Former India Pacer falls from fourth floor balcony, June 20, 2024 news

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From the fourth floor? RIP.

I hope this guy wasn’t sacrificed just because the Indiana (close to India) Pacers made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Of course the number 52 is huge with that franchise in their rigged games.

This happened on June 20, or 20/6. *Sacrifice=206

Willie Mays, dead at 93, before MLB’s Juneteenth tribute to Negro Leagues, June 18, 2024

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Willie Mays’s death has sparked remarks from Obama. Go figure his June 18, 2024 death is 47 days before Obama’s 63rd birthday on August 4, 2024.
Willie Mays=47
White House=47

And with regards to it being synced to Obama’s 63rd birthday…
Major League Baseball=63

Both of their nicknames also match.
The Say Hey Kid=59

Moving on, Willie Mays, #24, is dead in 2024, 24 days after the anniversary of his MLB debut.

Notice his career ended at 42, like Hank Aaron.

He is also dead 83 days before his MLB conclusion debut, and dead on the 83rd day of the San Francisco Giants season.

Also, notice the Giants were playing in the Land of Lincoln, and they lost today, 2-5, getting their 38th loss of the season. Symbolic and fateful numbers.
Giants=25 & 38
Death=25 & 38

It goes with Willie Mays dying 70 years after 1954, when he made “The Catch.”

Also, he is dead just before the special Negro League tribute game in Alabama, where he and Hank Aaron are from, and in the game the teams will be named after Mays and Aaron. Of course, both of those men retired at age 42.

Also, from Hank Aaron’s death, January 22, 2021, to Willie Mays’s death, is 177 weeks.
The Jesuit Order=177
New World Order=177

For one more, he died on the 331st day of Barry Bonds’s age.
331, 67th prime *Blood Sacrifice=67

Today is 202 months and days since Bonds set the record. *San Francisco=202

Kevin Campbell, Arsenal Premier League football player, dead at 54, June 15, 2024

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Dead at 54 after a short illness? That has been a common phrase since the Jesuit coronavirus pandemic. And in this case, he was 54 years old.
Jesuit Order=54 & 72
Premier League=72 & 72

The name Arsenal also fits in. *Arsenal=70 *Coronavirus=70 *United Kingdom=70

Remember the 70% more infectious UK strain?

Notice also the mention of 228 games with Arsenal *Death=228 (Sumerian)

He died 132 days after his birthday. *England=132

He died on his 133rd day of his age. *Football=133

He also died on 65 date numerology. *United Kingdom=65

Nine goals in five games, and a 4/2 birthday? *Five=42 *Nine=42 *Slavery=42

The 5 and 9 also fit in this way. *Slave=59, Negro=59, Blues=59, Rasta=59

It also fits in this way. *London, England=59

Judge rejects bankruptcy plan for Alex Jones on Donald Trump’s 78th birthday, June 14, 2024

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Again, today is exactly 138 weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting on December 14, 2012.
Donald Trump=138, Alex Jones=138 *Federal=138

The Jesuit’s birthday, August 15, leaves 138 days in the year.

Read about the 138 ritual that went down with Alex Jones and Clarence Thomas last week, on June 7.

Today is June 14, 2024, Donald Trump’s 78th birthday and Alex Jones is on the Genesis Radio Network.

The joke here is that Donald Trump was awarded many bankruptcies in his lifetime.
Bankruptcy=58 (Trump won the 58th election)

CNN highlights Trump turning 78, June 14, 2024

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Again, 78 is quite the number, especially since there are 78 cards in the Tarot Deck, and the top cards are Trump Cards. *Scottish Rite=78 *Jesuit=78

The 2025 Congress will be the 119th. *Tarot Cards=119 *Donald=119

And as you know, Trump has parallels to Grover Cleveland and JFK.
Cleveland=78, Kennedy=78

It is a reminder that the 78th verse of Genesis is Genesis 3:22.
-Genesis 1’s last verse is 31 (Genesis 1:31) And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.
Genesis 2’s last verse is 25 (Genesis 2:25)  Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.
-There are 56 verses in before Genesis 3:1.

56 verses, +22 in Genesis, is the 78th verse of the Bible.

Genesis 3:22 mentions Kabbalah’s Tree of Life (but in a different context).

The 3:22 part though, Kabbalah’s Tree of Life has 3 pillars and 22 paths.
Abrahamic Religions=322 (based in Genesis & the Torah)
Ancient Mystery Religions=322 (Genesis 3:22)

Alex Jones is also in the news, and he broadcasts on the Genesis Communications Network.

Today is also the Pope’s 181st day of his age, and Alex Jones got his start with Waco, where David Koresh was reportedly killed in the Waco Siege.

181 is the 42nd prime number
World War Three=181
World War=42

The Waco Siege had a lot to do with 87. Read about that here. *Waco Siege=87

Miriam Adelson took over the Mavericks at age 78 in November of 2023. Her husband, Sheldon Adelson, was a big Trump backer. They own casinos. Go figure that today, Trump’s birthday, in the 78th NBA season, the game that got fudged up a day, and in series that began on the Celtics 78th birthday (Boston Celtics=78), in the 78th game of the 2024 NBA Playoffs.

Anyhow, today is the Mavericks 248th Playoff Game as a franchise.
President Donald Trump=248

The Mavericks were established on May 1, like the Illuminati, and they turned 248 on that day.

That’s while Trump was in court. *Manhattan Criminal Court=248

He got a break to campaign that day, go figure.

He also had the mugshot on 24th of August, or 24/8.

Some might say, “Kobe.” (he was #24 & #8)

Again, the election was called for Trump in 2016 when he was on 248 electoral votes.

Judge approves liquidation of Alex Jones assets, Friday, June 14, 2024

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Judge Christopher Lopez=307 (63rd prime) *JFK shooting in ’63 *Sandy=63

Today is June 14, 2024, exactly 138 months after the shooting. *Alex Jones=138

It goes with the Supreme Court’s ruling today on Trump’s bump stock ban.

The 4200 days also stand out. *InfoWars=42 *Gun=42 *Ammo=42

Today is also a span of 612 days since Alex Jones was ordered to pay the Sandy Hook victims, October 12, 2022. Read more about that here.

Read more about 612 and shootings here.

This news comes on the ‘kill’ date, having 44 numerology. *Shooting=44

Supreme Court strikes down Trump-approved ban on bump stocks on his 78th birthday (and the ban, December 18, 2018)

Astrology Celebrity Elections Federal Government Gun Control History Jesuit Legal News Secret Societies

This ruling comes on Trump’s 78th birthday, June 14, 2024.
Scottish Rite=78 & 57
Supreme Court=57

Clarence Thomas is Jesuit-educated, and DC is the Jesuit & Scottish Rite mecca.

The ban occurred December 18, 2018, during Saturnalia.
*Saturn Worship=78

The first Jesuit Pope is Pope Francis, born December 17, the first day of Saturnalia.

Remember, Pope Francis became a Jesuit in 1958.
Pope Francis=58 & 59 *Freemasonry=58, 59 & 139
-Bump Stocks=59 & 139
Secret Society=58
Trump, winner of the 58th US Pres. Election
-The Apprentice, the first degree of Freemasonry

Is a false flag in the near future? I can imagine bump stock being in the story.
Bump Stock Ban=137, 38, 187, 70
Washington DC=137 & 187 (DC is on the 38th Parallel)
Washington DC=56 (56 is 70 in base-8 counting)

June 17, 2024 will be exactly 66 months after the ban, reminding us that Saturn is the 6th planet.
Mass Shooting=66 *Saturn Worship=66 & 78

*We are in the 66th month right now, the full span is three days away.

Notice the Gematria of Saturn Worship, 201, 66 & 78 (+150).

Order of Illuminati=201 *Illuminati=150 (recall the Saturn ritual with Baldwin involving 150 & 201)
The Jesuit Order=201 *Jesuit=78
-Trump, Jesuit educated, is 78

We are in the 6th month, and Saturn is the 6th planet.

Plus, today to December 31, 2024 are the last 201 days of the year.

Remember, there is a long history with 201 and gun control, going from MLK’s assassination to the nation’s first major gun control act, the Gun Control Act of 1968, passed October 22, 1968, 201 days after MLK’s assassination. And think about the 201s in Sandy Hook, Uvalde, Buffalo, and many, many more, from 9/11 to OKC.
Order of Illuminati=201
Order of Assassins=201
The Jesuit Order=201

Notice how Saturnian Order and The Jesuit Order overlap (69, 177, 201).

We are in the time of the first Jesuit Pope, and the first to live in Suite 201 at the Vatican, also born during Saturnalia. He also has the 201 connections, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=201
*Catholic Pope=201
Ignatius of Loyola=201
Leo Jeremiah O’Donovan=201

Remember, Beau Biden and Leo Jeremiah O’Donovan and 201 and the Pope and Inauguration Day?
Sacrifice to Saturn=201

Remember Hunter Biden being found guilty 177 days after the Pope’s birthday? *Hunter Biden=177

Don’t forget, Joe Biden took office at age 78.

Keep in mind Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and it begins in the last days of Saturnalia, which runs December 17 to December 23.

It is the 10th sign, and 10 is associated with Satan, which is associated with Saturn.
Satan=10 & 55 (55, 10th triangular and Fibonacci number)
God=10 & 55 (to some, Satan is God)

Again, MAGA is the highest degree of the Church of Satan and Trump & Obama told the world Trump would be #45 on the Church of Satan’s 45th birthday, April 30, 2011. Look it up. And don’t forget how the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, died in a major 201 ritual, synced with the Pope.

Also, there are 78 cards in the Tarot Deck, and the Saturn card is associated with the 10th card, as well as the Devil Card.

Hierophant=48 & 60 *Donald Trump=48 & 60

The Hierophant is The Pope…

For one last point, the bump stock ban happened on 68 date numerology, 12/18/2018.
Donald John Trump=68
*CIA=68 (1968…)
*Planet=68 (Think Saturn)

Of course, Saturn is related to Judgement, so think about how they put today’s story together.

Matthew Whitaker left office on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019 (45th day of the year).

That is a day associated with shootings.
Matthew George Whitaker=107 & 109
Shooting=107 & 109

He left office 58 days after December 18, 2018, or a span of 59 days. …58 & 59…

Also, he signed the bill 41 days after he took office. *USA=41

Again, the Jesuit suppression lasted for 41 years and the USA was formed in that time.

41 is the 13th prime, and Whitaker left office 99 days after he took it. *Thirteen=99 & 45

This is the land of 13 stripes, named on the USA on 9/9.
The United States of America=99

Again, he left office on the 45th day of the year, and now this ritual on #45’s birthday.

For one more, today is exactly 64 months after he left office. *Joe Biden=64 (chess)

Remember, the Illuminati was founded on 99 date numerology, 64 days before the USA.

Of course International Chess Day is celebrated on the 201st day of the year.

And for one last thought, in terms of potential “ritual grounds” for what may be days away, today is 215 days after the Superior General’s age, or the 216th day of his age. Philadelphia is the (215) area code and (216) is the Cleveland area code. Keep in mind Whitaker left office on the first anniversary of the Stoneman Douglas Eagles High School shooting which had a lot to do with the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win in Minneapolis days earlier, in Super Bowl 52, as you’ll recall. Also, I just covered how Brady’s Hall of Fame tribute from two days ago was paying tribute to his Super Bowl 52 loss to Philadelphia.

*Clarence Thomas wrote the majority opinion (he turns 76 on June 23)

Tesla shareholders approve Elon Musk’s $56 billion pay package, June 13, 2024

Big Tech Celebrity Financial Jesuit Markets & Stocks News Secret Societies

201 pertains to light in Hebrew Gematria.

The Illuminati has a 201 history.

So do the Jesuits.

Recall the Mike Myers joke with Elon Musk and the Illuminati in his show The Pentaverate.

The leader in that show is Lord Lordington, notice the 201.

Where 201 equates with ‘light’ in Hebrew, it equates to 56 in English.

Recall the coronavirus was simulated with Event 201.

There were about a thousand (probably more) rituals with 56 & 201 in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today is 15 days before Elon Musk’s upcoming birthday.

Keep in mind Nikola Tesla was born in 1856, emphasis on ’56.

The 119th US Congress, January 3, 2025

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The 119th Congress will take office with the President in January of 2025. It is a reminder that the election was called for Donald Trump on November 9, 2016, with emphasis on 11/9, like 119.
Donald=119 (Jewish Gematria)

Don’t forget the election was called for Trump while he was on 248 Electoral Votes in 2016, and the United States of America will be 248 years old at the time of the election.
President Donald Trump=248

Tom Brady inducted into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame, June 12, 2024

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On the day that Jerry West died and the Boston Celtics improved to 3-0 in the NBA Finals vs. the Dallas Mavericks, Tom Brady was inducted into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame.

This ritual came exactly 45 weeks into Tom Brady’s age.
Ritual=45 *New England=45 & 45

Brady is 46, the 199th pick (46th prime). *Tom Brady=46 *Michigan=46

Remember when the Patriots got beat by the Bears 46-10 in Super Bowl 20.

This ritual also came 52 days before Tom Brady’s upcoming 47th birthday. It is a reminder he lost to Philadelphia in Super Bowl 52, a Super Bowl that was all about the flag. Notice, on this same day, the Boston Red Sox beat the Philadelphia Phillies 8-6. It goes with the Eagles beating the Patriots after Zach Ertz, #86, scored the game-winning TD in Super Bowl 52, 86 days after his birthday, in the season that came 86 years after the National Anthem was adopted.

Again, Jerry West died at age 86 on this day, and the 86th Attorney General, Merrick Garland, was targeted by the GOP. That’s because it was a Wednesday (Wednesday=86).

*This ceremony was 85 days before the start of the upcoming NFL season (or a span of 86 days).
National Football League=85 *Brady=85

Last, this ritual came on George H.W. Bush’s 100th birthday anniversary, and it is a reminder his son was in office when 9/11 and the Patriot Act happened. That is also when Tom Brady and the Patriots happened. Of course, both Bush’s were in Skull and Bones, and American Football is credited to Skull and Bones member Walter Camp.

*June 12 leaves 202 days in the year *Skull and Bones=202

Keep in mind Skull and Bones is also known as the Brotherhood of Death, and Robert Kraft was 83 years old at the time of this ritual, going with Tom’s 8/3 birthday.
Brotherhood of Death=83