Scarface’s Smile in light of the deaths of Tupac Shakur & Notorious BIG

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Notice the checkerboard floor for The Untouchable album by Scarface, his fourth album.

Read about the ritual they did with Scarface and coronavirus in 2020 here.
Coronavirus = 56 & 155 *Freemasons=155 & 56 *Scarface=56
The Untouchable=155 & 56

It was on March 26, 2020 that Scarface was in the news, or 26/3, like 263, the 56th prime.

That was the anniversary of Eazy-E’s death, and Tupac was shot on the anniversary of Eazy-E’s birthday. *Of course, Eazy-E also died in a 201 ritual.

There’s also this connection to the album title.
The Untouchable=223 *Masonic=223
223, 48th prime number

In the Smile music video, Tupac is shown on the cross. Notice it released shortly after his death, and also just after the release of the Makaveli album, with Tupac on the cross like Jesus.

The release date of Scarface’s 4th album, with the Smile song, February 13, 1997, was the 44th day of the year. As we know, that number is connected to killing.
Tupac Amaru Shakur=193 (44th prime)

It was also 153 days after the death of Tupac, September 13, 1996.
Jesuit Order=153
The Illuminati=153
*Holy Bible=153
-*Jesus Christ=74

Recall, Biggie died in ’97, March 9, a span of 74 days from his upcoming birthday.
Christopher George Latore Wallace=153
-Notorious=97 (Dead in ’97)

Makaveli released 4 days before Scarface’s birthday. He was at the end of being 25.
Death = 25 (The number 4 is also associated with death)

Scarface’s album released 96 days after his own birthday, or the 97th day of his age, to start ’97, where again, Notorious BIG would die on March 9. *Notorious=97 *Death=97 (25th prime)

And recall, Tupac died at age 25.

And recall, Tupac died 213 days after his last album’s release while he was alive, February 13, 1996. It factors in with Scarface’s album releasing on the one year anniversary.

And as for dying on March 9, or 3/9.
New York=39

For another, notice the raven is part of the music video.
The Raven=39

You see Ravens in that shot as well, and Tupac died the year the Baltimore Ravens were established 1996. As we know, Super Bowl 58 is in Las Vegas this year, where Tupac was killed. And Tupac grew up in Baltimore, where Edgar Allan Poe died. Keep in mind Super Bowl 58 will conclude the 104th NFL season, going with ‘Tupac Amarau Shakur’ in more ways than one.
Tupac Amarau Shakur= 58 & 104

Again, the Smile song is on the album The ‘Untouchable.’

Recall, Tupac died on September 13, or 13/9.
Tupac Shakur=139 (Dead 13/9)
Freemasonry=139 & 58
Tupac Amaru Shakur=58
Secret Society=58


Also noteworthy, Tupac died 187 years after Edgar Allan Poe was born. He also died 147 years after he died. They’re both interesting numbers connecting to the Bible, as well as the Jesuits and Masons.

He also died 34 weeks after Poe’s January 19 birthday anniversary.
Murder=34, Rapper=34, *Maryland=34

The Ravens have won both of their Super Bowls with 34 points.

The Ravens won last night with #34, and Aglohor got his 34th career TD on 34 date num.

And it all goes with Tupac dying in Nevada, where Super Bowl 58 is at.
*Jesus=34 (Society of Jesus)

Funny enough, Usher is from Dallas, Texas, and Scarface is from Houston, Texas. And funny enough, he’s the halftime performer, and The Fall of the House of Usher came out at the time of the announcement, a Netflix series pertaining to Edgar Allan Poe.

Also, Tupac died 48 weeks after the Edgar Allan Poe death anniversary, October 7, 1995. Recall where we began, with 48. And keep in mind this year was the 174th anniversary of the death of Poe, and it was the day the war began in Israel. Of course, Israel was created in ’48.

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