IBM says it has created the world’s smallest and most powerful microchip, Thursday, May 6, 2021

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IBM = 21 (This is HUGE news, from IBM, in 2021.

IBM claims this as a HUGE breakthrough that will lift all boats in the technology world and will result in our smart phones and other small computer devices becoming much more powerful.

If you have read my book, you know about technology and 52.

Technology = 52
2020, 52 years after ’68 (2001: A Space Odyssey)

This news comes the day leaving 239 days in the year (52nd prime) and on a date with 52 numerology.

5/6/2021 = 5+6+20+21 = 52

And recall the word ‘singularity’. Singularity = 56 *5/6 news (May 6)

Amazon One’s palm-scanning technology makes the news April 21, 2021, the 111th day of the year

Big Tech Government New World Order News Police State Technology

This news about Amazon ONE broke on April 21, 2021, the 111th day of the year.

111 is a repdigit of ONE (1).

And the term “palm scanning” gives us another 201 taking place in the time of the pandemic, that was simulated at Event 201, October 18, 2019.

Amazon One = 40
Whole Food = 40
Mathematics = 40

This news came on Jeff Bezos’ 100th day of his age, connecting to the gematria of ‘palm reading’.

Whole Foods = 122
Satanic = 122
Seattle on 122nd Meridian West

The Mark of the Beast relates to being read from your hand, or your forehead. And again, many companies are now scanning your forehead during the time of the pandemic before entry into buildings, which is clearly a step in the 666, Mark of the Beast, direction.

4/21/2021 = 4+21+20+21 = 66

Math = 66
New Testament = 66
Number of the Beast = 66

SpaceX’s Mars rocket explosion of March 3, 2021, more Masonic-Jesuit jokes

Freemasonry Government Jesuit News Outer Space Technology

The latest SpaceX explosion comes on March 3, or 3/3, like 33. As we know, Masonry has A LOT to do with the ongoing space programs.

Masonry = 33 *Secrecy = 33 *Order = 33 *Federal = 33
Explosion = 42 / 48 *Freemason = 42 / 48 *Jesuit = 42 / 84

From Musk’s 49th birthday, June 28, 2020, to this incident was 8 months and 4 days into his age. *Masonry=84 *Jesuit=84 *United States of America=84

And don’t forget that March 3 is the 62nd day of the year.

Mason = 62

And for more familiar numbers…

Rocket Explosion = 201 *The Jesuit Order = 201
Rocket Explosion = 78 *Scottish Rite = 78 *Jesuit = 78

Valentine’s Day Power Outages occurred 142 days after Public Enemy released ‘What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down’, September 25, 2020

Entertainment Jesuit New World Order Predictive Programming Technology Terrorism

Notice the What You Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down Album released on September 25, 2020, exactly 142 days before Valentine’s Day, the date that can be written 14/2, like 142…

This ritual took place 197 days after Chuck D’s August 1st birthday
197, 45th prime *Ritual = 45 *Hip-Hop = 45

Keep in mind Arizona is on the cover art, and Arizona’s birthday is Valentine’s Day as well.

Valentine State = 167 (39th prime) *Arizona = 39 *Valentine = 39

Keep in mind the Public Enemy album shows ‘Monument Valley’, Arizona.

2/14/2021 = 2+14+20+21 = 57

Read more about power grids going down on Valentine’s Day and in the days after here.

Read more about the Valentine’s Day power outage prediction here.

Read more about the Public Enemy album here.

And look at this 142 related story, about turtles that were rescued.

This story was from 14/2, like 142.

SpaceX now has a third of the world’s satellites in orbit, February 11, 2021 newss

Big Tech News Outer Space Science Technology

What a story for the 42nd day of the year. It’s about the ‘internet’.

Outer Space = 42 *Freemason = 42 *Jesuit = 42

And notice how ‘Starlink’ and ‘satellites’ go together.

America = 32 *Scottish = 32 *7/4/1776 = 32

This news came February 11, 137 days before Elon Musk’s June 28, 2021 birthday, and 137 is the 33rd prime, something like 33%, in light of the claim being that SpaceX has a third of the satellites in orbit.

GameStop stock is through the roof in 2021 (Think Geek) & it is further proof of how CONTRIVED the market is

Big Tech Markets & Stocks Technology

This is ritual to bring about ‘federal’ intervention.

*Ritual = 45

This is yet another example of how fake the market is, and how few people can prop up a stock, and at the same time destroy it. A dying business has a surging market value, because of loyal readers on the 33 board, ‘Reddit’? Laughable. Notice how ‘GameStop’ ‘Reddit’ and ‘federal’ come together.

And for the clincher, would you believe the gematria of their stock ticker, GME? If you said 56, you’re a winner.

And notice how Melvin Capital is behind this, another 56 / 79, like ‘Society of Jesus’, the gang pulling the strings.

And you know where the regulators are, in Jesuit controlled Washington D.C.

Amazon said nearly 20,000 workers got coronavirus, October 1, 2020, 263 days after Beezos’ 56th birthday

Big Tech Coronavirus Jesuit News Technology

This news comes October 1, or 10/1, like 101.

101, 26th prime *Virus = 26

This news comes 263 days after Jeff Beezos’ 56th birthday. Of course, 263 is the 56th prime number.

Catholicism = 112 *Jesuits operate in 112 countries

Read about the 56th Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan and her ‘Summer of Love:

Read about Gavin Newsom and his “56%” remark:

And don’t forget Amazon’s 70 connection.

Notice how ‘twenty thousand’ fits in…

From Beezos’ birthday to September 19 was 251 days later.

251, 54th prime

Then notice the mention of 42%, Jesuit = 42

Hurricane Teddy makes landfall on Canada, September 23, 2020

Military Science Technology Weather

52 foot waves, as Teddy makes landfall on Canada on September 23, 2020, the “super 52” date? And again, that means every date we listed in May for a hurricane to land, a hurricane has landed on — all 52 dates — July 25, August 4, August 24, September 3, September 23.

9/23/20 = 9+23+20 = 52

23/9 (239, the 52nd prime)