Media warns power grid & GPS systems could go down due to massive solar storm, May 10, 2024

News Outer Space Power Grid Power Outage Predictive Programming

Recall that the head of the FBI warned the US about a power grid down situation on January 31, or 1/31. Now, here we are on the 131st day of the year, and the media is warning that a solar storm can take out the power grid today. *Blackout=131

Remember, that was a plot point in Obama’s film which released on December 8 on Netflix. Go figure today is exactly 22 weeks later. *Storm=22 *Blackout=22

And go figure tomorrow is 85 days before his birthday. *Blackout=85

Also, tomorrow is typically the 131st day of the year.

Also, this news comes on May 10, or 10/5. *Order of Illuminati=105

The Illuminati are in the light, but what about those who aren’t in it?

*GPS Systems=54 *Jesuit Order=54 *Sun=54

In light of the Obama connection, today has 59 date numerology. *Renegade=59

Janet Napolitano’s April 8, 2009 warning of a cyberattack taking down the power grid, 15 years before the 2024 total eclipse

Cyber Attack / Hacking Federal Government News Power Grid Power Outage Predictive Programming

April 8, 2024, will be the date the sun goes dark, as the moon passes between the earth and the sun. It will also be the 15th anniversary of this article.

Keep in mind the moon is “illuminated” by the sun.
Illuminati=120 (15th triangular number)
Illuminati=48 (April 8)

Let us not forget the Illuminati was founded on 1/5, the First of May.

The date can also be written 5/1, and Napolitano was 51 at the time.
Adam Weishaupt=51 (Founder of the Illuminati)

It goes with her surname.
The Illuminati=153
Jesuit Order=153

And it goes with ‘cyberattack.’
Bavarian Illuminati=188

And as for 15, other words tying in are:
War=15 *Nuke=15

The warning came on Janet Napolitano’s 131st day of her age.

More recently, on January 31, 2024, we had the head of the FBI warn about a cyberattack coming for the United States. And days before that, on January 13, we had Tucker Carlson warn that the grid is going down. Of course, both dates can be written similar to “131,” 1/31 and 13/1.

Billy Joel puts out first song in 17 years, Turn the Lights Back On, February 1, 2024

Celebrity Entertainment Power Grid Predictive Programming

This song released on the 32nd day of the year. *Power=32

Of course, when the lights are out, the power is out.

He put out his last song 17 years ago, when he was 57. *Electricity=57

It goes with his song releasing on the 269th day of his age, the 57th prime.

His birthday is also the 129th day of the year.

FBI director Christopher Wray issues dramatic public warning, January 31, 2024

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit News Power Grid Predictive Programming Secret Societies
wreak havoc=107/44/55 *Military=107/44/55

This news comes a span of 322 days before Christopher Wray’s 58th birthday.

He attended Yale, which is 322 years old.

Think of Yale, Skull and Bones, Order 322.

This news also comes on 56 date numerology. And the FBI operates with 56 field offices.
1+31+24=56, Washington DC=56, Society of Jesus=56, Freemasons=56

This news also comes on 1/31 and they’ve been warning about how a cyberattack can take out the power grid. This news also comes shortly before the Super Bowl.

The phrase power outage also equates to 56.
Power Outage=56

Keep in mind Super Bowl 58 is close.
Super Bowl=131, Power=58

Portland’s latest power outage on the day of Tucker Carlson’s warning

Energy News Power Grid Power Outage Predictive Programming

In Portland, Oregon, the city lost power January 13, 2024, and power was just restored to everyone, finally, Thursday, January 18, 2024. Keep in mind Thursday is named after Jupiter, associated with Jupiter, or Zeus, the lightning god (electricity).

As for the power going out January 13, it was the same day Tucker Carlos did this video.
Be Prepared. The grid is going down.=144, Jesuit Order=144

Notice, January 13 can be written 13/1, like 131. *Blackout=131

January 13, 2024 was also a date with 58 numerology.
1/13/2024=1+13+20+24=58 (Power=58)

Keep in mind Portland, Houston and a few other cities suffered lengthy power outages beginning Valentine’s Day in 2021. I bring this up because Oregon has a Valentine’s Day birthday, the 45th day of the year, going with Portland being on the 45th Parallel North.

That means this power outage began 32 days before Valentine’s Day.

It is a reminder the Public Enemy album, What U Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down shows Arizona on the cover, and Arizona also have a Valentine’s Day establishment anniversary.

As for Portland, the power was restored today, January 18, or 1/18, like 118. The grid?
The Grid=118, 44, 37 (Portland=44 & 37) (RIP City=44)