Black Lives Matter Celebrity Jewish Related Racism
Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance = 129 *Synagogue = 129 *America = 129

Notice this Black-Jewish alliance was announced on February 3, 2021, the 34th day of the year.

This news also came on Nick Cannon’s 119th day of his age.

Jesuit Jewish Related News Racism

This ritual takes places on his 177th day of his age, and his channel was established on the 201st day of the year. *The Jesuit Order = 177/201

New World Order = 177 *Propaganda = 177

July 20th is the 201st day of the year.

And the big joke is this has been done on the 53rd day of the year, and the Hebrews in the Bible are of dark skin (look into story of Methuselah).

Keep in mind YouTube lets this guy get away with MURDER and has never been deleted, where I’m on the verge of my 21st channel.

Entertainment Jewish Related News

Notice how ‘Michael Che’ and ‘anti-Semitic’ equate at 50.

They used a 37 year old comedian for this sick joke. *Comedian = 37

And not by chance, this ritual came 277 days after Michal Che’s birthday, in Black History Month, the month ending on the 59th day of the year. Of course, 277 is the 59th prime number.

Michael Che Campbell = 77 *Judaism = 77 *Zionist = 77

That also means it was 88 days before his upcoming birthday.

And last, this came on a date with 63 numerology.

2/20/2021 = 2+20+20+21 = 63

Read more about Judaism and 63 here.

Of course the writers for SNL are predominantly Jewish…

Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News

This nomination comes 21 days after his January 10th birthday, and on a date with 73 numerology.

73, 21st prime *Peace = 21 *Jesuit = 21
1/31/2021 = 1+31+20+21 = 73

Alan Dershowitz nominated him 152 days after his birthday.

You could also say it was his 153rd day of his age. *Jesuit Order = 153

Jesuit Jewish Related News

Notice this Jewish liar wrote her latest article about me on December 29, 2020, or 12/29, like 1229, the 201st prime. That date connects to the fact that she is trying to debunk my exposing of how Jewish mysticism is being used against the people of the world.

*Jewish Mysticism = 201 *The Jesuit Order = 201

It reminds us that the Jesuits were created by Jews who had converted to Catholicism, no doubt so they could harness the power of the Catholic Church. Also, her prior article about me was written August 11, 2019, the date I predicted the Israeli scum would do something treacherous to the Muslims on Temple Mount, which was a dead on prediction (in a long list of dead on predictions), because it ended up being the day the Israeli Police fired tear gas on Muslim worshipers at Temple Mount. And for the record, ‘tear gas’ equates to 118, going with the 11/8 date. Let us not forget, that was the second day of Tisha B’Av, and one day after another Jew scum, Jeffrey Epstein, supposedly committed suicide… by the numbers.

*11/8/19 = 11+8+19 = 38 *Jew = 38 *Kabbalah = 38

And in case the cunt Bethsheba Ashe is reading this, do you care to debunk this post right here? Call in and debate some time. Of course we both know why you won’t, scum.

Celebrity Jewish Related Murder by Numbers Zionism

This man was one of the main financiers of Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, and now he is dead as Trump’s term ends…

And notice the news comes January 12, or 1/12 (like 112), in light of him being a proud zionist.

Don’t forget the Jesuits operate in 112 countries, and ‘Donald’ is a Jesuit pawn.

*Sheldon Adelson = 57 *Jews = 57 *Sands = 57

He was known for creating the ‘Sands’ in Las Vegas, tying in with the riddle of his death being reported on the 12th.

Also, his death on January 11th came 211 days after Trump’s birthday, or ‘The Apprentice’s.

211, 47th prime *President = 47 *White House = 47 *Trump = 47

Celebrity Christianity Entertainment Jesuit Jewish Related Murder by Numbers
*Three Body Problem = 78 / 84 *Jesuit = 78 / 84 *Sunday = 78 / 84
This news comes on a Sunday, December 27, 2020

This 39 year old’s death looks like it is marketing for Netflix and Game of Thrones.

Liu Cixin = 47 / 52 / 101 / 115

He was the CEO of the ‘Yoozoo’ Group, and he died at 39.

Yoozoo Group = 188 *Bavarian Illuminati = 188

Consider he died on Christmas, and ‘Nashville’ suffered the explosion that day. *Nashville = 39 *Masonry = 39 *Secrecy = 39

For the most crucial point, his name equates to 61, same as ‘Game of Thrones’.

And it connects to David Benioff.

And he died on ‘Christmas’.

*Christmas = 38 / 61 *Death = 38

And for the clincher, he was poisoned on December 16, David Benioff’s birthday, whose real name is David Friedman, a very common Jewish name (and he is Jewish).

Read more about murder and the numbers 83 and 38 here:

Read about Ty Jordan’s Christmas death here as well, also a 38 83 ritual:

Catholic Church Celebrity Depopulation Entertainment History Jewish Related Politics Predictive Programming Racism

It was Madonna who called coronavirus the “great equalizer”, after foreshadowing the pandemic at her performance during the 64th Eurovision Awards, in Israel, May 14, 2019, the nation’s 71st birthday.

My YouTube video was taken down when I covered this at the start of the year for “COPYRIGHT”, even though I showed just 15 seconds of the performance to make a point.

This performance was related to her Madame X album that released on Trump’s birthday, 222 days from the first case of coronavirus in the United States. *Wuhan Coronavirus = 222 *World Economic Forum = 222

Anyhow, it ends with people in gas mask’s, seemingly dead on the ground.

And remember, Israel’s birthday is May 14, or 14/5, like 145, and this performance was from the festival that began on its 71st birthday…

As we know, it is the Jesuits behind the “coronavirus pandemic”, which means it is the Catholic Church behind the pandemic, which means it is the Catholic Church that controls the New World Order, and all things in it, including Israel. This truth couldn’t be anymore obvious when you follow the history of World War II and World War I, and investigate who is truly behind these needless horrors from history.

And for the record, Madonna’s performance was 27 days before the release of her album, that features artwork that includes a corona typewriter… something celebrities have used as props during the pandemic, including Tom Hanks, the first celebrity to catch it.

As for the 27 days…

And to bring it back to where we began, with Madonna’s quote being used in CNN’s article about 2020, the year of the contrived race war (and the contrived pandemic), ‘race’ fits in…

And for the record, she performed with a black hip-hop artist name ‘Quavo’. As we look at the gematria of his name, keep in mind August of 2019 marked 400 years of slavery in the United States, and that is prophesied in Acts 7:6.

Watch the performance here.

Coronavirus Entertainment Jewish Related News Sports
*Synagogue = 129 (This article praises Synagogue of Satan member Adam Silver)

Let this be a reminder of how much bullshit we had to read on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 (11/3 date).

Coronavirus Pandemic = 113 *Bullshit = 113

The National Basketball Association = 113 *Utah Jazz = 113

Read more about Jewish dishonesty and 113 in relation to the Talmud:

If you read the rest of the article, you’ll see lots of praise is given to the false Jew, Adam Silver, for locking down the league on the coincidental date of March 11, which was also the 142nd day of the season.

*Coronavirus = 142

Of course, the season resumed a span of 142 days later.