Former NY Governor Cuomo trashes Trump verdict as politics on HBO’s Real Time With Bill Maher, Friday, June 21, 2024

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Offensive to People=88

Read about Fordham University and the number 88 here.

case would’ve never been brought=311 (311 is 201 in base-8)
case would’ve never been brought=311 (311 is 64th prime and Trump started at Fordham in ’64)

Trump and Cuomo went to Fordham in New York, the Jesuit school, and this ritual took place on HBO

He was also on Real Time on a fitting date, June 21, 2024. *6/21/24=6+21+24=51 *Andrew Cuomo=51

All roads lead to Rome. *Rome=51

He did this on a date with 71 numerology as well. *The Society of Jesus=71 *Catholic=71

He also did this on the 199th day of his age (46th prime) *Catholic=46

It’s Joe Biden, Jesuit educated, #46, vs. Trump, a man born in ’46.

His remarks also came 137 days before the election (33rd prime).

Recall Bill Maher’s transition from regular TV to HBO exactly 33 weeks later.
Order=33, Secrecy=33, Masonry=33, Federal=33 *New York=33

Donald Sutherland, President Snow in The Hunger Games, dead June 20, 2024, the Summer Solstice 138 days before the election (and his son’s hit show 24)

Elections Entertainment Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit New World Order News Politics Secret Societies
Donald Sutherland=260 dead on 20/6 (26)

Donald Suther is dead at 88 on the Summer Solstice. This is our start point.

His son’s character on the hit show 24 was Jacke Bauer.

And as we’ll get to, this seems to have everything to do with another Donalad, who has also “acted” as the US President, Donald Trump.

Donald Sutherland is dead on the 20th of June, or 20/6, like 206.
Sacrifice=206 (Jewish Gematria)

Remember, the body is the temple.
Masonic Temple=206

There are 206 adult bones in the human body.

And remember his son’s hit show, 24? Now he is dead in ’24.

Donald Sutherland died on the 172nd day of the year.

Donald Sutherland has died Thursday, June 20, 2024, a date with 70 numerology.
6+20+20+24=70 *The Hunger Games=70

Vatican=70 *Francis=70

78 is the 12th triangular number *This death comes days after Trump’s 78th birthday *Trump=88 *Sutherland dead at 88
Donald Sutherland=64 *Joe Biden=64 *8×8=64

He has died at 88, thus in his 89th year of life. And furthermore, he has died 89 days after the anniversary of the release date of The Hunger Games.
Donald Sutherland=89 (24th prime) (big number in 2024)

His son’s hit show 24

His death also comes 89 days before the anniversary of Mash’s beginning, September 17, 1972.
179, 41st prime (17/9, first episode)

It is also 41 years after Mash ended in ’83.
MASH=41 *USA=41

Again, the Jesuit suppression lasted 41 years and the USA was formed in that time.

And with all the turmoil in the world, notice the overlap with President Snow and ‘World War Three.’

And recall how the war in Israel began on Putin’s 71st birthday, 71 days from the Pope’s birthday.
*President Snow=71 *Snow=71 *Catholic=71

Notice the Klute film came out in ’71.

June 29 leaves 191 days in the year *Society of Jesus=191

He died just before the 53rd anniversary of Klute. The official movie release date is George Orwell’s birthday, Jun 25.

*That means he has died at the tail end of it being 52. *President=52 *White House=52

The Citizen X has a 52 connection as we (X is also the 24th letter, and it is 2024).

Call girls? Serial killers? Historical themes? It is the authorities that often make prostitution illegal…

And doesn’t the call girl in New York remind you of the Trump and Stormy Daniels trial that just concluded, making “history?”

Jane Fonda better be careful. She is 86 at the moment.
Blood Sacrifice=86 *Human Sacrifice=86

We saw what they just did to Jerry West at 86 in the Finals (since ’86).

Again, today has 70 date numerology.

John Klute was his character. *John Klute=46 (Joe Biden, #46 & Trump born in ’46)

It’s a Catholic thing. *Catholic=46

And funny enough, Keifer Sutherland has the same birthday as Jane Fonda.

Again, Kiefer Sutherland was the big star of the hit show 24, and now is dad is dead in ’24.
Kiefer Sutherland=94 (Helios=94) *Roman Catholic Church=94
The Sun=24 (24 hours in a day)
-The father’s death relates to “the son’s” big hit

Also, the day after the election will be the 23rd birthday of the show 24.

Tthus it will begin it’s 24th year of life. *Donald=23 (Donald Trump)

He has died 138 days before the election.

Federal=138 (The Misfits have the song We Are 138)

His cause of death is a ‘long illness.’

Notice the overlap with ‘long illness,’ and ‘Donald Trump.’

It’s the 60th election upcoming and their reporting Donald Sutherland’s movie career was 60 years.

And since we’re talking about #45, he died in Miami.

For one last point, they’re both named Donald and today has 50 date numerology as well.

He has died 339 days after his last birthday, and 27 before his next.

His birthday is 17/7, a day of high ritual annually. *The Jesuit Order=177 *New World Order=177

*The film was released 1180 days before Trump announced he was running for President in the 2016 election, and the date of that election was November 8, or 11/8.

118 is a number connected to death (especially JFK’s assassination).
Death=118 *Homicide=118

Donald Sutherland was also in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Buffy’s name was Buffy Summers. Funny enough, he died 153 days after her birthday, or on her 154th day of her age.
Jesuit Order=153
Ritual Sacrifice=154

When the election was called for Donald Trump on November 9, 2016, 248-218, with 88% of the vote

Elections Federal Government History News Secret Societies

88% of the vote was in when it was called for Trump, while the vote was 48 to 47.
Trump=88 & 47 *Donald Trump=48




And again, Trump was leading at the time 248 to 218, years before he became the father of the 2:18 ESTP Presidential Alert.

The 248 ties perfectly. *President Donald Trump=248

Again, the United States will turn 248 on July 4, 2024.

The next Presidential winner will take office with the 119th Congress, similar to how the election was called from Trump on November 9, or 11/9, with 248 electoral votes. *Donald=119

So does the 218. *TRUMP=218

For one more, Hillary was on 56 million votes, and November 9, 2016 had 56 date numerology. It goes with both Trump & Hillary being Jesuit educated. In the case of Hillary, she went to Georgetown in Washington DC, 56 land.
Society of Jesus=56
Washington DC=56

We all know about the virus in 2020, 56 years after Trump’s Jesuit education began at Fordham in ’64.
Covid Vaccine=56
Anthony Fauci=56
Gavin Newsom=56

Also noteworthy, the election was called on the 235th day of Barron Trump’s age, November 9, 2016.

And then there were stories like this right before. 45%? #45?

Rochester Hills splash pad shooting at the time of Donald Trump visiting Detroit, June 15, 2024

Elections Federal Freemasonry Government Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting News Police State Politics Secret Societies

It was your regularly scheduled Saturday shooting story.
Saturday=107 & 109 *Shooting=107 & 109

This mass shooting occurred in Rochester Hills, Michigan, on the day Trump came to Detroit.

This shooting occurred in the (248) area code, adding to the ritual.

It also occurred 45 days after the Illuminati’s 248th birthday.

*There were 9 people shot and 45 is the 9th triangular number.

Recall, Trump got a break from Manhattan Criminal Court on the Illuminait’s 248th birthday.

And he just had the ritual with the Mavericks, in Game 4, 248 days after after the owner’s birthday, in the Mavericks 248th all-time Playoff game, as they improved to 118-130 in the Playoffs.

Notice this overlap with ‘Rochester Hills’ and President Trump as well.

It also happened at the Brooksland Plaza, equating to 167, and going with the 167th day of the year.

There is also this additional observation.

In Jewish Gematria, Brooksland Plaza = 929, and it was 929 days from the Oxford school shooting in Michigan. Of course, there are 929 Chapters in the Old Testament, and the Jewish AG, Dana Nessel, said there would be gun reform in Michigan.

The shooting came on Dana Nessel’s 58th day of her age, going with Trump’s long history of 58 (he was the winner of the 58th US Presidential Election.

Black and white… (White man trump was campaigning to black voters on the 42nd Parallel North…)

And notice the overlap with ‘Splash Pad’ and ‘Freemason.’

Masonry=33, Order=33, Secrecy=33, Federal=33

This shooting came 181 days after the Pope’s birthday (42nd prime) & Detroit is on the 42nd Parallel North (as is Rochester Hills). *Gun=42 *Ammo=42 *Jesuit=42

This ritual came 181 days after the Pope’s birthday (42nd prime).

Biden meets with Pope 144 days before election, June 14, 2024 (Trump’s birthday)

Catholic Church Elections Federal Government History Jesuit Predictive Programming

Biden met with the Pope June 14, 2024, on Donald Trump’s 78th birthday, 144 days before the Noveber 5, 2024 election, a date associated with the Jesuits (look up the Jesuit Treason, Nov. 5, 1605).
President Biden=144, Jesuit Order=144

Recall when Georgetown simulated Biden would win the election, June 12, 2020, 144 days before the November 3 election (look up the Transition Integrity Project).

It goes with all the 144s connected to dead Kennedys. *Kennedy Curse=144

It goes with Trump meeting with the Pope on the 144th day of the year, May 24, 2017.

It goes with Trump losing his ex-wife 144 days after her birthday, and a lot more.

Don’t forget the Jesuits came out of suppression 144 days after James Madison’s birthday.

Donald John Trump=220 (notice her 2/20 birthday)
-She died 45 years after their 1977 marriage
-She died 60 weeks into the first Jesuit Ignatian Year
-Trump stated he was running for the 60th US Pres. Election that same day
-Donald Trump=60

Biden & Trump campaigns agree to debate terms, June 15, 2024 news

Elections Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit Politics Secret Societies

This news breaks on 45 date numerology. *6/15/24=6+15+24=45

Biden and Trump are guaranteed, RFK is a possible but doubtful.

The debate will be on June 27, the day leaving 187 days in the year, 13 days after Trump’s 78th birthday. It is a reminder that JFK died in Dallas, at 13:00 local time, in the 13 city, while the country was 187 years old. As we know, both of those numbers have a long history…
Holy Roman Empire=187, Washington DC=187, Society of Jesus=187, JFK Assassination=187…
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=187
Scottish Rite=78
-M, 13th letter (First one in Mason)

*The New York Times appears to have broken this story in the middle of the night, at the start of June 15, 2024, the day after Trump’s 78th birthday. *The New York Times=78 *New York=78

Stoneman Douglas demolition begins 144 days before the election, June 14, 2024 (the day of Alex Jones liquidation & Trump’s 78th birthday)

Catholic Church Elections Federal Government History Jesuit Jewish Related Mass Shooting News Secret Societies Sports

They began to tear down Stoneman Douglas High School on June 14, 2024, the birthday of #45, Donald Trump. Of course it happened while he was President, on Valentine’s Day, the 45th day of the year.
Ritual=45 (doesn’t this seem like an obvious ritual?)

Recall that the majority of students killed at Stoneman Douglas were in Room 1214, similar to 12/14, the Sandy Hook school shooting date. As we have covered, there are many parallels between the events, and in this case, Alex Jones’s liquidation of assets due to paying a legal suit for Sandy Hook lies was approved on this same day, Trump’s birthday, 138 months after the Sandy Hook shooting exactly.
Alex Jones=138, Donald Trump=138, Federal=138

Keep in mind, from the date Alex Jones was ordered to pay the Sandy Hook families, October 12, 2022, to the date of the liquidation approval, was a span of 612 days, going with Minneapolis being the (612) area code, where Marjorie Taylor Green was from. And as you’ll recall, 612 was big in the Parkland shooting, coming 612 days from the June 12, 2016, Pulse Nightclub Shooting, also in Florida.
Valentine=612 *Orlando Strong=612 (and the list goes on)

They began demolishing Stoneman Douglas High School on Trump’s 78th birthday, June 14, 2024 (and also the Flag’s birthday). You’ll recall Marjorie Stoneman Douglas was from Minneapolis, and they are called the Eagles, and at the same time, had the exact same logo as the Philadelphia Eagles, who had just won the Super Bowl in Minneapolis days before the shooting. As you’ll also recall, that entire season was about the flag and national anthem protests, including the rigged Super Bowl, and it was all foretold through Kolin Kaepernick and Donald Trump in their massive “239” Flag salutes, since the flag was sewn at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia (it’s a lot to explain for the 1000th time).
Scottish Rite=78 *Jesuit=78 *Kennedy=78 *NBA Finals=78

The demolition began 144 days before the election, on the day Joe Biden met with the Pope, in Italy. Again, Joe Biden took office at age 78.
President Biden=144 *Jesuit Order=144

Recall when Trump met with the Pope on the 144th day of the year, May 24, 2017, shortly after becoming President. That was after he stopped by Israel for Jerusalem Day. And now he has those Temple Coins in Israel… *The United States of America=144

In this case, there is a deeper history as well. Think about the name Parkland since Stoneman Douglas High School was in Parkland, Florida. Parkland is the name of the hospital where JFK died, in Dallas, Texas, the site of Game 4, the day destruction of the school began.

Again, JFK was killed 144 days after meeting with the Pope on July 2, 1963, and just before his death, his infant child died on August 9, 1963, the day leaving 144 days in the year.
Kennedy=666 (Mark of the Beast=144) (Kennedy Curse=144)

It goes with his brother RFK dying at 1:44 AM, June 6, 2024 (Game 1 of the NBA Finals).

FYI, Game 1 of the NBA Finals was the 78th game of the NBA Playoffs and the Celtic’s 78th birthday. Again, this is the 78th NBA season. *Boston Celtics=78 *NBA Finals=78

Jerry West died before Game 3, while the Celtics were on 78 wins for the year.

The Finals were set with the 77th game of the NBA Playoffs (game 1 was the 78th game)

Think about the Mavericks, with Slovenia connections through Luka, #77 and like Trump (Melania from Slovenia) (Trump was 77 when the Finals began), and Barron Trump having duel citizenship in both countries and the 78th NBA championship series beginning 78 days after Barron’s 18th birthday, as JFK’s Boston Celtics pursue their 18th championship, and let us not forget Miriam Adelson took over the Dallas Mavericks team at age 78, in the early part of the season.

The Celtics came into Game 4 with 318 points scored. *Parkland’s Radiology Department=318

Notice how ‘Parkland Hospital’ overlaps with The Jesuit Order (177 & 69).

And we just had the Hunter Biden guilty ritual on June 11, 177 days after the Pope’s birthday.
Hunter Biden=177

Hunter Biden was 54 at the time. *Jesuit Order=54 *Beau Biden=54 *Dealey Plaza=54

RFK Jr. did the big 54 & 144 ritual getting in the race… *Ambassador Hotel=54

It goes with Uvalde, in Texas, where JFK was killed, on May 24, 2022, the 144th day of the year.

And it goes with Joe Biden, who has the same birthday as RFK, going to Texas after Uvalde on May 29, JFK’s birthday anniversary.

It also goes with the Finals beginning in the 107th week since the Uvalde shooting, and the fact that they were set on May 30, 2024, the day after JFK’s 107th birthday anniversary. Of course, the Celtics came into the series +107 in scoring vs. the Mavs, and won Game 1 with 107 points.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy=107 *Shooting=107 *Military=107
-Shooting is something you do with guns & in basketball
-The Cabal is clever (Kabbalah, letters & numbers…)

Notice, the Maverick’s first win in the 2024 NBA Finals came on Trump’s 78th birthday, 107 weeks and 3 days after the Uvalde shooting.

Then Chet Walker died 107 days after his birthday, and his rookie season ended in ’63, the year of the JFK assassination. Going with the Celtics have 63 at halftime in Game 1, and at one point, Porzingis, putting the Celtics up 63-35 (like JFK, killed in ’63, in Dallas, as #35, on I-35).

In the last two games Kyrie got his 63rd win in Playoffs, and scored 35 points.

The jokes are endless in the rigged system, from the NBA Court to the Oval Office, where Joe “Celtic” Biden is the Commander in Chief. And did you see his ritual with the Chiefs just recently?

For one more, the Mavericks got their 118th Playoff win, in their 248th Playoff game, a special number to the Celtics and Dallas, but a number that is also fateful.
Celtics=118, Dallas, Texas=118
Death=118 *Homicide=118

By the way, the team on the verge of winning the Stanley Cup is just outside of Parkland, Florida. They are the Florida Panthers.

*Florida Panthers=239 (52nd prime)
*The Philadelphia Super Bowl win before Stoneman Douglas was all about the number 239
*Again, the Flag was sewn at 239 Arch Street.

It is a reminder that the NHL & the MLB were heavily connected to the Stoneman Douglas shooting through stories such as this.

Parkland=139 & 49 *Gun Control=139 & 49 *Amerant Bank Arena=139

Florida has a chance to close out Canada 4-1 if they lose tonight and win Game 5.
The Celtics also have a chance to closeout Dallas 4-1 in Boston, the (617) area code, on 6/17.
Dallas=41 (Dallas in the NBA Finals, “Parkland” in the Stanley Cup)
-Florida would get their 68th win *RFK was killed in ’68, with MLK
-The Ambassador Hotel in Dallas had a fire just before JFK’s birthday anniversary
-the NBA & NHL Playoffs both began on same day, 111th day of the year *Kennedy=111
-The parallels at this point are beyond obvious

For one last point, the Mavericks won by 38 points the day of Game 4, the number associated with death. *Death=38 *Mavericks=38

And remember how 38 was made part of the JFK death announcement to the nation.

*JFK died at 1:00 PM Dallas time, which is 13:00 military time. *Dallas=13

The Mavericks led by 13 points at the end of the first quarter, 34-21.

The score was 61-35 at halftime, like JFK, #35, who took office in ’61, before being killed in Dallas on I-35. It goes with RFK dying 35 days after the Celtics won their championship in 1968.
RFK=35 *Catholic=35 (Boston is very Catholic)
Celtics=71 *Catholic=71
-RIP Bill Walton, age 71…

The Mavericks scored 61 in both halves *Finals=61 *JFK in ’61 *Jerry West rookie season ended in ’61

The Parkland High School shooting was 84 days after the anniversary of JFK’s assassination.
The Jesuit Order=84
The Catholic Church=84
United States of America=84

The Mavericks are trying to win the 38th championship for the West all-time. *Finals=38
-Jerry West was born in ’38

JFK was announced dead with a reference to 38 by Walter Cronkite.

That said, the Celtics are trying to win the 41st for the East all-time. *Dallas=41

They could do it in Game 5, 4-1, on June 17, or 6/17, when Boston is the (617) area code.
617 is the 113th prime *Dallas=113 & 41 *The National Basketball Association=113

As for the Mavericks, they are attempting to become the first team to come back from 0-3 in an NBA Playoff Series. It has never happened before in the NBA, and the first time it happened in the MLB, it was the Yankees giving up a 3-0 lead to the Boston Red Sox in the ALCS in 2004 (similar to ’24), before Boston won the World Series for the first time in forever.
Boston Celtics=156 (if Celtics lost all games, they would be 15-6 in the Playoffs)
Robert Kennedy=156 (the Finals began on the date of his death anniversary & the Celtics birthday)
Robert Kennedy=195 *Boston Celtics=195
Robert Kennedy=66 *6/6 is the anniversary date, and day of Game 1 of 2024 NBA Finals
—The Mavericks would have 66 wins if they won it all

Judge rejects bankruptcy plan for Alex Jones on Donald Trump’s 78th birthday, June 14, 2024

Celebrity Censorship Elections Federal Financial Legal News Psychological Operation

Again, today is exactly 138 weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting on December 14, 2012.
Donald Trump=138, Alex Jones=138 *Federal=138

The Jesuit’s birthday, August 15, leaves 138 days in the year.

Read about the 138 ritual that went down with Alex Jones and Clarence Thomas last week, on June 7.

Today is June 14, 2024, Donald Trump’s 78th birthday and Alex Jones is on the Genesis Radio Network.

The joke here is that Donald Trump was awarded many bankruptcies in his lifetime.
Bankruptcy=58 (Trump won the 58th election)

CNN highlights Trump turning 78, June 14, 2024

Celebrity Elections Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit Secret Societies

Again, 78 is quite the number, especially since there are 78 cards in the Tarot Deck, and the top cards are Trump Cards. *Scottish Rite=78 *Jesuit=78

The 2025 Congress will be the 119th. *Tarot Cards=119 *Donald=119

And as you know, Trump has parallels to Grover Cleveland and JFK.
Cleveland=78, Kennedy=78

It is a reminder that the 78th verse of Genesis is Genesis 3:22.
-Genesis 1’s last verse is 31 (Genesis 1:31) And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good. And there was evening and there was morning, the sixth day.
Genesis 2’s last verse is 25 (Genesis 2:25)  Adam and his wife were both naked, and they felt no shame.
-There are 56 verses in before Genesis 3:1.

56 verses, +22 in Genesis, is the 78th verse of the Bible.

Genesis 3:22 mentions Kabbalah’s Tree of Life (but in a different context).

The 3:22 part though, Kabbalah’s Tree of Life has 3 pillars and 22 paths.
Abrahamic Religions=322 (based in Genesis & the Torah)
Ancient Mystery Religions=322 (Genesis 3:22)

Alex Jones is also in the news, and he broadcasts on the Genesis Communications Network.

Today is also the Pope’s 181st day of his age, and Alex Jones got his start with Waco, where David Koresh was reportedly killed in the Waco Siege.

181 is the 42nd prime number
World War Three=181
World War=42

The Waco Siege had a lot to do with 87. Read about that here. *Waco Siege=87

Miriam Adelson took over the Mavericks at age 78 in November of 2023. Her husband, Sheldon Adelson, was a big Trump backer. They own casinos. Go figure that today, Trump’s birthday, in the 78th NBA season, the game that got fudged up a day, and in series that began on the Celtics 78th birthday (Boston Celtics=78), in the 78th game of the 2024 NBA Playoffs.

Anyhow, today is the Mavericks 248th Playoff Game as a franchise.
President Donald Trump=248

The Mavericks were established on May 1, like the Illuminati, and they turned 248 on that day.

That’s while Trump was in court. *Manhattan Criminal Court=248

He got a break to campaign that day, go figure.

He also had the mugshot on 24th of August, or 24/8.

Some might say, “Kobe.” (he was #24 & #8)

Again, the election was called for Trump in 2016 when he was on 248 electoral votes.

Supreme Court strikes down Trump-approved ban on bump stocks on his 78th birthday (and the ban, December 18, 2018)

Astrology Celebrity Elections Federal Government Gun Control History Jesuit Legal News Secret Societies

This ruling comes on Trump’s 78th birthday, June 14, 2024.
Scottish Rite=78 & 57
Supreme Court=57

Clarence Thomas is Jesuit-educated, and DC is the Jesuit & Scottish Rite mecca.

The ban occurred December 18, 2018, during Saturnalia.
*Saturn Worship=78

The first Jesuit Pope is Pope Francis, born December 17, the first day of Saturnalia.

Remember, Pope Francis became a Jesuit in 1958.
Pope Francis=58 & 59 *Freemasonry=58, 59 & 139
-Bump Stocks=59 & 139
Secret Society=58
Trump, winner of the 58th US Pres. Election
-The Apprentice, the first degree of Freemasonry

Is a false flag in the near future? I can imagine bump stock being in the story.
Bump Stock Ban=137, 38, 187, 70
Washington DC=137 & 187 (DC is on the 38th Parallel)
Washington DC=56 (56 is 70 in base-8 counting)

June 17, 2024 will be exactly 66 months after the ban, reminding us that Saturn is the 6th planet.
Mass Shooting=66 *Saturn Worship=66 & 78

*We are in the 66th month right now, the full span is three days away.

Notice the Gematria of Saturn Worship, 201, 66 & 78 (+150).

Order of Illuminati=201 *Illuminati=150 (recall the Saturn ritual with Baldwin involving 150 & 201)
The Jesuit Order=201 *Jesuit=78
-Trump, Jesuit educated, is 78

We are in the 6th month, and Saturn is the 6th planet.

Plus, today to December 31, 2024 are the last 201 days of the year.

Remember, there is a long history with 201 and gun control, going from MLK’s assassination to the nation’s first major gun control act, the Gun Control Act of 1968, passed October 22, 1968, 201 days after MLK’s assassination. And think about the 201s in Sandy Hook, Uvalde, Buffalo, and many, many more, from 9/11 to OKC.
Order of Illuminati=201
Order of Assassins=201
The Jesuit Order=201

Notice how Saturnian Order and The Jesuit Order overlap (69, 177, 201).

We are in the time of the first Jesuit Pope, and the first to live in Suite 201 at the Vatican, also born during Saturnalia. He also has the 201 connections, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio=201
*Catholic Pope=201
Ignatius of Loyola=201
Leo Jeremiah O’Donovan=201

Remember, Beau Biden and Leo Jeremiah O’Donovan and 201 and the Pope and Inauguration Day?
Sacrifice to Saturn=201

Remember Hunter Biden being found guilty 177 days after the Pope’s birthday? *Hunter Biden=177

Don’t forget, Joe Biden took office at age 78.

Keep in mind Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and it begins in the last days of Saturnalia, which runs December 17 to December 23.

It is the 10th sign, and 10 is associated with Satan, which is associated with Saturn.
Satan=10 & 55 (55, 10th triangular and Fibonacci number)
God=10 & 55 (to some, Satan is God)

Again, MAGA is the highest degree of the Church of Satan and Trump & Obama told the world Trump would be #45 on the Church of Satan’s 45th birthday, April 30, 2011. Look it up. And don’t forget how the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey, died in a major 201 ritual, synced with the Pope.

Also, there are 78 cards in the Tarot Deck, and the Saturn card is associated with the 10th card, as well as the Devil Card.

Hierophant=48 & 60 *Donald Trump=48 & 60

The Hierophant is The Pope…

For one last point, the bump stock ban happened on 68 date numerology, 12/18/2018.
Donald John Trump=68
*CIA=68 (1968…)
*Planet=68 (Think Saturn)

Of course, Saturn is related to Judgement, so think about how they put today’s story together.

Matthew Whitaker left office on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2019 (45th day of the year).

That is a day associated with shootings.
Matthew George Whitaker=107 & 109
Shooting=107 & 109

He left office 58 days after December 18, 2018, or a span of 59 days. …58 & 59…

Also, he signed the bill 41 days after he took office. *USA=41

Again, the Jesuit suppression lasted for 41 years and the USA was formed in that time.

41 is the 13th prime, and Whitaker left office 99 days after he took it. *Thirteen=99 & 45

This is the land of 13 stripes, named on the USA on 9/9.
The United States of America=99

Again, he left office on the 45th day of the year, and now this ritual on #45’s birthday.

For one more, today is exactly 64 months after he left office. *Joe Biden=64 (chess)

Remember, the Illuminati was founded on 99 date numerology, 64 days before the USA.

Of course International Chess Day is celebrated on the 201st day of the year.

And for one last thought, in terms of potential “ritual grounds” for what may be days away, today is 215 days after the Superior General’s age, or the 216th day of his age. Philadelphia is the (215) area code and (216) is the Cleveland area code. Keep in mind Whitaker left office on the first anniversary of the Stoneman Douglas Eagles High School shooting which had a lot to do with the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win in Minneapolis days earlier, in Super Bowl 52, as you’ll recall. Also, I just covered how Brady’s Hall of Fame tribute from two days ago was paying tribute to his Super Bowl 52 loss to Philadelphia.

*Clarence Thomas wrote the majority opinion (he turns 76 on June 23)