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Every single story on the BBC trending relates to conspiracy theories, and half are related to Q’Anon. Keep in mind, these buzzing topics are from November 30, 2020, as we close out the crazy year that was.

Of course, Q’Anon is a Trump backed conspiracy theory, and Trump is 74 years old right now.

74, it’s a potent number.

Think about the World Trade Centers getting crucified, on New Year’s Day, on the Christian Coptic Calendar, on the 74th Meridian West.

Keep in mind this is what is supposedly buzzing, per the BBC, on a date with 61 numerology, November 30, 2020.

11/30/20 = 11+30+20 = 61

Notice how Q’Anon sums to 61 and 74, similar to Jesus and Cross.

There is a clear connection with Q’Anon and Christians who are very fixated on the subject of child sex trafficking.

And notice, the ‘church’ and the ‘news’ rely on their audiences to believe in their authority and expertise, which is mostly getting people to believe in bullshit.

For one last point, let us not forget that modern Freemasonry was established by the Jesuits in the City of London, June 24, 1717, 59 years before the establishment of the United States of America in 1776.

Keep in mind the Bavarian Illuminati was established May 1, 1776, by the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt. Of course, he renamed it to ‘Order of Illuminati’, and died 201 days after the anniversary of its establishment.

Pope Francis, or Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the first to live in Suite 201 at the Vatican. Read more here:

Read about the CIA and 201:

Read about Inauguration Day and 201:

*Illuminati = 120 (1/20)

*Order of Illuminati = 201 (20/1)

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This album has the song ‘Freemason’ on it with Jay-Z. Notice the album released July 20, 2010, the 201st day of the year.

Now notice in the lyrics, the mention of building the pyramid.

With regards to the builders and the masons, notice the ‘Great Pyramid of Giza’ equates to 201, and today, there are 201 layers of bricks remaining.

Here is another source for the 201 layers:

The modern day Freemasons are more about building ideas in the minds of the many, than building structures. And in light of that, think about the moon landing on July 20, 1969, the 201st day of the year. And it’s funny to think in 2020, NASA seems to have forgotten how to get to the moon, like how humanity seems to have forgotten how the pyramids were built.

Read more about the moon landing and 201 here:

And for one last point, you have to respect the 4:07 track length. *47

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What a riddle to closeout NFL Week 9, the Jets lost their 9th straight game to the New England Patriots, and fell to 0-9 for the season.

Now think of Donald Trump, #45.

Think of this because tonight, Joe Flacco was playing on MNF, for the Jets, and he is from Delaware, like JOE Biden, who was a Senator in Delaware. Adding insult to injury, by losing, Flacco fell to 7-7 on MNF for his career, and Joe Biden is 77 years old.

Mekhi Becton, #77, was injured during the game.

Of course D.C. is on the 77th Meridian West.

Think of Flight 77, hitting the 77′ Pentagon, on the 77th Meridian West, 77 minutes after taking off (8:20-9:37), on September 11, 2001, the other 11/9, or 9/11 date (this game was on November 9, the four year anniversary of Donald Trump being called President Elect in 2016.

And think of Donald Trump’s Serta mattress commercial from many years, where he says, “looking good number nine, looking good.”

Watch the commercial here:

*Notice Joe Biden has been with his wife since 1977.

And where he was a Senator in Delaware, Joe Flacco was a QB.

Adding insult to injury, home teams for Week 9 came in 5-8, and with the Jets losing, they fell to 5-9, like 59, and the election between Trump, from New York, and Biden, from Delaware, is the 59th U.S. Presidential Election.

Read more about the 59th Presidential Election by the numbers:

And for another football connection, Donald Trump just spoke at the site of the Super Bowl, Tampa Bay’s Raymond James Stadium, 101 days before the big game, that will conclude the 101st NFL season.

Notice Biden equates to 101, as well as 34.

And with regards to Biden equating to 34, it is the 9th Fibonacci number, and the next President to be in office, will be #46, but the 45th person to be President, and with that mind, the next to die in office, is the 9th.

Notice how many games had 34 points of scoring this week, including the first. *Go to NFL Week 9 in 2020:

By my count, there were 6 out of 14, that’s almost half.

Coming back to Mekhi Becton, who went down in the game, it was on his 206th day of his age, a ‘sacrifice’ number, as is 46.

And notice how Mekhi equates to 46.

Joe Biden, #46.

The November 3 election was 46 weeks after Pope Francis birthday, and 46 days after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, and after Jim Carrey decided to play Joe Biden for SNL’s 46th season, and after Joe Biden’s son Beau, died at age 46. And keep in mind JFK was the only Catholic President to date, who was killed at age 46.

Becton, and the 59th election.

Which brings us to Freemasonry.

Modern Freemasonry began in 1717 in the City of London.

Tonight the Patriots won, coming back from down by 10, with a field goal as timed expired, winning 30 to 27 for a combined 57 points.

Georgetown was established in 1789, the year George Washington turned 57. And keep in mind, 4 of the first 6 Presidents were inaugurated at age 57.

And even more awesome, Donald Trump, of Scottish ancestry, was on his 143rd day of being 74 years old, the day of the election, November 3.

The election was November 3, or 11/3, like 113.

And then 74…

Read about how the election was called on November 7, 2020, 74 days before Inauguration Day, while Biden was on 74 million votes:

For a few more funnies, let me show you how the game ended, which I saw coming in real time, and because I did, I was finally able to convince sweet lady the games are rigged.


The Patriots won on a 45 yard drive, that began with 47 seconds left.

Read more about 47 and the presidency, as well as Trump saying he has done more in 47 months than Biden has done in 47 years:

Prior to the Patriots winning, the Jets had to punt with 1:57 on the clock, which is 117 seconds, like how the election was called on November 7, or 11/7, like 117. Keep in mind November 7 leaves 54 days left in the year as well.

The score was made 27-27 after an interception by #27 in a clearly scripted pick, thrown straight to the second, why the Jets were up 27-20, and in control of the game.

And again, the election was on a date with 54 numerology, and called on the day leaving 54 days in the year, November 7.

11/3/2020 = 11+3+20+20 = 54

There were 54 points on the board, 27-27.

27+27 = 54

November 7 leaves 54 days in the year…

The Jesuit Order…

The Apprentice, “you’re fired”…

Read about the firing of Mark Esper today, November 9, the day of the game:

153, the 17th triangular number *59, 17th prime *59th election

Read about the RNC and 72 and 54:

This is CNN’s front page today, the day of the game, 72 days before Inauguration Day.

To close, read about the significance of 144 in the election, which has been compared to 1876, where the Republican came out on top:

And keep in mind their was a simulation done on June 12, 2020, 144 days before the election, simulating chaos on the streets, due to the election being controversial and contested.

*1,440 minutes in the day

*144 has a square root of 12

-12 hour in the AM and PM)

-12 months in the year)

The Jesuit logo is the sun, which we use to tell time, along with the moon.

Read about the Dodgers winning the World Series after 32 years, scoring 32 runs, with ‘Mookie’, Mr. 32:

The other incredible thin, is this game was 68 days from Joe Flacco’s upcoming January 16th birthday.

The game was synced with his 36th birthday, and Gematria is Geometry in language.

Read about another example of 108 and sports:

All of this is biblical. Trump-Pence…. Trumpets…

And don’t forget, this game comes on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, November 9, 1989.

November 7, 117 seconds on the clock, or 1:57.

And the CIA controlling the minds of the United States with theater, from politics to sports.

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This happened Monday, October 26, 2020, which led to rioting late in the day, and into October 27, the birthday of Philadelphia, and the day leaving 65 days in the year.

October 27 leaves 65 days in the year.

65 has been a big number this year due to George Floyd, and the repainting of 16th Street in D.C. as ‘Black Lives Matter Plaza’, on 6/5, June 5th.

At the same time, so has 56, and this latest incident came on a date with 56 numerology.

10/26/20 = 10+26+20 = 56

Notice how Walter Wallace Jr. sums to 56.

This story, like George Floyd, ignited rioting on the 26th. *The George Floyd video was released May 26, 5 months earlier, and as we’ll get to, this story comes out of F.O.P. Lodge #5.

Philadelphia = 101 (26th prime)

October 26, 2020 was also a date with 76 numerology, in the land of Philadelphia, the “76ers.”

10/26/2020 = 10+26+20+20 = 76

Notice the photo of Sharif Proctor being arrested, a name that reminds us of Sheriff.

The Gematria of Tanya Little doesn’t disappoint.

4 PM? 4 is associated with death.

And 27, again. And this news on the 27th, Philly’s birthday.

And how about the 30 police officers?

*Police = 30 / 33

As for Cobbs Creek, that is another C.C., 3.3., or 33 reference.

Murder = 38 / 83 *Death = 38 *Killing = 38 *RIP = 38

The victim’s name is ‘Walter’.

Society of Jesus = 79/187 *Fraternal Order of Police = 187

Notice the mention of the F.O.P., Lodge #5.

And notice the gematria on John McNesby.

The name Tanya Little fits in.

As for the Society of Jesus connection, this happened on a date with 56 numerology, connecting with the 79s and 187.

10/26/20 = 10+26+20 = 56

More gematria on Walter Wallace is as follows:

Ordo Ab Chao = 46

10/27/20 = 10+27+20 = 57 *Georgetown = 57 *George = 57

From the George Floyd killing on May 25, to this reported killing on October 26, is a span of 155 days.

The Scottish Rite Northern Masonic Jurisdiction was established on 15/5.

The Jesuits at Georgetown are behind the Scottish Rite.

And don’t forget George Washington was inaugurated at age 57. And don’t forget all the use of George and Georgia this year in the race war.

Freemasonry History Secret Societies

From 1754 to 1801 was 47 years.

Masons in May.

*1754 *Jesuit Order = 54

May 1, 1813 was the 37 year anniversary of the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati, May 1, 1776.

The date of May 15, 1867 is fascinating for several reasons.

Freemasons = 155 (15/5)

5/15/1867 = 5+1+5+1+8+6+7 = 33 *Masonry = 33

5/15/1867 = 5+15+18+67 = 105 *Masonry = 105

Catholic Church Freemasonry History Jesuit

Keep in mind Donald Trump turned 74 years old, June 14, 2020, the U.S. Flag’s birthday, years after sending out his presidential alert at 2:18 EST, local, on October 3, 2018.

Washington D.C. = 187 *George Washington = 88 / 187

*Society of Jesus = 187

*Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 187

*Federal = 51 *Rome = 51

Don’t forget Trump began his Roman Jesuit education in 1964, at Fordham, 56 years before 2020, the “year of years.” And don’t forget that Washington D.C. is a Jesuit stronghold.

And think of Q’Anon, the Jesuit psyop, backing Donald Trump.

Esoteric Freemasonry News Politics Rambo's Corner

History, current events and popular culture are coded by numbers and themes. Various aspects of life have a code specific to that particular segment of life. In this article we are talking about women specifically women of prominence who achieved firsts and/or attained high social stature and visibility.


I have demonstrated in depth how women in the news are coded primarily with Venus imagery and numbers. The most used (but not the only) gematria value for “VENUS” is 54.

“FEMALE”, “FEMININE”, “LADY”, “DAUGHTER”, “FEMME” (French for “woman”) all sum to 42 in gematria. The Kemetian/Egyptian goddess Maat has 42 laws.

“VENUS” in Hebrew is “NOGA” which sums to 71. Venus and other goddesses represent the “SACRED FEMININE” which sums to 71; the second most prominent “female code” number.

I will introduce two more code numbers that emerge in female-related narratives.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed on September 18th, 2020. She was the second woman to ever serve on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born on March 15th; “the Ides of March” which sums to 71. As does “March fifteenth.”

A March 15th birthday makes Ginsburg a “Pisces” in the zodiac.

She died of “Pancreatic Cancer” which sums to 71.

The ultimate female code is the VENUS code and 54. Her initials “RBG” and “VENUS” have a super match in gematria.

On September 25, 2020, a date with 54 numerology, CNN describes “female Senators” lining the Capitol stairs to give Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s casket a ceremonial accolade.

In reality it was not just female Senators who lined the Capitol stairs but members of the House of Representatives as well as Senators. CNN only stated “female Senators” for the sake of the gematria of the Venus code.

Another reason to only stress “Senators” was an allusion to Julius Caesar whose 44 BC death on March 15th is the most famous event to have occurred on that date which is shared by Ginsburg’s birthday. His death was at the hands of conspiring Roman Senators.

Could this be a pre-ritual for the grander ritual of the death in office of the winner of the 2020 election?

The Vesica Piscis and the Mandorla Sacred Feminine Symbols


A sacred feminine symbol is the Vesica Piscis. Remember that ruth Bader Ginsburg is a Pisces. The shape formed by the Vesica Piscis is the Mandorla which is Italian for “almond.”

This represents the feminine generative principle.

The Freemason divider-and-square is a diamond-shaped version of this symbol. The “G” can stand for the “generative” principle.

It is noteworthy that modern day Freemasonry was formed in the year 1717.

The Yoni Mudra is a Vedic/Hindu hand sign that represents this same principle. Freemason has co-opted this hand sign as exemplified by elite Freemason Haile Selassie.

Haile Selassie performing the “Yoni Mudra” hand-sign

Islam’s most sacred sight the Kaaba in Mecca, displays a version of this symbol on its East corner.

The East corner of the Kaaba
Close up of the Kaaba stone

Christian iconography places Jesus Christ at the center of a Mandorla.

A key number associated with the Vesica Piscis is 153. 153 is a key number in establishing the Vesica Piscis ratio.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s birthday is 153 , 15th March.

CNN announced that she was honored by “Female Senators” which sums to 153.

153 takes us back to the female code numbers of 17 and 54

  • 153 divide by the sum of its own digits (1+5+3 which = 9) gives you 17.

153 is also the 17th triangular number.

In the Septenary cipher “MANDORLA” sums to 17.

  • If you add 153 to its reflection 351 you get 504, which in numerology is the equivalent of 54.

Ginsburg’s potential replacement Amy Coney Barrett was born in New Orleans which has a 504 area code. x

  • Another interesting property of 153 is that it is the result of multiplying two numbers formed by its digits: Two numbers formed from the digits of 153 are 51 and 3. 51 x 3 = 153.
  • In the New Testament’s book of JOHN 21:11 Jesus tells Simon Peter to cast his net which yields 153 fish. An event known as the Miraculous Draught.
John 21:11 KJV


Donald trump’s Supreme Court nominee is Amy Coney Barrett.

“Amy Vivian Coney Barrett” sums to 125 and 71 just as “Sacred Feminine” sums to 125 and 71.

62 and 26 as Female Code Numbers

62 and 26 are also female code numbers. “Amy Coney Barrett” – in the Francis Bacon cipher that takes capital letters into account – sums to 263. The date 263 is 26th March, which is the birthday of the first female U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor

March 26th is also the birthday of the highest ranking female in the history of the United States government House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The first female Vice Presidential running-mate for a major U.S. political party Geraldine Ferraro died on March 26th on Pelosi’s 71st birthday.

This is at a time when we have another female Vice Presidential running-mate.

Geraldine Ferraro died on the 26th of the month of August.

  • August 26th is also Women’s Equality Day in the United States.

  • The highest-profile woman in modern American politics is arguably Hillary Clinton who was born on the 26th of the month of October.
  • The most dominant female athlete of a generation is Serena Williams who was born on the 26th of the month of September.
  • Donald Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court on the 26th of the month of September.
  • One of the most prominent female personalities in the current news is Breonna Taylor who is reported killed by police at the age of 26. (“Taylor” sums to 71 in gematria).
  • The template for the modern day female celebrity diva is Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was born in the year ’26 and died in the year ’62.
  • Amy Barrett’s middle name “CONEY” sums to 62 and 26 gematria. Like multiple other female-related terms:

If Joe Biden wins the 2020 election, then Kamala Harris the first female Vice President of the United States would be sworn in on January 20th, 2021; a date with both 62 and 26 numerology.

“TWENTY SIX” sums to 42, the other female code number.

Freemasonry Government Jesuit News Politics

I just tuned into the debate, and I just caught Biden being interrupted by Trump, causing Biden to respond, “Will you shut up, man?” To which Trump responded moments later, “What have you done for 47 years? Nothing.”

Trump = 47, President = 47, White House = 47, Government = 47, Authority = 47, Republican = 47, Democrat = 47, D.C. = 47, *Ukraine = 47, Biden the 47th VP, Obama took office at age 47, and so on…

What we will find soon enough, is if 47 years in D.C. make Biden eligible for President of the United States.

Learn more about 47 and the Trump impeachment acquittal here:

Watch the “47” highlight from the first debate here.

Federal Freemasonry Government Jesuit News Politics

So, ‘Millie’ Weaver, an InfoWars correspondent, was reportedly arrested on Friday, August 14, 2020. Then again, if you have eyes to see, it’s obvious this is more InfoWars propaganda, because the cop never put handcuffs on her, and allowed her to film the “altercation.”

8/14/2020 = 8+14+20+20 = 62

The arrest was on 14/8, think ‘Fraternal’.

Don’t forget InfoWars is controlled opposition.

Alex Jones, the pawn, is reportedly born on the 42nd day of the year, in 1974.

Notice Jones is born in ’74, and ‘Weaver’ was arrested at age 29.

Alex Jones is big on ‘Jesus’, and the Jesuits are the Society of Jesus.

Shadowgate also points back to the Jesuits.

A big part of her film Shadowgate focuses on the “impeachment inquiry” which began on Trump’s 103rd day of his age.

She was arrested on her 191st day of her age, 29.

All this propaganda does is add another layer of misinformation.