At least 10 Palestinians killed by Israeli soldiers in West Bank on 5th day of fighting, Israel’s 73rd birthday

Biblical Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military Murder by Numbers New World Order News War

This story comes May 14, 2021, Israel’s 73rd birthday.
*Gaza = 73
*73, 21st prime *Bible = 21 / 105 (Deadly violence began May 10, or 10/5)

Please read this passage from what is the 73rd book of the Catholic Bible, Revelation, a word corresponding with ‘West Bank’.

Today is May 14, or 14/5. *Catholic = 145

And the point made about the false Jews, the Synagogue of Satan, a five letter word, symbolized often in a 5 pointed downwards pointing star, syncs up with the Gematria of “at least 10 Palestinians” killed on the 5th day of fighting, May 10 – May 14, 2021, the year of ‘war’, instigated by ‘Jesuit’ agents.

*Notice how ‘Satan’ equates to 10, as well as 55, the repdigit of 5.

55, 10th triangular number
55, 10th Fibonacci number
-Numerology = 55
-Fibonacci = 55

Think of the 5th Degree of Satanism, MAGA (the highest degree).

Think of the 555′ foot tall Washington Monument in D.C.

Do you see the post time at 8:11?

Recall that al-Aqsa Mosque was attacked by Israeli Police with tear gas on the Muslim holy day of sacrifice, August 11, 2019, a major deal since al-Aqsa Mosque is the third most holy site in the Muslim world. *And recall we had Temple Mount circled for an event on the date of August 11, 2019 for about a year in advance. In the case of 2021, the altercation with Israel Police and Palestinians was at al-Aqsa Mosque, May 7, 2021, with “205” reported injured. *Israel = 205 (Jewish Gematria)

Making matters more interesting, notice that August 11, 2019 was a span of 643 days from May 14, 2021, Israel’s 73rd birthday

Israelites=117 *Chosen Ones=117 *Indigenous=117 *Testament=117 *Warfare=117
-Chabad Lubavitch = 117
-Sabbatai Zevi = 117
-Divination = 117
-Sixth Seal = 117
-Ancient Rome = 117
-Tyrannical = 117
Central Intelligence Agency=117 *The Pet Goat = 117 (Think of Bush on 9/11 & daddy in CIA)

Think of the definition of ‘Testament’.

And read about Sabbatai Zevi.

And with regards to the ‘sixth seal’, and Revelation 6:12, two days before that on the calendar, June 10, or 6/10, there is a total solar eclipse in the world. *6/10 is two days before 6/12

6/10/2021 = 6+10+20+21 = 57 *Moon = 57 *Jews = 57

And here’s the article.

Walmart, Trader Joes and Costco drop mask rules for vaccinated shoppers, May 14, 2021, Israel’s 73rd birthday (Your papers please?)

Catholic Church Coronavirus Corporate Islam Jesuit Jewish Related New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

This news comes May 14, 2021, Israel’s 73rd birthday, a big deal.

Theodor Herzl = 73 (Died in history 7/3, July 3, 1904)
David Ben-Gurion = 73 / 145 (14/5 establishment date, 73 years ago)
*Catholic = 145 (145 more chapters in Catholic OT than Protestant) (73 books in Catholic Bible)

And don’t forget Israel is the first country in the world to require the vaccine passport (papers), similar to how Jews had to carry papers in Nazi Germany in World War II, and of course, Israel was created because of what happened to Jews in World War II (per the his-story books). *IHS

Also, don’t forget that the day prior the CDC’s new mask guidance came, Thursday, May 13, 2021, the 133rd day of the year. And for whatever reason, this PRIVATE entity, that is not part of the GOVERNMENT, is dictating what the GOVERNMENT and PRIVATE world do.

Government = 133
-President = 133
-White House = 133

If you’re new here, see past posts on the CDC.

Bill Maher to miss first episode of Real Time after May 13, 2021, Covid-19 diagnosis

Catholic Church Celebrity Coronavirus Entertainment Jesuit Jewish Related News

Bill is trying to let you know it is a ritual…

Notice, this news broke May 13, the 133rd day of the year, connecting to ‘Real Time’.

The diagnosis came 113 days after his birthday January 20, 2021 (20/1 like 201).

Notice he is 65 years old right now. *Pandemic = 65

Also, this news is making the rounds on May 14, and Maher is half Catholic, half Jewish.

Catholic = 145 (Today is the day the Catholic Church made Israel).

Israel escalates acts of war against Gaza, May 14, 2021, on its 73rd birthday

Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military Murder by Numbers New World Order News War

It is May 14, 2021, Israel’s 73rd birthday, and after momentary peace talks, Israel has escalated the violence against Gaza with more acts of war.

Gaza = 73 (21st prime)

And again, 73 is the 21st prime number.

War = 21, Army = 21, Jesuit = 21, Evil = 21 *Bible = 21 / 105 (Acts of war began on 10/5)

Israel & Gaza seek peace relations on May 14, 2021, Israel’s 73rd birthday

Catholic Church Government Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military New World Order News Politics War Zionism

Israel turns 73 years old, May 14, 2021, and this news about ‘Gaza‘ comes one day prior.
*Gaza = 73

Notice in the article below, it is reported there has been a “bloody” ‘four’ day ‘military’ conflict with ‘Israel’, — and it is now being reported that physical conflict has stalled, May 14, 2021, Israel’s 73rd birthday (established 5/14/48).



*5/14/48 = 5+14+48 = 67 (19th prime) *5/14/1948 = 5+14+19+48 = 86

Israel’s 73rd birthday…

*73, 21st prime number (2021)
*David Ben-Gurion = 145 / 73 (14/5 date…)

+Theodor Herzl, dead July 3, or 7/3, 1904.

*Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism, died July 3 or 7/3… in 1904, at age 44, 44 years before the establishment of Israel, and again, here we are, after a ‘4’ day conflict.

4 represents death in the far east (Mandarin Chinese and Japanese)

Notice the part about 4.

Keep in mind the 73rd book of the Catholic Bible is Revelation, which teaches of the end times.

Revelation = 121 / 149 (May 29 is 149th day of the year)
401, 79th prime (79, 22nd prime) *22 Chapters in Revelation *Yeshua = 79 (Jesus truer name)
We are still in the time of 247 years since the anniversary of the Jesuit banishment

This news comes early, May 14, 2021, that Gaza and Israel are seeking peace.

Catholic = 145
Revelation, 73rd book of the Catholic Bible
Israel’s 73rd birthday…

And don’t forget the military conflict began May 10, 2021, 201 days after Netanyahu’s birthday.

The Jesuit Order = 201, The Holy Bible = 201

And it began on a date that can be written 10/5, like 105.

Bible = 105 *Zionism = 105 *Masonry = 105 *Peace = 105

And for another 44, it is the ‘Abraham’ Accords.

And notice where 121 fits in with Abraham, Genesis 12:1.

And please recall, Obama released his book ‘A Promised Land’, November 17, 2020, the day leaving 44 days in the year, the man who was President #44. Please read more about that book and how it also relates with Acts 7:6 here.

As for the Abraham Accords, they were agreed to on August 13, 2020, a span of 271 days from the start of the violence, May 10, and 274 days before the birthday of Israel.

271, 58th prime *Secret Society = 58 *Freemasonry = 58 *Jerusalem = 58 *Trump won 58th election
-Read about Trump’s big ritual with 58 on Jerusalem Day in Jerusalem (before going to the Vatican)

Read about Donald Trump in Jerusalem for Jerusalem Day.

Donald Trump = 138 (13/8 date)
August 13 is the 225th day of the year, related to the Great Tribulation (which relates to Revelation)

271, 58th prime

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 274 (Jesuit mott)

This conflict began May 10, 35 days before Trump’s birthday. *Catholic = 35

And in light of August 13 being the 225th day of the year, read about the relationship with the Great Tribulation, from Revelation and 225.

And if you don’t know, the Great Tribulation relates to war.

Bible = 21, Jesuit = 21, War = 21, Army = 21, *Evil = 21

The Jesuits are a military order. Donald Trump is Jesuit educated.

Israel stacking its troops on border of Gaza hours before its 73rd birthday, May 13, 2021

Biblical Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military War

This news comes just hours from the 73rd birthday of Israel, May 14, 2021. *Gaza = 73

Remember, 73 is the 21st prime. War = 21, Army = 21, Jesuit = 21, Evil = 21, Bible = 21

With regards to Bible, it also equates to 105, and the military altercation began on 10/5, May 10.

Keep in mind the Catholic Church is behind all of this, and there are 73 chapters in the Catholic Bible.

Think of Theodor Herzl’s death on July 3, 1904, emphasis on 7/3, like 73.

UN warns Israel-Gaza conflict could turn into ‘full-scale war’, Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Catholic Church Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military War
48+5 = 53 *Religion = 53

Notice the emphasis on ‘full-scale war’.

Tomorrow, May 13, is the 133rd day of the year. *Government = 133

And as we know, this entire thing is a major Jesuit (201) ritual.

Jesus Christ = 43 / 74
Society of Jesus = 191 (43rd prime)

Keep in mind this update comes on May 12, the 132nd day of the year.

Catholic Church = 132
Roman Catholic = 132
United States of America = 132

And we are just two days from Israel’s 73rd birthday, May 14, 2021, which fits in with the ‘Gaza’ conflict.

73 books in the Catholic Bible. *Gaza = 35 / 73
Gaza Strip = 45 / 54 *IHS = 45 *Jesuit Order = 54

And for one more point, May 14, 2021 will be 205 days after Netanyahu’s birthday. Israel = 205

Recall, on Friday, May 7 it was reported that 205 Palestinians were injured by Israeli Police, one week before the big day.

Israel ramps up airstrikes against Gaza, Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military New World Order News War

Israel’s attack against Gaza began on May 10, 2021, 201 days after Benjamin Netanyahu’s birthday. Read more about that here.

The attacks are reportedly being ramped up on Tuesday, May 11, the day of the week named after ‘Mars’, the God of War.

God of War = 37 / 127
5/11/21 = 5+11+21 = 37
May 7, when the recent tensions began, was the 127th day of the year *Mars = 57 (5/7)
Tuesday = 95 (Jesuits created to counter 95 Theses)