Ascension Health Network cyberattack becomes the national news on Feast of the Ascension, May 9, 2024

Catholic Church Cyber Attack / Hacking Jesuit Medical News Secret Societies
Feast of the Ascension=204/78/309/102 *Cyber Polygon has a history with 78 *Jesuit=78

The Jesuit fingerprints are obvious in this one, and it goes with the Jesuit Cyber Polygon simulations.
Ascension=144 & 54 *Jesuit Order=144 & 54

Of course today is 5/9, going with the Jesuit Pope. *Pope Francis=59

And today is 144 days after his birthday.

The attack was yesterday, on the Pope’s 144th day of his age.

And the Jesuits were created to counter the 95 Theses, like 9/5.

Last, it is the phrase, Cyber Security Event. *Cyber Security Event=86 & 103 *Jesuits=86 & 103

Christopher Wray, head of FBI, says China is preparing to wreak havoc on US with cyberattack, April 18, 2024

Cyber Attack / Hacking Federal Government New World Order News War

The remarks were made on April 18, 2024, the 109th day of the leap year.

These latest remarks came Thursday, April 18, 2024, 78 days after Christopher Wray’s January 31 remarks about China unleashing a cyberattack on the United States. If you watch the news clip, the concern is that they can take down our power grid and much more.

As for the 78 days, recall the first Cyber Polygon conducted by the World Economic Forum; it was July 8, 2019, 102 days before Event 201. *Order Out of Chaos=78 *Jesuit=78 *July 8 (7/8)

These remarks also came 123 days after Chris Wray’s December 17 birthday.

And keep in mind the media covered this on April 19, Ignatius of Loyola Day, special to the Jesuits.

Last, these remarks came 58 days before Xi Jinping’s birthday, the leader of China.
Xi Jinping=58, Freemasonry=58, Secret Society=58, Power=58

He will turn 71, and we saw war break out with Israel and Hamas on Putin’s 71st birthday.

And regarding the ongoing 128 pattern, ‘Chinese hackers’ could fit in.
Bridge Collapse=128
Hush Money=128
Chinese Hackers=128

Facebook and Instagram down 71 days from Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday, March 5, 2024

Big Tech Cyber Attack / Hacking News

Today is a span of 71 days to Mark Zuckerberg’s birthday. *Cyberattack=71

Keep in mind the FBI director came out on January 31, 2024 and said said a cyberattack is imminent from China, so look at this as a clue of things to come. Today can be written 3/5, like 35. *China=35

Janet Napolitano’s April 8, 2009 warning of a cyberattack taking down the power grid, 15 years before the 2024 total eclipse

Cyber Attack / Hacking Federal Government News Power Grid Power Outage Predictive Programming

April 8, 2024, will be the date the sun goes dark, as the moon passes between the earth and the sun. It will also be the 15th anniversary of this article.

Keep in mind the moon is “illuminated” by the sun.
Illuminati=120 (15th triangular number)
Illuminati=48 (April 8)

Let us not forget the Illuminati was founded on 1/5, the First of May.

The date can also be written 5/1, and Napolitano was 51 at the time.
Adam Weishaupt=51 (Founder of the Illuminati)

It goes with her surname.
The Illuminati=153
Jesuit Order=153

And it goes with ‘cyberattack.’
Bavarian Illuminati=188

And as for 15, other words tying in are:
War=15 *Nuke=15

The warning came on Janet Napolitano’s 131st day of her age.

More recently, on January 31, 2024, we had the head of the FBI warn about a cyberattack coming for the United States. And days before that, on January 13, we had Tucker Carlson warn that the grid is going down. Of course, both dates can be written similar to “131,” 1/31 and 13/1.

Bill Gates warns about how the advancement of AI over the next 5 years will result in more terrorism and cyberattacks by ‘bad guys,’ January 18, 2024

Big Tech Celebrity Cyber Attack / Hacking New World Order News Predictive Programming

This news came 80 days after Bill Gates birthday. I think I know what he meant by ‘bad guys.’
Bavarian Illuminati=80, Satan=80, Baphomet=80

As for the gematria of ‘bad guys,’ it fits the gang.
Bad Guys=79, Society of Jesus=79, Knights Templar=79

The White Lion and station 1619 in the Obamas new film, Leave The World Behind

Biblical Cyber Attack / Hacking Entertainment Federal Government History News Predictive Programming Racism Religion

In the Obamas new film that they produced, Leave the World Behind, you see a transmission come in from station 1619 when every other radio channel is down. You do also see an oil tanker land on the beach named White Lion. And it is true, the first slave ship to what became the United States, was The White Lion.

Again, Acts 7:6 mentions 400 years of slavery, an anniversary that happened in August of 2019, just before Covid in the United States, corresponding with Acts 7:7, the verse that follows 7:6 (United States=77).

The White Lion=59, Slave=59, Negro=59, Blues=59, Rasta=59, *Renegade=59

Remember, the Federal Government recognized Black History Month in ’76.

And in the case of Obama, he was the 44th US President, like Acts if the 44th book of the Holy Bible.

The debut of the film on Netflix was 110 days after August 20.
President=110, Prophecy=110

Remember the ritual with Obama’s book, A Promised Land, playing on Biblical prophecy?

Keep in mind August 20 leaves 133 days in the year.

And don’t forget Janet Napolitano’s “prophecy” as she stepped down from the head of DHS, while Obama was President. After all, Leave the World Behind is about EXACTLY what she predicted. And notice, she turned 66 just this year, like the concluding book of the Holy Bible is the 66th.

For one more point, Netflix put this film out on December 8, or 12/8, like 128.

The Lion is very important to Judaism… and they stole the identity…

lospelaosbro, the celebrity hacker, April 5, 2022 news

Big Tech Celebrity Cyber Attack / Hacking Entertainment Jesuit News

A hacker by the name of lospelaosbro reportedly hacked the accounts of several celebrities on April 5, the 95th day of the year. As we know, April 5 is a very ‘Jesuit’ date, and of course hacking has become associated with the Guy Fawkes mask, where Guy Fawkes is a famous Jesuit.
Jesuits created to counter 95 Theses
Jesuit Order = 54 (5/4 date)
IHS = 45 (4/5 date)

Also, in light of Justin Bieber being the big focus, the ritual came 35-days after his birthday.
Hacker = 35
Catholic = 35
Holy See = 35