Richard Branson says he is not putting in anymore money to Virgin Galactic space program on Saturday, December 2, 2023

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Virgin Galactic=72, Jesuit Order=72

This news came 137 days after Richard Branson’s 73rd birthday.
137, 33rd prime

It goes with the longer history of space and the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite.
Masonry=33, Order=33, Secrecy=33, Federal=33

All 33 Super Heavy engines lit up for SpaceX flight on the 322nd day of the year, November 18, 2023

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Hate crimes surging are the focus on the 322nd day of the year (Recall the Purge, where national killing day begins on March 22, or 3/22)

Today is November 18, 2023, the 322nd day of the year. In the film The Purge, the first killing begins March 21 and ends March 22, 2023.

Think about that in light of the hate crimes headline.

Again, these are the headlines, Saturday, November 18, the 322nd day of the year.

All 33 Raptor engines went off? On the 322nd day of the year?
Kabbalah and Genesis 3:22… and 322…
And then the 33…

Genesis is the basis for the ‘three’ Abrahamic religions.

Genesis means In the beginning.
In the beginning=137 (the 33rd prime number)
Washington DC=137 (the 33rd prime number)

DC is the federal city, and also know as the “Masonic City.”

And what a story for the 322nd day of the year this is. Of course, people have always lost sight of these rockets over the sea since the launches began. It must be an old pirates trick.

Keep in mind Skull and Bones, or Order 322, are modeled after the Knights Templar, who became pirates at sea after they were burned at the stake, October 13, 1307.

Also, today is the 41st day of Yale being 322 years old. They were established on October 9, 1701.
Skull and Bones=41 (41st president of Yale)

Recall when Elon Musk offered $54 per share for Twitter on April 14, or 14/4, like 144.

Well, today is his 144th day of his age, having a June 28 birthday. And notice that in history pertaining to the end of the Knights Templar, June 28 and at least 54 Templars testified.
Jesuit Order=144 & 54

The Jesuit Order’s logo has the Templar cross.

There are many rituals with Elon Musk, Donald Trump, and 144. They’re both in the club.
The United States of America=144

Frank Borman, NASA astronaut, dead at 95, November 7, 2023

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Frank Borman died at age 95, on the day leaving 54 days in the year.
Jesuit Order = 54
Mark of the Beast = 54

The Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses.

There’s also the 666 connection.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration = 666
Six Hundred Sixty Six = 95

He died 47 days before the anniversary of the reading of Genesis on Christmas Eve.
Beast = 47

This year will also mark the 55th anniversary of the 1968 ritual.
Satan = 55

It goes with him passing on November 7, the day that when counted through December 31 make up the last 55 days of the year.

He was also a member of Gemini 7, and died on the 7th day of the 11th month.

Ken Mattingly who saved the Apollo 13 crew, dead at 87, Halloween, October 31, 2023

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He died 228 days after his birthday, a symbolic number.
United States of America = 228
Death = 228 (Sumerian)

Thomas Kenneth Mattingly II  = 131 (Dead on 10/31)

His death at age 87 speaks to who runs the nation. Keep in mind Halloween is the anniversary of the 95 Theses being pinned by Martin Luther.
The Catholic Church = 87
Martin = 87

A ‘ring of fire’ eclipse to divide the Americas, Saturday, October 14, 2023

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Ring of Fire = 107 / 71 / 163 / 55

Saturday, October 14, 2023, will mark the 7th anniversary of Arturo Sosa becoming the Superior General of the Jesuit Order. Bot he and Pope Francis are from the Americas. It is extra interesting because the Jesuit Order’s logo incorporates the eclipse as part of their symbolism. Keep in mind October 14 is also the day leaving 78 days in the year. *Jesuit = 78

Once again, war just broke out in Israel on the 147th day of the nation’s age, going with Jacob, who becomes Israel, dying at age 147 in Genesis.
Arturo Sosa = 147

The emphasis on ‘ring of fire’ is also interesting.
Ring of Fire = 107 & 71

The war started on October 7, or 10/7. And that day was Vladimir Putin’s 71st birthday, and it was 71 days before the Pope’s upcoming December 17, 2023 birthday.

NASA astronaut Frank Rubio sets record for most days in “micro gravity,” after September 27, 2023 return to earth

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This headline above says it all.

Notice that Frank Rubio returned to earth on September 27, 2023, the very special day to the Jesuit Order. Of course, it is the day leaving 95 days in the year.
Francisco Carlos Rubio = 95
National Aeronautics and Space Administration = 666
Six Hundred Sixty Six = 95

And notice how they snuck in the 33. *Masonry=33 *Secrecy=33 *Order=33 *Federal=33

Neptune’s 146 year orbit of the zodiac & Christianity

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The 146 year orbit is crucial. And speaking of 14, the 42 generations to Jesus are divided into three sections of 14.

*Neptune takes 146 years to circle the zodiac
*Jesus Christ = 146 (John 14:6)
*Blood of Christ = 146 (What Christians drink)

Neptune relates to Pisces, symbolized with the fish, like Christianity, a religion that was founded in the age of Pisces.

Another big 146 is ‘United Kingdom.’

A dark spot on Neptune, August 24, 2023 news

Outer Space Predictive Programming

Neptune is Poseidon, relating to the seas. This news comes as a threat appears to be emerging for Polynesia and specifically its islands after what happened to Hawaii, August 8, 2023, in the ‘Maui’ ritual.

This news also came 187 days after the start of Pisces, February 18, 2023, which is ruled by Neptune.
Society of Jesus = 187
Holy Roman Empire = 187

India becomes fourth country to land on moon, August 23, 2023, Keith Moon’s birthday

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Keith Moon would have been 77 today.
Secret Society = 77
United States = 77

DC on the 77th Meridian. Nearly every astronaut to have gone to space was a Mason. DC is known as the Masonic City. Of course, the Scottish Rite Temple in DC has the shrine dedicated to NASA.

Correct, 56 minutes after the hour. Funny!
Freemasons = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

He died 14 days before his birthday.
Dead = 14
End = 14 & 23 (It is 2023)

It has been 44 years and change since his death.
Space = 44
Armstrong = 44
Cancer = 44 (Ruled by the moon) (4th astrological sign)

Keith Moon died on September 7, or 9/7, or 7/9.
Death = 97
Murder = 79
Society of Jesus = 79

And his name was fateful.
Keith John Moon = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67

India becomes fourth nation to land a space ship on the moon, August 23, 2023

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The fourth? Again, cancer, the fourth sign, is ruled by the moon.

Also, today is 33 days after the anniversary of when man first walked on the moon, July 21, 1969. And it is 34 days after the July 20 lunar orbiter landing anniversary.
Lunar = 33 & 21
Indian = 33
Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33
Order = 33

And notice this ship launched on July 14, or 14/7.
Outer Space = 147
Space Ship = 147
Freemason = 147
Conspiracy = 147

I imagine the 41 days is a tribute to the USA.
Fourteen = 41
USA = 41

And you have to love the 47 tribute with Russia.

Today is also the 235th day of the year. *The Society of Jesus = 235

It goes with it being 54 years after the 1969 moon mission, the first. *Jesuit Order = 54