Coronavirus News Racism

This is such a sick joke by the news on April 7, or 4/7.  Of course it is the same ‘news’ that has programmed the populace to be ‘racist’ against black people, especially black men.

Notice for this article they chose to interview a black man in Ohio.

It’s likely not an accident his name sums to 60.  Don’t get me started on what they did with Kobe Bryant, scoring 60 points in his last game, 213-days after the death of Moses Malone at age 60.

And last, it’s probably not an accident they went to Ohio State University, since this story deals with the ‘coronavirus pandemic’.

Coronavirus News Racism

On April 2, or 4/2, like 42, you get this story out of Michigan… you know the list of words that sum to 42; Jackie, Slavery, Tuskegee, February, Nigger, Brothers, Bus, Martin, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and the list goes on.  This stuff is ‘sick’.

Another reader sent me this story from their paper in Philadelphia, also dated April 2, 2020.

Again, if you haven’t read Chapter 18 of my book, please do so.  It’s all about the contriving of news relating to people of darker complexions by the number 42.

Murder by Numbers Racism Science Weather,_1998

Notice, the second day of this storm, April 16, 1998, which wrecked Nashville, was a date with 137 numerology.  It was also the 106th day of the year.

4/16/1998 = 4+16+19+98 = 137

The first storm of April 16, 1998 hit at 3:30 PM.

Read about March 3, 2020 tornado here:

Read about 38 missing after tornado here:

A woman just called me from Nashville and asked me to look into this tragedy because she said the same area was just impacted March 3, 2020, the day we were keeping an eye on in regards to the state of Tennessee.  What she pointed out is that the area being impacted is predominantly black, but it is being gentrified and they’re trying to relocate the black population from the area.

They reported 63 tornadoes in the two-day “tornado outbreak”.  Guess why?

Read about the recent history of gentrification in Nashville:

Mass Shooting Police State Racism

Recall, the shooting took place on a date with 68 numerology.

2/26/2020 = 2+26+20+20 = 68

Thus, a ‘racist’ act provoked the shooting.  This is the latest in the Molson Coors shooting of last Wednesday, February 26, 2020.  The update comes Wednesday, March 4, 2020.

3/4/2020 = 3+4+20+20 = 47

*Anthony = 34 (Name of shooter) *Date can be written 3/4

Read more about Milwaukee shooting here:

Read more about shooter here:

Entertainment Jewish Related Politics Racism

Let us begin with some related hip-hop lyrics, courtesy of Ice Cube, from the song ‘No Vaseline’.

35-years?  The fallout is over Bernie Sanders.

Chuck D fired Flava Flav on March 1, 2020, the 61st day of the year in 2020.

Chuck D waited until March 1, or 3/1, to make this ritual by the numbers.

The fallout was posted on Twitter March 1, 2020 as well.

Notice, the show was February 28, the 59th day of the year, what is typically the last day of Black History Month, and the firing came 213-days after Chuck D’s 59th birthday.

In the case of Flava Flav, he was born in ’59, and this comes just days before his 61st birthday.  I won’t even mention the significance of him being 60-years-old.

Public Enemy also has a parallel to Bernie through Gematria.

Christianity Murder by Numbers Racism

This black man and church leader was found dead at age 42, and his death was blamed on heroin.

*NYC = 14+25+3 = 42

*You know about 42 and black history

His death came 116-days after his birthday.

The cause of death was put out Thursday, December 19, 2013, a date with 44 and 64 numerology.

12/19/2013 = 12+19+20+13 = 64

12/19/13 = 12+19+13 = 44

Read about his death here.

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Racism Sports
Kasino = 24 *Kobe, #24

Notice the latest rapper to be killed is shown in Lakers gear, and he was killed February 24, 2020, the date of the Kobe Bryant Memorial.  He was killed in Dallas.

This rapper, Channel 5 J Dub, was killed Monday, February 24, 2020, a date with 46 numerology.

2/24/20 = 2+24+20 = 46

This writer changes his name to “JDud” moving forward, which is sloppy, because that isn’t his name.  I confirmed it is J Dub.

His rap name, J Dub has fateful gematria.

59 also syncs with Black Mamba.

History Racism Sports

As covered on Patreon, Tyson Fury was going to win the fight vs. Deontay Wilder in the sick race ritual that was.  Read below to understand why.  The words that follower were written Thursday, February 20, 2020.  You’ll see how the fight was even synced with Mike Tyson’s and Buster Douglas’s fight from 30-years earlier, February 11, 1990.

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Tyson Fury:

*The rematch is 64-weeks after the last fight, on a date with 64 numerology.

2/22/2020 = 2+22+20+20 = 64 *Boxer = 64

Whoever wins will be the undisputed heavyweight champion, for the first time in 20-years…

On the surface, I see a sick racial joke here.

Think of Tyson’s 42:1 odds where he lost to Buster Douglas, on the 42nd day of the year, in Black History Month.

In this case, Tyson Fury can keep Wilder on 42 wins in February, and pick up his 30th win, by beating Deontay. This fight comes 30-years and 11-days after Tyson vs. Buster Douglas.

Recall how on February 11, 2020, the 42nd day of the year, we saw the death of the black musician in South Africa, who was said to be Mandela’s favorite artist, and how he died on the 30-year anniversary of the release of Mandela from prison.  We’ve seen these 30/42 rituals come together a number of times before.

This February is 30-years since Buster Douglas beat Mike Tyson with 42:1 odds, which was on February 11, 2020.

The fight is 237-days after Mike Tyson’s 53rd birthday. *Tyson’s b-days is 181st day (42nd prime)

2x3x7 is the prime factorization of 42.  *Wilder can stay on 42 wins

The fight is on Buster Douglas’ 322nd day of his age.

*The fight is 194-days (195) after Fury’s 31st birthday.

Deontay Wilder:

The fight is is 123-days (124) after Wilder’s 34th birthday.

The fight is 243-days to his next birthday, in the 243rd year of the nation’s existence.


Now that the fight is over and the prediction is correct, a big storyline is Tyson Fury licking the blood off of Deontay Wilder.

Notice, this is the big story on February 23, or 2/23, the number of Skull and Bones, 322, in reverse. *223, 48th prime *Blood = 48

Murder by Numbers Racism

Here’s another celebrity who met their demise on the 44 / 64 date, February 22, 2020.

2/22/2020 = 2+22+20+20 = 64

2/22/20 = 2+22+20 = 44

Further, she is dead on the 53rd day of the year from ‘Alzheimer’s’.

She died 26-weeks after her birthday, which is interesting, because her special day is on Kobe Bryant Day, a man who died on the 26th of January, in the “very 26” ritual that was.  *Bryant = 26

The Boule is likely near. *Boule = 26

Her full name was fateful (121), as was ‘B. Smith’.

Remember, as we said at the start of the year, 2020 was going to be rough for celebrities, and 71, the 20th prime, would be a pattern.