Tornadoes cause significant damage in south, especially Selma, Alabama, January 12, 2023

History Military Natural Disaster News Racism Weather

The Selma to Montgomery Marches were 87 kilometers in total.

Keep in mind Selma is on the 87th Meridian West.

This news comes three days before Martin Luther King Jr.’s January 15 birthday.
Three = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Natural Disaster = 56 / 223
-It is 2023…

Of course, one of the things MLK is remembered for is the 54-mile Selma to Montgomery March, that ended on March 25, 1965, the 84th day of the year.
Jesuit Order = 54
-It has been 54-years and month since MLK was assassinated in a huge Jesuit ritual

And they ended on a date with 112 numerology, going with today’s “natural disasters” being on 1/12. Once again, the Jesuits operate in 112 countries.
3/25/1965 = 3+25+19+65 = 112

*55 miles is 87 kilometers
Slavery = 87
Martin = 87

Keep in mind Alabama has their 54th Governor right now, Kay Ivey.

56 and 54 come together a lot… again, today has 56 date numerology…

Recall, the first act of weather warfare was admitted to on the Jesuit Order’s birthday, August 15, 1952. And HAARP was patented on the 223rd day of the year in 1987.

Also, the first march was triggered by a shooting that happened on the 57th day of 1965, and now it is 57 years and months since the marches.

Two injured and thousands without power after Humboldt County earthquakes in Northern California, December 20, 2022

Earthquake Energy Military Natural Disaster News

This earthquake in Northern California happened while I was talking about the 1989 World Series earthquake (in NoCal) and the July 4, 2019 earthquake in Southern California. It was not an intended subject in the stream, but it came up. The thing is, I didn’t know about the news until the stream concluded. Watch here:

Funny enough, the stream is primarily about 103, and this earthquake comes on the 103rd day of California state’s age, established September 9.
Jesuits = 103 (The military-technology order)

It also come 54 days before the Super Bowl 57, or a span of 55 days.
Earthquake = 55
Military = 55
49ers = 55
-49ers were in Super Bowl 54
Jesuit Order = 54
-Joe Montana = 54 (It was between his two teams, 49ers and Chiefs)

This news comes December 20, 2022, or 12/20.
San Francisco = 122
Satanic = 122 (Home of the Satanic Church)

More importantly, this news comes on 74 date numerology, reminding of the July 4, 2019 SoCal earthquake.
12/20/2022 = 12+20+20+22 = 74
Nuclear = 74
Energy = 74
Weapon = 74
Occult = 74
Masonic = 74
Holiday = 74
Independence Day = 74

Today also has 38 date numerology.
12/20/2022 = 12+20+(2+0+2+2) = 38
Energy = 38
Death = 38
*Earthquake = 163 (38th prime)

The power is out (energy)…

72%? Jesuit Order = 72

This comes on Gavin Newsom’s 72nd day of being 55 years old. Of course, he is a Jesuit. And again, ‘earthquake’ equates to 55.

Robbie Coltrane dead on 199th day of his age, October 14, 2022 +Europe votes to declare Russia a ‘terrorist regime’

Celebrity Entertainment Government Military Murder by Numbers Natural Disaster News War World War

1:44 post time, and 72? Jesuit Order = 144 / 72

Today leaves 78 days in the year. Jesuit = 78

Today through December 31 is a total of 79 days. Society of Jesus = 79

Notice, Robbie Coltrane is dead on his 199th day of his age, connecting with his agent.
Scott Henderson = 199
199, 46th prime
10/14/22 = 10+14+22 = 46 (Date of news & death)
Sacrifice = 46

And notice the ‘terrorist regime news as well.

199, 46th prime
Chaos = 46
Ordo Ab Chao = 46 (Order out of chaos)

I’m sure that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Notice the Gematria overlap with ‘Anthony Robert McMillan’ and ‘The World Is Not Enough.’

74-year-old man did not survive Hurricane Ian, CNN news, post storm

Military Natural Disaster News Weather

What matters about this person in relation to this story is their age, and that is why CNN leads off with this detail about the deceased from Hurricane Ian.

Again, the qualifying wind speeds for a hurricane are 74 MPH.

And as we know, the number is fateful.
Killing = 74
Weapon = 74
Nuclear = 74
Stabbing = 74 (Ides of March on 74th day of year)
Energy = 74
English = 74
Gematria = 74

And don’t forget the Comedy Central joke about “if you were anymore Jewish, you would control the weather.” Of course, Jewish equates to 74 just the same.

Hurricane Ian lands on Tampa, September 28, 2022, 56 days after Tom Brady’s birthday

Celebrity Entertainment Military Natural Disaster Nature New World Order News Weather

Ian made landfall on Florida, near Tampa, Wednesday, September 28, 2022.
Tampa = 15
Ian = 15

It was a date with 79 numerology.
9/28/2022 = 9+28+20+22 = 79
Tampa Bay = 79

It was also exactly 56 days after Tom Brady’s August 3 birthday.
Society of Jesus = 56 / 79
Hurricane = 56 / 52

Recall when Tampa Bay lightning won the Stanley Cup, winning their 52nd game of the shortened coronavirus season, on the same day a hurricane passed through Tampa Bay. That was in 2021.

Jackson, Mississippi’s river to reach maximum height on Michael Jackson’s birthday, August 29, 2022 + Artemis 1 launch & the Moonwalker

Celebrity Entertainment Flood Jesuit Murder by Numbers Natural Disaster Nature Weather

Jackson, Mississippi is about to flood on Michael Jackson’s birthday, Monday, August 29, 2022.

And recall what they just did with overturning Roe v. Wade with Dobbs vs. Jackson, the week before Ketanji Brown Jackson, in the time of cancer, ruled by the moon.

And notice, the river is expected to crest on August 29, Michael Jackson’s birthday.

Keep in mind August 29 falls on a Monday this year, named after the moon.

*There is also the Artemis 1 moon mission launching August 29, 2022, on Moon Walker’s birthday, Michael Jackson…

Michael Jackson = 83
Moon mission ends Oct. 10 (Oct. 10 -December 31 is a total of 83 days)
Flood = 83 (What is going on in Jackson on the day of the launch)

Keep in mind NASA was born in ’58, like Michael Jackson.
NASA, July 29
MJ, August 29


The warning came Saturday, August 27, 2022, the 239th day of the year, the five year anniversary of the flooding of Harvey.
239, 52nd prime
Flood = 52
Earth = 52
*Hurricane = 52

Recall, when Texas flooded on August 27, 2017, it was the 27 year anniversary of Stevie Ray Vaugh’s passing, and on the 27th of the month. *Ritual = 27

*Weather warfare first admitted to August 15, 1952, on the Jesuit Order’s birthday.

And don’t forget Michael died on 42 date numerology.
6/25/2009 = 6+25+(2+0+0+9) = 42

This 42 day mission comes 66 days aver Roe v. Wade was overturned, with Dobbs vs. Jackson.
Math = 42 / 66
New Testament = 42 / 66
Jesuit = 42
Freemason = 42
-42 generations
-66 books
-Number of the Beast = 66
-Beast rules for 42 months

Michael Jackson’s song Dirty Diana was released on August 31, 1987, ten years before the death of Princess Diana, who was said to be cheating on Charles.
Dirty Diana = 66
-Think of cheating women
-Think of abortions (Dobbs vs. Jackson, June 24, 2022 — on Freemasonry’s birthday)

Recall, Michael Jackson died June 25, 2009, on George Orwell’s birthday, Mr. 1984, a big year for MJ.

6/25/2009 = 6+25+(2+0+0+9) = 42
42 day mission…

Oregon’s Rum Creek fire rapidly spreads Saturday, August 27, 2022, the first day of College Football season

Fire Natural Disaster Nature News

The Oregon wildfire’s rapid spread happened on August 27, the 239th day of the year, the five year anniversary of the Harvey Flooding. Again, 239 is 52nd prime, and 52 is the number of weather warfare.
*Oregon = 38 / 25 *Fire = 38 / 25

In light of today being the first day of the college football season, keep in mind the Oregon football team recently had the death of player Spencer Webb.

Anne Heche’s lifetime movie ‘Girl In Room 13’ to be released after car crash tragedy

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers Natural Disaster News Predictive Programming
Girl In Room 13 = 144 *Jesuit Order = 144

Anne Heche’s film ‘Girl in Room 13′ is coming out, and her last film was called ’13 Minutes,’ which came out October 29, 2021, exactly 41-weeks before her death.
41, 13th prime
-Recall Kobe dead at 41, his daughter dead at 13
LA = 41 / 13

And with regards to October 29, that is the day leaving in the year.
Anne Heche = 63
Mini Cooper = 63

Recall, she as loaded into Ambulance #63.

And notice the story about the upcoming film broke on August 11, or 11/8. And remember, LA is the 53 / 118 city, and Heche is dead at age 53.
Los Angeles, California = 118
Death = 118
Homicide = 118
Los Angeles = 53

Eastern Kentucky floods 57-days after state’s June 1 birthday, July 28, 2022, and just prior to Super Bowl 57

Flood Military Natural Disaster Predictive Programming Sports Weather

Read prior decode on this flooding here.

Read about record St. Louis flooding on July 26, 2022 (two days prior) here.

5 feet of water?

Kentucky is the 15th state in order of statehood.

15 is the 5th triangular number.

The flood ends after 150-days in the Bible.
Illuminati = 150
-Established 1/5 (1st day of May)
-Sun 150m km away (sun, light, Illuminati)

This comes on Joe Biden’s 251st day of his age.
251, 54th prime
Jesuit Order = 54
Sun = 54

Barack Obama spoke at the last day of Agenda 2030, September 27, 2015, 54-days after turning 54-years-old. Think of Cable 54 in They Live.
John Carroll = 54 (Georgetown at age 54)

The Kentucky River has flooded.
Kentucky River = 79
-79, 22nd prime
-Water = 22
-Food = 22
-It is 2022

The flooding is east of the river

The Kentucky River forks in the southeast like a Trident (where the flooding is).
Recall, Ukraine’s Coat of Arms is the Trident (and the Rams shared the colors with Ukraine)

Today is 57-days after Kentucky’s establishment anniversary, and having 57 date numerology.
Eastern Kentucky = 57
Kentucky Wildcats = 57
7/28/22 = 7+28+22 = 57
-Rams = 57 (Used to be in St. Louis)
-*Defending SB 56 champs
-Natural Disaster = 56
-Rains on day prior, July 27, were on 56 date numerology…

The college is just west of the flooding. And as we’ll get to, this ritual started in St. Louis, 201-days before Super Bowl 57. *Rams = 57 / 201

The Kentucky Wildcats also fit in.


From June 1 to July 28 is 29+28=57.

Water is ruled by the moon. Today is the day of the new moon.

New moon? Think of the New World Order. Think of all the destruction today that will change lives forever, bringing something new, where something once was, such as a family farm.

It’s 199-days to Super Bowl 57, on February 12, 2023, Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, the President from Kentucky. And Brady loves to make the St. Louis region cry, that also got flooded recently. Of course, Brady was the 199th pick of the NFL Draft.

It goes with this ritual beginning in St. Louis, July 26, 2022, 201-days before Super Bowl 57.

Recall Brady’s 201 rituals with the Rams.

Recall Brady got Julio Jones the day St. Louis flooded, 201-days before SB 57.

And since Lincoln was the Civl War President, the name ‘George’ Floyd has become associated with the toppling of Confederate Statues in recent years. *George = 57 *Georgetown = 57
-Georgetown established in 1789, the year George Washington turned 57

Also, the Rams are defending Super Bowl champs, who left St. Louis recently, not too far away.

Notice from the Super Bowl to this flooding was a span of 166-days. You could also say it was 166-days after Lincoln’s February 12 birthday (the Super Bowl was February 13).

The Los Angeles Rams have the 52 connection, like ‘flood.’

Keep in mind the Pope is in the Americas right now too…

Pope, Super Bowl 56… rituals… all roads lead to Rome… *Natural Disaster = 56

Notice where Los Angeles Rams fits in, 52 / 83.

And never forget, the first act of weather warfare was admitted to on the Jesuit Order’s birthday, August 15, 1952, emphasis on ’52.
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201

Also, don’t forget Super Bowl 57 is in Arizona, the state that is on the cover of Public Enemy’s What U Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down album? And that album came out September 25, 2020, the 59-year anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s speech on weather control.
Weather Control = 201

Recall what happened to Yellowstone on the day leaving 201-days in the year, June 13, 2022.

On the 28th, they report it is 2-8 degrees warmer than normal? Two to eight degrees??? Since when?

Update: They’re now saying at least 15 people have died in the 15th state, Kentucky.