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The Department of Defense? I told you this was a war on germs, led by the Jesuits and their “Superior General.”

And I suppose they’ll go with this “inconvenient” and “easily lost” card so that people will quickly opt in for the electronic medical file with something that is scannable, possibly even inserted into the body at the patient’s request, out of “convenience.”

*Nov. 13 date for photo *November 13 leaves 48 days in the year *Vaccination = 48

The photo shown is from November 13, 2020, the day leaving 48 days in the year, plus typically the 317th day of the year.

317, 66th prime *Vaccination cards?


Furthermore, notice this news was released December 2, 2020, a date with 54 numerology. And of course, we know who is behind this agenda, every inch of the way.

12/2/2020 = 12+2+20+20 = 54

Never forget, John Carroll established Jesuit Georgetown University while he was 54 years old. That’s the same place Anthony Fauci foretold the pandemic on January 10, 2017. Look it up.

Iesus Hominu Salvator = 122 *Pope Francis = 122 (12/2 date)

Speaking of which, notice how the name Dr. Kelly Moore fits in.

You see the overlap with ‘John Carroll’, ‘Jesuit Order’ and ‘Dr. Kelly Moore’.

And notice the gematria of Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card.

*Remember, the polio vaccine came out March 26, or 26/3, in 1953, the same day as the news of Pope Francis living in Suite 201, in 2013.

And again, this came 266 days after the pandemic was declared, March 11, 2020. Notice how the 266 and 122 come together through the Jesuit motto, ‘Iesus Hominum Salvator’. And let us not forget that Pope Francis is the 266th Pope, and first Jesuit, or that he spoke on the White House lawn on September 23, 2015, the 266th day of the year.

12/2, like 122

And notice how coronavirus vaccine is 274, like I.H.S.

And don’t forget that the Jesuits operate in 112 countries…

Read about the Club of Rome and April 7, 1968:

It’s all ‘mathematics’…. thus why the Vatican was established 11/2, February 11, 1929.

And keep in mind, over the pond, in the U.K., on December 2, they found out criminal Pfizer’s coronavirus (covid) vaccine has been rushed out and approved, 102 weeks after the Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline merger. Read more about that here: and here:

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In light of the news about New York City Public Schools reopening in December (when the vaccine is supposed to be out), don’t forget they were ordered to be closed on November 18 what is typically the 322nd day of the year, and earlier in 2020, on March 22, or 3/22, the lockdown measures went into place for New York.

And here’s a reminder about the March 22 lockdown.

New York State of PAUSE = 79 *Society of Jesus = 79


Of course, 322 is the number of Yale’s Skull and Bones.

And don’t forget this clip from the 33rd episode of Batman, which mentions Batman’s historical relationship with Skull and Bones. As you likely know, ‘Gotham City’ in Batman, is New York City.

Or this shot from the latest Batman film, where section 322 is shown before the stadium explodes.

Read more about 149 and 322, and Skull and Bones:

And of course, never forget this clip of Tim Russert asking John Kerry and George W. Bush about both being in Skull and Bones, where he identifies the number “322.”

Keep in mind these closures have been based on the data put out by The Johns Hopkins University, which was founded by a Skull and Bones member.

Read more about Daniel Coit Gilman and the founding of Johns Hopkins:

Read more about Genesis 3:22 and the encoding of 322:

And for one last point, don’t forget that Jesuit educated Tim Russert reportedly died at age 58, at 2:23 PM local (322 in reverse).

*He died on his 38th day of his age *Death = 38 *Murder = 38 *RIP = 38

*Secret Society = 58 *George W. Bush = 58 *Bush = 58

News Secret Societies

Notice, the discovery date was November 18, the day leaving 43 days in the year. Of course, ‘Monolith’ sums to 43 in the most pure cipher.

And don’t overlook that November 18 is typically the 322nd day of the year, the number connecting to Skull and Bones and ‘Yale’, the 43 University. It reminds us that the Georgia Guidestones were placed where they are on March 22, or 3/22, in 1980.

And also don’t look that they were doing a survey of sheep when they found this monolith… supposedly.

For another important point, this is being compared to 2001: A Space Odyssey, and that film released in 1968, the infamous year, on April 3, or 4/3, like 43.

Keep in mind, in my new book I write about what the film 2001: A Space Odyssey releasing in 1968, about technology overtaking man, has to do with the year 2020, 52 years later. *Technology = 52

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Joe Burrow down after season ending injury against Washington on Nov. 22nd, 2020

The leading story in the American sports world is the season-ending knee injury to Cincinnati Bengals standout rookie sensation Quarter Back Joe Burrow against the Washington (DC) Football team on November 22nd, 2020.

In my previous articles I have alluded to Joe Burrow’s central significance to the grand ritual of the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction of December 21st, 2020. December 21st, 2020 will be a Monday Night making that Monday Night Football NFL game super-significant and ripe for high ritual.

Joe Burrow was to be the center-piece of that ritual, representing the planet Jupiter. In my previous articles I explain the esoteric connection of Joe Burrow to Jupiter. I also explain the importance of Jupiter/Zeus — the planet and greco-roman God — to the Jesuit Order and Catholic Church.

Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunctions and the United States Presidency

My main focus regarding Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunctions ( which occur every twenty years) has been its effect on the U.S. Presidency: every President who won an election that was held close to a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction either died in office or survived an assassination attempt.

This chart is from

The streak started with William Henry Harrison who won the 1840 “Conjunction Election” and promptly died of pneumonia in his first year in office.

William Henry Harrison

November 22nd

Most noteworthy on the list is the most famous and resonant of all: the 1960 “Conjunction Election” won by John F Kennedy who was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963.

  • November 22nd, the 57th anniversary of the “Conjunction Curse” is when Joe Burrow, slated to represent Jupiter in the grand ritual on 2020’s Great Conjunction ritual on December 21st, 2020, was knocked out of that event and the entire season.
  • The injury occurred in Washington DC, the seat of the presidency and US government.
  • Washington D.C. is named after George Washington who is a founding member and first President General of the Roman Empire-inspired Society of the Cincinnati.
  • George Washington – like Burrow – represents Jupiter having been born Pisces and died in Sagittarius.

  • The “Cincinnati” connection is self-explanatory .

The JUPITER-to-SATURN Transition

December 21st marks the transition from Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter) to Capricorn (ruled by Saturn).

We are in the transition period between the end of the Age of Pisces (ruled by Jupiter) and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius (ruled by Saturn).

Dominant political and economic forces such as The Jesuit Order venerate – or at least invoke certain aspects of Jupiter – and do not welcome the natural transition to the age of Aquarius. High occult sorcery is being performed to manipulate the course of humanity.

Cedric Benson

Cedric Benson is a former Cincinnati Bengals Running Back who was a Capricorn and represented SATURN. He died on a Saturday (SATURN day) in Austin Texas in 2019. I addressed this in my previous post.

Gematria reveals striking synchronicity between the location of Cedric Benson’s death and a powerful occult organization that appears to venerate Jupiter.

Benson’s last social media post depicted the motorcycle he crashed in ON Saturday evening with the words “MY SATURDAY EVENING” which sums to 2112 in Latin/Jewish gematria, like the date 21st December of the 2020 great Conjunction game in Cincinnati.

In my previous post Cincinnati and the Great Conjunction Part 3, I addressed the 2012 movie The Life of Pi and its heavy Jovian themes most vividly expressed through the tiger who was the main character (again: tigers can represent Jupiter the striped planet).

The goat is a symbol of Capricorn (ruled by Saturn).

In the book and the film adaptation the tiger kills and eats a live goat. This is representative of Jupiter prevailing over/dominating Saturn.

Illustration from Life of Pi book of a tiger eating a goat

Whether or not it is consciously ritualistically orchestrated or whether this are the forces of the Universe at play, the November 22nd Joe Burrow injury — ruling him, the centerpiece out of the December 21st Great Conjunction ritual — appears to be a response in the opposite direction; where Saturn is prevailing and Jupiter is the sacrificial victim.

The Joe Burrow Injury: SATURN STRIKES BACK

Where Capricorn/Saturn died on a Saturday (Saturn day), Sagittarius Joe Burrow was injured at the beginning of Sagittarius.

The damage to Burrow’s knee was caused by impact from Washington Defensive Tackle Jonathan Allen combined with weight and momentum from Burrow’s teammate Cincinnati-born Offensive Guard Michael Jordan who tried unsuccessfully to block Jonathan Allen.

Jonathan Allen, born January 16th, is a Capricorn a sign ruled by Saturn.

The most prominent gematria-value for “SATURN” is 93. Jonathan Allen wears jersey number 93.

Joe Burrow was forced out of the game, Conjunction-night game and season with the score at 97 like the number 97.

In gematria “CAPRICORN” sums to 97. As does “CHRONOS” the Greek progenitor of Saturn.

Jupiter also has 79 moons, a number similar to the scoreline. Jupiter is second only to Saturn in most-satellites in our solar system.

511, 115

I have written about parallels with the classic movie Back to the Future that features heavy Jovian and Saturnian themes. In Latin gematria (Jewish cipher on the gematrinator calculator) “SATURN” sums to 511.

511 can represent the date 5th November a date of high importance to the Jesuit Order who attempted a coup against the British government in the 1605 Gunpowder Plot. Westminster, London the site of the Gunpowder Plot is the site of the future Big Ben clock tower.

November 5th is the date that Marty McFly went to in Back to the Future which featured the Hill Valley clock tower. November 5th, 1955 was a Saturday (Saturn day).

Scene from Back to the Future when Marty McFly first finds out what date he has traveled to

From Jonathan Allen’s most recent birthday to the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction of 2020 is a period of 11 months and 5 days.

Remember that the 12-21 Monday Night Football game features Pittsburgh Steelers Quarter Back Ben Roethlisberger who is nicknamed Big Ben.

When you spell out Jonathan Allen’s birthday ( JANUARY SIXTEENTH) you get a value of 218.

The date 218, as written in Britain, is 21st August. 21st August , 2017 is the last time that Big Ben was operative after being shut down in what undoubtably is a “reset” ritual.

Zodiacal Associations with Human Bodyparts

In the zodiac each sign is attributed influence and rulership over a specific area of the human anatomy. CAPRICORN, which # 93 Jonathan Allen who injured Joe Burrow’s knee is, rules the KNEES.

Elsa Raven

On November 2nd of 2020 Back to the Future actress Elsa Raven passed away. She played a memorable character whose famous and popular line was “Save the clocktower!”

Her name “Elsa Raven” matches “CAPRICORN” almost perfectly in gematria.

Jonathan Allen’s birthday of JANUARY 16th sums to 92 when spelled out. 92 is a major “Cronos/Kronos ” value which matches multiple names and phrases relating to the Chronos/time/Cininnati Bengals Great Conjunction-ritual theme.

Ryan Finley

With the Jovian representative out he is replaced by back-up Quarter Back Ryan Finley. Born December 26th Ryan Finley is a CAPRICORN.

Jupiter Burrow has been forced to hand leadership over to Saturn Finley.

Michael Jordan

The other player involved in the hit to Joe Burrow’s knee is Bengals Offensive Guard Michael Jordan. Born 25th January, Michael Jordan is an Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by SATURN.

Michael Jordan wears jersey number 60. When you spell out “SIXTY” it sums to 97, like the score when Burrow was forced out of the game; like “Capricorn”, like “Chronos.”


The big sporting incident that involved Michael Jordan occurred on November 22nd the anniversary President John F Kennedy’s assassination and the swearing in of his Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson at 2:38 pm on Airforce One.

“Michael Jordan” sums to 238.

“At 2:38 p.m. CST, Lyndon Baines Johnson took the oath of office as the 36th President of the United States. “

Lyndon B Johnson being sworn in as President at 2:38 on November 22nd, 1963

William Henry Harrison

The first “Conjunction Election” President to die in office was William Henry Harrison. The gematria values of his name — in the simplest cipher Ordinal and in the purest cipher Pythagorean or Full Reduction — are 251 and 116

251 is the birthday of Michael Jordan (25th January); 116 is the birthday of Jonathan Allen (January 16th).

Is the name “HARRISon” a clue as to who might benefit if the “Conjunction Curse” continues?


The number 213 is a Jovian/Pisces number as the date 21st March is in Pisces of the tropical zodiac.

Multiple terms related to the current Jupiter-Saturn ritual theme sum to 213, such as “Joseph Le Burrow”, “Cedric Benson”, the biological scientific official name for “tiger” “Panthera Tigris.” Also “Monday Night Football” sums to 213.

Is it manipulated or the work of the Universe that — after Burrow’s game and season ended, and Cincinnati failed to score for the rest of the game — the Bengals’ total points-scored for the season rested at 213?

History Jesuit Murder by Numbers Secret Societies

Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the ‘Order of Illuminati’, died 201 days after the 54 year anniversary of the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati, May 1, 1776. And in light of the 201 days, keep in mind that he quickly changed the name from Bavarian Illuminati, to ‘Order of Illuminati’.

*The Jesuit Order = 201 (Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit)

As we know, ‘Jesuit Order’ equates to 54.

You could also say he died on his 202nd day of his age. And remember, the 202nd minute of the day is 3:22, much like 322, the number of ‘Skull and Bones’. And let us not forget that Weishaupt died November 18, the 322nd day of non leap years.

*Skull and Bones = 202

*And don’t forget that Adam Weishaupt died 80 days before his February 6th upcoming birthday.

*Bavarian Illuminati = 80

Celebrity Government History Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Politics Secret Societies

Udo Walz was born July 28, 1944, and he died on his 116th day of his age.

Read about the death of King Von and 116:


44. 28.

116. 44. 46.

For the clincher, he died on Angela Merkel’s 127th day of her age, and he had styled her hair in the past.

Bavarian Illuminati = 127 *Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127

Again, he died on his 116th day of his age.

And last, he died on the 20th.

As we said at the start of the year, 2020 will have more death than most.

And in light of him dying at age 76, keep in mind Berlin is not far from Bavaria, and Skull and Bones is directly linked, and one of their favorite numbers is 76, as we’ve been discussing in recent days.

Read about Obama’s new book, ‘A Promised Land’, released on the 322nd day of the leap year, November 17, 2020:

*The Order of Skull and Bones = 263 (56th prime) *Society of Jesus = 56
*Bavarian Illuminati was established by the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt
263, 56th prime

Entertainment News Secret Societies

This news about Ubisoft and “Skull and Bones”, fell on November 18, the 322nd day of the year in most years. Of course, Skull and Bones, at Yale, identifies by the number 322.

Keep in mind November 18 also leaves 43 days in the year.

Celebrity Entertainment History Jesuit Outer Space Science Secret Societies

Notice Neil Alden Armstrong equates to 201 and 84, the same as ‘The Twilight Zone’, and ‘The Jesuit Order’.

Of course, the moon landing, with Neil Armstrong, took place on July 20, 1969, the 201st day of the year. Furthermore, the pilot episode of The Twilight Zone, was about sending a man to the moon.

*Also, he died in Cincinnati, Jesuit town, on the 237th day of the year, August 25, and many contend the moon landing was filmed in Studio 237.

*Cincinnati = 51 *Moon = 51 *Conspiracy = 51 *Area 51