Utopia’s Janus & Bill Gates’ Good Club | The plan to depopulate by stopping human fertility in plain sight

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Read my post on the American version of Utopia which was released by Amazon on September 25, 2020: https://gematriaeffect.news/amazons-utopia-released-33-days-before-bill-gates-65th-birthday-september-25-2020-and-74-days-before-vaccinations-for-covid-began/

As for the second season of the British version of Utopia, it begins with a murder in Rome on March 20, 1979, the 79th day of the year, reminding of the coronavirus pandemic being declared on Anthony Fauci’s 79th day of being 79 years old, March 11, 2020 (he was born December 24, 1940).

The murder is conducted by a British MI5 agent, thus an agent of the nation controlled by Rome (as so many are).

What the agent is after is ‘JANUS’, a vaccine developed by a scientist named ‘PHILIP’ who says it is a necessity to depopulate the world, and the most humane way to do it is to make it impossible for 95% of humanity to procreate by modifying the RNA of those who receive the vaccine. As for the 5% who will be able to, it is those who are deemed to have superior genetics (which is not made clear in episode one of season 2… and that is as far as I am right now).

With regards to JANUS and PHILIP, and this showing being brought to light by AMAZON in 2020, the year of CORONAVIRUS, let the Gematria do the talking. And while we let is do the talking, remember, 2020 is in the time of Pope FRANCIS, the face of the VATICAN.

And in light of all of this being synced up with Bill Gates birthday as we covered in the last post, don’t forget the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the world was in SNOHOMISH COUNTY just north of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, or that the coronavirus outbreak simulation (Event 201) of October 18, 2019 was on Melinda Gates 65th day of her age, kind of like how the vaccines went live shortly after Bill Gates turned 65 years old on October 28, 2020.

65 million people die in the Event 201 simulation
The vaccines went live December 8, Bill Gates 42nd day of his age *Vaccine = 42
Coronavirus = 56 / 70

Read more about Event 201 here: https://gematriaeffect.news/event-201-the-coronavirus-outbreak-and-the-jesuit-couple-bill-and-melinda-gates/

Read more about Anthony Fauci’s 79 ritual here: https://gematriaeffect.news/white-house-publishes-statement-putting-blame-on-anthony-fauci-for-coronavirus-spread-july-11-2020-anthony-faucis-201st-day-of-his-age/

Again, Melinda has the same birthday as the Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus).

And notice, they were formed in PARIS, FRANCE, another 70.

Coming back to 79, this is where Bill Gates ‘GOOD CLUB’ fits in.

The Good Club met in 2009, 11 years before 2020


And as for how JANUS, ROME and GATES come together, look up the Roman God Janus, which January is named after. And remind yourself, when was the first case of coronavirus confirmed in the U.S. Ah yes, it was January 15, 2020… in Bill Gates 65th year of life, and just shy of his 65th birthday.

*The Great Reset = 151 *Sustainable Development Goals = 151
Agenda 21…. *Jesuit = 21 *Rome = 21

January 15, or 15/1…

As for where the GOOD CLUB met, it was at ROCKEFELLER University. Of course, like Gates, the Rockefeller family has been involved in “philanthropy” and vaccines, and in their case, since the 1920s.


Let us not how the name ‘ROCKEFELLER’ fits in.

And don’t forget it was Jesuit educated Anthony Fauci who said at Jesuit Georgetown there would be a surprise outbreak and pandemic in the time of Donald Trump.

As for the May 5th meeting, or 5/5, don’t overlook that Bill Gates was born in ’55, the year the polio vaccine was stopped due to the fact it was KILLING people. Of course, Bill Gates has the same birthday as Jonas Salk, the man credited with the vaccine.

And don’t forget that Elvis, who would go on to die at age 42, got the vaccine on live TV on Jonas Salk’s 42nd birthday, and Bill Gates’ first, in ’56.


And again, the vaccines went live in 2020, December 8, on Bill Gates 42nd day of being 65 years old.

See how history repeats itself?

Coming back to the 55 thing, Marilyn Manson has a great insight into the number in his song Say 10.

55, the 10th Fibonacci Number (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55)

55, the 10th Triangular Number (1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=55)

For one last point, season one and season two of the U.K.’s version of Utopia were released 78 weeks apart.

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