Two found guilty in killing of Jam Master Jay, Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 42 months after their arrest

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2 men, nearly 22 years later… in the second month, February, black history month… when Jam Master Jay was killed in the year 2002…

What a story to close out Black History Month.

Read about these two men being charged by the numbers, August 17, 2020, here.

This conviction comes 42 months and 10 days later. *February=42 *Slavery=42

Read my original post on the death of Jam Master Jay in relation to 50 Cent here.

This latest news comes on 37 date numerology. *2/27/2024=2+27+(2+0+2+4)=37

Of course, Jam Master Jay was killed at age 37.

Today’s date also has 73 numerology. *2/27/2024=2+27+20+24=73

This ruling also comes on the 58th day of the year, connecting with Jason William Mizell.

This ruling comes while DMC is 59.

Darryl McDaniels=247 (the Illuminati & the country are 247-years-old)

It is 38-weeks and 6 days after his 59th birthday *Death=38

It is 94 days before his birthday. *Darryl McDaniels=94 *Joseph Ward Simmons=94

It is exactly a span of 39 weeks into his age. *New York=39

It is 106 weeks into Run’s age, also 59. *Black=106 *Black Lives Matter=106

It is also 105 days after his birthday *Masonry=105 *Order of Illuminati=105

And notice where his name Joseph Simmons connects with the 58th day of the year ruling.

And as for them both being 59, and it being 22 years later… *Negro=59 & 22

Neville Garrick’s death 93 days from One Love’s release, November 14, 2023

Black Lives Matter Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers News

Notice, he died at age 73, like how Aston Barrett died 73 days after his birthday, and like how Bunny Wailer died at 73, going with Catch A Fire coming out in ’73.
Ritual Sacrifice=73 *Sacrifice=73

He also died a span of 93 days from the February 14 release of One Love.
Rastafari=93 *Bob Marley=93 *Black History Month=93

Eric Mays, Flint City Councilman, dead at 65, February 24, 2024

Black Lives Matter Death Murder by Numbers News

Eric Mays is dead during Black History Month.
Black History Month=93, Eric Mays=93

He is dead 181 days before Gretchen Whitmer’s birthday.
Black History=181

His birthday was the 259th day of the year, leaving 106 days.
Black Lives Matter=259

He died 11 years after joining the Flint City Council, and on 34 date numerology.
Black=11 & 34

He was 65 (which is 11 in numerology).

He was in his 66th year of life, the 11th triangular number.

Killer Mike arrested at Grammys, February 4, 2024, 76 days before his birthday

Awards Ceremony Black Lives Matter Freemasonry Jesuit News Racism Secret Societies

Killer Mike was arrested at the Grammys, on Rosa Parks’ birthday, 76 days before his own birthday.
Slave=76, Negro=76, Blues=76, Rasta=76

Remember, Black History Month was recognized by “the authorities” in ’76.

His birth name yields the 201 & 102.

Slavery=102 (BHM recognized on 10/2, 10th of February, in the year ’76)
Carter G. Woodson=201 (The Father of Black History Month)
The Jesuit Order=201

This ritual took place at the 66th Grammys. *Killer Mike=66

He won for his album ‘Michael’ and two times for his song ‘Scientists & Engineers.’
Michael=33 & 39, Grammy=33 & 39

This ritual came exactly 233 days after the June 16, 2023 release date of Michael.

233 is the 51st prime number

And the Michael album won him “3” Grammys.

Think about him being escorted out by the police and think of the Fraternal Order of Police.

Killer Mike was just on Jesuit controlled HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, February 2, the 33rd day of the year, two days before this ritual.

Patrick Mahomes dad arrested for DWI charge in Texas, February 4, 2024

Black Lives Matter News Racism Sports

This news comes February 4, or 4/2, like 42. Next Sunday will be the 42nd day of the year, and Patrick Mahomes Sr.’s son will be attempting to improve the Chiefs to 4-2 in Super Bowls. Of course, every black QB to win the Super Bowl has had a “mega 42” ritual in the big game. That list includes Doug Williams, who has the same birthday as Patrick Mahomes Sr., August 9, Russell Wilson, who represented the 42nd state, and Patrick Mahomes, who threw for 42 passes in his first Super Bowl win over the 49ers, and won against last year over the Eagles in 42 land, Arizona.

Keep in mind today can be written 2/4 as well, and Missouri is the 24th state, and the Chiefs are playing for their 24th playoff win in the Super Bowl next Sunday. Mahomes is also playing for his 89th career win, the 24th prime, a number similar to his father’s 8/9 birthday.

This ritual comes 179 days after August 9, 2023, the 41st prime. *Super Bowl=41

Keep in mind Patrick Mahomes Jr.’s birthday is September 17, or 17/9 (same as the NFL).

Namibian President Hage Geingob, dead at 82, February 4, 2024

Black Lives Matter Death Murder by Numbers News Racism Uncategorized

This man fought ‘Apartheid’ and now he is dead at 82.

Hage Geinbob is dead during Black History Month.
Geingob=59, Slave=59, Negro=59, Rasta=59, Blues=59

He is dead on February 4, or 4/2, like 42.

He is dead 181 days before his upcoming birthday.
Black History=181
181, 42nd prime

He is dead on Rosa Parks birthday.

He is dead on the 114th day of his nation’s age. *History=114 & 42

And he is being replaced by a man who has the same birthday as the Jesuit Order. That means the news Namibia President, Nangolo Mbumba, has this happen on his 174th day of his age.
New World Order=174

Joe Madison, the Black Eagle, dead at 74, on the 105th birthday of Jackie Robinson

Biblical Black Lives Matter Death Entertainment History Murder by Numbers News Racism Sports

Joe Madison has died on Jackie Robinson’s birthday anniversary, January 31, 2024. However, the news did not break until February 2, 2024, at the start of Black History Month, the month that typically ends on the 59th day of the year (like Motown since ’59).

He died on what would have been the 105th birthday of Jackie Robinson. *Joe Madison=105

Keep in mind Jackie Robinson day falls on the 105th day of the year, April 15.

Notice his record broadcast on Sirius XM’s Urban View began on the 56th day of the year.

Recall when they painted Black Lives Matter on the streets of D.C. on June 5, or 5/6.

It goes with him dying at age 74, and his death being announced on the 33rd day of the year.

And as for him dying at the start of 2024, notice he was 24 when he became the youngest member to lead an NAACP chapter, the one in Detroit on 42nd Parallel North.

It goes with Jackie Robinson’s son dying at age 24, and now Madison passing on Robinson’s birthday anniversary.

Of course, Detroit is the city on the 42nd Parallel North.

Martin lived in Apartment 42 in Detroit in the hit sitcom.

And be careful Martin Lawrence, because you’re turning 59 this year.

Martin’s birthday is the 106th day of the year. *Black=106 *Black Lives Matter=106

And let us not forget that the New Testament begins with the 42 generations leading to Jesus.

Darius “Hootie” Rucker arrested for minor drug charge on the first day of Black History Month,

Black Lives Matter Celebrity Drug War News Racism Secret Societies
Kate Quigley=56, Black Lives Matter=56, Society of Jesus=56, Freemasons=56

What a ritual to start Black History Month, with the arrest of Hootie, or Darius Rucker.
Williamson County, Tennessee=106
Tennessee=106 & 34
& 34

Furthermore, he was arrested 102 days before his May 13 birthday, reminding us that the US Federal Government first recognized Black History Month on the date February 10, or 10/2.

Read about this related ritual in Tennessee with Morgan Wallen from February 2021.

And let us not forget the Feds recognized Black History Month in ’76.

This ritual is synced with his 58th birthday.
Darius Rucker=58
Secret Society=58

Also, don’t forget that Carter G. Woodson is the founder of Black History Month.
Carter G. Woodson=69, 177 & 201
The Jesuit Order=67, 177 & 201

Harold Hogue, Ice Train, dead at 56, January 24, 2024

Black Lives Matter Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers Racism Sports

RIP to the Ice Train, gone at 56.
Ice Train=56, Black Lives Matter=56

The news broke January 23, 2024, a date with 48 numerology.
Harold Hogue=48

He was from Detroit and died after the Lions secured their place in the NFC Championship.–HSCvCuUGCHYsUpA-PpI1MmK1

He died 71 days after his birthday, or on his 72nd day of his age.
71, 20th prime; Death=20
Jesuit Order=72

Also, it was Diamond Dallas Page who broke the news, and he did so 293 days after his 67th birthday.
Blood Sacrifice=67, Human Sacrifice=67
293, 62nd prime (Sacrifice=62)

Blackstreet’s Teddy Riley is 56-years-old at the time of the release of Leave the World Behind

Black Lives Matter Entertainment Federal Jesuit Predictive Programming Racism

Leave the World Behind is about a national / world power grid down scenario, and the end of life as we know it. It is the first film produced by the Obamas (yes, the Presidential family).

What a track list.

The Joey Badass song has a music video that involves a power outage. Notice in the clip for the video the transformers on the street are blowing in the background.

See the transformers

The American people are misled and have been since way before Obama.

Winter begins on December 21, and in the film it is said that the “dark cabal” knew what was coming when the grid went down and had met at the Winter Solstice. Of course, December 21 is the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere.

An event could be Too Close.

Where are your Friends right now? Are they all broken up like the former cast? Of course, Friends is a plot point in Obama’s new film, and Matthew Perry died on Julia Roberts’ birthday, a woman who stars in the film.

And finally, this movie tells a familiar story based on a historical pattern, thus why at the end it references Commodus, where after his assassination, Rome’s golden age concluded. America is the modern day Rome, thus the architecture all over the capital city.

Thus, The Paradigm.

And for the purpose of this post, we will look more carefully at the selection of Blackstreet, Teddy Riley’s group, at his current age, a very familiar number.

Blackstreet was big in 90s, in the time leading up to the election of Obama, and their group is used as one of the songs in President Obama’s new film Leave the World Behind. This is noteworthy because the writer for the group, Teddy Riley, is 56 right now, going with Obama having won the 56th election when he first became President.
Black Lives Matter=56
Power Outage=56

It also goes with Julia Roberts being in the film, and 56 right now, having turned 56 the day Matthew Perry died, the same Matthew Perry in Friends, that is a big plot point in Obama’s new film.

And for one more point on Teddy Riley, from his October 8 birthday to the Netflix release of the film, December 8, was 61 days later.
Geometry=108 & 108
61 is “the number” in Sacred Geometry
Gematria means Geometry in Language
108 is a special number in spirituality as well

It’s all planned according to mathematics.

To sum it up, the song was on ‘Another Level.’
Another Level=56 & 61

61 days after his 56th birtdhay?

Obama, born in ’61, winner of the 56th US Presidential election?

This album released 74 days before November 22, the day of Theater release for Leave The Word Behind

Society of Jesus=56 & 187
Abrahamic=56 & 187
137, 33rd prime
Jesus at age 33

And the list goes on.

FYI, that album was released on September 9, 1996, the day the country was named in 1776. But of course, 96 is a plot point in the film, because a main character has the number tattooed on her shoulder. It was also the year Tupac was killed in Vegas, where the Super Bowl is this year. And it goes with the ’96 Super Bowl being played on the episode of Friends that featured Julia Roberts

And again, that Super Bowl featured the Cowboys (shown in Leave the World Behind) and Steelers, where the Cowboys and Steelers are the teams in Black Sunday, about a Palestinian terrorist group attacking Super Bowl X. Of course, X is the 24th letter, and the upcoming Super Bowl is in ’24.