Coolio dead on 201st day of Amish Paradise anniversary, September 28, 2022

Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Jewish Related Murder by Numbers News Predictive Programming

Weird Al Yankovic’s ‘Amish Paradise’ was on the album ‘Bad Hair Day.’
Bad Hair Day = 46 / 62
Sacrifice = 46 / 62
-46 books in the Catholic OT
-Genesis 46 begins with a ‘sacrifice’
-Weird Al is Jewish, like the OT
-Torah = 62
-Elohim = 62

As we know, Coolio died on the 46 year anniversary of the song sampled for Gangsta’s Paradise, which was Stevie Wonder’s Pastime Paradise. He is also dead while Weird Al is 62 years old.

And on top of that, Coolio died on the 201st day of the anniversary of Bad Hair Day.

Amish Paradise = 123 (Big song on album) 12/3 release date…

Order of Illuminati = 201 / 93
Lancaster = 93
*Coolio = 93
*Harvest = 93

Coolio’s death comes during harvest season.

Weird Al born in ’59, Coolio dead at 59, on 59th day of his own age, and on a 59 date numerology

Coolio died 25 days before his birthday.
Death = 25

Coolio died on a date with 79 numerology.
Alfred Yankovic = 79
Society of Jesus = 79
*Murder = 79

Weird Al has Jewish ancestors, but was raised Catholic.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania = 322

CNN breaks the news of Coolio dying on Stevie Wonder’s anniversary of releasing Pastime Paradise, September 29, 2022

Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Predictive Programming

CNN just broke this news, after we broke the news…

Keep in mind today is September 29, the day leaving 93 days in the year.
Coolio = 93

As we know, 93 is related to time, through the sun and Saturn.

The photo is from the ’95 Billboard Music Awards.

Again, September 28, the date of the song’s release and now Coolio’s death date, when counted through December 31, is a total of 95 days. And Coolio’s birth name equates with 95, the reflection of 59, his age of death, on the 59 date numerology, on the 59th day of his age (born August 1, 1963).

Coolio’s death on 46 year anniversary of Stevie Wonder’s Pastime Paradise, the sample for Gangsta’s Paradise, September 28, 2022

Black Lives Matter Celebrity Entertainment Freemasonry Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Predictive Programming Racism

Notice that Pastime Paradise, sampled for Gangsta’s Paradise, was released on the album Songs In The Key Of Life, September 28, 1976, meaning Coolio died on the 46 year anniversary of its debut.
Sacrifice = 46
Svengali = 46
Rap = 46

It ties in with September 28 being the 271st day of the year.
Gangsta’s Paradise = 271

Coolio’s debut album released in ’94 (Sep. 28 leaves 94 days in year)

And with regards to Coolio dying at 59, and the song coming out in ’76…

Remember, Black History Month was recognized by the US Federal Government in ’76, and for the month of February, the month ending on the 59th day of the year. And it goes with Stevie Wonder being part of Motown, which debuted in ’59.

Coolio also died on his 59th day of his age, and on a 59 date numerology.
9/28/22 = 9+28+22 = 59

And notice where Coolio’s birth name fits in, equating to 76.
Artis Leon Ivey Jr. = 76

Songs In the Key of Life = 289 *African-American = 289

He also died on Stevie Wonder’s 139th day of his age.
139, 34th prime
Rapper = 34
Murder = 34
Black = 34
-Freemasonry = 139
-Free = 34

*You could also say it was 138 days after his birthday.
Saginaw, Michigan = 138 (His hometown)

Stevland Hardaway Morris = 135 (13/5 birthday)

He is 72 years old at the time of this ritual.
Jesuit Order = 72

And the date of Coolio’s death had 79 numerology as well.
9/28/2022 = 9+28+20+22 = 79
Murder = 79
Wonder = 79

Wonder wasn’t his real name.


Record Plant = 54
Stevie Wonder is 72 right now…
Coolio’s death comes on Michelle Pfeiffer’s 153rd day of her age…
Jesuit Order = 54 / 72 / 144 153
*Jarel Posey = 54 / 144


He died 161 days after his manager’s birthday, Mr. Posey.
Gangsta’s Paradise = 161
Los Angeles = 161

And notice this 59 / 177 / 201 connection with Louanne Johnson, the author of the book Dangerous Minds is based on.

Vladimir Putin grants Edward Snowden citizenship +Hurricane Ian news, September 26, 2022

Federal Government History Jesuit Military New World Order News Police State Politics Predictive Programming Psychological Operation Staged Media / Controlled Opposition Technology Weather
Edward Snowden = 149 / 202 *Skull and Bones = 149 / 202

Hurricane = 97
-97, 25th prime
-Flood = 25
-Earth = 25

If you count today, September 26, through December 31, it is a total of 97 days.

And in this case, Ian is intensifying on this day.

Yesterday, the 25th, Ian was also big news.

Notice his name, Edward Joseph Snowden. It is just perfect for ‘Russia.’

This news comes 97 days after his birthday (25th prime).
Roman Catholicism = 97
Pope = 25

If you count today through December 31, it is a total of 97 days.

Notice he is from Elizabeth City, in North Carolina, and the Carolinas are named after the Queen.

Edward Joseph Snowden = 87 / 93 / 222 / 291
Russia = 87
-Saturn = 93
-Order Out of Chaos = 222
-Recall Russia putting its troops in Ukraine on 2/22/22
-December 12, 2022 will be 291 days after Russia-Ukraine began

This comes 11 days before Putin’s 70th birthday, and 11 is the master number.
Putin born October 7, 1952

And watch how this story develops on September 27, the big Jesuit date that is.
Russian Citizenship = 95
Snowden = 95

September 27 leaves 95 days in the year. And it is the Jesuit recognition anniversary. Of course, they were created to counter the 95 Theses.

Also, Snowden’s birthday is the 172nd day of the year.
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172

AND FINALLY, in today’s news it is essentially Russian spies and the return of Mussolini. Funny.

Those who don’t know history… are doomed to repeat it….

Fresh Kills landfill full of 9/11 debris to be made into park by 2036

History Predictive Programming Terrorism

Fresh Kills is being made into a park, and CNN launched the news on the 19 year anniversary of 9/11, in the middle of Covid, and just two weeks before Jeff Bezos released his remake of Utopia? Wow.
Fresh Kills = 119
Park = 19

You know all the 119 and 19 rituals with 9/11, and clearly they’re not over. As I always say, the story will continue, by the numbers, as long as these same controllers continue to rule.

FYI, the park is supposed to open in 2036, 35 years later.

Would you be surprised if it ended up being 2040, 39 years later, in ‘New York?’

Donald Trump’s routers rant at Turning Point Action in Arizona, July 26, 2022 news

Federal Government News Predictive Programming Secret Societies

Notice, this was news on New York’s birthday, July 26, and it is the 11th state. In this case, it was the 11 references to the Routers in Arizona, which reminds of the World Series after 9/11, New York & AZ.
New York = 39
Arizona = 39
Secrecy = 39
Federal = 39
Masonry = 39

Amazon’s The Terminal List in light of the coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus Entertainment Military News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Predictive Programming

The Terminal List was created by Seattle based Amazon, and the show ends on Orcas Island, not far from Seattle. It’s about a vaccine experiment on Navy SEALs that goes wrong and ends with a deadly coverup mission so that the financial profiteers can hopefully walk away from the experiment cleanly.

Remember, Seattle is the 68 / 94 city.
-Amazon launched in ’94
-Bill Gates became famous in ’94
-Kurt Cobain died in ’94
-Seahawks won 94th NFL season (only Super Bowl winning season)
-Russell Wilson’s grandpa died at 94
-Bill Gates’s dad died at 94
-His mom died in ’94

And remember, coronavirus was coined in ’68, and the first confirmed case of Covid-19 in the world outside of China was in Seattle, Washington, the home of the world’s biggest needle (Space Needle).

That was one decade after Bill Gates declared a Decade of Vaccines in Davos, Switzerland, January 29, 2010.

Notice the 212.

In this show, the Navy SEALs are told they’re received a Vitamin B12 injection, but instead they are receiving what turns out to be a certain death experiment.

B is the 2nd letter. Thus, B12 is 212.

It compares with ‘coronavirus vaccine.’

The star of the film is Chris Pratt.
Chris Pratt = 132
Vaccine = 132

There have been several coronavirus rituals with all of these numbers. And here are a few to remember with 212. Read here. And here. And here.

ALSO, the “evil company” in this film is located in San Francisco, on the 122nd Meridian West, like Seattle. And it is named ‘Capstone Industries’.
Capstone Industries = 111
Vaccination = 111
-Capstone = 30 / 42
-Vaccine = 30 / 42

The lead of the company is ‘Horn,’ like what the devil has. Of course, the Church of Satan was founded in San Francisco by the numbers.
Satanic = 122
Satan = 55
Horn = 55 / 53 / 28
-Covid = 53 / 28

Michael and Janet Jackson and their song Scream’s release of May 29, 1995

Celebrity Entertainment Predictive Programming
Janet Jackson = 201
Scream = 23 / 40 / 59 / 103 *Motown in ’59 *Jesuits = 103 *United States = 40
This song released 40 days after OKC bombing (that made people scream)

Read the Scream lyrics here.

Notice this released on the May 29, 1995, what would have been JFK’s 78th birthday.
Kennedy = 78
Jesuit = 78
Scottish Rite = 78

Think about the Jesuits and the 95 Theses.

And suddenly this headline makes a lot more sense.

Q’Anon is a Jesuit operation on the truth community.

Back on topic, the release of Scream was 40 days after the OKC bombing of April 19, 1995.
Scream = 40
Moonwalk = 40
United States = 40
US = 40

That was a monster 201 ritual.
Timothy McVeigh = 201

In this case, Janet Jackson is in the video…
Janet Jackson = 201
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
-*Q’Anon = 201
-And way more… as covered…

It was also along I-35, like the JFK killing in Dallas, #35.

So remember May 29 is the 149th day of the year, the 35th prime.
Catholic = 35
Holy See = 35
Jesuitism = 35
Paganism = 35
Eye = 35

The eye on the dollar bill in ’35.
Satan = 35
Baphomet = 35

-At 3:02 in video…
-America = 32
-Scottish = 32
-32nd degree of Scottish Rite and Jesuits
–Scottish = 103
–Jesuits = 103
–Scream = 103
-32 sun-rays on Jesuit logo

Also, the moon landing was on the 201st day of the year, and Michael is the moonwalker.
Neil Alden Armstrong = 201

The music videos futurism looks like the post Meta world looking back. And is that blad guy on the TV behind Michael and Janet in the video supposed to Mark Zuckerberg in 10 or 15 years?

Song May 29 (Music video premiere June 13)

64 million viewers for Diane Sawyer’s interview of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley?

And notice the interview was June 14, meaning the video premiered June 13, the day leaving 201 days in the year….

June 14 through December 31 is a total of 201 days

Remember, the girl with Elvis when he died had a name equating to 201.
Ginger Alden = 201

And did you know there is a book with Elvis and 201 in the title? Read here.

Michael Jackson’s career began in ’64.

Today he would have turned 64 years old, August 29, 2022.

64 spaces on the chessboard, black and white

The Scream video is black and white like the masonic chessboard

Again, today, Moon Mission (Moonwalk) and Jackson, MS flooding.


That ’95 interview with Diane Sawyer was 289 days after Michael’s birthday.
African-American = 289 / 116
Jackson = 116

Ketanji Brown Jackson just became 116th Supreme Court Justice 289 days after her birthday.

And recall, she was nominated 201 days before her birthday.

Michael Jackson’s and Princess Diana’s lone meeting, July 16, 1988 (and her death on the 10 year anniversary of Dirty Diana’s debut)

Celebrity Entertainment History Murder by Numbers Predictive Programming

Michael Jackson performed for the Royal Family on July 16, 1988.
Elizabeth = 88

It was 86 days after Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, or her 87th day of her age. Keep in mind his most recent album, Bad, has released in ’87.

And don’t forget Michael and Prince were both born in ’58, of course Prince died on the Queen’s birthday in 2016, on April 21 (I Would Die 4 U…)

Michael also performed 44 days before his own August 29 birthday.
Jackson = 44

Michael Jackson’s album Bad released August 31, 1987, ten years to the day of the death of Diana. Of course, one of the tracks on that album was called Dirty Diana.

ALSO, recall Artemis is another name for Diana, and the NASA Artemis rocket launch, the latest moon mission, was scheduled for Michael Jackson’s 64th birthday (Virgo = 64).

And notice the moon went into Virgo on August 29.

Michael Jackson born in same year as NASA, and 325 days before Moon Landing of July 20, 1969 & why that matters in light of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry flag traveling on the NASA mission

Freemasonry Jesuit News Outer Space Predictive Programming Racism Science Secret Societies

Michael Jackson was born the same year as NASA, one month later.

Gary, Indiana = 58 / 68 / 103 / 194

They said they took the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry flag to the moon.

Moon = 57 / 51 / 21 *Gary = 57 / 51 / 21

Scottish Rite = 57, Moon = 57, Conspiracy = 57, Outer Space = 57

Read about the Scottish Rite flag going to the moon in ’69, supposedly.

FYI, the moon landing by Apollo 11 was also 40 days before Jackson’s 11th birthday.
Moonwalk = 40
United States = 40
US = 40