Oregon governor to sign bill re-criminalizing fentanyl and heroin, March 8, 2024 news

Government News Overdose Population Control

Here’s the news out of Oregon on March 8, or 3/8, like 38, after many have died from the lax fentanyl policy in Oregon. Recall, ‘fentanyl’ became the talk of the town after ‘Prince’ died from it.

Keep in mind today is the 68th day of the year, and Fentanyl was approved by the FDA in ’68.

For another 68, it is the name of the Oregon Governor, Christine Kotek.

Let us also not forget the book The Population Bomb released in ’68.


Pawn Stars Rick Harrison’s son dead on the kill date, January 19, 2024, just before Super Bowl 58

Biblical Celebrity Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Overdose Sports


Pawn Stars began in Las Vegas, the city hosting Super Bowl 58.

Notice Rick Harrison is 58.

His son, ‘Adam Harrison’ is dead.

This year the Super Bowl is on the 11th of February, or 11/2, like 112.

This is why the son made a fitting sacrifice, as always, it’s biblical.

Furthermore, Adam, a biblical name, died on the ‘kill date’ for January 2024.


They’re saying he OD’d on the 19th.

‘Overdose’ also has the ‘Super Bowl’ overlap.

For one more, he died exactly 26 weeks before the anniversary of Pawn Stars start.

Remember, God makes Adam in the 26th verse of the Bible.

Friends star Matthew Perry’s cause of death reveals ketamine intoxication, December 15, 2023

Celebrity Death Entertainment Medical Murder by Numbers News Overdose

This news comes 48 days after Matthew Perry’s October 28, 2023 death.

They are blaming his death on the effects of Ketamine.

It also comes one Friday after Obama’s release of his end of the world thriller, that shows an eclipse.

Keep in mind the 2024 eclipse is on April 8, and an eclipse involves the sun and the moon, and Matthew Perry died the night of a full moon, the night of the Hunter’s Moon.
Hunter’s Moon=54 (Matthew Perry, dead at 54)
Jesuit Order=54

April 8 is 4/8, like 48. *Illuminati=48 *Hollywood=48 *Freemason=48 *Ketamine=48


For a bit more information on Ketamine:

Dex Carvey, Dana Carvey’s son, announced dead from OD, Thursday, November 16, 2023

Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers News Overdose

This news was announced on Thursday, December 16, 2023.
Thursday=35, OD=35 *Satan=35 *Baphomet=35
Dana Carvey=40

The name Dex Carvey also ties with Thursday.
Dex Carvey = 46

Keep in mind this happened in the 46th week of the year.
Sacrifice=46 (Genesis 46)

His name also had fateful Gematria.
Dex Carvey=44

The death was announced 167 days after Dana Carvey’s birthday (39th prime).
New York = 39 (He became famous on SNL in NY)

Dana Carvey is 68 at the time of this death, and caskets go ‘6 deep and are 8’ long.


Former child actor Evan Ellingson, dead at 35, Sunday, November 5, 2023

Celebrity Death Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers Overdose Skull and Bones


Evan Ellingson died Sunday, November 5, 2023, a date with 59 numerology.
Evan Ellingson = 59
CSI Miami = 59
*Kill = 59

He also died on November 5, or 11/5, like 115.
Killing = 115 & 115

He also died 67 days after Cameron Diaz’s birthday, and she played his TV Mom.
Evan Ellingson = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67

Keep in mind he died on a date important to the Jesuit Order.
Holy See=35

They’re saying it was likley an OD (overdose) *OD=35.

Robert De Niro’s grandson’s cause of death put out on 38th day since his passing, August 8, 2023

Celebrity Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers Overdose

Read about the death of Robert De Niro’s grandson on July 2 here.

Today is the 38th day sine his death.
Fentanyl = 38
Death = 38
Murder = 38
Killing = 38
RIP = 38

As we covered, his death was synced with ‘A Star Is Born,’ which he was in.

He was 19 years old and this news comes on 8/8.
19, 8th prime

Again, his death was synced with the film he was in, ‘A Star Is Born.’
The 19th Tarot Card is the sun card
The sun makes a figure-8 in the sky

Today is 9 days before Robert De Niro’s 80th birthday, August 17.
Sun = 9

There are 88 constellations in the zodiac and today is 8/8.

And notice how ‘fentanyl overdose’ equates to 79, matching De Niro’s age.


Again, today is 8/8. *Poison = 88 *Arsenic Poisoning = 88

Angus Cloud of HBO hit Euphoria, dead at 25, a week after his father (Stuntin Like My Daddy)

Celebrity Corporate Death Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Overdose
Elon Musk’s X was removed on the anniversary of Ignatius of Loyola’s death.

Dead at 25, and also an employee of HBO, like Paul Reubens.
Dead = 25
Pope = 25
HBO = 25

His actual first name is ‘Conor.’

Pee-wee Herman was announced dead today at age 70.

Conor (Agnus) reportedly died today around 11:30 AM PST. Today is the Feast of Loyola, the anniversary of Ignatius of Loyola’s death in 1556. It is also the day leaving 153 days in the year.
Jesuit Order = 54 & 153
Angus Cloud = 54 & 153
*Drug Overdose = 153
Overdose = 103
-Jesuits = 103
Society of Jesus = 56
HBO = 56

He died 21 days after his July 10 birthday.
Jesuit = 21

*Some sources say he was born July 11, which would mean he died 20 days after his birthday, or on his 21st day of his age.
Death = 20 & 25

He died 45 days after the anniversary of the show, or a span of 46.
IHS = 45 (45 date num. today)
Ritual = 45
Sacrifice = 46
Catholic = 46

In the episode where the main character OD’s after buying drugs from Angus’s charather, you can see firetruck #45 on the scene.

This episode aired June 23, 2019 meaning Angus Cloud died 38 days after the anniversary *Death = 38 *Lil Wayne = 38
June 23 leaves 191 days in the year *Society of Jesus = 191

Stuntin Like My Daddy = 103
Overdose = 103
Jesuits = 103

The episode’s title connects with Angus’s father dying shortly before him. The episode name is also in tribute to the song that plays by Lil Wayne and Birdman from the “Like Father, Like Son” album.
7/30/2023 = 7+30+20+23 = 81
Like Father, Like Son = 81
Ritual = 81 & 81

Society of Jesus = 187 (18/7)

Remember, Pee-wee Herman who made his debut on HBO in ’81 was announced dead today too, and 1981 was 42-years ago. That’s where ‘Euphoria’ connects.
Euphoria = 42
Jesuit = 42



Also relevant per the headlines, Angus Cloud is dead 58 months after Mac Miller.
Mac Miller = 58
Secret Society = 58
Freemasonry = 58
*Pope Francis = 58

He is also dead 58 days before Lil Wayne’s upcoming birthday, which means he is dead 307 days after his last birthday as well.
307, 63rd prime
Drug Overdose = 63 & 63


Mac Miller had a song called “The Jesuits.”

Again, Angus Cloud died on July 31, an important day to the Jesuits.

Mac Miller died September 7, or 7/9 *Society of Jesus = 79 *Murder= 79

And in light of Lil Wayne being on the song Stuntin Like My Daddy, his birthday is September 27, the day in history the Jesuits were recognized by Rome. He also has a song with Mac Miller called The Question.

The Question = 54 / 144 / 153
Jesuit Order = 54 / 144 / 153
*Angus Cloud = 54 & 153

Notice, Lil Wayne is 40-years-old, and soon to be 41.
Overdose = 40 & 41

Think of the 6-foot, 7-foot video, where he tanks a dunk in the tub. That is often a fateful place for entertainers, just like the number 6 and 7. Ask Prince, or Whitney, or Jim.
Human Sacrifice = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Wayne = 67

FYI, in light of Angus Cloud dying 38 days after the symbolic episode, the writer of the show is 38-years-old right now. That is Sam Levinson.

For another familiar pattern, his death comes 74-weeks and 1-day after the last episode of the show, which aired February 27, 2022.
Killing = 74 & 38
Jewish = 74
Jew = 38


Ray Lewis III dead from ‘accidental overdose’ news comes on the eve of Father’s Day, and just before the start of the 104th NFL season

Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers News Overdose Predictive Programming Sports

Notice, this news broke on the eve of Father’s Day, just before the 104th NFL season.

Father = 58 & 104 *Baltimore = 58 (The 104th NFL season ends with Super Bowl 58)

Notice how it all comes together, from Ray Lewis to ‘accidental overdose.’

And as a reminder, both the GM and owner of the Ravens, Eric DeCosta and Steve Bisciotti, are born April 10, or 10/4 like 104.

It connects with the 104th pick of the NFL Draft having attended Maryland.


Furthermore, notice the news of the death broke 31 days after Ray Lewis’ birthday, or on his 32nd day of his age, and just days before Father’s Day.

Again, the 104th NFL season ends with Super Bowl 58.

That also means the son died on the 67th day of the GM’s and owner’s age, or 66 days after their birthdays.