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Nicki Minaj at the 2012 Grammys as Mystery Babylon; the Scarlet Woman, with a Pope

we are in an election year in the United States. We are also in a Great Conjunction year in astronomical and astrological terms: that is the alignment between planet Earth, Jupiter and Saturn that occurs every twenty years. The great Conjunction is believed to effect the political power-structure of the world. In fact, every American President; literally every American President – going back to 1840 – who has been elected on or close to a Great Conjunction has either died in office or survived an assassination attempt. 2020 is a Great Conjunction year; Astronomically November 2nd (or December 21st tropical zodiac).

the assassination attempt on George W Bush is the least known on the list but it occurred in the country of Georgia where a grenade was thrown at him and Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili but failed to detonate.

Flight 93 on 9-11,2001 is officially considered an assassination attempt as well.

If Joe Biden were to win the 2020 election and die in office Kamala Harris would become the 47th President of the United States.

Read my two posts on the script of the Female VP Nominee by the sacred feminine Code. Part 1 and Part 2.

prominent and high-profile females – especially women who achieve “firsts” are coded by numbers and imagery based on ancient goddesses and esoteric feminine principles.

The primary code is the VENUS code. VENUS is a female planet and the Roman goddess of love. The planet VENUS rules the zodiac signs of TAURUS and LIBRA.

These are some female leaders and achievers of “firsts”:

There is another female whose rise to a position of rulership is imminent: in North Korea, considered the most sexist, misogynistic country in Asia, Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is believed to be on the verge of handing over the reigns of power to his youngest sister KIM YO JONG who is a LIBRA.

North Korea heir apparent Kim Yo Jong

Some pundits believe that Kim Yo Jong will likely be even more brutal than Kim Jong Un, if that is humanly possible.

The pattern of a male head-of-state stepping aside before completing his term, and being succeeded by a female, is portrayed in VEEP and House of Cards, will likely play out in North Korea, and could play out in the United States.

I showed – in Kamala Harris and the Script of the Female VP Part 1 and Part 2 – how 71 and 17 are key female-related codes based on the gematria of the term “SACRED FEMININE.” 71 also dovetails with the VENUS code: The Hebrew word for “VENUS” is “NOGA” which sums to 17 and 71.

“Kamala Devi Harris” sums to 71, and she is a Libra which is ruled by Venus.


The fictional female Vice President Selina Meyer becomes the 47th President of the United States. The much more ominous Claire Underwood of House of Cards also becomes the 47th President of the United States.

Vice President and later 47th President of the United States Claire Underwood, House of Cards

Her birth name is “Claire Hale.”

Kamala Harris would be the 47th President of the United States.

Potential North Korean female leader Kim Yo Jong’s name sums to 47.

The 47th Prime Number is 211

211 and 112 show up in female-related and water-related narratives. Water is a feminine element. Glee star Naya Rivera died of drowning (DROWNING sums to 112) in 2020. Her birthday is January 12th; 112. January 12th is the date that Robin Wright received the Golden Globe Award (at the 71st Golden Globes) for her portrayal of President Claire Underwood in House of Cards.

Claire Underwood’s Secret Service code name is “LONE STAR” which sums to 112.

Sue Sylvester’s Secret Service code name is “POCAHONTAS” which sums to 112. Sue Sylvester is Vice President to Jeb Bush, chosen for his birthday of February 11th, or 11th February (211 or 112) which is birthday of real life female VP running-mate Sarah Palin, and the death-date of real life female running mate Kamala Harris’ mother.

Joe Biden’s birthday is November 20th, or 20th November (11-20 or 20-11), which is 112 and 211 in numerology.

From Sarah Palin’s 2012 birthday to the premier of VEEP is 2 months, 11 days.

February 11th, 2012 is also the death date of Whitney Houston whose last name “HOUSTON” sums to 112.

Robin Wright received her Golden Globe Award at the very location of Whitney Houston’s death: the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

It is important to note the the foundation date of Vatican City is February 11th, because the 54th Grammys after Whitney Houston’s February 11th death had a decidedly Catholic/Babylonian theme starring Nicki Minaj as the “Scarlet Woman” a.k.a Mystery Babylon a.k.a. The Whore of Babylon from the Bible’s book of Revelations.

In the pre-grammy party on February 11th, at the Beverly Hilton – with Whitney Houston’s dead body still on the above floor – Nicki Minaj simulated an Exorcist-style levitation on stage while performing her song “Roman’s Holiday” a reference to her MK Ultra alter-ego (or possibly even a possessing spirit) Roman Zolansky.

The gematria of her alter-ego/possessing spirit in the Latin or Jewish cipher – is 201, a key Jesuit number.

The Exorcist horror trilogy had a Jesuit theme and featured Babylonian demons.

The three female VP running mates for major U.S. political parties ran in ’84 (Geraldine Ferraro), ’08 (Sarah Palin) and ’20 (Kamala Harris). Those numbers add up to 112.

the other actor Donald Trump, starred in hit tv series The Apprentice for 14 years. The name of his show sums to 211.

Claire Underwood last appeared in House of Cards on November 2nd (112 or 211) 2018. November 2nd 2020 (Election Eve) is the date of the Great Conjunction. The tropic zodiac recognizes it on December 21st, but the actual astronomical alignment occurs on November 2nd.

A “Whore of Babylon” ritual played out as election-related news is a tweet describing to Kamala Harris as “WHORENDOUS” which was liked by Donald Trump’s son Eric, which is what made it news.

Notice that the tweet had received 11.2 thousand likes when this screen shot was taken and displayed in the media.

“Whorendous sums to 47. Again: Kamala Harris would be the 47th U.S. President.


Days of the Week:

The 7 Classical Planets (Associated with the 7 days of the week)

Sunday is named after the sun.

Monday is named after the moon.

Tuesday is named after Mars.

Wednesday is named after Mercury

Thursday is named after Jupiter

Friday is named after Venus

Saturday is named after Saturn

*The Rotation and Orbit Speeds for the Planets are as follows:

Astrological Signs:

12 Astrological Signs:

Aries – March 21 – April 19

Taurus – April 20 – May 20

Gemini – May 21 – June 20

Cancer – June 21 – July 22

Leo – July 23- August 22

Virgo – August 23 – September 22

Libra – September 23 – October 22

Scorpio – October 23 – November 21

Sagittarius – November 22- December 21

Capricorn – December 22 – January 19

Aquarius – January 20 – February 18

Pisces – February 19 – March 20













Months of the Year:

More time related gematria:

Below is a list of the names of the Greek and Roman Gods given to the 7 classical planets.

Helios = Sun

Selene = Moon

Ares = Mars

Hermes = Mercury

Zeus = Jupiter

Aphrodite = Venus

Cronus = Saturn

The ruling planets for each sign are as follows:

Pisces = Neptune

February 19-March 20

The 50th day of the year through 79th

Aquarius = Neptune

January 20-February 18

The 20th day of the year through the 49th

Capricorn = Saturn

December 22-January 19

The 356th day of the year through the 19th

Sagittarius = Jupiter

November 22-December 21

The 326th day of the year through the 355th

Scorpio = Mars & Pluto

October 23-November 21

The 296th day of the year through the 325th

Libra = Venus

September 23-October 22

The 266th day of the year through the 295th day

Mercury = Virgo

August 23-September 22

The 235th day of the year through the 265th

Leo = Sun

July 23-August 22

The 204th day of the year through the 234th

Cancer = Moon

June 21-July 22

The 172nd day of the year through the 203rd day

Gemini = Mercury

May 21-June 20

The 141st day of the year through the 171st day

Taurus = Venus

April 20-May 20

The 110th day of the year through the 140th day

Aries = Mars

March 21-April 19

The 80th day of the year through the 109th

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This post is a continuation of my previous post where – in the wake of the drowning death of actress Naya Rivera – I identified the patterns that emerge in high-profile drowning or water-related deaths.

I suggest that these may be manifestation rituals of some kind. To manifest is to create or birth. Water is a feminine element, birthing is a feminine act, and the Moon (which controls tides and monthly cycles) is often invoked.

The gematria values of MOON 57 and 51 are often occulted into these events.


The day after Donald Trump’s 2017 inauguration a feminist rally was held in Washington D.C. titled the “WOMEN’S MARCH.” MOON gematria was woven into the title:


The number 42 is a code number for women and the feminine:

Even the French word for “woman”; “FEMME” sums to 42

42 shows up in the names of some prominent goddesses. One of the most recognizable is the Hindu goddess KALI, known as “The Black One.” A Wikipedia search of “the black one” takes you to the page of KALI.

Babylonian ISHTAR is one of the highest-profile goddesses of antiquity.

Ancient Kemet/Egypt had the 42 LAWS of MAAT.


The Greek goddess Hecate has progeny in Ancient Kemet/Egypt where she is conflated with Isis. Hecate is goddess of birth and fertility.

To ancient Kemet/Egypt the star Sirius was – among other things – the star of the goddess ISIS. Sirius is known as “the Dog Star.”

When Sirius would re-appear after a 70-day absence from the sky, the Nile River would flood, bringing fertility to the land. Sirius is associated with water and fertility.

The term for a female dog is “bitch“, a term used playfully or derogatorily towards women. In the magical papyri of Ptolemaic Egypt Hecate is referred to as “she-dog” (or bitch).

Fertility/birth-related legislation in the U.S. is Roe v Wade’ the Federal abortion law. This also sums to 42.

“ROE” and “WADE” are water-related terms as in “row” a boat, and “wade” through water.

The amniotic fluid of the womb makes birthing a water ritual. The aquatic term “canal” is derived from birth “channel”.

To birth, or to produce is to generate.

The G in the middle of the Freemason symbol can represent “GENERATE” as in to manifest; birth.

In the Sumerian cipher of gematria “G” has a value of 42.

At the 2017 Women’s March on Washington the feminist symbol that emerged was the PUSSY HAT.

42 is a feminine cade number. Water is a feminine element. Hence, 42 emerges often in water-related events such as drownings.


Hecate is another name for goddess Isis

While many high-profile males have been involved in drowning/water related deaths, females are disproportionately involved.

Here are some examples as discussed in my previous post:

  • Whitney Houston reported drowned in a bathtub on the 42nd day-of-the-year.
  • RFK Grand-daughter Maeve Kennedy drowned in a lake in 2020 on April 2nd; 42.
  • April 2nd (42) is the birthday of Rodney King who drowned in a swimming pool.
  • King drowned on the anniversary of his father’s drowning in a bathtub at the age of 42.

For the longer list see my previous post

42 and RFK

As previously mentioned: his grand-daughter drowned at age 42.

This decode is from Dee who presented it in the comments section of my last post:

RFK was assassinated at age 42 at the Ambassador Hotel, where his friend, musician Andy Williams was accompanying him on his campaign. His signature song; his personal theme song was MOON RIVER. So, we have the water, moon elements accompanied by a 42. “MOON RIVER” also has the key “MOON” gematria numbers.


The musician credited with founding the Rolling Stones; Brian Jones drowned in his swimming pool. Jones was born in the year ‘42.

The Doors singer Jim Morrison penned a poem in his honor after his death. Jim Morrison would die in a bathtub two years later on the anniversary of Jones’ drowning: July 3rd, which is a date under the zodiac of Cancer.

is ruled by the Moon, and is a water sign.

This is similar to Rodney King drowning on the anniversary of his father’s drowning.

JULY 23rd

The Heliacal Rising of SIRIUS and the 42 code

Ancient Kemet/Egypt venerated the star SIRIUS as does Freemasonry. Freemasonry recognizes its heliacal rising on July 23rd each year. the heliacal rising of Sirius occurs from the last week of July to the first two weeks of August depending on the year.

Ethiopian Emporer Haile Selassie I was an elite Freemason and blue blood believed to be a direct descendant of King Solomon.

He ascended to the throne when his predecessor Empress Zewditu died after being submerged in ice-cold HOLY WATER on April 2nd (42).

Selassie was born on a Freemason high holy day: July 23rd the day they honor the heliacal rising of the sacred star Sirius.

The sacred Nile River runs through Ethiopia.

In my previous article I showed how important 112 was to the drowning/water code: “Naya Rivera” sounds like “Nile River.” Her birthday is January 12th (112). “NILE RIVER” sums to 112 in gematria.

Haile Selassie was coronated on November 2nd; 112.

Empress Zewditu‘s birth name is MARYAM, which another common element in water-related rituals: the prefix MAR in her name is derived from the Latin word for “sea”: mare.

SIRIUS, July 23rd and Michael Jordan

In 1993, on the day that Freemasonry honors the heliacal rising of Sirius, (July 23rd) the father of NBA legend Michael Jordan is reported to have been murdered.

The name JORDAN is a water reference; the Jordan River is steeped in as much mystique as the Nile River is.

His body was recovered from water; a swamp in South Carolina. Remember: the heliacal rising of Sirius marks the flooding of the Nile.

Strong indication that this could have been a SIRIUS ritual is that The Chicago Bulls intro music – made famous during the Jordan era – is an instrumental by the Alan Parsons Project titled: SIRIUS.

As mentioned: the heliacal rising of Sirius occurs anywhere from the last week of July to the first two weeks of August:

James Jordan was born on a Sirius-rise date, died on a Sirius-rise date, and the song “Sirius” was released in a Sirius-rise month.

Sirius is the star of the goddess ISIS a.k.a. HECATE. Because of this the magical papyri of Ptolemaic Egypt referred to the star Sirius as ” SHE-DOG.” The gematria of “she-dog” matches Jordan’s jersey number and the day of the heliacal rising of Sirius.

As a core water-related code number 112 appears again in this case:

CHICAGO BULLS” sums to 112.


Related to the Sirius code is singer Miley Cyrus who was born on a 23rd (November).

In 2013 Miley Cyrus starred in a music video titled “23” by Mike Will Made It – wearing Michael Jordan’s Bulls uniform fashioned into a bikini.

She was part of a Sirius ritual: her last name “Cyrus” sounds like “Sirius.”

The video starts in a bathroom which is another WATER reference. Remember how many celebrities have been found dead in bathtubs.

SIRIUS The Dog Star

The dog is the most salient symbol of the star SIRIUS: It is part of the constellation Canis Majoris; “Canis” as in “canine.”

In 2014, in the the most overt of Sirius ritualism, Miley Cyrus performed in front of a 60-foot dog sculpture.

This was said to be tribute to her pet dog who was recently deceased.

Miley Cyrus announced the loss of her dog on a popular date for water/Sirius-themed rituals: April 2nd (42).

The July 23rd heliacal-rising-of-Sirius date relates to the number 42 in numerology: July 23rd is written 7-23.

The dog’s name is interesting: FLOYD.

DOG STAR” sums to 42.

the Serer people of Senegal, Gambia and Mauritania refer to Sirius as “YOONIR”, a name that sums to 42.

Michael Jordan and Miley Cyrus are both known for their penchant for sticking their tongues out; which has become their signature facial expressions:

This is reminiscent of the Hindu goddess Kali a.k.a. “the black one” which = 42 in gematria.

Goddess Kali

Michael Jordan was born on February 17th.

Miley Cyrus was born on November 23rd. Their birthdays have some gematria overlap when spelled out.

Also, remember that Haile Selassie (born on the day that Freemasonry honors the heliacal rising of the star Sirius) is said to be a descendant of King Solomon who revered in Freemasonry.

The building of the second Temple of Solomon was commissioned by CYRUS.

Albert Pike died April 2nd

A central figure in American Freemasonry is Albert Pike who was the person most influential in introducing the Scottish Rite to American Freemasonry.

His death date of April 2nd suggests that it has been a significant date on a profound occult, esoteric level before and after his death.

It is significant that in gematria “FREEMASON” sums to 42.

The “blazing star’ of Freemason iconography represents SIRIUS, not as the star of Isis, but as the eye of Horus who – in ancient lore – loses an eye in a battle with Set.

Recent controversy arose over comments comedian, actor, show host Nick Cannon (below right) made on his “CANNON’S CLASS” podcast with Hip-Hop legend, writer and show-host Professor Griff (below, left) in attendance as Cannon’s guest.

“SIRIUS” on Griff’s hat stood out as well as what appears to be a picture of the Titanic in the background. Water is an on-going theme.

His birthday of August 1st can correspond with the heliacal rising of Sirius.

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On July 13th, 2020 the drowning death of actress Naya Rivera was announced.

The details of her death revealed striking parallels with multiple other water/drowning deaths involving public figures.

Naya Marie Rivera

In decoding the stories of these deaths it is important to first examine the esoteric significance of WATER.

The drowning/water-related deaths of the following public figures will be compared:

  • MARIANO RIVERA: The most striking and conspicuous parallel with Naya Rivera is that they share a last name. In 2004 two in-laws were electrocuted and drowned in the swimming pool of the New York Yankees baseball legend. This occurred in Puerto Caimito, Panama.

  • RODNEY KING: The subject of the first internationally viral police brutality video and eventual civil rights symbol died drowned in a swimming pool. His birthday is April 2nd, 42. MARIANO RIVERA’S jersey number is 42.

King drowned precisely on the anniversary of his father’s death. His father died by drowning in a bathtub at age 42.

  • WHITNEY HOUSTON: who died by drowning in a bathtub on the 42nd day-of-the-year (February 11th).
  • DOLORES O’RIORDAN: In 2018 the legendary Irish singer drowned in a bathtub in a London Hilton hotel, like WHITNEY HOUSTON who drowned in a bathtub in a Hilton hotel.

  • CASSANDRA LYNN: The Playboy Playmate died drowned in a bathtub on the same date – January 15th – as DOLORES O’RIORDAN’s bathtub death.

  • MAEVE KENNEDY: The grand-daughter of Robert F Kennedy drowned in a canoeing accident off Chesapeake Bay on April 2nd, 42, the birthday of Rodney King.

  • MARY JO KOPECHNE: The above case was not the Kennedy family’s first involvement in a drowning incident: In 1969 Senator Ted Kennedy drove a car into a lake off Martha’s Vineyard and drowned the passenger Mary Jo Kopechne.

Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez on Glee

Naya Rivera’s most resonant, popular role was as Santana Lopez on the hit tv series Glee.

Gematria unveils a link between the Kennedy drowning deaths and Naya Rivera’s drowning death.

  • JIM MORRISON: In 2019 Naya Rivera uploaded an Instagram picture of herself wearing a Jim Morrison t-shirt. Morrison died in a bathtub.

  • FLORIJANA ISMAILI: The first parallel event that jumped out at me when I first heard of the Naya Rivera drowning death in a lake, was the 2019 drowning-death-in-a-lake of Swiss women’s soccer star Florijana Ismaili, a week before the women’s World Cup Final.

Florijana Ismaili

Water is central to Naya Rivera’s death and to similar events.

The FOUR CLASSICAL ELEMENTS are EARTH, AIR, WATER and FIRE. Air and fire are masculine; earth and air are feminine.

While Jim Morrison and Rodney King are examples of males, most subjects of water-related death rituals are female.

EARTH is the MATERIAL plane. MATER-ial, MATTER, stems from “mater” which means “mother” in Latin. Mother Earth. Some believe that the material world is a MATRIX. MATRIX is a maternal, feminine term. One of the meanings of “matrix” is “WOMB.” The Christian Bible mentions “matrix” 5 times; mostly in the context of SACRIFICE.

WATER represents SOURCE; origin; creation.

Multiple mystery traditions believe that the realm from which the elements that constitute the material world are drawn, is a void with the essence of POTENTIAL euphemistically called the PRIMORDIAL WATERS.

The adept uses the primordial waters to craft the material world according their will.

HYDROGEN is the “mother element” on which all other elements depend for their existence.

Goddess Sopdet is the anthropomorphism of Sirius

In water-related rituals you will usually see the invocation of FEMALE celestial bodies: VENUS, but primarily Earth’s MOON and the star SIRIUS.

The heliacal rising of SIRIUS in summer marked the flooding of the Nile River and the start of the ancient Egyptian new year. The MOON controls the tides and determines monthly cycles effecting female reproductive systems.

Sirius is venerated by the Dogon people of Mali and Burkina Faso, and by multiple mystery traditions including Freemasonry.

The zodiac sign of CANCER is a water sign, and is ruled by the MOON. hence, it is often a key element of water related rituals.

Naya Rivera’s drowning occurred at a time of Cancer; July 8th.

The name: NAYA RIVERA is a form of NILE RIVER.

Two other cast members of Glee passed away before Naya Rivera did. Their details reveal the depths of the water ritual attached to Naya Rivera and Glee:

MARK SALLING was the most recent to pass before Naya Rivera. His August 17th birthday suggests SIRIUS reference: the heliacal rising of Sirius occurred – in ancient times – anywhere from the last week of July to the first three weeks of August. In modern-day Egypt it is celebrated on August 15th.

He played a character named “PUCK” whose name matches “MOON” in all 4 base-cipher-values of gematria.

The character Puck’s real name is NOAH Puckerman. NOAH is a flood reference.

Salling is reported to have committed suicide by hanging on a tree in a river bed.

The other Glee cast member to die is CORY MONTEITH who died – in 2013 – on July 13th. That anniversary – in 2020 – is when the drowning death of Naya Rivera was announced.

The character Cory Monteith played is named FINN HUDSON. Again, these are two water references: HUDSON is the name of a famous American river. Finn is a reference to part of a fish’s anatomy.

And, moreover: Monteith is reported to have died in a room at the PACIFIC RIM hotel, for ANOTHER aquatic reference.

Central to this and the other water/drowning stories is the gematria of the word “DROWNING”; 112 in the reverse of gematria’s simplest cipher.

  • Naya Rivera’s birthday is January 12th; 1-12.
  • Gematria reveals that it is no coincidence that “Naya Rivera” sounds like “Nile River.” NILE RIVER sums to 112.
  • She referenced Jim Morrison who died in a bathtub on a date under CANCER (July 3rd). His father was a NAVY admiral. Jim morrison performed for THE DOORS.
  • Dolores O’Riordan who died in a bathtub, sang with the CRANBERRIES
  • Whitney Houston died in a bathtub. “HOUSTON” sums to 112
  • WHITNEY HOUSTON died on the 11th of February; 112
  • The Greeks called Sirius “SOTHIS.” the phrase “Heliacal rising of Sothis.” some to 112.
  • The Swiss soccer player who drowned in an Italian lake ahead of the 2019 women’s World Cup Final was Florijana Ismaili whose name sums to 112.
  • The first of Naya Rivera’s Glee cast members to die was CORY MONTEITH. His last name sums to 112.
  • Water is related to birth. the fetus develops in the amniotic fluid of the womb. The mother’s water breaks before she delivers.

A birth-related U.S. law is ROE vs WADE, which sums to 211 in gematria.

  • The plaintiff in the case was Norma McCORVEY a.k.a. Jane Roe. Her last name sums to 112.

the names “Roe” and “Wade” are water references: they describe ways of moving in water: “Row” as in “row a boat”, and “wade”; walking through high water.


  • The name of Mark Salling’s character in Glee is Noah Puckerman, which sums to 211
  • Dolores O’Riordan’s funeral was held on 21st January; 211.
  • 211 shows up in the swimming pool deaths at Mariano Rivera’s house in Puerto Caimito, Panama which sums to 211.
  • “MARIANO” sums to 211 in Jewish a.k.a. Latin cipher of gematria.
  • “RITUAL HUMAN SACRIFICE” sums to 211
Glyph for the element of WATER

A key element to the Naya Rivera story is her middle name MARIE. That name is a water reference. Think of the term “MARINE”; it is a WATER reference, having progeny in the Latin “MARE” for “sea.”

In Spanish “sea” is “MAR.” In French the words for “sea” and “mother’ are the same, only spelled differently: “mer” and “mére” respectively.

The most famous mother in history is Christianity’s MARY, who birthed Jesus.

Dolores O’Riordan’s middle name is MARY.

In 1969 Ted Kennedy drowned MARY Jo Kopechne.

In 2020 Maeve Kennedy drowned in MARYland.

The Freemason founders of the United States put its capital next to MARYland to invoke the water, divine feminine, manifestation principle.

D.C. was placed on the Potomac River. Gematria reveals this mystical relationship

More gematria revelation of the principle by the U.S.’ founders:

A key element of the U.S. founding manifestation/water ritual is its birthday of July 4th (7-4) or 4th of July (4-7); a date under CANCER, ruled by the MOON.

Naya Rivera invoked R&B legend Bill Withers in her final Instagram post titled “JUST THE TWO OF US” the title of one his greatest hits. Bill Withers was born on July 4th. So, he was definitely part of the ritual.

Swiss soccer star Florijana Ismaili drowned in an Italian lake on June 29th 2019, a date with 74 and 47 numerology.

This is ahead of the United States winning the World Cup lead by Megan Rapino a Cancer, which is ruled by the MOON. MOON sums to 15 gematria.

Megan Rapino’s jersey number is 15.

Florijana Ismaili drowned 15 days after her last competitive match on June 29th.

Dolores O’Riordan and Cassandra Lynn who drowned in bathtubs on the 15th day-of-the-year.

Megan Rapinoe’s birthday is 5th July 57. She is Cancer, ruled by the Moon.

The World Cup Final was attended by 57,000+ fans.

Ismaili’s height was 57“.

“FOURTH OF JULY” sums to 57.

The following water/birth terms sum to 57:

Whitney Houston and Dolores O’Riordan drowned in bathtubs in HILTON HOTELS.

MOON also sums to 51. Maya Rivera drowned in LAKE PIRU.

Remember that the suffix “MAR” is a water reference from the Latin for sea “MARE.”

Naya Rivera’s middle name MARIE is a water reference.

The deepest part of Earth’s oceans is the MARIANA TRENCH . The male form of the name MARIANA is MARIANO.


As mentioned previously: In 2004 two of Mariano Rivera’s in-laws died electrocuted and drowned in his home swimming pool in Panama.

The in-laws names were VICTOR AVILA (Sr. and Jr.), name that sums to 51.

The swimming pool electrocution and drowning occurred 51 days before Mariano’s 2004 birthday.

Naya Rivera’s most salient character is Glee’s SANTANA LOPEZ, which matches “MARIANO RIVERA” at 144.

The official story of the Rivera home swimming pool deaths is that the pool was electrically charged to discourage his pet Rottweilers from entering it. The Rottweilers are references to SIRIUS the DOG STAR. Again: the Nile floods when Sirius rises.

Whitney Houston‘s daughter Bobbi Kristina also died from complications from near-drowning in a bathtub. she died 144 days after 2015 birthday.

The July 26th death-date of Bobbi Kristina can coincide with the heliacal rising of Sirius.

Back to the two main Moon numbers 57 and 51

From the date of the swimming pool deaths at Mariano Rivera’s residence to the date of Naya Rivera’s drowning death is exactly 5751 days; the MOON numbers of gematria; 57, 51.

The two “MOON” numbers unite the two Riveras.

A number that appears often in drowning rituals is 42. 42 is a gematria code applied to black peole and women in general; of all races. 42 can be applied to both groups derogatorily.

Some water rituals are related to SIRIUS the DOG STAR. The word for a female canine is “bitch.” Since Sirius is the star of Isis/Sopdet this could be used to desecrate the Divine/Sacred Feminine.

Mariano Rivera wore jersey number 42. His nickname is SANDMAN after his into-music Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

“SAND MAN” also sums sums to 42.

  • Rodney King drowned in a swimming pool. His birthday is April 2nd; 42. He drowned on the anniversary of his father’s death in a bathtub at the age of 42.
  • Fitness celebrity Mandy Blank died in a bathtub on October 30th, 2018 at age 42.

  • April 2nd; 42 is also the date in 2020 that Mauve Kennedy drowned in Chesapeake Bay.
  • Whitney Houston died in a bathtub on the 42nd day of the year in 2012.
  • Swiss soccer player Florijana Ismaili drowned in Lake Como, Italy ahead of the 2019 World Cup Final. “LAKE COMO” sums to 42.

Ancient Kemet/Egypt gave Sirius the moniker “BEAUTIFUL STAR.” Gematria reveals its ritual synchronicity with many of the water/drowning events in the news:

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In my previous post I addressed the ongoing over-arching Mercury/Jesus ritual, the latest installment of which was the comments – on social media – of civil rights activist and Black Lives Matter spokesman Shaun King regarding the white European portrayal of Jesus Christ.

I identified the astrology, mythology, numerology and gematria that determines the Jesus/Mercury code.

In my post I identified 139 as central to the “Jesus code” primarily based on the “assigned” birthday (is actual birthday is not known) of Cesare Borgia the Italian nobleman said to be a chief inspiration for the popular image of Jesus Christ.

The date 13-9 (13 September) matches the gematria of “WHITE JESUS” and “SHAUN KING.” Rapper Nas portrayed a crucified Christ in his 1999 video for hit son Hate Me Now.

Another rapper chosen to portray a crucified Christ is Tupac Shakur who died on Cesare Borgia’s given birthday of 13th September.

Another pop-culture portrayal of a Jesus figure is Neo in The Matrix trilogy. Neo is born on 13th September.


In gematria numerical anagrams are significant. So, anagrams of 139, like 913, the other way of writing the date September 13th, emerge in the Jesus code.

Nas’ real full name Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones sums to a numerical anagram of 139.

Nas is heavily coded with Jesus symbolism. This is his 2004 mixtape Carry the Cross.


Mercury is the ruling planet of the tropical zodiac signs of Virgo and Gemini. As discussed in my previous post Shaun King and the Jesus Controversy, September 11th is believed by some to be the real birthday of “Jesus”. September 11th birth makes Jesus a Virgo. Geminis and Virgos are most often used to portray Jesus figures.

This part of the decode is courtesy of who identified 193 as a Mercury/Jesus code.

John F Kennedy is a Gemini and Mercury/Jesus figure.

A planet Mercury year is the time it takes for it to complete one full revolution around the Sun. In terms of Mercury years John F Kennedy was 193 years old when assassinated.

Actor Bruce Willis has a 193 birthday: 19th March.

For this he was chosen to star in the movie Mercury Rising.

Bruce Willis was 193 Mercurian years old on 9-11, 2001 (the greatest Mercury ritual: Twin Towers A Gemini sign, set. 11 a Virgo date).

this brings us to a story that emerged on July 4th, 2020 when Florida Republican Congressional candidate KW Miller tweeted that entertainer Beyonce was not who she is said to be.

Beyoncé is another celebrity who is portrayed as a Jesus figure (moniker Beyzus). As discussed in my post Shaun King and the Jesus Controversy, and the Greater Ritual: Black Jesus, she is literally venerated in actual Christian church services known as Beyoncé Mass.

Beyoncé is, of course, a Virgo.

Florida Republican U.S. Congressional candidate K W Miller tweeted the astonishing claim that Beyoncé is not African-American but Italian, and whose real name is ANN MARIE LASTRASSI. This name fits the 193 mercury Jesus code:

The Congressional candidate’s name fits the Mercury code as well:


34 43

In 2011 a Showtime television series was made about Cesare Borgia and family titled The Borgias.

There is a popular belief that Jesus Christ was crucified on April 3rd/3rd April a date written 4-3 or 3-4.

In gematria 43 and 34 are prevalent in Jesus-related terminology:

Because of this The Borgias tv series premiered on April 3rd; 4-3 or 3rd April; 3-4.

The series last aired in 2013 on June 16th, written 6-16. A date under Gemini, which is ruled by MERCURY.

616 is related to Jesus: “RITUAL SACRIFICE” sums to 616 in Jewish/Latin gematria cipher, as does Italian for “blood sacrifice” “SACRIFICIO DI SANGUE”

so it is noteworthy that the aforementioned movie Mercury Rising was also released on April 3rd/ 3rd April.

Gabriel Jesus

Another Jesus figure, this time in the world of soccer – who is literally named Jesus – is Brazilian Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus.

Jesus was born on the crucifixion date April 3rd. Also Gabriel, his first name, is the name of the archangel who announced Jesus’ impending birth to the Virgin Mary.

The question is: Why all the Mercury rituals? Who or what is Mercury that merits so much attention in ritual, especially major cataclysmic ones like September 11th?

The answer could be in the astrological phenomenon of the zodiacal detriment.

The detriment of Mercury is Jupiter, and vice-versa.

I address this in my post Pope Francis, Cesare Borgia and the Mercury-Jupiter Detriment.

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Cesare Borgia whose image is the basis for the popular European depiction of Jesus Christ

There is an ongoing theme in ritual-disguised-as-news-events, that is playing out with greater frequency at the moment: that is the theme of correlating – on an occulted level – Jesus Christ with Mercury. Mercury is a Roman deity; Mercury is a planet.

In the popular Western sun-based Tropical Zodiac the planet Mercury rules two signs: GEMINI and VIRGO.

Jesus Christ’s similarity with the Roman Mercury is that they are both divine and mortal, spirit and flesh; messengers from the heavenly realm to earthly realm.

In the tarot tradition the card that represents the planet Mercury is # 1 THE MAGICIAN. The Magician is pictured in the long flowing white and red garments that Jesus Christ is popularly depicted in.

The “Three Wisemen” who were given exclusive, divine knowledge of Jesus’ birth were called MAGI. From the word “Magi” we get the word “MAGICIAN.”

In 1978 Christian Pastor and Meteorologist Ernest L Martin published “The Birth of Christ Recalculated” in which he determined that the real birthday of “Jesus” (he would not have been named Jesus since that is a much later Roman moniker) is September 11th, 3 B.C.

Interestingly his name ERNEST MARTIN sums to 156 gematria. The 156th prime number is 911.

Ernest L Martin also wrote about the real birthday of “Jesus” in his 1996 book The Star That Astonished the World, which can be read online here.

A September 11th birthday makes Jesus a VIRGO.

CESARE BORGIA The Model for the Image of Jesus

139 the Jesus Code

With a 13th September (13-9) birthday Cesare Borgia is a VIRGO; ruling planet MERCURY.

Cesare Borgia, the image of Jesus Christ is the most significant of the Jesus/Mercury/Virgo/Gemini associations. Here are other recent popular culture examples:


Tupac Shakur is a GEMINI and, not only is his death-date under VIRGO, but it is the birthday of Cesare Borgia, the model for the image of Jesus Christ. That date 13th September is written 139, an important number in the Jesus code.


Nas appeares as a crucified Christ in his 1999 video for the song HATE ME NOW. Nas is a VIRGO. “Hate Me Now” is in keeping with the 139 code.

Check out this post by Zachary K Hubbard : Leader of Church of England says we should revisit white Jesus, June 26, 2020. It unveils the 139 code as it pertains to the topic of Jesus in the news.

In his post Hubbard includes the observation that the gematria of “WHITE JESUS” sums to 139. Again: 139, 13 September is the birthdate of “white Jesus” model Cesare Borgia, and death date of “black Jesus” Tupac Shakur.


In The Matrix trilogy the main protagonist NEO is a Christ-like savior figure. The Matrix has an occulted Christian theme. The Christ-Neo metaphor is made most apparent at the final battle scene when Neo’s body, in a crucifixion position, lights up with the shape of a cross (below).

A close-up of Neo’s passport shows that he was born on the birthday of CESARE BORGIA: 13th September in keeping with the 139/Jesus/Gemini/Virgo/Mercury code.

Not just any actor was chosen for the Mercury role: Keanu Reeves was chosen because he is a VIRGO.

The tarot card that represents Mercury is The Magician; card number ONE. NEO is an anagram of ONE.

Neo’s real name is THOMAS which means “twin.” This is a GEMINI reference, emphasizing MERCURY the ruling planet of VIRGO and GEMINI.


Neo’s passport expires on September 11th, 2001, the possible birthday of the real “Jesus.”

September 11th featured the Gemini twin towers symbol, and occurred on a Virgo date.

The alleged ringleader was Mohamed Atta whose September 1st birthday makes him a VIRGO. His 33 year-old age-at-death is the same purported for Jesus Christ.

846 has proven to be a huge ritual number regarding the George Floyd event, was already significant in the 911 Mercury ritual which started at 8:46 a.m.–2001)#Destruction

When we use Jewish a.k.a. Latin gematria we see why 846 is significant:

Other Virgo/Gemini Artists Portrayed as Jesus

In my post The Greater Ritual Part 6: BLACK JESUS and the Mercury Pattern  I list rappers who have been presented as Jesus Christ. They were all either Virgo or Gemini.

  • Kanye West (Ye-zus). The female (besides his mother Mary) most associated with Jesus Christ is Mary Magdalene. Kanye West’s wife is Kim Kardashian.

Kanye west is a GEMINI.

  • Beyoncé is literally venerated along side Jesus Christ in actual church services called “Beyoncé Mass.” She has the moniker “BEY-zus.” Beyoncé is a VIRGO.
  • Kendrick Lamar’s image has been crafted around Jesus Christ. He is a GEMINI.
  • Kodak Black has three crosses tattooed on his face: he is a GEMINI.
  • Jadakiss appeared with a crown of thorns on the cover of his 2009 mix-tape The Passion of Kiss. Jadakiss is GEMINI.
  • Mase appeared with a crown of thorns on the cover of his 2005 mixtape Crucified 4 the Hood. Mase is a VIRGO.
  • Remy Ma appeared on the cover of her 2007 mixtape Shesus Khrist as crucified Christ. Remy Ma is a GEMINI.
  • Denmark Vessey appeared on the cover of his 2013 album Cult Classic as Jesus Christ.

Again: I discuss this in depth in this post: The Greater Ritual Part 6: BLACK JESUS and the Mercury Pattern 

  • NIPSEY HUSSLE: It is important to note that the Roman Mercury is inherited from the Greek HERMES, and is the same entity.

Nipsey Hussle was marketed as a Christ figure, even dying at the age associated with Christ’s death: 33. He was neither a Gemini nor a Virgo but his real first name is ERMIAS, which is Tigrinya (his father’s native language) for HERMES. So, Nipsy Hussle was a Christ figure named after the Mercury archetype.


This brings us to current news where last week pastor, writer and civil rights activist Shaun King tweeted about depictions of white, European Jesus.

As part of the ritual – because the subject matter is focused on Jesus – Shaun King could only be either a Gemini or Virgo. Shaun King is Virgo.

See Zachary K Hubbard’s decode on this topic:

Below is one of Shaun King’s messages

“ALL OF THEM” is emphasized. Gematria tells you why.

It is ironic that Shaun King, a strident opponent of white Jesus depictions, shares a name-gematria-value (139) with the birthday of the model for the white Jesus image 13-9 (13th September).

41 is the gematria value of “MERCURY” that is most emergent in Jesus/Mercury/Virgo/Gemini rituals.

So, no surprise that 41 shows up in the Shaun King segment of the greater, over-arching Mercury ritual.

Shaun King was born on the 17th of September; written 17-9. 179 is the 41st prime #.

Other Mercury rituals in which 41 has been prominent have been:

  • September 11th, 2001 World Trade Center attacks which occurred on a date with 41 numerology.

The Pentagon’s construction was initiated in the year ’41.

  • Kobe Bryant death: Bryant was a VIRGO, who died at age 41.

His name has 41 gematria.

There are multiple 41s coded into the life and career of Kobe Bryant, but a final example is his initials K.B. Compare with the initials of Jesus Christ J.C. and his residence L.A.

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There have been centuries of Jesus/Mercury rituals performed on the world stage. But recent history has seen an up-tick of such rituals; most often involving public figures in politics, news head-lines and, most often in popular culture.

An answer as to why these rituals are performed lies in the phenomenon of the zodiacal DETRIMENT.

The detriment of a sign and its ruling planet is the sign and ruling planet directly opposite it on the zodiacal wheel. In the case of VIRGO (ruled by Mercury) PISCES (ruled by Jupiter) is opposite.

In the case of Gemini (ruled by Mercury), SAGITTARIUS (ruled by Jupiter) is directly opposite it.

So, the detriment of Mercury is Jupiter, and vice-versa.

An entity that sees Mercury as a detriment and a nemesis most likely venerates Jupiter.

The Jesuit Order a.k.a. Society of Jesus is one such entity that venerates Jupiter. their patron Saint is Peter whose name is derived from Jupiter; Ju-PETER.

It should be no surprise then that the first openly Jesuit Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) is a Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter.

If you look at his significant career dates, they too line up with Jupiter. He was ordained on a Sagittarius date, was created cardinal on a Pisces date, and began his papacy on a Pisces date.

And again: gematria unveils the true essence: “Bergoglio” has double synchronicity – in base gematria ciphers – with “Jupiter” and “Sagittarius.”

Is it possible to be any more thoroughly imbued in Jupiter coding than Pope Francis is?

This is not to say any one planet is good and another is bad; all have positive and negative influences; the adepts/shamans will invoke the side of the planet that they desire. In the case of the Jesuits they invoke the authoritarian side of Jupiter the storm god, as have most fascist empires since Babylon and earlier; as does the New World Order.

The Mercury-Jupiter Detriment in the Life and Death of CESARE BORGIA

As mention in my previous posts: Cesare Borgia provides the popular European image of Jesus Christ. The real birthday of “Jesus” is believed by some to be September 11th, 3 B.C. making him a Virgo which is Mercury.

Cesare Borgia was chosen as the image of Jesus because he is a Virgo.

The detriment of mercury is Jupiter, so the death of Mercury Borgia occurred on a Pisces date; Pisces ruled by Jupiter.

In 2007 Cesare Borgia’s remains – after being disinterred and re-buried previously – were reinterred on March 11th a Jupiter/Pisces date.

March 11th was picked not only as a statement of Jovian dominance, but because of its identical numerology to September 11th, the possible “real birthday” of “Jesus.”

Astrology Catholic Church

We know The Cabal likes their solstices.

Watch out for Seattle on June 20 because it is taking place in the Jesuit part of town near Seattle University, on Capitol Hill.

UPDATE: On Seattle’s website, they have the Autonomous Zone ending June 20, here is the site.

It’s interesting the government website has the start date for the project as June 7, because that is one day prior to the police abandoning the station on June 8, when the area was setup. And like I pointed out, how did those people get all the government materials to close off the streets to setup the zone? Well, now we know, it was a government construction project, to have the materials there by June 7…

Astrology Coronavirus Racism

293 is the 62nd prime and ‘Floyd’, ‘Minneapolis’ and ‘riot’ each sum to 62.  Of course, George Floyd was killed in the ‘Twin’ City of Minneapolis, in the time of Gemini, setting off riots.

George Floyd is from Houston, Texas.

Don’t forget the Houston Astros lost Game 7 of the World Series, 6-2, on the day leaving 62-days in the year, in Houston, Texas.

Notice ‘Castor’ was killed.

George Floyd’s porn name is ‘Floyd the Landlord’.

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There is a pronounced GEMINI theme to the George Floyd event.: The symbol for the zodiac is TWINS; the event took place in one of Minnesota’s TWIN cities. Former NBA basketball player Stephen Jackson was referred to as George Floyd’s TWIN (below). The event happened on May 25th a date under GEMINI and birthday of Minnesota U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar.

As I have mentioned in previous posts: events like the George Floyd killing – with heavy Gemini/twin symbolism – are components of a greater, over-arching ritual with a common theme which is MERCURY.

MERCURY is a Roman deity; Hermes to Greece, Djehuti/Tehuti/Thoth to ancient Kemet/Egypt.

Roman portrait of Hermes/Mercury from the year 1 A.D.

MERCURY is also a planet. The planet Mercury rules the zodiac signs of GEMINI and VIRGO.

A Gemini ritual is – at its core – a MERCURY ritual. Gemini/twin symbolism and references will often also involve VIRGO symbolism and references.

Jesus Christ coding is often included in MERCURY rituals.

The key gematria code for Jesus Christ is 74. “RAPPER” sums to 74. George Floyd was a RAPPER among other things.

Jesus Christ is said to have been crucified on April 3rd; a date written 4-3.

Jesus Christ is said to have been crucified at age 33.

The planet Mercury has a relation to 33: For every 33 revolutions that MERCURY makes around the sun, Earth makes 137 revolutions. 137 is the 33rd prime.

GEMINI sums to 33.

George Floyd died on the 146th day of the year.

“Jesus Christ” sums to 146

14-6 is 14 June which is Donald Trump’s birthday.

Donald Trump’s father’s middle name is CHRIST. His mother’s name is MARY. To his supporters he is a Messiah and a Christ-figure.

The popular depiction of Jesus Christ – with the long hair and goatee – is modeled after Italian nobleman Cesare Borgia (below) who was a VIRGO.

WWE wrestler Seth Rollins is modeled after the Cesare Borgia Christ image.

Seth Rollins’ name synchronizes with “Jesus Christ” in Gematria, and he is a GEMINI.

The Matrix movie features Neo as a Christ-figure. His passport is shown revealing that he is a VIRGO.

His real name is THOMAS which is a Gemini reference since THOMAS means “twin.”

The passports expiration date is September 11th, 2001.

The actor who plays Neo is Keanu Reeves was chosen because he is a VIRGO.

The alleged leader of the Mercury ritual of the 911 attacks on the World Trade Center is Mohammed Atta who is a VIRGO officially.

MERCURY the god of Travelers and Transportation

the Greco-Roman god Hermes/Mercury is – among other things – a god of travelers and transportation. That is why airplanes – a form of transportation – were used in were used in the 911 attacks. That is why Virgo Kobe Bryant (helicopter), Gemini Tupac Shakur (automobile), Gemini Prince; arguably the Twin Cities’ most famous native (elevator), and Gemini JFK(automobile) died in modes of transportation.

In JFK’s assassination we see the GEMINI and VIRGO elements combined in the MERCURY ritual: Vice President Lyndon B Johnson was a Virgo and was sworn in on an airplane (Airforce One) .

Grand Central Terminal in New York City is the most famous transportation hub in the world, and – to emphasize the significance of Mercury as ruler of the realm of transportation – has a massive sculpture of MERCURY on its Southern facade (below). The title of the sculpture is “Transportation.”

Tires are associated with transportation. Good year tires use the winged ankle of Mercury as its logo.

In the George Floyd event the Autozone that was set on fire was one of the transportation elements .

Another transportation element is the MERCEDES BENZ that George Floyd was driving and extracted from. Mercedes is named in honor of MERCURY the ruler of transportation: MERC – edes.

Mercedes Benz has been used in other rituals that invoked Mercury such as the death of Princess Diana who died on a date under VIRGO (August 31st). She was in a Mercedes Benz (below).

“Mercedes Benz” matches “AllSeeing Eye” perfectly across all four base ciphers. Most significantly at 119. “George Floyd” sums to 119.

Gematria reveals what one of the key elements of the ritual is: Gemini which synchs with the main subject’s name.


Besides the fact that “George Floyd” sums to 119, his case synchronizes with Sept 11th in other, more significant ways:

The first impact – the opening salvo – of the 911 attacks was American Airlines Flight 11 hitting the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 am.–2001)#Destruction

George Floyd was officially pinned down for 8mins, 46 seconds, 8:46.

The sun set on Minneapolis at 8:46 on the day of the George Floyd’s killing.


The George Floyd killing occurred a week before the 99th anniversary of the Tulsa, Oklahoma racially motivated attacks.

It was reminiscent of that and of the 2016 shooting of aAfrican-American motorist Terence Crutcher by Tulsa, Oklahoma police.

The Crutcher incident also had TWIN symbolism: he was a twin. His twin sister Tiffany advocated for him in the media after the event.

The event happened on a date under VIRGO: September 16th.

Transportation was a theme: He was shot in the middle of a road after exiting his vehicle, a Lincoln Navigator. Lincoln is made by Ford that also made Mercury cars.

The name of the location matches the gematria of MERCURY.

Terence Crutcher was killed at age 40, which synchs with the Gematria of MERCURY.

The Zodiacal Detriment

The detriment of a zodiacal sign and ruling planet is the ruling planet of the sign directly opposite it on the zodiacal wheel.

The signs opposite Mercury-ruled GEMINI and VIRGO are Sagittarius and Pisces. They are both ruled by JUPITER.

JUPITER is the DETRIMENT of Mercury, and vice-versa

JUPITER is the stormy planet and the “thunder god,” confirmed by Gematria.

JUPITER is the planet/god of the Vatican/Jesuits. Jupiter rules Pisces, the symbol for Pisces is fish, and the Pope wears a mitre “FISH HAT.”

The phrase “God the Father’ is veneration of JUPITER, an authoritarian, top-down, father-knows best ruler.

“God” in Italian is “Dio.” “Father” in Latin “Pater”. So, “God the Father” is “DIO PATER” which is “JU PITER.”

Father figure is associated with authority. 47 and 52 are Gematria

“POPE” in Italian is “Papa.” Papa being almost universal term for “father.”

The Patron Saint of the Catholic Church/Vatican/Jesuits is PETER, whose name is derived from JUPITER: JU – PETER.

JUPITER is at least a god if not the god of the New World Order

Jupiter is a storm/thunder/lightning god. The Bible’s Luke 10:18 compares satan to lightning. Could it be referring to a “god” who identifies with Jupiter?

99 The Number of JUPITER

The number 99 has been prevalent in the George Floyd Mercury ritual. As a destruction-of-Mercury ritual the DETRIMENT of Mercury has been invoked. The detriment of Mercury is JUPITER. The gematria of JUPITER is 99.

99 showed up in the video of his killing as a diesel-price at a gas station (below). Diesel prices are never that low, so it is a plausible conclusion that the unrealistic price was displayed as a ritual element.

The store at the center of the storm CUP FOODS also has Gematria of 99. As does AUTOZONE.

In the most circulated images in the media of the Autozone burning-and-looting a prominent person is wearing a sports jersey with the name “RAMIREZ” emblazoned on it. RAMIREZ just happens to synch with JUPITER across 3 base cipher values, most crucially at 99.

JUPITER is a storm planet/god. All this is occurring as Tropical Storm Cristobal is forming and threatening the Caribbean and parts of Southern United States. The name of the storm synchs with the JUPITER code and theme.

The symbol for Jupiter looks like a 24. The 2014 Olympics is to be hosted by Paris. (Paris and France are Freemasonic/Jesuit centers; Jupiter – in Greek mythology – is an OLYMPIAN).

It appears that the world’s ruling powers intend to celebrate their world order by honoring their governing – or at least inspirational – power; JUPITER. The logo for the Paris Olympics is a JUPITER symbol.