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Forbes broke this news on January 14, 2021, the 56 date, and we know what gang Bill Gates belongs to, the Jesuit Order / Society of Jesus.

1/14/2021 = 1+14+20+21 = 56 *Society of Jesus

Get that, Bill Gates, the man who was head of evil Microsoft for 33 years, and is now the face of vaccines, is the biggest private ‘farmland’ owner.

If you missed my work on the TV show Utopia releasing 33 days before Bill Gates birthday, again, it is about a billionaire who wants to depopulate the world, and he wants to do it by sterilizing people with a vaccine, and the way he creates the “pandemic” is through illness that is purposefully put into the livestock he controls. Read more about Bill Gates, Utopia and his ‘Good Club’ here.

Speaking of the ‘Good Club’, which Bill Gates heads, a club fixated on population control, Forbes broke this story on his 79th day of his age.

1/14/2021 = 1+14+20+21 = 56

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This is the man who oversaw Beau Biden’s funeral service. Notice below that he was director of Walt Disney as well. Of course Disney was a member of DeMolay, connected to the Catholic Church, like the Jesuits.’Donovan

Don’t overlook that he’ll be part of Joe Biden’s inauguration January 20, 2021, the 20/1 date, or the 201 date… in light of the fact that Beau Biden died at age 46, 201 days before Pope Francis birthday, and Joe Biden won the election, becoming the 46th President Elect, exactly 46 weeks after Pope Francis birthday, Mr. 201.

Catholic Church Celebrity Federal Government History Jesuit News Politics

Joe Biden’s father died 2/9, like 29, reminding of his wife dying 29 days after his birthday in ’72, the year he became Senator elect. *Senator = 29

Notice, he was 59 years old when his father died, like how he has recently won the 59th U.S. Presidential Election, coming 46 weeks after Pope Francis’ 83rd birthday. *Catholic = 46 *Pope Francis = 59 *Election = 83

Furthermore, his father’s death came 79 days before Joe’s birthday in 2002.

Society of Jesus = 79 *Murder = 79

Read about Beau Biden’s death at 46, 201 days before Pope Francis’ 79th birthday here.

And in light of Joe Biden becoming a Senator in ’72, and now a President in 2020, in his 79th year of his life, notice how it all comes together.

Keep in mind his father died 72 days before his birthday.

He died 293 days after his birthday (62nd prime)

When you flip it around, President Biden equates to 81, and his mother died January 8, or 8/1, like 81.

Catherine Eugenia Finnegan = 433 (84th prime) *Jesuit = 84

His mother was 92, and his father died on September 2, or 9/2, or 2/9.

His mother died 185 days after her birthday.

Washington D.C. = 61

Of course he “defeated” Donald John Trump, the Jesuit educated one, in the 59th U.S. Presidential Election.

Keep in mind Joe Biden was 67 when his mother died, and his father was 86 when he passed.

Catholic Church Coronavirus Jesuit News

As predicted this past weekend, Pope Francis has received his “coronavirus” vaccine on Thursday, January 14, 2021, the date with 56 numerology.

1/14/2021 = 1+14+20+21 = 56

And let us not forget that ‘pope’ equates to 56 either.

Thus, why the last two popes received it today.

Keep in mind, today is can be written 1/14, like 114.

Today is a span of 93 days to Benedict’s upcoming 94th birthday.

*Coronavirus Pandemic = 94

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The ‘Election’ star is not only dead at 38, they’re dead in ‘Oregon’.

Read more about 38 and death as well as ‘murder’ here.

Notice how ‘election’ sums to 38 and 83, the same as ‘murder’, and let us not forget the song ‘Murder by Numbers’ came out in ’83.

And let us not forget the election came 46 weeks after Pope Francis 83rd birthday, giving us #46, Joe Biden. *Catholic = 46

Her character name equates to 54 and 153, the same as ‘Jesuit Order’.

And notice she died on 12/29, where 1229, is the 201st prime number.

Of course, Inauguration Day is 20/1, like 201, the big number with the Jesuits… and let us not forget how Beau Biden died at age 46, 201 days before the Pope’s birthday, the first Jesuit Pope, who is Mr. 201.

Read more about Inauguration Day and 201 here.

For a related point, Jessica Campbell equates to 95, and the Jesuits were recognized by Rome to counter the 95 Theses, on September 27, 1540, the day leaving 95 days in the year.

And for another, Jesuit Joe Biden has a name equating with ‘Campbell’.

And for another, she died on her 61st day of her, connecting to ‘Washington D.C.’, where the Jesuits roam, in what was once Rome on the Potomac, owned by Francis Pope, not to be confused with Pope Francis.

12/29/20 = 12+29+61 = 61 (Date of death)

That means her death was 56 days after the November 3 election.

And for the closer, Election released on April 23, 1999, the 113th day of the year. That’s similar to the date of the 2020 election, which was November 3, or 11/3, like 113.

This explains why they saved the news for January 13, or 1/13, another 113 date, despite her December 29th, 2020 death.

Federal Government History Jesuit News

This news comes January 14, 2021, a date with 56 numerology.

1/14/2021 = 1+14+20+21 = 56

And again, we predicted before the event that there would be ample Civil War symbolism because the event was January 6th, or 6/1, like 61, as in 1861, the year the Civil War began. As per always, the Jesuits operate with divide and conquer tactics, and are responsible for the Civil War, plus many other wars around the world.

Also, how about the name Kevin Seefried? This story comes on the day of the death of the news of Siegfried, from Siegfried & Roy, the magic act.

*Magic = 102 *American Civil War began on 102nd day of 1861

As for his name, Kevin Seefried, it equates to 132.

United States of America = 132

Catholic Church = 132

132 rooms at the White House

Federal Government Jesuit

Last night as the Democrats and Republicans voted for or against using the 25th Amendment to remove Trump (even though Mike Pence said he would not — which is a necessary component), the votes were knotted up at 191 to 187, and they were sure to take a nice long pause while it was on that count.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz ended up being the 201st vote in favor of using the 25th Amendment (even though it had no shot).

Notice she is 54, and her birthday is September 27, the day the Jesuits were recognized by Rome in history.

Also, this vote took place on January 12th, or 1/12, like 112, and the Jesuits operate in 112 countries.

Financial Jesuit News

Bitcoin had a record fall after it his 42k! Didn’t we say it is clearly Jesuit backed?

Read more about Bitcoin and the Jesuits: