LeBron James suffers worst loss of career, 44 point differential, November 27, 2023

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The Lakers lost by 44, 138-94, and the NBA court is 94′ long. It also reminds us that LeBron signed his lifetime deal with Nike while the company was 44-years-old.

Ad notice how they got the 42 in there. *LeBron James=42 *Jesuit=42 *Freemason=42

And notice how they got that Embiid shot 60% from the floor. *Order=60

This news also comes in the 201st week since Kobe Bryant’s death. *The Jesuit Order=201

Of course, Kobe was from Philadelphia, connected to the ‘Synagogue of Satan,’ and partially explaining why his career high in points, 81, was in his 666th game.
*Kobe Bean Bryant=81 *Mark of the Beast=81

There were also 232 points scored in the game. *Satan=232

In this game Philly became 4-1 vs. the West *LA=41 *Kobe Bryant=41

And in light of the 42 & 60 racial code, keep in mind this happened November 27, the day leaving 34 days in the year, a number equating to the gematria of ‘black.’

For one more, Darvin Ham, the Lakers coach, stayed on 61 total wins with the team, 283 days after Jordan’s birthday (61st prime). *Philadelphia=61

Of course, MJ played his last game in Philly, Kobe’s hometown.

For one more, recall the 44 related NBA death that came just before Kobe Bryant’s.

Derek Chauvin Stabbed in prison, Black Friday, November 24, 2023

News Prison Psychological Operation Racism

Derek Chauvin was reportedly stabbed on ‘Black Friday’ at age 47.
Black Friday=47

This news broke Friday, November 24, 2023, the first of the last 38 days of the year, going with George Floyd being killed on the corner of 38th Street in Minnesota.

You could also say November 24 leaves 37 days in the year.

Tiffany Haddish arrested for alleged DUI, Black Friday, November 24, 2023

Entertainment News Racism Secret Societies

This news comes November 24, 2023, ‘Black Friday.’
Black Friday=47

Get it? #Whatis47?

Of course this story comes from the authorities, that schedule the regular programming.

And notice she is 43 right now, and this coincides with the 43rd annual free Thanksgiving feast for the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood.

Be careful at age 44 Tiffany.


George Brown, drummer of Kool & the Gang, dead at 74, November 17, 2023 news

Cancer Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Racism

This news broke November 17, the day leaving 44 days in the year.

They’re saying he passed from Stage 4 Lung Cancer.

And as for his age of death, 74…
Killing=74 & 38

He was born on January 15 or 1/15.
Killing=74 & 115
Masonic=74 & 115
*Kool & the Gang=115


He retired 59 years after the band began. We’ve seen it before.
Slave=59, Negro=59, Blues=59, Rasta=59

And notice how it says nearly 60 years. In this case, he died November 16, 60 days before his January 15, 2024 birthday. It’s another number connected to race.

Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt joins Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, national news, November 16, 2023

Celebrity Education News Racism Secret Societies

Notice, the emphasize race and her being 18. It goes with her January 8, or 1/8 birthday.
Race 18 & 81 (1/8 or 8/1 date)

Today leaves 45 days in the year (the day of the news).
Ritual = 45, 81 & 81

Sororities are also secret societies, and fittingly today is Angelina Jolie’s 166th day of her age.
Secret Society

Jolie is 48, reminding that the founder of the Illuminati died November 18, the 322nd day of the year.

The daugther’s name also has standout Gematria.
Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt = 322

Today is also 333 days after Brad Pitt’s birthday, and he is in the film Fight Club, about a secret society.


The Ravens | Keaton Mitchell & Anthony Mitchell in light of upcoming Super Bowl 58

History Racism Secret Societies Sports

Super Bowl 58 is upcoming (February 11, 2024)
Keaton Mitchell = 58 & 148
& 148

The Super Bowl is 25 days after his January 17 birthday.

#34, had 34 yards, on 3 attempts in his last game (the controversy).

34 has been a number with the Ravens and their Super Bowls.

Case in point, they beat the New York Giants 34-7 just before September 11 happened. You know, when the “giant” towers came down in New York.

There were 41 points scored in that Super Bowl.
Baltimore = 41 & 58 (Super Bowl 58)

Anthony Mitchell was on that team. *Anthony Mitchell=179 (41st prime)

The Ravens also won the Harbaugh Bowl, Super Bowl 47, 34-31.
Maryland = 34 & 47 (John=47 — John Harbaugh beat Jim Harbaugh)

The city of Baltimore is currently 3-1 in Super Bowls (the Ravens are 2-0 right now) (the Baltimore Colts were 1-1). They have a chance to become 4-1 as a city (like 41). *Baltimore=41

For one other interesting point, his father, Anthony Mitchell, wore 42 with the Ravens (and other teams), and the Super Bowl is on the 42nd day of the year, 60 days after his December 13 birthday.
Nigger = 42 & 60
Malcolm X=42
Muhammad Ali=42
LeBron James=42

Anthony Mitchell, #42, went to Tuskegee.

Do you recall the US Mint’s ’42’ Tuskegee coin?

The 60 days after his birthday could also be symbolic of other thing, including Jordan being 60 at this time (his logo is all over the NFL), and the 60th US Presidential Election being in 2024, the year of the Super Bowl. *Donald Trump = 60

Keep in mind Anthony Mitchell will be 49 at the time of Super Bowl 58.
-The Harbaugh Bowl was Ravens over 49ers
-Super Bowl = 49
-America = 49
-Scottish = 49
-Catholicism = 49
-NFL = 49

He was a member of the Super Bowl winning Ravens that won the 2000-’01 season, just before 9/11.

Tracy Chapman wins CMA Award for ‘Fast Car’ 35 years after the song’s release, November 8, 2023

Awards Ceremony Celebrity Entertainment News Racism



They waited until she was 59 to give her this award. Think about Motown in ’59, and the rest of the live that is heavily connected to race.

The word ‘car’ also has Gematria of 59. A reminder to all celebrities, be safe on the road, especially if your skin is of a darker complexion. We know how these rituals so often unfold (see what happened to the Black Panther stuntman and his three children on Halloween). Keep in mind that recent tragedy was in the Atlanta area, a “59 city.” *Atlanta, Georgia=59

This award comes 223 days after her birthday.
The Synagogue of Satan = 223

It goes with her receiving the award 35 years later.

And no, this ritual is not unrelated.


Taraja Ramsess dead at 41 with his three children, Halloween, October 31, 2023

Celebrity Death Entertainment History Holidays Murder by Numbers News Racism Satanic


Notice, this man and his children died at age 41, on Halloween. *Halloween=41

The founder of the Black Panthers was Huey P. Newton. *Huey P. Newton=41

And if you die at 41, you die in your 42nd year of life.

We know what they did to Chadwick Boseman, on Jackie Robinson Day, #42.

As you’ll recall, they even changed Boseman’s age of death from 42 to 43 after the story broke.

*Keep in mind this death came right after the Carolina Panthers first win of the season, and the 213th franchise win all-time. *Black Panther = 213 *Death = 213

His name had symbolic gematria, going with the 206 bones in the adult human body.
*Masonic Temple = 206
Taraja Ramsess = 206
Sacrifice = 206

He also died a span of 257 days from the birthday (Feb. 17) of Huey P. Newton.
Blood Sacrifice = 257

That means he died 257 days after the anniversary of the film’s release February 16, 2018.
257, 55th prime
Satan = 55

There are 5 degrees in the Church of Satan. It is 5 years and change later.

For one more, he died 38 months and 3 days after Chadwick Bosemen (August 28, 2020).

Keith Lee gets CNN’s attention for his TikTok channel, November 2, 2023 (the 59 code)

Big Tech Entertainment Food News Racism

Keith Lee is on CNN’s front page on November 2, the day leaving 59 days in the year, after his visit to Atlanta, Georgia to review restaurants.
Atlanta, Georgia = 59
Slave= 59
Negro = 59
Rasta = 59
Blues = 59

Motown in ’59, and he is from Detroit.

The list goes on…
Lee = 59

Wikipedia even has him listed at 5’9″.

The 14 million views on TikTok fit the code in this way.
Slave = 14, 59 & 76

TikTok=40 (Think 40 Acres and a Mule)


Officer involved in Tyre Nichols killings pleads guilty to federal charges, November 2, 2023

Biblical Death Federal Freemasonry Government Legal Murder by Numbers News Psychological Operation Racism Secret Societies

This news comes November 2, 2023, the day leaving 59 days in the year.

Slave=59, Negro=59, Rasta=59, Blues=59, Motown in ’59 (Ephesians 6:5-9).

Tyre Nichols funeral was in the Masonic Temple. And the Mason’s are very much into Solomon’s Temple, which was commissioned to be built by the King of Tyre.

It’s biblical. King James died at age 58, and he was a Freemason and Rosicrucian.

He died on 1/10. *Prophecy=110

Today Eric Adams is getting shamed, the 110th Mayor of New York City.


Today also happens to be the 106th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration.
Black Lives Matter = 106
Black Power = 106
Black = 106

For one more point, notice his sentencing is May 22, 2024, or 22/5. Recall, 225 was a big number in the George Floyd death ritual, that also had a lot to do with the other numbers mentioned so far.