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Before the Corona virus out-break the biggest world-wide shockwave was provided by the announcement of the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

Another relatively recent world-wide shockwave was provided by the events of September 11th, 2001.

I have been mentioning that esoteric analysis reveals that a common thread between those events is MERCURY; the planet and Roman deity (HERMES to the Greek).

In the zodiac each sign has a ruling planet. The planet MERCURY rules the signs of VIRGO and GEMINI.

The symbol for GEMINI is TWINS. The symbol for VIRGO is a MAIDEN

Under VIRGO, September 11th date is ruled by MERCURY.

The World Trade Center Twin Towers are a giant GEMINI symbol and – by extension – a MERCURY symbol.

The deity and planet MERCURY rule over the realm of TRANSPORTATION.

Above: a spectacular 1,500 ton sculpture of the deity HERMES/MERCURY at the world’s most famous transportation hub, New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. The name of the art-work is Transportation.

For this reason AIRPLANES were the ritual weapon-of-choice in the Mercurian 911 ritual.


41 was one of the key Gematria and numerology numbers coded into the 911 ritual. This is because the 911 ritual was at its core a MERCURY ritual.

Airplanes are a Mercury reference (transportation) and have 41 Gematria as does MERCURY.

September 11th, 2001 has 41 numerology.

In Gematria USA, Saudi Arabia, Al Qaeda, terror all sum to 41.

The Pentagon was part of the 911 grand ritual. Its construction started on September 11th – a VIRGO – date in the year ’41 the “MERCURY” value.

KOBE BRYANT and the Destruction-of-Mercury Ritual

Kobe Bryant born August 23rd, is a VIRGO and thus represents MERCURY.

Kobe Bryant’s death age of 41 was chosen because 41 is the Gematria value of MERCURY.

His name also has 41 Gematria.

41 has been encoded much more extensively into Kobe Bryant’s life and career, essentially prepping him for the role of MERCURY in the grand ritual to come.

Because MERCURY rules the realm of travelers and transportation, a HELICOPTER was involved in the ritual.

MERCURY’s relation to travelers and transportation was weaved into the Kobe Bryant death-narrative even prior to the helicopter crash when he was reported to have directed traffic and aided victims of a traffic accident on December 13th, 2019.

Kobe Bryant in a Christ-like sacrificial pose at the accident scene.

Mercury god-of-transportation in mainstream popular culture:

The logo for Goodyear tires is the winged ankle of HERMES/MERCURY.

Kobe Bryant was born on AUGUST 23rd, 1978, which was a WEDNESDAY.

WEDNESDAY is Mercury Day. It becomes evident when translated into Latin and Romance languages:

MERCURII in Latin, MERCOLEDI in Italian, MIERCOLES in Spanish, MERCEDI in French, MIERCURI in Romanian.


To the right of the issuing date of February 10th, the 41st day-of-the-year, is a CADUCEUS.

From Wikipedia’s definition of the caduceus:

This is a conspicuous literal stamp on the Kobe Bryant-as-Mercury sacrifice ritual.

In astrology a sign and planet are said to be in detriment when they are in the sign that is directly opposite them on the zodiacal wheel.

A planet is said to be at minimum strength when in the house directly opposing it on the zodiac wheel.

Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini. Directly opposite Virgo is Pisces; directly opposite Gemini is Sagittarius, as shown in the chart below.

Virgo and Gemini (MERCURY) highlighted in yellow. Pisces and Sagittarius (JUPITER)highlighted in red.

JUPITER rules both Pisces and Sagittarius.



The most vivid example of JUPITER detriment being utilized in a Mercury sacrifice ritual is GEMINI President John F Kennedy being ritually assassinated famously on November 22nd a date under Sagittarius and ruled by JUPITER.

Also TRANSPORTATION was involved as a key Mercury element.

In Bob Dylan (Gemini/Mercury)’s ode to the JFK (Gemini/Mercury) assassination Murder Most Foul, one of the songs he cryptically eludes to is Long Black Limousine by Elvis Presley.

Notice that Long Black Limousine was released on June 17th, a date under GEMINI.

Notice that GEMINI/MERCURY John F Kennedy’s son is a SAGITTARIUS/JUPITER.

A huge acknowledgement to Bobby and from whom I learned the following technique, which is: measuring the time-period between dates based on the planetary years of planets other than earth.

In this case I use the orbital cycle of Jupiter, known as a JOVIAN year.

One JOVIAN YEAR – which is the time it takes the planet JUPITER to complete a full revolution around the sun – is 4,332.59 earth-days.

From John F Kennedy’s death-date to the death-date of his son named after him is 13,020 days.

Since 4,332.59 days is one Jovian year, you divide 13,020 day time-period by that number. The result is exactly 3.

John F Kennedy Jr’s July 16th, 1999 death-date was precisely on the 3rd Jovian year anniversary of his father’s assassination.

So, the death of JFK Jr. was a continuation of the Mercury-sacrifice ritual of JFK using the element of JUPITER, the detriment of Mercury.

November 22nd = Sagittarius = JUPITER

I acknowledge caseyjones occult astrology again, for this observation. Read his post here:

Kobe Bean Bryant’s initials are KBB. K = 11th letter, B = 2nd letter.

So KBB is 11-22, and an occulted November 22nd and Sagittarius/JUPITER.

Another element of his role as Mercury in the future sacrifice ritual.

The symbol for the planet Jupiter (above) looks like the number 24.

As Mercury, Kobe Bryant wearing a number that is the symbol for Mercury’s detriment, was a mark-for-death.

The orbital period of the planet Mercury is 87.9 days.

In Jewish Gematria “MERCURY” sums to 798 a numerical anagram of 87.9.

Those three digits sum to 24.

Relevant to both Jupiter and Mercury, 24 is the perfect number for a representative of Mercury in a sacrifice ritual.

  • 326 is an occulted JUPITER reference: November 22nd is a date under Sagittarius/JUPITER. The 326th day-of-the-year — in a non-leap-year like 1963 — is November 22nd.
  • Bob Dylan (GEMINI/MERCURY) uploaded his ode to the JFK assassination Murder Most Foul on 3-26; March 23rd (2020).

Again; a big acknowledgement to Casey Jones Occult Astrology who did a great post de-coding 326 and Kobe Bryant, JFK and Murder Most Foul.

This is a link to his post:

The following is from his post:

  • Kobe Bryant died at 2161 weeks of his age. 2161 is the 326th prime.
  • Catholic (like JFK) Kobe Bryant died 326 days before Pope Francis’ next birthday.

What I would add is that Kobe Bryant (Mercury)’s death is lined up with Pope Francis because Pope Francis represents the detriment of Mercury: JUPITER, since Pope Francis is a Sagittarius.

Gematria confirms his role as JUPITER

On November 22nd, 1963 Vice President Lyndon B Johnson was sworn in as President of the United States of America at 2:38 pm.

Kobe Bryant’s birthday of August 23rd can be stated and written 23rd August, 23-8

The Francis Bacon cipher of Gematria gives separate values (+26) to upper-case, capital letters. In Reverse Francis Bacon “BRYANT” (as it appears on his jersey) sums 238, his birthday and the time that LBJ was sworn in.

Lyndon B Johnson is best known by his initials LBJ.

LBJ – in the simplest Gematria cipher – sums to 24, like Kobe Bryant’s number; like the astrological symbol for Jupiter

Lyndon Baines Johnson is of course a VIRGO (Mercury), and thus sworn in on presidential airplane Air Force One, a mode of TRANSPORTATION (Mercury-ruled realm).

179 is the 41st prime number. 41 is the most salient MERCURY value.

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I presented the contents of this post on Zach Hubbard’s Truth Frequency Radio show The Gematria Effect on April 1st 2020. April 1st or 1st April is a date written 4-1 or 1-4.

April 1st is the Day-of-the-Trickster. from Wikipedia:

MASS MEDIA CAN BE INVOLVED IN HOAXES according to Wikipedia. In that respect every day is April Fools’ Day.

The prototype court jester/harlequin/fool originated in Venice, Italy in the performance art-form of commedia dell’arte .

Hermes/Mercury The Divine Trickster

The archetypal root of the jester is the Greco-Roman deity Hermes/Mercury the “Divine Trickster.”

41 The Number of MERCURY

MERCURY represents the principles of duality and polarity; the same as the Chinese black-and-white Yin-Yang.

So Mercury is both positive and negative; the god-man/spirit-flesh Messenger-of-God and the trickster thief.

The trickster/joker is based on Mercury. The gematria of MERCURY – in the reverse of its purest cipher Pythagorian (Full Reduction) – is 41. No coincidence then, that the day-of-the -jester, April Fools’ Day is 4-1 April 1st.

Before “J” and “Y” were added to the alphabet, the “day-of-the-jester”; JESTER DAY might have been spelled IESTERDAY, the same as “yesterday”.

April Fools’ Day is also called ALL FOOLS DAY.

179 is the 41st prime number.

Super synchronicity with MERCURY and the trickster/joker essence:

April 1st = 1st April; 4-1 and 1-4, like 41 and 14.


Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King’s IT is one of the most famous fictional (dark) jesters. He too goes by the code.

The names of clown-genres abide by the code:


A less well-known clown-genre is the French white-faced clown, the Auguste clown; named by the code.

In numerology 0 has no value, so 104 has the same value as 14.

A phrase made popular by William Shakespeare, appreciated by the Gematria and truth community as whole: ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE.

Another Gematria community special: PROFESSIONAL SPORTS.

In the important Jewish cipher of Gematria “act” fits the trickster/deceiver code:


The pre-eminent expression of the trickster archetype is the DC Comics’ larger-than-life JOKER. His greatness is crafted in accordance with the code of the Mercury/Hermes archetype.

2019’s record-breaking JOKER movie was released officially on 104, October 4th.

For his portrayal of the Joker Joaquin Rafael Phoenix won the highest award for an actor; the Academy Award for Best Actor.

JOAQUIN RAFAEL PHOENIX sums to 104, as well as 103 the Gematria of MERCURY.

October 4th, 2019 was the 277th day-of-the-year. 277 is the 59th prime number. The sidereal rotation period of the planet Mercury is 58.6 days; rounded off to 59.

Also JOKER sums to 59 in Gematria.

The orbital period of the planet Mercury is 88 earth days.

From Greek-mythology website

With esoteric analysis we see why October 4th 2019 was the perfect date for the release of JOKER.


FOX rendition of the JOKER is expressed in its tv series GOTHAM.

The Joker is manifested in the Valeska twins.

Twins is a GEMINI reference. GEMINI zodiac sign is ruled by the planet MERCURY.

The Valeska twins are played by Cameron Riley Monaghan.


This also synchs with the release day FRIDAY, OCTOBER FOURTH.


The Joker appears in 2013’s action-adventure video game ARKHAM ORIGINS.

The Joker in Arkham Origins is voiced by Troy Baker who just happens to have a birthday of APRIL 1st.

The joker isn’t Batman’s only enemy; two of his other nemesis align with the esoteric root of Batman-Joker: Hermes/Mercury and its Gematria code.


PENGUIN is an allusion to the black-white, Yin-Yang duality aspect of Mercury.

Gematria confirms the decode:


This illustration – by celebrity DC Comics artist Bruce Timm – of Commissioner Harvey Dent a.k.a. TWO FACE sums up the Hermes/Mercury duality with its black-and-white motif.

Original JOKER Creators Bill Finger and Bob Kane

The names of the Joker co-creators align with the Gematria of the archetypal root:

The 13th prime number is 41

BRUCE TIMM and PAUL DINI, Today’s Batman/JOKER creators


113 is a “deception number”. Some words that sum to 113 also sum to 41.

179 is the 41st prime number.

31 is the Gematria of HERMES.

13 is the 41st prime number.

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Astrology Coronavirus Jewish Related

As we know, the Jews line up their religious holidays with the moon, and every 19-years, the moon does a reset in the sky, which is why Jewish holidays fall on the same day of the year on the Gregorian calendar, every 19-years.  Of course, it was the you know whose behind 9/11, 19-years ago, and no doubt it is the same clan behind the “coronavirus pandemic”.

April 7, 2020 will be 77-days after the first coronavirus case was found in the U.S., or the 78th day of their being a case in the U.S.

*Judaism = 77; *Zionist = 77

*Wuhan Coronavirus = 78; *Scottish Rite = 78; *Super Pink Moon = 78

*Order Out of Chaos = 78; ***Chaos = 19

April 7 is also the World Health Organization’s birthday.

*Judaism = 74 *Gematria = 74

*Star of David = 47

Hebrew Calendar:

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Kanye West

A commonly held belief is that the crucifixion occurred on the 3rd of April or April 3rd; a date written 34 or 43.

As established in Parts 1 through 5: The Greater Ritual is a MERCURY RITUAL. Jesus Christ – believed to be born on September 11th (VIRGO) – is a central element of the Greater Ritual.

The planet Mercury rules the zodiac signs of GEMINI and VIRGO.

Personalities who are Virgo or Gemini are most often chosen to play the role of Mercury and/or Jesus.

While people of all races and ethnicities are chosen for the role of Mercury/Jesus ( black Kobe Bryant and white, Jewish David Stern both Virgos died in the 74th NBA season) there have been disproportionate Black Jesus/Mercuries; especially from the field of Hip-Hop music. Chief among them is KANYE WEST who is a GEMINI (born June 8th).

MERCURY = 41. 179 is the 41st prime number.

Kanye West is married to Kim Kardashian

Jesus Christ’s closest female associate is Mary Magdalene. Before the Roman Empire founded institutional Christianity and canonized selective texts to establish the Holy Bible, The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene) was highly venerated; in some quarters considered the most important Gospel.

Gematria de-occults how deeply Jesus symbolism is coded into Kanye West.

Kanye West is credited with the 2004 founding of G.O.O.D. record label. The name of the label synchs with the all-important “MERCURY” Gematria number 41. 67 is the gematria of “MERCURY RITUAL and synchs with his name “West”.

Below is a 2012 cover of Complex; a now-out-of-print pop culture bi-monthly magazine. The symbolism is obvious. It features Kanye West and some of his signed artists. The date of the issue is just as significant as the cross symbol.

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012. The tropical zodiac sign of VIRGO is during August and September.

While Jesus/Mercury symbolism and rituals are being performed at an increased rate at the current moment (particularly black Mercury/Jesus), they have been present in news and popular culture for decades in the United States:

The 1990 horror/psychological thriller film is one of the most underrated of all time and contains everything from MK Ultra mind control themes, occult Jesuit Order themes to 911 predictive programming. 911 is the preeminent Mercury ritual. The Exorcist III contains Mercury/Jesus themes and in particular Black Jesus/Mercury.

The serial killer in the movie is possessed by The GEMINI KILLER. That is the most overt Mercury reference.

Thomas Kintry

The first victim of the Gemini Killer is an African-American 12-year-old boy named THOMAS KINTRY. The name Thomas means “twin.” That is another Mercury/Gemini reference.

The Gemini Killer crucifies Thomas Kintry on a cross made of rowing oars. He beheads Kintry and replaces his head with the head from a white Jesus sculpture which he paints in black-face.

Christopher Scarver

Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is an MK ULTRA/MK DELTA Assassin mind controlled Monarch who was programmed using The Exorcist I and III movies.

As mentioned: The Exorcist III features the Gemini Killer, so no coincidence that Jeffrey Dahmer is a Gemini. Mercury is Hermes. Gematria reveals the theme in the Dahmer ritual.

Jeffrey Dahmer is purported to have been killed by inmate Christopher Scarver at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin. Again, Gematria de-occults the Mercury ritual.

(Black) Jesus symbolism is evident in Christopher Scarver:

  • His name starts with “Christ”; CHRISTopher Scarver.
  • He is said to have been a carpenter as Jesus is said to have been.
  • He was diagnosed as having a Messiah Complex a.k.a. Messianic Delusion.

Scarver is said to have bludgeoned Dahmer to death using a piece of gym equipment known as a LAT PULL-DOWN BAR. This is a very significant element of the Jesus/Mercury ritual.

The Lat Pull-down is the exercise shown below and is performed in a CRUCIFIXION POSITION.


TUPAC SHAKUR is one of the most noteworthy celebrities with Jesus/Mercury coding. Of course, he is a GEMINI. His death is not only under VIRGO, but the same date as the official birthday of CESARE BORGIA who is believed to be the inspiration for the popular image of Jesus Christ.

Tupac Shakur’s birthday 16th June, in most countries written 166, like 166.

Jesus is said to have been crucified at the Place of the Skull; GOLGOTHA on Good Friday.

Tupac’s alter-ego is MAKAVELI which is a play on NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI the Italian Renaissance philosopher who wrote “The Prince” which was inspired by the life of CESARE BORGIA.

JOSHUA is another name for JESUS since the Hebrew name for JESUS; YESHUA translates to “JOSHUA” in English.

As mentioned in The Greater Ritual Part 5, Tupac’s middle name AMARU is the Peruvian Inca expression of the Jesus/Hermes/Mercury/Djehuti/Thoth archetype.


Nas appears as a crucified Jesus Christ in the video for the 1999 hit song Hate Me Now

Nas is VIRGO ruled by MERCURY. Jesus Christ = Mercury.

Nas’ birthday of September 14th can be stated and written 14th September; 149, like 149. The phrase “BORN A VIRGO” sums to 149.

The value of “HATE ME NOW” is 139. Like 139 the date 13th September the birthday of “Jesus template” Cesare Borgia and death day of symbolic Jesus Tupac Shakur.

September 13th is 913. The reflection of 913 is 319.

Nas’ full name is Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones

More Jesus symbolism from Nas.

  • His 2002 album title “God’s Son.”
  • His 2004 mixtape “Carry the Cross.”
179 is the 41st prime number. 41 = MERCURY

September 11th, or 11th September is thought by some to be the real birthday of the entity popularly known as Jesus Christ. That is 911 or 119.

Hip-Hop magazine XXL had Hate Me Now as the 119th ranked song of the 90’s decade.


Rapper Mase appears – on the cover of his 2005 mixtape Crucified 4 the Hood – as Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns.

Mase is a VIRGO.


Rapper Remy Ma appears – on the cover of her 2007 mixtape Shesus Khrist – as a crucified Christ.

Remy Ma is a GEMINI.

Her name – with her original last name or current last name – both sum to the primary “Jesus number” 74.


Rapper Jadakiss appears – on the cover of his 2009 mixtape The Passion of the Kiss – as Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns.

Jadakiss is a GEMINI.

Both JADKISS’ stage name and real name JASON PHILLIPS synchronize with JESUS in Gematria.


Rapper Denmark Vessey – on the cover of his 2013 album Cult Classic – appears as Jesus Christ performing the “Mano Pantea” hand-sign, as Jesus is often depicted doing.

Denmark Vessey is a VIRGO


Outside of Kanye West, the rapper most imbued in Jesus Christ symbolism is Kendrick Lamar. He professes to be a devout Christian, with Christian themes prevalent in his performances.

Kendrick Lamar is a GEMINI.

Kendrick Lamar plays the role of Jesus Christ-at-the-Last-Supper in the video for his 2017 song Humble.

Beyoncé (BEYSUS)

Black-celebrity-representing-Jesus Christ has been taken to an even higher level with singer/actress Beyoncé Knowles.

She has been praised – alongside Jesus Christ – in actual Christian churches, with the Bible being interpreted through the lense of her life.

Beyoncé Knowles is a VIRGO

On April 25th, 2018 San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese, held BEYONCÉ MASS which uses her songs to interpret Biblical scripture.

The sermon was delivered by Rev. Yolanda Norton, Professor at San Fransisco Theological Seminary where she teaches a course titled Beyoncé and the Hebrew Bible.

Beyoncé has attained the moniker BEYSUS.

BEYONCÉ MASS has been held at Spelman College, Atlanta and its organizers claim that it has been held as far away as the country of Portugal.

Beyoncé Mass organizers have had to defend against accusations that she is being worshipped as a deity.

Before going solo Beyoncé was part of the musical group DESTINY’S CHILD.

Gematria reveals how the Jesus theme is invoked with that name.

The name DESTINY’S CHILD is a reference to a passage in the Biblical book of ISAIAH chapter 65:11.


On December 30th, 2013 Beyoncé was the center of a major controversy when she was accused of “replacing Jesus” in her Instagram picture where she is superimposed over the Christ in a picture of The Last Supper.

The background picture is an Andy Warhol mural of “The Last Supper” (above) at Miami’s Jugofresh juice bar. She was posing on the counter top.

Kodak Black

Rapper Kodak Black sports three cross tattoos on his face.

His real first name is DIEUSON. “DIEU” is French for “GOD.” So DIEUSON is a French-English combination for “GOD’S SON”; The same title as a Nas album.

Kodak Black is a GEMINI

Twin symbolism is prevalent in Mercury rituals; twins being a symbol for GEMINI. Twin symbolism is displayed in the cover art for Kodak Black’s single Calling My Spirit. (Below).

Kodak Black’s most recent album is 2018’s Dying to Live.

61 is another Gematria Jesus code.

Astrology Esoteric Rambo's Corner Sports

As established in The Greater Ritual Parts 1 and 2: There is a broader over-arching grander project of which Kobe Bryant‘s death and other events are sub-parts.

The greater project is Mercury-related. Mercury is both a Roman deity and a planet.

The planet Mercury rules the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo. Hence Virgos (such as Kobe Bryant) and Gemini are often used in such rituals.

Jesus symbolism is almost always part of Mercury rituals. This gives credence to a popular belief that September 11th is the real birthday of Jesus/Yeshua. That would make Jesus a Virgo. Hence Jesus = Mercury; the spirit-flesh Messenger-of-the-Gods.

The symbolism is undeniable. Above left: Patrick Mahomes Sr. with baby Jr, born September 17th; a VIRGO wearing TWINS gear; TWINS being a symbol of Gemini. Patrick Mahomes was chosen to represent Hermes/Mercury.

Hermes/Mercury Represent the Principle of DUALITY

Hermes and Mercury represent duality or polarity; opposites. Hence the twins symbol for Mercury-ruled Gemini.

Planets have sexes; Venus and Earth are the only female planets. The rest are male with the exception of Mercury. The planet Mercury is both male and female. This is the duality of Mercury.

The Chinese Yin-Yang represents the same principle. Gematria reveals this.

Because Hermes/Mercury represents DUALITY (think of Mercury in mirrors that duplicate images. MERCURY in a thermometer: hot-cold) the anthropomorphism of the principle was originally meant to be of mixed race; European and African; black and white as exemplified below.

 Hermes/Mercury portrait  from the 1st Century A.D. exhibited at the National Archeological Museum of Naples, Italy

Being of mixed race, this is another reason that Patrick Mahomes was chosen to represent Hermes/Mercury.

Mahomes‘ birthday is the 17th of September; written 179, like 179 the 41st prime number. 41 is the Gematria value of “Mercury.”

The name of his team corresponds in Gematria to the occulted role that he is playing.

The number of points the Chiefs scored in winning the Super Bowl corresponds with HERMES in Gematria.

Super Bowl LIV: The Joe Montana Bowl

Legendary NFL quarterback Joe Montana played for both the 49ers and the Chiefs. For this reason Super Bowl LIV was dubbed the “Joe Montana Bowl.” Of course, since it is part of the broader Mercury ritual, Joe Montana is a Gemini.

The San Fransisco 49ers – born June 4th – are also GEMINI. On an occult level Super Bowl LIV was the “Mercury Bowl.”

The Impeachment Bowl

Zachary K Hubbard dubbed Super Bowl LIV the “Impeachment Bowl” with the 49ers representing Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi who hails from San Fransisco, and the Chiefs representing the Commander-in-CHIEF Donald Trump. Patrick Mahomes attended Whitehouse High-School in Whitehouse, Texas.

Again, I have dubbed it the “Mercury Bowl”. Donald Trump provides an appropriate bridge between “Impeachment Bowl” and “Mercury Bowl” being a Gemini.

In the Greater Ritual Part2 we saw how 67 was a key number for obvious reasons: the Gematria of “Mercury Ritual” is 67. Related names and terms matched up with “Mercury Ritual” at 67. This is again the case with Pat Mahomes.

Jesus symbolism seems intrinsic to Hermes/Mercury rituals. 33 is a primary “Jesus number” since he is said to have died at age 33.

Pat Mahomes was the 33rd quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

Astrology Entertainment Esoteric Murder by Numbers Rambo's Corner Sports

The ritual death of Kobe Bryant is just one of several related events – of varying magnitude – that are all part of one over-arching grand mystical project which I will call

Those who have followed Zachary K Hubbard’s work on this site and other platforms will know that the most salient of all the numbers associated with the Kobe Bryant ritual death is the number 41. In Gematria’s purest cypher; PYTHAGORIAN or FULL REDUCTION the name “Kobe Bryant” sums to 41.

Kobe Bryant‘s initials are K.B. He played professionally in the city of L.A. Not only do “K.B.” and “L.A.” both sum to 41 in gematria, they match across all four base ciphers. They both sum to 13. The 13th prime number is 41. Bryant’s daughter Gigi who was reported to have died in the crash was 13 years old.

In Bryant‘s last NBA game before retirement, he scored 60 points against the Utah Jazz and left the game with 4.1 seconds remaining. Like 41.

The name of the crashed helicopter pilot is Ara Zobayan which sums to 41.

He died the day of Grammy Awards headlined by Alicia Keys. “Alicia Keys” sums to 41.

Bryant won an Oscar for his short animated feature DEAR BASKETBALL, which sums to 41.


In the aftermath of the Kobe Bryant death the premature demise of another celebrity has been brought up in comparison: The musician Prince. As with Kobe Bryant, the number 41 featured prominently with Prince.

Prince died on April 21st, 2016, (4/21/16) a date with 41 numerology.

Prince performed at Super Bowl XLI (41).


Those familiar with Zach Hubbard’s analysis of the grand ritual of 911 will know that the number 41 featured prominently in that, the grandest of episodes of public sacrificial ceremonial magic:

September 11th, 2001 is a date with 41 numerology.

The two principle countries involved were Saudi Arabia and the USA. The event was attributed to Al Qaeda.

911 involved The Pentagon whose construction started on 9-11 in the year ’41

Bear Bryant (born 9-11)

The name of this all-time-great college football coach is hugely significant to Hubbard’s analysis since Bear Bryant has the same last name – and died on the same date as – (January 26th) Kobe Bryant.

Since 911 is central to THE GREATER RITUAL Bear Bryant’s 911 birthday makes him an essential element.

The Tropical (Sun-based) Zodiac and Ruling Planets

The tropical zodiac is the popular Western 12-house zodiac which is based on the Solar Cycle; the position of the sun throughout the year.

The tropical zodiac is key to the greater ritual. Kobe Bryant is a key element of the greater ritual; facts revealed by Gematria.

THE RULING PLANET; The most important element of the tropical zodiac.

Each zodiac sign is said to be ruled by a planet (or planetoid Sun, Moon). The zodiac signs of GEMINI and VIRGO are ruled by the planet MERCURY.




Because MERCURY rules GEMINI and VIRGO, people born in those signs of the tropical zodiac will the principle characters. Kobe Bryant, born August 23rd is a VIRGO. Kobe Bryant represents MERCURY. Just as Prince represents MERCURY being a GEMINI born June 7th.

MERCURY is also a deity; An Expression of an Ancient Archetype.

An archetype is an original entity on which multiple ensuing entities are based. The ensuing entities are all expressions of the same archetype.

Roman Mercury; the Messenger of the Gods; a god who transcends the spiritual plane to manifest in material form to impart knowledge to mankind for its spiritual, mental and physical evolution.

Before Roman MERCURY was Greek HERMES whose progenitor is the Egyptian/Kemetian TOTH/DJEHUTI. Persian ZORASTER/ZARATHUSTRA and Christian JESUS CHRIST are also expressions of the archetype. Christianity states that divine knowledge of the birth of Christ was given exclusively to MAGI from the East(Persia) who are high priests of ZOROASTRIANISM.

September 11th, The Real Birthday of Jesus Christ

In 1978 Christian Pastor and Meteorologist Ernest L. Martin – primarily using astronomy – published his scientific study on the real birthday of Jesus Christ in his book The Birth of Christ Recalculated. The date he concluded was September 11th, 3 B.C.

This would make Jesus Christ a VIRGO representing MERCURY, synchronizing with the Messenger-of-the gods archetype.


“Jesus Christ” is a Roman term coined when they created the institutional religion of Christianity. Yeshua, Yahushua or Emmanuel would have more likely been his original name.

Ritual deaths of MERCURY – involving people who are Gemini or Virgo – are symbolic crucifixions.

MERCURY: God of Thresholds and Transition

The archetypical Hermes/Mercury/Djehuti is a god of transition periods, borders, boundaries and thresholds.

The planet MERCURY is only visible from Earth at dawn and dusk; the transition periods of night-to-day, and day-to-night.

Thoth/Djehuti is said to have determined where the soul would go after death. This decision was made in a transition area called The Duat.

In Revelation 22:16 (KJV) Jesus says:


A major historical transition period (in astrological terms) is end of one age and the beginning of another. MERCURY is a god of transition periods and thresholds, Jesus/Yahushua is Mercury, hence he manifested at the end of the Age of Aries, and the beginning of the Age of Pisces. The sign for Pisces is fish, hence the Ichthys “Jesus fish” symbol.

Now we are between the end of the Age of Pisces and the dawn of the Age of Aquarius; time for the god-of-transition to manifest.

This could mean a collective “Christ Consciousness” spiritual, mental, physical awakening if not a physical manifestation of an entity or entities.

In Luke 22:10 (KJV) Jesus alludes to the future Age of Aquarius:

The symbol for Aquarius is a man bearing a pitcher of water

A new age (or aeon) brings a shift in human consciousness and change in the world’s power-structure. The most salient characteristic of THE AGE AQUARIUS is revelation; information that was previously restricted to an elite few comes to light to the general public.

The most significant development at the dawn of the age of intellectual awakening is the internet. Thus, internet adresses have Aquarius signs WWW.

The purpose of the individual rituals that make up THE GREATER RITUAL is to alter the natural course of the new age. The deity MERCURY ushers in new ages.

MERCURY; The god of Travelers and Transportation

The deity Hermes/Mercury is also the god of travelers and transportation. The most vivid mainstream acknowledgement of this is the sculpture titled Transportation on the Southern facade of the most famous transportation hub in the world: New York City’s Grand Central Terminal.

The planet MERCURY rules GEMINI. The deity MERCURY rules TRANSPORTATION. A symbol of GEMINI is TWINS. The twins of Gemini are named CASTOR & POLLUX.

Again the Bible supports this: in the book of Acts 28:11 (NIV), narrated by Luke traveling by ship to spread the Gospel:

The sidereal rotation period of the planet Mercury is 58.6 Earth days. That is the length of time it takes for Mercury to complete one 360 degree turn on its axis.

Mercury‘s orbital cycle is 87.9 days which is why 88 is also a Mercury number.

With the ability to recognize the purpose of – and the characteristics of – Mercury Rituals, we can now analyze recent and past events – and popular culture – in broader context.

In Part 2 we will decode the Kobe Bryant death, events surrounding it such as Royal Rumble and the Super Bowl, as well as past events like 911.

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Virgo, Gemini, Jesus symbolism and Mercury planetary numbers

In Part 1 we established that the Greater Ritual that Kobe Bryant was a part of was a MERCURY RITUAL. Please read Part 1 first before reading this. Here again is the key to decoding Mercury rituals.

Here again are the dates of Gemini and Virgo who are ruled by Mercury:

Kobe Bryant

In Part 1 we discussed the number 41‘s significance to Kobe Bryant who is a VIRGO ruled by MERCURY. 41 is the Gematria value of “Mercury”.

A Gematria-cipher of equal importance to the base ciphers (Simple/Ordinal and Pythagorean/Full Reduction) is Jewish Gematria. In Jewish Gematria “Mercury” sums to 798.

The orbital period of the planet MERCURY is 87.9 days like 879; a numerical anagram of 798, the Jewish Gematria value of “MERCURY.”

Kobe Bryant’s jersey-number was changed from 8 to 24 to prep him for the Mercury Ritual.

As stated in Part 1, Jesus/Yeshua/Emmanuel could have been born on September 11th making him a VIRGO, ruled by MERCURY which synchronizes with the Messenger-of-the-gods title of the Greco-Roman deity. 33 is a number associated with Jesus/Yahushua which appears in many Mercury Rituals. Kobe Bryant meets this criteria for a Mercury Ritual:

Kobe Bryant died on the same day (Jan. 26, 2020) that the Grammys were held.

Also held on that day was the 33rd World Wrestling Entertainment’s Royal Rumble.

The other “Number of Jesus” is 74

“Joshua” is the English translation of “Yeshua” the Hebrew name for Jesus.

Mark 15:17 (KJV)

Purple is a color not just associated with Jesus, but specifically with his crucifixion. As a color of royalty he is reported to have been sarcastically hailed as “King of the Jews” before being crucified.

By sending him to the purple-wearing Lakers Kobe Bryant was already being selected for a future Mercury sacrifice ritual.

Kobe Bryant died during the 74th NBA season. He was the second high-profile NBA death in its 74th season. The former commissioner David Stern born September 22nd and – like Kobe Bryant and Jesus/Yeshua) – a VIRGO. Two appropriate people for a Mercury Ritual.

Kobe Bryant is said to have died in Calabasas, California

Kobe Bryant died on a date with 67 numerology

86 is a Gematria value (Reverse Ordinal/Simple) of “Mercury.”

Kobe Bryant’s nickname is “Black Mamba”

Kobe Bryant died on the same day that the Grammy Awards occurred. Kobe Bryant tributes were lead by host Alicia Keys whose name sums to 67 gematria.

67, The 33rd Royal Rumble; Part of the Greater Mercury-Ritual

Kobe Bryant’s death, the Grammy Awards and the WWE Royal Rumble all occurred on the same day (the middle of the season is when it is at its highest power and is hence a high-holy period. These are mid-Winter rituals).

The Royal Rumble – being part of a MERCURY RITUAL – had a Jesus/Yeshua-allusion; it was the 33rd edition, a key “Jesus number.”

Being part of the greater Mercury-ritual, the men’s 33rd Royal Rumble champion is Drew McIntyre, a GEMINI ruled by MERCURY.

McIntyre – in addition to being Gemini – is also Scottish; perfect for a Mercury-ritual.

The women’s championship was won by Charlotte Flair.


In a different context a Mercury-ritual can be positive. A Christ-like concept:

The Tarot card that represents the planet MERCURY is (#1) THE MAGICIAN. The image on the card is dressed in red-and-white robes; similar to a common depiction of Jesus Christ.

God and Jesus Christ have the moniker “The Great I AM” because the Bible quotes God and Jesus saying that phrase 300 times .


THE THREE “WISEMEN” who had exclusive divine knowledge of Jesus/Yeshua’s birth were called MAGI; Zoroastrian Persian high-priests. “Magician” is derived from “Magi.”

Kobe Bryant‘s helicopter took off from John Wayne Airport. This name is part of the Mercury Ritual as revealed by Gematria.

Zachary K Hubbard revealed that the Comedy Central animated series Legends of Chamberlain Heights – in an episode titled End of Days – featured Kobe Bryant dying in a helicopter crash.

The episode aired November 16th, 2016.

From Kobe Bryant’s August 23rd, 2016 birthday to and including November 16th, 2016 is a span of 86 days.

58 and 59 are MERCURY NUMBERS given that the sidereal rotation period of the planet Mercury is 58.6 Earth days.

If September 11th is the real birth of Jesus/Yeshua then the phrase “born of a virgin” could be more accurately “born a Virgo.”

Christians give Jesus the moniker “King of kings”

On December 13th, 2019 Kobe Bryant is said to have directed traffic after witnessing – and assisting victims of – a traffic accident in Newport Beach, California. This was part of the greater ritual as Gematria reveals.

The other VIRGO death in the 74th NBA season is former commissioner David Joel Stern.

The singer Prince who we mentioned in Part 1 is also associated with 41. Prince is a Gemini and performed at Super Bowl 41(XLI). He is also associated with the important color purple, as mentioned earlier in this article: a crucifixion color.

LeBron James is an important element of the ritual. His moniker – importantly – is KING JAMES. Playing for Bryant’s Lakers, he passed Kobe Bryant on the NBA all-time scoring chart – in Bryant‘s home town of Philadelphia – the night before Bryant‘s reported death.

King James is a GEMINI ruled by MERCURY. he died at age 58 a major “Mercury number.”

Look at where King James is said have died: at THEOBALDS House. Gematria reveals that this – like his zodiac sign and age at death – synchronizes with a Mercury theme.

In Gematria “Mercury” = 86. “Hermes” = 32.

Drew is the first name of 33rd WWE Royal Rumble champion. “I am” is a popular phrase and moniker of Jesus.

Legendary college football head coach Bear Bryant shares the same last name, death date and zodiac sign as Kobe Bryant; a VIRGO representing MERCURY. He began his career as a head coach in the year ’58.

David Stern‘s bio mentions that he stood at 59“.

The media first reported 5 dead in the helicopter crash, and then reported 9 dead. 59; a Mercury reference.

The “WEST” Element of the Ritual

Kanye West

Artist Kanye West is another element to the greater Mercury ritual. He collaborated with Kobe Bryant in a high-production but nonetheless cheesy Nike ad which featured an exploding helicopter.

Kanye West is chosen because he is a GEMINI and – like Kobe Bryant – is ruled by MERCURY.

Jerry West

The other West component – of the Kobe Bryant and greater Mercury ritual – is NBA legend Jerry West whose silhouette is used as the NBA logo.

It has been suggested that Kobe Bryant‘s silhouette might replace Jerry West‘s as the official NBA logo. Jerry West is part of the ritual as a GEMINI.

In addition to being Mercury-sign Gemini, the name “West” makes Kanye and Jerry ripe for the ritual. “WEST” sums to 67 the Gematria value of “Mercury Ritual” and other related terms. 41 is the most salient number of the greater ritual, and the Gematria value of “MERCURY.”

Trae Young

Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks was said to have been Kobe Bryant‘s daughter Gigi‘s favorite player and a Kobe Bryant protege. A disproportional amount of media coverage was focused on his tribute.

Trae Young is of course a Mercury-sign VIRGO.

Trae Young‘s tribute “somehow” included his recording the first 45-point double-double with less than 25 field goal attempts since Bryant did it on December 17, 2006.

This concludes The Greater Ritual Part 2.

PART 3: Patrick Mahomes as Hermes in Super Bowl LIV