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New York Jewish center cleared after bomb threat on February 23, or 2/23?  Can you say ‘The Synagogue of Satan’?  Adding insult to injury, this comes 79-days after Andrew Cuomo’s birthday.

*79, 22nd prime

For another kick, notice how ‘Albany, New York’ and ‘bomb threat’ go together.

11:05?  Jewish Community Center?  *Masonic = 115

About 42, anti-Semitic, eh?

Albany, New York has standout gematria.  Remember, secret societies control police, religion and government.


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Israel Adesanya has made a joke about 9/11?  Israel?  Seriously?

Read this post before you go any further:

This news comes February 22, 2020, the 53rd day of the year.

THEY are clowning.

In Israel, the honor Tisha B’Av, to remember the destruction of the TWO TEMPLES.  Tisha B’Av is also known as the Ninth of Av.

In light of ‘two’ being the focus, today is February 22, 2020, or 2/22/2020.

*Order Out of Chaos = 222

Notice Israel was born in 1989.

That is the same year this “crumbling down” Twin Towers joke was made in the WWE / WWF by Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan:

I’ll let you run the gematria on Paulo Costa. My goodness.

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Get that, the Jew’s adopted daughter, who is black, makes this announcement during Black History Month, and as you’ll see, get’s the most attention on February 20, 2020, a date with 42 numerology.

2/20/20 = 2+20+20 = 42

Black History = 181, 42nd prime *February = 42

The announcement was made 63-days after Spielberg’s 73rd birthday, February 19, 2020.

Many articles have been written about this today, February 21, 2020.

2/21/2020 = 2+21+20+20 = 63

Keep in mind the porn industry, like the rest of the world of entertainment, is mostly controlled by Jews.  No doubt, this truly is a sick joke.

As for Spielberg being 73 at the time of this announcement, it connects to his daughter’s name.\

Click the link to see all the tweets shared, which are mostly dated February 20, 2020.

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Notice the Star of David around the character’s neck… on 11/9…

The November 9, 2010 episode of NCIS has to do with a Mossad related conspiracy at the Pentagon. Notice the Star of David shown around the actresses’s neck early in the episode, which debuted on 11/9.

Don’t forget Pentagon construction began on September 11, 1941, 60-years before the big day. *Order = 60

And don’t forget about the Dancing Israelis arrested in New Jersey on September 11, 2001, who were sent back to Israel and admitted on TV they were in the U.S. to document the 9/11 attack.

And don’t forget this commemorative medal for Israel’s Six Day War, created in 1967, before the “1968 Plan” went into motion.

67, 19th prime *Chaos = 19 *19 Hijackers
1967 Six Day War

Read about 1968 plan here:

And in light of this NCIS episode dealing with a Mossad (Zionist) conspiracy in the Pentagon, never forget the 77 ritual that took place at that specific building on September 11, 2001.

Read about Flight 77, the Pentagon, and the “77 ritual” of 9/11/2001 here:

9/11/2001 = 9+11+20+01 = 41

As for this episode being Season 8, Number 7, don’t forget that from Pentagon construction in 1941, to Pearl Habor, was 87-days. Of course, 9/11 was referred as the New Pearl Harbor, even before it happened, by the Project for a New American Century (PNAC).

December 7? 12/7? Buildings 1, 2 and 7 in New York? Ground Zero?

And don’t forget this mockery from the film Glass, where a terrorist plans to blow up Osaka Tower during its grand opening, December 7… Osaka? Japan? Pearl Harbor?

Of course, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is the most Jewish branch of Freemasonry, which has an HQ in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., named after the Scottish Rite Freemason, George Washington.

But why 87? Don’t forget who these “Jewish” types are. They are the Synagogue of Satan. Their operations are built around numbers, such as the Number of the Beast.

Here is wisdom. 87 is 8+7 = 15. 15 is 1+5 = 6. How many points on that star? How many million in the holocaust? Mmmhmm…

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In 1968… MLK was killed, RFK was killed, and this happened too…



George W. Bush.

NY Jets.

2001: A Space Odyssey.

Boeing’s Jumbo Jet.

In light of Boeing being a Seattle area company, remember that the first that built the World Trade Centers, Magnusson Klemencic Associates, is a Seattle area company as well.

So why Seattle, and what is it about 1968?

Think about George W. Bush’s favorite word, ‘terror’.

Also worth mentioning, in light of the fact that Israel’s fingerprints are all over 9/11/2001, is this medal.

September 11, or 11/9, like 119.

Of course the Dancing Israelis were arrested in New Jersey.

Notice the mention of the Doric Apartment Complex.

Let us not forget that George W. Bush, like his father, George H.W. Bush, who gave an infamous speech about the New World Order, September 11, 1990, 11-years to the day, was a Skull and Bones member, an organization that is identified by the number 322.

Skull and Bones symbolism comes from the way the Knights Templar buried their dead in ossuaries in the times of the crusade, and their buried dead can still be seen in Jerusalem.

The Ancient Mystery Religions include Kabbalah (where this letters and numbers practice comes from), Hermeticism, Alchemy, Kundalini.  In the case of Kundalini, it puts much focus on the magic of 33.  Of course, it is 33-years from 1968 to 2001.

September 11 is the most ‘epic’ false flag of all-time.  The false flag concept is a pirate tactic, and for a considerable portion of the Knights Templar history, they were at sea, banned from Europe, living as pirates… maritime law?

To make one last point, the Six Day War began on June 5, the 156th day of the year.

Read about the death of Douglas Rain, who played Hal in 2001: A Space Odyssey here:

And who can forget this gem from September 11, 2019? Read more here:

Jewish Related Murder by Numbers Sports

The 2020 NBA All-Star Game was dedicated to Kobe Bryant, and was the first ever played with a “target score”, which was set at 157.  Of course, Kobe Bryant sums to 157 in gematria, and died on his 157th day of his age.

Read more about Kobe’s death and 157 here:

Notice in three quarters, one of two teams scored 41-points.  Of course, Kobe died at age 41.

For another Kobe tribute, Kawhi Leonard won the first ever Kobe Bryant All-Star Award, making 8 3-pointers, thus scoring 24-points from behind the stripe, and reminding that Kobe Bryant wore jerseys 8 and 24 in his NBA career.

The game was played a span of 135-days from Kawhi’s upcoming birthday.

Kawhi finished with 30-points.  *Kobe Bryant = 113 (30th prime)

The other thing worth reminding about is that this was the first year the All-Star uniforms had a 6-pointed star, similar to the Star of David.  This is no accident in the 74th NBA season, the year of Zion Williamson, who the sweepstakes was for on May 14, 2019, the 71-year anniversary of Zionist Israel.

The picture with Abdul-Jabbar is fitting because he is the NBA’s all-time points leader, and he played for the Lakers and the Bucks, who were the teams that had the player captains for this year’s game, LeBron James, and Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Don’t forget LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant in points scored, in Kobe’s hometown, Philadelphia, the day before Kobe Bryant reportedly died.  Of course in Revelation, there is a letter written to the Church of Philadelphia, about the false Jews, The Synagogue of Satan.

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Homophobic? The 59th election is upcoming.

Of course the showdown between the homosexual and the radio slob comes on the 47th day of the year, February 16, 2020.

Again, 47 is the number in D.C.

Notice the emphasized phrase in the headline at the top, ‘I love my husband’.

On this same day, the 62nd Daytona 500 is taking place, and Trump is the Grand Marshal of the race.  See the prior post on it, because the car that was supposed to be in the race with the Trump-Pence 2020 artwork, crashed in Tennessee, or as the media put it, “somewhere in Tennessee”, meaning the story is bullshit, and part of an ongoing contrived narrative, by the numbers.

Read about Timothy Viens Trum-Pence car going off the road in Tennessee:

And don’t forget Rush Limbaugh’s connection to Freemasonry.

Pete also has the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry connection.

And don’t forget the parallel between homosexual and government.  Besides the Gematria overlap, they both like to fuck people in the ass.

In the past selection cycle, we saw the first openly homosexual governor in Colorado.

In light of the Colorado Governor being a Jew, don’t forget Colorado is the “Super 38” state.

Funny enough, Pete is 38 right now, reminding that D.C. is on the 38th Parallel.

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This news was published January 26, 2020, a date with 47 numerology.  1/26/20 = 1+26+20 = 47




GEMATRIA (Geometry in language)

GRAND ARCHITECT (Master Geometer)

In my decoding, I find that neither ‘messiah’, nor ‘mashiach’ have gematria of 424, and Trump is one off the mark, summing 425, so the truth of this story appears to be lacking.

Donald Trump.

Messiah = Mashiach

President = 52; White House = 52; Government = 52; *Gematria = 52

Perhaps there is another word for Messiah I am unaware of, but even still, Trump doesn’t even sum to 424, being one off the mark, with 425.  That said, go back to the 101 value in ‘Donald Trump’.  101 is the 26th prime number and this news broke on the 26th day of 2020, January 26.  Of course, YHWH sums to 26 in Hebrew and English, just as God sums to 26 in English.  And for a second of course, the ‘messiah’ is associated with God. In the case of Trump being the ‘Messiah’, don’t forget the term for the false Jews, who are liars, “The Synagogue of Satan”. *There’s a rumor out there that clan are all proud pussy grabbers.

*Edit: Upon further research, the term ‘Messiah Ben David’, who Trump is compared to in the audio clip, does sum to 424.

Messiah ben David = Messiah, Son of David

Watch here:

Take a look at this criticism of the Gematria comparison.

For one last point, keep in mind Trump’s father’s middle name is ‘Christ’ and his mother’s name is Mary…

Notice Mary became a U.S. citizen in 1942, 74-years before Donald Trump became President elect.

And relating to this final point, don’t forget Donald Trump’s likeness is on a shekel Israel, being sold to raise funds to build the Third Temple. In the Jewish prophecies, it is stated that the Jewish Messiah will arrive at the time of the Third Temple. Read more here:

Jewish Related

Contrary to what the opening paragraph says, it is an easily dismissed lie, about as far from a fact as possible.

For an actual fact, never forget that the New World Order was pledged to the Jews, October 6, 1940, a date with 75 numerology, like how this article reminds of “75 years” ago. Read more about why it was October 6, 1940 here:

As for Auschwitz, this is what young people need to know: