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Is it an accident that a story about abortion and ‘Remdesivir’ are on the front page at the same time>

Notice, they both sum to 122, and Roe v Wade was decided January 22, or 1/22.

Notice Gilead Sciences sums to 263, the 56th prime.  *Coronavirus = 56

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Europe (European Union) is doing a lot better than U.S. in coronavirus recovery

Don’t forget Florida’s stay at home orders were late, and on the governor’s 201st day of his age. *Event 201

Florida = 43

Pandemic = 43

Collapse = 43

Jeb Bush, 43rd Governor of Florida, his brother 43rd President

6/22/2020 = 6+22+20+20 = 68 *Market = 68


Bubba Wallace driving the 43 car for Black Lives Matter.

Read more about the 43 car here:

George Floyd = 43

Civil War = 43

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The Apprentice is back at it. “You’re fired!”

*The Apprentice, the first degree of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry = 58. Trump winner of 58th U.S. presidential selection, after announcing he was running from the 58 story Trump Tower, and before hiring the 58-year-old Steve Ray for Inauguration Day.

This news comes on Geoffrey Berman’s 283rd day of his 61st year of life and 283 is the 61st prime.

*283, 61st prime

The name of the person replacing him is Audrey Strauss.

Society of Jesus = 191

Trump = 47 / 88

Government = 47; D.C. = 47

The Apprentice = 211 (47th prime)

The phrase ‘You’re Fired’ equates to ‘Jesuit Order’.

You’re Fired = 144 / 54

Jesuit Order = 144 / 54

Time = 144; Sun = 54… Sunday…

Vatican = 47; Francis = 47; Trump = 47; Time = 47

Her birth date information is not available, yet.

Also, the headline about Trump’s 6 staffers testing positive for the virus on this date should be remembered. After all, the Clade X pandemic simulation does end with the President being put in the ICU.

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This headline was from May 22, 2020, three days before the reported George Floyd killing, that began with a counterfeit $20 bill.  Notice Harriet Tubman sums to 201, the same as George Perry Floyd.  The mockery. The Jesuits.

Read more about George Floyd and 201 here:

In light of this news coming May 22, 2020, recall that George Floyd died on his 225th day of his age, and the day after his death, the Minnesota Catholic Church paid $22.5-million in damages:

May 22 can be written 22/5, like 225.

Federal Government News Racism

‘Fortress Walls’.  I don’t think it is accidental phrasing.  Notice the 187.

This news comes on a date with 52 numerology, June 6, 2020.  6/6/2020 = 6+6+20+20 = 52

Read about Black Lives Matters on the streets of Washington D.C., June 5, 2020, by the numbers:

Coronavirus Federal Government News

On Friday, June 5, or 5/6, Washington D.C. has renamed a section of 16th Street, ‘Black Lives Matter’.  56 is the key.

Remember, all of this ties in with the coronavirus agenda.

The date can also be written 6/5, like 65.

Keep in mind, the title ‘Black Lives Matter Plaza’ sums to 76, same as ‘slave’.

In light of this happening on 16th Street, notice the 106 code. *And keep in mind, Abraham Lincoln, who is credited with freeing the slaves, was the 16th President of the U.S.

Read about the LA Galaxy player getting the boot because of his wife’s social media post, making fun of Black Lives Matter, with Black Nikes Matter:

And then Acts 7:7 fits in with the 77 code and United States.

The decision is credited to 47-year-old Muriel Bowser, not to be confused with the boss of Mario Brothers.  Notice her name sums to 74, same as George Washington.

For some more fuel today, Fox News did this comparison with the killing of black men and the performance of the stock market.

Coronavirus Federal Government News

What a story for June 5, or 5/6, like 56.

Pandemic = 65 (June 5, 6/5)

The 13.3% is comical too.  As Trump would say himself, this is FAKE NEWS with FAKE STATS.

Don’t forget about these 133 headlines from the time Trump was campaigning.

The figure from April, 14.7% is funny too. Keep in mind there are 147 windows on the White House.

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Recall, the coronavirus pandemic was declared March 11, 2020, the 79th day of Anthony Fauci’s current age, 79.

This news comes 155-days after his birthday.

This news comes May 27, 2020, a date with 72 numerology.

5/27 = 5+27= 32 (32 sunrays on Jesuit logo)

Notice the references to SYMBOL. The mask is clearly a symbol. It represents these three ideas. 1. SHUT THE FUCK UP. 2 OBEY AUTHORITY. 3. DON’T THINK FOR YOURSELF.

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This digital currency patent was filed for on the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of Zionist Israel, the nation that was largely the brainchild of the Zionist banking family, the Rothschilds.  If you’re not familiar with this fact, look up the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917.

In light of the 72nd anniversary, notice money sums to 72.

As does Bitcoin, the most well known cryptocurrency.

Notice how the term ‘Digital Fiat Currency’ fits in with the ‘all seeing eye’ on the capstone of the U.S. dollar bill.

And in light of it coming on Israel’s birthday, let us not forget how ‘Star of David’ sums to 119.

*Orthodox = 119 *Ashkenazi Jews = 119

119 also connects to ‘Vatican’, and the date of May 14, or 14/5, like 145, connects to ‘Catholic’. Of course, it is the Catholic Church who is behind Israel, and who has the biggest bank vaults in the world.

May 14, or 14/5, like 145…

David Ben-Gurion declared Israel a nation May 14, 1948.

Read more about Israel and 145 here:

The illustration below for how the digital currency will work is HILARIOUS.

Do you see it?  The Freemason compass and square, above the word ‘architect’.

The G is in the Freemason logo stands for ‘Grand Architect’, which is God.  “In God We Trust”.

The article says the patent was first filed for November 8, 2019, a date with 58 numerology.

11/8/2019 = 11+8+20+19 = 58

May 14, 2020 had 59 date numerology.

5/14/2020 = 5+14+20+20 = 59

From November 8, 2019 to May 14, 2020 was 188-days later.

The U.S. dollar bill denominations adds up to 188.  

1+2+5+10+20+50+100 = 188

Read about Libra by the numbers here:

Federal Government News

The Supreme Court has thrown out the convictions for the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal.  This is because today is 5/7, like 57…

Notice the key words that sum to 57.

Not by coincidence, Chris Christie is 57-years-old right now.

In light of this happening with the George Washington Bridge, don’t forget Washington D.C. is named after the Scottish Rite Freemason George Washington, who was Inaugurated at age 57.

For one last kicker, notice how the name Bridget Anne Kelly and Bill Baroni who probably loves macaroni connect with George Washington.

74 and 88.


And last, don’t forget the date the Bridgegate Scandal began, September 9, 2013, the day leaving 113-days left in the year.

A little more than a week ago, Donald Trump, of Scottish ancestry, said November 3rd is a good number, or 11/3, like 113.