Joker poster featuring Joaquin Phoenix dancing with Lady Gaga emerges, April 2, 2024

Elections Entertainment Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit Legal Predictive Programming Secret Societies

The trailer releases April 9, while Joaquin Phoenix is 49.

It releases on the 158th day of his age. *Lady Gaga=158 *Freemasonry=158

Recall the ritual with Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and 158. Read about it here.

Notice it happened 24/7 and the United States and the Illuminati are 247 years old.

This ritual on 4/2 was exactly 42 weeks into Donald Trump’s age, *Freemason=42

Trump was the winner of the 58th US Presidential election (and you might recall the Lady Gaga protest from back then). *Lady Gaga=58 *Freemasonry=58 *Secret Society=58

Keep in mind in the last Batman film, the Joker attacks New York (Gotham) on November 5, the date of the upcoming election. Funny enough, this April 2 story comes exactly 31 weeks before November 5, 2024, and this is part of an ongoing trend with this film, Donald Trump, and the 2024 election.

For one more point, April 2, 2024 had 50 date numerology. *4/2/2024=4+2+20+24=50
Donald=50 *America=50 *Washington=50 *Jesuits=50 *Circle=50

On the current food handler card test, you are taught hamburgers must be cooked at 158 degrees. And Trump loves to promote McDonalds. *McDonalds=158 *Burger King=158 *Hamburgers=158

The circle is needed in the casting of a spell, going with the word spelling.

Joaquin Phoenix will turn 50-years old October 28, the anniversary of Matthew Perry’s suspicious death, the same man who was reported to have called himself Matt-man, like Batman.

Read about the ritual with Trump, 44, Heath Ledger, and what would have been his 44th birthday, 4/4/2023. It goes with tomorrow being what would have been his 45th birthday, and Donald Trump being #45, and the last Joker movie coming out while Joaquin Phoenix was 45-years-old.
Mattman=44 *Ritual=45

Keep in mind that ritual last year was 83 weeks before the election, a fateful number.

Louis Gossett Jr.’s death at 87, on the 89th day of the year

Catholic Church Celebrity Death Entertainment Freemasonry History Jesuit Murder by Numbers Racism

RIP Louis Cameron Gossett Jr., the first black actor to win an Oscar. He is dead on the 89th day of the leap year, March 29, 2024, and his name equates to 89.

His death anniversary will be on the 88th day of non-leap-years. *Louis Gossett Jr.=88

Louis Gossett Jr. is dead at 87, 59 days before his birthday. *Slavery=87 *Slave=59

Today leaves 277 days in the year, the 59th prime number.

He is dead 14 days before the anniversary of the start of the American Civil War.
Slave=14 *Slavery=102 & 87 (April 12 is typically 102nd day of the year)

Read about the Anwar Sadat parallel here. *Anwar Sadat=102

He was in show business for 71 years (1953-2024). *African American=71

The character he won an Oscar for portraying was ‘Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley.’
Gunnery Sergeant Emil Foley=353 (71st prime)

That’s also a span of 72-years. *Jesuit Order=72

Perhaps we should take the time to watch the film from ’87, ‘A Gathering of Old Men.’ Maybe even ‘The Principal… Notice the gematria of A Gathering of Old Men… 87…

A Gathering of Old Men=174 *New World Order=174
A Gathering of Old Men=93 *Order of Illuminati=93
A Gathering of Old Men=174 & 87 *Number of the Beast=174 & 87

In light of the title, Biden and his donors just gathered last evening, the night before this death.

Also, he has died 307 days after his birthday (63rd prime) *Racism=63

And you could say he died on his 308th day of his age. *Death=38

And in light of the Pope being 87 as well, the Oscar winning actor is dead on the 104th day of the Pope’s age, and 59 days from his upcoming birthday. It is Good Friday.
Good Friday=104 & 59
Roman Catholic Church=104
(The Catholic Church=87)
Pope Francis=59
-Today leaves 277 days in year (59th prime)

For one last point, his birthday is typically the 147th day of the year, and he died after the 96th Oscars.
Freemason=96 & 147


1851 Maritime law was amended in 1936, 88-years-ago, impacting Key Bridge collapse financial decision

Bridge Collapse Federal Freemasonry Government History Infrastructure Jesuit New World Order News Predictive Programming Secret Societies

Maritime in Maryland? Again, the bridge came down at 1:28, the 88th minute of the day, 34 weeks after Francis Scott Key’s birthday anniversary, and on 26/3, like 263, the 56th prime. The bridge had a 56 meter clearance. The number ’43’ has a lot to do with the monster of the sea, Poseidon.

Remember, this whole thing is connected through Nancy Pelosi, who is from Baltimore, and who has been in federal office in San Francisco *Francis, *San Francisco, *Pope Francis.

She just turned 84. *United States of America=84 (Plus way more)

And notice the overlap with Britannia and ‘maritime.’

And notice that since February 10, 2010, it has been codified as 46 USC S 30501. As we covered in the last point, 46 was very important to this ritual, in the time of #46, 46 days before Salvador Dali’s May 2 birthday anniversary. Read more here.

Notice it passed March 3, or 3/3, like 33 (that was the 62nd day of the year) *Mason=62
The 1984 amendment would be worth researching

Here more’s on that “46” part.

The mayor also ties in. through 46. *Chaos=46 (Joe Biden, #46) *Catholic=46

Took office at age 36, and was born in ’84, on the 8th day of the 4th month
The Governor was elected 433 days before the collapse (84th prime)
The collapse happened on Nancy’s 84th birthday

And Biden’s infrastructure bill was enacted November 15, 2021, the day leaving 46 days in the year. It was also part of the “117th Congress.”

HR “36” *84″

It was with the 117th congress, and the collapse appears to be connected to the Orioles owners death on March 23, 2024, the 47th anniversary of the bridge’s opening, and the new MLB season.
Major League Baseball=117 *Central Intelligence Agency=117 *Thirteen=113 *Bridge=117
-Again, the collapse was 13 days before the eclipse
-And again, November 7, 2024, will be the 84th anniversary of the Tacoma Narrow Bridge collapse *11/7
-That happened in ’40 *United States=40 *US=40
-This incident is 173 years after 1851 (173, 40th prime number)

This governor is 45 *Bridge=45

Also, the RMS Titanic sinking invoked this 1851 act as well as did the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and more.

That June 18 tragedy was 282 days earlier (span of 283, 61st prime) *News=61

The 1936 amendment bit is interesting, since it pertains to exactly this case. That was 88-years ago.
Bridge=36 & 36 *Geometry=36

Singaporean cargo ship takes out Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland, March 26, 2024

Bridge Collapse Death Federal Freemasonry Government History Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Secret Societies Sports

Today is the 86th day of the year and Francis Scott Key was from Frederick, Maryland (86).

Lock=41 *Key=41 *They won World Series 41 years ago

Today is 86 weeks after Nancy Pelosi’s news about starting off in Singapore, August 1, 2022, Francis Scott Key’s birthday anniversary. This crash comes on her birthday.

The collapsed structure is known as the ‘Key Bridge.’

Francis Scott Key died at age 63 *Major League Baseball=63 *Major League=63 (MLB starts in two days, March 28) *The Illuminati=63

This happened 238 days after Francis Scott Key’s birthday anniversary.

Remember, this whole thing is connected through Nancy Pelosi, who is from Batlimore, and who has been in federal office in San Francisco
San Francisco
Pope Francis

Again, 86 weeks and a day after Nancy Pelosi shakes hands with Singapore’s leader, to the 86th day of the year, the bridge gets 86’d by a ship from Singapore, at least so we’re told.
*National=86 (Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem)
Jesuits=86 *Symbol=86 *Triangle=86 *Pyramid=86

The bridge was 185 feet tall. *Annuit Coeptis=185 *Catholicism=185 *Mathematics=185

The bridge opened in ’77 (DC is on the 77th Meridian West & Trump is 77-years-old)

In the interview I did the day prior, I talked a lot about the World Trade Centers coming down 185 days after Bin Laden’s birthday
-That was March 10 to September 11, 2001 *World Trade Center=185

They’re are comparisons being drawn to 9/11 with this collapse, and both structures have a history in 1968, the year of years.

You are used to the Eye of Providence on the dollar, and of course, Biden asked for money from the people to pay to rebuild Baltimore’s bridge and its port, thus the goal is bigger than just the problem (and that gets into “order out of chaos” below).

Also, on August 1, 2007, 15-years before Pelosi’s ritual, the bridge collapsed in Minnesota on August 1, the birthday anniversary of Francis Scott Key.

And for more on Nancy, she became a member of Congress in the San Francisco area June 2, 1987, emphasis on the year ’87. The Pope is 87-years-old right now. *The Catholic Church=87

Keep in mind Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope (publicly, at least).
Ignatius of Loyola=87 (the founder of the Jesuits).
Number of the Beast=87 (666)
Bridge=36 (666, the 36th triangular number)
-36 days before May Day, May 1, 2024 (Mayday was the story…)
-Read about the death of the Rothschild at 87 in a clear ‘Number of the Beast’ tribute
Beast=47 *Government=47 (This bridge came down after 47-years of being open)
-It’s a time ritual. *Time=47 *Maryland=47 *Authority=47 *Democrat=47 *Republican=47

Of course, Nancy, like Baltimore, is very Catholic. *Vatican=47
-Super Bowl 58 just passed on the Vatican’s birthday
-Pope Francis=58 *Baltimore=58
-The bridge collapsed 58 days after the Ravens were eliminated on 1/28

They’re comparing that collapse to today’s collapse, and Senator Amy Klobuchar is on TV all over the place talking about how they rebuilt in a few months.

Amy Klobuchar=68 (This bridge was financed in ’68) Amy Klobuchar=49 & 130 *Washington=49 & 130

It is her 307th day of her age, 63 (and 307 is the 63rd prime).

Francis Scott Key died at age 63.

Major League Baseball=63 *Major League=63

John Carroll founded Georgetown 13-years after 1776, the year of the Illuminati and America. He was a Jesuit, like Adam Weishaupt. *The Illuminati=63 *John Carroll=63

Again, the Illuminati was founded with 13 families, and America was founded with 13 colonies, and the flag has 13 stripes, going with today being 13 days before April 8, the date of the eclipse and the Mayor of Baltimore’s 40th birthday *USA=13 *United States=40

This news comes three days after the death of Baltimore Orioles owner Peter Angelos.

Today is Nancy Pelosi’s 84th birthday. *United States of America=84

The Catholic Church=84 *The Jesuit Order=84 *Jesuit=84 *Masonry=84

Salvador Dali died at age 84 and that matters because….

Salvador Dali has a painting about a collapsed bridge and a dream (The Broken Bridge and the Dream), and the ship that hit the bridge today was called the Dali, which also crashed in port back in 2016 (it has a history), Obama’s last year in office. *The Broken Bridge and the Dream=128 (1:28 collapse today)
Dream=41 *USA=41 *Baltimore=41 *Key=41 (Key Bridge)
-41, 13th prime (This collapse 13 days before the eclipse)

Again, Obama’s film on Netflix 12/8, and Brandon Scott since 12/8 in 2020.

The painting turned 79 this year, 2024, and the collapse was at 1:28 AM (like 128). It goes with the collapse coming 128 days before Francis Scott Key’s August 1 birthday anniversary.

Francis Scott Key died in 1779, emphasis on ’79 *Society of Jesus=79

Today is 46 days before Salvador Dali’s birthday anniversary, in the time of #46, Joe Biden, who signed off on his infrastructure bill November 15, 2022, the day leaving 46 days in the year.

The mayor also ties in. through 46. *Chaos=46 (Joe Biden, #46)

This happened on 19 date numerology. 3/26/2024=3+2+6+2+0+2+4=19

89 is the 24th prime number (2024)

Notice the name of that bill, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act equates to 135.

Today is 135 days after the Superior General’s birthday.

The Jesuits founded the Illuminati is Bavaria.

The CIA was founded in a huge Jesuit / Illuminati ritual, September 18, 1947.

November 7 will be the 84th anniversary of Tacoma Narrow Bridge collapse.
Central Intelligence Agency=117 *Bridge=117 *11/7 date

Tom Cruise who plays an intelligence agent in Mission Impossible was filmed naked running across the Westminster Bridge, the day prior, and that is where the Queen died, in the time of the Liz Truss joke, and where an operation was in place for when the Queen died called “Operation London Bridge.”
Elizabeth=88 & 47 *Maryland=88 & 47

Notice the gematria of ‘Westminster Bridge.’

From Tom Cruz July 3 birthday to the scene was 266 days later (in the time of the 266th Pope).
Iesus Hominum Salvator=266 (that is 38 weeks, a number of death)

And the Mayor of Baltimore, Mr. Scott (Francis Scott Key?), has an April 8, 1984 birthday, a date that can be written as 8/4, the day of the eclipse, and the day of the championship for NCAA hoops in Arizona (Arizona=84). That’s the day the “light in the sky” goes out, the sun, the power, similar to the power that went out for the Dali causing it to crash into the bridge, at least the official story says. And in light of Arizona, keep in mind the Public Enemy album, WHAT YOU GONNA DO WHEN THE GRID GOES DOWN? show Arizona on the cover, and the Valentine’s Day Blackout of February 14, 2022, came 142 days after the album’s release, September 25, 2021. Public Enemy also has a song titled “BY THE TIME I GET TO ARIZONA.”

Brandon Scott became Mayor on December 8, or 12/8
That was 172 weeks exactly before the collapse
Ad maiorem Dei Gloriam=172
What you gonna do when the grid goes down?=172 & 406 (like 46)
-It’s the album mentioned a little below…

The Scotts are the “black family” in Leave the World Behind, Obama’s film, that came out on Netflix on December 8, 2023, three years to the day of him becoming Mayor.

It goes with Obama winning the 56th US Presidential Election, the first US black president.
*Three=56 *Light=56 *Abrahamic=56 *Black Lives Matter=56 *Washington DC=56

It goes with BLM being painted on Church Street, June 5, or 5/6, 2020, during the George Floyd riots.

Brandon Maurice Scott=215 (Philadelphia area code)

Also, the Governor took office January 18, 2022, 433 days earlier, the 84th prime number.

They even had this lady on to tell us the story today and compare it to Fern Hollow.

Moving on, they are saying impact was made at 1:28 AM, like 128, the 88th minute of the day. Of course, Francis Scott Key wrote The Star-Spangled Banner.

The 88 and the 1:28 (like 128) also goes with ‘Maryland.’

Let us not forget the 1/28 Bridge collapse ritual in Pittsburgh

Today is Joe Biden’s 128th day of his age.

Today is 128 days before Francis Scott Key’s upcoming birthday anniversary.

Recall when Joe Biden was in Pittsburgh to talk infrastructure and the Fern Hollow bridge collapsed that very same day, January 28, 2022, or 1/28.

Now let’s hit how all ‘Maryland’ ciphers matters (88, 34, 128 & 47).

And no doubt part of the ritual, the Baltimore Ravens were eliminated, by the numbers, from the last NFL season, on January 28, or 1/28. That was 58 days before the collapse
*Baltimore=58 *Secret Society=58

That was 58 days ago.

The Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers are both in the AFC North.

Keep in mind the bridge just turned 47 on March 23, 2024. *Maryland=47 *Time=47

They’re even reporting the water was 47 degrees.

The bridge also collapsed exactly 34 weeks after Francis Scott Key’s August 1 birthday anniversary.

Perhaps Philadelphia should look out, because this tragedy also comes on what would have been the 239th day of Francis Scott Key’s age, and the flag was once sewn at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia.

Today is also 75 days after Key’s death anniversary, or span of 76 days, going with Baltimore being on the 76th Meridian West. *Order Out of Chaos=75 *Order=75 *New World Order=75

Also, today is 26/3, like 263, the 56th prime, and they’re blaming this on a ‘Singaporean’ vessel.


Recall the ’79 part of this collapse ritual.

Francis Scott Key is back from the time of the 56 signers.

Obama won the 56th election and had the ‘White Lion’ scene in his movie about the fall of the country.

Obama took office at age 47, with the 47th VP, Joe Biden.

Look out for July 4, or 4/7, ‘Independence Day.’

Now back to the 56, the clearance of this bridge was 56 meters.

Also, today was 127 days after Biden’s birthday, equally as important. They reported the impact came just after 1:27 AM, a lot like 127, sure to get 127 & 128 in the story.

Today is 127 days after Joe Biden’s birthday

As we know, this is a fateful number, and one the Masons.

Recall how big 127 was in Maui, 9/11, Pearl Harbor and other tragedies.

Recall how the Maui fire was perfectly synced with the Governor.

Remember the 9/11 plan went into motion in 1968, and Buildings 1, 2 & 7 fell on 9/11.

This bridge was financed in October of 1968, a couple months after construction began in New York City.

Reddit say this bridge was financed in 1968 for $133 million, an interesting price.
*Government=133, President=133, White House=133).

Now look at Governor Wes Moore.

Today is 433 days after he became Governor. That is the 84th prime number.

Recall the ritual with the Pope, Castro and his soon? 433, 433… Castro was Jesuit educated.

Today is 163 days after Maryland Governor Wes Moore’s birthday, his 45th.
Bridge=45 *Patapsco River=163 *McNeil Engineering=163

163, 38th prime *Death=38 *Pentagon=38 *DC on the 38th Parallel North

Today is 100 days after the Pope’s December 17, 2023 birthday.

As for the Governor, he is from Takoma Park, Maryland. The worst bridge disaster was November 7, 1940, coming up on its 84th anniversary. *Bridge=117 *November 7 date or 11/7
Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marquess of Dalí of Púbol=643 (117th prime)

This collapse comes 36 days before May 1, 2024, ‘May Day.’

As for RFK Jr. who gave his speech today and said his VP windsurfs
-Nicole Ann Shanahan is her name *Nicole Ann Shanahan=153 & 72 *Jesuit Order=153 & 72

The Tacoma Narrows collapse happened 129 days after it’s July 1, 1940 opening.
Westley Watende Omari Moore=129 (129 is 201 in base-8)
Georgetown=129 (Georgetown Prep RKF Jr. was front and center today)
-RFK Jr. picked for his VP, a woman from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge area

His VP has the same birthday as the assassination scare.

Again, that was 263 days before the 56th assassination anniversary, and 263 is the 56th prime, and RFK Jr.’s big moment in the news was today, the day of his VP pick and speech shown on CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, something that was not done for his April 19, 2023 “first speech as a presidential hopeful.”

RFK was assassinated June 5, 1968, 56 years ago (he died June 6, the next day, at 1:44 AM).
263, 56th prime (26/3, a lot like 56) *Nancy Pelosi=56 (her birthday today)

Society of Jesus=56 *Washington DC=56 *56 signers on the Declaration of Independence
Obama & Biden, winner of 56th US Presidential Election
Biden has the same November 20 birthday as RFK
Today is 127 days after November 20
Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy=127
Francis Scott Key Bridge=127

Adding to the list, his VP went to Santa Clara, like 56-year-old Gavin Newsom.

The bridge in Baltimore began construction in 1972, 52-years ago.
Government=52 *Authority=52 *President=52 *White House=52

Of course 1972 was the year Joe Biden became Senator elect, and lost his wife and daughter.

And for one more 56, the Public Enemy power outage album with Arizona came out 56-days after Chuck D’s birthday. Read that post here. And read more about Public Enemy here.

And in light of the Supreme Court abortion news today as well, revisit this old post and how it fit in with Public Enemy.

And in light of Pelosi and Newsom being Catholic & Jesuit educated, and having connections to San Francisco, think about the Golden Gate Bridge.

Today is 135 days after the Superior General’s birthday.

Francis Scott Key was born on 8/1 and Joe Biden is 81-years-old.
President Biden=81 *Ritual=81 & 81

October 23 will be the 297th day of the leap year, October 24 is typically the 297th day of the year.

October 23 is a Wednesday, 211 days later, the 47th prime number.

Also, today’s ritual came 83 days after Salvador Dali’s death anniversary. *Collapse=83

Recall the ’83’ bank collapse rituals last March.

Also, the owner of the Orioles just died on the 83rd day of the year, and the Baltimore Orioles last won the World Series in 1983. That was 41-years earlier (Baltimore=41).

Last, today is 75 days after Francis Scott Key’s death anniversary, going with ‘order out of chaos,’ and the Superior General being 75-years-old.

The first Superior General was Ignatius of Loyola.

Adam Weishaupt was the founder of the Illuminati, which ties in with “mayday.”

Catholic Church=75, Roman Catholic=75, *Order=75

Updated Observatons:

The ship was created by Hyundai Heavy Industries, established March 23, 1972, in the same year that the bridge construction began, and five years to the day of the bridge opening, March 23, 1977.
Francis Scott Key Bridge=233 (13th fibonacci number)
-The collapse 13 days before the eclipse

With the Philadelphia parallel, could the Betsy Ross Bridge not far away be in the crosshairs?

In light of the San Francisco parallel, the Francis Scott Key statue was toppled in San Fran on the same day the Albert Pike Statue was taken down in D.C. after the George Floyd riots, June 19, 2020, a year to the day before Juneteenth was made an official holiday.

Brandon Scott came out of the “post-George Floyd” world, another huge Jesuit ritual.

In light of the Obama and White Lion parallel, notice there is a band called White Lion, and they have the song Wait For a Blackout. *White Lion=128 *Power Grid=128

Again, Leave the World Behind debuted on Netflix on December 8, or 12/8, like 128.

Notice how the Mayor’s name Scott fits in with Leave the World Behind.

Here’s the Patrick McHenry connection.

The TikTok connection is brilliant.

Two=58 *Baltimore=58

Paula Weinstein, dead at 78, March 25, 2024, in clear Scottish Rite ritual

Death Entertainment Freemasonry Jewish Related Murder by Numbers Predictive Programming

She is dead 127 days after her birthday, on 3/25 like 325. *Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=127 & 325

Her death at age 78 also ties in.

‘The Perfect Storm’ released June 30, 2000, meaning her death comes 269 days after it’s anniversary, and 269 is the 57th prime number (like how Andy Reid got his 269th win in Super Bowl 57).

The Perfect Storm=74 *Masonic=74 *The Perfect Storm=191 & 79 *Society of Jesus=191 & 79

We’ll have to remember this story when disaster strikes later this year. Again, August 15, 2024 will be the 72nd anniversary of admitted weather warfare, and her death comes on 72 date numerology.
Jesuit Order=72 *Jesuit=78

Department of Homeland Security raids Diddy’s home, March 25, 2024

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit News Sex Trafficking

Recall, I said 54 would be a rough year for Diddy, and this news comes on 72 date numerology.

Recall this photo of Diddy with Clarence Avant, after his very “54” death.

And recall Diddy’s father was killed in ’72.

Today is the 143rd day of Diddy’s age, and 3/25, like 325.

Washington DC is the “Masonic” City, and this was a federal raid.
Sean John Combs=138 *Federal=138

Today is the 27th anniversary of “Life After Death,” the Biggie album that released 16 days after his March 9, 1997 passing.

“Kick In The Door” is a track on that album, think about it.

And Sean Combs, and sex trafficking? It’s more news by the numbers, and like I said, 54 was going to be a rough year for him (Jesuit Order=54). It goes with the Jesus piece in the photo.

Sean Love Combs=71 *Sex Trafficking=71 *The Society of Jesus=71 *Catholic=71

Ireland set for youngest-ever PM after Simon Harris wins leadership of governing party, Sunday, March 24, 2024

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit New World Order News Politics Secret Societies

Recall, Irish Joe Biden met with the Prime Minister of Ireland just before St. Patrick’s Day, and then soon after that same person resigned. Now, a 37-year-old is taking his place. *Joe Biden=37 *Harris=37

In light of his name, Simon Harris, keep in mind Kamala Harris is Biden’s Vice President.

There’s also the 72 part, a familiar site.
Leo Varadkar=72
President Biden=72
Jesuit Order=72


It goes with today being a Sunday. *Prime Minister=78 & 84 *Sunday=78 & 84

And again, the Jesuits wrote the rites of the Scottish Rite, going with today’s news coming 159 days after Simon Harris’ birthday. *Scottish Rite=159 & 78

Chris Simon’s death at 52, the day the Capitals beat the Flames 5-2, March 18, 2024

Death Federal Freemasonry Government Murder by Numbers News Sports

The day of Chris Simon’s death at age 52, his original team, Washington, beat another team he played with, Calgary, 5-2.

Keep in mind that score can be interpreted 2-5 as well, like ‘Simon’ equates to 25.

And in light of ‘Chris’ dying, notice both teams were on 33 wins the day he passed, which was the 78th day of the leap year.

As we know, 33 is the highest degree of the Scottish Rite.

Again, the Scottish Rite was created by the Jesuit Order.

The Jesuits are the Society of Jesus, going with Christ being crucified at 33.

Notice his name gematria as well, ’62,’ like ‘sacrifice.’

He died 48 days from his birthday, similar to how Konstantin Koltsov died 48 days from his girlfriend’s birthday after beginning his career wearing #48. *Christopher Simon=223 (48th prime)

Active shooters on the loose in Jacksonville after March 17, 2024 St. Patrick’s Day tragedy

Catholic Church Freemasonry Gun Control Jesuit Mass Shooting News Secret Societies

Andrew Jackson was Irish, and this news came on Saint Patricks Day…

This shooting in Jacksonville Beach, Florida came on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday, March 17, 2024, the ‘kill date,’ by the numbers.

Also, this news came 83 days before Andrew Jackson’s death anniversary.

Think about the song ‘Murder by Numbers,’ from ’83, by The Police.

Again, the date was March 17, or 3/17, like 317, the 66th prime.

And the Shelter In Place order was lifted with 66 minutes left in the day.

And perhaps there’s a football connection. *Jacksonville Jaguars=66

Keep in mind this happened on the 77th day of the year. *Jaguars=77

As for the shooters, perhaps they’ll be arrested in the headlines on Monday, March 18, or 18/3, like 183, the 78th day of the year.
*Order Out of Chaos=183/78 *Saint Patrick=183

In light of the Catholic thing, this news came 185 days after Ron DeSantis’ birthday, and he is a Jacksonville native.

The floating Concorde on the Hudson in New York making big news, March 14, 2024, Pi Day

Freemasonry History New World Order News Plane Crash Secret Societies Terrorism

The only Concorde crash in the history of the jet was exactly 59 weeks before September 11, 2001.
Concorde Jet=59 *Freemasonry=59

The wreck came on the day leaving 159 days in the year.
Scottish Rite=159

The wreck came on the 207th day of the leap year, the only wreck for the Concorde in 27 years.

Notice, the event was on Pi Day, celebrated on March 14 since 1988. And with the One World Trade Center in the background, along with the Hudson, where the “Miracle on the Hudson” took place, it is noteworthy that 9/11 and “the miracle” came 88 months apart. Of course, Pi has to do with circles, and this news propaganda is about keeping us thinking about the same things, over and over, such as 9/11…

Furthermore, the events were 2683 days apart, and 2683 is the 389th prime, and 389 is the 77th prime.
World Trade Center=77, September Eleventh=77, *Concorde=77

And in light of this Concorde being of British Airways, think about the 7/7 London Attacks.
Secret Society=77, *United States=77

In light of the 7 years, 4 months, 4 days, don’t forget the World Trade Centers were on the 74th Meridian West, or that this latest stunt came on the 74th day of the leap year. It ties in with ‘London’ as well.
London=74 (York is part of the United Kingdom also)