Celebrity Coronavirus Secret Societies

Notice the emphasis on ‘Castaway’.

Tom Hanks full name is Thomas Jeffrey Hanks.

LeBron James made his social media post about this on March 18, 2020, the 78th day of the year.

Ultimately, I just want to document one more use of Tom Hanks in a headline in this ongoing coronavirus agenda.  In this case, the reference was from LeBron James, aka King James.  Let us not forget ‘corona’ means crown and Tom Hanks was in the film Larry Crowne, where his nickname is Lance Corona.


Celebrity Freemasonry Secret Societies

Microsoft was established in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Look at the young doofus, Bill Gates.  This staged mugshot on December 13, 1977, foretold his future as the “King of Microsoft”.


12/13/1977 = 12+13+19+77 = 121

The mugshot came 46-days after his 22nd birthday.

It also came on his 47th day of his age.

Don’t forget Seattle is on the 47th Parallel, Microsoft land.

And don’t forget that New Mexico is the 47th State, home of the ’47 UFO incident.  *If you look up the early UFO sightings, they were in Seattle and New Mexico.  Are they trying to tell us Bill is one of ‘THEY’, from THEY LIVE?


Microsoft moved to Redmond, Washington on the 47th day of the year, February 16, 1986.

Redmond, Washington = 86
2/16/1986 = 2+16+(1+9+8+6+) = 42 (Computer = 42)
2/16/1986 = 2+1+6+1+9+8+6 = 33 (Bill Gates = 33) (CEO for 33-years before resigning)

Bill Gates was CEO of Microsoft for 33-years.

Albuquerque has the 58 numerology as well, like ‘Freemasonry’, and like ‘They’.

He was 22.

And for one more, New Mexico sums to 42.

Washington is the 42nd State, where Bill Gates is from.

Bill Gates is now Mr. Vaccine.

Read about Bill Gates first birthday and Elvis’s vaccine shot on Jonas Salk’s 42nd birthday, 42-weeks after Elvis’s birthday: https://gematriaeffect.news/elviss-vaccine-shot-precisely-42-weeks-after-his-birthday-in-relation-to-bill-gates-tom-hanks/

Coronavirus Government Secret Societies

*The stimulus was debated March 24, 2020 (3/24/2020 = 3+24+20+20 = 67)

Think “order out of chaos”. *67, 19th prime *Chaos = 19 *COVID-19

Just after midnight, on March 25, 2020, like a thief in the night, congress agreed on a $2-trillion stimulus package to counter some of the economic losses created by the “coronavirus pandemic”. Of course, all of this is a cooked up scheme to pad the banker’s pockets with more lending profit. As for why they did it on this date, 3/25, or 325, look no further than what the nation’s capital is named after, a Scottish Rite Freemason.

Keep in mind March 25, 2020, is the 85th day of the year, and the Knights Templar are the original bankers.

Regarding the Templars, it reminds of the crusades and Catholic Church, and earlier history as well, such as the Council of Nicea of 325 AD, which also reminds that Washington D.C. was once the Catholic Colony. Of course, churches love to collect from the people as well. The expenses of the Vatican should confirm of these facts.

Connecting the Templars to this ritual even further, is the fact that this stimulus came on the 65th day of a coronavirus being “confirmed” to be in the U.S. Day one was January 21, 2020.

*If you don’t count the span, it was 64-days after. *Senate = 64

The date also comes 159-days (or 5-months and 7-days) after the Event 201 simulation of October 18, 2019, projecting a coronavirus pandemic, and massive economic fallout. 159 and 57 connect to the ‘Scottish Rite’.

*Donald Trump = 159

Read about the initial $850-billion stimulus proposal, March 17, 2020, and the Knights Templar: https://gematriaeffect.news/steve-mnuchin-proposes-850-billion-economic-package-for-coronavirus-pandemic-stimulation-march-17-2020/

Read more about Switzerland, the WHO, the Knights Templar, and this contrived pandemic: https://gematriaeffect.news/bank-of-international-settlements-world-health-organization-the-knights-templar-the-coronavirus-pandemic-connecting-the-dots/

In light of the 65 / 85 ritual, let us not forget the recent headlines of Jen Haller receiving the trial vaccine for coronavirus that was developed in a record “65 days”.


As they say, all wars are bankers wars. Notice the terminology, “this is a wartime level of investment into our nation”.


In light of this going on in the middle of the night, let us not forget the gematria of this hour of the day.


For one last point, notice how their original name, Knights of the Temple of Solomon, factors into the date numerology of March 25, 2020.

3/25/2020 = 3+25+20+20 = 68

On a related note, in the writing of this stimulus package, an amendment for a ‘digital dollar’ was rejected, but if you take a look around, there is much chatter about moving to digital currency, which would be “germ free”.


Coronavirus Entertainment History Secret Societies


José Joaquín de Ferrer, shown above doing the masonic pose, the hidden hand, is credited with the term ‘corona’, relating to a solar eclipse. Notice how his name factors in.

His name also sums to 84.

He was 54-years-old when he died. *Jesuit Order = 54 *Sun = 54

Think of Pope Francis, the Jesuit, and possibly Mason, doing the hidden hand, among others.

For the clincher, José Joaquín de Ferrer’s full name sums to 201, similar to Event 201, simulating a coronavirus outbreak.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio is Pope Francis’ birth name.

William Henry Gates is Bill Gates birth name, who co-hosted Event 201.

*Number of the Beast = 258

Read about the film Inferno, Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, and the number 201: https://gematriaeffect.news/inferno-the-film-that-released-on-bill-gates-61st-birthday-about-a-billionaire-who-wants-to-depopulate-the-world-event-201-coronavirus-outbreak/

You’ll notice in that post above, “18” is a big theme.  Jose died on the 18th of May, in 1818…

And about the ‘hidden hand’…

*Catholic = 71 / 46 (same ciphers)

*Religion = 53 (Same cipher)

*199, 46th prime (46 books in Catholic OT)

He died in Bilbao, Spain.

His location of death also encodes the 121…

*Blood Sacrifice = 121

Read more about 121 and the coronavirus outbreak:  https://gematriaeffect.news/siriusxm-makes-channel-121-the-coronavirus-channel-during-outbreak/

*He died on his 205th day of his age.

Of course, we’ve been discussing the Knights Templar much, regarding the Catholic Church, and the coronavirus outbreak. We’ve also been discussing the Bavarian Illuminati. And with that in mind, notice the location of where he coined the term “Corona”, Kinderhook, NY.

Read about the related Tom and Chet Hanks Bavarian Illuminati rituals: https://gematriaeffect.news/chet-hanks-responds-to-conspiracy-theories-made-about-his-parents-regarding-coronavirus-headlines-march-20-2020-the-80th-day-of-the-year/

Coronavirus Entertainment Military Police State Secret Societies

This film came out in 2018.  The 18 is what is key.  Read more about the number 18, the Spanish Flu, and Event 201here:  https://gematriaeffect.news/inferno-the-film-that-released-on-bill-gates-61st-birthday-about-a-billionaire-who-wants-to-depopulate-the-world-event-201-coronavirus-outbreak/

As you look at the gematria of ‘New Founding Fathers’, keep in mind, the United States of America was established on July 4, 1776, 59-years after modern Freemasonry was established, June 24, 1717, in London, England.

6/24/17 = 6+24+17 = 47

*Freemasonry = 139 (34th prime); America = 139; Free = 34

This film we began with released July 4, or 7/4, or 4/7.

It made $137 million (33rd prime).  It is a ‘government’ number.

Read about Washington D.C. and the coronavirus / toilet paper mind control in prior posts.

Coronavirus has toilet paper going in dime bags.  It’s paper for paper.  Or at this day and age, it is more like visible electronic smartphone credits with a this thing $ next to it.

But back on the point of 137, the 33rd prime.

The date numerology stands out too.

7/4/2018 = 7+4+20+18 = 49

7/4/1776 = 7+4+1+7+7+6 = 32

And with regards to the 32, recall ‘First Purge’ sums to 131, the 32nd prime.

So for math review, 277 is the 59th prime, and 59 is the 17th prime.  Which explains why modern masonry began in 1717, 59-years before “Independence Day”, July 4, 1776, in the United States.

Out of the 50 states, only Oregon sums to 74 in English Ordinal, and it is the 33rd state…

It’s budget was $13 million (USA = 41, 41 the 13th prime)

…13 colonies, 13 stripes, 13 years of public school programming

50 stars.  50 states, many more “territories”.

This is a scene from one of the Purge films, showing the date of March 21, 2020.

3/21/2020 = 3+21+20+20 = 64

3/21/20 = 3+21+20 = 44

We know what 44 and 64 typically mean for news headlines.  Hint, not pleasant.

Notice in the shote above, the town is named Celine.

Celine is on the 40th Parallel North, and 84th Meridian West.  Standout coordinates.  With regards to 40, read about Gavin Newsom,  the 40th Governor of California, “locking down” headline for 40-million in California:  https://gematriaeffect.news/gavin-newsom-orders-40-million-in-california-to-lockdown-march-19-2020/

Read more about The Purge series by the numbers here, and what it could have to do with Wuhan Coronavirus:  https://gematriaeffect.news/the-purge-films-in-light-of-new-york-going-into-lockdown-march-22-2020-donald-trumps-current-election-year-campaign/

And when the medium throws up a big 11, realize, the master occulted number is up!  Below, you’ll notice that number screaming, along with the top story on the right, “Former CDC director:  There’s a long war ahead”.  And isn’t that what they always do?  Contrive a war?  Of course it is, from foreign nations, to drugs, and now possibly, germs.  Wash your hands or global shutdown! *Headline is from late, March 20, 2020.

And Trump fits in too. Consider Trump became President in 2017, the same year the “First Purge” takes place…

Last, notice the subtitle of the film, A Nation Reborn, in light of the gematria of United Kingdom and Knights Templar, the original bankers, and military might, who have a lot to do with the coronavirus pandemic, at least so it seems.

We’ve been talking much about the coronavirus ‘pandemic’, and the Knights Templar in recent days, especially after the proposed bank loans on March 17, 2020.  Read more about that here:  https://gematriaeffect.news/bank-of-international-settlements-world-health-organization-the-knights-templar-the-coronavirus-pandemic-connecting-the-dots/

*United States = 157

*Freemasonry = 58 / 59 / 67

*The Bavarian Illuminati = 221

And didn’t we cover 59 a lot?  In Jewish Gematria, kill sum to 59. The Knights Templar were military and trained killers.

When you read about the Knights Templar, 65, and the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak ‘pandemic’, remember this story, about the record vaccine time of 65-days.


And don’t forget the 65 million killed in the Event 201 simulation, hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates, on Melinda’s 65th day of her age, or the fact that the two were married 65-days after Bill Gates birthday.


*Christianity = 65 (You must be a Christian to be included in the Knights Templar)

3/22/2020 = 3+22+20+20 = 65

Read my prior post on The Purge series and the Wuhan virus, in light of this weekend, March 21 and March 22, 2020:  https://gematriaeffect.news/the-purge-films-in-light-of-new-york-going-into-lockdown-march-22-2020-donald-trumps-current-election-year-campaign/

In that post, it is covered how in Part 3 of the series, titled ‘Election Year’, the slogan is ‘Keep America Great’, which is Trump’s reelection slogan, for 2020, an election year…

Coronavirus Financial Military Secret Societies

Watch this highlight reel of Event 201, October 18, 2019, before the coronavirus outbreak. If you are short on time fast-forward to 10 minutes into the video, and watch the final minute and seconds.

You can watch watch all 5 segments of the event here: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Event+201

Read about the significance of Event 201 and its date, October 18, 2019 here: https://gematriaeffect.news/event-201-the-coronavirus-outbreak-why-were-protesting-at-the-bill-melinda-gates-foundation-in-seattle-washington-march-13-2020/

Here is a list of the world’s 20 largest cities: https://www.rd.com/culture/these-are-the-most-populated-cities-on-earth/page/3/

Coronavirus Financial Secret Societies

Read more about Event 201 here: https://gematriaeffect.news/event-201-the-coronavirus-outbreak-why-were-protesting-at-the-bill-melinda-gates-foundation-in-seattle-washington-march-13-2020/

To date, we have not covered the roll of the World Economic Forum in Event 201. Now is that time.

Event 201 took place in New York, New York, another 222.


Read about the significance of Johns Hopkins University and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation co-hosting the event, in regards to the first case of coronavirus being found in the U.S. on January 21, 2020: https://gematriaeffect.news/siriusxm-makes-channel-121-the-coronavirus-channel-during-outbreak/

As we have covered, there is a major connection with Switzerland and the coronavirus outbreak. Read more here: https://gematriaeffect.news/bank-of-international-settlements-world-health-organization-the-knights-templar-the-coronavirus-pandemic-connecting-the-dots/

Notice the World Economic Forum is located in Switzerland as well.

Notice it is HQ’d in Cologny, Switzerland summing to 89.

Order out of chaos.

The Bank of International Settlements is 89-years-old, and in Switzerland: https://gematriaeffect.news/bank-of-international-settlements-world-health-organization-the-knights-templar-the-coronavirus-pandemic-connecting-the-dots/

As for the 244 in the name, the Bavarian Illuminati turns 244-years-old May 1, 1776, the day leaving 244-days left in the year. And the U.S. turns 244-years-old on July 4, 2020.

The organization changed its name in 1987, 33-years-ago. Go figure.


The founder, Klaus Schwab, is still alive, and will turn 82-years-old, March 30, 2020. 30+3?. 33? Notice he is from just outside of Bavaria, home of the Bavarian Illuminati.

Read about the Illuminati card game and the coronavirus “pandemic”: https://gematriaeffect.news/illuminati-card-game-epidemic-quarantine-card-red-cross-who-international-bank-of-settlements/

Coronavirus Police State Secret Societies

Take a good look.


Quarantine?  Illuminati card game?

When you think of the Red Cross, you should think of the Knights Templar.  As we have covered, the Knights Templar are the world’s first bankers, and of military might.  With that in mind, think about Event 201, a simulation of a coronavirus outbreak that tanks the economy, lasting 18 months, and killing 65 MILLION. That simulation was conducted by the world’s financial elite, among others in the scientific / pharmaceutical. On the very same day as the simulation, October 18, 2019, the Military World Games began in Wuhan, a celebration that began in Rome.

*Knights Templar = 65

*Switzerland = 65

*Pandemic = 65

*Year of the Rat = 65

Read more about the Knights Templar and Switzerland, and the Bank of International Settlements and World Health Organization which are both headquartered in Switzerland:  https://gematriaeffect.news/bank-of-international-settlements-world-health-organization-the-knights-templar-the-coronavirus-pandemic-connecting-the-dots/ and read more here:  https://gematriaeffect.news/steve-mnuchin-proposes-850-billion-economic-package-for-coronavirus-pandemic-stimulation-march-17-2020/

Keep in mind the original Illuminati is known as the Bavarian Illuminati.

Read RationalWiki trying to dismiss the predictive programming of this game, and notice they use the Knights Templar as an example:  https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Illuminati_(game) 

*Keep in mind that same site has a hit-piece on me, written by the most dishonest of dishonest.


The game was released 38-years-ago, in 1982.

This headline is from March 19, 2020.

Read the story about California’s lockdown here: https://gematriaeffect.news/gavin-newsom-orders-40-million-in-california-to-lockdown-march-19-2020/