Priest and six law enforcement officers killed in Russia, Sunday, June 23, 2024

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At least 6 dead and 12 injured? 612, again? For example, the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting was 612 days after the last big Florida shooting, which was on June 12, or 6/12, in Orlando.
*Valentine=102 *Police=102

This news comes June 23, 2024, the day leaving 191 days in the year.
Society of Jesus=191

191 also goes with ‘active shooter.’ *Active Shooter=191

And notice how this happened in ‘Dagestan‘ Province. It has tremendous overlap with Catholic.

Father Nikolay=71 & 145 (the most gruesome detail in the story) (below)

Today is 224 days after the Superior General’s November 12 birthday.
The Society of Jesus=224 & 71

The divisors of 84 sum to 224. *Jesuit=84 *The Jesuit Order=84 *Sunday=84

Today is exactly 32 weeks after the Superior General’s birthday as well (Nov. 12, 1948).

The first town listed in the story below is Derbent.

32 sun rays on the Jesuit logo.

Today is also the 190th day of the Pope’s age, and 190 is the 19th triangular number. Of course, in Tarot Cards, the 19th card is the Sun Card, and this happened on a Sunday.
Priest=33 *Sunday=33

Today is also the 175th day of the leap year. *Pope Francis=175

One of the towns attacked is Makhachkala. *Makhachkala=34 & 70 *Francis=34 & 70

75 miles? *New World Order=75 *The Superior General is 75 *Catholic Church=75 *Roman Catholic=75

These towns are in close proximity to each other on the 42nd Parallel.
Jesuit=42, Freemason=42, Zionist=42, *Gun=42 *Ammo=42 *War=42 *World War=42

Today is 260 day after Putin’s birthday and there are 260 chapters in the New Testmanet. The last is about warfare and destruction in the “end times.”
New Testament=42 *New=42
World War=42 & 48 (Derbent coordinates)

And the one town is on the 47th Meridian East. As we say, what is 47?
*Christian=47 *Government=47 *Authority=47
Makhachkala=65 *Christianity=65

These attacks on churches come 61 days before August 23, 2024, a historic day in Afghanistan in 2021, and a date that will mark 911 days after the war began between Russia and Ukraine, February 24, 2022.
Church=61 *Vatican=911

Today is also 93 days after the March 22 attacks in Russia, and in light of it being a Sunday, the sun is 93 million miles away on average (Order of Illuminati=93).

Louisiana Governor signs bill into law requiring 10 Commandments to be posted in all public school classrooms, June 20, 2024

Federal Government Jesuit News Religion Secret Societies

Louisiana became the first state to pass a law requiring the 10 Commandments in public school classrooms, which seems like an obvious breach of the separation of church and state, so this is almost guaranteed to be overturned by the courts. But as for the day it happened, it happened on the first day of Summer, the Summer Solstice, June 20, 2024.
Summer=89 *Religion=89

The Governor is also 53 years old. *Religion=53

This move came 51 days after the state’s April 30 birthday. *Governor=51 *Rome=51

And notice how the 20th of the month fits in with the Ten Commandments.
Ten Commandments=56 & 79 *Society of Jesus=56 & 79

Louisiana is the 18th state. *IHS=18 & 18 *Sun=18 (first day of summer)

This governor assumed office on January 8, 2024, or 1/8.

The law came on the 172nd day of the year as well.
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam=172

That means this ritual came on his 165th day in office.
Scottish Rite=165 (most Jewish branch of Freemasonry)

The Governor also has a fitting name, Gematria.
Jeff Landry=47 & 52 *Government=47 & 52 *Authority=47 & 52 *Christian=47

Kendrick Lamar releases ‘Not Like Us,’ Saturday, May 4, 2024

Celebrity Death Entertainment Jesuit Predictive Programming Religion

Notice where Not Like Us fits in with May 4, or 5/4.

The date can also be written 4/5 like 45. *Hip-Hop=45 *Ritual=45 *IHS=45

In the song he predicts his Oakland show will be his last.

He closes the song by making fun of Drake’s record Label, OVO Sound.
OVO Sound=125 (125th day of the year)

This song was released 322 days after Kendrick Lamar’s birthday. *Bavaria=54 (Order 322)

This song was released 193 days after Drake’s birthday.

United Methodist Church lifts 40 year ban on LGBTQ clergy, May 1, 2024 news

Politics Religion Secret Societies Transgender / LGBTQ

These are the headlines on May 1, 2024, the Illuminati’s 248th birthday.
Columbia University=248

Today, the Illuminati transitions from 247 to 248.
United Methodist Church=247

40 is a very biblical number (look into it if you don’t know). It starts in the Old Testament, with the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. *Old Testament=40 *United States=40 *US=40

Recall, there are 929 chapters in the OT of Protestant Bibles. *United States of America=929 (Jewish)

There were 51 dissenting votes on May 1, or 5/1.
May First=51 *Adam Weishaupt=51

The ban was in place since ’84, a very Jesuit number, reminding us that Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit.

Outkast pays tribute to Rico Wade, April 27, 2024

Celebrity Death Entertainment Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Religion Secret Societies

This news began one day after the 30th anniversary of Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, and Rico Wade was also laid to rest on April 26.

Saturn, connected to death and judgement, has a 30 year return.

In this case he died 21 years after the Outkast / Dungeon Family album he worked on.
Saturn=21 *Jesuit=21 *Rome=21

The first Jesuit Pope, Pope Francis, has a Saturnalia birthday.

Saw something in us=72 *Jesuit Order=72 (Organized Noize=87 & 66, Number of the Beast=87 & 66The Pope is 87)
This man’s full name equates to 87: Rico Renard Wade=87

Rolling Stone wrote about this on April 27, 2024, the 118th day of the leap year.
Death=118 *Homicide=118

Hip Hop’s birthday is August 11, or 11/8.

Tupac died September 13, 1996 *9+13+96=118

Notice Rico Wade was born in ’72, the year Diddy’s father was murdered, and now Diddy is getting it rough at age 54 from the same Jesuit prosecutor that got R. Kelly at age 54.
Jesuit Order=54 & 72
-Sun moves one degree on the astrological wheel every 72 years
-Georgetown established by John Carrol when he was 54 *John Carroll=54
-Diddy and R. Kelly’s prosecutor is a Georgetown alumni

He died at age 52, (Pope=52), while the Pope is 87-years-old.

Andre 3000’s new flute album is 87 minutes long.

The 52-week calendar is named after the Pope. *Gematria=52 *Kabbalah=52 *Authority=52

And again, he was born in ’72, going with what Rolling Stone emphasized in their headline.

1/26/1972=1+26+19+72=118 *Death=118 *Homicide=118

It’s a long pattern, 54 & 72.

He died 86 days after Big Boi’s birthday. *Jesuits=86 *Blood Sacrifice=86 *Human Sacrifice=67

From Andre’s birthday to Big Boi’s birthday is a span of 251 days (54th prime).

And from Andre’s date of birth, May 27, 1975, to this story, April 27, was 587 months on the nose.
587, 107th prime *Ritual Sacrifice=107

The Rolling Stone article came exactly 48 weeks after Andre’s 48th birthday. *Atlanta=48 *Rico Wade=48 *Illuminati=48

Their entertainment group was named “848.”

Israel was born in ’48, and is 75 years old right now.

This Rolling Stone story came on 75 date numerology. *4+27+20+24=75

Don’t overlook that both Big Boi and Andre were born in ’75. It goes with the death of this man, RIP.

New World Order=75 (NWO=52) (Dead at 52)
Catholic Church=75, Roman Catholic=75, Ignatius of Loyola=75, Adam Weishaupt=75

Big Boy is 49 right now. *Catholicism=49

April 27, 2024 was 260 days later, and there are 260 chapters in the New Testament, which teaches about the number of the beast. *Rico Wade=42 *New Testament=42

Also, Rico Wade’s story came on the 163rd day of Andre’s new album being out, which released November 17, 2024. As we know, 163 is the 38th prime number (a number of death).
Death=38, Murder=38, Killing=38, RIP=38 *Rapper=38 *Nigga=38

It’s not arbitrary that this nation’s capital is on the 38th Parallel North, nor is the name ‘Pentagon.’
English=38, Gematria=38, Kabbalah=38, *Pentagon=38 (goes with the ‘death’ thing)

And for one bonus thought, this might have a lot to do with Trump and his legal cases, including the one in Atlanta, where the “mugshot” came from.
Rico Wade=78/42/138/48
-78th NBA season
-Donald Trump about to turn 78 (June 14, 2024)
-Donald Trump=138 & 48

The story was 48 days before Donald Trump’s 78th birthday.

Last, the name Outkast fits with a familiar pattern.
Sacrifice=46 (Genesis 46)

Trump, born in ’46, and Joe Biden, #46, elected 46 weeks after the Pope’s birthday, as the nation’s second Catholic President, the first killed at age 46 in Dallas, Texas. *Dallas, Texas=118

It goes with the April 13 death coming exactly 46 weeks after Andre’s birthday.

That’s also 322 days…

Da Connect=79/34/164/47

It is 21 years later, in the 21st Century *Jesuit=21

He died on the 27th day of the age of the album. *Ritual=27

Trump’s birthday is 14th of June, or 14/6. *Dungeon Family=146

Ryan Garcia’s “upset” of Devin Haney in boxing, April 20, 2024, Hitler’s birthday

Drug War Entertainment History Islam Jesuit News Religion Secret Societies Sports War

25 year old Ryan Garcia got his 25th win over 25 year old Devin Haney.

The fight was 155 days after Devin Haney’s 25th birthday. *Marijuana =155

The winner of the fight was born on August 8, or 8/8. *Marijuana=88

Conspiracy Theory=88 (He was born on one year anniversary of Mel Gibson’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ movie)

Ryan Garcia became 25-1 with the win, a bit like 251, the 54th prime. *Devin=54 *Cannabis=54

Norml has existed since 1970, 54 years ago (Marijuana / Cannabis related)

Devin Haney is Muslim. *Islam=54

Osama bin Laden’s age of death is his 54th day of being 54 years old. *Terrorism=54

In They Live, Cable 54 is the enemy of the world.

Once upon a time, Club 54 was the most “it” place in the world.

*One wonders if Club 54 inspired Cable 54???

Recall when LeBron passed Kobe on 25/1, like 251, the 54th prime, with the 54th points of the game, the day before Kobe died, one Sunday before Super Bowl 54, the Joe Montana Bowl, another big sports star in California. *Kobe Bean Bryant=54 *Joe Montana=54

Super Bowl 58 has the same result, the 54th of the modern era, and Mahomes won his third Super Bowl since Kobe died, three days after the Kobe statue went up on February 28. Recall, that was the Pope’s 54th day of his age that the statue went up, and Kobe died at 41, on the Pope’s 41st day of his age, while traveling from Catholic Mass. *Kobe Bryant=41 *Super Bowl=41 *USA=41

The Jesuit suppression lasted 41 years, and Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope.
LA=41 & 13 (41, 13th prime), Kobe, 41, Gianna, 13 *Gianna Bryant=54 & 126
-The two of them died on 1/26 (like 126)
John Carroll=54 & 126
-He founded the first Jesuit university at age 54, Georgetown *Jesuit Order=54
-The Jesuit HQ is at the House of Gesu, Building 54
-Think of the “54” Club
-The Jesuit’s logo is the Sun *Sun=54
-Kobe died on a Sunday
-Super Bowls are on Sundays
-Joe Montana went to Catholic Notre Dame
-We call great players “stars”
-The sun is a star…
-The Catholic Church worships the sun
-They have since 274 AD, on December 25
-Iesus Hominum Salvator=274 (Jesuit Motto)

You know how R. Kelly got sentenced on the big Jesuit Day, September 27, at age 54, and now his prosecutor, a Georgetown grad, is going after Diddy at age 54.

There’s also one last Jesuit fingerprint in this upset, and it is this happening on Hitler’s birthday, when Hitler was a Christian, like Ryan Garcia. *Society of Jesus=56 *Ryan the Flash=56 *Adolf Hitler=56

In the history books, Adolf Hitler committed suicide at age 56, April 30, 1945. We are days from the 79th anniversary of Hitler’s death. *Society of Jesus=56 & 79

*Ryan Garcia is known as ‘The Flash.’

Remember, all these roads lead back to the Pope, and the 25th win came in this fight. It goes with the Chiefs winning with 25 on the Vatican’s birthday. *Vatican=25 *Pope=25 *Earth=25 *Devil=25

People are selling souls for this mainstream attention and fame, and we see how often it ends up with a very premature expiration date.

Ilhan Omar’s daughter arrested at Colombia, April 19, 2024, 56 days after her birthday

Federal Government Islam Jesuit News Politics Religion Secret Societies

This happened Thursday, April 18, 2024. It is big news April 19, Ignatius of Loyola Day.

This ritual on April 18, 2024, was 56 days after Isra Hirsi’s 21st birthday.

It is getting a lot of news attention April 19, 2024, the 110th day of the leap year.

This ritual on April 18, 2024, was 197 days after Ilhan Omar’s birthday.
197, 45th prime *Ritual=45

Keep in mind the Jesuit Suppression lasted 41 years, in light of Ilhan being 41. *USA=41

The number 41 is the 13th prime, going with the 13 stripes.

Her daughter is 21.

Let us not forget the winner of the 56th US Presidential election went to Colombia, Barack Hussein Obama. He had the many connections to the first black US Congresswoman, Shirly Chisholm. She was elected 56 years ago, in 1968. It also goes with Kamala taking the White House at age 56.

Keep in mind BLM popped off with the huge 201 ritual with George Floyd.
The Jesuit Order=201 *Order of Illuminati=201

Notice this story is from July 20, 2022, the 201st day of the year. That was the same day Donald Trump buried his ex-wife, who he married in a big 201 ritual, 45 years earlier.

Bandman Kevo’s son shot dead on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024, after Scam School news

Biblical Celebrity Death Murder by Numbers Religion

It was March 22 that the news dropped about his “scam school,” and then it was 9 days later, Easter, he tweeted about his son’s death, at age 15. For one, ‘scam’ equates to 9 in gematria, and for two, Order 322 allows 15 members per year.

His son was shot 44 days after his February 16 birthday, speaking of familiar patterns.
Shooting=44 *Execution=44 *Easter Sunday=44 *Kill=44

He is 34-years-old at the time of the death, on Easter.
Rapper=34 *Murder=34 *Jesus=34 *Black=34

Keep in mind 3/31, the date of the incident, is a lot like 331, the 67th prime number.
Blood Sacrifice=67 *Human Sacrifice=67 *Satanic=67 *Soul=67

Think about giving up the son on Easter…

Kevin has the Jesus connection.

For more familiar patterns… *Bandman Kevo=102 & 60 *Slavery=102 *Nigger=102 & 60

Taiwan’s “very 74” 7.4 magnitude earthquake of April 3, 2024, the Jesus crucifixion anniversary

Earthquake Military New World Order News Religion

This news comes on April 3, or 4/3, like 43.

This earthquake came 7 months and 4 days into Taiwan’s leader’s current age.

The 217 days might remind you of July 21, or 21/7, when the Oppenheimer movie was released.

Furthermore, this earthquake came a span of 74 days from Xi Jinping’s upcoming birthday.

The 2 months and 13 days might remind you of Los Angeles, the (213) area code.

This might also remind you of the Southern California earthquakes on July 4 and July 5, 2019, where the epicenter was at the China Lake Military Base. The date, 7/4, is something like 7.4.

From the July 4, 2019 earthquake in the US to this was 247 weeks and 6 days later. Of course, the United States is 247 years old right now and will turn 248 on July 4, 2024. It goes with this earthquake also coming a span of 248 weeks from the July 4, 2019 quake.

The 56 months should also stand out to you

As the media is reporting, this quake came as the people of Taiwan were preparing for their annual holiday, Tomb Sweeping Day.

It is also know as the Qingming Festival, equating to 248, going with the span of 248 weeks.

The holiday is about communicating with the dead, a concept with parallels to people communicating with Jesus after he returned from the death. So think about 7.4 earthquake on April 3, the anniversary of Jesus’ crucifixion? *Jesus Christ=74 & 43

And in light of the Jesus part…

Keep in mind Jesus crucifixion is a story tied to his resurrection, which is celebrated with Easter, which just occurred this past Sunday, March 31. Now it is this, three days later, in Taiwan, on the 94th day of the leap year, April 3, 2024.

Roman Catholic Church=94 *Catholicism=68 *Mathematics=68

Again, this earthquake comes the day before Tomb Sweeping Day, which falls on April 4, or 4/4 this year.

No doubt, many tombs were damaged by this earthquake. Consider April 4 is much like 4/4.

Keep in mind the military order of Jesus is the Jesuit Order, and this earthquake happened on the 144th day of the Superior General’s age.

*The United States of America=144

This also occurred on the 109th day of the Pope’s age. *Military=109 & 44 *Earthquake=44

Singer Eric Carmen, gone in his sleep at 74, March 11, 2024 news

Celebrity Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers News Religion

It is not being specified what day he died on, they’re only saying he died this past weekend, in his sleep. As for his age of death, 74, we know what that means, especially since he was Jewish.
Jewish=74, Jesus=74, Cross=74, Messiah=74, Gospel=74, Parables=74, Killing=74

Also, the news broke March 11, 213 days after his last birthday. *Death=213

The news broke on the Pope’s 86th day of his age.
Eric Howard Carmen=86, Blood Sacrifice=86, Human Sacrifice=86