CNN writes about the dangers Mount Rainier poses to the Seattle area, June 23, 2024

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In light of CNN making the threat of Mountain Rainier to the Seattle area a top headline today, June 23, 2024, I want to acknowledge my college professors who always warned us not to live in Seattle, because we could live to see it destroyed in our lifetime by Mt. Rainier’s eventual eruption.

It turns out he passed away nearly seven years ago. RIP.

Life has a funny sense of humor. Despite teaching in Arizona, he was very concerned about Mt. Rainier in Washington State and the deaths that could come from its eruption. It always stuck with me because I am from the Oregon & Washington area, and the last major eruption in the Pacific Northwest was Mt. St. Helens, not nearly as big of a threat as Rainier though, but something that had a significant impact on the city of Portland, Oregon which was covered in ash. And as for life’s funny sense of humor, Mr. Holloway passed away at 77. He was a good guy so I would have liked to have seen he was still kicking.
Mount Rainier=77

Recall the overlap with ‘Seattle’ and ‘Volcano.’

Funny enough, I find out about his passing in the 82nd month since it happened.

Today is 32 weeks after the Superior General’s birthday.

Today leaves 191 days in the year, and Seattle is a Jesuit stronghold.
Society of Jesus=191

Keep in mind 191 is the 43rd prime, and Seattle has a fetish for 43 sports teams.
Seattle Seahawks=43
Seattle Kraken=43

Newsweek reports 19 volcanoes erupt at same time, November 14, 2023 (the day after Seattle’s anniversary)

History Military News Predictive Programming Volcano

Vulcan is the god related to volcanoes. So think about 19 erupting at the same time.

The last eruption of Vulcan, the volcano, was in ’94, a big year for Seattle.
Seattle, Washington=94
Paul Allen=94 & 149 (149, 35th prime – Vulcan=35)
Jeff Bezos=94 & 149

Remember, Kurt Cobain died 94 days after Bill and Melinda’s wedding on the first day of ’94.

Ken Griffey Jr. was the home run champ in ’94 too.

’94 was 8 years after ’86, When Vulcan was established in Seattle. 19 is the 8th prime number.

Fire is associated with ‘hell.’

Keep in mind nearby Mt. St. Helens erupted on the 86th day of the year, March 27, 1980, not far off from Paul Allen’s Vulcan being established in ’86. In the case of the Helens eruption, it had a big impact on the city of Portland, Oregon, just south of Seattle, where Paul Allen once owned the Portland Trail Blazers, in the same way he owned the Seattle Seahawks.

A college professor of mine (John Holloway, Arizona State) thought Seattle could be wiped off the map when Rainier erupts again, and it might not be as far in the future as people think (he said this in 2004). Seattle is the lone ’19’ city in America, and it is build on the mudflows of the last Rainier eruption.

Keep in mind this story broke on November 14, by Newsweek, the day leaving 47 days in the year. Of course, Seattle is the city on the 47th Parallel North.

Mount Rainier = 67 (19th prime)
Mt. Rainier=107, Seattle=107, Military=107 *Ritual Sacrifice=107

Making matters more interesting, November 14 was one date after the establishment anniversary of Seattle (originally Alki), November 13, 1851. That means the 172nd anniversary had just passed the day prior.
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam=172

Town of Seattle = 68 *Seattle, Washington = 68

The original Space Needle rotating restaurant did a full rotation every 47 minutes.
Denny Party=47 (Seattle, on 47th Parallel)

The Space Needle is part of the Seattle Center complex, which is 74 acres.
Rainier=47 & 74

This year, in the MLB All-Star Game, the AL stayed on 47 wins, and the NL won their first All-Star game in 11 years, on the 11th fo July.
Beast=47 & 11

Seattle will turn 174 on November 13, 2025, and it is known for the “Beast Quake,” a 67 yard TD.
Number of the Beast=174 (Beast=47)

May 23, 2027 will be the 174th anniversary of the name Seattle.

For more on ‘Seattle’ and ‘volcano,’ let us close here.

Ordo Ab Chao=82 (Order out of chaos)
Seattle=82 & 19

Think of the invasion of Afghanistan after the 19-hijackers on 9/11, or think of Seattle being the city where the first case of Covid-19 was outside of China.

And recall what they did to Afghanistan this year on October 7 or 10/7?

Afghanistan got rocked with earthquakes on October 7, 2023, the 22nd anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan on October 7, 2001.

The earthquakes came the day the war began in Israel.
Israel=44, Zion=44, Netanyahu=44

The 44th anniversary of the St. Helens eruption will be May 23, 2024.
Portland=44, RIP City=44

Remember where Washington state connects with the World Trade Centers, the Manhattan Project, and ‘Ground Zero?’

Remember the February 2001 super quake in Washington state?

More FYIs:

Paul Allen, who founded Vulcan, died on the day leaving 77 days in the year.
Mount Rainier=77

His birthday was the day Covid-19 was confirmed in the U.S., in 2020. Of course his wingman was Mr. Vaccine, Bill Gates.

Japan’s Sakurajima volcano explodes for first time since 1955, July 24, 2022


Kagoshima Prefecture = 93 / 105 / 201 / 312
Order of Illuminati = 93 / 105 / 201 / 258
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 105 / 111 / 201 / 312
*Kyushu = 24 / 105 (Island of the eruption)
-Eruption on Sunday, July 24

Kagoshima City = 60 / 75 / 141 / 210’s%20eruptive%20history%20has%20been,1471%2D76%20and%20in%201914.’s%20eruptive%20history%20has%20been,1471%2D76%20and%20in%201914.