Common pesticides in food reducing sperm count worldwide, study says, November 15, 2023 news

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This news comes on 69 date numerology, November 15, 2023.
Sterilization = 69
New World Order = 69
Catholic Church = 69
Illuminati = 69

11/15/2023 = 11+15+20+23 = 69

Read about the New World Order ritual with Kim Kardashian being GQ’s Man of the Year.

That story is buzzing today, November 15.

This one is flying under the radar.

FDA approves Eli Lilly’s diabetes drug Mounjaro for obseity under new name, Zepbound, November 8, 2023

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I don’t know if I would want a drug that was approved by the FDA on November 8.
Death = 118, Homicide = 118 (118 is a fateful pattern)

This news comes on 42 date numerolgy.
Eli Lilly=42 (96 & 48)
Freemason=42 (96 & 48)

The new name has familiar numbers. Think of the Scottish Rite, where the Rites were written by Jesuits.
Zepbound = 113, 103 & 32
Scottish = 113, 103 & 32
Jesuits = 103
(32 sun-rays on the logo *America=32)

And speaking of the Jesuits, notice the 72 weeks the drug is to be taken for.
Jesuit Order = 72

Don’t forget the Jesuits founded the Illuminati.
Eli Lilly = 48 & 120
Illuminati = 48 & 120

At the end of the day, the Illuminati is very much Catholic in origin.
Mounjaro = 35 & 46
Catholic = 35 & 46
Medicine = 46

Meat producer JBS USA hit by cyberattack, Sunday, May 30, 2021

Agriculture / Food Cyber Attack / Hacking News

The attack was Sunday, May 30, 2021, the 150th day of the year.
Illuminati = 150

This news comes on the back of Microsoft claiming SolarWinds hacked more than “150” government agencies.

And once again, when a ‘cyberattack’ is in the news, the coding of ‘Illuminati’ is always present.
Cyberattack = 188
Bavarian Illuminati = 188

The term ‘meat producer’ also fits in.
-Meat Producer = 139
-The Bavarian Illuminati = 139

And let us not forget that the Jesuit, Klaus Schwab, at the World Economic Forum, has recently began simulating cyberattacks with the ‘Cyber Polygon’ exercises.
José Batista Sobrinho = 72 (What JBS stands for)
JBS USA = 72
Jesuit Order = 72

Of course the World Economic Forum has been calling for ‘The Great Reset’ as well, which is about cutting carbon emissions, and meat consumption is one of the targeted objectives, along with fossil fuels, reminding us that this rash of cyberattack stories began on May 7, with the Colonial Pipeline hack…

Bill Gates is now the owner of the most private farmland in the world, per Forbes, January 14, 2021

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Forbes broke this news on January 14, 2021, the 56 date, and we know what gang Bill Gates belongs to, the Jesuit Order / Society of Jesus.

1/14/2021 = 1+14+20+21 = 56 *Society of Jesus

Get that, Bill Gates, the man who was head of evil Microsoft for 33 years, and is now the face of vaccines, is the biggest private ‘farmland’ owner.

If you missed my work on the TV show Utopia releasing 33 days before Bill Gates birthday, again, it is about a billionaire who wants to depopulate the world, and he wants to do it by sterilizing people with a vaccine, and the way he creates the “pandemic” is through illness that is purposefully put into the livestock he controls. Read more about Bill Gates, Utopia and his ‘Good Club’ here.

Speaking of the ‘Good Club’, which Bill Gates heads, a club fixated on population control, Forbes broke this story on his 79th day of his age.

1/14/2021 = 1+14+20+21 = 56