SAINT BERNARD and the NFL’s High Ritual to the Roman King of the Gods

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Plus Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds & Marge Schott

The much anticipated — particularly in the astrology community — Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction happened on December 21st, 2020. Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunctions occur every 20 years but 2020’s was a virtual once-in-a-lifetime event when all the astronomical arrangements are taken into consideration. With that in consideration it was prime time for high ritual; ritual to effect some high magicians’ intentions for the Age of Aquarius, that is expected to resonate for the next two thousand years.

Monday Night Football was the only professional sports event on show on Conjunction night December 21st 2021, so this more than any other sports event is the prime example of how relevant astrology can be to decoding sports event, especially since this went beyond football or sports in general, but was a night of epic ritual at a time – during the corona virus phenomenon – of unprecedented radical global change.

Because the event centered on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the obvious place to start decoding the Monday Night Football game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers from an astrological stand point would be those two planets: Jupiter and Saturn.

But the context of the radical change occurring globally and some of the primary forces behind that radical change is needed. The Jesuit Order and the Vatican are a major force or the major force as has been covered extensively in the work of Zachary K Hubbard. With that in mind we know that Cincinnati was chosen because of its strong Jesuit roots; and the fact that it shares the same moniker as the Vatican: The City of Seven Hills.

I have illustrated extensively that the true object of the Order’s veneration is the Roman god Jupiter the chief deity of Rome – and of Ancient Greece in the form of Zeus – represented by St. Peter.

So in this case the event was centered around the planet Jupiter: The night of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, in a Jesuit city; Jupiter being the favored planet of the Jesuits.

Jupiter rules the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

It is not a coincidence that the first openly Jesuit Pope is a Sagittarius, and the Mitre “fish hat” is a Pisces symbol worn by the Pope and Cardinals.

A symbol of Jupiter the orange striped planet, is the Tiger. The Cincinnati Bengals are then instantly recognizable as a Jupiter symbol.

In the absence of superstar rookie quarterback Joe Burrow – who attended LSU Tigers in college and is a Sagittarius, (and the Bollywood Indian movie “Bengal Tiger” was released on his birthday) who would be the star of the masquerade? There were several candidates but the most likely was Bengals veteran Running Back Giovanni Bernard who is a Sagittarius and has a Catholic background. His birthday of November 22nd is related to the Great Conjunction since U.S. Presidents elected in Great Conjunction years have died in office or survived assassination attempts; the most famous of which is JFK on November 22nd, Giovani Bernard’s birthday.

November 22nd, 2020 was the also the date that Joe Burrow was eliminated from the grand ritual game with a season ending injury, handing the starring role to Bernard.

Giovani is an Italian name. “Jupiter” in Italian is “GIOVE.” The adjective pertaining to Jupiter is “JOVIAN.” The Italian translation is “GIOVANI.”

The Roman god Jupiter is actually a mere analog of the original archetype: the Sumerian storm god ENLIL. the Babylonian version of Enlil is “ELIL” which also sums to 25.

In gematria “JOVIAN” sums to 71. “CATHOLIC” = 71, like “PETER” = 71 like “ZEUS” = 71, like “The Society of Jesus” = 71, like “Vatican City” = 71. The Hebrew word for Jupiter “TZEDEK” = 71. Jupiter also rules Pisces. “PISCES” = 71.

Any doubt that the NFL and media higherups are consciously aware of the astrological and ritualistic nature of events like this are erased when you consider what ESPN Monday Night Football’s lead commentator Steve Levy announced to the audience shortly before half-time:

— Steve Levy, Monday Night Football, ESPN, December 21st, 2020

With 4:20 left in the second quarter Steve Levy had declared:

“Three Pittsburgh turnovers tonight leading to 17 Cincinnati points. I mean, you would think that the planets would have to be aligned for the Cincinnati Bengals to have this kind of effort against the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight.”

Absolutely no doubt about the consciousness of the astrological ritual.

With that level of ritual awareness I suspected that Steve Levy himself must have been part of the grand Jovian ritual. Sure enough Steve Levy – born March 12th – is a Pisces.

Monday Night Football has four announcers: three in the broadcast booth and one field reporter on the touchline.

Lead play-by-play commentator Steve Levy born March 12th is a Pisces.

Analyst Brian Griese born March 18th is a Pisces.

Analyst Louis Riddick born March 15th is a Pisces.

Sideline reporter Lisa Salters born March 6th is a Pisces.

This is what I call a PISCES GRAND SLAM!

Opposing the Bengals was Pittsburgh Steelers Quarter Back Ben Roethliberger who is also a Pisces.

Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin is also a Pisces, with the same birthday as ESPN MONDAY Night Football commentator Louis Riddick.

Steve Levy’s birthday is 3-12. Roman god Jupiter’s full title is “JUPITER OPTIMUS MAXIMUS” which sums to 312. “BENGALS RUNNING BACK” sums to 312.

MNF Commentary Crew Is Not Randomly Put Together

The MNF commentary crew is Steve Levy, Brian Griese, Louis Riddick and Lisa Salters; a gematria matchup as well as a broadcast-crew match up.

“Steve Levy” and “Lisa Salters” have double overlap most significantly at 36.

Lisa Salters’ birthday of March 6th is written 36.

“Brian Griese” and “Louis Riddick” also have double overlap.

Steve Levy’s birthday of March 12th is written 312. The term “BENGALS RUNNING BACK” sums to 312.


Coming into the December 21st Conjunction game Giovani Bernard, a veteran in his 8th season and no longer a feature Back, had scored just two rushing touchdowns and two receiving touchdowns in 13 games.

Bernard’s 97 yards total offense for the game hits on a key ritual number.

  • On Bernard’s birthday November 22nd, 2020 Joe Burrow suffered the season ending injury against the Washington Football Team with the score 97.
  • Giovani Bernard’s jersey number is 25. The 25th prime number is 97.

As Bernard scores a touchdown notice the Steelers’ number 97 in pursuit

  • The name “BURROW” sums to 97.

St. Thomas Aquinas

Giovani Bernard attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School, a private Roman Catholic school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is sponsored by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami and is the largest Catholic High School by enrollment in the United States.

Its patron saint is Thomas Aquinas whose birthday is not officially publicized but whose death day is in Pisces: March 7th.

St. Bernard and 174

Giovani Bernard’s name brings more to the ritual table: his last name is shared with 6 Catholic saints, the most significant of which is Saint Bernard of Clairvaux who is the founder of the esoteric order of The Knights Templar who have influenced Freemasonry and the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order’s military wing The order of Malta shares the Knights Templar Red Cross symbol: the Malta Cross or the Templar cross (below).

174 is hugely significant asa a gematria value of “CINCINNATI” the Jesuit founded city.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux is venerated on August 20th; his feast day.

From 2020’s Feast of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, August 20th to the Great Conjunction and Giovani Bernard’s heroics is 17 weeks, 4 days like 174.

When you spell out “ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY FOUR” in the latin cipher (“Jewish” on the gematrinator calculator) it sums to 2112, like the date of the Great Conjunction.

December 21st, 2020 was the 356th day of the year.

When you spell out “THREE FIFTY SIX” it sums 174.

174 is one of the most significant numbers to this ritual/synchronicity.

The Knights Templar were known as “WARRIOR MONKS.” This sums to 174.

The Great Conjunction symbolically ushers in “THE AGE OF AQUARIUS” which sums to 174.

The famous running Back in Cincinnati Bengals history is Pisces Ickey Woods, real name “ELBERT L WOODS” which sums to 174.

Jupiter 99, The Tiger and the Lightning Bolt Symbols

The most commonly used gematria value of “JUPITER” is 99 (Simple/Ordinal).

A symbol for Jupiter, the storm planet – and Jupiter the Roman King of the Gods – is the lightning bolt. The striped tiger is a symbol of the striped planet Jupiter. A National Football League team with the Jovian lightning bolt symbol is the Los Angeles Chargers. The Cincinnati Bengals hosted the Chargers in the opening week of the 2020-21 season in a ritual homage to Jupiter. The game was played on September 13th.

September 13th is an enormously significant date pertaining to a Jovian ritual. The Roman Temple to Jupiter, the chief deity and god of gods, was located on the most sacred of Roman sites: Capitoline Hill.

Jupiter was worshiped there as an individual deity, and with Juno and Minerva as part of the Capitoline Triad. The building was supposedly begun by king Tarquinius Priscus, completed by the last king (Tarquinius Superbus) and inaugurated in the early days of the Roman Republic (September 13, 509 BC).

The first Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus inaugurated on September 13th, 509 B.C.

The Jovian symboled Bengals and Chargers met – in a Great Conjunction year – on the anniversary of the inauguration of the Temple of the Capitoline Jupiter, exactly 99 days before the Great Conjunction and the Monday Night Football game in Cincinnati.

Besides the striped tiger being a symbol for Jupiter the striped planet, and the lightning bolt being a symbol for the god Jupiter, the eagle is a representation of Jupiter; the most salient and vivid Jovian symbol of all. Three national Football League teams have Jovian logos: the Bengals, Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Society of Jesus a.k.a. Jesuit Order was formed in 1540 on September 27th. The Society of Jesus/Jesuit Order venerates Jupiter (and his original archetype) in the guise of St. Peter.

Yet another Jovian ritual was observed in the NFL in 2020 when the Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Cincinnati Bengals. Since Jupiter is being elevated and worshipped in this game, he cannot be allowed to lose. So the game ended in a tie (23-23). 23+23 = 46 like the gematria of “SAINT PETER” and “CATHOLIC.” The second catholic President of the united States is the 46th. The first catholic President of the United States JFK died at age 46.

23 is the 9th prime number. 23 becomes an occulted 9. 23-23 is 9-9, like 99 the number of “JUPITER.”

The Next NFL Jupiter Ritual Thursday, 9-9, Opening Game of the 2021-22 Season

The upcoming NFL season will open on Thursday September 9th. This is a significant Jovian date because Thursday is the day of the week dedicated to Jupiter, and the date is written 9-9 like the key gematria value of “JUPITER”: 99.

December 21st and St. Bernard in Cincinnati Sports History

Reds owner Marge Schott and her dog Schottzie

Those familiar with Cincinnati sports history will remember “St. Bernard” in a different context: the last time the Cincinnati Reds baseball team won the World Series was in 1990 when they were owned by Marge Schott.

Marge Schott became the first woman to buy a major league team when she purchased a controlling interest on December 21st, 1984.

The Reds won the World Series despite Schott’s leadership not because of it. She is generally considered to be one of the worst professional sports team owners in American history.

Marge Schott demanded that her St. Bernard appear in every official team photograph and media guide

Schott allowed her St. Bernard to defecate and urinate on the astroturf field before games and – in one notorious incident – made the General Manager Bob Quinn clean up after Schottzie soiled his office.

Major League Baseball eventually forced her out of the league due to multiple incidents of overt racism including declarations of support for Adolf Hitler. Of course she sold the team on Hitler’s birthday.

Schott is also said to have worn a Nazi Swastika arm band. The Nazi Party used multiple symbols of Jupiter:

The most prominent Jovia symbol the Eagle

The lightning bolts were used as a logo for the SS paramilitary.

The oak leaf – most commonly displayed on Nazi officers’ lapels – invokes Roman Jupiter whose symbol is the oak tree.

Nazi symbolism which is Jupiter symbolism: the eagle, lightning bolt and oak leaf

Marge Schott died in Pisces; March 2nd which is Ben Roethlisberger’s birthday. Ohio native Roethlisberger was the starting Quarter Back for the Pittsburg Steelers in Cincinnati on Great Conjunction night 2020.

Marge Schott’s funeral was held at All Saints Catholic Church.

She attended Catholic Sacred Heart Academy.

Other Synchronicities: 112


This is a relevant number to “CATHOLICISM” which sums to 112.

Vatican City was established as an independent state in 1929 on 11th February; a date written 112.

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) is officially engaged in apostolic ministry in 112 nations.

Stellarium Planet Placement Guide

Conjunctions are considered the most powerful alignments in astrology. Knowing that a sporting (or other) event will occur during a conjunction can be helpful in predicting some aspects of the event. Stellarium app – not available for Mac – is a helpful tool for this.

Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. Enter a date present, past or future and it will indicate planetary and stellar positions for that date.

The May 26, 2021 total lunar eclipse is part of Saros cycle 121 and is the 56th of 84

Astrology Jesuit

The May 26, 2021 total lunar eclipse is part of the Saros cycle numbered 121.

Revelation = 121 (Square Root 11) *Moon = 11 (Hebrew)

It has 84 lunar eclipses within it ranging from the years 1029 to 2526, and this will be the 56th lunar eclipse of 84.

Society of Jesus = 56, Pope = 56 *Black Lives Matter = 56 (One year anniversary of George Floyd killing video)
Jesuit = 84, The Jesuit Order = 84, The Catholic Church = 84

Also, the 187 minutes and seconds is interesting.

Society of Jesus = 187, Total Eclipse = 187

May 26, 2021 is 195 days after Arturo Sosa’s 72nd birthday on November 12, 2020. *Judgement Day = 195
May 26, 2021 is 160 days after Pope Francis’ 84th birthday on December 17, 2020.
-Assassination = 160
-Active Shooter = 160 (Recall the 160 ritual with Matsuyama after the shootings of Asians in Georgia)
—Hideki Matsuyama = 160 (He won 160 days after the Georgia Governor’s birthday)
——-Atlanta is on the 84th Meridian West (56 of 84) (Georgia / George / Georgia in 2020)
-Martial Law = 160 (This occurred in smaller scales after the George Floyd killing which was May 26, 2020 news)

In other words, a likely news story is a terrible shooting (a huge theme right now), or outrage that leads to massive protests, rioting and destruction that leads to larger scale martial law than we saw a year ago.

And since this comes on the anniversary of George Floyd, don’t forget this connection either.

George = 57, Gemini = 57, Moon = 57

And don’t forget the Kentucky Derby, to start the month, was a HUGE moon ritual, with Bob Baffert winning, just as he did 19 years earlier.

Also, thanks to Bryson, I am aware that the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon exercise of July 8, 2020 was exactly 322 days before May 26, 2021, something that simulated a “digital pandemic.”

Recall, the power went out all over on Valentine’s Day, March 22, 2021, 322 days after Klaus Schwab’s birthday, the leader and founder of the World Economic Forum.

And likely not by chance, May 26, 2021, is 57 days after Klaus Schwab’s birthday.

The Death of Terrence Clarke: Shades of Kobe Bryant, 911 and the Mercury-Jupiter Detriment

Astrology Esoteric News Rambo's Corner Sports Travel

To give full context to this article I will reiterate a central point that I have made repeatedly, which is that the Roman Empire never died; it merely changed its facade, and if Rome never died then that means that the gods of Rome are still being venerated.

The Vatican and the United States of America are two of the most significant – but not the only – centers of power of modern Rome. The most sacred site of Rome was Capitoline Hill, which hosted the Senate; the seat of Roman authority. Capitol Hill hosts the United States Senate. Capitoline Hill was also a center of veneration of the most sacred and powerful elite deities of Rome: Jupiter, Juno and Minerva known collectively as The Capitoline Triad.

Ancient Roman sculpture of the Capitoline Triad: Minerva (left), Jupiter (middle) and Juno

Jupiter’s sacred bird is the eagle, as depicted in the sculpture, from whence the United States adopted its popular symbol.

Jupiter is venerated at The Vatican in modern times in the form of St. Peter. Ju-PETER.

St. Peter is depicted seated in a throne/chair the same way Ancient Rome depicted Jupiter seated. Jupiter is Zeus to Ancient Greece. Below is Zeus on the left, St. Peter on the right.

The gematria link of Peter and the Vatican/Jesuit order to Jupiter /Zeus – through the 71 code – is lengthy, but a few examples are: “ZEUS” = 71, “PETER” = 71, “VATICAN CITY” = 71, “THE SOCIETY OF JESUS” = 71, “CATHOLIC” = 71.

“JUPITER” in Hebrew is “TZEDEK” which sums to 71 in gematria

Jupiter Rules Pisces and Sagittarius

To recognize Jupiter related rituals it is important to note that the planet Jupiter rules the zodiac signs of Pisces and Sagittarius. It is no coincidence that the first openly Jesuit Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a Sagittarius.

April 22nd The Holy Day of Jupiter and Juno

Juno is the sister and consort of Jupiter. The annual holy day set aside for the celebration Jupiter and Juno (there are separate holy days for the individual deities, and for the full triad) but the holy day set aside for just Jupiter and Juno, is April 22nd.

With these elements in mind consider that a famous person born Jupiter-Juno veneration day of April 22nd; Adam Lanza – of Sany Hook Elementary School infamy – had the middle name “PETER” which was also his father’s name.

Jupiter is the father. “Pater” Latin for “father” comes from “Iuppiter”, Latin for “Jupiter.” From “Pater/pitter” we get “Peter.”

The Sandy Hook event occurred on December 14th a date in Sagittarius. Elements of a Jupiter ritual.

Thursday Is Jupiter Day

From Wikipedia:

“Thursday is aligned by the planet Jupiter and the astrological signs of Pisces and Sagittarius.”

Virgo, Mercury and the Jupiter Detriment

In astrology every sign and its ruling planet has its detriment. Jupiter is the ruling planet of Pisces and Sagittarius. The detriment of Pisces and Sagittarius is Mercury. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo. The detriment of Gemini and Virgo is Jupiter.

These are the core elements of a Jupiter ritual.

Thursday April 22nd, 2021

On Thursday (Jupiter Day) April 22nd (Jupiter-Juno holy day) University of Kentucky basketball star Terrence Clarke died in a car crash. Born September 6th, Terrence Clarke was a Virgo representing Mercury, the Jupiter nemesis.

Terrence Clarke was not the only famous person to die in unusual circumstances on April 22nd, 2021: Rapper Shock G also died on that Thursday; Jupiter-Juno veneration day. Born August 25th, Shock G was also a Virgo, and also represented Mercury.

This does not mean that Jupiter is evil and Mercury is good; all entities are multi-faceted; positive and negative. Depending on the intention of the magical practitioner, they will invoke a specific aspect of an entity. A positive magician could just as effectively invoke positive forces of Jupiter to combat the negative Jovian sorcery.

Terrence Clarke and Elements of Mercury Sacrifice That We Have Seen Before

911/119 and Mercury god of Transportation

The greatest Mercury sacrifice ritual in modern history is that of September 11th World Trade Center: The planet Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo. The symbol for Gemini is twins. The Twin Towers were a giant Gemini symbol; the date of the attack was in Virgo.

Airplanes were a central element of the 911 sorcery because Mercury rules the realm of travel and transportation, and airplanes are a form of transportation.

Lady Diana was sacrificed on a date in Virgo (August 31st) in a form of transportation: a Mercedes Benz whose company name pays homage to Mercury: MERC-edes. “Mercedes Benz” sums to 119

“Mercedes Benz” also sums to 1109 in English Extended cipher

MTV Jackass star Ryan Dunn, a Gemini representing Mercury, died when crashing a Porsche 911 on a date in Gemini.

A massive statue of of The Roman god Mercury sits atop Grand Central Station’s Southern entrance in New York City; a work titled “Transportation” and created by a Virgo Jules Coutan .

“Transportation” sculpture on New York City’s Grand Central Terminal’s Southern facade

“Jules Coutan” sums to 156 in gematria. The 156th prime number is 911.

Terrence Clarke was Mercury sacrificed with a transportation theme: an automobile accident. His last name “Clarke” sums to 119 (in the Latin/Jewish cipher of gematria).

Terrence Clarke was born 5 days before September 11th, 2001. It is significant that throughout his highschool and college career he wore the number 5. waited until Atlanta Hawks’ Point guard Trae Young‘s – who is a VIRGO – condolence tweet had 119 likes before it screenshot it (above).

Terrence Clarke died traveling on Winnetka Ave. “WINNETKA” sums to 119.


The most publicized condolence message came from LeBron James’ tweet that said: ” REST IN PARADISE, NEPHEW.”

Only gematria explains why LeBron James referred to Terrence Clarke as “NEPHEW.”

Clarke is a Virgo who died in a car crash. “VIRGO,” “CAR CRASH” and “NEPHEW” have double overlap.

“Rest in paradise, nephew” sums to 103 like “Mercury” sums to 103

41 and Shades of Kobe Bryant

“MERCURY” sums to 41. This number more than any other, manifests in Mercury rituals such as September 11th which occurred on a date with 41 numerology. The Pentagon’s construction began on September 11th in the year ’41. “AL QAEDA” sums to 41. “AIRLPLANES” sums to 41.

Kobe Bryant is a VIRGO who is reported to have died in a form of transportation; a helicopter. His name “KOBE BRYANT” sums to 41, and he died at age 41. There are multiple 41s with Mercury Kobe Bryant.

The Federal Aviation Authority has the same founding date as Kobe Bryant’s August 23rd birthday, and features the wing of Hermes/Mercury.

Also remember that Virgo U.S. Vice President Lyndon Baynes Johnson was sworn in as U.S. President at 2:38 pm (like the date 23-8, 23rd August) in mid-air on Air Force One on November 22nd, 1963 after JFK was assassinated.

“L.A.” where Bryant and Clarke crashed, sums to 41.

Mercury is the Roman version of the Greek Hermes. Hermes is described as a god of ROADS, SPEED and ATHLETES.

It is clear how Kobe Bryant and Terrence Clarke relate to Hermes/Mercury.

Ancient Greece placed monuments to Hermes – as the god of transportation – called Herma, at road intersections a.k.a. cross roads. “CROSSROADS” sums to 41.

Over a month before the helicopter crash – on December 13th, 2019 – Kobe Bryant was lauded in the media as a great hero for assisting victims in traffic accidents, and directing traffic at an intersection/crossroads in Newport Beach, California.

Kobe Bryant at intersection traffic accident in Newport Beach in December 2019

JUPITER, The Detriment of Terrence Clarke

Terrence Clarke had just signed with Klutch Sports agency before the crash. Klutch Sports Group is founded by Rich Paul. Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers is also a client of Klutch Sports. Anthony Davis attended the University of Kentucky as did Terrence Clarke.

The detriment of Virgo – that Terrence Clarke was – is Jupiter. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces.

Rich Paul – born December 16th – is a Sagittarius. Anthony Davis – born March 11th – is a Pisces. Both represent Jupiter

Remote Automobile Hacking

Terrence Clarke did not appear to have any control of his vehicle when it sped through the intersection at 80 mph.

Car-control hacking has been possible for several years, and that technology is only getting more and more effective as cars become more and more computerized.

This article from 2015 is an example.

“Previously, the team had demonstrated to Greenberg that they could disable the breaks, honk the horn, jerk the seat belt, and commandeer the steering wheel. When Greenberg’s article was published earlier this week on Tuesday, July 21, the media, online and mainstream, went crazy. The vulnerability of ordinary vehicles to wireless hacking and third party control had been exposed.”

Michael Hastings

Another famous person to die in similar ritualistic manner was investigative journalist Michael Hastings.

Hastings – who aggressively investigated high ranking members of the United States government – had no control over his car when it traveled at maximum speed, hit a tree and burst into flames.

This happened in Los Angeles.

It occurred in 2013 on June 18th, a date in Gemini, ruled by Mercury.

The car was a MERC-edes Benz.

Scottie Pippen’s son dead at 33, breaking news on first day of Taurus, the Bull, April 19, 2021

Astrology Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Sports

Get that, April 19, 2021, the first day of Taurus, the Bull, Scottie Pippen, the Chicago Bull, the news is his son is dead at 33, and he wore the #33.

Notice the Chicago Bulls have played 56 games, and are 23-33, like how Michael Jordan wore #23, and Pippen wore #33, at the time of this news. Also, their last game was against Cleveland.

Bulls = 33
Cleveland = 33
Michael = 33
NBA Finals = 33 (Mike won 3, paused, and won 3 more, with Pippen)
Michael Jordan’s father died in a 33 ritual

Keep in mind his ‘son’ died on a Sunday, the Catholic / Christian day of the week, the religion based on the concept of Jesus dying for his father, God, and at age 33 is the agreed to time of his death by most Christians.


Taurus, the bull.

And to think, they play Boston, THAT TEAM, a town known for being Catholic.

46 after the hour post. *Chicago = 46 *Sacrifice = 46

This news comes 206 days after his birthday.

The news also comes on the date with 28, 44 and 64 numerology.

4/19/21 = 4+19+21 = 44
4/19/2021 = 4+19+20+21 = 64
4/19/2021 = 4+19+(2+0+2+1) = 28

That means it is a kill date.

Antron = 311 (64th prime)

Hall = 8+1+12+12 = 33

Again, his son died on April 18, the day leaving 257 days in the year, the 55th prime.

Trolls will be trolls. *Crown symbolism*

His son died Sunday, April 18, 2021, the day leaving 257 days in the year.

257, 55th prime *Blood Sacrifice =257 (Scottie Pippen is 55 at the time of death)


Neo the Hacker has reminded us that ‘The Last Dance’ released April 19, 2020, a year ago, with Jordan and Pippen on the cover.

And notice how his son’s name, Antron Pippen, equates with the film time and ‘basketball’.

And Neo the Hacker added on a bit more, connecting this clearly to Michael Jordan’s 58th birthday.

Freemasonry = 58, Rosicrucian = 58, Secret Society = 58
Zodiac = 58, Calendar = 58, Gregorian = 58, Star = 58, Stars = 58

Jordan = 62, Sacrifice = 62, Minneapolis = 62 (The city of focus of the US media at this moment in history)
*Floyd = 62 *Riot = 62 (George Floyd trial in Minneapolis)

Minneapolis and Chicago are geographically close.

George Floyd was killed on the corner of 38th and Chicago, in Minneapolis.

Daunte Wright killing is also focused, and in photos he has a Chicago hat.

Same with Adam Toledo.

And now a 17 year old girl in Chicago.

And now a 7 year old girl in a McDonald’s drive-thru.

And all in Chicago.

And even Emmett Till’s family, from Chicago, weighing in on the George Floyd murder related trial.

And more on April 19th being the day Taurus begins…

Remember the quote about billionaires and astrology, from J.P. Morgan.

Sarah Moonshadow, Boulder shooting survivor, and the May 26, 2021 lunar eclipse

Astrology Mass Shooting News Predictive Programming

Notice how the name ‘Sarah Moonshadow’ sums to 66, matching ‘mass shooting’, ‘grocery store’, and the date numerology of the March 22, 2021 event. Furthermore, the shooting was a span of 66 days from the total lunar eclipse of May 26, 2021.

3/22/2021 = 3+22+20+21 = 66

The shadow of the earth will cover the moon on May 26, 2021.

Credit to Punkinshine23.

The Kamala Harris Freemason Tribute and Predictive Program

Astrology Esoteric Federal Freemasonry Government Rambo's Corner

Last month Zach Hubbard made a post on the picture (below) of U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris. The picture was released on twitter and bears conspicuous Freemason symbolism.

Commenter GregRamsey74 observed that Kamala Harris’ feet were at the 4th and 6th full squares on the checker board floor.

In Freemasonry’s most vivid symbol: the compass (actually a divider) and square, the square represents the masculine. The square makes right angles. The square and the rectangle are male.

So the 46 formed by Harris’ feet represent the male and the square Joe Biden the 46th U.S. President.

The divider (erroneously referred to as a compass) represents the feminine. The divider (and compass) make circular movements. The circle is female, as is the oval.

The female divider/compass in the Freemason symbol is open to 47 degrees. Kamala Harris’ stride is at roughly 47 degrees. Kamala Harris is the divider/compass. This is predictive of her being the 47th President of the United States.

The Freemason Entered Apprentice tracing board

The object on the wall between the two pillars in the Kamala Harris picture represents the star Sirius which is the blazing star behind single eye in Freemason iconography. Notice the bright light shining down from the top between the pillars.

Lou Gehrig, Catfish Hunter, the New York Yankees and the ALS Bucket Challenge: 99, 11-22 and Other Elements of a Jupiter Ritual

Astrology Esoteric Rambo's Corner Sports

Zachary Hubbard did two recent posts on seemingly unrelated topics that esoteric analysis — based primarily on gematria — reveals are intimately related.

The first is the musical group Daft Punk’s Thursday September 9th, 1999 9:09 AM Jupiter ritual (below).

Key to determining that the 9-9,’99 9:09 AM ritual was based on Jupiter is the gematria value of “JUPITER” which is 99.

Also, September 9th, 1999 was a Thursday, a day that honors Jupiter.


“In most Romance languages, the day is named after the Roman god Jupiter, who was the god of sky and thunder.”

The second post dealt with the announcement by Major League Baseball that, starting in 2021, June 2nd will be annual Lou Gehrig Day (below).

On the date of the Daft Punk 99 Jupiter ritual, Thursday September 9th, 1999, New York Yankees baseball legend James Catfish Hunter died.

Catfish Hunter died of Lou Gehrig’s disease. Of course Lou Gehrig is also a New York Yankees legend.

“Hunter noticed arm weakness while hunting in the winter of 1997–1998. He was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig’s disease.[1] Hunter died at his home in Hertford in 1999 at age 53, a year after his ALS diagnosis.”

June 2nd Major League Baseball’s Lou Gehrig Day – the death anniversary of Lou Gehrig – is 99 days before 9-9; September 9th, the death anniversary of Catfish Hunter who died of Lou Gehrig’s disease in 1999.

Catfish Hunter played most of his Major League Baseball career with the Oakland A’s. He went into the Hall of Fame as an Oakland Athletic. In the Sumerian cipher of gematria “OAKLAND A’S” sums to 990. In numerology 0 has no value so 990 is equivalent. to 99.

Another element that indicates a Jupiter-related ritual is the tropical zodiac.

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter.

The symbol for the zodiac sign of Sagittarius is the archer and the bow-and-arrow.

The name “JAMES HUNTER” has a super-match with “BOW AND ARROW” across 3-out-of-4 base ciphers. This is a Sagittarius reference and,by extension, a Jupiter reference.

His name “Hunter” is suggestive of the Sagittarian bow-and-arrow symbol.

“Hunter died at his home in Hertford in 1999 at age 53….”

Gematria reveals how his age-at-death of 53 is further suggestive of a Jovian theme.

“BOW AND ARROW” sums to 53.

“ARROW SYMBOL” and “ARCHER” both sum to 53.


In the Magic Square of Jupiter each 4-box vertical column, horizontal row and diagonal sums to 34.

The sum of all the box-values of The Magic Square of Jupiter is 136.

Catfish Hunter’s September 9th, 1999 death date has 136 numerology.

To illustrate the significance of 136 and the Magic Square of Jupiter, consider that the Jesuits and Catholic Church venerate Jupiter in the form of St. Peter. Pope Francis — who is a Sagittarius and himself represents Jupiter — unveiled an ornate box that is said to house some remains of the body of St. Peter, on November 24th, 2013, a date in Sagittarius.

Look below at the time that CNN chose to post the article on that event: 1:36, the sum of the Magic Square of Jupiter.

Lou Gehrig and Catfish Hunter create a close association between ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and the the New York Yankees.

In gematria “New York Yankees” sums to 187.

Look at the statistic below from a major headline on ALS.ORG: 187 %

Washington, D.C. (June 4, 2019) — An independent research organization reported that donations from the 2014 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge enabled The ALS Association to increase its annual funding for research around the world by 187 percent.”

Pat Quinn, was an ALS activist and co-founder of the ALS Bucket challenge – who himself had ALS. He died on November 22nd, 2020.

In gematria “NEW YORK YANKEES” sums to 1122 in the Sumerian cipher.

November 22nd is famous for being the death date of U.S. President John F Kennedy. That was an epic Jupiter ritual.

In astrology Jupiter and Mercury are detriments of each other.

JFK was a Gemini which is ruled by the planet Mercury. So JFK died in detriment on the first day of Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter.

Lou Gehrig like JFK was a Gemini, and represents Mercury.

The Roman god Mercury is Hermes to Greece. Hermes was also called Argeiphontes in Ancient Greece. “ARGEIPHONTES” is 187 in gematria as well as 1122, just like “NEW YORK YANKEES.”

Esoteric evidence that JFK and Lou Gehrig were Mercury sacrifices.

Lou Gehrig’s disease is also known as “Motor Neuron Disease” which is a super match in gematria with “Mercury Sacrifice.”

103 and 86 are also gematria values of “MERCURY.”

In gematria “MERCURY” also sums to 41. Lou Gehrig died in the year ’41.


From the Greek mythology encyclopedic website

“The fourth day of the month was sacred to Hermes, for that was his day of birth.
Likewise the fourth day of the week (Wednesday) was named after him”

Cementing the fact that Gehrig was a Mercury/Hermes symbol, he wore the number of Hermes/Mercury: 4

The inaugural Lou Gehrig Day, June 2nd, 2021 will be a Wednesday.

187 and 1122 are key numbers to the Jupiter ritual.

Besides “New York Yankees” and “Argeiphontes”, “JFK Assassination” sums to 187 and 1122.

Remember that a co-founder of the ALS awareness movement and “ALS Icebucket Challenge” Pat Quinn died on 11-22 of 2020.

 “It all started in Florida with a golfer named Chris Kennedy”

The very first person (officially) to do the ice bucket stunt — which gave co-founders Patrick Quinn and Peter Frates the idea — is a Florida golfer named KENNEDY; Chris Kennedy.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Co-founder COREY GRIFFIN

On August 16th, 2014 another co-founder of the Ice Bucket Challenge, Corey Griffin, died at age 27 in extremely unusual fashion: diving off the top of a building into a wharf in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

The term Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis was coined by French neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot. ALS is also known as “Charcot’s Disease.”

What are the odds that Corey Griffin died on the death anniversary of Jean-martin Charcot?

It was the 121st anniversary of Jean-Martin Charcot’s death; 121 like the gematria of “CHARCOT” and “LOU GEHRIG’S.”

Born November 29th, 1825 Jean-Martin Charcot was a Sagittarius representing Jupiter.

The most famous quote of Lou Gehrig is “Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

This phrase sums to 846 in gematria. 8:46 is the time of the opening salvo of the September 11th, 2001 grand ritual which was esoterically based on the Destruction-of-Mercury.

The twin towers were a Gemini symbol. Lou Gehrig was born and died in Gemini. This solidifies the idea that he was used in ritual to represent Mercury; the opposition to Jupiter in astrology.

May 26, 2021 Lunar Eclipse is 187 days after Joe Biden’s 78th birthday & 218 days after Kamala Harris’ 56th birthday

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May 26, 2021 will have a total lunar eclipse.

Jesus Christ = 146
*May 26th, 146th day of the year calendar synced up with Jesus

Moon = 218 (Hebrew Gematria)

Read more about the moon and 218:

Vedic Mythology Played Out in American Politics and Sports

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Goddess Maa Durga vanquishes buffalo demon Mahishasura

News events are in many cases advertising campaigns and in other cases esoteric rituals at an occulted level. In some cases they are both, as is the case with the Kamala Harris Vice Presidential inauguration which I discussed in my previous article Holy Mother of Pearl! Kamala Harris the Earth Goddess and the Material World.

Washington D.C. was founded and designed on esoteric principles primarily based on the divine/sacred feminine and the goddess. COLUMBIA is the patron goddess of the United States of America after which its capital is named. The name COLUMBIA is derived from the ancient Roman goddess VENUS COLUMBA.

With this heavy emphasis on the goddess, a female president of the United States is the culmination of a centuries long epic ritual. At this point Kamala Devi Harris as the first female President of the United States of America is a virtual certainty, and some of the more visible surface-level necessary ritual criteria have been met, such as with her middle name Devi which literally means “goddess.” Her first name Kamala is another name for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.

Last October controversy was raised when Harris’ niece Meena Harris sent out a tweet at the beginning of the Hindu festival of Navaratri in which she depicted Kamala Harris as another Hindu goddess Maa Durga. This included Donald Trump and Joe Biden as other Hindu figures.

Donald Trump is the Buffalo demon MAHISHASURA.

Joe Biden is the lion vehicle of the goddess Maa Durga, known as a VAHANA.

Only those familiar with gematria can fully appreciate the richness of these metaphors most likely made by real adepts in the mysteries rather than Meena Harris herself.


71 is the central Kamala Harris number. 71 is the goddess number: “SACRED FEMININE” sums to 71. Venus in Hebrew is ‘NOGA” which sums to 71. “KAMALA DEVI HARRIS” sums to 71.

“FEMALE PRESIDENT” sums to 71.

Despite being portrayed to the public as a bitter rival of Kamala Harris Donald Trump — who financially supported and endorsed Kamala Harris when she was San Fransisco District Attorney running for California Attorney General — adheres to the 71 code when he makes headline comments about Harris and women in general.

When Kamala Harris was announced as Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential running mate on August 11th, 2020 Trump tweeted that Harris was “RADICAL LEFT.”

“Radical left” sums to 71.

trump’s most famous quote of all is when he said that because he is famous women let him grab their genitals. As he put it: they let him “GRAB ‘EM BY THE PUSSY.” which sums to 71.

Even the female Republican Trump campaign organization is named by the numbers: “WOMEN FOR TRUMP” sums to 71.

In the esoteric Vedic-themed tweet by Meena Harris Donald Trump is the Buffalo Demon MAHISHASURA.

“MAHISHASURA” sums to 71; again in the context of Trump’s association with a female.

“MAHISHASURA” also sums to 118. The date 11-8, August 11th is the date that Kamala Harris was announced as Biden’s Vice presidential running mate and Trump participated in the ritual by tweeting “RADICAL LEFT.”

“MAHISHASURA” is also 46. Joe Biden is the 46th U.S. President.

Joe Biden is the Lion VAHANA (vehicle) of the goddess Maa Durga. “VAHANA” sums to 20 in gematria. The 20th prime number is 71.

Joe Biden is also a parallel with the fictional 46th President of the United States who has the first female as a Vice President: Frank Underwood of the hit political thriller streaming television/predictive program House of Cards.

The female Vice President becomes the first female President when Frank Underwood is unable to complete his term.

Gematria reveals why Joe Biden was made to be a VAHANA of the goddess:

“VAHANA” sums to 115, like the date 11-5; November 5th which is the birthday of Frank Underwood who is a metaphor for Joe Biden.


The last time a real-life U.S. Vice President was sworn in after the president died in office was on November 22nd, 1963 when Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in at 2:38 in the afternoon on Air Force One.

Again, only gematria can reveal the Joe Biden Vahana ritual:

“VAHANA VEHICLE OF THE GODDESS” sums to 238, like 2:38 the time that the U.S. Vice President was sworn in as President.

“VAHANA VEHICLE OF THE GODDESS” also sums to 112. “Kamala Harris” also sums to 112. The most recent female vice presidential running mate was Sarah Palin who was born pn 11-2, 11th February.

238 – the time that the VP was sworn in as President – has further significance in that the date 23-8, 23rd August is the birthday of the father of Kamala Harris, Donald J Harris. Yes, Kamala Harris’ father is “DONALD J.”

The goddess or female figure riding the lion or accompanied by the lion, is common in multiple mystery traditions besides the Hindu version of Maa Durga and the lion Vahana.


A few examples are: the Greco-Roman Cybele depicted with lions. Cybele is an Earth goddess who is compared to the roman Ops and the Greek Rhea.

In the tarot tradition the Major Arcana trump card “STRENGTH” features the maiden subduing the lion.

This image was seen at Super Bowl XLIX (49); Kamala Harris is the 49th U.S. Vice President. Headline entertainer for that Super Bowl was Katy Perry who played the role of the maiden/goddess riding the lion.

The reason that female symbols are attached to lions in so many traditions, has to do with astrology:

The constellations — and hence the zodiac signs — of Leo and Virgo are contiguous. Leo is followed immediately by Virgo.

The lion is the symbol for the zodiac sign of LEO.

The Greco-Roman Cybele/Rhea/Ops is the symbol for the zodiac sign of Virgo.

This astrological/mythological ritual theme is being played out in 2021’s Super Bowl LV (55) where the Kansas City Chiefs play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Chiefs starting Quarter Back Patrick Mahomes is a VIRGO.

The Buccaneers starting Quarter Back Tom Brady is a LEO.

There has been deeper alignment with Hindu mythology: Goddess Maa Durga (who would be Cybele/Rhea/Ops/Virgo) in the form of Virgo Pat Mahomes, defeated the buffalo demon MAHISHASURA when the Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills in the AFC conference championship.

The male buffalo is a bull, the symbol for the zodiac sign of Taurus. Buffalo Bills starting Quarter Back Josh Allen is a Taurus. He was born in a leap year. In a leap year May 21st is under Taurus.

Kevin Greene, former Steeler, dead before Steelers’ game on MNF, December 21, 2020

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Right before the start of Monday Night Football, December 21, 2020, featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers at the Cincinnati Bengals, it was announced that Kevin Greene, former Steeler, was dead at 58, a standout number.

Freemasonry = 58 *Rosicrucian = 58 *Secret Society = 58

The number of the year has been ’56’.

The Steelers fell to 11-3.

Last week the Bills became 10-3 vs. the Steelers. And that is why you got to know the ciphers, forwards and backwards.

Adding insult to injury, Kevin Greene has died on his 144th day of his age, the number of ‘time’, and the ‘Jesuit Order’.

Time = 144 *Jesuit Order = 144

*Gregorian = 58 *Calendar = 58 *Zodiac = 58 *Stars = 58 *Star = 58