Another Heart Ritual in Elite Football/Soccer: The Esoteric Root of the New Castle United Fan’s Game-halting Cardiac Arrest

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“When the human race learns to read the language of symbolism, a great veil will fall from the eyes of men.”

— Manly P. Hall

The three images at the heading of this article are a heart, a dove and the glyph for the planet Venus which is also the sign for “female.” These are more than just symbols; but ancient archetypes which determine many of history’s and today’s events; events such as Sunday October 17th, 2021’s English Premier League Football match between home team New Castle United and Tottenham Hotspur in which the unprecedented move was made to stop the contest while a fan in the stands was attended do for an apparent cardiac arrest.

Whether or not you are a fan of football/soccer, this story is a ritual on multiple levels; and far transcends football or sports.

We should start off by noting that the game of football/soccer was invented in England by Freemasons who are said to have met at the Freemasons Arms pub in Covent Garden, London to create the rules and regulations of the sport, and form the governing body of English Football the Football Association.

In the above article by one of Britain’s premier newspapers The Mirror, notice the occulted homage to Freemasonry, whose modern incarnation is said to have started with the first Grand Lodge, the Grand Lodge of London and Westminster, later called the Grand Lodge of England (GLE), in 1717 (on St John’s Day, 24 June ). The article was published at 17:17 5:17 in the 24-hour clock.

17 is a key number to the Newcastle-Tottenham football game ritual. It takes place on the 17th of the month. A central ritual icon is the dove. In gematria “DOVE” sums to 17.

The medical emergency in the stands that halted the game was a cardiac arrest. Remeber that football/soccer was associated with cardiac arrest this Summer at the European Championships when Denmark’s Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest in the middle of a game vs Finland in an incident that transcended sports. See my decode on that event.

Christian Eriksen’s birthday is Valentine’s Day which is represented by the heart.

It is noteworthy that Christian Eriksen is a former player of Tottenham Hotspur who are involved in latest football-heart attack event.

Trinities have existed in multiple religious and spiritual traditions. The Babylonian trinity was Nimrod, Tammuz the resurrected Sun, and Semiramis the Sacred Feminine. In legend Semiramis was raised by doves. The dove of Semiramis was adopted by Christianity to represent the Holy Spirit of the Christian trinity.

The Ancient Egyptian trinity is Osiris, Horus, Isis. Isis is the Sacred Feminine as is Semiramis as is the Holy Spirit. Isis is Aphrodite to Greece and Venus to Rome.

Ancient trinities are expressions of the Consciousness Trinity which is Thought, Action, Emotion.

THOUGHT is represented by the skull.

ACTION is represented by the crossed femur leg bones.

EMOTION is represented by the heart.

Emotion is the Sacred Feminine; Semiramis, Holy Spirit, Isis/Venus the goddess of love. The Skull and Crossbones is a symbol of imbalance that has removed the sacred feminine, and only has thought and action, with no emotion, conscience or care.

The fan whose heart attack stopped the the Premier League football/soccer game between Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur was a local fan of New Castle United. The heart is a symbol of the Sacred Feminine principle of compassion, love and care.

New Castle United’s nickname is “The Magpies” after the black-and-white bird; the team’s colors are black and white.

The Bible’s Book of John 16:7 describes the Holy Spirit as “The Comforter.”

Was gematria employed in writing the Bible? “The Holy Spirit” sums to 167. Like John 16:7 that describes the Holy Spirit.

“The Magpies” sums to 167. Remember that the dove and the heart both represent the same thing: the Sacred Feminine principle of care, love and compassion.

Referring to the Ancient metaphorical female as “HIM” is a form of destruction-of-the-sacred-feminine. It would be as egregious as feminizing the resurrected Sun or the “ACTION” principle.

New Castle United’s opponents were Tottenham Hotspur whose Head Coach is Nuno Espírito Santo, whose last name “Espírito Santo” is Portuguese for “Holy Spirit.”

New Castle United’s are in the first season of a contract with a new uniform manufacturer named ” CASTORE” whose logo is a dove.

CASTORE brand was founded on 6th July (2015).

Latin for “DOVE” is “COLUMBA.” In gematria “COLUMBA” sums to 67 like the date that the company with the dove logo was founded 6th July; 6-7.

6th July is also July 6th written 7-6. “The Holy Spirit” sums to 76.

The heart is a symbol of Valentine’s Day. An alternate (besides February 14th) date for the observance of Valentine’s — in the Eastern Orthodox Church — is the July 6th. The founders of Castore showing consciousness of the symbols of the Sacred Feminine Principle: the dove and the heart.

The Sacred Feminine principle of care and conscience is Venus the goddess of love. “VENUS GODDESS OF LOVE” sums to 76 like the date 7-6 July 6th the alternate date for the observance of Valentine’s Day.

Of utmost significance to the ritual is that New Castle United were just bought by billionaires from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a Muslim theocracy that houses the holiest sites in Islam.

The astrotheological root of Islam is the veneration of the planet Venus. Veneris is Friday in Latin. Venus Day is the holy day of Islam.

The pentagram is a Venus symbol and an Islamic symbol.

The Prophet Mohammed named his daughter after Venus: Fatima Zahra. “ZAHRA” means Venus.

The greatest code number of the Sacred Feminine in general is the gematria value of “VENUS” of 54.

To show the power of gematria, despite two completely unrelated languages – and one being transliterated from its alphabet into a foreign alphabet – the English and the Arabic words for “VENUS” are a super match in gematria.

“Venus” in Arabic can also be “AL ZAHRA” which is a super match for the Latin word for “dove”, “COLUMBA.”

“Al Zahra” also sums to 67 the important number to this decode.

The Hebrew word for Venus is “Noga” which in Hebrew alphabet has amazing synchronicity with “Al Zahra” and “Columba.”

In gematria “Venus” sums to 54. Venus is the goddess of love; “LOVE” sums to 54. “ZAHRA” sums to 54. “ISLAM” sums to 54. “SAUDI” sums to 54. Another Islamic symbol is the “CRESCENT MOON” which sums to 54.

St. James Park the home of New Castle United, where the sacred feminine/Venus/dove ritual takes place — having just been purchased by Saudi entities — is the perfect location: It sits on the 54th parallel North.

New Castle United were founded on December 9th, 1892.

From the date of the heart attack incident — October 17th, 2021 — to the next anniversary of New Castle United’s founding, is a span of 54 days.

From the anniversary of the founding date of New Castle’s uniform/kit manufacturer (with the dove logo) — which is also an alternate Valentine’s Day — to New Castle United’s founding anniversary date, is a span of 5 months, 4 days.

Venus is the known as the “Morning Star” as it rises in the East. The Eastern location is significant to Freemasonry and Islam. The heart attack occurred in the East Stand — of course — of St. James Park.

Gematria proves that the East Stand location is not by coincidence and is indeed a Venus-related ritual. “EAST STAND” and “EAST STAR” are a mega match.

The name of the fan who had the heart attack “Alan George Smith” sums to 251. 251 is the 54th prime number.

The incident occurred on October 17th which is a date – in the tropical zodiac – in the sign of Libra. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.

Alabama woman found dead in Huntsville police van, October 7, 2021

Freemasonry Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Police State

Huntsville? Think Ice-T’s “Surviving the Game.”

And notice she disappeared on October 2, or 10/2.
Police = 102
Slavery = 102
Nigger = 102

Then she was found October 7 in a police fan.
Ritual Sacrifice = 107

That’s the day leaving 85 days in the year.
Police Department = 85
-Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85
–Huntsville = 56
–Society of Jesus = 56

And it was a date with 38 numerology.
10/7/21 = 10+7+21 = 38
Death = 38
Murder = 38
Killing = 38
RIP = 38

It was a date with 58 numerology as well.
10/7/2021 = 10+7+20+21 = 58
Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58

Johnson & Johnson’s booster dose approved by FDA 33-weeks after initial vaccine, October 15, 2021

Coronavirus Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit Pharmaceutical Tyranny

From Johnson & Johnson’s first vaccine being authorized, February 27, 2017, to this second authorization for their booster dose, Friday, October 15, 2021, was a span of 33-weeks, or 231-days.
231, 21st tri. number (2021)
Ignatius of Loyola = 231
*Georgetown established 23/1

Federal = 33
Secrecy = 33
Order = 33
Masonry = 33
*Corona = 33

The first J&J vaccine was approved on the 58th day of the year, February 27.
Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58
*Washington = 58

And for one more 33…
Bible = 33
-October = 666
-Vaccination = 666
-The Bible and 666, the mark

Read more about Johnson & Johnson’s February 27, 2021 authorization here.

The Dog Star Sirius Coded Into the News: Anthony Fauci, Jacob Frey

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I want to expand on some things that are related to the topic of my last post. My previous post dealt with the September 25th shooting death of Ronnie Garcia at Huntington Beach, California as the prestigious U.S. Open of Surfing was occurring.

The picture circulated throughout online media in the aftermath of the shooting appeared to be a perfect symbolic and allegorical image with elements of Freemason iconography.

One ritual element that emerged was the star Sirius. Sirius is a sacred star to many ancient cultures particularly Kemet a.k.a. Egypt.

In Freemason iconography such as the Entered Apprentice tracing board the star Sirius appears blazing in between and above the pillars, usually a set of twin pillars and a middle pillar.

In the image that dominated online media, there were two blue pillars from the Surfing Walk of Fame that were in the frame. Above and between them — in the same location that Sirius appears, was an orange traffic light.

Sirius in between twin pillars is a deeply significant Freemason image. This symbol is played out and engrained on the public consciousness in everyday life in ways that those who lack the eyes to see do not notice.

I showed some parallels between the George Floyd killing in Minneapolis, and the Ronnie Garcia killing in Huntington Beach. The Mayor of Minneapolis is Jacob Frey.

Freemasons honor the Ancient Egyptian Heliacal Rising of Sirius on July 23rd, or 23rd July a date written 7-23 or 23-7. This is a central number in Sirius-related rituals.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey was born on the day that Freemasonry honors the Heliacal Rising of Sirius July 23rd.

This means that he represents Sirius shining above the twin pillars which are the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The Mississippi River that runs through Minneapolis is the Nile.

“Minneapolis Minnesota” sums to 237.

Sirius is known as The Dog Star since it is in the constellation of Canis Majoris. “Canis” as in Canine. In Sirius rituals you will very often see the presence of dogs.

A very vivid example of that is the security dog named “Sirius” who is reported to have died in the twin towers on 911. This is Sirius-between-the-twin-pillars imagery.

Sirius Satellite Radio uses a dog for a logo as a “Dog Star” reference.

Jacob Frey is Sirius between the twin pillars. In gematria “Sirius” sums to 95, like “Jacob Lawrence Frey” sums to 95.

But is there ANY dog imagery with Jacob Frey? Yes. Indirectly. There is a German animator and film maker with the exact same name as the Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. In 2014 he won an Oscar for his short film “The Present” which is about a three legged puppy. Is it a coincident that someone with the same name as the Mayor born on the “Sirius the Dog Star Day” wins an Oscar for a short film about a dog?

In Freemason iconography Sirius radiates light behind the all seeing eye. That association between Sirius and the “one eye” can be seen intentionally in the movie.

In 2020 the Major League Baseball season started late because of the Covid event. The ceremonial first pitch was thrown out by Anthony Fauci in Washington D.C. where the Washington Nationals hosted the New York Yankees.

In Zachary K Hubbard’s article on this event he reveals that the number 95 is heavily associated with Fauci whose name sums to 95.

He was born on a date with 95 numerology.

In the game the Yankees pitcher Garrit Cole picked up his 95th career win.

The question is whether or not the 95s have anything to do with “SIRIUS” which equals 95 in gematria. The answer is “yes” when you you consider the date of the game was the 23rd of July.

Fauci is coded with Sirius. Is there a dog link with him as there usually is in Sirius coding?

In the Summer of 2021 around the time of the actual heliacal rising of Sirius, it was reported that Anthony Fauci oversaw torturous experiments with Beagle dogs, where they were – in effect – bitten to death by infected sand flies, and injected with parasites that lead to slow, gruesome death over three months.

Sirius is mostly associated with Isis. It can also be associated with the Ancient Egyptian deity Anubis who is the god of the underworld. In the case of Fauci it is clear that he is Sirius of Anubis, not Isis. The underworld is when the Sun is at its zenith, in winter around the Winter Solstice, which is when Fauci was born, December 24th.

At the time that Fauci was throwing out the pitch Sirius was descending on the Western horizon in Washington D.C. this is indicative of a more negative ritual regarding Sirius. Sirius was in conjunction with Mercury at the time; and Mercury rules Gemini which is the twin pillars associated with Sirius.

As Zachary Hubbard pointed out: “Washington D.C.”, “New York Yankees” and “Society of Jesus” sum to 187. I would add that “Winter Solstice” also sums to 187, confirming this dark, negative energy ritual.

This has to have something to do with why Quaterback Robert Griffin R.G. was drafted by the Washington D.C. football team, at the time named Redskins.

In my previous post I mentioned the number 187 in the context of the police shooting of Ronnie Garcia in Huntington Beach, California. His initials are R.G. R is the 18th letter, G the 7th, so R.G. is 187 the California police code for homicide. The rap song “Deep Cover”code made that code famous to the world; performed in part by Snoopy Doggy Dogg, which brings us full circle to Sirius.

Fauci’s December 24th birthday is close to the time when Earth is closet to the star Sirius.

To illustrate the importance of Sirius to the esoteric founders of the United States, and why the Sirius ritual was held in Washington D.C. the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for “Sopdet” which was their name for Sirius.

The symbols appear to an elongated triangular shape, a pentagram, a dome and an oval shape that combined are the name of Sirius in Ancient Kemet/Egypt.

It is clear how these correspond to Washington D.C.: The Washington Monument, The Pentagon, the Capitol Dome and the Oval Office.

We all know that 155 is the big gematria number for “Corona Virus.” From July 23rd to Fauci’s birthday is a 155 day span.

A George Floyd connection to Sirius is that he died at the intersection of 38th street and Chicago Avenue. Chicago is associated with Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls whose intro music was the song “Sirius” by the Alan Parsons Project. Michael Jordan is a symbol of Sirius being born with the star Sirius conjunct his Ascendant Cancer rising on the Eastern horizon at the time of his birth. His father died on July 23rd.

The place Floyd died at “CHICAGO AVENUE” sums to 237. “FLOYD” sums to 237 in Satanic Cipher of gematria.

Another connection is between George Floyd and Chicago/Michael Jordan is Miley Cyrus. Her name “Cyrus” is an allusion to “Sirius.” She did the song “23” which payed homage to Michael Jordan in the video.

In 2014 her dog, which is a Sirius (Cyrus) symbol died. The dog’s name was “FLOYD.”

Related to Floyd is the inexplicably viral video from New York City’s Central Park where a woman choked her dog while threatening to lie to police about the man filming her.

That happened on the same day as George Floyd. The dog was a Sirius symbol related to that.

On that occasion there was a Moon-Sirius conjunct just as there was when Michael Jordan inducted Kobe Bryant into the basketball Hall of Fame.

This is a book about the root of the Sirius veneration. Take it with a grain of salt of course, but it is worth investigating for any one curious about the mystery. “The Sirius Mystery” by Robert Temple.

Greg Abbott bans Covid-19 vaccine mandates, October 11, 2021

Coronavirus Freemasonry Government Jesuit News

This news comes on a 42 date numerology.
10/11/21 = 10+11+21 = 42
Vaccine = 42

And remember, this is all part of the show.
Greg Abbott = 56
Society of Jesus = 56
Coronavirus = 56
Covid Vaccine = 56

This news comes 33 days before Abbott’s 64th birthday.
Masonry = 33
Secrecy = 33
Order = 33

Trump attempted to overturn election results NINE TIMES, October 7, 2021 news

Federal Freemasonry Government News

Get that, #45 attempted to undermine the election 9 times. Of course, 45 is the 9th triangular number, meaning if you add one through nine together, it equates to 45.

This news comes 115 days after Trump’s June 14th birthday.
-He took office in 2017 with the 115th Congress
-Masonic = 115

Thus, once again, it is all numerology based news.

This news came on October 7, 2021, a date with 58 numerology.
10/7/2021 = 10+7+20+21 = 58
Trump *won the 58th Presidential Election
Trump announced he was running from the 58 story Trump Tower
-Freemasonry = 58
-Secret Society = 58

Equinox Rituals and Sun Archetypes in Surf City, Huntington Beach, California, Part 1

Esoteric Freemasonry News Rambo's Corner

On Sunday October 3rd, 2021 an ecological disaster unfolded off the shore of Huntington Beach, California when a massive oil spill occurred in the Pacific Ocean.

This event happened one week after events of seemingly lesser magnitude — that on a mystical, spell-casting, vibrational level were probably just as powerful — at the same location: Huntington Beach, California.

I have alluded to the fact that for millennia some of the most powerful and optimal times of the year for high ritual have been the solstices and the equinoxes. These rituals are centered on the Sun, and will invoke the archetypes of Sun gods.

On Saturday, September 25th, 2021 a 43-year-old man named Ronnie Garcia bizarrely pointed – basically a piece of cloth – at police officers who subsequently shot him dead in broad day light as the most prestigious event in world surfing — The US Open — was taking place. Huntington Beach is also the location of The Surfing Hall of Fame.

What should stand out to people here is the time of year: the Autumnal Equinox.

The first picture that was circulated throughout all media (despite there being multiple people with multiple cameras) was one specific picture that amounted to an allegorical picture that framed multiple archetypes.

The most noteworthy is the writing on the building far in the background, coming over the whole scene: “EQUINOX” as in Equinox gym. “EQUINOX” over a scene on September 25th, and the bizarre nature of the event suggested that this might be a Sun-related seasonal sacrifice.

The name of the person – shot by multiple police officers – is Ronnie Garcia. His initials synchronize: R.G. R is the 18th letter-of-the-alphabet; G is the 7th letter-of-the-alphabet, so the initials R.G. are 187. 187 is the California police code for homicide.

“187” as the California police made for murder, was made world famous by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s song “Deep Cover” whose chorus was “Yeah and you don’t stop, ‘Cause it’s 187 on a under cover cop.” “Deep Cover” was part the soundtrack to a movie by the same name.

Gematria reveals the synchronicity: “DEEP COVER” and “HOMICIDE” are a super match in 3-out-of-4 base ciphers.

Ronnie Garcia was shot near the “SURFING WALK OF FAME” which sums to 187.


The last Sun-based sacrifice ritual was around the Summer Solstice when a residential building in a Miami suburb partially collapsed (allegedly spontaneously). This was on June 24th, 2021. This was one of a set of “twin tower” buildings. The picture of the aftermath of Ronnie Garcia’s shooting that was preferred by all media, displayed two of multiple pillars, giving the appearance of two pillars. Again: this was happened at the U.S. Open of Surfing. Huntington Beach is nicknamed “Surf City.” The Florida building collapse at the Summer Solstice was located in Surfside, Florida.

The “EQUINOX” building overseeing the scene is a gym franchise. It was established precisely on the 1991 Autumn Equinox: September 23rd.

Here we see striking parallels with the George Floyd killing and September 11th. Twin Pillars are central to the scene.

Freemasonry honors the Autumnal Equinox on September 23rd with the master Mason ritual “The Martyrdom of Hiram Abiff.” Hiram Abiff is an allegorical architect of Solomon’s Temple, based partially on Ancient Kemet/Egypt’s Osiris-Horus myth. He is also a metaphor for the Sun that sets in the West on they, and sets on the year at the Autumnal Equinox.

In Freemason legend Hiram Abiff is killed at the WEST Gate of Solomon’s Temple.

This is why Ronnie Garcia died on the WEST coast; literally ON the coast, as a Hiram Asbiff-like metaphor for the Sun setting on the day and year.

Hiram Abiff is attacked by three Second Degree Fellow Craft Masons — collectively known as The Three Ruffians — attempting to force him to divulge the secret word of the Third Degree Master Mason which Hiram Abiff was. He died protecting the secret word. This is where we get the phrase ” THIRD DEGREE MURDER” directly from Freemason’s legend of Hiram Abiff.

The three police officers pictured by the two pillars represent The Three Ruffians.

There is synchronicity with George Floyd who also represented the Sun “setting” on the day and year at the Autumnal Equinox. The George Floyd event did not happen at the Equinox but on May 25th in the Tropical Zodiac sign of Gemini for the twin imagery as twins is the symbol for Gemini. He also died in one of the twin cities of Minneapolis.

George Floyd did represent the Autumn Equinox being a Libra, (born October 14th) which is the zodiac sign of the Autumn Equinox.

George Floyd clearly represented the setting Sun as theduration of his killing was initially reported as 8:48; 8 minutes, 46 seconds. The Sun set on Minneapolis on that day May 25th, 2020, at 8:46 p.m.

In the Latin cipher (Jewish on the gematrinator) “SUN SET” sums to 525, like the date May 25th that George Floyd died on.

Floyd was also also buried in a golden casket, representing the Sun; the fallen Sun.

The Minneapolis Mayor was and is at the moment, Jacob Frey who has a birthday that is hugely significant to Freemasonry: July 23rd when Freemasonry observe the Heliacal Rising of the Star Sirius; a Summer event that ushered in the New Year in Ancient Kemet/Egypt when the River Nile flooded.

The Mississippi River that runs through Minneapolis is representative of the Nile. The Mayor Jacob Frey is Sirius.

In gematria “SIRIUS” sums to 95 just as “Jacob Lawrence Frey” sums to 95.

But even more interesting is that the town he manages “MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA” sums to 237 like the date 23rd July; the Heliacal Rising of Sirius and Frey’s birthday.

“Heliacal Rising of Sirius” sums to 1026 in English Extended cipher of gematria. 1026 is like the date October 26.

When you spell out “OCTOBER TWENTY SIX” it sums to 237, like 23rd July.

October 26 is significant because it is the birthday of Huntington Beach, California Mayor Kim Carr who was born Kim Buck.

October 26th is also the birthday of the 2021 U.S. Open of Surfing women’s champion Caitlin Simmers. Mayor Carr is pictured with Simmers at the far left at the awards ceremony.

Sirius is the “STAR OF ISIS” which sums to 525 (Latin/Jewish) like the May 25th date that Georg Floyd died on.

Most significant – that ties multiple rituals together – is the birthday of Ronnie Garcia: September 11th (1978).

Gabby Petito posing in front of Monarch Butterflies and the subject of Monarch Mind Control +Laundries family moves disappearance date to September 13

Freemasonry Jesuit Mind Control News Psychological Operation Secret Societies

Notice Gabby Petito’s viral photo posing in front of the Monarch Butterfly.

Notice the Gematria of Monarch Butterfly.

The Jesuit Order = 201
-Order of Illuminati = 201 / 105 (Update to story on 10/5)
-Ignatius of Loyola = 201 / 231
Catholic Church = 75
The Catholic Church = 87

Look up the subject ‘Monarch Mind Control.’

It has a lot to do with women who are used as sex slaves.

Also, don’t overlook the M on the gate, in the photo above.

M, the 13th letter.

And in the latest, Gabby Petito’s fiancé, Brian Laundries (Small Talk and & Brain Wash), has been missing since September 13, not September 14.

America = 139
Freemasonry = 139
The Bavarian Illuminati = 139

Gabby Petito’s fiance lives at house number 4343

Freemasonry Jesuit News Secret Societies

If you pay attention to the news, you’ll notice Brian Laundrie’s house number is 4343, in Florida…
Florida = 43
Killing = 43
Masonic = 43
RIP = 43

Keep in mind this story is clearly the work of the Society of Jesus.
Jesus Christ = 43

*Think of Jesuit pawn, Tom Brady, going to Florida at age 43.
*Football = 43

And understand this is a ritual of the Society of Jesus.
Jesus Christ = 43