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Cesare Borgia whose image is the basis for the popular European depiction of Jesus Christ

There is an ongoing theme in ritual-disguised-as-news-events, that is playing out with greater frequency at the moment: that is the theme of correlating – on an occulted level – Jesus Christ with Mercury. Mercury is a Roman deity; Mercury is a planet.

In the popular Western sun-based Tropical Zodiac the planet Mercury rules two signs: GEMINI and VIRGO.

Jesus Christ’s similarity with the Roman Mercury is that they are both divine and mortal, spirit and flesh; messengers from the heavenly realm to earthly realm.

In the tarot tradition the card that represents the planet Mercury is # 1 THE MAGICIAN. The Magician is pictured in the long flowing white and red garments that Jesus Christ is popularly depicted in.

The “Three Wisemen” who were given exclusive, divine knowledge of Jesus’ birth were called MAGI. From the word “Magi” we get the word “MAGICIAN.”

In 1978 Christian Pastor and Meteorologist Ernest L Martin published “The Birth of Christ Recalculated” in which he determined that the real birthday of “Jesus” (he would not have been named Jesus since that is a much later Roman moniker) is September 11th, 3 B.C.

Interestingly his name ERNEST MARTIN sums to 156 gematria. The 156th prime number is 911.

Ernest L Martin also wrote about the real birthday of “Jesus” in his 1996 book The Star That Astonished the World, which can be read online here.

A September 11th birthday makes Jesus a VIRGO.

CESARE BORGIA The Model for the Image of Jesus

139 the Jesus Code

With a 13th September (13-9) birthday Cesare Borgia is a VIRGO; ruling planet MERCURY.

Cesare Borgia, the image of Jesus Christ is the most significant of the Jesus/Mercury/Virgo/Gemini associations. Here are other recent popular culture examples:


Tupac Shakur is a GEMINI and, not only is his death-date under VIRGO, but it is the birthday of Cesare Borgia, the model for the image of Jesus Christ. That date 13th September is written 139, an important number in the Jesus code.


Nas appeares as a crucified Christ in his 1999 video for the song HATE ME NOW. Nas is a VIRGO. “Hate Me Now” is in keeping with the 139 code.

Check out this post by Zachary K Hubbard : Leader of Church of England says we should revisit white Jesus, June 26, 2020. It unveils the 139 code as it pertains to the topic of Jesus in the news.

In his post Hubbard includes the observation that the gematria of “WHITE JESUS” sums to 139. Again: 139, 13 September is the birthdate of “white Jesus” model Cesare Borgia, and death date of “black Jesus” Tupac Shakur.


In The Matrix trilogy the main protagonist NEO is a Christ-like savior figure. The Matrix has an occulted Christian theme. The Christ-Neo metaphor is made most apparent at the final battle scene when Neo’s body, in a crucifixion position, lights up with the shape of a cross (below).

A close-up of Neo’s passport shows that he was born on the birthday of CESARE BORGIA: 13th September in keeping with the 139/Jesus/Gemini/Virgo/Mercury code.

Not just any actor was chosen for the Mercury role: Keanu Reeves was chosen because he is a VIRGO.

The tarot card that represents Mercury is The Magician; card number ONE. NEO is an anagram of ONE.

Neo’s real name is THOMAS which means “twin.” This is a GEMINI reference, emphasizing MERCURY the ruling planet of VIRGO and GEMINI.


Neo’s passport expires on September 11th, 2001, the possible birthday of the real “Jesus.”

September 11th featured the Gemini twin towers symbol, and occurred on a Virgo date.

The alleged ringleader was Mohamed Atta whose September 1st birthday makes him a VIRGO. His 33 year-old age-at-death is the same purported for Jesus Christ.

846 has proven to be a huge ritual number regarding the George Floyd event, was already significant in the 911 Mercury ritual which started at 8:46 a.m.–2001)#Destruction

When we use Jewish a.k.a. Latin gematria we see why 846 is significant:

Other Virgo/Gemini Artists Portrayed as Jesus

In my post The Greater Ritual Part 6: BLACK JESUS and the Mercury Pattern  I list rappers who have been presented as Jesus Christ. They were all either Virgo or Gemini.

  • Kanye West (Ye-zus). The female (besides his mother Mary) most associated with Jesus Christ is Mary Magdalene. Kanye West’s wife is Kim Kardashian.

Kanye west is a GEMINI.

  • Beyoncé is literally venerated along side Jesus Christ in actual church services called “Beyoncé Mass.” She has the moniker “BEY-zus.” Beyoncé is a VIRGO.
  • Kendrick Lamar’s image has been crafted around Jesus Christ. He is a GEMINI.
  • Kodak Black has three crosses tattooed on his face: he is a GEMINI.
  • Jadakiss appeared with a crown of thorns on the cover of his 2009 mix-tape The Passion of Kiss. Jadakiss is GEMINI.
  • Mase appeared with a crown of thorns on the cover of his 2005 mixtape Crucified 4 the Hood. Mase is a VIRGO.
  • Remy Ma appeared on the cover of her 2007 mixtape Shesus Khrist as crucified Christ. Remy Ma is a GEMINI.
  • Denmark Vessey appeared on the cover of his 2013 album Cult Classic as Jesus Christ.

Again: I discuss this in depth in this post: The Greater Ritual Part 6: BLACK JESUS and the Mercury Pattern 

  • NIPSEY HUSSLE: It is important to note that the Roman Mercury is inherited from the Greek HERMES, and is the same entity.

Nipsey Hussle was marketed as a Christ figure, even dying at the age associated with Christ’s death: 33. He was neither a Gemini nor a Virgo but his real first name is ERMIAS, which is Tigrinya (his father’s native language) for HERMES. So, Nipsy Hussle was a Christ figure named after the Mercury archetype.


This brings us to current news where last week pastor, writer and civil rights activist Shaun King tweeted about depictions of white, European Jesus.

As part of the ritual – because the subject matter is focused on Jesus – Shaun King could only be either a Gemini or Virgo. Shaun King is Virgo.

See Zachary K Hubbard’s decode on this topic:

Below is one of Shaun King’s messages

“ALL OF THEM” is emphasized. Gematria tells you why.

It is ironic that Shaun King, a strident opponent of white Jesus depictions, shares a name-gematria-value (139) with the birthday of the model for the white Jesus image 13-9 (13th September).

41 is the gematria value of “MERCURY” that is most emergent in Jesus/Mercury/Virgo/Gemini rituals.

So, no surprise that 41 shows up in the Shaun King segment of the greater, over-arching Mercury ritual.

Shaun King was born on the 17th of September; written 17-9. 179 is the 41st prime #.

Other Mercury rituals in which 41 has been prominent have been:

  • September 11th, 2001 World Trade Center attacks which occurred on a date with 41 numerology.

The Pentagon’s construction was initiated in the year ’41.

  • Kobe Bryant death: Bryant was a VIRGO, who died at age 41.

His name has 41 gematria.

There are multiple 41s coded into the life and career of Kobe Bryant, but a final example is his initials K.B. Compare with the initials of Jesus Christ J.C. and his residence L.A.

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There have been centuries of Jesus/Mercury rituals performed on the world stage. But recent history has seen an up-tick of such rituals; most often involving public figures in politics, news head-lines and, most often in popular culture.

An answer as to why these rituals are performed lies in the phenomenon of the zodiacal DETRIMENT.

The detriment of a sign and its ruling planet is the sign and ruling planet directly opposite it on the zodiacal wheel. In the case of VIRGO (ruled by Mercury) PISCES (ruled by Jupiter) is opposite.

In the case of Gemini (ruled by Mercury), SAGITTARIUS (ruled by Jupiter) is directly opposite it.

So, the detriment of Mercury is Jupiter, and vice-versa.

An entity that sees Mercury as a detriment and a nemesis most likely venerates Jupiter.

The Jesuit Order a.k.a. Society of Jesus is one such entity that venerates Jupiter. their patron Saint is Peter whose name is derived from Jupiter; Ju-PETER.

It should be no surprise then that the first openly Jesuit Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) is a Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter.

If you look at his significant career dates, they too line up with Jupiter. He was ordained on a Sagittarius date, was created cardinal on a Pisces date, and began his papacy on a Pisces date.

And again: gematria unveils the true essence: “Bergoglio” has double synchronicity – in base gematria ciphers – with “Jupiter” and “Sagittarius.”

Is it possible to be any more thoroughly imbued in Jupiter coding than Pope Francis is?

This is not to say any one planet is good and another is bad; all have positive and negative influences; the adepts/shamans will invoke the side of the planet that they desire. In the case of the Jesuits they invoke the authoritarian side of Jupiter the storm god, as have most fascist empires since Babylon and earlier; as does the New World Order.

The Mercury-Jupiter Detriment in the Life and Death of CESARE BORGIA

As mention in my previous posts: Cesare Borgia provides the popular European image of Jesus Christ. The real birthday of “Jesus” is believed by some to be September 11th, 3 B.C. making him a Virgo which is Mercury.

Cesare Borgia was chosen as the image of Jesus because he is a Virgo.

The detriment of mercury is Jupiter, so the death of Mercury Borgia occurred on a Pisces date; Pisces ruled by Jupiter.

In 2007 Cesare Borgia’s remains – after being disinterred and re-buried previously – were reinterred on March 11th a Jupiter/Pisces date.

March 11th was picked not only as a statement of Jovian dominance, but because of its identical numerology to September 11th, the possible “real birthday” of “Jesus.”

Astrology Catholic Church

We know The Cabal likes their solstices.

Watch out for Seattle on June 20 because it is taking place in the Jesuit part of town near Seattle University, on Capitol Hill.

UPDATE: On Seattle’s website, they have the Autonomous Zone ending June 20, here is the site.

It’s interesting the government website has the start date for the project as June 7, because that is one day prior to the police abandoning the station on June 8, when the area was setup. And like I pointed out, how did those people get all the government materials to close off the streets to setup the zone? Well, now we know, it was a government construction project, to have the materials there by June 7…

Astrology Coronavirus Racism

293 is the 62nd prime and ‘Floyd’, ‘Minneapolis’ and ‘riot’ each sum to 62.  Of course, George Floyd was killed in the ‘Twin’ City of Minneapolis, in the time of Gemini, setting off riots.

George Floyd is from Houston, Texas.

Don’t forget the Houston Astros lost Game 7 of the World Series, 6-2, on the day leaving 62-days in the year, in Houston, Texas.

Notice ‘Castor’ was killed.

George Floyd’s porn name is ‘Floyd the Landlord’.

Astrology Esoteric Jesuit New World Order News Rambo's Corner Secret Societies

There is a pronounced GEMINI theme to the George Floyd event.: The symbol for the zodiac is TWINS; the event took place in one of Minnesota’s TWIN cities. Former NBA basketball player Stephen Jackson was referred to as George Floyd’s TWIN (below). The event happened on May 25th a date under GEMINI and birthday of Minnesota U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar.

As I have mentioned in previous posts: events like the George Floyd killing – with heavy Gemini/twin symbolism – are components of a greater, over-arching ritual with a common theme which is MERCURY.

MERCURY is a Roman deity; Hermes to Greece, Djehuti/Tehuti/Thoth to ancient Kemet/Egypt.

Roman portrait of Hermes/Mercury from the year 1 A.D.

MERCURY is also a planet. The planet Mercury rules the zodiac signs of GEMINI and VIRGO.

A Gemini ritual is – at its core – a MERCURY ritual. Gemini/twin symbolism and references will often also involve VIRGO symbolism and references.

Jesus Christ coding is often included in MERCURY rituals.

The key gematria code for Jesus Christ is 74. “RAPPER” sums to 74. George Floyd was a RAPPER among other things.

Jesus Christ is said to have been crucified on April 3rd; a date written 4-3.

Jesus Christ is said to have been crucified at age 33.

The planet Mercury has a relation to 33: For every 33 revolutions that MERCURY makes around the sun, Earth makes 137 revolutions. 137 is the 33rd prime.

GEMINI sums to 33.

George Floyd died on the 146th day of the year.

“Jesus Christ” sums to 146

14-6 is 14 June which is Donald Trump’s birthday.

Donald Trump’s father’s middle name is CHRIST. His mother’s name is MARY. To his supporters he is a Messiah and a Christ-figure.

The popular depiction of Jesus Christ – with the long hair and goatee – is modeled after Italian nobleman Cesare Borgia (below) who was a VIRGO.

WWE wrestler Seth Rollins is modeled after the Cesare Borgia Christ image.

Seth Rollins’ name synchronizes with “Jesus Christ” in Gematria, and he is a GEMINI.

The Matrix movie features Neo as a Christ-figure. His passport is shown revealing that he is a VIRGO.

His real name is THOMAS which is a Gemini reference since THOMAS means “twin.”

The passports expiration date is September 11th, 2001.

The actor who plays Neo is Keanu Reeves was chosen because he is a VIRGO.

The alleged leader of the Mercury ritual of the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center is Mohammed Atta who is a VIRGO officially.

MERCURY the god of Travelers and Transportation

the Greco-Roman god Hermes/Mercury is – among other things – a god of travelers and transportation. That is why airplanes – a form of transportation – were used in were used in the 911 attacks. That is why Virgo Kobe Bryant (helicopter), Gemini Tupac Shakur (automobile), Gemini Prince; arguably the Twin Cities’ most famous native (elevator), and Gemini JFK(automobile) died in modes of transportation.

In JFK’s assassination we see the GEMINI and VIRGO elements combined in the MERCURY ritual: Vice President Lyndon B Johnson was a Virgo and was sworn in on an airplane (Airforce One) .

Grand Central Terminal in New York City is the most famous transportation hub in the world, and – to emphasize the significance of Mercury as ruler of the realm of transportation – has a massive sculpture of MERCURY on its Southern facade (below). The title of the sculpture is “Transportation.”

Tires are associated with transportation. Good year tires use the winged ankle of Mercury as its logo.

In the George Floyd event the Autozone that was set on fire was one of the transportation elements .

Another transportation element is the MERCEDES BENZ that George Floyd was driving and extracted from. Mercedes is named in honor of MERCURY the ruler of transportation: MERC – edes.

Mercedes Benz has been used in other rituals that invoked Mercury such as the death of Princess Diana who died on a date under VIRGO (August 31st). She was in a Mercedes Benz (below).

“Mercedes Benz” matches “AllSeeing Eye” perfectly across all four base ciphers. Most significantly at 119. “George Floyd” sums to 119.

Gematria reveals what one of the key elements of the ritual is: Gemini which synchs with the main subject’s name.


Besides the fact that “George Floyd” sums to 119, his case synchronizes with Sept 11th in other, more significant ways:

The first impact – the opening salvo – of the 911 attacks was American Airlines Flight 11 hitting the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 am.–2001)#Destruction

George Floyd was officially pinned down for 8mins, 46 seconds, 8:46.

The sun set on Minneapolis at 8:46 on the day of the George Floyd’s killing.


The George Floyd killing occurred a week before the 99th anniversary of the Tulsa, Oklahoma racially motivated attacks.

It was reminiscent of that and of the 2016 shooting of aAfrican-American motorist Terence Crutcher by Tulsa, Oklahoma police.

The Crutcher incident also had TWIN symbolism: he was a twin. His twin sister Tiffany advocated for him in the media after the event.

The event happened on a date under VIRGO: September 16th.

Transportation was a theme: He was shot in the middle of a road after exiting his vehicle, a Lincoln Navigator. Lincoln is made by Ford that also made Mercury cars.

The name of the location matches the gematria of MERCURY.

Terence Crutcher was killed at age 40, which synchs with the Gematria of MERCURY.

The Zodiacal Detriment

The detriment of a zodiacal sign and ruling planet is the ruling planet of the sign directly opposite it on the zodiacal wheel.

The signs opposite Mercury-ruled GEMINI and VIRGO are Sagittarius and Pisces. They are both ruled by JUPITER.

JUPITER is the DETRIMENT of Mercury, and vice-versa

JUPITER is the stormy planet and the “thunder god,” confirmed by Gematria.

JUPITER is the planet/god of the Vatican/Jesuits. Jupiter rules Pisces, the symbol for Pisces is fish, and the Pope wears a mitre “FISH HAT.”

The phrase “God the Father’ is veneration of JUPITER, an authoritarian, top-down, father-knows best ruler.

“God” in Italian is “Dio.” “Father” in Latin “Pater”. So, “God the Father” is “DIO PATER” which is “JU PITER.”

Father figure is associated with authority. 47 and 52 are Gematria

“POPE” in Italian is “Papa.” Papa being almost universal term for “father.”

The Patron Saint of the Catholic Church/Vatican/Jesuits is PETER, whose name is derived from JUPITER: JU – PETER.

JUPITER is at least a god if not the god of the New World Order

Jupiter is a storm/thunder/lightning god. The Bible’s Luke 10:18 compares satan to lightning. Could it be referring to a “god” who identifies with Jupiter?

99 The Number of JUPITER

The number 99 has been prevalent in the George Floyd Mercury ritual. As a destruction-of-Mercury ritual the DETRIMENT of Mercury has been invoked. The detriment of Mercury is JUPITER. The gematria of JUPITER is 99.

99 showed up in the video of his killing as a diesel-price at a gas station (below). Diesel prices are never that low, so it is a plausible conclusion that the unrealistic price was displayed as a ritual element.

The store at the center of the storm CUP FOODS also has Gematria of 99. As does AUTOZONE.

In the most circulated images in the media of the Autozone burning-and-looting a prominent person is wearing a sports jersey with the name “RAMIREZ” emblazoned on it. RAMIREZ just happens to synch with JUPITER across 3 base cipher values, most crucially at 99.

JUPITER is a storm planet/god. All this is occurring as Tropical Storm Cristobal is forming and threatening the Caribbean and parts of Southern United States. The name of the storm synchs with the JUPITER code and theme.

The symbol for Jupiter looks like a 24. The 2014 Olympics is to be hosted by Paris. (Paris and France are Freemasonic/Jesuit centers; Jupiter – in Greek mythology – is an OLYMPIAN).

It appears that the world’s ruling powers intend to celebrate their world order by honoring their governing – or at least inspirational – power; JUPITER. The logo for the Paris Olympics is a JUPITER symbol.

Astrology News Racism

The George Floyd and Amy Cooper stories both happened in the time of Gemini, on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020.  Read about the parallels between the two stories here:

Keep in mind Stephen Jackson referred to George Floyd as his twin, and George Floyd was reportedly killed in the one of the Twin Cities, Minneapolis.  Read more about that here:

Also, read about the death of DJ Screw in relation to the death of George Floyd, two musicians who collaborated together:

New York = 39 / 33

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This article is a continuation of my last post May the 4th Be With You.

This is about the central importance of VENUS as a metaphor. Venus is a basis for several occult manifestation-rituals presented as news events and art.

Donald Trump’s May 6th, 2020 vetoing of the War Powers Resolution is said to be a step towards a U.S. military attack on IRAN.

IRAN REPRESENTS VENUS. An attack on IRAN would be an example of a manifestation mega-ritual to effect a new anti-human age: Venus – and other archetypal goddess analogs – represent the principles of love and conscience; properties that make humans human, distinguishable from animals and machines.

This is NOT to say that the ruling class of Iran exemplifies love, conscience and care; in fact they are quite the opposite. They have done their part in destroying the true essence of the VENUS metaphor.

ISLAM; specifically SHIA ISLAM is the religion of IRAN. VENUS veneration is the astrotheological precursor to ISLAM.

FRIDAY is VENUS Day: “FRIDAY” in Latin is “VENERIS”; “VIERNES” in Spanish. Friday is, naturally, the holy day-of-the-week for ISLAM.

The Prophet Mohammed named his daughter “Venus”: Venus in Arabic is “ZAHRA”. Fatimah Zahra is the prophet’s daughter. SHIA ISLAM venerates Fatimah Zahra more-so than the more popular Sunni Islam does.


In Gematria the value-code of VENUS is 54.

Venus is the Roman goddess of love. LOVE sums to 54.

Venus also represents CONSCIENCE, which also sums to 54

ISLAM sums to 54:

The Arabic translation of VENUS is ZAHRA which sums to 54 and matches VENUS across other ciphers.

Another symbol of Islam is the CRESCENT MOON, which sums to 54:

My previous post was about MAY 4th as STAR WARS DAY. The date May 4th is written 5-4. I demonstrated in that post that STAR WARS esoterically is about VENUS.

Star Wars was released on may 25th, 1977, a date with 54 numerology

The planet VENUS rules the zodiac signs of TAURUS and LIBRA. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) are both LIBRAs.

The name LEIA was chosen because it synchronizes with VENUS in Gematria.

Leia and Skywalker were born on the fictional planet of ALDERAAN which is an obvious play on the name of the real-life star ALDEBARAN which is in the constellation of TAURUS; a VENUS reference since Venus rules the zodiac of Taurus.

The revolutionary coalition that Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are integral members of is called the REBEL ALLIANCE. Gematria reveals more (intentional) VENUS-coding with that name:

The symbol of the Rebel Alliance is called the STARBIRD. From

I have made comparisons with Star Wars and IRAN based on VENUS. The symbol of the Star Wars Rebel Alliance is very similar to the symbol in the middle of the Iranian flag:

A 2015 thread on posed this question:

Of course the respondents all declared that it absolutely was a coincidence. But they don’t know Gematria. Remember: Iran is home to SHIA ISLAM.

A virtual perfect match.

In the 1800s — in Sudan in North-Eastern Africa — a group of rebels (against Turko-Egyptians) with roots in Sufism (Islamic mysticism) had a symbol that resembles the Star Wars Rebel Alliance STARBIRD. Since 1945 it has been the symbol of Sudan’s National Umma Party.

The emblem on the poster for 2016’s ROUGUE ONE. Notice the emblem in the reflection in the water.

The STARBIRD is known as “A SYMBOL OF HOPE.”

Again: Gematria makes the Star Wars/Venus/Iran connection:

The Iranian flag was officially adopted on October 7th, 1907.

October 7th is under the zodiac of LIBRA ruled by VENUS.

The date October 7th is written 10-7, like 107.

Look at the gematria of Iran’s official title: “Islamic Republic of Iran.”:

The date can be stated and written 7 October, 7-10. PROPHET MUHAMMAD = 71 in Gematria.

VENUS is the SACRED FEMININE, which also sums to 71:

Destruction-of-Venus — which an attack on Iran would represent — was enacted in Star Wars with the annihilation of Princess Leia’s home planet ALDERAAN.

There once actually was a planet that exploded in our solar system – between Mars and Jupiter. Now only shards (and the dwarf planet Ceres) remain in its orbit, known as the ASTEROID BELT.

Since it was the fifth planet from the sun, that planet is known as the “FIFTH PLANET” which sums to 54, the VENUS number.

Venus, Alderaan and The Fifth Planet are all the same expression of the Sacred Feminine .

This is the official “anti-conspiracy” Wikipedia entry

Also search “The Exploded Planet Hypothesis.”

When Alderaan is destroyed in Star Wars it leaves an asteroid field in its orbit; this is an allusion to the real-life Asteroid Belt.

Gematria reveals that a conscious, deliberate parallel is being made between the destruction of Leia’s Alderaan, and the destruction of the planet (Phaeton/Tiamat/Maldek) that used to occupy the orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

The DETRIMENT of a zodiac sign and ruling planet is the sign and ruling planet directly opposite it on the zodiacal wheel.

Directly opposite LIBRA, ruled by VENUS, is ARIES ruled by MARS.

Aries and MARS is the DETRIMENT of Libra and VENUS. Carrie Fisher is a LIBRA. Alderaan is a female, Venus-like planet.

Carrie Fisher was chosen to play Princess Leia because she is a LIBRA.

Princess Leia is famous for her “cinnamon bun” hairstyle. That is the EXO-teric description of it.

The symbol for Aries is the RAM. The true ESOteric description of Leia’s hairstyle is the RAM HORNS OF ARIES.

The mark of the Libra/Venus detriment Aries/Mars is symbolic of the destruction of the Venus-like Alderaan.

It was also grim predictive dark occult ritual for Carrie Fisher’s future death.

Carrie Fisher’s death was aligned with the Mars detriment.

One Martian year – which is the time it takes to complete one full revolution around the sun – is 686.97 Earth days.

Carrie Fisher was born on October 21st, 1956.

Her 32nd birthday in MARTIAN years, was her death day; December 27th, 2016.

Gematria reveals why 32 years was chosen: The prefix “DIS” means “REMOVE.” e.g. DIS-locate (remove from location).

“ASTER” means STAR. DISASTER means “REMOVE A STAR” which is a direct reference to the annihilation of the planet between Mars and Jupiter which Star Wars alludes to with the destruction of Leia’s Alderaan.

In gematria “DISASTER” sums to 32.

Also, her death day December 27, 2016 was a TUESDAY. Tuesday is MARS DAY: MARTIS in Latin, Mardi in French.

This is a vivid example of how public narratives (news, sports, art) and public figures are used to influence (on an occulted, subliminal, subconscious level) human consciousness.

As alluded to in the previous post May the 4th be With You: traditional Western and Middle Eastern Pagan High Holy days have fallen in MID-SEASON because the energy; vibration; essence of a season is at its strongest in the middle of the season.

The tropical zodiac signs that fall in the middle of the seasons are LEO (mid-summer), SCORPIO (mid-autumn), AQUARIUS (mid-winter) and TAURUS (mid-spring). TAURUS is ruled by the planet VENUS. Star Wars Day May the 4th falls under Taurus; appropriate for a High Holy Day.

The four mid-season signs are called the FIXED SIGNS.

The “X” shaped cross formed by the four fixed signs is called the FIXED GRAND CROSS or St. Andrew’s Cross.

THE FIXED GRAND CROSS is the occulted meaning behind the above official Lucasfilm Star Wars Art.

In The Empire Strikes Back Leia sports a laurel wreath-like hairstyle called “Hoth hair.” Hoth is a planet that is part of the Rebel Alliance.

Leia’s laurel wreath-like Hoth hair-style in The Empire Strikes Back

The Hoth hair represents the laurel wreath in the Tarot card THE WORLD (below).

THE WORLD card also displays the FIXED GRAND CROSS. Clockwise from top-left: the angel = AQUARIUS, the eagle = SCORPIO, the lion = LEO, the bull = TAURUS.

THE WORLD card represents the planet SATURN (the laurel wreath is emblematic of the rings around Saturn), as confirmed by Gematria:

In Star Wars the Saturn-like planet Geonosis is where the Death Star super laser was tested. The Death Star was believed to be a moon of Geonosis.

In our Solar System there are moons of Saturn (Iapetus and Mimas) that look like Death Stars. There is also – in our solar system – an orbit that used to host a planet which no longer exists; leaving only an Asteroid Belt.


Astrology Celebrity Entertainment Esoteric Outer Space Rambo's Corner

May 4th is officially Star Wars Day. The Star Wars franchise has legions of loyalists that make it a light-hearted cult if not religion.

The High Holy Day of the Star Wars “religion” is May 4th. The official (EX-oteric) explanation as to why that date was chosen is that the famous motto of War Wars is “MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU”, and “MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU” is a clever similar-sounding slogan.

Esoteric analysis reveals a much deeper meaning to the High Holy Day of May 4th.

In Western and Middle Eastern pagan traditions mid-season is the time of most high rituals and holy days. This is because the energy of a season is at its strongest in the middle of the season; the beginning and end have transitional periods.

The four mid-season zodiac signs of the tropical zodiac (Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio and Leo) are called FIXED signs. The cross they form is called the FIXED GRAND CROSS, or GREATER CROSS or SAINT ANDREW’S cross. It forms an X on the zodiac wheel.

As an example of a mid season ritual: the CREMATION OF CARE at the BOHEMIAN GROVE in Northern California where a Canaanite ritual child-sacrifice — to a 35 foot stone owl — is re-enacted by political and financial elites every MID-SUMMER.

Their motto: “weaving spiders come not here” is taken from Shakespeare’s A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream.

The MID-WINTER American High Holy Day is Super Bowl Sunday accompanied by the Academy awards and Queen Elizabeth II’s jubilees. 2020 also saw WWE Royal Rumble and the ritual death of Kobe Bryant.

May 4th is chosen as a High Holy Day to harness the power of mid season; in this case MID-SPRING, and is under the zodiac of Taurus, ruled by VENUS.

May 4th is written 5-4.

VENUS represents the metaphorical, anthropomorphism of the principles of LOVE and CONSCIENCE, which both sum to 54 in gematria.

As I demonstrated in the previous post to this one, GILEAD: The Handmaid’s Tale meets COVID-19, 54 and Venus is coded onto prominent women and women who achieve pioneering firsts. Like:

  • 1st German female Chancellor Angela Merkel born in ’54.
  • 1st first (officially) female multi-billionaire Oprah Winfrey born in ’54.
  • 1st Hispanic and 3rd female U.S. Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor born in ’54.
  • 1st female U.S. Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor whose name sums to 251 the 54th prime number.
  • 1st female head of Homeland Security is Janet Napolitano. Her last name NAPOLITANO sums to 54.
  • 1st African-American First Lady of the United States is Michelle Obama whose name sums to 54:
  • 1st U.S. First Lady to serve in a presidential cabinet is Hillary Clinton whose Secret Service code name is EVERGREEN which sums to 54.
  • 1st female U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright born May 15th is a TAURUS ruled by VENUS.
  • 1st African American female Secretary of State is CONDOLEEZZA RICE whose first name sums to 54.
  • 1st female Governor of South Carolina, and U.S. Secretary to the United Nations is Nikki Haley, whose first name sums to 54.
  • 1st NCAA women’s coach to be hired by an NBA team is Lindsey Gottlieb of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Born October 2nd she is a Libra ruled by VENUS.

Venus is the goddess of LOVE. As assistant coach Gottlieb coaches Kevin LOVE.

  • 1st female British Prime Minister is Margaret Thatcher, born October 13th; a LIBRA ruled by VENUS.

Thatcher was inaugurated on MAY 4th.

It was The London Evening News newspaper that was the first to use the phrase “MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU” after Thatcher’s first day in office. Star Wars had premiered two years earlier.

Truly Satanic ritual does not necessarily elevate a Satan or Devil; practitioners might not even believe in a Devil or Satan.

What they will do is destroy a representation of humanity, love and care. In absence of humanity, love and care psychopathy and evil prevail by default.

THE DESTRUCTION OF THE SACRED FEMININE ritual is at the heart of the Cremation of Care Bohemian Grove ritual and of Star Wars.

In a galactic war an entire planet of 2 billion inhabitants is destroyed. The planet is the home of Princess Leia Organa and is named ALDERAAN.

The name ALDERAAN is a reference to real-life star ALDEBARAN which is in the constellation of TAURUS; a clear VENUS reference.

VENUS is also the ruling planet of the sign of LIBRA.

Carrie fisher plays Princess Leia Organa in Star Wars. She was picked because she is a LIBRA.

Her first name “CARRIE” sums to 54.

The lead character of the STAR WARS epic is Luke Skywalker who is played by Mark Hamill also chosen because he is a LIBRA.

Star Wars, LIBRA and VENUS aren’t the only things that unite Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia Organa) and Mark Hamill; GEMATRIA unites them.

“The Exploded Planet Hypothesis” or “The Exploded Planet Theory” posits that there used to be a planet between MARS and Jupiter. It somehow exploded and the only remains are the few shards forming the Asteroid Belt including the dwarf planet Ceres.

Alderaan is said have left an astroid belt after it was destroyed.

The real life exploded planet between Mars and Jupiter is known as PHAETON on Wikipedia

It is also known as Maldek, Lucifer (a moniker for Venus), most popularly TIAMAT and THE FIFTH PLANET (being the 5th planet from the sun).

FIFTH PLANET sums to 54 in Gematria.

Another celebrity May 4th birthday is FOX Sports caster Erin Andrews.

Born on “Star Wars Day” ERIN ANDREWS’ name just happens to synch with PRINCESS LEIA.

Her last name ANDREWS also refers to St. Andrews Cross that features Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

The super-laser weapon that obliterates Alderaan is called the Death Star. The Death Star was tested on a SATURN-like planet named GEONOSIS.

The Death Star was mistaken for a moon of Geonosis.

View of GEONOSIS from the Death Star

Saturn moon IAPETUS (right) with SATURN in the background

Saturn moon IAPETUS (right) that looks like the remnants of a Death Star

The real-life planet that once existed between Mars and Jupiter is most commonly called TIAMAT, which synchs of the “Death Star” Saturn moon IAPETUS in Gematria.

The engineer behind the creation of the Death Star’s super laser is GALEN ERSO.

The Death Star was mistaken for a moon and looks like real-life Saturn moon Iapetus. Fictional ERSO’s name naturally synchs with “MOON.”

The ancient Indian Sanskrit text the MAHABHARATA is one of the world’s oldest texts, describes a technologically advanced cosmic war aeons in the past.

The Mahabharata influenced Star Wars’ writers.

The destruction of Tiamat/Phaeton/Maldek lead to the word “DISASTER” dis(remove), aster(star).

Another May 4th birthday is actress Audrey Hepburn who is the model for the artificial Intelligence robot SOPHIA.

May 4th (5-4) is Taurus ruled by Venus. Venus gematria is 54. Venus is the principle of love and emotion.

Sophia was activated on February 14th Valentine’s Day 2016; a direct reference to love and Venus.

A.I. represents the absence of emotion and love. Audrey Hepburn was chosen because of her powerfully symbolic May 4th birthday.

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As I stated in the post VENUS: The Sacred Feminine and the Battle for Humanity, VENUS is a metaphor for the force of love and emotion; properties that make humans human, and distinguish them from machines.

An anti-human esoteric agenda will repeatedly ritually destroy that which makes us human. Women are used in these rituals, to symbolize the goddess.

Corona Virus is an example: ‘COR’ is Latin for ‘HEART’ (English CORONAry). The heart is a symbol of the human (Venus) qualities of love and emotion.

Prominent women in the world synchronize with VENUS in Gematria and astrology.

The Gematria value of VENUS most used is 54.

The zodiac signs ruled by the planet VENUS are TAURUS and LIBRA.

  • Taurus, Libra and 54 come up repeatedly with famous women in world history. Examples: Queen Elizabeth II of Britain is a TAURUS.
  • Staying in Britain: the former Prime Minister – and second female in British history to occupy the position – is Theresa May (born October 1st); a LIBRA, which is ruled by the planet VENUS. TAURUS – in the tropical zodiac – is also ruled by the planet VENUS. TAURUS is primarily during the month of MAY. Her last name MAY gives her double Venus symbolism.
  • The first female British Prime Minister is Margaret Thatcher, born October 13th, making her a LIBRA.
  • A current prominent American female politician is New York Congress woman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with the same birthday October 13th.
  • Another high-profile American Congress Woman is Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar who is also a LIBRA; born October 4th.
  • U.S. Senator for California – and 2020 Presidential candidate Kamala Harris is also a LIBRA; born October 20th.
  • The first female permanent Director of the CIA is Gina Haspel whose birthday is October 1st; a LIBRA.
  • U.S. Supreme Court justice Elena Kagan is a TAURUS; born April 28th.
  • Another female Supreme Court Justice is Sonia Sotomayor who was born in the year ’54.
  • The first female head-of-state of Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel was also born in the year ’54.
  • The first official female multi-billionaire Oprah Winfrey was also born in ’54.
  • The first female U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice is Sandra Day O’Connor.

Her name sums to 251. 251 is the 54th prime number.

  • The first African-American First Lady of the United States is Michelle Obama, whose name sums to 54.
  • Hillary Clinton’s Secret Service code name is EVERGREEN, which sums to 54.

There are more examples, but VENUS and 54 are undeniably used for narratives involving females: such as the dystopian web tv drama


The Handmaid’s Tale premiered on April 26th, a date under TAURUS.

Some people theorize that a massive world population-reduction plan is under way. The Georgia Guidestones are a basis for that belief.

They preach an ideal world population of half-a-billion. This would require a reduction of over 7 billion people.

A possible cause for population-reduction is mass infertility. A vaccine or a drug could hypothetically cause infertility.

The name of the dystopian state in The Handmaid’s Tale is GILEAD.

From Wikipedia’s synopsis of The Handmaid’s Tale :

The leading prospect for a COVID-19 retroviral drug is made by a pharmaceutical company named GILEAD (logo below).

The most vivid image from The Handmaid’s Tale is the distinct red-and-white clothing and head-gear that the fertile women are forced to wear; reminiscent of the red-and-white GILEAD Sciences logo.


The 54 Gematria VENUS code comes into play with The Handmaid’s Tale :

The lead character is named OFFRED,

played by Elisabeth Moss.

Could approval of GILEAD Sciences’ drug be a bad omen for the future of human fertility?

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I have noted that major events are occulted manifestation-rituals involving the symbolism and vibrational power of MERCURY; specifically the DESTRUCTION of Mercury.

JFK assassination, 911 and Kobe Bryant ritual death are examples.

In perhaps over-simplified terms: the most hated planets by the prevailing powers (Illuminati for lack of a better term) are MERCURY and VENUS.

Conversely the occult elite invoke the authoritarian side of JUPITER AND SATURN (who also have positive properties).

The metaphysical, vibrational and spiritual essence that VENUS (and most goddesses from different traditions) represents is the DIVINE FEMININE PRINCIPLE or the SACRED FEMININE PRINCIPLE.

MERCURY and VENUS synchronize under the SACRED FEMININE since the symbol for VIRGO is the maiden, a female symbol.

One of – if not the – most popular expressions of the Sacred Feminine is the Virgin Mary of Christianity, although Christianity largely condemns and demonizes the “Sacred Feminine” moniker.

In Latin – and in some Romance languages – Virgin Mary is referred to as “VIRGO MARIA.”

the official birthday of the Virgin Mary is September 8th. This makes her a VIRGO in the tropical zodiac.

So VIRGO MARIA can literally be translated as VIRGO MARY.

I alluded to this in my series on Mercury rituals: the ritual sacrifice of Lady Diana . Here you see another example of the Destruction-of-Mercury dove-tailing with the Destruction-of-the-sacred Feminine.

Lady Diana represented the Divine/Sacred feminine on multiple levels. Her ritual death date was August 31st which is under VIRGO. She represents the maiden symbol of VIRGO.

VENUS’ progenitor is Greece’s Aphrodite who was ISIS (Aset) in ancient Egypt.

Diana had a personal fragrance named ISIS. Her ritual death was planned for Paris, a city named after Isis: “Par Isis” is French for “for Isis,” and abbreviated Par-Is.

Her July 1st birthday makes her a Cancer. Cancer is ruled by the MOON which is another Divine/Sacred Feminine/goddess symbol; associated with female fertility and birth.

DIANA is a Roman moon goddess after whom she is named.

Virgin (VIRGO) Mary is associated with BIRTH; divine birth.

Diana’s birthday is 1st July (1-7) or July 1st, a date written 7-1, like the gematria value of VIRGO.

The BIRTH principle is represented by 71/17 in Gematria.

It was also suggested – but not confirmed – that Diana was several weeks pregnant at the time of the crash. Whether or not she was, public discussion imprinted it on the public consciousness as part of embodiment of the Sacred Feminine that was being sacrificed.

The architectural representation of a womb is a DOME.

This synchronicity revolves around 71 as the value of SACRED FEMININE.

Gematria enables us to understand the deeper dark ritual significance of Donald Trump’s most famous quote that surfaced on the 2016 presidential campaign trail. He was describing how women react to him.

He said they even let him “grab ’em by the pussy”. The official transcript says “‘EM” not “THEM.”

The recording was released to the public by the Washington Post on October 7th, 2016.

10-7 or 7-10. 107 and 710 = 17 and 71 in numerology (0 has no value).

The release date also has 17 numerology.

In this case Donald Trump played the role of The Trickster aspect of MERCURY. Trump is a Gemini which is ruled by Mercury.

See my post on Mercury and the Trickster code: 41

As stated in my Mercury Ritual series 911 was – at its core – a grand MERCURY ritual.

911 was also a Destruction-of-Sacred Feminine/Venus grand ritual.

The PENTAGON is a VENUS symbol: A pentagon is formed at the center of a unicursal pentagram; pentagram being a symbol of the planet Venus.

The pentagrams on the United States flag represent Venus.

Washington D.C. represents The Sacred Feminine.

The DOVE represents the Sacred Feminine Queen Semiramis in the Babylonian tradition.

DOVE translates – in French – to COLOMBE. From the French word for DOVE we get the name COLUMBIA, America’s goddess whose statue sits atop the Capitol Dome (the dome represents a womb) in the form of the Statue of Freedom, and after whom the District of Columbia is named.

In keeping with the code DOVE, like DOME sums to 17 inGematria.

The first black quarterback to win a Super Bowl was Doug Williams of the Washington Redskins. The Redskins – from D.C. – represent The DISTRICT OF THE DOVE.

Because of this he wore the “number of the dove.”

Doug Williams was also the 17th pick of the NFL draft.

In accordance with the city, Washington DC’s professional sports teams are aligned with the Sacred Feminine; Revealed only by Gematria.

Washinton DC is also home to the Washington Mystics of the WNBA, Women’s Basketball Association who – as of 2020 – were the reigning champions and lead by 2019 WNBA Most Valuable Player Elena Delle Donne.

Gematria reveals why she – like Doug Williams – was chosen to lead DC to glory.

She also is a VIRGO. VIRGO = 71 in Gematria and is associated with the Sacred Feminine.

Like the Washington Mystics, the Washington Capitals are the reigning (as of 2020) national champions, this time in Major League Baseball.

The Washington Capitals are the 2018 champions of the National Hockey League.

Washington D.C. is situated between the ritualistically named states of Virginia and Maryland.

VIRGIN-ia and MARY-land; VIRGIN MARY, the Sacred Feminine.

If Washington DC is founded on and continues to be an expression of the Sacred Feminine Principle then why is it the source of inhumanity, deceit, control and destruction ?

DC was founded by Freemasons. Original York Rite Freemasonry venerated the Sacred Feminine. Post Illuminati/Scottish Rite infiltration is – at its highest echelons – satanic; anti-human. DESTRUCTION-OF-THE-SACRED FEMININE is arguably their most important ritual.

The Divine/Sacred Feminine is a metaphor for the universal force of love, care and conscience.

The Capitol Dome and Statue of Freedom/goddess Columbia (dove) atop it are the Divine/Sacred Feminine symbols. Aerial view reveals that they are located in the throat of an owl, having been swallowed.

The owl is a predatory, all-seeing symbol favored by the Illuminati.

In effect, the goddess has been built up to be brought down.

Kobe Bryant represented Mercury in sacrifice, since the planet Mercury rules his sign of VIRGO. VIRGO is also related to the Sacred Feminine.

Gematria reveals that his daughter Gianna represents VENUS.

Again: Mercury and Venus prove to be the dark occult elite’s least favorite planets.

In multiple traditions you have the phenomenon of trinities; a triad of deities that are anthropomorphisms of spiritual cosmic forces.

The goddess is the Divine/Sacred Feminine in the trinity; the anthropomorphism of care, conscience, emotion, combined with the sacred masculine god. The middle god represents harmony and balance between the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine.

  • The ancient Babylonian trinity: NIMROD, TAMMUZ, SEMIRAMIS (above). Semiramis is the Sacred Feminine.
  • The ancient Egyptian (Kemetian) trinity: OSIRIS, HORUS, ISIS (Asar, Heru, Aset). ISIS/ASET is the Sacred Feminine.

Horus (left), Osiris (center), Isis (right).

  • The Christian trinity: FATHER, SON, HOLY SPIRIT. The Holy Spirit is the Sacred Feminine. The symbol for the Holy Spirit is the DOVE, co-opted from Babylon’s symbolism of Semiramis.
  • The name ISRAEL is a holy trinity: IS is ISIS the Divine/Sacred Feminine. RA is the Egyptian sun deity, EL is Saturn.
  • The Masonic pillars of Boaz, Jachin and the middle pillar represent the same principle. The pillar of BOAZ is the Sacred Feminine.
  • The CONSCIOUSNESS TRINITY is the basis for archetypal trinities:

EMOTION is the Sacred Feminine in the Consciousness Trinity

The Consciousness Trinity in popular culture: From The Matrix, the Sacred Feminine is named TRINITY.

Gematria confirms that VENUS is consistent with the principles it is said to represent: LOVE, CONSCIENCE, CARE.

The astrotheological root of ISLAM is VENUS-worship. The day-of-the-week dedicated to the planet VENUS is Friday; VENERIS in Latin. VIERNES in Spanish.

So it stands to reason that Friday should be the holy day for Islam given its Venusian roots.

VENUS in Arabic is ZAHRA. The prophet Muhammad named his daughter after Venus: FATIMA ZAHRA.

Despite the language and alphabet difference, the Arabic word for Venus and the English word for Venus match almost perfectly in Gematria.

Freemasonry has passed on some positive ancient teachings. The Third Degree tracing-board (below) illustrates the perils of destroying the Sacred Feminine Principle.

The skull-and-cross-bones represent an incomplete Consciousness Trinity:


The result is the coffin; death.

To an Illuminati satanic Mason this symbol CELEBRATES the destruction of emotion/care/sacred feminine.

To a positive mason this is a warning to humanity.

Without the HEART/EMOTION you only have 2/3 of a trinity. Minus conscience and love you have absolute psychopathy and evil.

This is where you get 666 as a number of inhumanity/evil.

We can now understand why 666 is a major number in technology, especially as we see technology become more and more threatening to humanity.

  • Every bar-code has 666.
  • The very first Apple computer cost $666.66.
  • Europe’s super high tech CERN project has 666 as its logo:
  • In Gematria’s SUMERIAN ciphers (the ancient Sumerian civilization is very much connected to what is happening in modern times), COMPUTER and INTERNET both sum to 666.

In 2014 one of the faces of big tech Elon Musk, said of Artificial Intelligence: “we are summoning the demon.”

Artificial Intelligence is the Destruction-of-the-sacred-feminine in that it has THOUGHT, ACTION BUT NO EMOTION; emotion being the human elements of love and conscience.

Because of this females are disproportionately used in humanoid technology and their portrayals in popular culture.

Robot Sophia is a prime example.

Sophia is the first humanoid A.I. unveiled to the world; all in accordance with the Sacred Feminine metaphor and its Gematria.

THE HEART: represents the principle of LOVE and VENUS.

Sophia was activated (essentially born) on the day celebrating love: Valentine’s Day FEBRUARY 14th, 2016.

Sophia was unveiled as a full fledged citizen of Saudi Arabia; a country where women are legally second-class inferior entities: DESTRUCTION OF THE SACRED FEMININE.

Saudi Arabia is associated with ISLAM. A citizen of Saudi Arabia – such as Sophia – is known as a SAUDI.

SOPHIA was unveiled as a Saudi in 2017 on 25th October; a date written 25-10.

251 is the 54th prime number. 54 is the pre-eminent VENUS code number, as exemplified by who the robot is modeled after:

Audrey Hepburn was chosen because her birthday is May 4th; a date written 5-4.

A MAY 4th birthday makes Audrey Hepburn a Taurus in the tropical zodiac.

Taurus is ruled by the planet VENUS.

AUDREY HEPBURN REPRESENTS VENUS in a destruction/replacement of Venus/humanity ritual.

Venus and other expressions of the Sacred Feminine are metaphors for that which makes a human human: heart, conscience, emotion, care.

In esoteric metaphorical terms – or cosmic vibrational terms – the war that humanity is currently engaged in is to save the sacred feminine and in the process save itself.