The Trump assassination attempt just before the GOP Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in light of Teddy Roosevelt’s near death in the same city, October 14, 1912 (and William McKinley)

Federal Government History Predictive Programming Secret Societies Shooting

Notice the assassination of Teddy Roosevelt was October 14, 1912, the day leaving 78 days in the year. It goes with Trump’s near-death experience at age 78, in Butler (Butler=78), two days before the GOP Convention began in Milwaukee, July 15, 2024.

Keep in mind the convention begins on 15/7, like 157, and the supposed shooting at Trump came 157 days before the Pope’s December 17 birthday. It ties with the assassin.
Thomas Crooks=157 (37th prime)

Furthermore, Teddy Roosevelt died at age 60, and the upcoming US Presidential Election is the 60th.
Donald Trump=60

Again, the assassination attempt was a span of 60 days from the attempt on George Wallace’s life, May 15, 1972 (a man trump has been compared to).
George Wallace=60

Teddy Roosevelt also died on January 6, the date that Trump made infamous on January 6, 2021.

He was the 33rd Governor of New York (New York=33 & 78)

Notice that January 6, 2021 was the 102nd death anniversary for Teddy.

Art of War=102

As we know, the US Civil War began on April 12, 1861, the 102nd day of the year (’61, like 6/1 date).

That war ended with the assassination of Lincoln, and both Lincoln and Kennedy were picked in ’60 years (1860 & 1960).

Also noteworthy, the shooting came a span of 107 days from Roosevelt’s birthday anniversary.
Shooting=107 *John Fitzgerald Kennedy=107 (He would be 107 years old)

The shooting also came 27 weeks after Teddy’s death anniversary (Ritual=27).

Furthermore, Roosevelt replaced William McKinley, the 25th President, who was assassinated in New York (Buffalo). It matters he was the 25th. (*Trump=25, Death=25).

He was killed on 35 date numerology (lots of 35 in assassination history)
Trump was shot 35 days before De Niro’s birthday (De Niro has been gunning for Trump, like Arthur Bremer for George Wallace)

The shooting of Trump came 44 weeks and days after the anniversary of McKinley’s shooting.
Shooting=44 *Execution=44 *Kill=44

Theodore Roosevelt Jr.=96 *Shot on 9/6 *Freemason=96 *Satanism=96 *11/22/63=11+22+63=96

The shooting of Trump was 63 days before McKinley’s death anniversary, going with JFK in ’63.

And notice he died on 14/9, whereas JFK was born on the 149th day of the year (35th prime).

Notice how Wiki even connects Butler to the number 35.

Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56 *All Seeing Eye=56

Notice above in the Wiki that Garfield was assassinated in ’81 (Garfield=44, Shooting=44), like Reagan was shot in 1981, and Joe Biden is 81 years old right now.
President Biden=81
President Trump=81

Remember, Biden got “81 million votes,” a record.

Butler, Pennsylvania, the location of the Donald Trump assassination hoax, July 13, 2024

Elections History News Politics Predictive Programming Secret Societies Shooting

Butler is a town associated with theater, and the assassination hoax of Donald Trump was purely political theater, which only the sheepiest of the sheepiest fell for (that’s about 95% of America).

Let us begin with the man who the town is named after, Richard Butler, who died at age 48.
Donald Trump=48, Hollywood=48, Illuminati=48, False Flag=48, *Hoax=48

Richard Butler=139 *Gun Control=139 *America=139 *Freemasonry=139

He died at age 48. *Donald Trump=48 *Illuminati=48 (Trump could become #48)

The day of the shooting would have been the 104th day of Richard Butler’s age. It goes with the assassin having a name equating to 104 (Thomas Matthew Crooks=104).

It was also 103 days after his birthday anniversary. *Butler=103, Pennsylvania=103 *Jesuits=103

This year will mark the 233rd anniversary of his death, one day before the election.
233, 51st prime & 13th Fibonacci Number (Shooting on 13th of July)
Conspiracy=51, Federal=51

Trump was shot 114 days before his death anniversary, 11/4 (President of the United States=114).

His date of death can be written 4/11, like 411. *Assassin=411 (Jewish Gematria)

JFK was shot from 411 Elm St.

JFK, #35, was killed on I-35, and the wiki has to point out Butler is 35 miles from Pittsburgh.

Keep in mind Dallas and Pittsburgh have met in the Super Bowl a record THREE times.

Pittsburgh beat Dallas in Super Bowl X (10) (21-17), Super Bowl XIII (13) (35-31), and Dallas beat Pittsburgh in Super Bowl XXX (30) (27-17). This year the Super Bowl is 59, and it will be 29 years since Super Bowl 30, and the game will be played on 2/9 (February 9, 2025).

From Butler’s birthday to his death was 217 days later, or a span of 218 days (TRUMP=218).

From the anniversary of Butler County being established, March 12, 1800, to the shooting, July 13, was 123 days later (12/3 date of establishment)(Conspiracy=123)(Major General Richard Butler=123).

And don’t forget Butler is on the 40th Parallel North, and it is 40 years since Ronald Reagan won reelection in 1984, 40 years ago, when he was #40, the first to run on MAGA (United States=40, US=40).

Butler also has the 84 & 78 connection (Trump is 78 years old) (Butler=84 & 78, Jesuit=84 & 78).

George Clooney’s big week in the news before the Butler, PA Trump shooting (hello Batman)

Celebrity Elections Entertainment Federal Government News Politics Predictive Programming Psychological Operation Secret Societies Shooting

Batman had a Butler.

George Clooney was Batman, and Trump says he is Batman.

Trump just suffered the shooting in ‘Butler.’

Bruce Wayne=45, 54 & 153 (Trump, #45)
Bruce Wayne=117
Central Intelligence Agency=117
Jesuit Order=54 & 153
Bavaria=54 & 54 (Melania is 54)

The shooting of Trump, on July 13, 2024, came 54 days after Cannonball Day (Jesuit Order=54).

The shooting of Trump, came 68 days after George Clooney’s birthday (Donald John Trump=68).

68 was a big year (assassinations), and it is big with the CIA (CIA=68).

RFK shot in ’68, and MLK shot on 4/4 in ’68.

You know about 1968, right?

Anyway, it was 56 years ago, and George Clooney has the 5/6 birthday (Society of Jesus=56).

New postage stamp price, $0.73, as of Sunday, July 14, 2024

Federal Government Predictive Programming

The price of a stamp is increasing to 73 cents after several recent hikes. *Mail=73

Sunday, July 14, the date of the hike, leaves 170 days in the year. *Mail=17

I wonder if a Kamala version isn’t too far off. *Harris=73

They’re making the change on July 14, or 14/7 (147 windows at the White House).
US President=147 *President of the United States=147

July 14 is 18 weeks 3 days before Biden’s birthday (President Harris=183).

Day 1 of Alec Baldwin trial, Wed. July 10, 2024

Celebrity Death Entertainment Legal Murder by Numbers Predictive Programming Secret Societies Shooting

Yesterday, September 7, 2024, the jury was chosen 97 days after Baldwin’s birthday. This trial is about the death of Halyna Hutchins (Death=97, 9/7 date).

The trial has began July 10, or 10/7, like 107. *Shooting=107

This ritual was synced with the military invasion of Russia into Ukraine on the orders of Vladimir Putin, the man with the October 7 birthday, or 10/7, like 107. *Military=107

To summarize how dumb this ritual is, the prosecution opened by saying Aled Baldwin was playing “make believe.” Well, last time I checked, that’s pretty much what Hollywood was.

63-year-old George Clooney tells Joe Biden to get out of the race, 118 days before November 5, 2024

Celebrity Elections History News Politics Predictive Programming Secret Societies
Today leaves 174 days in the year *Political Theater=174

This news concerns 63-year-old George Clooney telling Biden to get out of the 2024 race.

Of course, JFK was shot in ’63.

JFK was also killed in Dallas, Texas, and today leaves 118 days until the election. *Dallas, Texas=118

Keep in mind JFK would be 107 years old today, and today is 10/7.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy=107 *Shooting=107

They just paid HUGE tribute to 63, 107 & 118 in the NBA Finals between Boston and Dallas, where JFK is connected heavily to Boston, and died in Dallas. In this case, Dallas ended the Playoffs with only 118 wins, tying in with Dallas as well as the ‘Celtics,’ and Joe Biden’s Secret Service name is Celtic (Celtics=118) (Celtics=46, Joe Biden, #46, JFK dead at 46, Celtics were 46-40 v. Mavs before Game 1).

Notice George Clooney has a May 6, birthday, or 5/6, like 56.

The November 5 election leaves 56 days in the year. *Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56

George Clooney made this film in 2011, The Ides of March, a title related to the killing of Caesar.
Ides of March=56 & 61 (today has 6/1 date numerology)

The Ides of March=71 (7.1 rating)

That film came out October 7, or 10/7, the other 107 date.

For one last point, Clooney’s fundraiser event for Joe Biden was June 15, the day leaving 199 days in the year, the 46th prime, going with Joe being #46, and JFK being killed at age 46.

Also related, Obama announced he was running for President in the year Clooney turned 46, 2007.

Obama announced 633 days before the November 4, 2008 election (4/11 date, like 411 Elm St., where JFK was shot from)

The Left-Wing Alliance that surpised the French vote, Sunday, July 7, 2024

Catholic Church Jesuit New World Order News Predictive Programming Secret Societies

The “left’s” suprising win in France came 199 days after Macron’s 46th birthday.
199, 46th prime number

In light of DC being laid out by the French, and the city of Washignton DC being in the time of #46, elected 46 weeks after the first Jesuit Pope’s birthday, when the Jesuits are from Paris, France, all of this is very important (Catholic=46).

He is the 25th Prime Minister of France (Biden=25, #46).

For one last point, Macron was born in ’77, and this vote was on 7/7. *United States=77

And don’t get me started on the London 7/7 bombings after 9/11. *Secret Society=77

Left-wing Alliance=153 & 72 *Jesuit Order=153 & 72 *President Biden=72 *President Trump=72

Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, on the 72nd day of the year… (March 13, 2013).

This ritual also came on the 231 days of Joe Biden’s age (33 weeks). It goes with France being the +33 International Dialing Code (Ignatius of Loyola=231).

And then the 33 part. *Federal=33 *Secrecy=33 *Order=33 *Masonry=33

U.K.’s new leader Keir Starmer pledges to steer Britain toward ‘calmer waters’ after winning on July 4, 2024

Elections Jesuit New World Order News Politics Predictive Programming

Keir Starmer won the election on the 201st day of the Pope’s age, July 4, 2024.
The Jesuit Order=201 *Order of Illuminati=201

He also won the election 60 days before his September 2 birthday.

It goes with the upcoming 60th US presidential election. *Order=60 (Jesuits began with 60 members)

And notice, today, July 5, the day after, is 201 days after the Pope’s birthday (or the 202nd day of the year) and CNN’s top story is more Democrats are moving towards Kamala Harris, who will turn 60 years old on October 20, 2024, just before the election (DC is the (202) area code).

And going back up to the to CNN front page screenshot, notice the emphasis on ‘Calmer Waters.’

Donald Trump=138 & 48 (Trump is age 78)
Prime Minister=78 *Jesuit=78
Vatican Hill=186 (he won the election on the 186th day of the leap year)

The Labour Party has won in ’24.

He was installed on July 5, 2024, 619 days after Rishi Sunak took office on October 25, 2022.
619, 114th prime

The date July 5 is written 5/7, like 57 in the U.K.

Recall, Rishi Sunak called for the elections 43 days before they happened, and 43 is the 14th prime number, and the Conservative Party’s 14 years in power came to an end with this election.

Read more about Rishi Sunak by the numbers here.

Biden’s Press Secretary says he is ‘absolutely not’ considering quitting the US Presidential race, July 3, 2024

Death Elections Federal Government History Murder by Numbers Politics Predictive Programming
Today has 54 date numerology *Jesuit Order=54
Today has 34 date numerology *Biden=34 *Francis
Recall, Joe Biden was Inaugurated 34 days after the Pope’s birthday

#46 says ‘absolutely not.’

Catholic=46 (JFK, first Catholic, killed at age 46) *Sacrifice=46 (Genesis 46)

Don’t forget JFK was elected 46 weeks after the Pope’s birthday, or RIP Beau Biden, at age 46.

And don’t forget RFK and Joe Biden were both born November 20. *RFK=46

Also, since Karine Jean-Pierre delivered the remarks, it is 46 weeks and 3 days after her birthday.

Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=325 *Joseph Robinette Biden=325

JFK was killed in Dealey Plaza, named after a Scottish Rite Freemason.

Today is a span of 143 days to the 61st anniversary of JFK’s assassination, November 22, 2024.

She is the 35th White House Press Secretary, and JFK, #35, was killed on I-35, at age 46.
Catholic=35 & 46

Today is 199 days after the Pope’s birthday (the 46th prime number).

Today is also 170 days after MLK’s birthday (assassinated in ’68, with RFK)

Today can also be written 7/3, like 73. *Sacrifice=170, 73 & 46

Recall the very Jesuit ritual killing of MLK, from the 4th state, Georgia, on 4/4. Of course, Joe Biden took office with #44, Barack Obama.
Joe Biden=44 *Georgia=44

44 is fateful. *Kill=44 *Execution=44 (Ides of March to remember killing of Caesar in 44 BC)

Read about Georgia being called for Joe Biden on the 44th day of Jimmy Carter’s age.

Also, notice the rest of the gematria of ‘absolutely not.’

First, the 71 & 46. *Catholic=71 & 46 *Absolutely not=71 & 46
Second, this cover page comes July 3, the day leaving 181 days in the year. *Absolutely Not=181

181 is the 42nd prime and Joe Biden was born in ’42 *Jesuit=42 *Freemason=42

The Truman Show’s “Pluto” introduction & the United States of America’s 248th birthday

Astrology Entertainment History Predictive Programming Secret Societies
June 5, or 5/6, the anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s death *Ronald Reagan=56 *Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56
The director of The Truman show is Peter Weir. *Peter Weir=56

At the beginning of The Truman Show, the main character is greeted by the dog Pluto.

Dalmatians are often associated with fires because of firemen
Truman=24 (the United States is turning 248-years-old in 2024, emphasis on ’24)

Again, Pluto has a 248 year cycle, and the United States of America will turn 248 years old on July 4, 2024, days away.

After encountering the dog Pluto, Truman then witnesses a stage light fall from the sky with Sirus written on it. Sirus is the dogstar.

Notice, this year, the helical rising of Sirius falls on July 19, 2024, the 201st day of the leap year.

Canis Major is one of Ptolemy’s 48 constellations. Notice where ‘Truman Burbank’ fits in.

The divisors of 33 sum to 48, and Truman was the 33rd US President.

Also, in light of Sirius falling next to Jim Carrey, he was born James Eugene Carrey.

Notice the 95 overlap with ‘Sirius.’

The Jesuits, who created the Illuminati, began by countering the 95 Theses.

Speaking of Jesuits and Hollywood, Donald Trump connects both, and he is Mr. 248, attempting to win election while the country is 248 years old, like how the election was called for him in 2016 while he was on 248 electoral votes (and it goes with his mugshot in Atlanta on 24/8).

48 constellations in Ptolemy’s, 88 modern constellations.

Trump is a big star on the stage.

FYI, Harry S. Truman died at age 88.

He died the year Joe Biden became Senator-elect.
Harry S. Truman=59 (Biden would win 59th US Pres. Election)
-He died 49 days after the ’72 election

January 20, 2025 will mark 72 years since Truman left office. *Jesuit Order=72

The sun moves one degree on the astrological wheel every 72 years.

Since Trump announced he was running in 2015, he has been a non-stop reality TV show, even more so than his The Apprentice from years earlier.
The Truman Show=185
Donald John Trump=185
Harry S. Truman=148
Donald J. Trump=148

Jim Carrey took some shots at Donald Trump with artwork in 2020.
James Eugene Carrey=76 *Donald John Trump=76 *Harry S. Truman=76

Here is a bit more information on Claudius Ptolemy, who designed a geocentric model of the earth that was backed by the Catholic Church.