The 2001 Nisqually Seattle-Olympia earthquake, a span of 196-days from September 11, 2001

Earthquake History Jesuit Military New World Order Terrorism
10:54 *Saturnalia = 154 *Jesuit Order = 54 *Terrorism = 54

21-years ago today I was a senior in high school, in psychology class, in the middle of an experiment/assignment with my classmate Renee, when all of a sudden everything started to shake. It’s one of those moments you don’t forget.

This 6.8 quake caused significant damage in Seattle, Washington and just south of there, the state’s capital, Olympia.

And notice the interstate at Allyn, Washington was destroyed.

You know about Seattle and ’68 if you follow my work in relation to 9/11…
-WTC Construction began in ’68
-911 made national emergency dialing code in ’68
-George W. Bush graduated from Yale with a graduating class of 911
-9/11 falls on George W. Bush’s 68th day of his age each year
You also know about Bill Gates and his problem with the “6.8-billion people” and growing lecture at his 2010 TED Talk, and how we can reduce population, only for his solution to come through ‘coronavirus,’ an illness coined in 1986

Keep in mind nuclear energy development began in Washington State, at the Hanford Site, after the date March 9, 1943, the 68th day of the year, when the town was made toe evacuate by the federal government.

And I bring this up because from the earthquake to September 11, 2001, was a span of 196-days.

*It was also 195-days earlier
*Washington, State = 195

And again, the town of Hanford was made to evacuate on March 9, 1943, the 68th day of the year.

March 9, 1943?
Nuclear = 43
New York = 39
Atomic Bomb = 39
-Dreamed up by Oppenheimer in ’39

Atomic Bomb = 39 / 93
New York, NY = 93
9/11 leaves 111-days in the year
Missiles = 111

Again, Hanford, Washington is where the ‘Hanford Site’ was located, equating to 119, a lot like September 11, or 11/9/2011.

The earthquake was on the 47th Parallel North, and the 122nd Meridian West.

Be sure to read about Amalgam Virgo in relation to the 9/11 ritual.

11+77+175 = 263 (56th prime)
-Supposed flights that hit targets on 9/11
Society of Jesus = 56

Gary Faye Lock was the 21st Governor of Washington at the time, born on the 21st day of the year.

The earthquake came 38-days after Locke’s birthday.
January 21 to February 28

Wednesday, February 28, 2001 was the day, and Wednesday is named after Mercury.
Mercury is the 201 Element
Mercury is the Trickster
The World Trade Centers went from 2 to 0 to 1
The Jesuit Order = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
-129 is 201 in base 8 counting
-February 28 was a span of 129-days from George W. Bush’s July 6 birthday
New York City = 129

In light of him being ambassador to China, it’s interesting to coronavirus was confirmed in the U.S. in Seattle, Washington, from China, on his birthday. He turned 70-years-old on that very same day. Go figure.
Coronavirus = 70
Covid Vaccine = 70
Snohomish County = 70

The case came through Seattle’s airport, and the person reportedly lived in Snohomish County, just north of King County (where Seattle is).
*Corona means crown (King County)
*Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation across from world’s biggest needle
*Melinda Gates born on Jesuit Order’s birthday
William Henry Gates = 201
–B&M Gates Foundation main sponsors of Event 201

And don’t overlook that he went to Yale, like George W. Bush.

Then he was the Congressman for King County, starting in ’94, the same year the Bill Gates coronavirus plan went into motion.
Coronavirus, Pandemic = 94
Seattle, Washington = 68 / 94
Terror = 68 / 94
-WTCs opened in New York on April 4, 1973 (94th day of year)
-See my work on Bill Gates and the Number 94 (as well as Seattle and 94)

Of course the number 94 has to do with Plutonium, which has to do with nukes.

And go figure the King County Executive position was created November 5, 1968, Guy Fawkes Day, the day leaving 56-days in the year.

Personal Note: Gary Locke came to my elementary school after it was renamed from “Missiles” to “Mountaineers.”

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