Roe v Wade repeal, The Mother Lodge of Freemasonry, Queen Semiramis and the Cardinal Cross

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One of several extreme news events is the repeal — by the United States Supreme Court — of Roe v Wade abortion rights legislation that had stood for 50 years. The date of the the repeal appears consciously chosen for ritual reasons: June 24th, 2022.

The repeal followed an original alleged leak of the Supreme Court’s draft opinion to overturn the law. That was also on a ritually significant date: May 2nd.

The theme here is birth and creation. Water is related to birth and creation. The scientific theory of evolution states that life began in the ocean.

Hydrogen – which is the main molecule that makes up water – is considered the “mother particle” because no other elements of matter could exist without it.

This symbolism is consciously used in the terms “row” and “wade” which refer to forms of movement through water. On May 2nd the Supreme Court’s draft opinion was said to have been “leaked”. These are conscious water references. The mother’s womb is filled with amniotic fluid. The mother’s water breaks before a baby is born.

June 24th is the anniversary of the founding of the first Freemason Grand Lodge in 1717.

June 24th was consciously chosen because St. John is the Patron Saint of Freemasonry, and June 24th is considered the Nativity of John the Baptist.

Here we see the water and birth symbol with John the Baptist: baptism is a spiritual rebirth using water.

17 is one the central numbers to female-related narratives. “WOMB” sums to 17. Inside a womb is a “FETUS” which also equals 17. The architectural representation of a womb is the “DOME” which equals 17.

The Freemason United Grand Lodge of England, known as the “Mother Lodge” that was established on June 24th, 1717 is in London England on Great Queen Street.

“Great Queen” is a general metaphorical divine feminine reference but particularly refers to Queen Semiramis of Ancient Babylon. The symbol of Semiramis is the dove. Legend has it that she was raised by doves in early infancy. “DOVE” has gematria of 17.

Music legend Stevie Nicks who is in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame twice: with the group Fleetwood Mac, and as a solo artist has as one of her biggest hits a song whose chorus is “Just like the white winged dove” which is its subtitle. The songs title is “Edge of Seventeen”.

Stevie Nicks’ music has esoteric themes in general so she is fully conscious that “dove” sums to 17 in gematria.

“Dove” also sums to 19 in gematria.

“Womb” also sums to 19.

The 19th prime number is 67. Notice that the Mother Lodge on Great Queen Street in London has two years on its facade: 1717 and 1967.

’67 is a dove reference. The Great Queen Semiramis being the dove.

Dove in Latin is “COLUMBA” which also has a value of 67.

Christianity adopted the dove symbol from the Babylonian trinity Nimrod, Tammuz, Semiramis, for its trinity Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The United States’ Freemason founders names the American goddess and country’s capital “Columbia” after the dove and Semiramis.

In gematria “Columba” sums to 122, just as “Mother Lodge” sums to 122.

The draft opinion on Roe v Wade was “leaked” on May 2nd, 2022 which was the 122nd day-of-the year.

From the day that the draft opinion was released to the public, to the date of the actual repeal of Roe v Wade is 1 month, 22 days for a 122.

This is undeniably specifically Freemason ritual whether or not one agrees with the Supreme Court’s position we see the roots of the rituals that they employ when making decisions.

In gematria “ABORTION” has a value of 122.

Roe v Wade was decided on January 22nd: 1-22

If this somehow isn’t enough evidence, then remember again the June 24th is the anniversary of the founding of the first Freemason Grand Lodge which is now the United Grand Lodge of England. In gematria “United Grand Lodge of England” has a value of 122.

122 is also the date of the next Super Bowl which is literally a Holy Day in the United States of America; 122 as in 12 February.

I have illustrated – in my previous post and in recent videos – the association of the birth theme in news events like the Roe v Wade contest, and in sports. These are primarily but not exclusively Freemason rituals.

The major “BIRTH” gematria value is 57.

The Super Bowl on 12-2 is on 57 numerology and is at the home of the Cardinals of the NFL. In astrology Cardinal signs are the signs the occur at the beginning of each season, Aries starts Spring, Cancer (which we are in at the time of the June 24th Roe v Wade repeal) starts Summer, Libra starts Fall, and Capricorn starts Winter. Cardinal energy is a beginning, initiatory and birthing energy.

The Cardinal signs form what is called the Cardinal Cross on the zodiacal wheel. The Cardinal Cross is also known as St. George’s Cross which is the symbol on the national flag of England. This symbol appears on the tarot card Judgement which also depicts formerly dead people being reborn or resurrected.

This Freemason website Freemasons Community refers to the foundation of the Grand Lodge of England as “ the revival” which indicative of the resurrection depicted on the tarot card with the Cardinal cross and flag of England:

At this point it should come as no surprise that the highlighted phrase “the revival” has a gematria value of 122.

The Revival implies that modern Freemasonry is the most recent expression of an older tradition; presumably connected to the Knights Templar whose Templar Cross is St. George’s Cross of England.

The Owl Man in the comments to my latest Youtube video pointed out that Super Bowl 57 (on 12-2 at the home of the Cardinals) is a 57 day span removed from the final (December 18th, 2022) of the even greater sports event of the World Cup Final of football/soccer in the Arabian country of Qatar. “QATAR” has a gematria value of 57.

Last week I showed how the Cardinal Cross of astrology will be in play for the opening ceremony of Super Bowl LVII. It was also in effect at the start of the 911 attacks. That same Cardinal Cross alignment will oversee the start of the World Cup Final in Lusail, Qatar on December 18th, 2022 at 18:00 hours Arabian Standard Time: Cancer ascending, Aries Midheaven (MC), Capricorn descending, Libra IC bottom-of-the-sky.

World Cup Final alignment

Super Bowl LVII Opening Ceremony 4:00 pm Glendale Arizona, February 12th, 2022

The Cardinal Cross Super Bowl Time Correction, Birthing Ritual, 911 and USA-Colombia Synchronicity

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I have explained the three crosses of the zodiac and how they are used in occult ritual. In my most recent video I explained how the Cardinal Cross specifically is being implemented ritualistically for the next Super Bowl; Super Bowl LVII in State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

I erroneously stated that kick-off time would be 3:30 pm local time since Super Bowls usually kick off at 6:30 pm Eastern which is 3 hours ahead of Arizona at the moment, but when the rest of the country goes back one hour in the fall, Arizona will remain at the same time making it a 2 hour difference.

The Cardinal Cross is made up of the Cardinal signs which begin each season: Aries begins Spring, Cancer begins Summer, Libra begins Fall and Capricorn begins Winter. They form the Cardinal Cross which is about beginning, initiation and birth.

The Cardinal Cross will appropriately be lined up astrologically at the start of the opening ceremony at 4:00 pm local time.

“Lined up” meaning that the ascendant sign on the Eastern horizon will be Cancer, the descendant sign on the Western horizon will be Capricorn, the Midheaven will be Aries, and the IC (Imum Coeli) opposite the MC Midheaven — will be in Libra.

And of course the location of the event is the home of the Cardinals; the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL.

Cardinal energy is initiatory, starting, beginning birthing energy so 57 is related to this. It is Super Bowl LVII; In English gematria “birth” has a value of 57. “Birth ritual” has a value of 57.

Birth is in the news at the moment regarding the Roe v Wade abortion law. Could there be a major ruling on that around the time of Super Bowl LVII?

“Child Birth” sums to 57.

Interestingly, for the grandest of all dark occult rituals, the September 11th attacks of 2001 in New York City, the Cardinal Cross alignment was central.

On this occasion Libra was ascending on the Eastern horizon, Aries descending on the Western Horizon, Cancer was directly above in the Midheaven (MC), and Capricorn was at IC Imum Coeli opposite the Midheaven at the so-called “bottom of the sky.”

This illustrates the importance of this alignment to epic, high ritual magic.

So with the Cardinal beginning and birthing as a theme at Super Bowl LVII on a date with 57 numerology and “birth”, and “birth ritual” summing to 57 in gematria, and with Roe v Wade abortion law front and center in the news at the moment, consider that on the day that it was revealed that the United States Supreme Court had drafted an opinion that might overturn Roe v Wade, May 2nd, 2022 the elite celebrity Met Gala event in New York City unveiled a statue of a pregnant Rihanna representing the Greek goddess Eirene. Rihanna’s pregnancy and new child birth has been given unprecedented media attention akin to that of a British Royal pregnancy.

The Met Gala is held every first Monday of May. Monday is the day of the Moon, “Moon Day”. Moon related to female fertility in that it determines monthly cycles. “MOON” has a value of 57 in gematria.

From May 2nd, 2022 to the Super Bowl February 12th, 2023 is 9 months 11 days, like 911, September 11th that happened with a Cardinal “new beginning” cross alignment.

Could Rihanna make an appearence at Super Bowl 57?

The Cardinal Cross is known as St. George’s cross. “SAINT GEORGE” sums to 57, like “GEORGE” sums to 57.

For the duration of the entire NFL season through to the Super Bowl the planet Mars will be in Gemini. “MARS” has a value of 57 in gematria; “GEMINI” has a value of 57.

“SUPER BOWL LVII” and “FEBRUARY TWELVE” are a super match in the base ciphers of English gematria.

Acknowledgment to Maritime Slave in the YouTube comments for that observation.

The Cardinal Cross is depicted on the tarot card “JUDGEMENT” which shows previously dead people resurrecting; being reborn. This is consistent with the Cardinal “new beginning”, birthing energy.

“Resurrection”, has double overlap with “February twelve” the Super Bowl date, and “Super Bowl LVII”, all have the essence of the Cardinal Cross in common.

“Birth ritual” and “resurrection” have double overlap in gematria.

Rihanna’s child birth was revealed to the public on the 19th of May (19-5). The date of the Super Bowl “February twelve” has a value of 195.

We see women being appointed to prominent positions and achieving status previously completely dominated by men. This is a world-wide phenomenon.

We are awaiting the first female United States President with Joe Biden appearing to be weakening by the day and the first female United States Vice President waiting in the wings.

Rihanna was portrayed as a Greek goddess at the Met Gala because goddess symbolism is employed with prominent women. The United States of America employs goddess symbolism with its nation goddess Columbia and the nation’s capital named after the goddess Columbia; the District of Columbia.

Columbia comes from the Latin word for “dove”: “COLUMBA” which is a goddess symbol for Semiramis of Ancient Babylon.

Kamala Harris was inaugurated in the District of Columbia the District of the Dove with a dove motif ceremony.

Lady Gaga wore a giant dove broach as she sang the national anthem, Jennifer Lopez performed dress in flowing all-white representing the dove.

Lady Gaga was dressed in similar all-white in publicity shots before the inauguration.

Another country named after the dove is Colombia in South America.

On June 19th, 2022 it elected its first-ever black or African-descent Vice President who is also a female Francia Marquez.

Colombia has a history of trans Atlantic slavery just as the United States does.

The complete emancipation of slaves in the United States was experienced on June 19th, 1865 when Texas that had continued slavery after the Emancipation Proclamation, finally outlawed slavery. That date is commemorated as Juneteenth and was made into an American National holiday in 2021.

Francia Marquez was elected Vice President of Colombia on June 19th, 2022 on what is Juneteenth in the United States.

Juneteenth has double overlap with the Latin word for “dove” after which the country of Colombia is named, and after which the first black female Vice President of the United States’ inauguration was themed was inaugurated.

Juneteenth is also called “Black Independence Day” which sums to 661 in the Latin/Jewish cipher.

661 is the 121st prime number. 121 is the birthday of Francia Marquez: December 1st; 12-1.

42 is a number stamped on black history but 42 is also a female number.

Several woman related terms sum to 42 in gematria.

From Kamala Harris’ birthday to Francia Marquez’ birthday is 42 days.

There is more synchronicity with other prominent women and the sacred feminine code.

TOPS Supermarket Buffalo, N.Y. Shooting: U.S. Presidents, Other Shootings, the NFL and the BRADY BILL

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One of the most important stories in the United States — and the world — is the May 14th, 2022 mass shooting in a TOPS supermarket in the city of Buffalo, New York.

Multiple themes, topics, personalities and patterns are tied together in a large web.

The most salient is the right-to-bare-arms issue. Another high-profile mass shooting took place at Marjorie Stonemason Douglas High School. Marjorie Stonemason Douglas died on May 14th; the tops shooting on the anniversary of her death.

The second most apparent is the issue of racial conflict. But multiple other themes many much more symbolic, and ritualistic — on an occulted level — are part of the web:

There is a heavy United States Presidential theme, being in a city that is most known for its National Football League team the Bills, multiple elements around them are present, with possible implications for the upcoming NFL season where the Buffalo Bills are one of the favorites. In fact the Buffalo Bills will contest the grand opening of the upcoming NFL season at the home of the reigning champion Los Angeles Rams.

The BuffaloBills will have the privilege of kicking off the 103rd NFL season. 103 a key number here:

There are a reported 10 killed and 3 injured so far at time of writing. 10, 3 like 103 the 103rd NFL season that Buffalo will kick off. The next Super Bowl (Super Bowl LVII) will be held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. In gematria “STATE FARM” has a value of 103.

We see how multiple mass shootings – and shootings in general – tie in with the Presidential theme here, along with the gun-rights war.

The most prominent legislation associated with gun control is the popularly titled “BRADY BILL.” The Brady Bill gun control laws were named after James Scott Brady who was the White House Press Secretary who was shot when John Hinckley Junior attempted to assassinate U.S. President Ronald Reagan. White House Press Secretary happens to be in the news at the time of the TOPS shooting. It occurred the day after a new White House Press Secretary began their tenure in office.

John Hinckley Junior — who shot the White House Press Secretary James Scott Brady — attended Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas the location of the most famous U.S. Presidential shooting. The Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl winning starting Quarter Back Matthew Stafford — who will face the Buffalo Bills on opening day — attended the same high school as John Hinckley Junior. This year the first major tournament in professional golf: The Masters was won by an alumnus of that same Highland Park High School Scott Scheffler. Masters as in Master Number:

In numerology 11 and 22 are considered Master Numbers. John F Kennedy was shot on 11-22.

JFK killed at Dealey Plaza, where roads formed a trident

In gematria’s Sumerian cipher the name of the TOPS supermarket shooter”Payton S. Gendron” sums to 1122.

The phrase “WIDE RIGHT” sums to 1122 as well; in the Agrippa/Latin/Jewish cipher. This has a double-entendre: Payton S. Gendron is described as being politically “far right” which is “wide right”.

“WIDE RIGHT” is a phrase in football that refers to field goal kicks missing to the right of the goal post, but in particular one specific historic miss; the most famous missed field goal in the history of the NFL, that of Buffalo Bills kicker Scott Norwood in Super Bowl XXV versus the New York Giants.

Scott Norwood ( # 11 ) misses the historical field goal with 8 seconds left at end of Super Bowl XXV that would have won the championship for the Buffalo Bills.

A jersey that illustrates the “WIDE RIGHT” miss of Scott Norwood

Again: 11 and 22 Master Numbers. Payton S. Gendron used a Bush-MASTER assault rifle, as did Adam Lanza of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that was commemorated at the following Super Bowl.

BUSH-master rifle; a presidential reference. George H W Bush would have become President had Ronald Reagan died. Bush was also photographed outside the Texas School Book Depository when JFK was assassinated.

In gematria “BUSH MASTER” sums to 126 like the date 12th June which is George H W Bush’s birthday.

The TOPS shooting happened on “JEFFERSON AVE” which sums to 126. It is named after U.S. President Thomas Jefferson for another Presidential element.

In fact Scott Norwood attended Thomas Jefferson High School and attended James Madison University. James Madison proceeded Thomas Jefferson as U.S. President.

George H W Bush is the best known member of the Skull and Bones secret society that utilizes the number 322 in its insignia.

Super Bowl LVII will be held on February 12th, 2023 which leaves 322 days in the year.

There was a mass shooting at a Boulder, Colorado King Soopers supermarket on 3-22, March 22nd, 2021 which started at the same time (2:30 pm) as the TOPS shooting, and had the same number of deaths ( 10 ).

George H W Bush was the 43rd Vice President. Super Bowl LVII will be on the 43rd day of the year.

George H. W. Bush died on November 30th, 2018 on the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Brady Bill. Remember that the Brady Bill was named after Reagan administration Press Secretary James Scott Brady who was shot by John Hinckley Junior whose target was Ronald Reagan. George H W Bush the 43rd U.S. Vice President and would have become President had Reagan died. So how interesting that Bush dies on the anniversary of the signing of the Brady Bill.

The TOPS shooting and the Boulder, Colorado King Soopers shooting both started at 2:30 pm. In gematria “James Scott Brady” sums to 230.

“Wide Right” a popular phrase with the NFL and the Buffalo Bills in particular.

“WIDE RIGHT” also sums to 103. Remember that 10 dead, 3 injured is reported at the TOPS supermarket shooting. Buffalo will kick off the 103rd NFL season, the Super Bowl will be in “State Farm” (103) stadium.

The Brady Bill was passed by the 103rd Congress of the United States.

Here we see what might be a clue to the upcoming Super Bowl which is high ritual magic literally. A ritual theme — there are always multiple ritual themes — is gun violence and gun control, as well as a Presidential them which is related to the gun violence topic.

There could be a play on the phrase “BRADY BILL“.

That could be a Tom Brady – Buffalo Bills ritual Super Bowl. Brady plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so that would be a Tampa Bay vs Buffalo Super Bowl.

An incident like this was always in the cards after the Supreme Court of the United States; what many say is one of the most conservative Supreme Courts, with Republican Majority; the John G. Roberts Supreme Court, ruled against gun manufacturer Remington and rejected its appeal to even have a hearing regarding the State of Connecticut’s Supreme Court’s ruling that Remington is liable and can be sued by the Sandy Hook families. The Conservative/Repubican U.S. Supreme Court refused to enforce the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which a Federal law that protects gun manufacturers from liability for crimes committed with their products.

The Supreme Court sent the case back to Connecticut where Remington settled with the Sandy Hook families and has since filed for bankruptcy.

This ruling opened the door for New York State to introduce a bill holding gun manufacturers liable for actions of their customers. It was inevitable that a high-profile incident like this would happen.

New York Senate Bill S7196 

was signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul. Gun manufacturers will now be sued out of existence in New York State with no protection from a Republic majority United States Supreme Court.

Connecticut is home to Skull and Bones.

Ronald Regan was shot on Connecticut Ave at the Washington Hilton.

The Twinless Twin/Lone Twin Phenomenon: Cristiano Ronaldo

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On April 18th, 2022 football/soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and his partner Georgina Rodriguez announced the death-at birth of his son who one of a set of twins. The other twin – a baby girl – survived.

Well before this I had emphasized ( in a video posted March 2nd, 2022 ) that throughout the narratives of the modern day, history, mythology and fiction, has been the symbol of the twinless twin, or the lone twin.

Wikipedia even has a page dedicated to this phenomenon of the lone twin.

I discussed the twinless twin, or the lone twin in the context of the Artificial Intelligence humanoid phenomenon that is in the process of becoming a reality. The humanoid robots are the twin of the human race, and is about to be born with announcement of mass production of Hanson Robotics’ Sophia. Multiple other humanoid manufacturers will follow suit. The advent of the 3D printer will enable rapid production.

Christiano Ronaldo is arguably the biggest male celebrity outside of the United States being one of the greatest football/soccer players of all time and a model and sex symbol, even briefly partnering Kim Kardashian. This has the appearance of an arranged celebrity partnership for occulted symbolic purposes.

His name “Cristiano” means Christian, and suggests Christ.

“Kim Kardashian” is a super match with “Mary Magdalene” the purported close female friend of Jesus Christ.

To emphasize this role she was displayed in the media posing with the famous “Christ the Redeemer” statue in Brazil on February 9th, 2013.

On May 2nd, 2022 Kim Kardashian partook in another twin themed ritual at the annual Met Gala. In embracing this year’s theme of “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,” Kardashian wore the exact dress that Monroe did when she sang “Happy Birthday” to John F. Kennedy for his 45th birthday in 1962.

There is a major twin theme here: Firstly Kim Kardashian is presented as the twin of Marilyn Monroe.

Secondly: the symbol for the zodiac sign of Gemini is twins. Aside from Kim Kardashian all the parties involved in her rituals that I mention, are Gemini: Marilyn Monroe, John F Kennedy and John F Kennedy. And that dress was worn specifically on John F Kennedy’s birthday; his 45th.

Could there be a related clue regarding a President who dies in office?

Kim Kardashian and Cristiano Ronaldo; associated with each other and used in twin/Christ rituals.

The figure of Jesus Christ can be connected to a twin narrative. Christianity is based on texts approved and canonized by Rome. Before Rome formed institutional Christianity texts — since banned and rejected by Rome — existed that suggested that the entity that they would call Jesus Christ, had a twin brother, Thomas, or Thomas Didymus. Thomas means “TWIN.”

” In the Book of Thomas the Contender, part of the Nag Hammadi library, he is alleged to be a twin to Jesus: “Now, since it has been said that you are my twin and true companion, examine yourself…”[21]

This is in keeping with the Greek mythology of Castor and Pollux who are the twins of the zodiac sign of Gemini. One; Castor has a mortal father, the other Pollux has an immortal god for a father (Zeus) but they share the mortal mother.

If Thomas and Jesus were identical twins then the possibility is that roles could have been reversed only known to themselves. Either way one ended up a twinless twin/Lone Twin.

The most salient example of the twinless twin is depicted in the classic “Back to the Future” movie series where the Twin Pines Mall becomes the Lone Pine Mall after protagonist Marty McFly goes to the past and accidentally destroys one of two fledgling pine trees.

Marty McFly is played by Gemini Michael J Fox.

In this story from February 11th, 2017 a woman died when falling off an escalator while trying to retrieve her twin sister’s hat. The woman was 29 year old Jenny Santos.

Jenny Santos in the most circulated media picture. She strikes a distinct Freemason hand sign with elbow at 90 degrees. For comparison Christopher Columbus has been depicted with that hand sign. Some call it the “Goose Hand.”

There is synchronicity between the story of Kim Kardashian at the Christ the Redeemer statue, and the Jenny Santos story.

Both were reported in the media on February 11th. The Jennifer Santos incident is reported to have actually happened on February 11th, while Kardashians statue pose was reported in the media on February 11th, but reported on happened on February 9th, a date written 2-9. Jenny Santos died at age 29.

February 11th can be stated as 11th February and written 11-2.

112 is the gematria value of “LONE TWIN”.

The Oculus train station where Jenny Santos died is adjacent to the site of the World Trade Center which used to be twin towers, that were destroyed on the 9-11 or 11th September.

In gematria “Kim Kardashian” sums to 119.

“Jenny Santos” sums to 156. The 156th prime number is 911.

“TWIN SISTER” sums to 156.

Jenny Santos’ twin sister Amanda was the twinless twin; the lone twin in this instance.

29 and 119

In gematria “ROMULUS” has a value of 29, like the age at which the twin sister Jenny Santos died.

Kim Kardashian was photographed at Christ the Redeemer on February 9th.

“ROMULUS” also sums to 119 like “Kim Kardashian”. “Jenny Santos” equals 156. The 156th prime number being 911.

Romulus in legend is the founder of the city of Rome. He was nursed by a she-wolf along with his twin brother Remus.

So Rome is said to have been founded by a twinless twin/lone twin. This is a major indication of the importance of this symbol.


In Greek mythology Apollo and Artemis are twin brother and sister.

Apollo is the Sun; Artemis is the Moon.

The Sun and Moon are considered twins because they appear to be the same size from Earth’s perspective.

But they are each a twinless twin in the sense that only one can shine in the sky at one time; they cannot both shine, so when they do they do so as the lone twin.

To reiterate the important point: when a ritual trend exists; in the news, history, fiction, art, mythology, once identified it is only a matter of time before it manifests in the news.

Such is the case with Cristiano Ronaldo and the Twinless Twin/Lone Twin.

NAGASAKI and the Trident of Neptune: Holy Diver, Rihanna and 911

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In previous posts I have given multiple examples of the trident symbol throughout history and in modern times, and it has invited extreme persecution.

  • In modern times the current epicenter of global geopolitics is Ukraine a country that has a trident as a national symbol.
  • Other examples I have given is the twin towers of the World Trade Center that had tridents in their design,
  • the location of the John F Kennedy assassination Dealy Plaza that has the shape of a giant trident,
  • back-to-back Malaysia Airlines disasters; Malaysia Airlines using horizontal tridents in its logo

There was also the trident of Ukraine being shot down in the form of passenger jet Flight PS752.

  • The 1958 Munich Air Disaster involving English soccer giants Manchester United was a destruction-of-the-trident ritual as Manchester United have the trident in its team crest.


The destruction of the trident could be references to an ancient war. The trident is a symbol of the ancient Sumerian deities Anu and Ashera, and was inherited by Enki.

This is indicative of a trinity; the trident trinity of Asherah, Anu and his son Enki.

The number three has been common in trident destruction rituals.

Enki is Ptah to Ancient Kemet, Poseidon to Ancient Greece and Neptune to Ancient Rome.

Neptune is also a planet, of course. The symbol or glyph for the planet Neptune is a specific stylized trident that has an upside-down cross at its center.

There is an even greater destruction-of-the-trident ritual than any that I have mentioned so far, and that is the dropping of an atomic bomb on the city of Nagasaki, Japan on August 9th in 1945.

The official seal of the city of Nagasaki has five tridents in it.

The official flag of Nagasaki contains the same symbol as the seal except in red.

What is interesting about the tridents in the flag and seal of Nagasaki is that they are specifically the glyphs for the planet Neptune, with the upside-down cross in the middle.

The annual Neptune celebration day in Ancient Rome was Neptunalia which was observed very 23rd of July, a date written 23-7.

The atomic bomb was first successfully tested at the famous — or infamous — Trinity Test site in New Mexico, Trinity again is another trident reference; the trinity of Anu, Asherah and Enki perhaps.

The test bomb was known as “THE GADGET”.

In the Agrippa/Latin/Jewish cipher of English gematria “THE GADGET” has a value of 237.

237 is the date 32rd July, NEPTUNALIA.

911 Parallels

There are parallels with the other trident destruction ritual of September 11th, 2001 in New York City and Washington D.C.:

As I mentioned already, there is the trident symbol at the heart of it: on the design of the twin towers and in the seal and flag of Nagasaki.

But also, the seal and flag of Nagasaki feature, primarily a pentagram.

The five tridents are clustered together in the pentagon in the middle of the pentagram.

The tridents and the pentagon just as on 911.

The pentagram and pentagon are symbols of Venus which is Asherah “she who treads on the sea” is her moniker. Neptune and Asherah are associated with the sea.

In Roman mythology Venus the goddess is said to have emerged from a sea shell. This is Asherah.


41 is a major part of the September 11th code.

Construction of the Pentagon began in the tear ’41 on September 11th.

September 11th, 2001 is a date with 41 numerology: 9 + 11 + 20 + 01.

“AIRPLANES” and “AL QAEDA” sum to 41.

41 is the date April 1st, which is related to airplanes:

The United States Department of Transportation and the National Transportation Safety Bureau were founded on April 1st, 4-1.

April 1st is also a Venus, pentagram reference:

The day set aside each year to celebrate the goddess Venus in Ancient Rome was April 1st, Veneralia.

Nagasaki was officially proclaimed a city on April 1st, 1889.

A major Venus code number is 81.

The atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on a date with 81 numerology, August 9th, 1945.

There is also the common “twin” symbolism:

911: Twin Towers

Nagasaki: “twin” bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Also the nuclear bomb terminology “GROUND ZERO” which was applied to 911.

It is noteworthy that Nagasaki has been a Jesuit port of call since 1549.


The planet Neptune is a spectacular blue with a black spot earning it the nickname of “the black and blue”.

One of the greatest classics of rock music is the song Holy Diver by the band Dio whose famous frontman Ronnie James Dio stated in an interview that the song is essentially about Neptune. Although he did not mention Neptune by name he alluded to the Neptune symbolism:

Neptune is the “black and blue”. The lyrics of Holy Diver allude to that.

Dio says:

“The song Holy Diver is about a Christ figure who — on another place, not Earth — has done exactly the same as we’ve supposed have experienced on Earth: dying for the sins of man so that man can start again and be cleansed…..”

He further states that Holy Diver is an entity that is

“about to go to another world to do what he did in this place: save from sins by having himself killed….”

In Holy Diver Dio sings (referring to the Jesus Christ figure Holy Diver) “You’ve been down too long in the black and blue”


Neptune riles Pisces. Singer Rihanna is a Pisces.

The symbol for the planet Neptune that rules Pisces is a trident. Rihanna is from Barbados that has a trident on its flag.

Another symbol for the god Neptune/Poseidon is the horse. In Rihanna’s video for her song “DIAMONDS” the main feature are mustangs.

Rihanna, like did referrs to Neptune through symbolism: horses, diamonds, black and blue; Rihanna directly connected being a Pisces from a country with trident on its flag.

In Holy Diver Dio sings (referring to the Jesus Christ figure Holy Diver) “You’ve been down too long in the black and blue”

Rihanna’s video for “DIAMONDS” ends with her in the sea — the realm on Neptune — in a crucifixion pose.

All this alludes to 911 (said by some to be the real birthday of “Jesus”) indeed being a form of symbolic crucifixion or a ritual done out of concern that this Christ figure might return.

3 Mile Island

A nuclear event in the United States — considered the worst nuclear accident in U.S. history — is the March 28th, 1979 Three Mile Island incident. “THREE” is a trident reference.

It occurred in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.

Dauphin is French for “Dolphin” which is a symbol of Neptune.

There’s Something About Mali

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The 2022 edition of the super popular 2022 National Collegiate Athletics Association ( NCAA) knockout Basketball competition dubbed March Madness is winding down and is – in its final stages – is taking on a form of familiarity with the usual select group of traditional dominant powers in the final four.

The 2022 edition of March Madness will, however be forever defined by the performance of the St. Peter’s University Peacocks of Jersey City, New Jersey, who beat some traditional powers and made history in being the first 15th seed to reach the quarter-finals known as the Elite 8.

I have done videos addressing the esoteric underpinnings of St. Peter’s University and March Madness 2022. The most salient esoteric element is their nickname the “Peacocks” especially in light of the fact that the University is Jesuit and even has the famous “IHS” symbol on the school’s crest.

March Madness overlaps with the most prominent time for high ritual for every civilization throughout history that lived outside of the tropics: the Spring Equinox and the return of the Sun after the brutality and harshness of winter. Entire religions have been set up around this single event.

The peacock, especially with its feathers spread has represented the rising Sun.


The Vatican has — at the very ritually, esoterically even spiritually significant Fontana della Pigna — a world famous sculpture of twin peacocks flanking a giant pine cone.

So, St. Peter is sacred to Jesuits and the Catholic Church: St. Peter’s Basilica, St. Peter’s Square.

St. Peter’s University — in its Spring Equinox ritual run in 2022 March Madness — featured as its central figures twin peacocks: the Drame twins Hassan and Foussayni Drame.

Twin symbolism seems to be at the occulted heart of almost every facet of life.

Twins playing on the same team at such a high level in a major sport is extremely rare.

Being at the center of the ritual, their nationality is of utmost significance. I give the example of the shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins by Alec Baldwin on October 21st, 2021 where I immediately focused on her nationality as a core element of the ritual. Halyna Hutchins was Ukrainian.

The Drame twins are from Mali, West Africa.

Principle entities in high ritual are often chosen for their bloodline and family history, where those people are aware of it or not. African countries will not get publicity in the United States or West in general unless there is a major catastrophe, but Mali has been a significant location throughout its history.

Outside colonizing powers have focused their efforts there for centuries, from Middle Eastern Arabic forces, to French, and in earlier history multiple into-African empires. Mali is also the home of the Dog community famous for its knowledge of the star Sirius which is highly venerated by Western elites, high ancient civilizations like Kemet/Egypt and of course the Jesuit Order.


Specifically, the Dogon are said to have had knowledge of the fact that Sirius was actually a binary star when it had popularly been believed (even by the advanced Kemetians) to be one star. The Dogon may have known this without the use of telescopes and claim to have been told by travelers from Sirius whom they called the Nomo.

So Mali which has a history of incursion by outside forces could have experienced it from non human visitors. So, it does seem like a historical hot spot.

Being that they are from Mali, it can be said that the Drame twins of St. Peter’s University represent Sirius A and Sirius B.


A gematria code number for Sirius is 67. In the reverse of gematria’s simplest cipher “SIRIUS” sums to 67.

The twins of the Gemini symbol are the Greek mythological CASTOR and POLLUX

The Drame twins are Leo (August 18th).

“CASTOR, POLLUX” sums to 67

The Drame twins’ heights are both listed at 6’7″


March Madness 2022 was not the first Cinderella rodeo for the Drame twins.

After scoring 67 points in their history-making win against Purdue, St. Peter’s eventually lost to “North Carolina” which also sums to 67.

Africa is not a competitive basketball region and typically has the lowest seeds and first eliminated in international competition. Mali is typically a low seed and amongst other African competition.

Yet in 2019 at the Basketball Under-19 World Cup they miraculously ran through upset after upset until they reached the final where they lost to the prohibitive favorite United States, and even then were competitive through most of the game.

The Mali cinderella team featured the Drame twins. 67, the big Sirius number. 67 is the 19th prime number.

This was the ’19 (2019) Under 19 Basketball World Cup. Mali is associated with Sirius so no surprise that this inexplicable run happens with 19 all over it.

Even some official statistics on the nation of Mali reflect its association with Sirius:

Wikipedia highlights the 2017 statistics on Mali’s population which is 19 million, and further states that 67% of its population is under the age of 25.

Mali is currently Africa’s 19th most populated country.

Peacock symbolism — seen at the Vatican and St. Peter’s University — is also seen in the religion of the Yazidi where it represents the angel Malak Tawus.

“MALAK TAWUS” which has many alternate spelling, sums to 67. So the symbol and the number very much synchronizing with the Drame twins.


126 is a number that references twins.

Genesis 1:26 states that God made man in the image of the gods, which suggests duplication, cloning or twinning.

“God said let us make man in our image” sums to 126.

“DRAME TWINS” sums to 126, the occulted twin code.

The Drame twins represent Sirius being from the country other than Egypt that is most associated with Sirius: Mali.

Freemasonry depicts the blazing star Sirius shining above and between the twin pillars of Boaz and Jachin.

The Drame twins are an anthropomorphism of the Freemason Entered Apprentice tracing board, representing its two most salient symbols: the blazing star Sirius and the twin pillars.

Ever Forward, China Eastern Airlines: Spring Equinox Rituals and the Cult of Cybele

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The container ship Ever Given became the most famous container cargo ship in world history when it rain aground and got stuck in the Suez Canal in 2021, very significantly at the Spring Equinox, a major time of high ritual historically as it is the time of the return of the Sun after the hardships of Winter; a return of vegetation and a renewal life. These are ancient rituals that are still practiced today in modern times.

The Ever Given is owned by Evergreen Marine of Taiwan a company founded in the year ’68; 1968.

1968 is a watershed year in world history as Zachary K Hubbard has emphasized. Many events and works of art occurred in the year; a primary example being commencement of the construction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in Manhattan New York. Twin Towers are a giant symbol of the zodiac sign of Gemini.

Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury.

Mercury is the Roman version of Hermes. In gematria “HERMES” sums to 68.

Mercury rules over the realms of transportation and of commerce. “MERC” of Mercury is in the word “comMERCe” and MERChant. So ’68 is an appropriate year for a shipping container company to start.

Again: building of the twin towers began in ’68. Hermes/Mercury rules Gemini the zodiac sign of the twins. The Ever Given has a “twin sister” which is the Ever Forward which — one year after her twin sister was stuck in the Suez canal at the Spring Equinox — is herself stuck, this time in Chesapeake Bay on the East Coast of the United States between Virginia and Maryland, close to the U.S. capital Washington D.C.


Twin symbolism is prevalent in this incident and pretty much throughout all areas of life.

The Freemason founders of the United States of America incorporated Ancient Kemetian/Egyptian cultural elements into the design of Washington D.C. making the area of the Ever Forward’s grounding a twin of the area of the Ever Given’s grounding.

The Washington monument obelisk and symbolism of the sacred star Sopdet/Sirius incorporated into the design of D.C. are examples of an Egypt “twin”. The Potomac River represents the Nile.

As of March 23rd, 2022 Ever Forward is still stuck in the Chesapeake Bay; March 23rd being the anniversary of Ever Given getting stuck in the Suez Canal.

“Evergreen” the name of the shipping company also happens t be the Secret Service code name of former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On the eve of the anniversary of the Ever Given running aground Hillary Clinton announced that she had contracted Covid-19.

On the anniversary of the “EVERGREEN” — a Hillary Clinton reference — getting stuck in the Suez, the first female Secretary of State, appointed by Bill Clinton, died. Hillary Clinton was also a Secretary of State.


It is interesting that the “twin” female Secretary of states are in the news as the “twin” incidents occur involving EVERGREEN Marine. Twins is a Gemini symbol. Gemini is ruled by Mercury which is said to rule the realm of transportation and commerce which is what the container ship Ever Forward is part of.

The annual Roman celebration day of Mercury was called Mercuralia, and observed on May 15th which is Madeline Albright’s birthday. This could point to a ritual persecution of Mercury since Albright represents Mercury and dies at a time when transport and commerce is negatively effected by the Chesapeake Bay incident.

The name of the container ship “Ever Forward” also evokes the campaign slogan of the President who appointed her Secretary of State: Barack Obama in 2012

Hillary Clinton in the news at the Spring Equinox for the second year in a row — despite long being out of public office — is no coincidence. He first name references the ancient Roman Spring celebration of Hilaria.

Hilaria was held annually at this very time: March 22nd through 25th.

Hilaria festival celebrates the mythology of the goddess Cybele who had a consort named Attis who have severed his own genitalia. This said to represent the death of fertility in the winter. In Spring vegetation returns, and Attis is celebrated. The priests of Cybele and Attis ( who were all male) were called Galli. The Galli — literally — severed their own genitalia in honor of Attis and Cybele.

Genitals of the Galli were severed underneath a Pine tree a.k.a. and Evergreen tree. The pine cone came to be a symbol of the cult of Cybele and its Galli priests.

So this is a direct connection between Evergreen which is Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service name, and Hilaria which her first name and related to Evergreen; probably why they chose “Evergreen” as her secret service code name; and what are the odds that for two years in a row Evergreen Marine is in the news running aground, as Hillary Clinton is in the news, as is her symbolic “twin” Madeleine Albright.

More twin Symbolism and Evergreen Pine Cones

Twin symbolism and the pine come together at the Vatican’s Fontana Della Pigna which is a fountain around a gigantic pine cone sculpture.

Flanking the pine cone are two twin peacock symbols. The peacock is a symbol of Juno consort of Jupiter/Zeus, but is related to the Cybele cult because the spread feathers of the peacock represent a Sunrise and Spring where the Sun rises on the year.

“FORWARD” is in the name of the “EVERGREEN” cargo ship stuck in the Chesapeake Bay during 2022 Hilaria festival, which is a Spring festival that has the peacock as a symbol. The pine cone is also a symbol of Cybele.

Singer Katy Perry recorded the song “Peacock” in 2012, the very same year that she famously wore a dress with Back Obama’s ( who appointed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State) “Forward” campaign slogan. Katy Perry’s birthday (October 25th) is one day before Hillary Clinton’s.

Katy Perry’s song peacock is a subliminal Hilaria/Cybele reference when you consider that its release date is the day after Hilaria; March 26th when the EVERGREEN container ship was stuck in the Suez, and the Ever Forward might be released on, if not remain stuck on. Evergreen associated with the pine cone.

On March 21st, 2022 China Eastern Airline Flight 5735 crashed at the Spring Equinox. China Eastern Airlines uses peacock feathers in its official design. Again: spread peacock feathers represent the Sunrise at the Spring Equinox.

This happens as March Madness NCAA basketball tournament occurs where — in the early stages — a Jesuit school from New Jersey, St. Peter’s University has impressed. St. Peter’s University are nicknamed the Peacocks.

So, peacock symbolism in 2022 very much being celebrated at the Spring equinox as it was in ancient times.

In 2021 in the twin cities metropolitan area of Minnesota, Daunte Wright was pulled over and shot by police for having Pine air freshener in his car. This happened shortly after the equinox.

March 16th, Nuclear Synchronicity and the Trinity and Trident

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In recent posts I have revealed the central importance of the trident symbol at the core of some of the most salient crisis events in world history.

Another epic global event of historic magnitude is the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, a country that has a trident for a national symbol.

The Ukrainian trident is the seal-trident of Volodymyr the Great who – in the 10th century – ruled the region that included present day Ukraine and parts of present-day Russia, called Kievan Rus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin identifies to a large degree with Volodymir/Vladimir the Great. The current Ukrainian President is named Volodymr, so both countries have Heads-of-state with the same name; a name associated with the trident symbol.

In my previous posts (and video) I have shown how the trident in most cases invites extreme persecution and destruction.

September 11th is a prime example, and it is still being invoked in this conflict as recently as today; the time of writing this post: March 16th, 2022, by the Ukrainian President Volodymyr in a virtual address to the United States Congress.

September 11th, 2001 can be said to be so significant that it will be relevant to world events for the rest of time. Very important to note is the symbol (albeit occulted) at the heart of the 911 great ritual, is the trident.

One of the greatest tragedies to face Ukraine was the worst nuclear disaster/accident in world history which the Chernobyl meltdown of April 26th, 1986.


The trident has been a central element of other nuclear destruction related incidents, which have multiple common threads between them. The term “trinity” is related to the trident, and emerges in multiple nuclear incidents.

The greatest nuclear accident in the United States history is the March 28th, 1979 partial meltdown of the Three Mile Island nuclear facility in Pennsylvania. There is significant trident symbolism here, but for now I will point out the most conspicuous one which is the name of the facility “THREE” Mile Island.

Three is the number of trident and trinity. The first successful nuclear bomb detonation was the famous TRINITY TEST of July 16th, 1945 by the United States government at Trinity Site in New Mexico.

The second worst nuclear accident in world history the March 11th, 2011 Fukushima, Japan nuclear disaster that occurred after an earth-quake and Tsunami. The city of Fukushima will forever be synonymous with nuclear catastrophe.

With the subject of nuclear energy — as weaponry and as energy source — prominently in current world news, it was significant that today (United States time) Wednesday March 16th, 2022, midnight March 17th in Japan, Fukushima is in the world headlines again as a powerful earthquake hit the city and off the coast. A tsunami warning was issued, but none materialized. The Earthquake was – significantly – 7.3 in magnitude.


12 days before the Three Mile Island meltdown the movie The ChinaSyndrome was released. The China Syndrome is about undercover reporters who prevent a potential catastrophic nuclear power plant meltdown in the United States. The nuclear industry condemned the movie as anti-nuclear propaganda upon its release.

Three Mile Island is in the state of Pennsylvania. In the movie The China Syndrome an official describes the potential catastrophe as one that could

“could render an area the size of the state of Pennsylvania permanently uninhabitable.”

And of course 12 days after the March 16th release Three Mile Island experienced a meltdown.

On March 16th, 2022 an earthquake of 7.3 magnitude rocks Fukushima reviving memories of its historic meltdown after an earthquake. 7.3 is synchronistic here: in gematria “THREE MILE ISLAND” has a value of 73.

In the Agrippa/Latin/Jewish cipher of English gematria “THREE MILE ISLAND” sums to 426 like the date 4-26 April 26th which is the date of the Ukrainian Chernobyl disaster of 1986.


The 7.3 Fukushima earthquake hit on the 43rd anniversary of the release of The China Syndrome that predicted the Three Mile Island meltdown. 43 ( and its reflection 34) is huge to the nuclear code.

43 can be the date 4th March; the date on which Russian forces are said have taken over control of the Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant that is the biggest in Europe.

In gematria the all-important word “TRINITY” sums to 43.

The last name of the Ukrainian President “Zeleskyy” has a value of 43

“NUCLEAR” sums to 43 in gematria.

The full name of the Fukushima power plant is “Fukushima Daiichi”. “DAIICHI” has a triple 43, in the base ciphers and the Agrippa/Latin/Jewish cipher.

A trinity of 43s, when “TRINITY” sums to 43.

The trident is a zodiacal and planetary symbol: it is a symbol of the planet Neptune. The planet Neptune rules the zodiac sign of Pisces.

The March 4th occupation of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant occurred in the zodiac sign of Pisces which is ruled by the trident of Neptune.

The Ukrainian trident called the TRYZUB was officially adopted as a symbol on the national coat of arms on the first day of Pisces February 19th, 1992.

Neptune is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Poseidon who also carries the trident. In gematria “POSEIDON” sums to 43 like the date 4th March on which the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant was said to have been occupied.

The date can be 4th March 4th or March 4th; 4-3, 3-4.

The Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is on the 34th meridian East; like the date March 4th.

We see synchronicity with the “TRINITY” theme between Three Mile Island and Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

The Three Mile Island meltdown happened in Unit 2 specifically.

Construction of Unit 2 began of November 1st, a date written 1-11. 111 is a number of trinity.

Construction of Unit 5 of Zaporizhzhia began on November 1st as well. That is in 1985.

The Trinity as a Christian Reference. 4-3 / 3-4 the Crucifixion Date

Trinity can be a Christian reference of Father, Son, Holy Spirit. So it interesting that the very first unit of Zaporizhzhia to be commissioned (Unit 1) experienced the honor on Christmas the day 1985 that honors the birth of Christ.

This brings the 3-4, 4-3 occupation date of Zaporizhzhia into another area of ritual since significance the crucifixion date is said to be April 3rd or 3rd April; 4-3 or 3-4.

In the most famous picture of post disaster Chernobyl, the focus is on Reactor 4 and Reactor 3.

Symbol of an Ancient War: The Trident

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Rituals are the enactment of allegories and mythology. Many world events in history and every day news are actually consciously conducted rituals in accordance with ritual many of which are very ancient in origin. In many ways the ancient gods and the tales of their interactions with each other and mankind continue reign in some form or other. When we notice some of the ancient ritual elements like archetypes, symbols and astrology it can appear that many ancient narratives are being played out in modern times.

The country of Ukraine has experienced a tumultuous history ad has been a point of contention of the world’s most powerful sources for centuries.

At the heart of the endless conflict is a powerful symbol millennia-old: the trident, which is a national symbol of Ukraine, and a major source of contention historically.

The stylized trident on the Ukrainian Coat of Arms

Is it a stretch to suggest that the trident symbol itself is what is leading to so much conflict including a genocidal great famine: Holodomor carried out by the Soviet Union under Josef Stalin.

In 2020 (January 8th) a Ukraine National Airlines flight was inexplicably shot down over Iran.

Was this persecution of the trident or some other explanation?

Consider that a passenger plane was shot down over Ukraine in 2014 on July 17th. Significantly, it was Malaysian Airlines specifically; significant because Malaysian Airlines has, as its logo, a TRIDENT.

Actually it is horizontal double tridents.

A trident symbol aircraft shot down over a trident symbol country suggest a trident-targeting ritual.

Malaysian Airlines had suffered another disaster with the complete disappearance without-a-trace, of Flight 370 over the Indian Ocean on March 8th; just four months earlier. Astrology is significant here, and it could get to the heart of an ancient ritual and conflict.

The trident is a symbol of the Roman god Neptune; Poseidon in Greece, Ptah in Kemet/Egypt.

The planet Neptune is symbolized by the trident. The planet Neptune rules the zodiac sign of Pisces.

The trident Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared on March 8th which is a date in Pisces.

This brings us back to the present day Ukraine, where Russia invaded on February 24th, 2022; a date in Pisces; Pisces ruled by Neptune the trident the same way Ukraine identifies with the trident.

The grandest of all Destruction-of-the-Trident rituals — even though it may not be recognized as such — is the World Trade Center destruction of September 11th, 2001.

The twin towers of the World Trade Center had tridents in their design that appear to have been intended for ritual destruction.

The Greek expression of Neptune is Poseidon. With this in mind consider the odds of the twin towers having the trident designs that they did, and the gematria value of “POSEIDON”: 119 like 11th September.

With gematria in mind let us take another look at the trident Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that disappeared over the Indian Ocean on March 8th, 2020.

In the Reverse Pythagorean/Full Reduction cipher “POSEIDON” sums to 38.

But take a look at when they say that air traffic control last made contact with Flight 370:

“The crew of the Boeing 777-200ER registered as 9M-MRO, last communicated with air traffic control (ATC) around 38 minutes after takeoff “

This was on the date 3-8. 38 can mean different things or more than one thing in a single ritual: besides the better-known “murder” code it definitely stand for “NEPTUNE” in this one.

In the Agrippa/Latin/Jewish cipher “POSEIDON” is 308 like the date 3-08 March 8th.

The remains of World Trade Center tridents were store at John F Kennedy Airport’s Hanger 17.

This John F Kennedy connection could well be part of a greater ritual. JFK was involved in arguably the second most famous (even though it may not be recognized as such) trident ritual.

Dealey Plaza where JFK was shot , is a giant trident as seen from aerial view (below).


  • Some believe that the unprecedented large scale global events at the moment are due in large part to astrology and rare celestial phenomena; such the Pluto return for the United States; which means that the planet Pluto returns to the exact same location (in degrees) in the same star sign/constellation that it was in at the inception of the country: July 4th, 1776.

From the grand trident-destruction ritual of 911 to February 22nd, 2022 United States’ Pluto return is exactly a period of 1067 weeks.

1067 is the same as 167 in numerology. 167 is a key of synchronicity here.

  • There is a grim connection to the Ukraine on the topic of nuclear disaster: Ukraine experienced the Chernobyl nuclear power plant melt down, while the American atomic bomb was successfully tested on the 16th of July in 1945 at the Trinity test site in New Mexico. The interesting thing here is that the bomb was detonated at 5:29 a.m; 529 like the date May 29th JFK’s birthday.

The name of the test site “TRINITY” can also be a trident reference.

  • John F Kennedy oversaw the Apollo Moon mission which he did not live to see. It launched on July 16th, 1969.

The location of the Trinity test site is interesting as well: New Mexico because it is the state in which Ukrainian cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was shot by actor Alec Baldwin in October of 2021. Her Ukrainian nationality raised ritual red flags for me at the time.

New Mexico is home to Sandina National Laboratories a nuclear facility labelled SNL, like the more famous SNL Saturday Night Live that Alec Baldwin was famous for portraying Donald Trump on.

The other person that Alec Baldwin shot in the incident direct Joel Souza has the same birthday as Donald Trump.

If anyone think that a trident ritual is implausible then consider this official description of Russia’s offensive: a “THREE PRONGED” assault.

The trident was introduced or at least reached prominence in Ukrainian symbology under Vladimir the Great who reigned in the 10th century. He is said to be the person responsible for introducing Christianity to Ukraine. Perhaps the trident ca be the Holy Trinity to Vladimir. Vladimir Putin identifies with Vladimir the Great. Perhaps he is fighting an ancient war.

16th July also is the Congress of Wilhelmsbad.

The Mutable Cross/St. Peter’s Cross, the Basis for NASA’s Projects Mercury, Gemini, and Super Bowl LVI

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The three crosses of the zodiac.

The zodiacal wheel can be divided into four sections for each season.

Each season has 3 zodiac signs.

The 3 zodiac signs in each season are divided into those at the beginning of the season, those in the middle of the season, and those at the end of the season.

The signs at the beginning of the season are called CARDINAL signs. The signs in the middle of the season are called FIXED signs. The signs at the end of the season are called MUTABLE signs.

The start-of-season signs form a cross called the Cardinal Cross. The mid-season signs form the Fixed Cross, and the end-season signs form the Mutable Cross.

The end-of-season signs are Gemini (end of Spring), Virgo (end of Summer), Sagittarius (end of Autumn) and Pisces (end of Winter). This is the Mutable Cross, a.k.a. Saint Peter’s Cross, and it is represented by an upside-down cross; an inverted cross.

The ruling planets are key. Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, directly opposite is Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Directly opposite is Pisces which is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.

I will focus on this cross, the Mutable or the Petrine Cross because Saint Peter is the figure around whom the Catholic Church is formed. Saint Peter is said to have been crucified upside-down, as legend goes: he did so to honor Jesus who was crucified right-side-up, and Peter did not want to equate himself with Jesus.

This is an astrological reference more likely than an actual historical account.

There is no good planet and bad planet; every planet has a positive and negative influence or vibration. Saturn in astrology is known as the Greater Malefic, and is generally considered a negative or bad planet. Saturn is often referred to as Satan.

But the most salient characteristic of Saturn is its neutrality. That is why it is a judge; the planet of the justice system.

But the upside-down cross is considered the most negative cross ( as opposed to the “X” Fixed Cross and “plus sign” Cardinal Cross). The Mutable Cross is associated with Satan and the Anti-Christ.

Consider that Nero is said to have been the Emperor of Rome at the time that St. Peter was crucified upside-down. Nero was born Sagittarius, and died in Gemini two signs that make up one axis of the Mutable Cross.

Nero was believed by most Christians — at the time and after — to be the Anti-Christ. This doesn’t have to do with Nero per se, but the astrological cross that Nero was born and died on: the Mutable Cross; St. Peter’s Cross which is based on Jupiter – Mercury opposition.

Jupiter is both God and Satan. Mercury is both Christ and Anti-Christ.

Jesus is quoted as having referred to Peter as Satan in Matthew 16:23

Peter is Jupiter as indicated by the fact that the reportedly 1900 year old Roman statue of the the chief diety Jupiter was moved to St. Petersburg, Russia. Jupiter was moved to a city named after St. Peter. And the St. Peter’s Basilica statue of St. Peter is modeled after the Roman depiction of Zeus and Jupiter: sitting on a throne with one foot forward.

In astrology Jupiter is considered the most positive planet: it has the title of The Greater Benefic.

Jupiter is Ju-PATER which means “father.” God the Father is Jupiter; the protector and provider.

Jupiter can be Satan or God. Likewise Mercury can be Anti-Christ or Christ. This is the Mutable Cross.

Mercury rules the realms of deception, lies and trickery. In gematria “MERCURY” sums to 41 which is why the day that celebrates trickery and deception: April Fools Day is 4-1 April 1st.

Also the chemical element of Mercury has the symbol Hg; Capital H, small g. In the case-sensitive cipher of English gematria Hg sums to 41.

In Hebrew the word for the element (not the planet) Mercury is “KASPIT.

‘Kaspit’ actually has a double match-up with ‘Mercury’ (41 and 86).

Mercury is Hermes. Hermes/Mercury is depicted holding a sheep or a ram on his shoulders.

Hermes/Mercury is the Good Shepherd. Christianity gave that existing title to Jesus. From Wikipedia:

“Numerous depictions of Hermes as a shepherd god carrying a lamb on his shoulders (Hermes kriophoros) have been found throughout the Mediterranean world, and it is possible that the iconography of Hermes as “The Good Shepherd” had an influence on early Christianity, specifically in the description of Christ as “the Good Shepherd” in the Gospel of John.”

Below is an early Roman depiction of Jesus as the Good Shepherd from the Catacomb of Priscilla in Rome, Italy.

This wall painting is from the 2nd to 5th century A.D.

This is a more recent depiction:


This is the esoteric root behind NASA selecting astronaut Alan Shepard to fly in Project Mercury.

Because Mercury is the Good Shepherd, the title given to Jesus Christ who was said to also be a carpenter. Project Mercury also featured an astronaut named Carpenter; Scott Carpenter.

The Roman annual Mercury celebration day was Mercuralia, which was observed every May 15th.

Project Mercury’s last flight was launched on Mercuralia, 1963, the year that John F. Kennedy a Gemini (ruled by Mercury) would be killed.

Scott Carpenter’s Mercury flight launched on a date in Gemini. May 24th which incidentally is the foundation date of the Cincinnati Bengals NFL franchise who were just in a Super Bowl heavily coded with Saint Peter’s Cross. The Super Bowl was won by the Rams a Hermes/Mercury symbol.

The MVP was a Gemini Cooper Kupp, and notice that Project Gemini also had an astronaut named Cooper, who is Gordon Cooper, who is a Pisces and thus part of St. Peter’s Cross; the Mutable Cross.


99 is the gematria number of “JUPITER” and the Latin word for Jupiter “LUPPITER.”

The best player in Super Bowl LVI was Gemini Aaron Donald who was born on the anniversary of the establishment of the Cincinnati Bengals May 23rd. He wears # 99.

The Mayor of Cincinnati Aftab Pureval was born on the date 9-9. The season started on Thursday (Jupiter Day) 9-9, 2021.

Project Mercury’s first flight was on 9-9, 1959.

Project Gemini was overseen by Gemini U.S. President John F. Kennedy and his Virgo Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson, and of course astronaut Alan Shepard also flew on NASA’s Project Gemini.

The L.A. Rams starting Quarter Back is Matthew Stafford. Project Gemini included an astronaut named Stafford along with Shepard. Think of a Shepherd’s staff.

Thomas P. Stafford is Virgo, and his first name “Thomas” means “twin” which is the symbol of Gemini.

Cincinnati Bengals Quarter Back Joe Burrow is a Sagittarius which is Jupiter the striped planet represented by the tiger/Bengal. This matchup was based on The Mutable Cross; the Petrine Cross.

JFK, The Mutable Cross and the Planetary Year

Sagittarius JFK Jr. died in the year ’99 the Jupiter number 13,020 days after his Gemini father JFK died on November 22nd, 1963.

JFK Jr. died precisely on the 3 year Jupiter year anniversary of his father’s death.

This is all ritual by the Petrine Cross; the Mutable Cross.