Roman Reigns correct prediction of Super Bowl 58, 49ers vs. Chiefs, in August of 2023

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Super Bowl 58, between the 49ers and Chiefs, as Roman Reigns predicted, will take place 104 days before his May 25, 2024 birthday. Of course it is the 104th NFL season.

This goes along with this year’s Royal Rumble, won by the 15th entrant in the ring, who won the event back to back. Of course, this year in Super Bowl 58, Patrick Mahomes, #58, is going for back to back Super Bowl wins, like Joe Montana did in Super Bowls 23 & 24.

FBI director Christopher Wray issues dramatic public warning, January 31, 2024

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit News Power Grid Predictive Programming Secret Societies
wreak havoc=107/44/55 *Military=107/44/55

This news comes a span of 322 days before Christopher Wray’s 58th birthday.

He attended Yale, which is 322 years old.

Think of Yale, Skull and Bones, Order 322.

This news also comes on 56 date numerology. And the FBI operates with 56 field offices.
1+31+24=56, Washington DC=56, Society of Jesus=56, Freemasons=56

This news also comes on 1/31 and they’ve been warning about how a cyberattack can take out the power grid. This news also comes shortly before the Super Bowl.

The phrase power outage also equates to 56.
Power Outage=56

Keep in mind Super Bowl 58 is close.
Super Bowl=131, Power=58

Taylor Swift, 1989 and Super Bowl 58

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Taylor Swift was 24 when her 1989 album released.
89, 24th prime

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, paying tribute to her birth year, has Super Bowl 58 implications.
Swift=58, Taylor Alison Swift=104 (104th NFL season)

Patrick Mahomes is going for his 89th career win in Super Bowl 58.

She is dating his favorite receiver, who plays for the Chiefs, in Missouri, the 24th state.

Recall, Joe Montana, the “old Patrick Mahomes,” who played for the 49ers and Chiefs, went back-to-back in the two NFL seasons connected to 1989. That was the ’88-’89 season, and the ’89-’90 season.

This year, Super Bowl 58 was set on January 28, 2024, the 34th anniversary of Joe Montana winning back-to-back. *49ers=34 *Mahomes=34 *Nevada=34 (Where Super Bowl 58 is)

Mahomes can win back-to-back in ’23 and ’24, and Montana won back-to-back in Super Bowls 23 & 24.

The 49ers won this year with 34 points.

There were 65 total points and the 1989 album was released on the day leaving 65 days in the year.
San Francisco 49ers=65

And the 34 goes with Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce being 34 years old at the moment.

The 49ers are currently 34-33 vs. the AFC West.

Keep in mind Nevada is where the nuclear test site was, and Taylor Swift is traveling from Japan to Nevada the day of Super Bowl 58. Of course, Nevada is associated with nuclear bombs being detonated, and it is a reminder that last summer the movie Oppenheimer came out. In fact, it came out July 21, 2023, the 202nd day of the year. And this Super Bowl will be Andy Reid’s 202nd game with the Chiefs, and it will take place while Missouri is 202 years old, and it will take place vs. the 49ers, after Tony Bennett’s death on the 202nd day of the year. *San Francisco=202

It ties in with it being Super Bowl 58.
Nuclear Weapon=58, Swift=58

For another point, the Nevada Test Site will turn 74 at the end of 2024.

And for another point, 2024 began with a big earthquake in Japan, 41 days before the Super Bowl on the 42nd day of the year.
Super Bowl=41

And for one last point, the 1989 World Series earthquake involved San Francisco.
October 17, 1989

From the 1989 Super Bowl win to the World Series earthquake was a span of 269 days.
269, 57th prime, World Series=57

And from the 1989 earthquake to the January 28, 1990 Super Bowl, was a span of 104 days.

Taylor Alison Swift=104, 104th NFL season

AI Porn of Taylor Swift at a Kansas City Chiefs game gets 58,000 views on X, just before Super Bowl 58, January 25, 2024 news

Artificial Intelligence Big Tech Celebrity Pornography Predictive Programming Sports

Notice the part below about 45,000 reposts.
Deepfakes=45, Pornography=45, Ritual=45

The news breaks on Taylor Swift’s 44th day of being her age (34).

The images went up on X late on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.
X=24 (the latest 24 ritual with X)

Kansas City Chiefs? 58,000 posts? Just before Super Bowl 58?

Again, Andy Reid is on 58 losses with the Chiefs, and born in ’58.

Also, the owner of the Chiefs, Clark Hunt, is 58.

Keep in mind Super Bowl 58 is the 54th Super Bowl of the modern era.
25/1 date (251, 54th prime)

Also, the emphasized headline goes with the posting date, January 24, or 24/1.

For one more, they stayed up for 17 hours, being removed on the 25th, 17 days before the Super Bowl.

And notice, this is bringing more calls for the government to bring more laws to the internet.

Rats and mice are spreading Disease X in Ukraine? (CNN, January 21, 2024)

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Notice that CNN ran this story on January 21, 2024, four days after the “Preparing for Disease X” conference by the World Economic Forum. It is a reminder that four years earlier to the day, coronavirus was confirmed in the United States, in Bill Gates backyard, a member of the WEF. Of course, it was his former company Microsoft that put out the video game “A Plagues Tale” about disease spreading through rats around that same time.

So here we are, just documenting the storyline they’re laying down. Notice, in this case, the disease spreading in Ukraine (another massive 201 ritual), is through rats, and it is causing people to bleed from their eyes. It sounds pretty terrible, and that would be at least 20 times worse than Covid.

For one more point, let us not forget that they compared Covid-19 to Spanish Flu, which came out of World War I, 102 years prior to Covid.

Bill Gates warns about how the advancement of AI over the next 5 years will result in more terrorism and cyberattacks by ‘bad guys,’ January 18, 2024

Big Tech Celebrity Cyber Attack / Hacking New World Order News Predictive Programming

This news came 80 days after Bill Gates birthday. I think I know what he meant by ‘bad guys.’
Bavarian Illuminati=80, Satan=80, Baphomet=80

As for the gematria of ‘bad guys,’ it fits the gang.
Bad Guys=79, Society of Jesus=79, Knights Templar=79

Kate Kelland, the author of Disease X: The 100 Days Mission to End Pandemic

Coronavirus Jesuit Medical Pandemic Predictive Programming

Kate Kelland=201 (author of Disease X)

This goes with the WEF having the “Preparing For Disease X” conference January 17, 2024, exactly 201 weeks after the coronavirus pandemic was declared, March 11, 2020, something that occurred just after the WEF simulated the coronavirus pandemic with Event 201.

It ties in with the US Congress having a meeting about Disease X June 13, 2023, the day leaving 201 days in the calendar year.

And what a nice touch to release the book on the 33rd day of the year, February 2, 2023?

Portland’s latest power outage on the day of Tucker Carlson’s warning

Energy News Power Grid Power Outage Predictive Programming

In Portland, Oregon, the city lost power January 13, 2024, and power was just restored to everyone, finally, Thursday, January 18, 2024. Keep in mind Thursday is named after Jupiter, associated with Jupiter, or Zeus, the lightning god (electricity).

As for the power going out January 13, it was the same day Tucker Carlos did this video.
Be Prepared. The grid is going down.=144, Jesuit Order=144

Notice, January 13 can be written 13/1, like 131. *Blackout=131

January 13, 2024 was also a date with 58 numerology.
1/13/2024=1+13+20+24=58 (Power=58)

Keep in mind Portland, Houston and a few other cities suffered lengthy power outages beginning Valentine’s Day in 2021. I bring this up because Oregon has a Valentine’s Day birthday, the 45th day of the year, going with Portland being on the 45th Parallel North.

That means this power outage began 32 days before Valentine’s Day.

It is a reminder the Public Enemy album, What U Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down shows Arizona on the cover, and Arizona also have a Valentine’s Day establishment anniversary.

As for Portland, the power was restored today, January 18, or 1/18, like 118. The grid?
The Grid=118, 44, 37 (Portland=44 & 37) (RIP City=44)

Donald Trump receives 56,000+ votes in Iowa, January 15, 2024

Elections Federal Government Jesuit Politics Predictive Programming Secret Societies

Donald Trump gets 56,000+ votes in Iowa!

It’s a reminder the coronavirus pandemic was declared in 2020, 56 years after his Jesuit education began at Fordham University.
Society of Jesus=56
Washington DC=56

And you know the rest of the long list.

Keep in mind the caucus was on January 15, or 1/15, and the election is on November 5, or 11/5. Of course, both numbers are similar to 115, a reminder that Donald Trump took office in 2017 with the 115th US Congress.

It also reminds us that November 5 leaves 56 days in the year.

Keep in mind January 15, 2020 is the day they say coronavirus arrived in the United States, and it is the day Trump agreed to his trade deal with China. Of course, Trump was in Switzerland on January 21, 2020, at the World Economic Forum, the day the case was confirmed in the United States, the first case outside of China in the world.

For one more, January 15, 2024 had 60 date numerology, going with the upcoming election being the 60th US Presidential election.

And for another interesting tidbit, the vote was on Trump’s 216th day of his age, going with Cleveland being the (216) area code, and Trump trying to become the nation’s second split-term president, like Grover Cleveland. It is also a reminder that Trump had his 2016 GOP Convention in Cleveland.

As for Vivek’s disappointing finish being a big story, notice his birthday is August 9, the day leaving 144 days in the year, a reminder that the election is 144 days after Donald Trump’s birthday.

Vivek went to a Jesuit high school in Cincinnati, St. Xavier High School.

That means he got smashed by Trump 159 days after his birthday.

Vivek Ramaswamy=57, Ramaswamy=57, Scottish Rite=57

Trump will be 78 at the time of the election, going with the 78 cards in the Tarot deck, and the rites of the Scottish Rite being written by Jesuit Priests.

World Economic Forum’s Disease X meeting for January 17, 2024 will come 201 weeks after the coronavirus pandemic was declared

Coronavirus New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Predictive Programming

The date for the Disease X meeting by the World Economic Forum is Wednesday, January 17, 2024.

That is exactly 201 weeks after the pandemic for coronavirus was declared, March 11, 2020.
Event 201 was the WEC coronavirus simulation
The Jesuit Order=201
Order of Illuminati=201

Keep in mind The Johns Hopkins University was founded by a Skull and Bones member.
Skull and Bones=201

And remember, 201 is 311 in base-8 counting.

311 is a lot like 3/11, the date of the coronavirus pandemic declaration.

Also noteworthy, notice the gematria of ‘Vaccines for Disease X.’