London confirms first human case of flu strain A(H1N2)v in tribute to George Orwell, Monday, November 27, 2023

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This news comes to end 2023. *Pig=23

It is Monday, November 27, 2023, the date of the “first human case of flu strain A(H1N2)v.” It is similar to something going around in pigs. Can you saw George Orwell? Can you say Animal Farm?
Animal Farm=65, United Kingdom=65, *Pandemic=65 *Swine=65

Recall, 65 million died in the Event 201 simulation.

And recall this post that got me deleted on YouTube involving pigs, humans, health & 201.

This post was also part of the information in that banned video.

Today is 155 days after George Orwell’s birthday. Remember Clade X on May 15, 2018? Remember Operation Warp Speed on May 15, 2020? That’s the day to celebrate Mercury, Mercurlaia.

Recall how they speculated coronavirus began with bats and pigs.

Coronavirus=56 & 155, Freemason=56 & 155, Society of Jesus = 56 *George Orwell=56
Orwell begins Burmese days with a focus on the number 56 (Burma Campaign=56)
Captain Tom of the Burma Campaign died 56 days after the Maggie Keenan vaccination
Burma Campaign=56, Maggie Keenan=56

Then William Shakespeare died after being vaccinated, seriously (at least what they told us).

Recall how the pandemic was declared March 11, 2020, after the first case in the world outside of China was confirmed in Bill Gates backyard, January 21, 2020, George Orwell’s death anniversary. Of course, Anthony Fauci became the face of the situation, the man that was in charge of the NIH since 1984, the infamous George Orwell year. And in this case, today is the 311th day since the death anniversary of George Orwell, similar to the date March 11, or 3/11.
Event 201, the coronavirus pandemic simulation (October 18, 2019)
201 is 311 in base-8

Today is 102 days after the anniversary of the publishing of Animal Farm.
Art of War=102, World War=102 (Reflection of 201)

Recall the massive 102 and 201 rituals in the time of Covid-19, across the world.

August 16 leaves 136 days in the year (it is the first of the last 137 days of the year — 33rd prime)
Warp Speed=136, 107, 44 *Swine Flu=107, 44

Read more about 102 and coronavirus here.

Recall the tribute to 56 and 119 and 911 in Art of War here.

Today also comes 172 days after the 1984 publishing anniversary.
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam=172

Today is 199 days after Rishi Sunak’s birthday, the 46th prime. *Virus=46

Tomorrow will be 200 days after his birthday, and also his 201st day of his age.

Wednesday, associated with Mercury, will be his 201st day of his age. Recall, Mercury has the 201 connection, and the vaccine connection.
Rishi Sunak=129 (201 in base-8 counting)