipher (Jewish on the gematrinator).

Vesica Piscis

Sacred Feminine symbolism is abundantly clear in the above memorial shrine for the victims of the Waukesha vehicle attack: the hearts and the Vesica Piscis in the middle of the hearts. Vesica Piscis represents the female generative principle.

The media reports 5 dead and 48 injured for a total of 53 casualties. “Vesica Piscis” sums to 53 in gematria.

The incident happened on a date with 53 numerology: 11 + 21 + 21 = 53.

Henry Ruggs III Crash on RAINBOW Blvd, Las Vegas Part 2: Sirius and The Wizard of Oz

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In my previous article I indicated how the star Sirius was coded into the Tuesday November 2nd, 2021 car crash — instigated by Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III — that killed 23 year-old Tina Tintor and her dog Maxi in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sirius was already deeply encoded into the city of Las Vegas itself.

Sirius has been – practically since the dawn of civilization – regarded as a sacred star; some say it is directly responsible for human civilization itself. The encoding of the star Sirius into the geography of Las Vegas was done by the Freemasons who designed and built the city.

Henry Ruggs III hit Tina Tintor’s car on South Rainbow Boulevard which is Route 595. 595 is the Greek Isopsephy value of “SIRIUS.” “Sirius” equals 95 in English gematria. The Greek for Sirius is “Seirios” which is also 95 in English gematria. Route 595 is intersected by Route 95. Sirius is The Dog Star (part of the Canis Majoris constellation. Canis Majoris is Latin for “big dog” or “the greater dog”). Route 595 is “littered” with dog-themed businesses.

To clinch – not the theory, but the FACT – that Las Vegas, Nevada is encoded with the star Sirius, acknowledge that 5.4 miles from the Las Vegas Raiders’ headquarters and training ground is “SIRIUS STAR STREET.”

The address of the Raiders headquarters is 1475 Raiders Way. “FOURTEEN SEVENTY FIVE” SUMS 95, the big Sirius number.

In the cipher that Adam Weishaupt gave to Illuminati Minervals; The Illuminati Novice cipher, “Dog Star” sums to 95.

A gematria calculator that contains this and other important ciphers can be found here.

Further North – only 2 miles from Rainbow Boulevard/Route 595 is West Sirius Avenue.

Alignments With the Wizard of Oz

There are any depths to grand rituals; more than I can ever comprehend. The mystery tradition of Theosophy is also at play here. The key is the name of the road where the fiery crash happened: “RAINBOW” Boulevard. L Frank Baum was a Theosophist. The Rainbow is one of the signature elements of his classic The Wizard of Oz. In the Henry Ruggs-Tina Tintor crash we see many parallels with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

The most prominent is Toto who is Sirius the Dog Star who is higher consciousness and a spiritual guide. Tina Tintor’s Dog Maxi aligns with Toto.

Although the Wizard of Oz character of Toto is a male dog, he was played by a female named Terry. Terry was so named because she was of the CAIRN TERRIER breed. In Sumerian gematria “CAIRN TERRIER” sums to 1116.

From the most recent birthday anniversary of Terry/Toto (November 17th, 2020) to the date of the crash involving Tina Tintor and Maxi (November 2nd, 2021) is 11months, 16 days, like 1116 the gematria of “Cairn Terrier).

 A permanent memorial for Terry was dedicated at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. On the memorial stone for Tina/Toto is inscribed “In Memory of Toto.”

Gematria reveals the synchronicity between “In Memory of Toto” and “Over the Rainbow” the theme song of The Wizard of Oz. The name of the road on which Tintor and Maxi died “Rainbow Blvd” matches this Wizard of Oz terminology.

“SIRIUS” equals 67 in gematria.

From the 2021 anniversary of Terry/Toto’s death (September 1st) to the funeral of Tina Tintor (November 11th) is 10 months, 1 week, like 101 the Sirius star code number that we established in Part 1.

In my previous post I showed how 101 was placed at the center of the Tina Tintor-Max memorial shrine in the form of a tennis ball flanked by two bone-shaped doggie chew toys.

The 4 Material Elements:

EARTH: DOROTHY the lead human in The Wizard of Oz represents the element of Earth. Tina Tintor aligns with Dorothy.

AIR: THE SCARECROW is the air element. Air is a metaphor for intellect. The Scarecrow acquires a brain. Aquarius is an air sign and is the brains of the zodiac. Henry Ruggs III aligns with the Scarecrow.

WATER: The Tin Man. Water is a metaphor for emotion. The heart represents emotion. The Tin Man acquires a heart. Tina Tintor with “TIN” in both her first and last names – aligns with the Tin Man as well as with Dorothy. Earth and water are feminine elements.

FIRE: The Lion is fire. Fire is courage and action. This was appears to be an act of sorcery; a negative ritual. While the Wizard of Oz has multiple deep positive occulted messages, it is used by negative entities in programs such as the trauma based MK Ultra Mind Control program. In this instance the action of the fire element is used to destroy the heart, love and emotion a.k.a. the sacred feminine principle.

Rainbow Boulevard – where the crash happened – aligns with the Yellow Brick Road.

Although Seattle officially holds this moniker, Las Vegas is the Emerald City in this event. The classic Wizard of Oz movie was made by MGM who own the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas that lights up emerald green at night.

Wizard of Oz author L Frank Baum’s birthday is the same as Las Vegas’ foundation date: May 15th:

Las Vegas is on the 115th meridian.

“Emerald City” sums to 115 in gematria.

“Henry James Ruggs Scarecrow” sums to 115.

In close proximity to the crash site is Emerald Spring Lane which wraps around a several square blocks.

The green color of the Corvette – while not the same shade as emerald – is nonetheless a reference to emerald.

Ruby Red

In the book “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” Dorothy wears Silver slippers. A nickname for Las Vegas is “The Silver City.” The movie changed them to Ruby Red slippers. This is in keeping with the imagery of Alchemy where Ruby Red is the color of The Philosopher’s Stone which is used to transmute base metal into gold or silver, or lower consciousness into higher consciousness.

The ruby red Alchemical Philosopher’s Stone is also a metaphor for the 5th element; spirit, or the Quintessence. The Ruby Red Slippers were given to Dorothy by the Good Witch of the North Glenda, and served to to guide her to higher consciousness and self-discovery. This is a similar attribution of the star Sirius (as exemplified in the movie The Truman Show).

Near the top of South Rainbow Boulevard, it is flanked by REDSTONE Street to the West, and GOLDY Lane to the East. The Alchemical – and particularly the Wizard of Oz references are obvious, also considering the close proximity of Cobblestone Avenue. The Yellow Brick Road is similar to a cobblestone road.

Red shoes are are central to the images put out over social/mainstream media in the immediate aftermath of the crash. Red shoes were seen in the images of all parties: Ruggs, Kiara Washington and the relatives of Tina Tintor.

Kiara Washington and Henry Suggs are ictured in Las Vegas Golden Knights (of the National Hockey League) jerseys. The Golden Kniights jerseys have the colors of alchemy: Black, which is base metal, Gold, Silver, and a small sliver of red on the sleeves which is the philosopher’s stone that turns the black into silver or gold.

Notice most importantly, the red shoes on both of them.

Now look at the only picture circulated in the media the next day after the crash – of Tina Tintor’s father, and three young relatives most likely her two brothers and sister.

Is it a coincidence that everybody except her father had all randomly chosen to wear red shoes?

Also noteworthy is this disturbing picture of Henry Ruggs – in red shoes – holding a red rose while sitting on his Corvette. “Disturbing” because it is reminiscent of the opening scene of the Jesuit horror classic Exorcist III where 12-year-old Black male Thomas Kintry (from the point-of-view of the serial killer) offers him a red rose before being his first victim.

Exorcist III takes place in Georgetown in Washington D.C. Remember that Henry Ruggs’ girlfriend is named Washington.

Gematria synchronicity between “Red Rose”, “Jesuit” and “Dorothy.”

84 is also relevant to Tina Tintor’s 8th April birthday.


There is a world-wide corporate (involving the likes of Microsoft and Walmart) phenomenon known as the Red Shoe Movement. It is billed as a women’s empowerment venture that features “Red Shoe Tuesday.” Remember that the Henry-Ruggs-Tina Tintor crash happened on a Tuesday (November 2nd). Red Shoe Tuesday.

This is from the Red Shoe Movement’s Facebook banner. The red canvas sneaker is reminiscent of the shoes worn by Tina Tintor’s brother and female relative (maybe sister).

The name of the road where the event occurred, and “ruby red shoes” have synchronicity in gematria

South Rainbow Boulevard is the Yellow Brick road.

Notice the hashtag “RedShoeTuesday.” In gematria “HASHTAG REDSHOE TUESDAY” has double overlap with “PHILOSOPHERS’ STONE.” This movement has esoteric roots in Theosophy and Alchemy.

The Red Shoe Movement banner was updated at 1:27. Henry Ruggs was reportedly driving at 127 miles per hour when he hit Tina Tintor’s car.

“Wizard of Oz” sums to 127.

Tuesday is the day of the week named for Mars the red planet.

The Tarot card that represents Mars is The Tower. Notice the red shoes in The Tower card.

The Tower card is number 16 in Roman numerals which is XVI. XVI sums to 156 in Sumerian gematria. 156 mph is the top speed that Henry Ruggs is supposed have reached.


Red shoes have been a tradition for Popes. Here are some examples of Popes wearing red shoes.

Pope Benedict XVI with George W Bush.

Ruby Red slippers of Pope Paul VI.

Pope John Paul II was buried in ruby red shoes

Interestingly, the first openly Jesuit Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio has chosen to break from tradition and not wear red shoes.

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday

The Ruby red – Tuesday association has been seen in business and popular culture.

In gematria “RAINBOW” sums to 107

The famous signature song from The Wizard of Oz “Over the Rainbow” – sung by Judy Garland who plays Dorothy – was recorded – in 1938 – on October 7th, a date written 10-7.

Judy Garland’s initials are J.G. J is the 10th letter of the alphabet; G is the 7th. So her initials of J.G. are 10-7

“Henry James Ruggs III” sums to 107.

The chorus of the song is “Somewhere over the rainbow…..” in some cover versions the song is titled “Somewhere over the Rainbow” which sums to 124. Remember: the crash happened on Rainbow Boulevard.

Henry Ruggs III was born on 1-24; January 24th.

“Wicked Witch of the East” sums to 107.

“Good witch of the North” sums to 107.

Tuesday and ruby come together with the restaurant chain Ruby Tuesday who – in 2020 – filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy on October 7th.

Henry Suggs III (107 gematria) wore jersey number 11.

“TUESDAY” sums to 95 in gematria, like “SIRIUS.”

In 2016 it was announced that Ruby Tuesday would close 95 restaurants.

The Rolling Stones released their hit song “Ruby Tuesday” on January 13th, 1967. From Tina Tintor’s birthday of April 8th, to January 13th is 9 months and 5 days, for another 95.

“SIRIUS” also sums to 67, like the year Ruby Tuesday was released.

Tina Tintor had lived in the United States for 20 years and was on the verge of acquiring United Staes citizenship.

Some Ruby Tuesday Lyrics are appropriate for the Tina Tintor narrative: “Catch your dreams before they slip away.”

The collision of Henry Ruggs III – in his Chevrolet Corvette – into Tina Tintor’s car happened near the intersection of South Rainbow Boulevard and South Spring Valley at 3:39 am Tuesday November 2nd, 2021. Here is mass synchronicity in gematria. The chorus of Ruby Tuesday is “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday.”

Henry Ruggs III Fatal Crash: SIRIUS The Dog Star and Other Synchronicities

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The media reported that on Tuesday November 2nd, 2021 Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver Henry Ruggs III was involved in a fatal accident in Las Vegas, Nevada when he drove his Chevrolet Corvette Stingray into the back of a Toyota Rav 4 driven by Tina O Tintor at 3:39 in the morning. Tina Tintor is reported to have survived the crash but was trapped, unable to exit the vehicle, and subsequently burned to death after her car caught fire.

Tina Tintor’s dog Maxi was also a casualty. Ruggs was reportedly relatively unscathed while his passenger; his girlfriend and mother of his child Kiara Jenai Washington was reported to have sustained non-life threatening injuries.

Henry Ruggs is said to have reached a maximum speed of 156 mph, and hit the Toyota Rav 4 driven by Tina Tintor at 127 mph.

156 and 127 are numbers that stand out to the gematria community in particle, as numbers that relate to 911. 911 is the 156th prime number. On September 11th, 2001 World Trade Center Buildings 1,2 and 7 collapsed.

156 and 127 have profound esoteric significance in this Las Vegas case.


Tina Tintor’s birthday is April 8th, written 4-8. At his NFL combine Henry Ruggs wore number 48.

There has been a discrepancy in the media’s reporting of Henry Ruggs crash victim Tina Tintor’s place-of-birth: some report Croatia, others report Serbia. Tina Tintor is an ethnic Serb that could have moved from Croatia to Serbia and then to the United States after the Third Balkan War of the early 1990’s.

Nick Saban is of Croation origin, to add another synchronicity.

SIRIUS The Sacred Dog Star

I have spoken often about the historical significance of the star Sirius, which is known as The Dog Star as it is part of the constellation of Canis Major; “Canis” as in “canine.”

Great Ancient civilizations such as Kemet a.k.a. Egypt revered the Dog Star Sirius Sirius in the form of the goddesses Sopdet and Isis. This is considered a celestial female dog.

Sirius has an immense powerful significance to the occult traditions that are the power behind modern day world leadership. The United States was founded with Sirius veneration in mind. On July 4th, 1776 Sirius was behind the Sun; a powerful position since it is considered “The Sun Behind the Sun.” Sirius based rituals continue today in the form of everyday news and sports events. The November 2nd, 2021 Henry Ruggs crash that killed Tina Tintor is a prime example. The central element is Tina Tintor’s dog Maxi who is reported to have died with her in her car.

It was famously reported that Henry Ruggs was doing 156 miles per hour. Even though he may have been speeding, this is an unprecedented and hard-to-fathom speed in any area let alone an urban residential area. In gematria’s Sumerian cipher “DOG” sums to 156.

The fact that “GOD” is “DOG” spelled backwards is an indication of Sirius’ high spiritual status throughout the ages.

In the gematria cipher of Greek Isopsophy the Greek word for “Sirius” “Seirios” sums to 595.

The road that Tina Tintor and her dog Maxi died on was Nevada State Route 595 a.k.a. Rainbow Boulevard.

Along Route 595 are businesses such as “Dirt Dog.”

“Camp Bow Wow.”

“The Hush Puppy” eatery.

In English gematria “SIRIUS” sums to 95.

The transliteration of the Greek word for “Sirius” “Seirios” sums to 95.

State Route 595 is intersected by the massive throughway Route 95.

The crash that killed Tina Tintor and her dog Maxi — and injured Henry Ruggs’s passenger Kiara WASHINGTON — occurred on Rainbow Boulevard/Route 595. Firther North Route 595 runs parallel to Rote 95 South-North, and they are both intersected by WASHINGTON Avenue.

Washington’s first name “KIARA” sums to 95 in gematria; the number of “Sirius/Seirios.”

101 a Number of SIRIUS

Sirius is depicted in Freemasonry as a blazing star between twin pillars.

The number 101 is emblematic of the star Sirius (the number 0) between the two pillars (the 1s).

In gematria “DOG” sums to 26. (Remember that “DOG” is 156 in Sumerian cipher; 156 mph is the number given to Rugg’s speed on Route 595). The 26th prime number is 101.

101 representing Sirius the Dog Star is vividly expressed in popular culture through the movie “101 Dalmations.”

Remember that a business named “Camp Bow Wow” is off Route 595. “BOW WOW” sums to 101.

Tina Tintor is a former employee of Target. Target’s famous mascot is a dog named “BULLSEYE” depicted on this t-shirt signed by her former co-workers at her memorial shrine.

In gematria “BULLSEYE” sums to 101.

At the memorial shrine near the location off Route 595 where Tina Tintor and her dog Maxi were killed two bones and a tennis ball were placed strategically to form the “Sirius (the yellow tennis ball) between the two pillars (the two bones).

There will be a memorial for Tina Tintor in the form of a dog-walk where participants will initially gather at the “Lazy Dog Cafe”

Tina Tintor has been eulogized in the media by her closest friend Bojana Filipovic. Her last name “FILIPOVIC”sums to 101.

“Las Vegas Raiders” sums to 101. The Henry Ruggs case is being presided over by Judge Joe Bonaventure famous for presiding over O.J. Simpson’s trial for stealing his own memorabilia in Las Vegas in 2007. “Judge Joe Bonaventure ” sums to 101.

Henry Ruggs’ girlfriend‘s first name “KIARA” also sums to 101 in Latin/Agrippa/Jewish gematria

Henry Ruggs’s blood-alcohol level is reported to have been .161.

“ONE HUNDRED AND ONE” sums to 161.

Synchronicity with Tina Turner

The name of the victim “Tina Tintor” reminds Americans of the name “Tina Turner” the legendary singer. They share the same first name “Tina.”

“Tintor” is a name of Serbian origin. “Turner” and “Tintor” have identical gematria across all 4 base ciphers.

So the names “Tina Tintor” and “Tina Turner” have a jackpot super-match in gematria.

Henry Ruggs III’s passenger and partner has the last name WASHINGTON which is also a super match with “Tina Tintor” and “Tina Turner.”

Henry Ruggs III, who is reported to have killed Tina Tintor, was born on January 24th. Tina Turner is currently married to Irwin Bach whose birthday is the same as Henry Ruggs’s: January 24th.

Although she has a multiple-decades-long musical career – and has had the moniker “Queen of Rock n’ Roll” for a long time – Tina Turner was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist (she was already in as part of the Ike and Tina Turner duet) only as recently as October 30th, 2021 three days before the Tina Tinter-Henry Ruggs accident. Her induction was reported in the news on October 31st which is the birthday of Henry Ruggs III’s legendary College coach at the University of Alabama Nick Saban.

The Dove and the Crow in High Ritual: The Holy Spirit, Alec Baldwin, Halyna Hutchins, Ukraine and Pope Francis

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The archetypes based on the Sacred Feminine principle has been central to the human story since the inception of civilization. It is seen in several news stories at the current moment.

The Sacred feminine is a metaphor for the principles of care, empathy, love and conscience anthropomorphized in the form of various goddesses, such as Venus the Roman goddess of Love.

Love is symbolized by the heart. In spiritual traditions trinities are based on the consciousness Trinity: Thought, Action, Emotion. Emotion is the Sacred Feminine symbolized by the heart.

In the Babylonian Trinity of Nimrod, Tammuz, Semiramis, Semiramis is the Sacred Feminine symbolized by the dove.

The Christian Trinity adopts the Babylonian symbol of the dove to symbolize the Holy Spirit.

To illustrate the significance of this archetype consider that the most powerful empire in the modern world; the United States of America, is founded on the Sacred Feminine: “Dove” in Latin is “COLUMBA” from which we get “COLUMBIA” the goddess of the United States of America whose capital is the District of the Dove, located between VIRGINia and MARYland, homage to Virgin Mary another Sacred Feminine figure.

In the reported shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins – at the hands of actor Alec Baldwin – we see the common “Destruction-of-the-Sacred Feminine” ritual, which is a ritual killing of empathy, humanity and care.

As I mentioned: The heart is the Sacred Feminine aspect of the Consciousness Trinity. The skull is “THOUGHT,” the crossed femur bones are “ACTION.” Skull and cross bones with no heart indicates thought and action without emotion, which is psycopathy. Venus (goddess of love) and the heart represent the same thing.

Rome venerated Venus on the annual Festival of VENERALIA, every April 1st, a date written 4-1.

“SKULL AND BONES” sums to 41, like the date 4-1, April 1st.

The Latin word for “dove,” “COLUMBA” sums to 41.

“Alec Baldwin” sums to 41.

Halyna Hutchins was born April 10th; 4-10 which is like 41 in numerology. This birthday is gleaned from the German (Deutsch) section of Wikipedia.

From the date that Alec Baldwin tweeted ” I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone,” September 22nd, 2017, to the date he killed Halyna Hutchins (October 21st, 2021) is a span of 4 years, 1 month, for another 41.

If you haven’t, see Zachary K Hubbard’s decode on this here.

Alec Baldwin’s tweet appears to be a precursor to the future grand ritual. He tweeted at 11:01 which – in numerology – is the same as 111, the number of trinity.

These numbers came into play two days before writing this article when — in the world’s highest-profile sports league, the English Premier League — a Head Coach literally named “Holy Spirit” was fired by his team Tottenham Hotspur on 11-01, November 1st. The dove and trinity ritual is obvious.

Notice that Espírito Santo‘s birthday is January 25th written 1-25.

“Sacred Feminine” sums to 125.

Males are used in Sacred Feminine rituals as well as females. The Sacred Feminine is a metaphor, not a literal physical goddess.

Halyna Hutchins’ full name, including her maiden name “Halyna Androsovych Hutchins” sums to 125. It is abundantly clear what she represented in ritual.


Espírito Santo was fired on 11-01 after 17 games.

Alec Baldwin tweeted about shooting and killing, at 11:01 in the year ’17.

This is because in gematria “DOVE” sums to 17.

“HALYNA” in the full reduction cipher of the Ukrainian Cyrillic alphabet’s gematria (Russian Full Reduction) sums to 17.

Hutchins was shot in the stomach which represents the womb. “WOMB” sums to 17.

To clinch the real root of the ritual: “SHOT IN THE STOMACH” is a gematria super-match in base ciphers with “SACRED FEMININE.”

An even greater super-match is the location of the ritual, “NEW MEXICO” and “WHITE DOVE” which overlap perfectly in all 4 base ciphers.

The two phrases match at 42. Halyna Hutchins died at 42 years-of-age. 42 is a major female code: “Female”, “Feminine,” “Femme”, “Lady”, “Daughter” in the derogatory term “Bitch” all sum to 42. “HUTCHINS” sums to 42, “Santa Fe” sums to 42.

111 is the number of trinity.

The other person shot by the same Alec Baldwin bullet; director Joel Souza is 48 years-old.

Hutchins represent the very significant country of Ukraine, whose national Coat-of-Arms is a trident called the “Tryzub.” A trident is emblematic of a trinity.

Remember that “TRINITY” is the name of the Manhattan Project nuclear test in New Mexico in 1945. Halyna is connected through the nuclear disaster in her home country of Ukraine, of Chernobyl which I discussed in my previous post.

The Ukrainian Tryzub trident

The Ukrainian trident is also a dove-like bird pointed downward. The specific bird is said to be the gyrfalcon which is white and dove-like.

“GYRFALCON” sums to 142 like the date 14-2, 14th February, Valentine’s Day, associated with the heart and love.

Zachary K Hubbard revealed the alignment between the on-set killing of Halyna Hutchins, and the 1993 on-set “accidental shooting” death of Brandon Lee while filming the movie “The Crow.”

This puts a brand new perspective on the events of January 26th, 2014 at St. Perter’s Square at Vatican City where, at a peace rally specifically for Ukraine, Pope Francis – with the help of two children – released doves, one of which was viciously attacked by a crow .

The crow attack on the dove happened on the 41st day of Pope Francis’s age. (Birthday December 17th, 2013), for another 41. 4-1 (April 1st) is Veneralia the day that venerates Venus goddess of love.

Trump, Harris, SNL

Since Alec Baldwin played Donald Trump on SNL, and Trump was impeached for his dealings with Ukraine, plus the fact that the other person shot by Alec Baldwin; Director Joel Souza has Donald Trump’s June 14th birthday — in addition to the fact that the Balwin-Hutchins shootings mirrors the shooting during filming of The Crow — it is a possibility that the crow attacking the dove at the Vatican could be predictive representation of Donald Trump defeating Kamala Harris, who is Libra which is ruled by Venus, and whose full name “Kamala Devi Harris” sums to 71 just as “Sacred Feminine” sums to 71.

Haylana Hutchins was ritually sacrificed on a date (October 21st) that leaves 71 days in the year.

It is also noteworthy that Michael Groo Massee, the person who shot “The Crow” Brandon Lee, died on Kamala Harris’ birthday October 20th.

Joel Souza (with Trump’s birthday) was 48 years old at the time of shooting. Trump would be the 48th President if he were to run in 2024.

With Halyna Hutchins’ connection to Ukraine and Albuquerque, New Mexico – and Ukraine’s and New Mexico’s connections to nuclear events – it is noteworthy that Sandia National Laboratories abbreviated (SNL) (Baldwin played Trump on SNL) is a nuclear facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico where Halyna Hutchins died after being air-lifted from Santa Fe.

Halyna Hutchins, Alec Baldwin, Field of Dreams: 26th April and the”Ten ten” Jesuit code

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On October 21st, 2021 it was reported that actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins while filming of the movie “Rust.”

A central detail to the event is the national origin of Halyna Hutchins: Ukraine, a central location in world geopolitics.

The national flag of Ukraine

Recall that U.S. President Donald Trump was impeached (and later acquitted) for his dealings with Ukraine (withholding military aid in order to influence the Ukrainian government.

Alec Baldwin famously portrayed Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump

Baldwin also shot, but did not kill director Joel Souza who shares Donald Trump’s birthday (June 14).

The 1010 code

On August 12th 2021 Major League Baseball put together a high production spectacle — for a game between the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees — themed on the 1989 classic movie Field of Dreams. The movie and the game took place in the state of Iowa.

The production was so significant that Field of Dreams has defined the 2021 baseball season.

In the Halyna Hutchins shooting and the Field of Dreams game – as well as multiple other phenomena – we see two codes as a common thread: 1010 and the date 26th April.

J is the 10th letter of the alphabet and has a value of 10 in Simple gematria.

In Reverse Simple gematria S is the 19th letter. S can be reduced by adding 1 and 9 which equals 10. So S has a value of 10 in In single Reduction Simple gematria.

In Reverse Simple gematria (where Z is 1 through A as the last letter with a value of 26) H is the 19th letter. H can be reduced to 10 using numerology: by adding the digits of 19; 1+9 = 10. So H = 10 in Reverse Single Reduction.

So 3 letters that can have a value of 10 in gematria are J, H and S.

JHS reminds us of the Jesuit motto “Iesus Hominum Salvator.”

When you spell out “TEN TEN” it has a double match with ‘Jesuit” in base ciphers of English gematria.

The movie Field of Dreams is based on the novel Shoeless Joe Jackson who is a real life baseball player (former White Sox) who is said have thrown the 1919 World Series in a bribery scandal.

  • Here we see the 1010 code twice: 1919 is 1010 since 19 can be reduced to 10 in numerology (by adding 1+9).

Since J is the 10th letter, Joe Jackson’s initials J.J. represent 1010.

  • One of the star actors in Field of Dreams was James Jones – middle name Earl – for another J.J./1010.
  • Besides Field of Dreams the 2021 baseball season is defined by the passing of an all-time-great Hank Aaron known as Hammerin’ Hank, for another H.H./1010.

26th APRIL

The Field of Dreams game between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox took place in Iowa. In popular culture Iowa is famous for the movie and for the current biggest band in heavy metal Slipknot. In 2021 on July 26th Slipknot co-founder Joey Jordison died. Joey Jordison’s birthday is 26th April, written 26-4.

Aaron Judge’s middle name is James, so “James Judge” gives us another J.J./1010.

In the Yankees White Sox game in Jordison’s home state of Iowa the best individual performer was Yankees slugger Aaron Judge who also has a birthday of 26th April.

Aaron Judge’s foundation is called the “ALL RISE FOUNDATION.” which sums to 264 in gematria, like his and Joey Jordison’s birthdays.

One of the most famous lines from Field of Dreams — which was repeated by the movies star Kevin Costner (who was the guest-of-honor at the White Sox-Yankees game) — is “Is this heaven? No it’s Iowa” which sums to 264.

Kevin Costner threw the ceremonial first pitch at 6:24. 624 is the reflection of 426, like the date 4-26th; April 26th.

In the English Extended cipher of gematria “JESUIT” sums to 624.

Halyna Hutchins — who was shot by Alec Baldwin — has the initials H.H. for another 1010.

The name Halyna Hutchins conjures memories of another female H.H. murder victim Heather Heyer at the 2017 Charlottesville riot.

Her killer was said to be James Alex Fields Jr. (like FIELD of Dreams. FIELD of consciousness). Also think of the middle name “Alex” like Alexander Baldwin.James Alex Fields Jr’s birthday is 26th April.

It was dubbed a “Unite the Right” rally that included Nazi flags and Swastikas. H.H. is also a famous abbreviation of “Heil Hitler.” “HEIL HITLER” sums to 264 like the date 26th April.

The Nazi paramilitary the Schutzstaffel was known as the S.S. for another 1010. It was headed by Heinrich Himler whose initials are H.H. for another 1010.

The Schutzstaffel oversaw the Gestapo secret state police. The Gestapo were founded on 26th April.

Deputy Führer to Adolf Hitler was Rudolf Hess whose birthday is 26th April

Halyna Hutchins is Ukrainian which is known for the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

In Ukrainian “Chernobyl” means “WORMWOOD” which has gematria of 20164 in the Latin/Jewish cipher. In numerology 0 has no value, so 2064 is the same as 264, like the date 26-4; 26th April.

Wormwood is mentioned in the Bible’s book of Revelations 8:10-11.

“The third angel blew his trumpet, and a great star fell from heaven, blazing like a torch, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water. The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many died from the water, because it was made bitter. “

The Wormwood Star Memorial at Chernobyl acknowledges this Bible Verse. The Memorial includes a sculpture of an Angel blowing a trumpet.

The Wormwood Star Memorial at Chernobyl, Ukraine

This is reminiscent of the tarot card “JUDGEMENT” which relates to the name of Aaron JUDGE. The Judgement card is number 20 in the deck indicated in Roman numerals XX, for another 1010.

“WORMWOOD STAR MEMORIAL” sums to 99 like Aaron Judge’s jersey number.

On the night of Halyna Hutchins’ death the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Atlanta Braves in the NLCS. The winning pitcher was Evan Phillips.

Evan Phillips winning pitcher born 9-11. October 21st, 2021 is a 10m,22day span to next Evan Phillips b’day.


Hammerin’ Hank  died Jan. 22nd.

Ukrainian Act of Unity Jan. 22, 1919.

Ukrainian Independence from Russia was January 22nd, 1918.

“Iesus Hominum Salvator” = 122.

Another Heart Ritual in Elite Football/Soccer: The Esoteric Root of the New Castle United Fan’s Game-halting Cardiac Arrest

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“When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men.”

— Manly P. Hall

The three images at the heading of this article are a heart, a dove and the glyph for the planet Venus which is also the sign for “female.” These are more than just symbols; but ancient archetypes which determine many of history’s and today’s events; events such as Sunday October 17th, 2021’s English Premier League Football match between home team New Castle United and Tottenham Hotspur in which the unprecedented move was made to stop the contest while a fan in the stands was attended do for an apparent cardiac arrest.

Whether or not you are a fan of football/soccer, this story is a ritual on multiple levels; and far transcends football or sports.

We should start off by noting that the game of football/soccer was invented in England by Freemasons who are said to have met at the Freemasons Arms pub in Covent Garden, London to create the rules and regulations of the sport, and form the governing body of English Football the Football Association.

In the above article by one of Britain’s premier newspapers The Mirror, notice the occulted homage to Freemasonry, whose modern incarnation is said to have started with the first Grand Lodge, the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster, later called the Grand Lodge of England (GLE), in 1717 (on St John’s Day, 24 June ). The article was published at 17:17 5:17 in the 24-hour clock.

17 is a key number to the Newcastle-Tottenham football game ritual. It takes place on the 17th of the month. A central ritual icon is the dove. In gematria “DOVE” sums to 17.

The medical emergency in the stands that halted the game was a cardiac arrest. Remeber that football/soccer was associated with cardiac arrest this Summer at the European Championships when Denmark’s Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest in the middle of a game vs Finland in an incident that transcended sports. See my decode on that event.

Christian Eriksen’s birthday is Valentine’s Day which is represented by the heart.

It is noteworthy that Christian Eriksen is a former player of Tottenham Hotspur who are involved in latest football-heart attack event.

Trinities have existed in multiple religious and spiritual traditions. The Babylonian trinity was Nimrod, Tammuz the resurrected Sun, and Semiramis the Sacred Feminine. In legend Semiramis was raised by doves. The dove of Semiramis was adopted by Christianity to represent the Holy Spirit of the Christian trinity.

The Ancient Egyptian trinity is Osiris, Horus, Isis. Isis is the Sacred Feminine as is Semiramis as is the Holy Spirit. Isis is Aphrodite to Greece and Venus to Rome.

Ancient trinities are expressions of the Consciousness Trinity which is Thought, Action, Emotion.

THOUGHT is represented by the skull.

ACTION is represented by the crossed femur leg bones.

EMOTION is represented by the heart.

Emotion is the Sacred Feminine; Semiramis, Holy Spirit, Isis/Venus the goddess of love. The Skull and Crossbones is a symbol of imbalance that has removed the sacred feminine, and only has thought and action, with no emotion, conscience or care.

The fan whose heart attack stopped the the Premier League football/soccer game between Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur was a local fan of New Castle United. The heart is a symbol of the Sacred Feminine principle of compassion, love and care.

New Castle United’s nickname is “The Magpies” after the black-and-white bird; the team’s colors are black and white.

The Bible’s Book of John 16:7 describes the Holy Spirit as “The Comforter.”

Was gematria employed in writing the Bible? “The Holy Spirit” sums to 167. Like John 16:7 that describes the Holy Spirit.

“The Magpies” sums to 167. Remember that the dove and the heart both represent the same thing: the Sacred Feminine principle of care, love and compassion.

Referring to the Ancient metaphorical female as “HIM” is a form of destruction-of-the-sacred-feminine. It would be as egregious as feminizing the resurrected Sun or the “ACTION” principle.

New Castle United’s opponents were Tottenham Hotspur whose Head Coach is Nuno Espírito Santo, whose last name “Espírito Santo” is Portuguese for “Holy Spirit.”

New Castle United’s are in the first season of a contract with a new uniform manufacturer named ” CASTORE” whose logo is a dove.

CASTORE brand was founded on 6th July (2015).

Latin for “DOVE” is “COLUMBA.” In gematria “COLUMBA” sums to 67 like the date that the company with the dove logo was founded 6th July; 6-7.

6th July is also July 6th written 7-6. “The Holy Spirit” sums to 76.

The heart is a symbol of Valentine’s Day. An alternate (besides February 14th) date for the observance of Valentine’s — in the Eastern Orthodox Church — is the July 6th. The founders of Castore showing consciousness of the symbols of the Sacred Feminine Principle: the dove and the heart.

The Sacred Feminine principle of care and conscience is Venus the goddess of love. “VENUS GODDESS OF LOVE” sums to 76 like the date 7-6 July 6th the alternate date for the observance of Valentine’s Day.

Of utmost significance to the ritual is that New Castle United were just bought by billionaires from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim theocracy that houses the holiest sites in Islam.

The astrotheological root of Islam is the veneration of the planet Venus. Veneris is Friday in Latin. Venus Day is the holy day of Islam.

The pentagram is a Venus symbol and an Islamic symbol.

The Prophet Mohammed named his daughter after Venus: Fatima Zahra. “ZAHRA” means Venus.

The greatest code number of the Sacred Feminine in general is the gematria value of “VENUS” of 54.

To show the power of gematria, despite two completely unrelated languages – and one being transliterated from its alphabet into a foreign alphabet – the English and the Arabic words for “VENUS” are a super match in gematria.

“Venus” in Arabic can also be “AL ZAHRA” which is a super match for the Latin word for “dove”, “COLUMBA.”

“Al Zahra” also sums to 67 the important number to this decode.

The Hebrew word for Venus is “Noga” which in Hebrew alphabet has amazing synchronicity with “Al Zahra” and “Columba.”

In gematria “Venus” sums to 54. Venus is the goddess of love; “LOVE” sums to 54. “ZAHRA” sums to 54. “ISLAM” sums to 54. “SAUDI” sums to 54. Another Islamic symbol is the “CRESCENT MOON” which sums to 54.

St. James Park the home of New Castle United, where the sacred feminine/Venus/dove ritual takes place — having just been purchased by Saudi entities — is the perfect location: It sits on the 54th parallel North.

New Castle United were founded on December 9th, 1892.

From the date of the heart attack incident — October 17th, 2021 — to the next anniversary of New Castle United’s founding, is a span of 54 days.

From the anniversary of the founding date of New Castle’s uniform/kit manufacturer (with the dove logo) — which is also an alternate Valentine’s Day — to New Castle United’s founding anniversary date, is a span of 5 months, 4 days.

Venus is the known as the “Morning Star” as it rises in the East. The Eastern location is significant to Freemasonry and Islam. The heart attack occurred in the East Stand — of course — of St. James Park.

Gematria proves that the East Stand location is not by coincidence and is indeed a Venus-related ritual. “EAST STAND” and “EAST STAR” are a mega match.

The name of the fan who had the heart attack “Alan George Smith” sums to 251. 251 is the 54th prime number.

The incident occurred on October 17th which is a date – in the tropical zodiac – in the sign of Libra. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.

The Dog Star Sirius Coded Into the News: Anthony Fauci, Jacob Frey

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I want to expand on some things that are related to the topic of my last post. My previous post dealt with the September 25th shooting death of Ronnie Garcia at Huntington Beach, California as the prestigious U.S. Open of Surfing was occurring.

The picture circulated throughout online media in the aftermath of the shooting appeared to be a perfect symbolic and allegorical image with elements of Freemason iconography.

One ritual element that emerged was the star Sirius. Sirius is a sacred star to many ancient cultures particularly Kemet a.k.a. Egypt.

In Freemason iconography such as the Entered Apprentice tracing board the star Sirius appears blazing in between and above the pillars, usually a set of twin pillars and a middle pillar.

In the image that dominated online media, there were two blue pillars from the Surfing Walk of Fame that were in the frame. Above and between them — in the same location that Sirius appears, was an orange traffic light.

Sirius in between twin pillars is a deeply significant Freemason image. This symbol is played out and engrained on the public consciousness in everyday life in ways that those who lack the eyes to see do not notice.

I showed some parallels between the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis, and the Ronnie Garcia killing in Huntington Beach. The Mayor of Minneapolis is Jacob Frey.

Freemasons honor the Ancient Egyptian Heliacal Rising of Sirius on July 23rd, or 23rd July a date written 7-23 or 23-7. This is a central number in Sirius-related rituals.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was born on the day that Freemasonry honors the Heliacal Rising of Sirius July 23rd.

This means that he represents Sirius shining above the twin pillars which are the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Mississippi River that runs through Minneapolis is the Nile.

“Minneapolis Minnesota” sums to 237.

Sirius is known as The Dog Star since it is in the constellation of Canis Majoris. “Canis” as in Canine. In Sirius rituals you will very often see the presence of dogs.

A very vivid example of that is the security dog named “Sirius” who is reported to have died in the twin towers on 911. This is Sirius-between-the-twin-pillars imagery.

Sirius Satellite Radio uses a dog for a logo as a “Dog Star” reference.

Jacob Frey is Sirius between the twin pillars. In gematria “Sirius” sums to 95, like “Jacob Lawrence Frey” sums to 95.

But is there ANY dog imagery with Jacob Frey? Yes. Indirectly. There is a German animator and film maker with the exact same name as the Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. In 2014 he won an Oscar for his short film “The Present” which is about a three legged puppy. Is it a coincident that someone with the same name as the Mayor born on the “Sirius the Dog Star Day” wins an Oscar for a short film about a dog?

In Freemason iconography Sirius radiates light behind the all seeing eye. That association between Sirius and the “one eye” can be seen intentionally in the movie.

In 2020 the Major League Baseball season started late because of the Covid event. The ceremonial first pitch was thrown out by Anthony Fauci in Washington D.C. where the Washington Nationals hosted the New York Yankees.

In Zachary K Hubbard’s article on this event he reveals that the number 95 is heavily associated with Fauci whose name sums to 95.

He was born on a date with 95 numerology.

In the game the Yankees pitcher Garrit Cole picked up his 95th career win.

The question is whether or not the 95s have anything to do with “SIRIUS” which equals 95 in gematria. The answer is “yes” when you you consider the date of the game was the 23rd of July.

Fauci is coded with Sirius. Is there a dog link with him as there usually is in Sirius coding?

In the Summer of 2021 around the time of the actual heliacal rising of Sirius, it was reported that Anthony Fauci oversaw torturous experiments with Beagle dogs, where they were – in effect – bitten to death by infected sand flies, and injected with parasites that lead to slow, gruesome death over three months.

Sirius is mostly associated with Isis. It can also be associated with the Ancient Egyptian deity Anubis who is the god of the underworld. In the case of Fauci it is clear that he is Sirius of Anubis, not Isis. The underworld is when the Sun is at its zenith, in winter around the Winter Solstice, which is when Fauci was born, December 24th.

At the time that Fauci was throwing out the pitch Sirius was descending on the Western horizon in Washington D.C. this is indicative of a more negative ritual regarding Sirius. Sirius was in conjunction with Mercury at the time; and Mercury rules Gemini which is the twin pillars associated with Sirius.

As Zachary Hubbard pointed out: “Washington D.C.”, “New York Yankees” and “Society of Jesus” sum to 187. I would add that “Winter Solstice” also sums to 187, confirming this dark, negative energy ritual.

This has to have something to do with why Quaterback Robert Griffin R.G. was drafted by the Washington D.C. football team, at the time named Redskins.

In my previous post I mentioned the number 187 in the context of the police shooting of Ronnie Garcia in Huntington Beach, California. His initials are R.G. R is the 18th letter, G the 7th, so R.G. is 187 the California police code for homicide. The rap song “Deep Cover”code made that code famous to the world; performed in part by Snoopy Doggy Dogg, which brings us full circle to Sirius.

Fauci’s December 24th birthday is close to the time when Earth is closet to the star Sirius.

To illustrate the importance of Sirius to the esoteric founders of the United States, and why the Sirius ritual was held in Washington D.C. the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for “Sopdet” which was their name for Sirius.

The symbols appear to an elongated triangular shape, a pentagram, a dome and an oval shape that combined are the name of Sirius in Ancient Kemet/Egypt.

It is clear how these correspond to Washington D.C.: The Washington Monument, The Pentagon, the Capitol Dome and the Oval Office.

We all know that 155 is the big gematria number for “Corona Virus.” From July 23rd to Fauci’s birthday is a 155 day span.

A George Floyd connection to Sirius is that he died at the intersection of 38th street and Chicago Avenue. Chicago is associated with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls whose intro music was the song “Sirius” by the Alan Parsons Project. Michael Jordan is a symbol of Sirius being born with the star Sirius conjunct his Ascendant Cancer rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of his birth. His father died on July 23rd.

The place Floyd died at “CHICAGO AVENUE” sums to 237. “FLOYD” sums to 237 in Satanic Cipher of gematria.

Another connection is between George Floyd and Chicago/Michael Jordan is Miley Cyrus. Her name “Cyrus” is an allusion to “Sirius.” She did the song “23” which payed homage to Michael Jordan in the video.

In 2014 her dog, which is a Sirius (Cyrus) symbol died. The dog’s name was “FLOYD.”

Related to Floyd is the inexplicably viral video from New York City’s Central Park where a woman choked her dog while threatening to lie to police about the man filming her.

That happened on the same day as George Floyd. The dog was a Sirius symbol related to that.

On that occasion there was a Moon-Sirius conjunct just as there was when Michael Jordan inducted Kobe Bryant into the basketball Hall of Fame.

This is a book about the root of the Sirius veneration. Take it with a grain of salt of course, but it is worth investigating for any one curious about the mystery. “The Sirius Mystery” by Robert Temple.

Equinox Rituals and Sun Archetypes in Surf City, Huntington Beach, California, Part 1

Esoteric Freemasonry News Rambo's Corner

On Sunday October 3rd, 2021 an ecological disaster unfolded off the shore of Huntington Beach, California when a massive oil spill occurred in the Pacific Ocean.

This event happened one week after events of seemingly lesser magnitude — that on a mystical, spell-casting, vibrational level were probably just as powerful — at the same location: Huntington Beach, California.

I have alluded to the fact that for millennia some of the most powerful and optimal times of the year for high ritual have been the solstices and the equinoxes. These rituals are centered on the Sun, and will invoke the archetypes of Sun gods.

On Saturday, September 25th, 2021 a 43-year-old man named Ronnie Garcia bizarrely pointed – basically a piece of cloth – at police officers who subsequently shot him dead in broad day light as the most prestigious event in world surfing — The US Open — was taking place. Huntington Beach is also the location of The Surfing Hall of Fame.

What should stand out to people here is the time of year: the Autumnal Equinox.

The first picture that was circulated throughout all media (despite there being multiple people with multiple cameras) was one specific picture that amounted to an allegorical picture that framed multiple archetypes.

The most noteworthy is the writing on the building far in the background, coming over the whole scene: “EQUINOX” as in Equinox gym. “EQUINOX” over a scene on September 25th, and the bizarre nature of the event suggested that this might be a Sun-related seasonal sacrifice.

The name of the person – shot by multiple police officers – is Ronnie Garcia. His initials synchronize: R.G. R is the 18th letter-of-the-alphabet; G is the 7th letter-of-the-alphabet, so the initials R.G. are 187. 187 is the California police code for homicide.

“187” as the California police made for murder, was made world famous by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s song “Deep Cover” whose chorus was “Yeah and you don’t stop, ‘Cause it’s 187 on a under cover cop.” “Deep Cover” was part the soundtrack to a movie by the same name.

Gematria reveals the synchronicity: “DEEP COVER” and “HOMICIDE” are a super match in 3-out-of-4 base ciphers.

Ronnie Garcia was shot near the “SURFING WALK OF FAME” which sums to 187.


The last Sun-based sacrifice ritual was around the Summer Solstice when a residential building in a Miami suburb partially collapsed (allegedly spontaneously). This was on June 24th, 2021. This was one of a set of “twin tower” buildings. The picture of the aftermath of Ronnie Garcia’s shooting that was preferred by all media, displayed two of multiple pillars, giving the appearance of two pillars. Again: this was happened at the U.S. Open of Surfing. Huntington Beach is nicknamed “Surf City.” The Florida building collapse at the Summer Solstice was located in Surfside, Florida.

The “EQUINOX” building overseeing the scene is a gym franchise. It was established precisely on the 1991 Autumn Equinox: September 23rd.

Here we see striking parallels with the George Floyd killing and September 11th. Twin Pillars are central to the scene.

Freemasonry honors the Autumnal Equinox on September 23rd with the master Mason ritual “The Martyrdom of Hiram Abiff.” Hiram Abiff is an allegorical architect of Solomon’s Temple, based partially on Ancient Kemet/Egypt’s Osiris-Horus myth. He is also a metaphor for the Sun that sets in the West on they, and sets on the year at the Autumnal Equinox.

In Freemason legend Hiram Abiff is killed at the WEST Gate of Solomon’s Temple.

This is why Ronnie Garcia died on the WEST coast; literally ON the coast, as a Hiram Asbiff-like metaphor for the Sun setting on the day and year.

Hiram Abiff is attacked by three Second Degree Fellow Craft Masons — collectively known as The Three Ruffians — attempting to force him to divulge the secret word of the Third Degree Master Mason which Hiram Abiff was. He died protecting the secret word. This is where we get the phrase ” THIRD DEGREE MURDER” directly from Freemason’s legend of Hiram Abiff.

The three police officers pictured by the two pillars represent The Three Ruffians.

There is synchronicity with George Floyd who also represented the Sun “setting” on the day and year at the Autumnal Equinox. The George Floyd event did not happen at the Equinox but on May 25th in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Gemini for the twin imagery as twins is the symbol for Gemini. He also died in one of the twin cities of Minneapolis.

George Floyd did represent the Autumn Equinox being a Libra, (born October 14th) which is the zodiac sign of the Autumn Equinox.

George Floyd clearly represented the setting Sun as theduration of his killing was initially reported as 8:48; 8 minutes, 46 seconds. The Sun set on Minneapolis on that day May 25th, 2020, at 8:46 p.m.

In the Latin cipher (Jewish on the gematrinator) “SUN SET” sums to 525, like the date May 25th that George Floyd died on.

Floyd was also also buried in a golden casket, representing the Sun; the fallen Sun.

The Minneapolis Mayor was and is at the moment, Jacob Frey who has a birthday that is hugely significant to Freemasonry: July 23rd when Freemasonry observe the Heliacal Rising of the Star Sirius; a Summer event that ushered in the New Year in Ancient Kemet/Egypt when the River Nile flooded.

The Mississippi River that runs through Minneapolis is representative of the Nile. The Mayor Jacob Frey is Sirius.

In gematria “SIRIUS” sums to 95 just as “Jacob Lawrence Frey” sums to 95.

But even more interesting is that the town he manages “MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA” sums to 237 like the date 23rd July; the Heliacal Rising of Sirius and Frey’s birthday.

“Heliacal Rising of Sirius” sums to 1026 in English Extended cipher of gematria. 1026 is like the date October 26.

When you spell out “OCTOBER TWENTY SIX” it sums to 237, like 23rd July.

October 26 is significant because it is the birthday of Huntington Beach, California Mayor Kim Carr who was born Kim Buck.

October 26th is also the birthday of the 2021 U.S. Open of Surfing women’s champion Caitlin Simmers. Mayor Carr is pictured with Simmers at the far left at the awards ceremony.

Sirius is the “STAR OF ISIS” which sums to 525 (Latin/Jewish) like the May 25th date that Georg Floyd died on.

Most significant – that ties multiple rituals together – is the birthday of Ronnie Garcia: September 11th (1978).