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Some people contend Stanley Kubrick filmed the moon landing at Area 51.

First, notice the gematria of Stanley Kubrick, summing to 54 and 207.

Notice his name syncs with 54, the Jesuit Order number, and also 207, not unlike the date of the moon landing, July 20, or 20/7.

Let us not forget that July 20 is the 201st day of the year.  The big Jesuit number.

Read more about the Jesuits and 201:  https://gematriaeffect.news/pope-francis-lives-in-vatican-suite-201-march-26-2013-news/

As for the Area 51 piece, read more about Area 51, the moon, and SpaceX’s May 30, 2020 launch, 51 days before the 51 year anniversary of the moon landing here:  https://gematriaeffect.news/july-20-2020-will-be-the-51-year-anniversary-of-the-moon-landing-and-51-days-after-the-historic-spacex-launch/

Moon = 51; Conspiracy = 51; Area 51

And about SpaceX, Stanley Kubrick made 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968, a film about technology overtaking man, and Elon Musk is Mr. Technology…

1968 was a HUGE year (Chapter 2 of my new book)

There is also that bizarre incident of the astronauts reading Genesis while supposedly in space, Christmas Eve, 1968.  Keep in mind NASA and ‘Genesis’ have the 666 thing in common with gematria, and Stanley Kubrick died 666 days before 2001, dying March 7, 1999.

That was the 66th day of the year ’99. Number of the Beast = 66

Coronavirus Federal Government Science

Is it an accident that a story about abortion and ‘Remdesivir’ are on the front page at the same time>

Notice, they both sum to 122, and Roe v Wade was decided January 22, or 1/22.



Notice Gilead Sciences sums to 263, the 56th prime.  *Coronavirus = 56

Jesuit Military Science Weather

This news comes Tuesday, June 23, 2020, a date with 69 and 33numerology.

6/23/2020 = 6+23+20+20 = 69

6/23/2020 = 6+23+(2+0+2+0) = 33

The 7.4 magnitude earthquake in Mexico is a stand out magnitude, similar to 74.  We know how they love to bring 33 and 74 together.  You’ll notice when you read the article, it was felt in multiple neighboring nations of Mexico.

Recall the earthquake in Southern California, July 4, 2019, on the U.S. nation’s 243rd birthday.

The Manhattan Project was named after the city in New York, on the 74th Meridian West, where the WTCs turned to dust on 9/11/2001.

Read about Mexico City’s 32 year anniversary earthquake, September 19, 2017:  https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2017/09/19-26-44-55-85-93-163-powerful-71.html

Read about the July 4, 2019 1776 ritual with the California earthquake: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2019/07/74-1776-from-august-24-2014-napa.html

You’ll notice the epicenter was in El Coyul.

El Coyul and Mexico have a lot in common in gematria.

Weapons = 93

Atomic Bomb = 93

Last pilot to drop the atomic bomb died at age 93.  And the U.S. military planted these bombs all over the earth for testing purposes for about half a decade.


7.4, 74. *Jesus = 74; Cross = 74

6.8, 68. Crucifixion = 68

10:29?  29 is the 10th prime.  

10 represents satan and God in gematria.

This ritual takes place June 23, 2020, the day leaving 191 days in the year.

Society of Jesus sums to 191.

And 74 connects with Jesus.

Jesus on the cross at 33. The 7.4 on the 33 date numerology.

They first reported the earthquake as a 7.7.

Keep in mind, Anthony Fauci, a member of the Society of Jesus. is the front page story today.

Dr. Fauci = 35 / 46; Catholic = 35 / 46 *Virus = 46 *Chaos = 46


Big Tech Coronavirus History News Science

Notice the emphasis on ‘anti-science bias’.

Don’t forget this 133 story with today’s news cycle:  https://gematriaeffect.news/greg-sankey-sec-may-not-stage-championship-if-confederate-flag-is-not-removed-from-mississippi-state-flag-june-18-2020-news/

The emphasis on ‘for violating our policy against organized hate’ sums to 225 and 216.

The Great Tribulation = 225

6x6x6 = 216 (Prophecy = 666)

These numbers are being coded everywhere.

June 21, or 21/6, is days away.


Today is Zuckerberg 36th day of his age, born in 1984, on Israel’s birthday, May 14.

IHS = 18 / 36 (18th day of the month)

Fauci, an IHS type, or Jesuit, or Society of Jesus.

Read more about Mark Zuckerberg, the Jesuits and Israel: https://gematriaeffect.news/darpas-lifelog-a-similar-concept-to-facebook-concluded-the-same-day-facebook-launched-february-4-2004/


Coronavirus Jesuit News Science


Washington Huskies = 222

Wuhan Coronavirus = 222

Event Two Zero One = 222

Event 201 was the coronavirus outbreak simulation…

Notice, this comes out of Seattle, the big tech city.

William Henry Gates = 201 (Bill Gates, of Seattle’s, birth name)

Government News Outer Space Science

58, eh? Starlink, eh? Of course, NASA was established in 1958.

Science = 58; Secret Society = 58; Freemasonry = 58 / 59

This is happening, Saturday, June 13, the day leaving 201 days left in the year, and a date with 59 numerology. 6/13/2020 = 6+13+20+20 = 59


Coronavirus Financial Government News Science

6/11/20 = 6+11+20 = 37 *Stock Market = 37


The market is controlled by a very small group of people.  You mean to tell me that all of a sudden, out of the blue, these ideas just caused the market to fall by 1,500 points?  These ideas have been with everyone since this pandemic started and the government told everyone to stay home.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow, it’s the last day the market is open before Trump’s 74th birthday, this weekend, June 14.

Today’s date also had 57 numerology, the ‘vaccine’ number, and what do you know, Moderna has announced their planned Phase 3 trial…

6/11/2020 = 6+11+20+20 = 57 *Vaccine = 57

This news comes on the 163rd day of 2020, the 38th prime.

*Moderna = 38

30,000? *Vaccine = 30

Coronavirus News Science


Let Anthony Fauci clarify the coronavirus facts that the WHO is distorting on the 56 date numerology, the same organization that said “prepare for pandemic”, February 25, the 56th day of the year…

6/10/2020 = 6+10+20+20 = 56

This is all being done to create confusion, what the media specializes in.

Coronavirus News Science

Coronavirus vaccine news on June 8, or 8/6, like 86?

Keep in mind today’s date can be written 6/8, like 68, and coronavirus was coined in 1968.


In this update, nothing has changed.  Early 2021 is the target and ‘Moderna’, backed by Bill Gates, and the company making all the headlines by the numbers, is favored.  Recall, ‘Moderna’ sums to 70, same ass ‘coronavirus’, and they’re out France, like the Jesuits.

*Moderna = 34 / 38 / 70 / 119