SpaceX launches first all-tourist crew into orbit, September 15, 2021

Big Tech Jesuit News Outer Space

The Scottish Rite is big in space, and this news comes on September 15, or 15/9.
Scottish Rite = 159

Today leaves 107 days in the year.
Military = 107
107, 28th prime (Space = 28)

What a lucky Lockheed Martin employee…

This news comes 79 days after Jesuit pawn Elon Musk’s birthday.
Society of Jesus = 79

It is 216-days after Jared Isaacman’s February 11th birthday.
6x6x6 = 216
NASA likes 666…

Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is called ‘Comirnaty’

Big Tech Coronavirus Federal Government Pharmaceutical Tyranny

The new name for Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine is ‘Comirnaty.’

Death = 118
Virus = 46
Covid = 53

And notice the overlap with ‘Microsoft’. Again, the approval of the vaccine by the FDA was 66 days before Bill Gates 66th birthday, and Bill Gates is Mr. Microsoft.
Covid-19 Vaccine = 66
Number of the Beast = 66

Numerology = 125

*Everything they have done with Covid has been numerology based.

Elon Musk unveils “Tesla Bot”, August 19, 2021, by the numbers

Big Tech Catholic Church Jesuit News Predictive Programming
Tesla Bot = 50 (Elon Musk is = 50)
Tesla Bot = 122 / 50
1-month 22-days after Elon Musk’s 50th birthday

Technology = 52
Government = 52
Authority = 52
President = 52
White House = 52
Pope = 52
Earth = 52
*52 week calendar
*Kabbalah = 52
*Gematria = 52

*Read about the film ‘The Golem‘ and 52. After all, it is a creature not far off from a “Tesla Bot.”

And keep in mind this story is drawing parallels to the film iRobt, staring Will Smith, who is 52 years old right now.

And again, that’s why 2020, the Big Tech takeover year, was 52 years after ’68 (the year with the best predictive programming for it, the year of 2001 a Space Odyssey).

This news also came on the 19th of August.
A.I. is 1.9.
Musk = 19

For more on this decode, watch Neo the Hacker’s video. He connects it to the film iRobot in a BIG WAY.

For another thought, August 19 leaves 134 days in the year.
The Jesuits = 134

And here’s my video on the subject.

The beginning of the end for Gematria Effect News 22 (YouTube Censorship)

Big Tech Censorship

Once the first strike comes, the next one, two and three come very quicly.

“Hate speech.”

And of course they won’t tell you what was hate speech, they’ll just accuse and censor, like fascist trash.

This video had a bunch of views was the real problem. The truth was getting out.

This movement would be 1,000 x bigger if it wasn’t for these big tech censoring scum.

Update: We’ll see how they respond to the appeal. They turn them down 90% of the time.

Accenture hit by LockBit ransomware gang, August 11, 2021 news

Big Tech Cyber Attack / Hacking Jesuit News

Remember, the Jesuit Klaus Schwab simulated the cyber attacks by the numbers with his World Economic Forum. So notice how ‘Accenture’ factors in.
Accenture = 54 / 153
Jesuit Order = 54 / 153

As for LockBit, it fits as well.
LockBit = 72
Jesuit Order = 72

Adding insult to injury, today is 33 days after the July 9, 2021, Cyber Polygon event.

Zack Stoner’s (of ZackTV1) murder, May 30, 2021

Big Tech Celebrity Murder by Numbers

Zack Stoner was reportedly born March 25, 1990, which would have made him 28 years old at the time of his May 30, 2021 murder.

Kill = 28
Stoner = 28
Shooting = 107 (28th prime)
Ritual Sacrifice = 107 (28th prime)

From his birthday to his death was a span of 67 days.

Killer = 67
Satanic = 67

The date had 73 numerology as well.
5/28/2020 = 5+28+20+20 = 73
Ritual Sacrifice = 73
Sacrifice = 73

The date of the death is curious since it is ‘Chicago’ related, and his channel was ZackTV1.
5/30 = 5+30 = 35
Chicago = 35
ZackTV1 = 35

Catholic = 35 / 145
Chicago, Illinois = 145

Also noteworthy is that he died in May.
Zack Stoner = 42
May = 42
Jesuit = 42
Freemason = 42

More specifically, he died on May 30, the 150th day of the year, and the Jesuit backed ‘Illuminati’ was established on May 1, 1776.

Microsoft to require vaccines for workers at its US offices, Tuesday, August 3, 2021 news

Big Tech Coronavirus Corporate Pharmaceutical Tyranny
Microsoft = 125 (1:25 post time)

Microsoft announces on August 3, or 3/8, like 38, that the latest consequences of the ‘pandemic’.

It reminds of the arranged marriage by Bill and Melinda, 65 days after his 38th birthday.

And go figure he is 65 while all this is happening.

‘Seattle’ sweethearts Bill and Melinda Gates, together since ’87, divorce 87 days before Bill Gates’ birthday, August 2, 2021

Big Tech Celebrity Coronavirus Jesuit News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

This news comes August 2, ending the relationship for the ‘Seattle’ couple.

Read about the death of Gonzoe in Seattle this weekend in light of 82.

Better yet, they met in ’87, and today is 87 days before Bill Gates’ birthday.

Read about Gates getting his vaccine on his 87th day of his age, January 22, 2021.

Read more about the Gates’ divorce here, here, and here.

Read about Jeff Bezos divorce by the numbers here.

And keep in mind I have been arguing for over a year that Bill and Melinda Gates were in an arranged marriage, beginning January 1, 1994, in tribute to the planed “coronavirus pandemic.”
Seattle, Washington = 94
Davos, Switzerland = 94
Coronavirus Pandemic = 94

On January 29, 2010, Bill Gates declared a ‘Decade of Vaccines’ from Davos, Switzerland on his 94th day of his age. Ten years later, January 2020, he got the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in the world, outside of mainland China, in his backyard, Seattle. That is what is now leading to the goal of his “D.O.V.” That is a cause to vaccinate all the people of the world.

As for the ‘pandemic’ marriage, today it ends, and today leaves 151 days in the year, and the first case was said to have arrived in Seattle from Wuhan on January 15, 2020, or 15/1, like 151.

Bill Gates is 65 now.
He married Melinda 65 days after his 38th birthday.
They’re divorced on the day leaving 151 days in the year
Think I got a point?

Read more about the sick fuck Bill Gates and the number 151. When you do, you’ll get why he is a SICK FUCK.

$76 billion each? *Symbol = 76
-Think of money and symbolism…

Anyhow, keep in mind today is the 214th day of the year, connecting to Melinda Gates.

On this same day, the Covid-19 vaccination rate of 70% in adults was supposedly achieved, the 214th day of the year.