Mossad was established December 13, 1949, 9 months and 11 days after the Pope’s birthday

Catholic Church Jesuit Jewish Related Military New World Order

In Jewish Gematria, all of the following equate to 911.
Vatican Hill = 911
al-Qaeda Terrorist Attack = 911
Tisha B’Av = 911
Jihadists = 911
Ossuary = 911 (Related to Knights Templar, which relates to Catholic Church…)

The reflection of 911 is 119.
Star of David = 119
Vatican = 119
*Francis = 119

Mossad also equates with ‘Catholic’, both equaling 71.

And notice Mossad was established on a date with 93 numerology.
12/13/1949 = 12+13+19+49 = 93

Think of the ’93 WTC bombing.

And with that in mind, think of the Dancing Israelis.


Notice where ‘Dancing Israelis’ fits in.

And recall, they were arrested at the Doric Apartment Complex.
Doric Apartment Complex = 322
-Number of Skull and Bones
-George W. Bush is a member (Sitting president at time of 9/11)
-Ancient Mystery Religions = 322
-Abrahamic Religions = 322

Of course, Skull and Bones gets their symbolism from the Knights Templar, who have their cross in the Jesuit Order’s logo.

With regards to that, Mossad was also established 79 days before the Pope’s upcoming birthday.
Society of Jesus = 79
Knights Templar = 79

The death of David Ben-Gurion, December 1, 1973, 46 days after his birthday

Biblical Catholic Church History Jesuit Jewish Related Murder by Numbers

David Ben-Gurion declared Israel a nation on May 14, or 14/5, like 145, and died at the end of ’73, reminding that Theodor Herzl died on July 3, or 7/3.

There are 73 books in the Catholic Bible, which concludes with ‘Revelation’. Notice how ‘Revelation’ fits in with December 1, or 12/1, like 121.

Notice he died 46 days after his birthday.

Again, there are 145 more chapters in the Catholic Old Testament (Old Testament) is Jewish, than Protestant Bible, and there are 46 chapters in the Catholic OT.

Religion = 46
Temple Mount = 46
Holy See = 46

And let us not forget that Genesis 46 begins with a sacrifice.

Read more about Theodor Herzl’s very similar death, July 3, 1904.

Genesis 46:1

Think about it…

And for some related reading, look into the Synagogue of Satan mentioned in Revelation.

Speaking of which, David Ben-Gurion died on the 67th day of the Pope’s age.
Satanic = 67
Italy = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67

Rothschild Family 201s

Banking Jesuit Jewish Related

Charlotte de Rothschild was born May 6, 1825, and died on July 20, 1899, on the 201st day of the year, at age 74.
Society of Jesus = 56
Jesus Christ = 74
Jesus = 74
The Jesuit Order = 201
Jewish Mysticism = 201
Tree of Life = 56

And notice Alfred de Rothschild was born in ’42, on the 201st day of the year.
Jesuit = 42

He died on the same day in history Guy Fawkes did.

He died at age 75, and Charlotte died 75 days after her birthday.
Catholic Church = 75
New World Order = 75

There was also Charlotte von Rothschild, who was born on June 13, the day leaving 201 days in the year.

Notice, this Charlotte died in ’84.
The Jesuit Order = 84 / 201
Charlotte = 102

She died on the 82nd day of the year.
Ignatius of Loyola = 201
Loyola = 82

She died 274 days after her birthday.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 274

Moscow to go into lockdown on Bill Gates’ birthday (& 21 days after Putin’s birthday), October 28, 2021

Coronavirus Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Police State

I love these lockdowns that are set for days ahead in perfect Jesuit rituals.

Notice, this one will begin on Bill Gates’ birthday, who is of Russian-Jewish ancestry, October 28, 2021.

It will begin exactly 21 days after Vladimir Putin’s 69th birthday, October 7, in the year 2021.
Jesuit = 21
The Jesuit Order = 69

Remember, Catherine the Great of Russia saved the Jesuit Order.

And go figure, they already know what day the lockdown will end, the day leaving 54 days in the year, November 7.
Jesuit Order = 54

Stay home for FOUR months… Jesuit-Jew World Order at its finest. Remind me what the fourth book of the Bible is called.

Ancient Templar sword discovered by a scuba diver off coast of Israel, October 18, 2021

Catholic Church Jesuit Jewish Related Knights Templar New World Order News

This news broke October 18, 2021, the day leaving 74 days in the year.
-Knights Templar = 74
Christianity = 74
Jesus = 74
-Cross = 74
-Gospel = 74
-Parables = 74
-Messiah = 74

Keep in mind this was the anniversary date of Event 201.
The Jesuit Order = 201

And notice ABC said this story came “by the numbers.”

House approves $1 billion for Israel’s Iron Dome defense system, September 23, 2021

Federal Government Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News

Why not just print off another billion? After all, the politicians don’t really have to pay for it.

The old Iron Dome is back in the headlines, on September 23, of all days.

239 (23/9 date)
239, 52nd prime
Government = 52
Authority = 52
President = 52
Pope = 52

Six years ago today the 266th Pope spoke at the White House, September 23, 2015. Today is the 266th day of the year.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266 (Pope Francis, #266, first Jesuit Pope) (This is the Jesuit motto)

Read about Israel, Iron Dome and 93 here.

This news comes 307 days after Joe Biden’s 78th birthday.
307, 63rd prime
Rabbinic Judaism = 63

How CNN pays tribute to Revelation, the mark of the beast and Yom Kippur with the photo for their headline story, ‘Should parents pull kids out of school over Covid concerns?,’ September 15, 2021

Biblical Coronavirus Federal Government Jesuit Jewish Related Pharmaceutical Tyranny

Notice the reading of the forehead of the child… and his right hand is on top of his head.

That’s where the mark is read from.

This news headline comes September 15, or 15/9, like 159, connecting to New Testament, the Christian section of the Bible that concludes with Revelation.

And don’t forget Event 201 either.
The Holy Bible = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201

Read about the Clade X pandemic simulation, 666 days before the pandemic.

Read more about 666 and the vaccination scheme.

Read more about 201 and the Jesuit Order.

For one more point, this news comes on Yom Kippur, and a date having 45 numerology.
Holy Bible = 45 / 45
Yom Kippur = 45
Ritual = 45

Yom Kippur is about judgement and atonement for your sins (behavior), and Revelation deals with Sin.

Again, today has 45 date numerology.
9/15/21 = 9+15+21 = 45

Purveyor of poison, Howard Stern, calls for Covid-19 vaccine to be mandatory while saying “fuck their freedom,” September 9, 2021 mainstream news

Catholic Church Celebrity Controlled Opposition Coronavirus Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

These remarks became mainstream news on September 9, the day leaving 113 days in the year.

Keep in mind Howard Stern is a Jew, and the Jews have a little 113 verse about why they’re allowed to lie, and goyim aren’t.

Read about 113 and the Jews here.

Also, don’t forget the 38th World Zionist Congress took place in 2020, the year of the ‘pandemic’.
Pandemic = 38

And notice that these remarks were actually made Tuesday, September 7, or 7/9, like 79.
Society of Jesus = 79 (A Catholic-Jewish organization)

And for more.

Remember, this dick sucking Jew was one of the biggest propaganda agents after 9/11 as well, and these remarks got a lot of hype two days before the 20 year anniversary.

Keep in mind Stern was 47-years-old when 9/11 happened.

And don’t overlook the 68 in his name, the year the 9/11 plan went into motion.

Also, don’t overlook that he was born in ’54.
Jesuit Order = 54
Pornography = 54
-Jesuits operate in 112 countries (His birthday is 1/12)

Keep in mind that date can be written 12/1 as well, like 121.
Revelation = 121

Think of the ‘Synagogue of Satan’, the false Jews.
Satan = 55
Howard Stern = 55
*Covid vaccine stopped in ’55 due to it killing people…