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Recall, we had Portland, Oregon and September 11, 2020 circled weeks in advance, and on the date it made the international news for “WORST AIR QUALITY IN THE WORLD” due to the “wildfires” burning around the city. Again, that was the 106th day of the Black Lives Matter / George Floyd protests.

Black Lives Matter = 106
I can’t breathe = 106
Black = 106

Keep in mind the George Floyd pretrial began for his murder on that same date, September 11, 2020. And also, don’t forget he was from Houston, Texas, because as we know, Portland and Houston just got the worst of the Valentine’s Day power outages, which we also called before they happened.

Anyhow, from September 11, 2020 to the Valentine’s Day power outages was 156 days later, and 911 is the 156th prime number.

Read more about Portland and Houston connections here.

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The song begins with this verse.

The song also repeats the lyrics “out like a light.”

Travis Scott is from Houston, Texas. From the release of Travis Scott’s hit song Sick Mode song to the Valentine’s Day ritual in Houston was exactly 909 days, which matters, because in the time the city is freezing, #99, JJ Watt (Watts, energy…), is talking about leaving the Houston Texans.

Keep in mind the number 99 (like 909) is associated with Jupiter, and Jupiter is associated with electricity. Read more about that here.

When you think of Jupiter, think of Zeus, with the lightning bolt in his hand, because Zeus represents Jupiter.

And never forget the Jupiter ritual of July 4, 2016.

Furthermore, notice how Valentine’s Day was 75 days before Travis Scott’s birthday. That matters because ‘electric’ equates to 75.

Keep in mind he is on ‘EPIC’ Records.

New World Order = 75 *Catholic Church = 75
Read more about the New World Order and the Catholic Church here.

Also notice how ‘electric’ overlaps with ‘Valentine’.

As for J.J. Watt, remember, his birthday is March 22, or 3/22, like 322, and this event came 322 days after Klaus Schwab’s birthday, the man who called for “The Great Reset” and was perfectly synced with the Valentine’s Day power outage, which we called before it happened.

Keep in mind Deshaun Watson is also thinking about leaving HOUSTON.

Furthermore, notice J.J. Watt’s full name, Justin James Watt and how it fits in with the ritual.

He is 31 at the time of this ritual. *Houston = 31

Also, notice his birthday is 9 year after the Georgia Guidestones were established, March 22, 1980, which call for the earth’s population to be reduced.

And again, all of this is synced with Klaus Schwab who declared the “Great Reset” for 2021, and the Valentine’s Day ritual came 322 days after his birthday.

Houston, Texas = 46 *Ordo Ab Chao = 46 *Chaos = 46 *46 Weeks

Sicko Mode = 149
Skull and Bones = 149 (Identifies by 322)

The 46 weeks after Schwab’s birthday also fits in with the Travis Scott album that Sicko Mode is on, Astroworld. (Houston Astros… but Astrology…)

Great Reset = 46

And one more time notice how ‘The Great Reset’ goes with ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘Power Outage’, which is what allowed us to call the date in advance.

Read more about the ritual here.

Related: Read about how hip-hop group Public Enemy was used to forecast the Valentine’s Day power outages with ‘What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down?’

And don’t forget, it is the SICKO Jesuits behind all of this, and things are going to get a lot worse in ’21 because of humanity’s inaction.

Epic = 21 (Epic Records)

And also don’t forget that Texas energy is controlled from the Jesuit stronghold, Austin, Texas.

Read more about ERCOT of Austin and their involvement in the February power outages throughout Texas.

And for the clincher, notice how J.J. Watt overlaps with Austin and Jesuit.

And for the double clincher, don’t forget Deshaun Watson also wants out of Houston right now, and his name equates to 187, like ‘Society of Jesus’.

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Again, as I imagined, there would be some sort of event on Valentine’s Day, to catapult in the minds of the masses, the idea that something needs to be done in alignment with the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 goals, and ‘The Great Reset’. Read more about what I wrote weeks ago here.

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I spy another 201. *The Jesuit Order = 201

This incident occurred 316 days after Adolfo Nicolas’ birthday, the Superior General of Jesuits, born April 29, 1936. Of course, 316 is the number that connects to ‘Jesus Christ’ in Hebrew Gematria, and all the rituals of the Society of Jesus, are in tribute to Jesus Christ, an entity that is clearly something to the Jesuits, it is not to most.

*Nuclear Disaster = 61 *Jesus = 61

*Nuclear = 43 / 74 *Jesus Christ = 43 / 74

Keep in mind Adolfo Nicolas died by the numbers, in Japan, May 20, 2020.

Esoteric Natural Disaster News Rambo's Corner Transgender / LGBTQ
  • On April 7th of 2017 – in Tucson, Arizona – a massive brush fire burned through 45,000 acres, required 800 firefighters to quell and cost $8,200,000 in damages. Pictured below.

The cause of the fire is reported to be a Border Patrol agent shooting a rifle at a target intended to reveal the gender of his baby.

  • In April of 2018, in Queensland, Australia a car burst into flames during a blue-smoke-burnout gender-reveal stunt.

  • On December 2nd, 2018 – in Meningie, Australia – an identical event occurred only this time with pink smoke before the fire.

  • In April of 2020 a gender reveal party in Brevard County, Florida sparked a 10-acre fire. Fireworks and explosives were reported to have been used in the celebrations.

  • On September 9th, 2019 a pilot in Texas crashed a plane during an elaborate gender reveal stunt.

  • In October of 2019 — in Knoxville,Iowa — soon-to-be grandmother Pamela Kreimeyer, 66, was killed when the homemade gender-reveal contraption that contained gunpowder exploded, sending pieces of metal flying, according to authorities.

Her last name is by the gematria “gender code” of 53. Coincidence or a name generated for a ritual?

  • Most recently an inferno dubbed the El Dorado Fire in San Bernardino County, California had burned 10,000 acres of land at time of writing this post. The cause of the fire has been officially attributed to a gender reveal incident where a “smoke-generating pyrotechnic device” was used and ignited the flames on July 31st, 2020.

A marker of the El Dorado fire’s severity was its crossing California Highway 38 – pictured above. Consider that the gematria value of “FIRE” is 38.

The correlation between a baby-gender-reveal-celebration, and explosives, wild fires, destruction and death, is on its face beyond the outer limits of absurdity. None of the multiple other celebration-themes consistently lead to fire and mass-destruction; not even the one Summer-time celebration that actually typically involves fireworks i.e. THE FOURTH OF JULY. ONLY baby-gender-celebrations lead to such catastrophe.

The target and casualty of this irrational association is the acknowledgement, recognition and celebration of femaleness and maleness. It is a demonization of scientific biological definitions, and the latest chapter in the war on humanity.

Like everything else, this is done by a code. The key gematria code here is based on the value of the central theme: GENDER which sums to 53 in the simplest cipher: Ordinal.

“MALE – FEMALE” sums to 53.

Let us look at an example of a high-profile gender-related personality:

Jenna Talackova became world famous in 2012  when she successfully waged a legal battle to be allowed to compete in Donald Trump’s Miss Universe Canada after being initially disqualified for being transgender

Jenna Talackova formerly Walter Talackova (right) after and before transition. No coincidence that she looks like Ivanka Trump

The most famous transgendered person is Caitlyn Jenner born Bruce Jenner.

The names “JENNER” and “JENNA” are plays on the word “GENDER.”

Which brings us back to the issue of gender-reveal parties causing massive destruction.

One person somehow has received the title of inventor-of-baby-naming-parties. This person’s name reveals the agenda:

This is the central figure in the “Baby-gender-reveal = fire disaster “ narrative. Jenna Karvunidis has been elevated as the “inventor” of gender reveal parties, supposedly based on her blog-posting of her 2008 gender-reveal party for her daughter Bianca. She is celebrated as a “MOM BLOGGER”, a phrase by the 53 code.

Karvunidis’ blog is hosted on the Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow network. “ChicagoNow” sums to 53.

The official story is that – after multiple miscarriages – she finally had a successful pregnancy which she celebrated with a gender-reveal-party for her future daughter Bianca. She now regrets gender-reveal-parties, not just because they have escalated into destructive events primarily involving fire – but because they celebrate the male-female binary. She is now a staunch spokeswoman for gender-fluidity, androgyny and non-binary identification.

In a post that rejects any significance of biological, physiological sex differences, look at how Jenna Karvunidis highlights “PLOT TWIST” in all-caps.

Gematria reveals why: because it sums to 53; the gematria of “GENDER”, “MOM BLOGGER” and “TRANSGENDER.”

The eldest child in the picture who appears to be a son is actually her daughter Bianca whose baby-gender-reveal party supposedly sparked the craze.

Another de-feminized depiction of daughter Bianca. Jenna Karvunidis asserts that the conventional assignment of boys as male, and girls as female is FORCE that psychologically manipulates children into stereotypical gender identities that they might not otherwise adopt on their own without the psychological coercion.

She may have done exactly what she is condemning: psychologically manipulating Bianca into a role that she may not have chosen on her own minus the coercion.

Her name JENNA – when you consider the significance of that name (which sounds like “GENDER”) in the context of transsexual beauty pageant contestant Jenna Talackova, and Bruce/Caitlyn JENNER – reveals that Karvunidis is not the random blogger mom that she is portrayed as.


Below is Jenna Karvunidis’ 2020 Face Book response to the gender reveal episodes, where she heavily emphasizes male genitalia:

Needless to say then, that the man who is reported to have started the 2017 Arizona fire is “coincidentally” named DICKEY; Dennis Dickey (below).

Dennis Dickey with wife Rita

JENNA TALACKOVA‘s name is not just a play on words in terms of “Jenna = gender,” JENNA TAL – ackova is “GENITAL” – ackova.


Outside of the United States Conchita Wurst – who has appeared as a bearded woman – is an international celebrity most noted for winning the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest. The name “Wurst” fits the genital-themed play-on-words Name Game that we have revealed: Conchita Wurst is a German-speaking Austrian where “WURST” means “sausage.”

The gender-flame correlation

The gender-based issue of homosexuality is euphemized with fire imagery in English slang where an ostentatiously gay person is called a “flamer” or is said to be “flaming.”

This is all by the 5335 gematria code:

A symbol of the merging of the binary (not just male-female, but all forms of duality) is Eliphas Levi’s BAPHOMET which sums to 35 in gematria.

Eliphas Levi’s Baphomet

The 35th prime number is 149. “Forest fire” sums to 149.

“Destruction of the Sacred Masculine” sums to 1431 in Jewish a.k.a. Latin cipher. 1431 is an “occulted” 53, being the 53rd triangular number.

Celebrity Esoteric Natural Disaster Rambo's Corner Transgender / LGBTQ

In Part 1 we exposed the underlying core element to the spate of fire disasters that have been attributed to gender reveal parties.

On its surface the celebration of the sex of a mother’s baby has no rational connection to a disproportionately elevated risk of property damage, personal injury and apocalyptic fire-and-brimstone.

This is a ritual immolation; a sacrifice-by-fire — of individuality and the binary to an anti-human entity that idealizes a dystopian form of “oneness”: one world government, one world currency, destruction of the man-machine binary under the technological phenomenon of SINGULARITY.

Nothing epitomizes this immolation-of-the-binary/one-world ritual more than New York City’s ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER that exists at the expense of the immolated binary Twin Towers.

The design of One WTC Freedom Tower (top, right) is a juxtaposition of the two.

I introduced Austrian singer Conchita Wurst in Part 1. I illustrated the significance of the names of the principle characters in popular gender-related narratives. Conchita Wurst is a female alter-ego stage-name; his real name is THOMAS Neuwirth.

He is named “Thomas” because that name has specific significance to his role in a greater esoteric, occult narrative. “THOMAS” means “TWIN.”

As a male Thomas (twin) Neuwirth is the binary (separate from female). He represents that same esoteric concept that the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers did.

The binary Twin Towers were immolated to form the non-binary ONE World Trade Center Freedom Tower. The transvestite bearded female image of Conchita Wurst is the same concept as the Freedom Tower.

Gematria confirms the Wurst-Freedom Tower correlation.

Current California wildfires are blamed on gender reveal/binary celebration.

But was the Thomas binary immolated? Ritualistically, YES! Conchita Wurst achieved world fame by winning the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Rise Like a Phoenix”, a reference to the mythical bird that is re-born after self-immolation. 2014 is the same year ONE WTC officially opened (three days before Neuwirth’s birthday).

Conchita Wurst at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest with a burning/immolation backdrop

The very first line of the song “Rise Like a Phoenix” describes awakening amidst 911-style devastation:


Neuwirth/Wurst’s birthday of November 6th/6th November, written 116/611 is 911/119 upside-down.

In Part 1 I explained how gender reveal parties are being blamed for causing mass fires (immolation of gender binary ritual). 116 is the gematria value of “GENDER REVEAL.”

With this in mind re-examine the Facebook rant by Jenna Karvunidis, the spokeswoman and face of the “gender reveal parties = wild fire” narrative:

911 WTC is also Jesus-related. December 25th is a Roman (Babylonian inspired) Winter Solstice holy day. Some believe that the real birthday of “Jesus” is September 11th. See my arcticles on this:

Conchita Wurst is aligned with the 911-Jesus ritual, and his image is based on the popular European image of Jesus. He is a “Destruction-of-the-Sacred-Masculine” symbol.

IRRATIONAL fear of the transgendered is “TRANSPHOBIA.”

Conchita Wurst as Jesus Christ

Wurst’s birthday is an inversion of “Jesus’ “, representing an “inversion” of the Christ.

In gematria “INVERTED” sums to 119.

A slang word for a male dressed as a female is a “QUEEN.” The feminized Christ image Conchita Wurst is a “JESUS QUEEN” which of course sums to 53.

“Anti-Christ” sums to 149. 149 is the 35th prime number.

“Rise like a Phoenix” was released on a date with 35 numerology.

Emasculation by the Sacred Feminine Code: 71

I posted some in-depth posts on the Sacred Feminine code of 71. Part 1 and Part 2. “SACRED FEMININE” = 71 in gematria. “VENUS” in Hebrew is “NOGA” which = 71.

Through Conchita Wurst the occult powers feminize Jesus by the 71 feminine code: “Jesus in Drag.”

Dennis Dickey’s gender-reveal stunt that is blamed for the 2017 Tuscon, Arizona super-fire was filmed (with no people appearing in the footage). It featured a target that had “BOY” and “GIRL” written on it vertically, with a 5×5 oblong checker-board image between the two words (below).

The checkerboard pattern symbolizes duality, polarity; the binary. The girl-boy binary target looks like a grave stone, not by coincidence. It is then shot and exploded: Immolation of the Binary.

The Most Ominous Non-binary: Human-machine

The male-female binary narrative is in itself a surface-level metaphor for the deeper, more ominous agenda for the destruction of the Human – machine binary, which uses the same key prefix: “TRANS.”

“TRANSHUMANISM”, which by no coincidence sums to 53.

Mandatory mask-wearing, “I Can’t Breathe” protest slogan, toxic air-quality from West Coast fires and Jenna Karvunidis’ statement are all consistent with the over-arching ritual: LUNGS ARE BINARY.

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A 5.7 knocked the trumpet off a Mormon Temple, eh?  It was a trumpet in the hand of the Angel Moroni?

Read about the Angel Moroni in chapter one of my book:

A 4.6 aftershock? Latter-Day Saints? LDS?

We’ll be connecting the Catholic Church shortly, the religion with 46 books in their version of the Old Testament, and reminding that JFK, the only Catholic President in US history, died at age 46.

Recall, in the early hours of January 19, 2017, I pointed out the significance of the ‘Trump-Pence’ ticket, which sounds like Trumpets, winning the 45th Presidency (Holy Bible = 45), on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (Berlin Wall = 45).

I pointed out then, there would be biblical themes, and the fall of ‘Wall Street’, like the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Here we are in 2020, with one of the “seven plagues” from the “seven seals” and “seven trumpets” being used as an excuse to collapse the market and spread fear across the planet.

Let us bring this all together, starting here.

To further connect the Scottish Rite with this ritual, observe the following gematria.

Salt Lake City also fits in. Keep in mind, March 18, 2020, is the 78th day of the year.

And New Testament fits in as well.

*New Testament begins with 42 generations to Jesus

*New Testament ends with 66th book

Next, we’ll be connecting Donald Trump to this ritual, the man who once canceled a rally in Utah, to meet with his Jewish supporters instead.  Notice he is born on the 165th day of the year, and has a name summing to 159.  Of course, he is also of Scottish ancestry.

Keep in mind, this temple was erected in 1893, 127-years-ago.

Keep in mind, the Bavarian llluminati will turn 244-years-old on May 1, 2020, just before the U.S. turns 244-years-old, July 4.

See Bru Ko’s work on The Pope and May 1, 2020:

I bring this up because the Mormon’s opened a temple next to the Vatican last year, in 2019.  I also bring it up because the Bavarian Illuminati was established to target the Jesuit Order, which Pope Francis is a member of.  Read more about the Mormon Temple in Italy here:

It’s not an accident this comes 88-days (2-months 27-days) before Trump’s 74th birthday.

Read about George Washington’s 74 generals:

And since today is March 18, or 3/18, and this is religious symbolism, we must not forget that there are 318 mentions of the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.  Read more here:

With regards to Freemasonry, keep in mind Trump is of Scottish Ancestry, the nation’s capital is named after the Scottish Rite Freemason George Washington, and Adam Smith, the founder of the Mormon faith, was a Freemason.

They’re saying the earthquake was a 5.7 magnitude.

Don’t forget Trump was the “winner” of the 58th U.S. Presidential Selection, after announcing he was running from the 58-story Trump Tower, and hiring the 58-year-old Steve Ray for Inauguration Day.

Moving on, and bringing this back to the religious component, today has 61 date numerology.  

3/18/2020 = 3+18+20+20 = 61

61, is the 18th prime, and here we are on the 18th of March.

This also comes 61-weeks and 1-day after the opening of the Mormon Temple in Italy:

7:09 AM?  Society of Jesus?  Knights Templar?

Yeshua is the true name of Jesus.

*79, 22nd prime *Utah = 22 *22 Chapters in Revelation *22, Master Builder Number

This news comes 191-days after the President of the Mormon Church’s birthday.

This news also comes on Pope Francis’ 93rd day of his age, pairing with the fact that the church was built in 1893.

As for the last quake being in 1992, 28-years-ago…

And notice the detail about 134 temples.  Oh my…  as we have covered, this number is all over the place with the Trump administration, and it is a number associated with destruction.

Tisha B’Av begins July 29, a span of 134-days from today, and ends July 30, 134-days later.