Elements of 911 in Other Rituals

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Twin towers of the World Trade Center damaged by suicide bombers in an act of terrorism.

Most people would associate those elements with only one event: the September 11th, 2001 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City. But the twin towers of the World Trade Center were damaged reportedly by suicide bombers in a terrorist attack over 5 and-a-half years before the 2001 World Trade Center event in New York City.

The twin towers of the World Trade Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka

On January 31st, 1996 The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in Colombo, Sri Lanka were under construction when they received considerable damage in a terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan Capital’s financial district.

The attack was linked to Sri Lanka’s civil war and blamed on the Tamil separatist group the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam known as the Tamil Tigers. In this event we see many of the same exoteric and esoteric elements of the September 11th, twin towers destruction in New York City.

The most vivid and conspicuous is the twin symbol. Twins represent the zodiac sign of Gemini. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury. Mercury is also a Roman god. Properties of the planet and Greco-Roman god are evident in what clearly are rituals.

One of many properties of Mercury is the god/planet of commerce and finances. The word “commerce” has “MERC” in it as homage to Mercury. The word “merchant” also has the “MERC” homage to the god/planet of financial gain. The Greco-Roman god Mercury is often depicted holding a bag of gold as an indication of the realm he influences. Below are pictures of a statue of Mercury in down town Rochester, New York where he is venerated as the ruler of the financial realm, holding up a bag of gold.

The symbolism here is obvious, and no coincidence. Twin towers built in the Sri Lankan capital Colombo’s financial district is direct invocation of Mercury the god of commerce and the ruling planet of the twins of Gemini, as well as the fact that the twin towers of Colombo’s World Trade Center are depicted on Sri Lankan currency; on its 500 Rupee note.

88 is a major “Mercury” number: the planet Mercury takes 88 days to complete one revolution around the Sun.

“Five hundred Rupees” sums to 88.

The attack that damaged the twin towers under construction is know as “Colombo Central Bank Bombing.”

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka was established on August 28th, 1950, a date in Virgo which is homage to Mercury that rules Virgo.

In Reverse Simple/Reverse Ordinal gematria “MERCURY” sums to 86.

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka was founded on a date with 86 numerology. 8 + 28 + 50 = 86

Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini. “GEMINI” sums to 105 in gematria. The founding date of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka August 28th, 1950 also has 105 numerology.

Each of the twin towers of the Colombo World Trade Center has 43 floors. That makes a combined total of 86 floors, further homage to Mercury as the god of commerce and finances.

The zodiacal detriment was at play in this ritual. Every planet (besides Earth) rules at least one zodiac sign, and has a detriment which is the sign in which the planet is at its weakest. The detriment of a planet and sign is directly opposite it on the zodiacal wheel.

Directly opposite Gemini/Mercury is Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter. Mercury is in detriment when in the sign of Sagittarius. Mercury also rules Virgo. Directly opposite Virgo is Pisces which is also ruled by Jupiter.

September 11th is in Virgo, so Osama Bin Laden – born March 10th – is Pisces representing the Virgo/Mercury detriment.

The planet Jupiter – that rules Pisces and Sagittarius – is a uniquely striped planet. In astrology the tiger represents the planet Jupiter due its orange stripes.

The Colombo Central Bank bombing was officially attributed to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or the Tamil Tigers.

The tiger represents Jupiter that rules Sagittarius. The founder and leader of the Tamil Tigers is Velupillai Prabhakaran.

Born November 26th, 1954 Velupillai Prabhakaran the leader of the Tamil Tigers is a Sagittarius, representing Jupiter the striped planet.

His first name “Velupillai ” sums to 119 like 11th September.

From Velupillai Prabhakaran’s November 26th, 1954 day-of-birth to Osama Bin Laden’s March 10th, 1957 day-of-birth is a period of 119 full weeks (plus 2 days).

The twin towers of World Trade Center Colombo opened on October 12th,1997 a date with 119 numerology.

There is synchronicity in the theme of destruction of twin towers. Another 911 predictive program was the 1985 sci-fi classic movie Back to the Future which featured the Twin Pines Mall being renamed the Lone Pine Mall after Marty McFly traveled to the past and destroyed one of the pine trees after which the mall was named.

The 133 features prominently here as the time on the mall clack when McFly returns from the past and sees the name change.

In gematria “Tamil Tigers” sums to 133.

Their full name “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam” sums 133.

The twin pillars are the signature feature of Solomon’s Temple. Building 7 of the New York World Trade Center was mostly occupied by the Salomon Brothers investment Bank, and known as the “Salomon Brothers Building” which sums to 133.

One of the twin pillars of the Temple of Solomon is the “Pillar of Boaz”

In the Bibles Old Testament a famous collapse of twin pillars occurs when Samson brings down the Temple of Dagon by bringing down twin pillars. “Temple of Dagon” sums to 133.

In case it may seem unreasonable to attribute Greco-Roman mystery traditions to to an event that occurred in a location of a completely different culture, it should be pointed out that the Colombo World Trade Center twin towers are in the backdrop of one of Colombo’s most prominent landmarks: the Old Parliament building which looks like Greco-Roman temples. Rome has a world wide stretch.

The Greco-Roman-styled Old Parliament Building in Colombo with the twin towers of the World Trade Center in the back ground


On September 11th, 2001 in New York City Buildings 1, 2 and 7 of the World Trade Center complex were brought down. Combinations of those three numbers are ritual keys. September 11th was dubbed “the new Pearl Harbor” which occurred on December 7th (12-7) of 1941.

Colombo World Trade Center is located in Echelon Square. “ECHELON” sums to 127.

“World Trade Center Colombo” sums to 127.

World Trade Center Colombo was officially opened by Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga whose name sums to 127.

From the 2001 anniversary of the January 31st, 1996 Colombo Financial District bombing to September 11th, 2001 is a span of 7 months and 12 days for another 7, 1 and 2.

After the January 31st bombing the Tamil Tigers are said to have orchestrated another deadly terror attack in Sri Lanka. Again there is Mercury symbolism present. This was the Dehiwala Train Bombings.

Mercury also rules the realm of traveling and transportation. This is why airplanes were used on September 11th, and why Virgo Lyndon B Johnson was sworn in as President on Air Force 1 after JFK was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963 a date in Sagittarius.

Trains are transportation and allude to Mercury.

The bombing was the July 24th, 1996 Dehiwala Train Bombing.

The date 7-24-96 has 127 numerology.

The 64 deaths is also a Mercury code. The Magic Square of Mercury is 8×8 (88 is the orbital cycle of planet Mercury) 8×8 gives you 64 squares.

The Magic Square of Mercury

Gematria reveals the connection between these two dark rituals: “Dehiwala Train Bombings” and “World Trade Center Colombo” have multiple overlaps especially at 127.

The Esoteric Symbolism of the X: The Fixed Cross, DMX, Lil’ Nas X and 118

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I will address a very important core esoteric theme that I introduced in my previous two posts The Esoteric Basis of the Andrew Cuomo-to-Kathy Hochul New York Governorship Ritual and The K.H. Ritual Theme: Kevin Hart, Kevin Hines and the Pope. One key ritual element is the number 118. This could contain clues about the future presidency of the United States in the form of Kamala Harris whose initials are K.H. just as the new New York governor’s initials are K.H. (Kathy Hochul). K is the 11th letter; H is the 8th. K.H. is therefor a form of 118, and Kamala Harris by no coincidence was nominated as Vice Presidential Running Mate on 11th August a date written 11-8.

An even more powerful ritual theme and symbol is the X.

The X in astrology is the Fixed Coss. It is so named because it is the cross formed on the zodiacal wheel by connecting the Fixed signs which are the signs that occur in the middle of each season.

Taurus and Scorpio form one axis of the Fixed Cross; Aquarius and Leo form the other axis. The Fixed Cross is also known as St. Andrew’s Cross. It was invoked in the ritual replacement of ANDREW Cuomo by Kathy Hochul and temporary (for the ritual) Lieutenant Governor ANDREA (which means Andrew in Italian) Stewart-Cousins.

The Fixed Cross is described in the Bible in Revelation chapel 4 verse 7

The lion is a symbol of Leo, the calf is a bovine symbol of Taurus, the man is Aquarius and the eagle is Scorpioi because the constellation of Scorpio is contiguous to the constellation of Aquila which means eagle. Scorpio can also be a phoenix.

Christian iconography depicts Jesus Christ in the middle of the Fixed Cross. The man (Aquarius) and the eagle (Scorpio) are at the top left and right; the lion (Leo) and the bull (Taurus) are at the bottom left and right.

X symbols represent the Fixed/St. Andrew’s Cross which is related to Revelation. These esoteric elements – and the number 118 – recently came together in the release of the so-called “Satan Shoes” of rapper Lil’ Nas X. The emphasis in his name is on the X.

Lil’ Nas X with his so-called “Satan Shoes”

The shoes contained a reference to “LUKE 10:18.” This is another 118 because in numerology 0 can be dropped.

The price of the shoes (only a limited 666 pairs were produced) was $ 1, 018.

The Gospel of Luke is associated with Taurus and the bull in the Fixed Cross.

Acknowledgement goes to Anthony C Davison for this contribution to the decode:

St. Luke is officially honored on the annual feast day of October 18th, a date written 10-18, which provides another 1018 or 118.

October 18th is the date – in 2019 – of Event 201, a Covid-19 predictive program exercise extensively covered by Zachary K Hubbard.


Mr. Davison further points out that St. Luke is the Patron Saint of physicians and medicine so it is appropriate that the pandemic predictive program would be on his feast day. He also points out that the word “vaccine” is derived from the word for “cow.” In Spanish cow is “VACA.” The esoteric connection is clear since the bovine is a symbol of Taurus which is associated with St. Luke.

Anthony C Davison also brings awareness to the dark occult symbol of the horned bull-like Canaanite god – to whom human sacrifices were made – Moloch. In English Extended “Moloch” sums to 201.

I would add that it is significant that in 2019 a life sized replica of the Canaanite Molech Statue was displayed at the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. It was to be displayed until March 29th, 2020. March 29th (2021) is also the release date of Lil’ Nas X’s “Satan Shoes.”

Moloch replica displayed in Rome Colisseum through March 29th, 2020

“Saint Luke the Evangelist” sums to 2010 in Reverse Sumerian which in numerology is a form of 201.

49 and the “X”

The number 49 is a major element as a gematria value of “REVELATION.”

Apocalyptic terminology like “Anti-Christ” also sum to 49.

There is a definite association between the X Fixed/St. Andrew’s Cross and the number 49.

Since this decode is exploring the ritual thread associated with Kamala Harris — the future President of the United States with all her 118 connections — it is noteworthy that the National Football League team from her home area is named the “49ers.”

A Corona virus pandemic predictive programming exercise before Event 201 was Clade X. The significant symbol here is the X in the title. In gematria “CLADE X” sums to 49

It also sums to 113 (CLADE X = 113), and the pandemic was declared on March 11, or 11/3.

Clade X (May 15th, 2018) was 666 days before the official declaration of the Corona virus outbreak (March 11th, 2020).

49 is the date April 9th which is the birthday of Lil’ Nas X

4-9 April 9th is also the death date of another X: rapper DMX.

St. Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland whose capital city is Edinburgh.

On the same day that DMX died the husband of Queen Elizabeth II Prince Philip died. His title was “the Duke of Edinburgh” which establishes his connection to the X cross.

“April ninth” and “Revelation” and “Satan Shoes” have multiple overlap in gematria.

One of DMX’s nicknames is “Dark Man X” which sums to 49.

X is St. Andrew’s Cross. “St. Andrew” sums to 49

Lil’ Nas X’s Satan Shoes were made in collaboration with a company named “MSCHF” which sums to 49

Prince Philip and the timing of his death have special significance when you consider a verified and authenticated famous quote of his:  “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.”

Luke 10:18 states: “I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” Lightning is a metaphor for Satan.

Lightning is also a metaphor for the planet and Roman chief deity Jupiter who was the “god of the sky and lightning.”

Jupiter is venerated by the Vatican today in the form of St. Peter (Ju-Peter) who is depicted enthroned just as Jupiter is. A 1,900 Roman statue of Jupiter was moved to a city named after St. Peter: St. Petersburg, Russia as homage tp St. Peter as Jupiter.

“JUPITER” sums to 99 in gematria. In most years (non-leap year) April 9th is the 99th day of the year.

Prince Philip died at age 99.

St. Peter’s Cross is the zodiacal Mutable Cross which is the upside-down cross of Gemini-Sagittarius, Pisces-Virgo. Pisces and Sagittarius are ruled by the planet Jupiter. The first openly Jesuit Pope is a Sagittarius as part of a ritual veneration of Jupiter.

Lil’ Nas X’s Satan Shoes also contain the upside-down St. Peter’s Cross.

The box for the shoes displays the Goetia demon BUER. Buer is associated with Sagittarius. All zodiac signs have a corresponding Goetia demon, not just Sagittarius.

The K.H. Ritual Theme: Kevin Hart, Kevin Hines and the Pope

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118, 138

Last week I discussed a prevalent K.H. theme that manifested in the resignation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who was succeeded by the first female Governor of New York Kathy Hochul.

Her initials are significant because Kathy Hochul is a female deputy replacing a male in high office. The female Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris has the same initials, and looks poised to be part of the fulfillment of the same ritual theme at a higher level when President Joe Biden is replaced either do to death or resignation.

I also mentioned last week that the tarot card Wheel of Fortune was an esoteric key to the grand ritual.

It depicts the astrological Fixed cross which is the X cross formed by Scorpio-Taurus on one axis, and Leo-Aquarius on the other.

This is significant to Joe Biden since he is a Scorpio which is represented by the phoenix on the card.

The Fixed Cross is also known as St. Andrew’s Cross as I mentioned last week. St. Andrew’s Day is November 30th. It is significant that the most recent death of a U.S. President — that of George H W Bush — took place on November 30th (2018). “Andrew” was hugely significant to the ritual since that is the first name of the former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and the temporary Lieutenant Governor was named Andrea, Italian for “Andrew” Stewart Cousins.

Stewart is also a very Scottish name. St. Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland and the Fixed Cross X saltire is displayed on the flag of Scotland.

St. Andrews Cross is also known as the Greater Cross, or the Galactic Cross and is described three times in the Bible: Daniel 7:4 (“cross” = 74 in gematria), Ezekiel 1:10 and Revelation 4:7.

The X cross is part of Papal iconography as seen in the keys of Simon Peter that are said to have been given to Peter by Jesus. There is a silver key and a golden key.

The silver key is a key to the silver gate, and the golden key is a key to the golden gate.

In astrology Scorpio is the Golden Gate while its opposite Taurus is the Silver Gate. So here we see more ritual elements relating to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris is from the Bay Area of California known for the Golden Gate Bridge, while Joe Biden is of the Golden Gate zodiac sign Scorpio.

In Ancient Kemet/Egypt Aset/Isis is the guardian of the Silver Gate. Kamala Harris also represents the Silver Gate being a Libra which is ruled by Venus. The Roman goddess Venus is Aphrodite and Isis/Aset. Venus also rules Taurus the bull, which is opposite Scorpio. This is why Isis is pictured with horns.

K is the 11th letter; H is the 8th. So K.H. is 118.

In gematria “SILVER GATE” sums to 118. This applies to K.H. Kamala Harris who is being used as Isis in ritual.

Remember that Kamala Harris was selected as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential Running Mate on 11-8, 11th August.

118 also relates to the Golden Gate in Ancient Egyptian/Kemetian symbolism. The scarab beetle is said to be the guardian of the Golden Gate. “SCARAB” sums to 118 in gematria.

13 AUGUST, 138

In my last article I mentioned that at the heart of the Andrew Cuomo-to-Kathy Hochul ritual is the fact that the star Regulus that is a “Royal Star” that effects rulership and leadership moved out of Leo a masculine fire sign, and into Virgo (in theTropical Zodiac) a more feminine Earth sign, on the 13th of August, 2012. This makes the 13th of August a central ritual element related to Biden-to-Harris and other rituals.

In my last article I mentioned that Andrew Cuomo’s highest-profile sexual harassment accuser is Brittany Commisso whose birthday is the 13th of August.

Kevin Hart

Another famous K.H. is actor and comedian Kevin Hart. The Hart is a reference to the heart which is a symbol of Venus who is the goddess of love; the heart being a love symbol. Venus is Isis who guards the Silver Gate.

“VENUS” sums to 54 in gematria. “Kevin Hart” sums to 54.

On March 2nd, 2013 Kevin Hart guest-starred on Saturday Night Live and did a skit titled “The New Pope.”

This episode was aired as the world awaited the announcement of a new Pope. It was aired 11 days before the announcement that Pope Francis would be the new Pope.

The male-to-female theme was central here as Hart appeared as at-the-time 9 year-old-actress Quvenzhane Wallis who is announced as the new Pope.

From the date that the “Royal Star” Regulus moved from Leo to Virgo August 13th, 2012 — to the date of the Saturday Night Live episode with Kevin Hart ( March 2nd, 2013) — is a period of 201 days.

For the massive significance of the number 201 and the Pope, look at Zachary K Hubbard’s work on it:

Here are some quick examples: Pope Francis broke convention by deciding to reside in Suite 201 instead of the Apostolic Palace. His name sums to 201 in gematria as does “The Jesuit Order” and the name of the founder of the Jesuit Order.

“William Henry Gates” also sums to 201. Bill Gates is a Scorpio and therefor represents the Golden Gate. The fact that his name is Gates is more evidence of his ritual significance. Bill Gates’ father Bill Gates Sr. was born on St. Andrew’s day.

K.H. is not the only connection of Kevin Hart to Kamala Harris. He was portraying an inauguration of world-wide significance; an inauguration that Kamala Harris would be part of when sworn in as Vice President of the United States on January 20th, 2021. Harris famously wore a purple dress reminiscent of the purple dress that K.H. Kevin Hart wore on Saturday Night Live.

Rome replaced two of its top three deities, Mars and Quirinus (a.k.a. Janus) of the Archaic Triad with Juno and Minerva in the Capitoline Triad.

Kevin Hines

Another K.H. is Kevin Hines. He is further connected to Kamala Harris in that he is from San Fransisco. He is famous for reportedly surviving a suicide jump from the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is reported that on September 25th, 2000 Kevin Hines jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in a suicide attempt but miraculously survived – and lives without major physical disabilities – after a Sea Lion kept him afloat after he landed in the water. He has become a high profile suicide prevention activist.

He stars in a multiple-award-winning documentary titled ” SUICIDE, The Ripple Effect.” Remember that K.H. equals 11 8.

The date of the jump off the Golden Gate Bridge is significant in gematria: “TWENTY FIFTH SEPTEMBER” sums to 259 the way the date can be written.

Here again we see a Kamala Harris connection. The former professional wrestler James “Kamala” Harris died two days before Kmala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential running mate. James “Kamala” Harris’ nickname was “THE UGANDAN GIANT” which sums to 259 like “twenty fifth September” the date that K.H. Kevin Hines is reported to have jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Kevin Hines attended the Catholic Archbishop Riordan High School in San Fransisco. Their main school color is purple.

The Sea Lion that is reported to have saved Kevin Hines’ life is a reference to the zodiac sign of Leo which is part of the X Fixed Cross a.k. St. Andrew’s Cross.

K.H. CORONA Satellite Program

Also, shout out to Stevie for mentioning the K.H. Corona Satellite program that was used by the CIA during the Cold War to spy on China and the Soviet Union.

They say that K.H. stood for Key Hole. The Vatican holds significant influence over the world’s intelligence agencies. And it is a place where we famously see the largest K.H. Key Hole in the design of St. Peter’s Square.

The Keyhole layout of St. Peter’s Square

The Esoteric Basis of the Andrew Cuomo-to-Kathy Hochul New York Governorship Ritual

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118, 99, 248

New York State’s first female governor was sworn into office on Tuesday August 24th, 2021. She was previously the Lieutenant Governor to Andrew Cuomo, and assumed the Governorship after Cuomo resigned amid multiple sexual harassment allegations.

I have often made the point that public events – which are rituals – are rarely rituals unto themselves; they are usually a sub-part of a greater overarching grand ritual. The overarching theme here is the transfer of high political office; a realm that has been almost exclusively male, to a female from a male.

The greatest ritual on this particular theme will be when the Presidency of the United States of America transitions from Joseph Biden to Kamala Harris. Andrew Cuomo-to-Kathy Hochul is connected to that future Presidential ritual.

The magicians who instruct these rituals use as a primary element, the power of the cosmos. Astrological forces dictate the elements of the rituals.

The primary astrological phenomenon that is instructing the current rituals — regarding male-to-female political leadership transitions — is based on the star Regulus. Regulus ( from the Latin word “Regis” for King) is known as a “Royal Star” and is said to effect leadership.

Acknowledgement goes to Bobby Simpson for the following facts: you can read his full blog post on it here: In the Tropical zodiac the star Regulus which has been in the constellation of Leo (a masculine fire sign) moved into Virgo (an Earth sign that is more feminine) on August 13th, 2012.

Regulus will be in Virgo for over 2 thousand years. This is the main astrological basis for the world wide appointments of women to political positions previously dominated by men. Needless to say, Kathy Hochul and the new Lieutenant Governor of New York Andrea Stewart-Cousins are both Virgos.

The ritual was timed so that Hochul and Stewart-Cousins would officially achieve office at midnight August 24th a date in Virgo and when the Sun and Regulus were in conjunction.

Again: this is in the Tropical Zodiac. Some astrologers refer to the 2,000 + year period of Regulus in Virgo as the “Age of Queens.” August 13th thus becomes a major ritual date regarding women replacing men in high office.

Cuomo was undone by multiple sexual harassment allegations. The first and highest profile accuser is Brittany Commisso who was given the moniker “Assistant number one.”

Accuser # 1 Brittany Commisso pictured with Andrew Cuomo

Brittany Commisso’s birthday is August 13th the same date as the astrological 2012 Regulus royal star moving out of Leo and into Virgo. Commisso is a Leo making her perfect for the ritual. She embodies the “STRENGTH” card of the tarot deck which represents Leo, and depicts a woman subduing a Lion.

The K.H. Code

This ritual is a harbinger for Kamala Harris replacing Joe Biden as President of the United States. The most conspicuous element are the initials of Kamala Harris and Kathy Hochul: K.H. K is the 11th letter of the alphabet, H is the 8th. So K.H. is an occulted 118.

Kamala Harris was nominated as Biden’s VP running mate on 11-8; 11th August, 2020.

Venus is the most central esoteric element of female narratives, being one of only two female planets (the other being Earth) in the Western tradition. Venus rules Libra. Kamala Harris is Libra. So, Kamala Harris is Venus.

From Bobby Simpson’s post on Regulus: The day that Kamala Harris was selected as VP Running Mate (11th August, 2020) the planet Venus was at maximum elongation as a morning star.

Venus was also at maximum elongation as a morning star on August 13th, 2012 the day that the royal star Regulus moved out of Leo and into Virgo.

138 is also related to Venus in that for every 13 revolutions Venus makes around the Sun, Earth makes 8.

“Venus” in Hebrew is “Noga.” Which sums to 118 in English Extended cipher.

“Cuomo accuser Brittany Commisso” – as she was described in the media – sums to 118.

Kathy Hochul’s Lieutenant Governor is Andrea Stewart-Cousins who was born “Andrea Alice Stewart” which sums to 118

Brittany Commisso’s phrase “He thinks he’s untouchable” was highlighted in the media.

This phrase sums to 1108 in the Satanic cipher of gematria. 1108 is 118 in numerology.

Andrew Cuomo resigned (August 10th, 2021) 118 days before his birthday (December 6th).

Andrew Cuomo’s December 6th birthday makes him a Sagittarius in the tropical zodiac. Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter and St. Andrew’s Cross

This is an occasion where you we see a ritual of Jupiter being usurped by Mercury. Mercury rules Virgo (Hochul is a Virgo). Mercury is the detriment of Sagittarius just as Jupiter is the detriment of Virgo. In recent high ritual Jupiter (the chief deity of Rome) has typically prevailed.

Another key esoteric foundation of the Cuomo resignation is the tarot card the Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel of Fortune represents – among many other things – the planet Jupiter. This is Andrew Cuomo’s first direct connection to the card.

The Wheel of Fortune contains the Tetragrammaton in Hebrew letters which are JHVH which is Jahova, a name of God similar to “Jove” the Latin name for Jupiter.

The planet Jupiter rules the realm of luck. Fortune is another name for luck. It illustrates the cycle of good fortune and bad fortune. The wheel in the middle of the card represent the cycle theme.

Gematria again confirms the occulted narrative: “FORTUNE” and “JUPITER” are a super match.

There are four zodiacal symbols on the Wheel of Fortune card: an angel which represents Aquarius, an eagle/phoenix which represents Scorpio, a lion that represents Leo, and a Bull that represents Taurus.

These are the four signs that occur in the middle of the four seasons. They are called “FIXED” signs. Aquarius and Leo are directly opposite each other on the zodiacal wheel. They form one axis of the FIXED CROSS. Taurus and Scorpio form the other axis. The fixed cross is an X.

The Fixed Cross is also known as Saint Andrew’s Cross. This is another connection between ANDREW Cuomo and St. ANDREW’s Cross.

“Andrew” in Italian is “Andrea.” Andrea in English is a female name like that of the new Lieutenant Governor of New York Andrea Stewart-Cousins.

The Feast of St. Andrew and St. Andrew’s Day are observed on November 30th in the West.

Kathy Hochul and Andrea Stewart-Cousins officially took over from Andrew Cuomo on August 24th, or 24th August, a date written 24-8.

In gematria when you spell out St. Andrew’s Day, “NOVEMBER THIRTIETH” it sums to 248.

The comment by Brittany Commisso highlighted in the media “He thinks he’s untouchable” sums to 248 like 24th August.

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card that features St. Andrew’s Cross; the zodiacal Fixed Cross, represents the planet Jupiter. In gematria “JUPITER” sums to 99. Andrew Cuomo is a Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter.

“Kathy Hochul” and “Andrew Cuomo” both sum to 990 in Reverse Sumerian. 990 is the same as 99 in numerology.

“First woman Governor” sums to 99 as does “sexual harassment allegations.”

From the August 24th date — of Andrew Cuomo’s transfer of power to Kathy Hochul and Andrea Stewart-Cousins — to the next St. Andrew’s Day is a 99 day span including beginning and end date.

“JUPITER” also sums to 36.

August 24th is 3 months and 6 days from St. Andrew’s Day.

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card represents Jupiter which is related to cycles, hence the term “wheel.” Jupiter takes 12 years (Earth years) to make one revolution around the Sun. 12 is a “cycle number”: 12 months in a year, 12 hours on a clock completes one cycle.

From Andrew Cuomo’s 2021 birthday to the next St. Andrew’s day is a 360 day span including the end date. 360 a “cycle” number since there are 360 degrees in a circle.

Circles are calculate by Pi which is 22/7. A highlighted comment by Brittany Commisso is “What he did to me was a crime.”

“What he did to me was a crime” sums to 227, the Pi-related number.

Remember Commisso is a Leo which is part of St. Andrew’s Cross a.k.a. the Fixed Cross depicted on the Wheel of Fortune.

The Chief Deity of Rome Still Being Venerated Today: The 2021 WWE Royal Rumble Homage to Jupiter

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In my last post I spoke of WWE wrestler Bianca Belair in light of what appears to be a series of related ritual events. She is the most famous alumnus of a high school in Knoxville, Tennessee that saw the shooting death of a 17 year-old student and football player on August 8th, 2021 the date of the astrological Lion’s Gate portal opening when the Sun aligns with the sacred star Sirius; a prime time for manifestation ritual positive or negative.

This was following a pattern involving Leo and the Sun. The next day August 9th would be the the first birthday of Tik Tok and social media star Anthony Barajas after his death in a movie theater in Corona California.

As I mentioned two posts ago: the Corona theater shooting had multiple ritual alignments with the most famous theater shooting in world history, namely the assassination of Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater in Washington D.C by John Wilkes Booth who was born in Bel Air (Maryland) and died in Port Royal (Virginia). Bianca Belair won the most recent Royal Rumble WWE title.

That same Royal Rumble event was a grand ritual homage to the chief deity of Rome; Jupiter.

The men’s Universal Champion was won by a wrestler named Roman Reigns, a direct reference to Jupiter.

In gematria “JUPITER” sums to 99 which is a hugely significant number that shows up repeatedly as occulted acknowledgements of the chief deity of Rome.

The event Royal Rumble, and the champion Roman Reigns have initials that are central to the ritual. R is the 18th letter of the alphabet. In Pythagorean or Full Reduction gematria R is reduced to 9 by adding the digits of 18: 1+8.

So the initials R.R. – in “Royal Rumble” and “Roman Reigns” – are an occulted 99 and homage to Jupiter.

Jupiter and his wife Juno were venerated at the Feast of Jupiter and Juno which was observed every April 22nd. My assertion is that Jupiter and Juno never stopped being venerated, and are still being worshipped today albeit on an occulted level, in rituals like the 2021 Royal Rumble. The “Royal” is a reference to Jupiter and Juno.

The 2021 Royal Rumble was held on January 31st.

The 2021 Royal Rumble was held 9 months, 9 days after the most recent Feast of Jupiter and Juno.

Also, the 2022 anniversary of this high ritual to Jupiter (2022 being the Chinese Year of the Tiger; the striped tiger being an astrological representation of the striped planet Jupiter) January 31st, 2022 will be 9 months 9 days after the most recent Feast of Jupiter and Juno.

Bianca Belair was chosen to win on this high ritual date because she was born on the 99th day of the year: April 9th, 1989.

The above statue of the Roman god Jupiter is said to be almost 2,000 years old, having been completed in the year 100 A.D. In 1861 it was moved out of its home in Italy to the Hermitage Museum in the ritualistically significant location of St. Petersburg, Russia. The statue of Jupiter was moved to a location named after Saint Peter, the patron saint of the Catholic Church; a clear indication that Peter is a front for JU-Peter.

As if there wasn’t enough evidence of a grand ritual to Jupiter, the 2021 Royal Rumble was held in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Gematria confirms the association: “St. Petersburg” and “Jupiter/Zeus” have double overlap


Every planet (and the Sun and Moon) have a Magic Square. The Magic Square of Jupiter is 4×4 with each box numbered 1 through 16. The sum of every vertical, horizontal and diagonal line of the Magic Square of Jupiter is 34. So 34 is a number of Jupiter.

The Roman Statue of Jupiter is located in St. Petersburg, Russia at the address of 34 Palace Embarkment.

The 2021 Royal Rumble in St. Petersburg, Florida was the 34th Royal Rumble.

Jupiter is the stormy planet and weather god associated with lightning and thunder. In gematria “JUPITER” and “THUNDER” are a super match.

The 2021 Royal Rumble was closed to live spectators, and broadcast from a bio-secure bubble known as the “Thunder Dome.” “St. Petersburg”, “Jupiter/Zeus” and “Thunder Dome” all have double overlap in gematria. More homage to the storm god.

“Thunder God” and “St. Petersburg” have double overlap in gematria.

“Thunder Dome”, “Jupiter/Zeus” and “Vatican City” all have double overlap in gematria

71 The Number That Ties it All Together

When you spell out “SEVENTY ONE” it sums to 144, a hugely significant number to the “Jesuit Order” which sums to 144.

The Sun and Sirius the Dog Star Ritual: Corona, California Theater Shooting, Bianca Belair and Knoxville Tennessee

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In the time period from the last week of July through the first two weeks of August we witness rituals – on an annual basis – centered around the star Sirius. Sirius was a sacred to Ancient Kemet/Egypt, and is still venerated by today’s elite adepts; especially in the United States whose foundation date (July 4th, 1776) is based on Sirius’ location relative to Earth’s and the Sun’s on that day. The starburst of Sirius is depicted on American currency on the ubiquitous one dollar bill.

In my previous presentation I discussed the July 26th, 2021 Regal Edwards Corona Crossings movie theater shooting of Rylee Goodrich and Anthony Barajas in Corona, California. At the time period of the Sirius rituals, this was the latest enactment.

Sirius which is a fixed star “disappears” behind the Sun for approximately 70 days in the year. This alignment (opposition) of Sirius and the Sun is believed to create a synergistic high spiritual energy. Sirius is considered – in Ancient Kemet – to be the star of the goddess Isis. In my previous post I explained that the Regal Edwards Corona Crossings movie theater shooting victim Rylee Goodrich represented Isis in the ritual.

Rylee Goodrich represents Isis

Sirius is known as the “Dog Star.”

Sirius’ reappearance is known as its heliacal rising which coincides with the flooding of the land along the River Nile, and the beginning of the Ancient Kemetian new year. Hence Sirius is associated with water, fertility and rebirth; feminine generative phenomena.

One of the most circulated pictures of Rylee Goodrich in the media, confirms her ritual role as Isis.

Metaphors for Isis, Sirius and the River Nile


Rylee Goodrich and Anthony Barajas were killed in an “unprovoked Crime” at the “Corona Crossings” movie theater while watching “The Forever Purge.” Sirius is known as “The Sun behind the Sun.”

All these terms sum to 216 (which is 6x6x6).

The most famous theater shooter is John Wilkes Booth. From his 2021 birthday to this latest theater shooting (May 10th to July 26th) is 2 months and 16 days for another 216.

216 is the product of 6x6x6. 666 is related to the Sun. The Magic Square of the Sun is 6×6 containing 36 squares numbered 1 through 36. The sum of all the squares in the Magic Square of the Sun is 666.

The Magic Square of the Sun

So 216 relates 666 which relates to the Sun, and as I explained in my previous article Anthony Barajas represents Osiris and the Sun which is aligned with Sirius to create the current circumstances for the rituals we see at this time.

Anthony Barajas was referred to as a “Tik Tok Star” which is a reference to the Sun which a star that determines time 9tick tock). His August 9th birthday is perfect for the ritual in which he is Osiris and the Sun. The Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo. Barajas is a Leo. His killing happened during Leo. August 9th is written 8-9, like 89. In gematria “OSIRIS” sums to 89

The phrase “The Osirian Legend” sums to 267 like the date 26-7; 26th July on which Anthony Barajas was shot.

In the Osirian Legend he is dismembered and cut into 14 pieces by his killer Set/Seth. Hence 14 is a number associated with Osiris. Anthony Barajas was shot 14 days before his birthday

Both Barajas’ birthday and the shooting were in Leo. “LEO” sums to 14 in gematria.

Anthony Barajas attended Mater Dei High School where he played varsity soccer. Rylee Goodrich played varsity volleyball at Corona High School. They both wore jersey number 9.

In gematria’s purest cipher (Pythagorian/Full Reduction) “SUN” sums to 9. Further evidence that Anthony Barajas is the Sun.

This is significant because Rylee Goodrich’s birthday is September 9th, written 9-9.

In gematria “Jupiter” sums to 99. Jupiter rules Sagittarius. The killer Joseph Jimenez is a Sagittarius (born December 6th).

In astrology Sagittarius kills the Sun with a bow and arrow, sending it to its “death” in the underworld.

“NINE” in gematria sums to 42, as does “Dog Star.”

Also “Nine Nine” sums to 42.

Barajas’ Twitter handle was “abarajas42”.

In another Sun related ritual – on the eve of Barajas’ 2021 birthday – a high school football player was reported shot to death. This time in Knoxville Tennessee where Austin-East Magnet High School student John John Mathis was gunned down.

The first parallel to the Corona, California shooting is the double J in “John John.” The same day of the Corona theater shooting by Joseph Jimenez, heavy metal band Slipknot’s co-founder Joey Jordison died.

J is the 10th letter, so JJ is 10 10.

In history’s most famous theater shooting John Wilkes Booth is reported to have entered Ford’s Theater at approximately 10:10 pm.

“Ten ten pm” is a super match with “SHOOTING” in gematria.

Rylee Goodrich owned an eyelash company named “Lashed By Ry” which sums to 1010.

Te August 8th, 2021 shooting of John John Mathis occurred in Knoxville, Tennessee. The first thing that one thinks of when one hears “Knox” is Fort Knox known for gold which is associated with the Sun.

Knoxville, Tennessee is home to the Sunsphere monument and landmark.

As far as Sun commemorations go, there is also World Lion Day that is celebrated every August 10th, a date in Leo, evidence that world leaders take the zodiac very seriously.

The shooting of John John Mathis may or may not be ritualistically linked to the most famous alumnus of his Austin-East Magnate High School namely Bianca Belair who on January 31st became the first black person to win the WWE Royal Rumble and is the current women’s Smackdown champion, and one of the first black women to headline Wrestlemania.

Bianca Belair

Again: look at the consistent royalty theme: The Regal cinemas in Corona which means crown. Anthony Barajas’ Mater Dei High School are called the Monarchs with a lion logo; the lion is the “king of the beasts”, all this in the time of Leo.

Belair’s day of birth is interesting, because not only was it the 99th day of the year — a number connecting elements of this multi-layered rituals — but it left 266 days in the year. Both these numbers are immense to The Vatican and the Jesuit Order.

Zach Hubbard has spoken extensively on this number. Pope Francis is the 266th Pope. The Jesuit motto “Iesus Hominum Salvator” sums to 266. “The Holy Roman Empire ” sums to 266. The Holy Roman Empire venerates Jupiter as its chief diety. “Jupiter” sums to 99.

The Sunsphere landmark in Bianca Belair’s home town of Knoxville is 266 feet in height.

Bianca Belair is an Aries. The Sun is exalted in Aries.

The Knoxville, Tennessee Sunsphere is located at 810 Clinch Avenue. Remember that the date 8-10 August 10th is World Lion Day.

Bianca Belair’s image is strikingly familiar to followers of The Purge movie series. Rylee Goodrich and Anthony Barajas were shot watching The Purge.

Belair’s signature image is lips and kissing. She is not dissimilar to the character Kimmy in The Purge Election Year who wears a “Kiss Me” mask.

Kimmy from The Purge (left) and Bianca Belair

Theater Shootings, The Purge and The Gods of Chaos

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On July 26th, 2021 co-founder of heavy metal band Slipknot Joey Jordison is reported to have died in his sleep. On that same day July 26th, 2021 a movie theater shooting was reported in Corona, California at a screening of the latest episode of the PURGE series. The victims were 18-year-old Rylee Goodrich and 19-year-old Anthony Barajas.

As usually is the case, this incident of ritual sacrifice was not just an event unto itself, but is related to other rituals and an overarching ritual theme.

Two events are related due to the fact that they occurred on the same day:

  • The death of Slipknot drummer and co-founder Joey Jordison occurred on the same day as
  • the Corona, California movie theater shooting.
  • Of utmost significance is the movie that was showing at the scene of the July 26th, 2021 Corona, California shooting: the latest installment of the series THE PURGE. All of these elements are connected by multiple factors including gematria. Slipknot especially is significant because it mentions gematria in its 2008 song Gematria The Killing Name.

The most famous theater shooting in world history is the April 14th, 1865 shooting of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater.

The July 26th, 2021 theater shooting of Rylee Goodrich and Anthony Barajas at the screening of The Purge is a direct line to the Abraham Lincoln shooting, not only because it was a theater shooting, but intuit THE PURGE directly references Abraham Lincoln.

In “Election Year” episode of The Purge franchise an Abraham Lincoln mask features prominently with a mask worn by a violent character, and in the poster art.

Even more vividly, The Lincoln Memorial is vandalized with “PURGE” written in blood on its pillars.

Abraham Lincoln masks replicas from The Purge movie became a somewhat popular item, marketed as “The Purge Abraham Lincoln Mask.” Remember that The Purge theater shooting in Corona, California occurred on the 26th of July; a date written 26-7.

In gematria “The Purge Abraham Lincoln Mask” sums to 267.

The Corona, California theater shooting victim who died at the scene is Rylee Goodrich. John Wilkes Booth who shot Abraham Lincoln at Ford’s Theater was born May 10th, a date written 5-10.

“Rylee” sums to 510 in the Latin/Jewish cipher of gematria, like the date 5-10; May 10th.

Abraham Lincoln was shot at Ford’s Theater on the 14th of April; a date written 14-4.

In gematria the name “RYLEE GOODRICH” sums to 144.

From the 2021 anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s death, to the date of Rylee Goodrich’s Corona, California movie theater shooting is 14 weeks, 4 days, like 144.

From the 2021 anniversary of the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial (May 30th), to Rylee Goodrich’s 2021 birthday (September 9th) is a period of 14 weeks, 4 days.

The other shooting victim Anthony Barajas has almost a million followers on Tik Tok, and is referred to across the media as a “Tik Tok Star”. “Tik Tok Star” sums to 144.

The name “Tik Tok” references time; the ticking of a clock. One day (24 hours) has 1,440 minutes. 144 is a definite “time” number. In the Jewish/Latin cipher “TIME” sums to 144.

The star that regulates time is the Sun. The Sun can be said to be a “tick tock star.” Acknowledgement for this key element goes to Bobby Simpson.

“Jesuit Order” also sums to 144. This is significant because Anthony Barajas attended Mater Dei High School, a Jesuit institution in Santa Ana. His high school colors are red and black, and their motto is “Culture of Sacrifice.”

Double entendre?

The Jesuit Order seal is a Sun icon.

The diameter of the Sun is said to be 109 times larger than planet Earth’s. “SHOOTING” sums to 109 gematria.

The Sun rules the zodiac sign of Leo whose symbol is a lion.

The Regal Edwards Corona Crossings theater shooting happened on July 26th which is a date in Leo. Anthony Barajas’ birthday is August 9th which makes him a Leo. Barajas’ birthday is confirmed by these birthday tweets below:

His Mater Dei High School logo is, appropriately, a lion. Barajas was a striker for the Mater Dei High School soccer team.

Mater Dei High School varsity sports logo

The nickname of Mater Dei High School is the “Monarchs.” A monarch – among other things – is a King. The lion is considered the “King of the Beasts.” In gematria “MONARCHS” and “LION KING” are a super match.

The royalty symbolism is over the top here: “Monarchs”, “King of the beasts”, Barajas shot at “Regal” cinemas in Corona which means “crown” in Spanish but is also a solar reference: Solar flares are “coronal mass ejections.”

An August 9th birthday is hugely significant to this particular ritual: 144 days remain in the year on this date.

19 the Number of Set the God of Chaos who Kills the Sun

Anthony Barajas represented the Sun in this “Death of the Sun” ritual. In Ancient Kemetian/Egyptian allegory Osiris is the Sun who is killed and mutilated by his evil brother Set. This ritual honors Set.

Elite “magickian” Aleister Crowley was vilified for promoting the “Aeon of Horus” but explained that the real concern should be the elite’s pursuit of the “Aeon of Set.” This Corona theater ritual appears to be along the lines of venerators of the Aeon of Set.

Neo The Hacker did an excellent video on the death of Anthony Barajas and two other Tik Tok sensations who all died at age 19.

In gematria “SET” sums to 19.

The Greek god-of-chaos equivalent to Set is “Typhon” which also sums to 19.

“CHAOS” sums to 19

Remember that the term “Tick Tock” refers to time, the Sun determines time, so “Tik Tok Star” refers to the Sun which is Osiris / Ausar.

Covid-19 has been directly associated with Set in the example of a transportation company named Aardvark, that has been used for Covid-19 mobile testing labs, and whose logo looks like Set.

Online mainstream media has spent a surprising amount of energy “debunking” the idea that the logo of the company that provides the mobile Covid-19 testing lab is associated with Set.

But – besides the gematria of 19 – the name of the company “Aardvark” is indeed associated with Set. From Encyclopedia Britannica:

…..have been suggested as the basis for his form.

The killer of Rylee Goodrich and Anthony Barajas at the screening of The Purge, is Joseph Jimenez. Jimenez represents Set the god of chaos. Jimenez acted out the script of The Purge which features gratuitous, unprovoked violence.

Anthony Barajas is reported to have died on July 31st from the wounds he received while watching The Purge in Corona, California.

On that same day July 31st, 2021 the plot of The Purge was played out in Corona, New York where there was a mass shooting of 10 people by masked and hooded men some of whom were on motorcycles.



A scene from one of the episodes of The Purge featuring masked assailants on motorcycles

Ahriman the Zoroastrian God of Destruction

The deity being invoked here is called Set in the Ancient Kemetian/Egyptian tradition. In the Zoroastrian tradition this is Ahriman. This is made clear when you juxtapose Rudolph Steiner’s channeled image of Ahriman with the Abraham Lincoln Mask from The Purge.

Ahriman the Zoroastrian “god of chaos and destruction” (left) and the Abraham Lincoln mask from The Purge

Gematria confirms that all these elements are indeed connected. “Ahriman”, “Aeon of Set”, “Monarchs” the nickname of Anthony Barajas’ Mater Dei High School, “Set”, Rylee Goodrich’s middle name “ERIKA”, and “SHOOTING” all have double overlap at 44 and 37.


In the grand ritual Anthony Barajas was the Sun Osiris, Joseph Jimenez is Set who kills Osiris (Sun Set) and Rylee Goodrich is Isis.

Isis is Venus in the Roman tradition. The gematria numbers of “VENUS” are 81, 54 and 18 and 27.

  • Her shooting and death took place on a date with 54 and 18 numerology
  • “Rylee Goodrich” sums to 81 and 207 which is 27 in numerology.
  • Rylee Goodrich died at 18 years old.
  • The location of the shooting “CORONA” sums to 224.

224 days is the orbital cycle of the planet Venus.

  • Christian iconography of Mary with baby Jesus in her lap is directly co-opted from Ancient Egyptian depicting of Isis with baby Horus in her lap. The Mater Dei (Mother of God) reference is part of the Isis coding.

The original Aset/Isis and Heru/Horus (left) which influenced Mary and Jesus

The birthday of the Virgin Mary is said to be September 8th: “Virgo Maria” literally means “Virgo Mary.” Rylee Goodrich’s birthday is the day after the Feast of the Virgin Mary, confirming that she was indeed Isis in the ritual “Destruction of the Sacred Feminine.” The sacred feminine is a metaphor for the force of love and conscience that when destroyed creates the kind of psychopathy seen in the movie The Purge and increasingly on the streets of the United States.

It is also noteworthy that Slipknot co-founder Joey Jordison who died on the same day, was a Taurus which is ruled by Venus.

The Euro 2020 Final: The Goat, Judas, Sacrifice and the Destruction of the Twin Pillars

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42, 67

In my previous post I mentioned that the Roman Emperor Titus came to power on June 24th, 79 . He lead the destruction of the temple and the city of Jerusalem as a military leader 9 years before becoming emperor.

The June 24th date of the Champlain Tower South is a direct allusion to the destruction of the Temple down for its twin pillar symbolism. I mentioned last week how the date June 24th or 24th June manifests in gematria. What I missed – but will now include – is that the term “TWIN TOWERS” sums to 624 in the Sumerian cipher.

“JERUSALEM” and “WEMBLEY” also sum to 624. “Wembley Stadium” equals 246.

Wembley Stadium, London, England is the site of the most recent destruction-of-the-twin- pillars ritual where on July 11th Italy representing Rome defeated England. The twin pillars were ironically most powerfully represented by their absence. The twin pillars of the original Wembley had been ritually destroyed to make way for the current modernized Stadium whose signature feature is the solar arch, known in Freemasonry as The Royal Arch.

The solar Royal Arch of the new Wembley Stadium

2021 The Year of the GOAT in Sports

The Italy vs England European Football Championship Final was ritually significant on multiple levels. At the original Solomon’s Temple and 2nd Temple in Jerusalem goats were a particular, significant animal ritually sacrificed. 2021 has been “The Year of the Goat” in sports. G.O.A.T. being an acronym for Greatest Of All Time.

But the term “goat” has multiple meanings in sports. It also means the polar opposite of “Greatest Of All Time”: the athlete responsible for his or her team’s loss. Merriam-Webster dictionary gives synonyms “whipping boy” and “fall guy” for goat.

The European Final between Italy and England – after being tied after regulation and extra time (over time to Americans) was decided by a penalty shoot-out. Each team takes 5 penalty kicks. This where the grand ritual took on another dimension: the racial coding that the gematria community is all too familiar with. Despite the enormity of pressure in this situation, England’s Manager Gareth Southgate (a reference to the South Gate of Solomon’s Temple) inexplicably (to those who do not have the eyes to see) selected the least experienced player to take the 5th pressure kick: 19 year-old Bukayo Saka

Bukayo Saka

Saka failed to score of course, which clinched the title for Rome. Not only did sack miss, but England’s two previous penalty takers missed as well. Only England’s first two scored. The two who scored were white, and the three who missed were black.

Those familiar with the racial code numbers of 42 and 59 deployed on black people will not be surprised that Bukayo Saka’s birthday is the 5th of September(5-9).

For a more detailed breakdown on the racial coding in this ritual check this link for the twitter page of Anthony C Davison who was all over it from the get-go.

The Illusion also did a breakdown of this aspect of the ritual on his Youtube channel.

Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka

The three players who missed were – in order as pictured above: Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka.

Mr. Davison observed that their last names together sum to 181 which is the 42nd prime number.

But if you take their first names: Marcus, Jadon, Bukayo it adds up to 59.

The Asphyxiation Theme

Another aspect of the racial aspect of the ritual has again to do with slang terminology: this time it is the term “CHOKE.” I have been discussing an ongoing asphyxiation ritual theme. Merriam Webster dictionary defines “choke” as:

No explanation should be needed as to the significance of choking in the black historical narrative. The current top civil rights slogan is “I Can’t Breathe.” Nedless to say: “CHOKE” sums to 42.

The Three Ruffians

This was steeped in Freemasonic ritual elements. Wembley is the site of a symbolically destroyed Temple of Solomon. In Masonic allegory the master builder of Solomon’s Temple Hiram Abiff is assaulted at the East, South and West gates of Solomon’s Temple. His assailants are 3 Fellow Craft 2nd degree Freemasons collectively known as “The Three Ruffians.” Rashford, Sancho and Saka most likely represent the Three Ruffians.

In gematria “RUFFIAN” sums to 42.

“Three Ruffians” sums to 201, a number that has manifested in multiple sports championships in 2021.

“Ruffian” in American terminology is a “thug”, which was a theme at the Final where there were reports of hundreds of fans storming the gates of the stadium in attempts to force their way in without paying, emblematic of the storming of the gates of Jerusalem under Roman military leader Titus.

The Triple Goat

So, Bukayo Saka who took and missed the last and decisive penalty kick for England — in the year of the sports goat — was a goat in all the wrong contexts:

  • He was goat in terms of the fall guy and culprit.
  • He is the scapegoat
  • Being the youngest and least experienced player in the team – and still a teenager – he is a KID, which is a baby goat.

The goat is symbol of the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

A glyph for Capricorn looks like the number 76.

The name “Saka” sums to 76.

Bukayo Saka was a metaphorical sacrificial goat at the Temple.

I have mentioned the underlying zodiacal and planetary elements to to the temple allegory and Jesuit/Babylonian grand rituals. Jupiter is a god/planet of high veneration. Opposition to Jupiter in astrology is Mercury. Destruction-of-Mercury is a common ritual theme. Mercury rules Gemini whose symbol is twins. The triumphant Italian Manager Roberto Mancini is a Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, just as the first openly Jesuit Pope is a Sagittarius. Bukayo Saka – like the losing England Manager Gareth Southgate – is a Virgo. Virgo, like Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

The Tarot and the Zodiac: The Hanged Man and Judas

The Zodiacal cross formed by Sagittarius/Jupiter and Gemini/Mercury on one axis, and Pisces/Jupiter (and Neptune) and Virgo/Mercury on the other — is called the Mutable Cross or St. Peter’s Cross; the Petrine Cross. This is symbolized by the upside-down cross.

The Petrine Cross which is a Mercury-Jupiter opposition cross

In the tarot tradition St. Peter’s Cross is represented by The Hanged Man Card

In some early, rare versions of the tarot The Hanged Man is depicted in a military uniform and the card is titled “Le Traitre” which is French for “The Traitor.” Some old English versions call it “The Judas Card.”

Judas is associated with goats. A goat that leads a flock to a location of slaughter is called a “Judas Goat.”

With the Italian Manager being Sagittarius, and the tournament Best Player being Pisces; Best Young Player being Sagittarius – and England’s Manager being Virgo as well as the goat Saka being Virgo – while the two major deaths leading up to the final being Gemini (Prince Philip and former England striker Paul Mariner), in addition to the destruction of the Gemini twin towers — it is clear that St. Peter’s Cross and The Hanged Man ( think of the choking theme) was at play in this dark ritual.

In gematria “The Judas Card” sums to 42

Judas is associated with suicide. Think of the England Manager’s decision to put the least experienced player in the highest pressure situation; considers to be a “suicidal” decision.

“The Mutable Cross” sums to 181 which is the 42nd prime number.


“Saint Peter’s Cross” sums to 67

“Hanged Man” sums to 67

“NOOSE” sums to 67

“CHOKING” sums to 67

If this was indeed a Jesuit influenced Freemasonic ritual – which it likely was – then the actors involved failed intentionally; especially the Manager Gareth Southgate. Astrology, tarot and gematria — through the number 67 –tell us the true occulted narrative. “Gareth Southgate” sums to 67.

“Solomon’s South Gate” sums to 67

“The Judas Goat” sums to 67

Judas is also called “Judas Thomas” and is said to have been the twin brother of Jesus. “Judas Thomas” sums to 67.

“Crucifixion” sums to 67.

Goats and other animals were sacrificed at the temple. “Blood Sacrifice” sums to 67

“King Solomon” in Latin is “SALOMONIS REGIS” which sums to 67

The Temple of Solomon is described in the Bibles book of 1Kings chapters 6-7

The 2nd temple is also known as “Zerubbabel’s Temple” which equals 67 in gematria

The England Manager’s last name is Southgate. A South Gate to the Old City of Jerusalem is called Zion Gate and was used by Israel Defense Forces in the 6 Day War in 1967.

The South gate to the Old City, Zion Gate riddled with bullets from the 6 Day War in ’67

“ITALY” sums to 67

Italy’s goal in the Final was scored by 67th minute

The attendance for the Final was 67,000 +

  • Bukayo Saka was 19 years old. The 19th prime number is 67

The Euro 2020 Finals: Destruction of the Twin Pillars, and the gods of Rome; Jupiter and the Unconquered Sun

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On July 11th, 2021 Italy defeated England in the final of the European Championship of football/soccer at hallowed ground of London’s Wembley Stadium. The suffix “LEY” at the end of “Wembley” is a reference to the fact that the stadium sits at the intersection of two ley-lines. The point of intersection of leylines produces a telluric energy vortex.

The ritual victory of Italy over England transcended football/soccer and sports; and was just the latest installment of an ancient grand ritual involving the chief deity of Sumer, Babylon and Rome: Enlil, Enlil, Zeus, Jupiter.

The ancient grand ritual has an astrological root. The “nemesis” of Jupiter in astrology is Mercury. The zodiac signs ruled by Jupiter; Sagittarius and Pisces are directly opposite signs ruled by Mercury (Gemini and Virgo) on the zodiacal wheel.


Mercury is the detriment of Sagittarius and Pisces; Jupiter is the detriment of Gemini and Virgo. The two managers who contested the Euro Football Final reflected the Jupiter-Mercury detriment.

Italian Manager Roberto Mancini representing Rome is a Sagittarius/Jupiter; England Manager Gareth Southgate is a Virgo/Mercury. Remember that the first openly Jesuit Pope is a Sagittarius. St. Peter is Ju-Peter.

The symbol for Gemini is twins. The Temple of Solomon has a signature twin towers feature which is a Mercury reference proven by gematria. Hermes is the Greek version of Mercury. “Solomon” has double overlap with “Mercury” and “Hermes.”

The original World Trade Center in New York City with its twin pillars was a Gemini symbol (and hence a Mercury symbol) and a symbolic Temple of Solomon. Building 7, the “3rd pillar” that was destroyed, was occupied almost entirely by the “SALOMON investment bank. “Salomon” is Latin for “Solomon.”

Tisha B’Av is a commemoration of the destruction of the first and second Temples in Jerusalem. Tisha B’Av is the 9th day of the 11th month. “Tisha B’Av” sums to 911 in the Latin/Jewish cipher of gematria.

The phrase “DESTRUCTION OF SOLOMON’S TEMPLE” sums to 119 in gematria.

The second Temple was destroyed by Rome under Emperor Titus.

The Destruction-of-Solomon’s-Temple ritual theme had already been implemented going into the Italy vs England game after one of a set of twin buildings was destroyed in Surfside, Florida where the Champlain Tower South spontaneously collapsed on June 24th, 2021. June 24th is also the anniversary of the beginning of the reign of Roman Emperor Titus who destroyed the Second Solomon.

Wembley Stadium in London is the site of the same ritual theme. It is on that site that twin towers – once again – were built and destroyed. Below is the original Wembley Stadium that contained the iconic twin pillars.

Despite desperate pleas — from fans, the public at large; even non-football fans, players, officials, celebrities and politicians — to preserve the twin pillars, they were destroyed anyway in making way for the new modern Wembley Stadium. This was an emphatic statement about who occupies the seat of power: ROME.

Titus came to power on June 24th and lay siege to Jerusalem before destroying the Temple. In the Sumerian cipher “JERUSALEM” sums to 624 like the date June 24th, the date that one of the Champlain twin towers collapsed.

“WEMBLEY” sums to 624 in Reverse Sumerian. “Wembley Stadium, LONDON” sums to 246 like 24th June.



Rome Destroyed the Twin Pillars Enroute to the Final

In the semi final of the Euro 2020 – which was held in 2021 – Rome (in the form of Italy) symbolically destroyed the twin pillars when they defeated Spain whose coat-of-arms contains twin pillars (The Pillars of Hercules) which appear on its flag.


The 1-1 score after regulation time is indicative of twin pillars.


Before the Final the two most notable deaths in England were that of former England striker Paul Mariner — who died practically on the eve of the England-Italy final — and Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

Twin pillars are a Gemini symbol. Both Philip and Mariner are Gemini. Gemini’s detriment is Jupiter, which has 99 gematria.

Prince Philip died at age 99; a Jupiter calling card; a Mercury sacrifice ahed of the Euro Football Championship.

An excerpt from a 2002 article from The Guardian on the old stadium’s demolition states:

“Bulldozers began work on September 9 and already the west end of the ground is completely demolished.”

September 9th is 9-9 and again, another homage to Jupiter the chief deity of Rome, as the process of destroying the twin pillars began.

Accolades to Jupiter

The Tournament’s Best Player Player award (Tournament MVP in American terms)went to Italy’s goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma. He ticks all the boxes for the ritual:

  • He is a Pisces so represents Jupiter
  • He was born in ’99 the big “Jupiter” gematria number
  • His last name “Donnarumma” sums to 156. 911 the 156th prime number. 911 like 9th of Av when Rome destroyed the twin pillars; like September 11th when New York’s twin pillars were destroyed.

“Best Young Player” award went to Pedri of Spain. He being a Sagittarius also represents Jupiter.

Jupiter the Tiger

Jupiter is an orange striped planet. For that reason the tiger represents the planet Jupiter.

The outcome of the game, and the underlying ritual was all but guaranteed when a tiger in a Siberian zoo was given a choice between a box with Italy’s flag and a box with England’s flag, and it chose England’s. This was not the tiger predicting England to win; this was Jupiter the chief god of Rome devouring Mercury at the site of the destruction of the twin pillars. The tiger’s name is “Khan” which is the same name as London’s Mayor.

Siberian tiger Khan pounces on box marked for England


England Manager Gareth Southgate and Solomon’s Temple


England Manager Gareth Southgate

Solomon’s Temple is said to have had no North Gate, but an East, South and West Gate. The England Manager’s name SOUTHGATE is a direct reference to Solomon’s South Gate and Herod’s South Gate.

A Southgate in Jerusalem known as Zion Gate

Gematria confirms Southgate as Mercury (Hermes) and his and Wembley Stadium’s relation to Solomon’s Temple: His first name “GARETH”, “SOLOMON”, “WEMBLEY” and “HERMES” all have double overlap in gematria.

Gareth Southgate’s birthday of September 3rd leaves 119 days in the year.

Italy’s Manager is Sagittarius Roberto Mancini. His name sums to 156. The 156th prime number is 911.

Credit for co-creation of the European Football Championship is given to Henri Delaunay after whom the championship trophy is named. Henri Delaunay was born 15th June; 156 (911 the 156th prime) and died 9th November; 9-11.

The Henri Delaunay Trophy

The game finished 1-1 after regulation time, which is indicative of twin pillars.

This score reflected numbers in the twin pillar collapse of Champlain Tower South in Surfside, Florida where – as of game time – it was reported that 1 Italian and 1 Briton were missing.

No homage to Rome would be complete without a bow to its most famous of all Emperors: Julius Caesar.

England’s goal was scored by Luke Shaw who has Julius Caesar’s birthday (July 12th).

Homage to the Roman Sun Gods Sol Invictus and Mithras

The 2nd Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem was destroyed by Rome under Emperor Titus who began his reign on June 24th which is a date that Rome sometimes observed the Summer Solstice, and the date of the Champlain Tower South condo collapse in 2021. This appears appears to have been a Summer Solstice ritual. Rome venerated Sun gods in addition to Jupiter.

The Royal Arch

Freemason Royal Arch on the Pillars of Enoch

Freemasons acknowledge the Sun’s arch in the sky from sunrise through sunset – and from the Spring Equinox through Autumnal Equinox – with the Royal Arch that has a key stone at its apex that symbolizes the Summer Solstice and the zodiac sign of Cancer in which it occurs. The glyph for Cancer looks like the number 69, and is inscribed on the key stone.

While the twin pillars were destroyed from the original Wembley Stadium, a grand symbol of Roman, Jesuit and Freemasonic veneration was erected in the new stadium: the Royal Arch

The new Wembley Stadium that contains the Freemason Royal Arch in its architecture

Sol Invictus is the “Unconquered Sun.” The top of the Royal Arch represents the Summer Solstice. “Unconquered Sun,” “Society of Jesus” and “Summer Solstice” all have multiple overlap in gematria. The Jesuit Order is known for its Sun logo.

The apex of the Royal Arch has the Cancer “69” glyph. “The Jesuit Order” sums to 69.

“LIEBHERR 974” sums to 69 (with the numerals 9,7 and 4 used). This was a special demolition machine created specifically for the destruction of Wembley’s twin pillars

The other Roman Sun god is Mithras derived from the Persian MITHRA, which sums to 69.

In London’s financial district – which is sovereign territory separate from the rest of Britain – there is a 2,000 year old Roman temple to Sun god Mithras.

Above is the excavated London Mithraeum. Notice the depiction of Mithras slaying a bull with the arch around him.

The Florida Champlain Towers South Collapse Part 2: Judgement and the Unconquered Sun

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In Part 1 I touched on some of the ritual synchronicity between the Champlain Tower South collapse in Surfside , Florida (on June 24th, 2021), and – among multiple other things – the Biblical legend of Samson who collapsed a temple by bringing down its central pillars.

Circulated across the world’s media was a picture of an firetruck number 69 at the scene of the Champlain Tower South collapse.

“Champlain Towers” sums to 69

The Biblical Legend of Samson the Sun Symbol

The collapse happened on June 24th which is a date under the tropical zodiac sign of Cancer. The glyph for Cancer looks like a number 69. The Cancer “69” is at the apex of the Freemason Royal Arch, and indicates the Sun at its highest point in the sky. The Bible’s Samson represents the Sun and the zodiac sign of Leo. His long hair is the rays of the Sun and the lion’s mane.

Samson collapsing the pillars and the temple


In Hebrew gematria the name “SAMSON” sums to 696 which has the 69 Cancer/Sun significant number.



The Biblical legend of Samson is chronicled in the book of JUDGES. Samson’s hair gets cut in Judges 16:19 which is the Bible’s 6969th verse.

  • The Champlain Tower South and its twin North tower were/are 12 stories high. Samson was the 12th and final judge in the book of Judges .
  • Samson lead Israel for 20 years. In gematria “JUDGE” sums to 20.
  • As of July 4th, 2021 – when the entire building was demolished – there were 20 Israeli missing according to Wikipedia.

  • In the tarot tradition the “JUDGEMENT CARD” is card number 20.
  • On the Pillars of the Kabbalah Tree of Life the Pillar that corresponds with the Tropic of Cancer (when the pillars are turned horizontally in accordance with the Freemason Entered Apprentice tracing board) is the North pillar; the Pillar of JUDGEMENT.

The three pillars of the Kabbalah Tree of Life could be analogized by the the Champlain Towers North and South, and the “middle pillar” Champlain Towers East, and by New York City’s World Trade Center twin pillars with a “middle pillar” Building 7 a.k.a. the Salomon Brothers Building.

Aaron Judge

New York City is home to the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball. A central protagonist for the New York Yankees is Rightfielder Aaron Judge who has a powerfully symbolic name. Aaron is the brother of Moses of the Abrahamic religions. The law that was given to Moses made Aaron a High Priest; a top steward of the law.

Aaron Judge’s last name and his New York City location synch with this ritual.


Florida’s Lieutenant Governor is Jeanette Nuñez. She is a Gemini. The symbol for Gemini is twins as in twin buildings/towers/pillars. She was previously a U.S. Congresswoman  representing Florida’s 119th district; so she embodies the twins-119 association and oversees the collapse of a twin tower.

While Jupiter is venerated on an occulted level by the Vatican/Jesuit Order, Sun veneration is more overt with Jesuit Order Sun logo.


Rome referred to the solar deity as Sol Invictus; the UNCONQUERED SUN. The Champlain Tower South collapse is a Summer Solstice ritual. The Pillar of Judgement is also known as THE PILLAR OF BOAZ. All these terms related to particular pattern have multiple synchronicity in gematria; especially at 191 which is an anagram of 911 or 119.

“Unconquered Sun”, “Summer Solstice”, “Winter Solstice”, “Society of Jesus”, “Jeanette Nuñez”, “New York Yankees” and “Pillar of Boaz” all have synchronicity in gematria specifically at the value of 191 which is an anagram of 911 or 119. 191 has even more significance when you consider the New York Yankees establishment year:

1901 is the same as 191 in numerology where 0 has no value.

June 24th, 2021 New York Yankees at Home vs Kansas City Royals

The New York Yankees hosted the Kansas City Royals on the day of the Florida twin tower collapse.

There were 136 units in Champlain Tower South. 55 were destroyed in the collapse leaving 81 units intact.

136 minus 55 equals 81. These numbers manifested in the Yankees win over the Royals in New York City.

The Yankees had 13 hits, the Royals 6. That is 136 like the number of units in the building.

The Yankees outscored the Royals by 8-1 like 81, the number of Champlain units left intact.


  • 81 is 9×9 like 99 which is significant to this ritual as I indicated in Part 1.
  • In gematria “JUPITER” sums to 99.
  • The game and the condo collapse occurred on a Thursday which is a day named for Jupiter
  • .The collapsed building had 136 units. 136 is the sum of The Magic Square of Jupiter. “MAGIC SQUARE OF JUPITER” sums to 99
  • “MIAMI” sums to 99 in English Extended.
  • Aaron Judge wears number 99

On June 24th Aaron Judge got on base 5 times in 5 at-bats.


For more on the New York Yankees’ association with the number 99 read my article on Lou Gehrig, Catfish Hunter and 99.

  • In gematria “JUDGEMENT” sums to 99

Oldest Active U.S. Federal Judge Dies at 99

In what should be a completely unrelated story, but his story has multiple elements that synch with the June 24th, 2021 Summer Solstice ritual. On December 1st, 2020 Texas Judge Thomas M, Reavley died at age 99. He was the oldest active Federal Judge.

 Judge Thomas M. Reavley

Apart from the association of “JUDGE” and 99 – the most striking synchronicity with the June 24th Summer Solstice Tower collapse ritual, Biblical Samson (who represents the Sun ) the judge who collapsed towers, is Judge Thomas Reavley’s birthday: June 21st the SUMMER SOLSTICE.

In the English Extended cipher “JUDGEMENT” equals 621 like birthday of the judge who died at 99 which is Aaron Judge’s number.

Thomas Reavley is a Gemini whose symbol is the twin pillars.

His first name “THOMAS” means “TWIN.”

Look at how the current Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court, Nathan Hecht describes Judge Reavley:

” ‘He was a towering figure in Texas and a true champion of justice for the state and the country’, said Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Nathan L. Hecht”

A “TOWERING FIGURE.” Here we see invocation of the TOWER imagery for a Gemini that synchs with the destruction of one of a set of twin towers in Surfside, Florida in a Summer Solstice ritual. Gematria explains a deeper significance to Thomas M Reavley being described as a “Towering Figure.”:

“Towering Figure” and “Thomas M. Reavley” are a super match in gematria.

177 reveals more synchronicity: “Thomas M Reavley”, “Towering figure”, “Champlain Towers” and “Twin symbolism” all match at 177. 1770 can be equal to 177 in numerology. The New York Yankees’ nickname is the “Bronx Bombers” which sums to 177.


The Champlain Towers Summer Solstice ritual took place on June 24th, a date written 6-24.

It is 6 months 24 day span from Judge Reavley’s December 1st death at age 99, to the 6-24 tower collapse.



Yankees Rightfielder Aaron Judge’s birthday is April 26th written 4-26. 426 is the reflection of 624 like 6-24 June 24th the date of the great judgement-themed Summer Solstice ritual.


Jameson Taillon

The winning pitcher for the New York Yankees vs the Kansas City Royals on June 24th was Jameson Taillon.

Immediately we see his synchronicity in the ritual. Jameson Taillon was born in Florida, and his name has double overlap in gematria with the name of Florida’s Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez :

Remember that Nuñez represented Florida’s 119th district before being appointed Lieutenant Governor.

“ONE ONE NINE” OR “NINE ONE ONE” matches “Jeanette Nuñez” and “Jameson Taillon” at 160.

Nuñez is a Gemini which is the twin tower duality symbolism. Taillon has dual American-Canadian citizenship for his duality symbolism. Aaron Judge also represents duality being biracial.

911 is the 156th prime number. “Jameson Taillon” sums to 1506 in the Latin/Jewish cipher. 1056 is equivalent to 156 in numerology.




139 is significant in Mercury and Twin Pillars-related rituals like September 11th.

  • The twin pillars of Solomon’s temple were at North and South. The South tower of Champlain condo twin towers was the one destroyed. ” South Pillar of Solomon’s Temple” sums to 139.


  • “JERUSALEM” sums to 139; the location of Solomon’s Temple.
  • Jameson Taillon was born on a date with 139 numerology.


  • In the year ’99 movie “Matrix” main protagonist Neo’s passport expired on September 11th, 2001

Neo’s birthday is 13-9 . Notice that Neo’s real name is Thomas which means twin.


13th September is also September 13th; 9-13.

  • From the most recent September 11th anniversary to the Champlain Tower South Collapse is a period of 9 months, 13 days


Why the Kansas City Royals for the Ritual?

Remember that June 24th is in the zodiac sign of Cancer whose glyph looks like a number 69.

The Freemason Royal Arch has the “69” Cancer glyph on its keystone to venerate the Sun at its apex.

This why the “ROYALS” were chosen for a Summer Solstice ritual: reference to the ROYAL arch of the Sun.

In addition we see that the Kansas City Royals were established in ’69

They played the “BRONX BOMBERS” which sums to 69

The Roman Sun god is “MITHRA” which equals 69

  • Don’t forget this image of firetruck number 69 at the scene; that particularly numbered truck consciously deployed for the Summer Solstice ritual.
  • Recall the importance of 139 to the ritual. “SIXTY NINE” sums to 139 in gematria.

Kansas City is in Missouri, the same state that has this very symbol, the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis.

The Gateway Arch in Saint Louis, Missouri

The orientation of the Gateway Arch is similar to that of the Champlain condo complex in Surfside, Florida: the bases of the arch are North and South with bodies of water to the East.