Astrology Jesuit

The May 26, 2021 total lunar eclipse is part of the Saros cycle numbered 121.

Revelation = 121 (Square Root 11) *Moon = 11 (Hebrew)

It has 84 lunar eclipses within it ranging from the years 1029 to 2526, and this will be the 56th lunar eclipse of 84.

Society of Jesus = 56, Pope = 56 *Black Lives Matter = 56 (One year anniversary of George Floyd killing video)
Jesuit = 84, The Jesuit Order = 84, The Catholic Church = 84

Also, the 187 minutes and seconds is interesting.

Society of Jesus = 187, Total Eclipse = 187

May 26, 2021 is 195 days after Arturo Sosa’s 72nd birthday on November 12, 2020. *Judgement Day = 195
May 26, 2021 is 160 days after Pope Francis’ 84th birthday on December 17, 2020.
-Assassination = 160
-Active Shooter = 160 (Recall the 160 ritual with Matsuyama after the shootings of Asians in Georgia)
—Hideki Matsuyama = 160 (He won 160 days after the Georgia Governor’s birthday)
——-Atlanta is on the 84th Meridian West (56 of 84) (Georgia / George / Georgia in 2020)
-Martial Law = 160 (This occurred in smaller scales after the George Floyd killing which was May 26, 2020 news)

In other words, a likely news story is a terrible shooting (a huge theme right now), or outrage that leads to massive protests, rioting and destruction that leads to larger scale martial law than we saw a year ago.

And since this comes on the anniversary of George Floyd, don’t forget this connection either.

George = 57, Gemini = 57, Moon = 57

And don’t forget the Kentucky Derby, to start the month, was a HUGE moon ritual, with Bob Baffert winning, just as he did 19 years earlier.

Also, thanks to Bryson, I am aware that the World Economic Forum’s Cyber Polygon exercise of July 8, 2020 was exactly 322 days before May 26, 2021, something that simulated a “digital pandemic.”

Recall, the power went out all over on Valentine’s Day, March 22, 2021, 322 days after Klaus Schwab’s birthday, the leader and founder of the World Economic Forum.

And likely not by chance, May 26, 2021, is 57 days after Klaus Schwab’s birthday.

Entertainment Federal Government Jesuit News

Recall, this news broke April 29, 2021, the 119th day of the year.

Notice the update on the story comes May 4, or 5/4, like 54.

Jesuit Order = 54

And recall what we know about the CIA and the Jesuit Order.

Keep in mind today is May 4, in tribute to ‘Star Wars’.

Star Wars = 119 (April 29 news was the 119th day of the year)
Star Wars was a Ronald Reagan era military program

It is “May the Force” be with you day.

Of course ‘force’ relates to ‘energy’, like the story.

Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit News

Read about Bill and Melinda Gates divorce here.

Notice that the divorce was filed at 1:54 PM local.


And notice her middle name is French, and ‘Melinda French Gates’ equates to 322, reminding of Bill’s father dying September 14, 2020, 322 days after his birthday.

Keep in mind the Jesuits were created in Paris, France, August 15, 1534, and Melinda Gates was born August 15, 1964.

Paris, France = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Melinda Gates is 56 years old right now

And regarding his father, this divorce comes exactly 33 weeks after his death.

Bill Gates was the head of Microsoft for 33 years.

And notice how ‘Microsoft’ goes with May 3, or 5/3, like 53.

Again, Bill Gates’ entire life is a contrived LIE and he is a PUPPET, not a GENIUS.

Big Tech Cryptocurrency Financial Jesuit News

The man, Vitalik Buterin, has the perfect name for the crypto market.

Vitalik Buterin = 65 / 97
Crypto = 65 / 97

This news comes March 5, 2021, a date expressed 3/5 in Russia.

Catholic = 35

Think about the Catholics and Bitcoin…

And notice how ‘Buterin’, his surname, fits in.

The Jesuits control Bitcoin, so why not Ether, or Ethereum?

Ether = 56 / 79
Society of Jesus = 56 / 79

Notice the 72 connection as well.

7/30/2015 = 7+30+20+15 = 72
72 Million Coins
Jesuit Order = 72

That date can be written 30/7, like 307, the 63rd prime, and this latest news comes while he is 27 years old.

Notice how ‘NFT’ goes with ‘Ethereum’.

NFT = 40 / 41
Ethereum = 40 / 41

This news comes 92 days after his birthday, or on his 93rd day of his age.

And regarding this milestone coming on his 93rd day of his age, notice his full name equates to 154, the number relating to 93.

Read about the relationship between 93 and 154 here.

Celebrity Federal Government Jesuit Knights Templar Religion Secret Societies

This news comes May 3, a date written 3/5, or 5/3, like 35 and 53. Of course these numbers connect to the Catholic Church and religion, and the Protestant Reformation was against the Catholic Church.

And notice, today is exactly 43 weeks after #43’s birthday, July 6, 2020.

Yale = 16 (53, 16th prime) *5/3 date

Remember, George W. Bush became #43, in ‘Florida’, the 43 state, where his brother Jeb, was the 43rd Governor of the time, and of course their father was the 43rd Vice President, who also attended Yale, the home of Skull and Bones, a secret society that gets their symbolism from the Knights Templar, who serve the Catholic Church.

Get it?

Entertainment Jesuit News Religion Secret Societies Sports

Medina Spirit won the 147th Kentucky Derby, a race featuring 19 horses, and it won on May 1, 2021, 19 days after Ramadan began, April 12, where 19 is the number at the heart of the Quran (please look up the Quran Code). Of course all of this matters because the name Medina Spirit relates to Islam, and Medina is the place Muhammad the Prophet is buried.

*April 12, 102nd day of the year *Al-Qaeda = 102 *102 minute attack on 9/11
*19 hijackers on 9/11,chapters%2C%20or%2019%20x%202.

Keep in mind the moon is on a 19 year cycle and Bob Baffert won the Kentucky Derby in 2002, 19 years earlier, with War Emblem. And in 2021, his horse was in the 8th Post, and 19 is the 8th prime number. Of course this is why I liked Medina so much before the race, along with a few other key details, including Baffert picking up his 7th Kentucky Derby win in a year of 7s, and the HUGE 201 ritual that was. Congrats again to the winners!

Entertainment Federal Government Jesuit Mass Shooting News Politics Sports

Saturday = 107 / 109
Shooting = 107 / 109
Oneida Casino = 109 (Location of shooting)

This shooting occurred Saturday night, May 1, 2021, May Day, the 245th anniversary of the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati. Thus, it was our weekly planned Saturday shooting, and it happened in Green Bay, Wisconsin during the time of their star QB, Aaron Rodgers, wanting out of town.

5/1/2021 = 5+1+20+21 = 47
Think of the G between the legs of the compass, set at 47 degrees

Think of the G on the Packers helmet, the team from Green Bay.

Policeman = 47
Cop = 47
Government = 47
Authority = 47
News = 47

The Packers won the first ever Super Bowl, in the 47th NFL season.

Foundation = 47

And strangely enough, this took place exactly 150 days after Aaron Rodgers’ birthday, connecting to ‘Illuminati’.

And notice how ‘Order of Illuminati’ and ‘Aaron Charles Rodgers’ go together.

Again, 201 is the number of the Jesuits, and Adam Weishaupt would eventually die 201 days after the May 1 anniversary, on November 18, 1830, the 322nd day of the year.

Again, the Illuminati was established on May 1, 1776.

As for ‘Duck Creek’ being where this happened, notice how it fits in with Bavaria.

Duck Creek = 54, Radisson = 54, Jesuit Order = 54, Bavaria = 54 / 54

The Bavarian Illuminati was created by the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt.

And for more on Aaron Rodgers parallel to the story, here you go.

This is from the same Saturday, May 1, 2021, and it is the third year in a row I’m talking about the Packers and a shooting in the news in the month of May…

And for another 201, Aaron Rodgers was at the Kentucky Derby on the day of the shooting, in what turned out to be a HUGE 201 ritual, where John Velazquez, the winning jockey, with Medina Spirit, came into the day, May 1, with 201 races under his belt for the season, the only jockey who could say so, and with his win, Bob Baffert won his 7th Kentucky Derby, passing Mr. Ben A. Jones, who died June 13, 1961, the day leaving 201 days in the year, going with ‘Run for the Roses’.

Run for the Roses = 201
Order of Illuminati = 201
Aaron Charles Rodgers = 201

Keep in mind Brady was there as well, who won Super Bowl 55, with 201 passing yards.

The Kentucky Derby is known as the ‘Run for the Roses’.

Ben A. Jones was passed by Bob Baffert for most wins at the Kentucky Derby all-time this year, May 1, 2021.

History Jesuit

154 is a number I have been researching for my book, from King James to the Jesuits. Anyhow, here are a few things to know about the number 154.

*Ninety-Three=154 (Saturn=93)
*Saturnalia =154
—Pope Francis, first Jesuit Pope, has a December 17 birthday, in the time of Saturnalia
*Illuminate = 154 (Adam Weishaupt the Jesuit established the Bavarian Illuminati)
—Jesuits were recognized by Rome in 1540)

Star of Remphan = 154
Saturn’s Cube = 154 (Saturn = 93)

Catholic Church History Jesuit Jewish Related News
44+100 = 144

This tragedy comes during the Jewish holiday of Lag B’Omer, and they’re reporting at least 44 dead.

The number 44 also connects with ‘Israel’ and ‘Netanyahu’.

And think about a ‘stampede’ of ‘Jewish’ people on the 29th?

Adding to the ritual, it took place April 29, the 119th day of the year, and the ‘Star of David’ is the symbol of Israel.

119 also connects to ‘Ashkenazi Jews’, which are the ones that live in Israel.

And notice this occurred on a date with 74 numerology.

4/29/2021 = 4+29+20+21 = 74

And with what we know about 74 and 33, and Lag BaOmer falling on a 74 date numerology, notice the following:

4+29 = 33

Remember, Jesus on the cross at age 33.

And here in the U.S., only the 33rd state sums to 74, ‘Oregon’.

Also, think of Revelation 7:4, in light of the “144” reference in the headline.

And Israel is approaching its 74th birthday, which will be May 14, 2022, a little more than a year away. Israel was established May 14, 1948.

Keep in mind Lag B’Omer also turns to 73, and this comes 15 days before Israel’s 73rd birthday.

73, 21st prime (2021) *Bible = 21

Of course there are 73 chapters in the Catholic Bible, and it is the Catholic Church that is behind the creation of Israel, in the wake of their agendas that were the World Wars.

Israel established 14/5 (like 145)
There are 145 more chapters in Catholic Old Testaments than Protestant OTs
There are 46 books in Catholic Old Testaments (As opposed to 39 in Protestant OTs)

The Jesuits who encoded the language and the calendar were Jews who converted to Catholicism.

For another point, this came 190 days after Netanyahu’s 71st birthday, or on his 191st day of his age.

Synagogue of Satan = 190
Society of Jesus = 191

*It happened on the 134th day of the Pope’s age. *Tisha B’Av = 134 *Ninth of Av = 134
-Pope Francis
*It happened on the 169th day of the Superior General’s age. *Christianity = 169
-Arturo Sosa

And last, notice how it is believed that the author of the Zohar, Shimon bar Yochai, died on this date in history.

Jesuit News Police State
This news broke yesterday, April 27, 2021

This supposedly happened on June 26, 2020, a date written 26/6, like 266, and in Loveland, ’85’ land.

Iesus Hominum Salvator is the Jesuit motto.

And notice the lawsuit was filed April 14, 2021, a date written 14/4, like 144, connecting to ‘Jesuit Order’.

6/26/2020 = 6+26+20+20 = 72 *Jesuit Order = 72
4/27/2021 = 4+27+20+21 = 72 (Date news broke in mainstream)

Keep in mind the Jesuits serve the Catholic Church.

Denver = 68 (This happened outside Denver)

Loveland Police = 71 / 145
Catholic = 71 / 145

Loveland Police = 64
Eric Garner = 64

And as for Karen Garner being 73-years-old, that is the number of books in the Catholic Bible.

73 is also the 21st prime number, and here we are in 2021. *Jesuit = 21

$13.88? *Wal-Mart = 88

Keep in mind Garner is the surname of Eric Garner who in recent years was part of a massive Jesuit, divide and conquer ritual. His supposed death came July 17, 2014, or 17/7, like 177.

The Jesuit Order = 177

As for Karen Garner being injured on June 26, that is the 177th day of the year.

And keep in mind “Karens” are white women who considered to be obnoxious, out of touch, and racist.