Travis Barker’s Finger Injury: O.J. Simpson, Johnny Depp, John Podesta and Elite Osiris Rituals

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A few days ago (reported by most media outlets on March 3rd, 2022) celebrity drummer Travis Barker revealed that he had undergone finger surgery,

and the band would have to postpone its upcoming tour of Mexico City and South America, and delaying the start of its American tour.

A story like this may not seem to be particularly remarkable on the face of it but celebrity news and news in general is very often dictated by ancient esoteric rules, and very often parallel the allegories of religion, mythology and mysticism.

Finger injuries have been surprisingly commonplace amongst celebrities over the years. The fact of the over-the-top coverage that they receive suggests some form of conscious-manipulation: the vibration of the ritual is imprinted on the public’s unconscious.

The most evident and often used mythological allegory pertaining to finger severing is the ancient Egyptian legend of Osiris the vegetation god who is the consort of Isis. Osiris is killed by his brother Set / Seth and his body is cut into 14 pieces.

Isis gathers and re-assembles Osiris’ body but can only recover 13 pieces. The 14th piece that she cannot recover is the generative, procreative organ of Osiris that Set threw into the River Nile where it was eaten by either a cat fish or a crocodile. She fashions an artificial phallus out of gold, attaches it to Osiris and is then able to conceive Horus the reborn Osiris at the Spring Equinox.

The golden phallus of Osiris is the obelisk symbol which the entire world elite still highly celebrates today. Most prominent is the Washington Monument of Washington D.C. and the authentic obelisk taken from a temple in Alexandria, Egypt and placed at St. Peter’s Basilica in The Vatican.

St. Peter whom the Jesuits venerate and consider the American slang term “Peter”.

The finger of celebrities can be symbolic of the 14th piece of Osiris and the obelisk.

The obelisk was referred to as “TEKHEN” in Ancient Kemet / Egypt.

The explanation of the obelisk hieroglyph clinches the Osiris ritual theory: “The obelisk hieroglyph in the Egyptian language is the identical word with the same spelling for “TO BEAT A DRUM”.

Travis Barker of course being a world famous drummer, now directly linked to the obelisk and the legend of Osiris.


14 is the key number to any Osiris related ritual since his body was cut into 14 pieces and it is a reference to the 14th: the phallus and the obelisk.

14 is Travis Barker’s birthday number, born on the 14th of November (same birthday as King Charles III).

The 14th prime number is 43.

“DRUMMER” has a value of 43.

Travis Barker has finger tattoos that read “SELF MADE”. “SELF” is on the right hand, “MADE” is on his injured left hand.

“SELF MADE” equals 43 in English gematria.

The injury is to his left hand which reads just “MADE”.

“MADE” has gematria value of 14, the number of the Osiris ritual.

There is often a female figure in an Osiris ritual, who represents Isis who assembles Osiris’ body parts and creates the obelisk.

Travis Barker’s partner is Kourtney Kardashian who is the Isis figure in this enactment.

Kourtney Kardashian is an appropriate age for the ritual: 43, the 14th prime number.

There is more Isis coding with Kourtney Kardashian: Christianity evolved millennia after Ancient Egyptian mythology was created. Jesus Christ is the resurrected son / sun just as Horus is; Mary is Isis, and Christianity still uses images of Isis for the Virgin Mary.

So it is significant that Kourtney Kardashian’s middle name is Mary.

This Osiris ritual imagery was played out in the world of politics when John Podesta who was one of the most powerful people in American politics at the time ( White House Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, Senior Advisor to Barack Obama) appeared on an official internet post in 2015 with the number 14 on one hand and an etching of a fish in the other.

This is suggestive of the catfish that ate the phallus of Osiris after Set threw it into the Nile.

The post was uploaded by a member of Podesta’s staff named Fisher.

John Podesta through his brother Tony Podesta is connected to performance artist Marina Abramovic through her work — which appears to be dark ritual sorcery — titled Spirit Cooking which involved semen and blood.

A verified authentic e-mail from Marina Abramovic to Tony Podesta — made available through Wikileaks — looks forward to seeing him at the “Spirit Cooking dinner” which did not refer to an art display of the piece.

Since the art piece is public knowledge it is alarming as to what the nature of the dinner was.

Spirit Cooking involves cutting deeply into the middle finger of the left hand. So here is a direct connection to art/popular culture and politics coming together in ritual; a modern Western secret society based version of the Osiris legend.

No coincidence that John Podesta had the number 14 on his hand.

This ritual was highlighted at length last year 2022 in the infamous Johnny Depp – Amber Herd defamation trial which reprised the incident of March 7th, 2015 when Johnny Depp’s middle finger was almost severed in an alleged attack by Amber Herd.

This ties into another cut finger ritual — the most famous of them all — when O.J. Simpon’s cut finger was presented as evidence in his murder trial of ex-wife Nicole Simpson.

From the date that O.J. Simpson cut his finger –which was the day of the death Nicole Simpson — June 12th, 1994 to the date that Johnny Depp’s finger was almost severed March 7th, 2015 is a period of 7,573 days.

7,573 is the 961st prime number.

961 is the value in the Latin cipher of “TROJANS” which is name of O.J. Simpon’s college football University of Southern California team.

This is more occulted reference to the phallus of Osiris since “Trojan” is the best known brand of condom.

The USC slogan “FIGHT ON” sums to 43, the 14th prime number; the 14th piece of Osiris being his reproductive organ in synchronicity with the “Trojans” name.

In 2015 Sports Illustrated did a story on ex-Major League Baseball star Jose Canseco shooting off his left middle finger. The Sports Illustrated writer just happened to have been named “Dickey”. Jack Dickey.


  1. Slava on April 18, 2023 at 12:52 pm

    In The big short 2015, the character played by Christian Bale lost his left eye as a child, just like Egyptian Gore. He had the number 81 on his chest, a number symbolizing his penis. Also in the movie, his character was constantly listening to heavy music, holding drumsticks and playing drums.
    There’s also a movie starring Woody Harrelson, The cowboy way, where Woody does the Osiris gesture, crossing his arms over his chest and mentioning playing tom-toms, a type of drum. By the way, Woody Harrelson’s filmography is related to Turkey and the earthquake on February 6.

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