Terrorist strike explodes Iran’s main gas pipeline, Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Energy Islam Jewish Related News Terrorism War World War

This story comes 130 days after the war in Israel began on October 7, 2023.
Pipeline=130 *Washington=130

We will see what escalates from this attack on Iran.
Natural Gas=114 *Art of War=114 *World War=114

Keep in mind the ‘oil’ minister delivered the news on the 45th day of the year.

This news also comes on 24 date numerology. *Iran=24


‘Pray for Kennedy’ becomes the motto, January 30, 2024

Catholic Church Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military New World Order News Secret Societies War

Pray for Kennedy=177 & 201
The Jesuit Order=177 & 201
New World Order=177
Order of Illuminati=201
Pray for Kennedy=78
Kennedy Ladon Sanders=78

They had to mention the 46-year-old, reminding of JFK being killed at age 46.
Catholic=46, Sacrifice=46

Also, today would be the 247th day of JFK’s age if he were alive. The United States and the Illuminati are both 247-years-old. It goes with today being 120 days before his birthday anniversary.


Undercover Israeli troops raid and kill three people in Gaza hospital, January 30, 2024 news

Islam Jewish Related Medical Military News War

Israel, financially backed by the US, is waging a war on Gaza’s hospitals.
Is it another #Gematria based joke?
Star of David=119
Ashkenazi Jews=119


And don’t forget, this is “Israel’s 9/11.”


CNN’s headline says Gazans are eating grass and drinking polluted water, January 30, 2024

Biblical Catholic Church Islam Jesuit Jewish Related News War

Gazans are eating grass, like cattle? They’re drinking polluted water, like most Americans? George Orwell’s Animal Farm has never been more clear. And notice this news comes Tuesday, January 30, 2024, a 75 date numerology, while Israel is 75-years-old.
New World Order=75
Order Out Of Chaos=75
Catholic Church=75
Roman Catholic=75

The article about Gazans slowing dying begins with a 38-year-old?
Death=38, Murder=38, Killing=38, RIP=38

Also, the name Hanadi Gamal Saed El Jamara goes back to Israel’s creation date, 14/5.
Hanadi Gamal Saed El Jamara=145, Catholic=145, David Ben Gurion=145


Israel is bulldozing cemeteries in Gaza, January 20, 2024 news

Islam Jewish Related New World Order News Religion Satanic Secret Societies Terrorism War

This is CNN’s top story on January 20, 2024, or 20/1 like 201. It is a reminder that today is the 201st day of the United States’ age, and without the US, there is no Jerusalem.
State of Israel=201
Jewish Mysticism=201
The Jesuit Order=201
Order of Illuminati=201 & 105
The Holy Bible=201 (Bible=105)

Today is 105 days after the war began.

And let us not forget that the Church of Satan’s founder died 201 days after his own birthday, or 201 days before the Pope’s.
Catholic Pope=201

It is a reminder Israel is where the Synagogue of Satan lives today.


Also, my post on Elon Musk’s X about this headline was censored this morning, with a message I had never seen prior today. It is a reminder that at Event 201, part of the simulation was how to censor people online.

It is also a reminder that my first YouTube channel was deleted on Musk’s birthday, June 28, 2017, shortly after his buddy took office, Mr. Censorship, Donald Trump.

CNN reports how Gaza’s largest hospital became a mass grave, January 12, 2024

Death Islam Jewish Related Murder by Numbers News Terrorism War

This story comes 97 days after the war began. *Death=97 **Roman Catholicism=97

This news comes on 37 and 57 date numerology.
Mass Grave=57 (1+12+20+24=57)
Hospital=37 (1+12+24=37)

This news comes 83 days after Netanyahu’s birthday.

20 of 22 hospitals in Gaza have been destroyed?

Notice, 14 of the 20 hospitals destroyed were directly hit.


ISIS claims responsibility of twin blasts that killed at least 84 at Soleimani tribute, January 3, 2024

Death Islam Jesuit Military Murder by Numbers New World Order News Terrorism

This is regarding the January 3, 2024 attack on the Soleimani tribute in Iran.
Soleimani=56, ISIS=56, Society of Jesus=56 & 79

Keep in mind the attack was 52 days after the Superior General’s birthday.

It goes with Osama bin Laden being killed on May 2, or 5/2.

The Jesuits serve the Pope.

And in the case of Bid Laden, he was killed on his 54th day of being 54-years-old.

Notice this ad from May 2, 1968, the year 9-1-1 was made the emergency dialing code and World Trade Center construction began.

It goes with 1979, which was 44 years and change ago.
Military=44, Kill=44

Again, this came on the fourth anniversary of Soleimani assassination in a military strike.

And how about the “at least 84 dead?” Orwell must be proud.
Jesuit=84, The Jesuit Order=84, The Catholic Church=84

The 284 injured is likely also part of the number ritual.


Hamas says one of its senior officials was killed in a “Zionist airstrike” in Beirut, January 2, 2023

Death Islam Jewish Related Military Murder by Numbers New World Order News

This news breaks on 47 date numerology (and 211 is the 47th prime).
Saleh Al Arouri=211

His name also equates to 85, going with what happened on the day leaving 85 days in the year, October 7, 2023.
Saleh Al Arouri=85

Today is also 87 days after the war began.
Beirut=87 & 75 (Israel is 75)

The Catholic Church=87
Beirut=30, Hamas=30, Mars=30 (It is Tuesday)

Recall what else is interesting about ‘January Second.’
January Second=201, *Mars=201

Recall the 201 ritual in the Beirut explosion of August 4, 2020.