Sandra Day O’Connor dead at 93, Israel back to bombing Gaza on Aleister Crowley’s death anniversary and the Cowboys and their star become 9-3 on H.W.’s death anniversary

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Today is December 1, 2023, the anniversary of Aleister Crowley’s death on this day in 1947.

Blood Sacrifice=121 (12/1 date)

Crowley invented the religion that worships the number 93, known as Thelema. It’s key tennant is, “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

It is why Sandra Day O’Connor is dead today at age 93.

Keep in mind George H.W. Bush died on the eve of Crowley’s death anniversary, and many contend his wife, Barbara Bush, was the daughter of Aleister Crowley. Of course, she died in her 93rd year of life. It goes with Barbara and George H.W. Bush leaving the White House in ’93. They also lost their child on the eve of Aleister Crowley’s birthday in history, back in ’53.

And notice it was Sandra Day O’Connor who helped George W. Bush replace Bill Clinton, a man who took the White House in ’93.

It also explains why Israel, drawn up on September 3, 1947, just before Crowley’s passing, is back to bombing. As we know, Israel is the “93 nation.”

Notice, Israel was drawn up 89 days before Crowley’s passing.
Aleister Crowley=89, Religion=89, Chaos=89

Of course, there are 89 chapters in the Gospel.

Notice, Henry Kissinger died November 29, 2023, the anniversary of Resolution 181 passing in 1947.

181, 42nd prime *Zionism=42 *Jesuit=42 *Freemason=42 *World War=42 *War=42

For another 181, it is Sandra Day O’Connor.

O’Connor is dead 42 years after her federal appointment in ’81. Keep in mind ‘Saturn’ is connected to death and judgement, and she was a judge. *Saturn=42 & 93. ’81 was also the year Jimmy Carter left office, and his wife just died right after Joe Biden’s 81st birthday (Ritual=81 & 81).

And notice she has the common birthday of March 23 (it’s very common for people in high places). That means she died on her 251st day of her age (54th prime), a number often paired with 93. Remember, in Thelema 93 represents ‘love,’ but in English, ‘love’ has Gematria value of 54.

And let us not forget the gematria of ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law,” the key tenant of Thelema, that worship the number 93.

New World Order=177, The Jesuit Order=177
The 444 days Iranian hostage crisis
The 555 foot Washington Monument
Scottish Rite=165, New Testament=165 (Begins with 930th chapter of the Bible)

And as for George Santos, as we have said, the whole time, he is a tribute to Revelation and the Synagogue of Satan. Today can be written 12/1. *Revelation=121

Also, notice the Cowboys became 9-3 on the anniversary of George H.W. Bush’s death, #41, who died November 30, 2018. In the game Dak Prescott got his 41st home win, and Geno Smith got his 35th regular season loss. We don’t cal it “35 Thursday” for nothing.
Dallas=41, Skull and Bones=41
Thursday=35, Skull and Bones=149 (35th prime)
Skull and Bones=76 (There were 76 total points scored in the game)

Today is the 76th anniversary of the death of Aleister Crowley.

11 more hostages released Monday, November 27, 2023, a date with 9 numerology

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11 hostages released on the 9 date numerology?
When they’re calling this Israel’s 9/11?
11/27/2023=1+1+2+7+2+0+2+3=18 (9)

Of course, the hostage stories have been full of 13, a special number in Judaism. It’s not arbitrary most Bar Mitvahs happen when a person turns age 13.

Hamas releases third group of hostages (17 more) during truce, Sunday, November 26, 2023

Freemasonry Islam Jewish Related New World Order News Religion Secret Societies War

Hamas releases third group of hostages during truce, 17 more, for a total of 58.

This news comes Sunday, November 26, 2023, a date with 17 numerology.

And the 17 goes with the total of 58.
Freemasonry=58 (Mason=17)
Solomon’s Temple=58
Secret Society=58

Again, Modern Freemasonry since 1717, meaning it turned 106 years old this year.

Recall, the October 6, 1940, New York Times article, emphasis on 10/6.

4-year-old Israeli American hostage released to Red Cross, Sunday, November 26, 2023

Catholic Church Islam Jewish Related Knights Templar Military New World Order News Psychological Operation Religion War

This war and the history of Zionism has a lot to do with 4.

The story is about Abigail Edan, and pertains to the Red Cross, like the red cross of the Templars.
Abigail Edan=65
Knights Templar=65

Again, in the show Knightfall, about the fall of the Templars, they mention the 65 orders the Templars had established throughout Europe prior to their demise.

And Edan, like the Garden of Eden, and Abigail, with an A, the beginning, like Adam in the Garden of Eden. Again, it is all biblical, it is all historical. And notice Edan is a ‘masucline’ spelling, and relates to fire and the sun. It goes with this news coming on a Sunday, 7 weeks since Netanyahu declared the war on Hamas. It also goes with the name being of Scottish Origin, like the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, very popular in Judaism.

Also noteworthy, today’s date numerology is 80.
Baphomet=80, Satan=80

The Templars were burned at the stake for worshiping Baphomet.
Bavarian Illuminati=80

It goes with the other Gematria connection of ‘Abigail Edan.’
Abigail Edan=232 *Satan=232 (Jewish Gematria)
Abigail Edan=47 *Beast=47 (Israel drawn up in ’47)

And for one more, today is 11/26, and the year 1126 was very important to the rise of the Knights Templars.

The show Knightfall is very much based in Jerusalem and France. And notice, Bernard of Clairvaux is French, like the Jesuits and the Scottish Rite, which the latter was created by the Jesuits, who carry on the Templar tradition.

And as for the story about the 4-year-old Israeli child handed over to the Red Cross, or the Knights Templar… notice that the tactics are so obvious, the bait of the child, a story you don’t hear about on the Gaza side, where children her age and younger are blown into pieces often.

For one more, today is 21 days before the Pope’s birthday.
Sunday=21, Bible=21, Jesuit=21

Israel and Hamas on brink of hostage deal, November 21, 2023 (after the death of Jimmy Carter’s wife)

Catholic Church Death Freemasonry History Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military Murder by Numbers New World Order News Predictive Programming Religion Secret Societies War World War
Hostage Deal=56, Society of Jesus=56, Freemasons=56
Israel and Hamas on brink of hostage deal=146 (The war began 146 days after Israel’s birthday) *United Kingdom=146

This news comes November 21, 2023, a date with 75 numerology. Again, Israel turned 75 on May 14, 2023, earlier this year. Today is 191 days after May 14 (191, 43rd prime — Hostage Deal=43).

The math: 11/21/2023=11+21+20+23=75

Israel was established May14, 1948 (75 years ago).

And never forget this headline, from October 9, 1940.

The math: 10/6/1940=10+6+19+40=75

Catholic Church=75
Roman Catholic=75
*Ignatius of Loyola=75
Order Out of Chaos=75
New World Order=75

And again, regarding the subject matter, a hostage deal… Hostage=75.

Furthermore, today is 45 days after the war began in Israel, October 7, 2023, and today is 44 days after Israel declared war on Hamas, Sunday, October 8.
Israel=44, Zion=44, Military=44

That would also be a span of 45 and 46 days. So the numbers to consider are 44, 45, 46, all relevant.
Holy Bible=45 & 45, Ritual=45 (Donald Trump, #45, the Messiah to return)
Catholic=46, Religion=46, Temple Mount=46, Ordo Ab Chao=46, Chaos=46 (Trump, born in ’46)

This news comes two days after the news of the death of Jimmy Carter’s wife, and Jimmy Carter was connected to the Iranian hostage crisis that ended in ’81. Of course, yesterday was Joe Biden’s 81st birthday, matching the year Jimmy Carter left office, ’81.

Jimmy Carter became President 46 years ago, in 1977, going with his 77 year marriage to his wife, which occurred on July 7, or 7/7, in 1946.

Israeli airstrike on refugee camps kills untold numbers, Halloween, October 31, 2023

Biblical Catholic Church Death Holidays Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Military Murder by Numbers News Religion Satanic Secret Societies Terrorism War

On Halloween, October 31, 2023, the 506th anniversary of the 95 Theses being pinned by Martin Luther, the author of The Jews and Their Lies, and the leader of the Protestant Reformation, we get this news out of Israel. A refugee camp is hit by airstrikes for Israeli military.

Think about it. *Halloween = 95 *Tuesday = 95

The Society of Jesus was formed to counter the 95 Theses.
Society of Jesus = 56

Halloween has a connection with the satanic, as Hollywood always reminds us.
Blood Sacrifice = 257 (55th prime)
Refugee Camp = 55
Satan = 55

God = 55

As we know, 81 is the ritual number, and we are 20 days from Biden’s 81st birthday, the man who got the record 81 million votes, more than Obama! *President Biden=81 *Ritual = 81 & 81

The only two “African-American” Senators to take the oval office both did so with Joe Biden. That’s Barack Obama and Kamala Harris. *Race = 81

Refugee = 67 & 122
Satanic = 67 & 122
San Francisco = 122
San Francisco on the 122 Meridian West
The Church of Satan was founded in San Francisco…

In light of the “hundreds” of dead as the article says…
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67
*Soul = 67
*Killer = 67

And back to the top, with Halloween, Tuesday, 95, and the 95 Theses on this date in history, notice the relationship with where the Reformation began, Wittenberg, and the word ‘conspiracy.’

Rome=51 & 57
Federal=51 (Think of the early US Presidents & age 57)
Georgetown = 57 (1789 est., the same year George Washington took office at age 57

The Illuminati was founded by the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, May 1, or 5/1.
Adam Weishaupt = 51

Again, Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit, and the Jesuits original mission for the church was to counter the 95 Theses and Martin Luther’s Reformation. That’s why they were recognized by Rome on September 27, 1540, the day leaving 95 days in the year.

Richard Moll, Night Court actor, dead at 80, October 26, 2023

Celebrity Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Religion

He is dead at 80, and the news breaks on 80 date numerology.

Now notice where it comes together with ‘Night Court.’
Night Court = 54 & 135
Bavaria = 54 & 135
Jesuit Order = 54

And the 80 piece. *Bavarian Illuminati = 80

He died on the last day of the 41st week of his life.
41, 13th prime

It goes with the first character he ever played being Joseph Smith in the film ‘Brigham,’ as in the founder of the Mormon Church. *Brigham = 41

The Illuminati was founded with 13 families, by a Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt.

To be fair, the news breaks today, but he died yesterday, a date with 79 numerology.
Society of Jesus = 79 (formal title of Jesuit Order)
Murder = 79

He also died on a date with 59 numerology.
Richard Moll = 59 & 67 (Oct. 26 – Dec. 31 are the last 67 days of the year)

And as for dying on the 26th, that is a big number with Joseph Smith and the Angel he supposedly talked to, Moroni. You can read about that in my first book, Letters & Numbers, Chapter 1.
*God=26 (Makes man in his image in the 26th verse)

The news breaks today, 26 days before November 22, 2023, the 46th birthday of the film.
Religion = 46
Catholic = 46
*Temple Mount = 46

Britney Spears reveals she had an abortion with Justin Timberlake, October 17, 2023 news from People Magazine (online)

Abortion Biblical Celebrity Jesuit News Religion

Recall how big 201 was in the overturning of Roe v. Wade
Britney Jean Spears = 201 / 75 / 258 / 105
Order of Illuminati = 201 / 258 / 105

The Jesuit Order = 201
DeMolay = 75
(She was Disney, he was DeMolay)
Israel is 75
Today leaves 75 days in the year

This news is published today, October 17, 2023 (the day leaving 75 days in the year).

Read about this ritual on Jane Roe’s 75th birthday.

This news is about a time when abortion was legal, in the time of Britney Spears, the 90s and 2000s.

Notice she is 41, and in her 42nd year of life.
USA = 41
Roe v. Wade = 42

This news comes 319 days after her last birthday *Lucifer=319 *Killing=319

This news comes 46 days before her upcoming birthday. *Genesis 46 *Sacrifice=46

Notice Justin Timberlake is 42 right now.

This news comes a span of 107 days from his upcoming birthday.
Ritual Sacrifice = 73 & 107 (Roe v. Wade in ’73)

This news also comes 259 days after his last birthday, or 260th day of his age.
Roman Catholicism = 259 (260 chapters in New Testament)

Right now what is taking place in Israel has a lot to do with 73, 75 and 201.

The point is, these are large rituals connected to needless death, and they are devious and evil in nature. It isn’t to say that mother’s who had abortions are these things. It is to say the things that have lead society to this point are.

Case and point, they’re saying 260 people were killed at the Israel Music Festival, and this news comes on JT’s 260th day of his age, going with the 260 chapters in the New Testament. And again, the people who are doing this, purposefully, work by a biblical code. And they know these stories provoke Christians, who are invested in the teachings of the New Testament.