Amazon’s Utopia released 33 days before Bill Gates’ 65th birthday, September 25, 2020, and 74 days before vaccinations for Covid began

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Utopia is about a billionaire who runs a pharmaceutical company that wants to depopulate the world with a virus, and also administer a vaccine that makes humanity sterile for three generations. The billionaire is played by John Cusack. What’s funny about that is his name is a lot like ‘Bill Gates’, the man who was the CEO of Microsoft for 33 years, before becoming Mr. Vaccine with his Gavi Alliance.

Adding insult to injury, Bill Gates turned 65 years old, 33 days after this show released. *Pandemic = 65 *Corona = 33

Related: Read about Bill Gates and the film Inferno, also about a billionaire who wants to depopulate the world with a virus:

Go to 4:35 in this clip to hear Bill Gates say how we can reduce population with vaccines:

Even further, Cusack’s character’s name is Dr. Kevin Christie, equating to 84 and 96, the same as ‘William Henry Gates’, Bill Gates’ full name.

*Jesuit = 84 *Masonry = 84 *Freemason = 96

Furthermore, notice the show released 89 days after Cusack’s birthday.

(Utopia release date) *9/25/20 = 9+25+20 = 54 *Jesuit Order = 54 *Cusack 54 years old
(Inferno release date) *10/28/16 = 10+28+16 = 54

And for one last point, Cusack’s character is known as Mr. Rabbit in the show. Notice how that name overlaps with ‘Margaret’ and ‘Margaret Keenan’, supposedly the first person in the world to get the coronavirus vaccine, December 8, 2020.

Inferno released on Gates’ 61st birthday *God = 61

For the record, that was 74 days after the show released, and of course, Bill Gates’ Event 201 was October 18, 2019, the day leaving 74 days in the year, the coronavirus pandemic simulation.

9/25/2020 = 9+25+20+20 = 74

10/28/2016 = 10+28+20+16 = 74

*Bill and Melinda Gates = 74 *Masonic = 74 *Occult = 74 *Killing = 74

And for one last point, notice how ‘Utopia’ and ‘Covid’ overlap.

Keep in mind, Amazon made this show, a company out of Seattle, the same as Bill Gates.

*Kevin Christie also fits in. *K.C. is 11.3. (Pandemic declared 11.3)

If you don’t have time to watch this show, make enough time to do this. Go to the 30 minute mark of episode 4, and just watch for a couple of minutes. There’s a lot to see in every episode, and it is worth watching because it exposes what is going on in the world with regards to so many things, from the “pandemic” to the children used in “mass shootings.”

*The show’s tagline is, ‘Where is Jessica Hyde?’

Wuhan, China = 102 *Art of War = 102 *World War = 102 *Jonas Salk = 102

-Spanish Flu began in 1918, 102 years ago, and came out of WWI

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