Kagney Linn Karter, adult film actress, commits suicide at age 36, February 15, 2024

Celebrity Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers Secret Societies Suicide

This adult star’s death by “suicide,” came on the 46th day of the year.
Sacrifice=46 *Execution=46

She was 36-years-old, going with her being in the “XXX” business.
XXX=666 (666, 36th triangular number)

Kagney Linn Karter=247 (The US is 247-years-old)


Deadly accident in Rochester, NY treated as potential terrorism, January 1, 2024

Death Murder by Numbers News Suicide Terrorism


This happened Monday, New Years Day, 2024.

Notice the gematria of ‘Kodak Center.’

Kill=44 & 64 (2024=20+24=44)
Military=107 & 44
Ritual Sacrifice=107

The number 190 is the 19th triangular number. *Chaos=19

Keep in mind Buffalo is near Rochester, and on November 22, 2023, you had the Bentley causing the deadly explosion on the Rainbow Bridge after crashing at a high rate of speed, another incident that was also investigated as terrorism.

New photos show that the Ford SUV was full of gasoline canisters.
Rochester, New York=222
Order Out of Chaos=222
As Above, So Below=222

Parasite actor Lee Sun-kyun dead from “apparent suicide, December 27, 2023

Celebrity Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers Suicide

Lee Sun-kyun is dead Wednesday, December 27, 2023, a date with 46 numerology.
Sacrifice=46, *Academy Awards=46

This is another way to join the 27 Club. *Ritual=27

He is dead at 48. *Hollywood=48 *Illuminati=48

He is also dead 74 days before the upcoming Academy Awards.
Killing=74, Occult=74, Masonic=74

It will be the 96th iteration. *Freemason=96 & 48

You could say he died a span of 75 days as well. *Oscars=75 (He was born in ’75)

He is also dead 77 days after the fourth anniversary of the release of the film.
Theater=77, Judaism=77, Zionist=77

And as we know, four is associated with death.

The film won four Oscars, released four years ago, and this death comes on the day leaving four days in the year.



Pennsylvania news anchor Emily Matson’s death ruled a suicide after being hit by a train, Monday, December 11, 2023

Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Suicide


Not only did she die at age 42, she died 42 weeks into her age. As we know, that number has a lot to do with the feminine. *Female=42, Lady=42, *Bitch=42

You could also say she died 293 days after her birthday (62nd prime number).
Sacrifice=62, Train=62 & 26, Emily=26


Notice, ‘Matson’ was with the network for 19 years.

Those cycles of 19 that Jefferson warned about way back when.

It goes with the moon being on a 19 year cycle, and her dying on a Monday.

Golden Gate Bridge suicide net is nearing completion, at the time of Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, November 19, 2023

Depopulation Government News Suicide


CNN features this story the day before Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, the man who got 81 million votes, and was born in Scranton, home of ‘The Office,’ off I-81.
Golden Gate Bridge=81 & 81
President Biden=81
President Trump= 81
Ritual=81 & 81

Joe Biden will turn 81 on November 20, 2023.

Recall when the bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh, January 28, 2022, the day Joe Biden was there to talk infrastructure. It was a perfect ritual. *Bridge Collapse=128 *Fern Hollow=128 (on 1/28)

These politicians make people jump off of bridges, only because the poor jumpers took the theater too seriously. And the poor people of San Francisco have had to deal with some of the most intolerable actors on the stage — London Breed (still waiting to see if her name is a misspell) (or is it London Bridge?), Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi, etc.

It was opened in history 86 years ago, May 27, 1937, the 147th day of the year.
It goes with the 147 windows at the White House.
President of the United States=147
US President=147

The Freemasons are builders, and notice where 81 meets 88 and the opening of the bridge.
Masonic Ritual = 88
Golden Gate Bridge=81
-Ritual=81 & 81

Notice this headline from August 8, or 8/8.

Four former and current LA Sheriff’s employees commit suicide connected to Robert Luna’s office, November 6-7, 2023

Government Murder by Numbers News Police State Suicide

Four deaths connected to the Sheriff’s office? We know four is associated with death.

This pertains to Robert Luna’s office, the man who became Sheriff just before the Lunar New Year Festival shootings in LA. Read more about that here.

This occurred exactly 48 weeks after he was sworn in on December 5, 2022.

Again, the moon is ‘illuminated.’

These deaths happened Between November 6 and 7, 2023.

11/6/2023 = 11+6+20+23 = 60 *Luna = 60 & 48

Recall, the Lunar New Year Festival shooting happened on his 48th day of being Sheriff.

Notice he is the 34th Sheriff of Los Angeles County, tying in with ‘suicide.’


Vegas Raiders’ Chandler Jones implies Aaron Hernandez didn’t commit suicide in live stream, Thursday, September 28, 2023

Celebrity Death Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Secret Societies Sports Suicide

In light of Chandler Jones speaking about the Aaron Hernandez death, recall these headlines:

Recall, Aaron Hernandez died the day the Patriots were at the White House.

In his post, he connected the death to Josh McDaniels. It is noteworthy that Hernandez died three days before McDaniels’ 41st birthday. The team was at the White House for the Super Bowl after all.
Super Bowl = 41

Keep in mind Aaron Hernandez died on April 19, or “Ignatius of Loyola Day.”
Order of Illuminati = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Jesuit Order = 144 & 72
Aaron Hernandez = 144 & 72
Ignatius of Loyola = 201

Now notice, the media wants to question his mental health.


Read more about Aaron Hernandez here.

Suicide deaths reached a record high in the US in 2022, the year of the new federal suicide prevention line

Coronavirus Federal News Population Control Predictive Programming Suicide

Suicide deaths hit a record in 49 million range in 2022.
Revelation = 49 (22 chapters long)
America = 49

Recall, they started the federal suicide prevention line last year by the numbers, July 16, 2022. Read more about that here.

And of course, all of this has been engineered intentionally, and especially lately with the very Revelation inspired coronavirus pandemic.

Ted Kaczynski reportedly dies by suicide, Saturday, June 10, 2023

Death Federal Government Murder by Numbers Suicide

He reportedly died on June 10, 2023, the 43 year anniversary of his fourth bombing.
Killing = 43, Suicide = 43, RIP = 43

His next bombing was in ’81, and now he is dead at 81, in the time of Joe Biden, who supposedly got 81 million votes, defeating Donald Trump.
President Biden = 81
President Trump = 81
Ritual = 81 & 81

He died 202 days after Joe Biden’s birthday.
Skull and Bones = 202
DC is the (202) area code