Sade Robinson’s April Fools Day disappearance, 33 year old Maxwell Anderson & Milwaukee’s history with Jeffrey Dahmer

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Milwaukee? A missing leg? The racist cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer?

It looks like an attempt to create racial chaos. In this case, the victim is 19. *Chaos=19

This story goes back to April 1, 2024, in the 19th month since Netflix released Dahmer on the date of September 21, 2022.

And notice, Sade Robinson was buzzing right before Jackie Robinson Day in the MLB, which falls today, April 15, 2024 (annually on April 15).

Her accused killer was charged April 12, 2024, the 163rd anniversary of the Civil War’s start.
163, 38th prime *Murder=38 *Death=38 *Killing=38 *RIP=38

This man was arrested April 4, the 56th anniversary of MLK’s assassination.
Black Lives Matter=56 *Society of Jesus=56

Recall 56th Street burned in Wisconsin the other year, and the big story was Kyle Rittenhouse.

The name ties in. *Sade Robinson=54 & 72 *Jesuit Order=54 & 72

Her hometown ties in. *Vicksburg, MS=72, 144 & 153 *Jesuit Order=72, 144 & 153

The charge was made on the 103rd day of the year *Jesuits=103

And the body part was found April 3, the anniversary of Jesus crucifixion.

And the girl went missing on April Fools Day. *Slave=14 *1/4 date, First of April

The killer’s name fits the ritual. *Maxwell Anderson=63 *Racism=63

He is 33 and his charge came exactly a span of 33 weeks from the upcoming 30th anniversary of Jeffrey Dahmer’s assassination, November 28, 1994.

Charge=33 *Police=33 *Order=33 *Secrecy=33 *Masonry=33 *Race War=33

The Jeffrey Dahmer story was connected to the March 3, or 3/3, beating of Rodney King.

And, doesn’t her photo look like it was made by AI? It looks like Hello Kitty is her mother.

Her full name is fateful.
Sade Carleena Robinson=86 & 121 *Blood Sacrifice=86 & 121
Jesuits=86 & 103 (Charge on 103rd day of the year)

Her leg was found a span of 121 days from the death of Dahmer’s father, December 5, 2023.

Eleanor Coppola, dead at 87, 117 days after the Pope’s 87th birthday (Tony Soprano de ja vu)

Catholic Church Death Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Secret Societies

Eleanor Coppola, wife of Francis Ford Coppola, died at 87, 117 days after the Pope’s birthday.
The Godfather=117

Pope Francis is also 87 right now. *The Catholic Church=87 *Ignatius of Loyola=87

This is a reminder of what happened to ‘Tony Soprano’ who died 99 days after Pope Francis became the first Jesuit Pope in the history of the Church. *Sopranos=99 (Sopranos released in ’99)

The Jesuit Order fingerprints are also on The Godfather.
The Godfather=54 *Jesuit Order=54

The Jesuit HQ is the House of Gesu at Building 54.

In the case of The Godfather, it released in ’72. *Jesuit Order=72

Pope Francis became the first Jesuit Pope on the 72nd day of 2013 (March 13).

3+24+72=99 *Sopranos=99 *The United States of America=99 (Named on 9/9)
Illuminati founded by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt May 1, 1776 (5+1+17+76=99)

This film was released on the 84th day of 1972. *Godfather=84 *Jesuit=84 *The Jesuit Order=84

The 84 list goes on. *The Catholic Church=84 *United States of America=84

That also means the film just turned 52 years old. *Pope=52

For one last point, her name Gematria made her right for a blood sacrifice.
Eleanor Coppola=67 *Blood Sacrifice=67 *Human Sacrifice=68

Remember that Francis Ford Coppola just began his 86th year of life on April 7.
Blood Sacrifice=86 *Human Sacrifice=86

Francis Ford Coppola=191 *Society of Jesus=191

OJ Simpson announced dead at 76, April 11, 2024

Celebrity Death History Murder by Numbers News Racism Secret Societies Slavery Sports

Read about the February 9, 2024 news about OJ Simpson’s prostate cancer here.

There will be a much longer decode and stream on this later.

OJ Simpson has been announced dead on April 11, or 11/4, like 114.
Orenthal James Simpson=114 *History=114

He is a San Francisco native and April 11 is the 102nd day of the leap year.
San Francisco, California=102 *Prostate=102

It also goes with him being announced dead at 76.
San Francisco=76

The 102 & 76 code also goes with the ‘slavery’ pattern.
Slavery=102 *Slave=76 *Negro=76 *Blues=76 *Rasta=76

It also goes with Johnnie Cochran being born on 10/2.

He is dead on what would have been Cochran’s 192nd day of his age, and Skull and Bones is 192 years old at this current time. *Skull and Bones=76

The 49ers and Bills will play each other this year, and the Bills are 7-6 vs. the 49ers.

This news comes 277 days after his last birthday, and he died on his 277th day of his age.
277, 59th prime *Slave=59 *Negro=59 *Blues=59 *Rasta=59 *Prostate Cancer=59

He also died 59 days after the Super Bowl which concluded the 104th NFL season.
Dead on 10/4

That was the first Super Bowl on the 42nd day of the year. *Orenthal=42 *Slaver=42

As you know, Missouri’s Chiefs became 4-2 in Super Bowls. *Missouri=42

The upcoming Super Bowl is #59, and he is dead 41 days before Josh Allen’s May 21 birthday.
Super Bowl=41

He is also dead a span of 42 days before Josh Allen’s upcoming birthday.
Orenthal=42 *Slavery=42

Moving on, he is dead 63 days before the June 12 “murder” anniversary.

Also, recall the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting, the day OJ Simpson was released from jail in Las Vegas, and that was October 1, or 10/1, like how he died on the 101st day of the year, April 10, 2024.

Furthermore, OJ Simpson’s last social media post was from the 42nd day of the year, the day of Super Bowl 58 (Nicole=58), and it showed him with a Titleist hat, going with him being announced dead the opening day of the Masters. *Titleist=102 & 114 *Master=76

11/4 news, 11th of April, 2024, the 102nd day of the leap year

Last, Buffalo was just big news because it was the last major city the April 8 eclipse passed through.
Orenthal James Simpson=84 & 114

Peter Higgs, physicist who proposed Higgs boson, dead at 94, April 8, 2024, the day CERN was fired back up

Celebrity CERN Death Earthquake Entertainment Murder by Numbers New World Order News Science Secret Societies
God Particle=56 & 187 *Society of Jesus=56 & 187 *European Council for Nuclear Research=187 (CERN)
Roman Catholic Church=94

His death at 94 is announced on 9/4, 9th of April.

Peter Higgs died Monday, April 8, or 4/8, the date CERN was fired back up.
Peter Higgs=48

If you have seen the Da Vinci Code, you know about the connection between CERN and the Illuminati’s interest in the particle collider. *Illuminati=48

His name ties in as well. *Peter Ware Higgs=80 *Bavarian Illuminati=80

So, in light of this all seeming a big ritualistic, go figure he died exactly 45 weeks after his last birthday.

His birthday, May 29, or 5/29, goes with the gematria of ‘European Council for Nuclear Research,’ what CERN stands for. *European Council for Nuclear Research=529

Notice that Sweden was one of the original twelve countries that signed the CERN Convention.

I bring this point up because of the ritual with the 4.8 magnitude earthquake in the Northeast United States on Henrik Stenson’s 48th birthday. If you missed my work on it, the theory is it had a lot to do with with nuclear ‘energy.’ Read more about that here.

And in light of that earthquake having an epicenter on Donald Trump’s golf course, a man with June 14 birthday, or 6/14, it is noteworthy that Higgs has died a span of 614 weeks, on the nose, from July 4, 2012, the supposed day the God Particle was discovered.

Moving on, Higgs died “from a short illness” on the 163rd day of Fabiola Gianotti’s age.
163, 38th prime *Death=38 *Earthquake=163

Wynonna Judd’s daughter arrested April 5, 2024 (and the Fox News image shown)

Celebrity Legal News Secret Societies

In light of the 27-year-old being arrested on April 5, or 4/5, notice it was exactly 45 weeks after Wynonna Judd’s birthday. *Ritual=27 & 45

It was the same day day the 27 year old actor was found dead, Cole Brings Plenty.

She is age 59. *Freemasonry=59

Bill Gates July 1, 1994, Playboy interview, after the passing of Kurt Cobain

Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers News Secret Societies
Nirvana=79 & 34 *Rensin=79, 34, 83, 38 (83 days after Heffner’s birthday & while Gates was 38)
95%? Again, Kurt Cobain died on the 95th day of the year, and Hugh Heffner died on the day leaving 95 days in the year
September 27, the date Heffner died, is important to the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) *David Rensin=56 *Society of Jesus=56

Bill Gates Playboy interview was 87 days after Kurt Cobain’s suicide, the lead singer of Nirvana. It goes with Nirvana being formed in ’87, and being named after a Buddhist concept. It also goes with Bill and Melinda Gates meeting in ’87.

That means from the date his body was found, April 8, or 8/4, to the interview was 84 days.

The Catholic Church=87 & 84 *The Jesuit Order=84 *Jesuit=84 *Porn Mag=84

And again, Kurt Cobain died 206 days before Bill Gates October 28 birthday, and Seattle is the (206) area code, going with ‘sacrifice’ equating to 206 in Jewish Gematria.

Keep in mind Bill and Melinda were married New Years Day of 1994, and Cobain died 94 days later.
Seattle, Washington=94

Judge Aileen Cannon rejects Trump bid to dismiss criminal charges in classified documents case, April 4, 2024

Death Elections Federal Government History Jesuit Legal Murder by Numbers News Racism Secret Societies

How about the 42-second clip of the raid of Diddy’s house?

This news comes on April 4, or 4/4, the anniversary of William Henry Harrison becoming the first US President to die in office. It is also the anniversary of MLK’s assassination, April 4, 1968.
Shooting=44 *Kill=44 *Execution=44

Keep in mind JFK was the 44th term US President, and killed in Dealey Plaza.

Of course, the Ides of March is to remember the killing of Caesar in 44 BC.

And remember, Aileen Cannon first aimed for May 20 for court with Trump, the anniversary of Ignatius of Loyola being shot with a Cannonball, May 20, 1521, in the Battle of Pamplona (263, 56th prime).

And notice the 88 connection with ‘Trump,’ ‘Cannonball’ and ‘Pamplona.’

The classified documents in Florida go back to Mar-A-Lago. That was on August 8, or 8/8, like 88.
Mar-A-Lago=68 *Donald John Trump=68 (MLK & RFK shot in ’68)

The election, November 5, leaves 56 days in the year and is essential to Jesuit history as well.
Cannonball=56 *Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56

Cali, Colombia=95 (April 4, 95th day of the year)
Aileen Mercedes Cannon=109 *Shooting=109 *April 19, 109th day, important to Ignatius

This is also part of CNN’s programming today, April 4, or 4/4, like 44.

Joker poster featuring Joaquin Phoenix dancing with Lady Gaga emerges, April 2, 2024

Elections Entertainment Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit Legal Predictive Programming Secret Societies

The trailer releases April 9, while Joaquin Phoenix is 49.

It releases on the 158th day of his age. *Lady Gaga=158 *Freemasonry=158

Recall the ritual with Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and 158. Read about it here.

Notice it happened 24/7 and the United States and the Illuminati are 247 years old.

This ritual on 4/2 was exactly 42 weeks into Donald Trump’s age, *Freemason=42

Trump was the winner of the 58th US Presidential election (and you might recall the Lady Gaga protest from back then). *Lady Gaga=58 *Freemasonry=58 *Secret Society=58

Keep in mind in the last Batman film, the Joker attacks New York (Gotham) on November 5, the date of the upcoming election. Funny enough, this April 2 story comes exactly 31 weeks before November 5, 2024, and this is part of an ongoing trend with this film, Donald Trump, and the 2024 election.

For one more point, April 2, 2024 had 50 date numerology. *4/2/2024=4+2+20+24=50
Donald=50 *America=50 *Washington=50 *Jesuits=50 *Circle=50

On the current food handler card test, you are taught hamburgers must be cooked at 158 degrees. And Trump loves to promote McDonalds. *McDonalds=158 *Burger King=158 *Hamburgers=158

The circle is needed in the casting of a spell, going with the word spelling.

Joaquin Phoenix will turn 50-years old October 28, the anniversary of Matthew Perry’s suspicious death, the same man who was reported to have called himself Matt-man, like Batman.

Read about the ritual with Trump, 44, Heath Ledger, and what would have been his 44th birthday, 4/4/2023. It goes with tomorrow being what would have been his 45th birthday, and Donald Trump being #45, and the last Joker movie coming out while Joaquin Phoenix was 45-years-old.
Mattman=44 *Ritual=45

Keep in mind that ritual last year was 83 weeks before the election, a fateful number.

Chris Hansen compares Diddy to R. Kelly on April Fools Day, 201 days after his 64th birthday

Celebrity Federal Government Legal News Racism Secret Societies Sexual Abuse

Have you seen Diddy with the Maltese Cross or the Jesus Piece?
Drunk with Power=79 & 205 *Knights Templar=79 & 205
The Maltese Cross is associated with Templars
Drunk with Power=74 *Cross=74 *Jesus=74 *Rapper=74 (etc.)

On 4/2, Fox had to post at 1:59 PM. *Slavery=42 *Nigger=42 *Black Man=42
New Testament=42 & 159 (NT begins with 42 generations to Jesus)

This interview was Monday, April Fools Day, April 1, 2024, 201 days after Chris Hansen’s birthday, or on his 202nd day of his age. Fox has the written story on it the day after, 202 days after his birthday.
The Jesuit Order=201 *Jesuit=42 (like 4/2)
Skull and Bones=202, 201 & 41 (like 4/1)
Chris Hansen=179 (41st prime)

Chris Hansen was born in ’59, commonly paired with 42. *Bad Boy Records=59

And his birthday is the day Tupac Shakur died, September 13, 1996, on Chris Hansen’s 37th birthday.

As for Chris being 64, don’t forget International Chess Day is celebrated on the 201st day of the year.
Order of Illuminati=201 (64 spaces on the chessboard)

Larry Lucchino, former Orioles and Red Sox president, dead at 78, April 2, 2024

Death Infrastructure Jesuit Murder by Numbers Predictive Programming Secret Societies Sports
Lawrence Lucchino=166/76/266/86 *Key Bridge=86 (down on 86th day of the year)

He won 4 World Series, and is dead in the 4th month, April. He won his first with Baltimore in ’83, 41-years ago, and this comes days after the Orioles owner’s death on the 83rd day of the year, March 23, the anniversary of the Key Bridge opening, the one that collapsed three days after his death, March 26. Plus, that boat was owned by Hyundia, opened in ’72, the year bridge construction began, on March 23.
Baltimore=41 *Lucchino=41 *Key=41

The Orioles have a chance to become 4-1 today vs. the Super Bowl winning city, Kansas City. As you know, Mahomes got his 41st road win over Baltimore to go there, and Mahomes is currently on 41 postseason TDs. *Super Bowl=41

Kansas City=32 *America=32 *KC=14 *Baltimore=41 *Key=41 *Super Bowl=41

As a reminder, the Key Bridge came down on the 86th day of the year.
Lawrence Lucchino=86 *Jesuits=86 *Blood Sacrifice=86 *Human Sacrifice=86

Keep in mind today is 4/2 *Jesuit=42 *Orioles=42

And keep in mind the Chiefs became 4-2 in Super Bowls, on the 42nd day of the year, after beating Baltimore.

Notice he is from Pittsburgh, where the Fern Hollow bridge collapse was a precursor to the Key Bridge.

And notice he went to Yale. Was he a member of Order 322, Skull and BOnes?
Skull and Bones=322 (Genesis 3:22, 78th verse of the Bible — dead at 78)
-We just saw Yale win with 78 points on March 22, while the school is 322 years old
-He has died on the 177th day of Yale’s age *The Jesuit Order=177 *Jesuit=78 & 42 (4/2 date)
-His death was 153 days after the last World Series ended *Jesuit Order=153
-That’s a span of 154 days *Doubleday=154 *Ritual Sacrifice=154
-Of course, Auburn lost to Yale with 76 points *Skull and Bones=76 *Lawrence Lucchino=76
-Baltimore is on the 76th Meridian West

Last, a ‘president’ is dead, and we know how the collapse of the bridge was synced with Joe Biden.