The Crystal McKinney accusation against Diddy May 21, 2024 (in light of No Way Out, Biggie & Skull and Bones, Order 322)

Battle of the Sexes Celebrity Entertainment Psychological Operation Racism Secret Societies

This happened on May 21, 2024, and made the news mainly on May 22, a span of 322 months from the release of Puff Daddy’s first album, No Way Out, on July 22, 1997. Order 322, or Skull and Bones, is in its 192nd year of existence (Crystal McKinney=192).

Read more about the Crystal McKinney ritual here.

May 21, 2024 was also Biggie’s birthday anniversary, he would have been 52.

Keep in mind No Way Out will turn 27 on July 22, 2024, 10 days after the new Eminem diss track “Fuel.” Eminem was also born in ’72, the year Diddy’s father was murdered and the year Joe Biden became Senator-elect (and then his wife and daughter died).

Serena Williams calls out Harrison Butker at ESPY’s (56 days later & 56 days before the season opener)

Battle of the Sexes Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit News Psychological Operation Sports
July 11, 2024 has 62 & 26 date numerology (Serena=62 & 26)

Serena’s remarks came 56 days after Harrison Butker started the controversy on May 16, 2024.

Serena Williams’ remarks also came Thursday, July 11, 2024, 56 days before the Chiefs open the NFL season on September 5, or 9/5 (Society of Jesus=56, Black Lives Matter=56).

Keep in mind Serena is 42. *Slavery=42 *Tuskegee=42 *Jesuit=42 *Georgetown=42

The Chiefs just became 4-2 in Super Bowls on the 42nd day of the year.

Georgetown was built with slaves.

Also, her remarks come 213 days before the February 9, 2025 Super Bowl.

That is the LA area code, and the Williams sisters grew up in Los Angeles.

Of course, the Rams just won the Super Bowl on 2/13 (Super Bowl 56…).

Read prior posts on the Harrison Butker controversy here.

Pat McAfee apologizes for calling Caitlin Clark a ‘white bitch,’ June 3, 2024

Battle of the Sexes Celebrity Coronavirus Freemasonry Jesuit News Psychological Operation Secret Societies Sports

Big news relating to the Indiana Fever star on June 3, or 6/3.

This comes on the 33rd day of Pat McAfee’s age, and he’s connected to Indiana, like Caitlin Clark, and also #33, Larry Bird (the Boston Celtic from Indiana).

This is the 78th NBA season, and the Finals begin on the 78th birthday of the Celtics, June 6, 2024. Again, Game 1 will be the 78th game of the NBA Playoffs.
Boston Celtics=78 (only team in league with full name 78 connection)
NBA Finals=78
Scottish Rite=78

As for the 33 part, today also has 33 date numerology. *6/3/24=6+3+24=33

Walter Camp was a Scottish Rite Freemason (33rd Degree). He also went to Yale and was in Skull and Bones. Their alumni are called Bonesmen.

*He was in Skull and Bones, which is 192 years old right now *Indianapolis Colts=192
*McAfee played for the Colts (in Indiana)

And ’24 is a good year for a ‘Bird’ tribute.

Remember, the World Trade Centers came down 33 years after 1968 when George W. Bush graduated from Yale and Skull and Bones.

Bonesmen=87 *The Pope is 87 right now *McAfee born in ’87

Moving on, notice the birth numerology of Pat McAfee, equating to 113 (May 2, 1987).

In light of her being on the Fever, do you remember the NBA & the pandemic declaration, March 11, 2020? We do.

Today is also 133 days after Caitlin Clark’s birthday, and McAfee played football.

White House=133

Last, today is the 155th day of the year. *Freemasons=155 & 56 *Fever=56

They got Fauci in the news today, Mr. Coronavirus. *Coronavirus=155 & 56 *Anthony Fauci=56

Today is the 163rd day of Anthony Fauci’s age, and technically, he is a white bitch.

Fauci was the head of NIH for 38 years. *163, 38th prime *Pandemic=38

Trump guilty on all 34 charges, Thursday, May 30, 2024 (201 Gang)

Battle of the Sexes Catholic Church Elections Federal Government Jesuit Legal News Politics Secret Societies

He is guilty on all 34 charges for the same thing, and this is POLITICAL THEATER.

Read about the 34 charges handed out on April 4, 2023, here.

Today is 201 days before the Pope’s 88th birthday. *Trump=88

You know the 201 list. *Jorge Mario Bergoglio=201 *The Jesuit Order=201

Today is also the 201st day of the Superior General’s age, Arturo Sosa.

Today is 45 days after the trial began on April 15. *Ritual=45 *Veridct=45 *Trump, #45

The Judge’s name is Juan Merchan.

Keep in mind Thursday is named after Zeus (like Je-sus), and Zeus is Jupiter.

Recall, this ‘Hush Money’ trial has occurred while Stormy Daniels has been age 45.

Remember when they called President Trump the 45th President-elect, November 9, 2016, the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Remember his VP, Mike Pence?

There’s a reason Trump is selling his own version of the Bible now.

I’m sure you remember Trump appearing in court on April 4, 2023, the day before Passover began, and on April 5, this year, the day of the big Northeast earthquake, on Trump’s golf course.
Passover=34 (34 charges)

Prior to that, his wife died on July 14, 2022, 45 years after their marriage in 1977.

Norman Vincent Peale=201 (His wife was buried on the 201st day of the year)

The May 30 verdict is 45 days before her death anniversary, July 14.

And let us never forget the Church of Satan’s 45th birthday, April 30, 2011, the day Trump was at Obama’s White House Correspondents Dinner, and Obama joked that Trump would be #45, and the joke was told exactly 45 days before Donald Trump’s upcoming birthday.

Of course, the Church of Satan’s highest degree is MAGA.

Keep in mind, Trump is currently 77, and this is a mockery. *Christ=77

Trump has been found on all 34 counts. *Jesus=34

He has been found guilty on the 151st day of the year. *Jesus Christ=151

Plus a lot more…

-HE SPOKE IN DC SEP. 23, 2015, THE 266TH DAY

And yes, Trump can still run for US President.

For one last point, today is 159 days before the election, and Trump will be 78 at the time of it.

Keep in mind, when Trump appeared in court in April of 2023, he compared himself to Christ.
New Testament=159

Today also has 43 date numerology, going with Jesus crucixion date supposedly being April 3, or 4/3, like 43 or 3/4, like 34. *Jesus Christ=43 *Jesus=34 *Cross=34

Today is the 151st day of the leap year.

Trump’s birthday is 14/6 (14th of June)
Trump was 74 when he lost in 2020 (now he wants to resurrect his presidency)
This court is on the 74th Meridian West
The word ‘Jury’ equates to 74 (a Jury of 12, like Jesus 12 disciples)

Remember when the Towers came down on the 74th Meridian West, September 11, 2001, New Year’s Day on the Christian Coptic Calendar, and a date some researchers think is the day of Jesus’ birth.

For one last point, sentencing has been set for July 11, or 11/7, like 117, and that day is 117 days before the election, November 5, 2024.

Travis Kelce responds to Harrison Butker’s conservative Catholic statements, May 24, 2024

Battle of the Sexes Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Psychological Operation Sports

This ritual comes a span of 104 days from the Chiefs winning Super Bowl 58.

That game concluded the 104th NFL season.

Today is also 104 days before the Chiefs open the next season, September 5, 2024.

Today also leave 221 days in the year.

Back on the subject of 104, the controversy connects to the Catholic, Harrison Butker.

Keep in mind today is the 145th day of the year.

Kelce won the Super Bowl on the Vatican’s birthday (the first time that ever happened).

Also, today has 73 date numerology and there are 73 books in the Catholic Bible.
Travis Kelce=73

Keep in mind Kelce wears #87, and the Pope is 87.

Today is Travis Kelce’s 233rd day of his age (13th Fibonacci Number, 51st prime number).
Taylor Swift=51

Recall these 51 rituals with Grammys and Taylor Swift earlier this year.

His birthday is the day leaving 87 days in the year. *Tight End=87 (He is #87)

Taylor Swift (51) loves number 13.

Cassie Ventura responds to Diddy beating video, May 23, 2024, 201 days after Diddy’s birthday

Abuse Battle of the Sexes Celebrity Jesuit News Psychological Operation Secret Societies

Cassie responded on the 144th day of 2024, 201 days after Diddy’s birthday.
The Jesuit Order=201
Jesuit Order=144 & 54 (Diddy is 54)

Keep in mind today is the 144th day of the year, Diddy is 54, the video was put out on the 17th (153, 17th triangular number), and today has 72 date numerology, going with Diddy’s dad being killed in ’72.

Also, her statement about Domestic Violence being the issue ties in with the rapper being the villain.
Domestic Violence=74 & 88
Rapper=74 & 88

Video of Diddy beating Cassie on March 5, 2016 released May 17, 2024 (152 days after the Pope’s 87th birthday)

Abuse Battle of the Sexes Catholic Church Celebrity Death Freemasonry Jesuit Murder by Numbers News Secret Societies Sexual Abuse
US Weekly has kept it at 54 minutes ago for many minutes…. and Diddy is 54.
Read about Clarence Avant’s death 54 years after founding Sussex Records

This video was released Friday, May 17, 2024, the 138th day of the year (We are 138).

This video was released on the 196th day of Diddy’s age.
196 has a square root of 14
End=14 (this is the end of Diddy publicly — there’s no coming back from this)

Notice how the name ‘Christopher Wallace’ equates to 196 (the Notorious BIG).

Christopher Wallace=101 & 88 *Ventura=101 & 88 (Cassie Ventura is the victim)

He was born in ’72, the year Diddy’s father was killed. *Jesuit Order=54 & 72 (Diddy is 54)

Notice, the video was released 4 days before what would have been Christopher Wallace’s 52nd birthday, a number having a lot to do with the ‘Pope,’ as you’ll see more below. *Pope=52 *Devil=52

Think about the phrase “a deal with the devil.” They supposedly happen in show business.

But for now, this video was released on the 153rd day of the Pope’s age.
Christopher George Latore Wallace=153
The Illuminati=153

Jesuit Order=153

The Illuminati=153 (founded by a Jesuit)
-May 17 was 69 days after his death anniversary
-Illuminati=69 *Catholic Church=69 *The Jesuit Order=69

Again, Diddy is 54, and his father was killed in ’72, the year Biggie was born.

196 days is exactly 28 weeks as well.

The news breaks on 46 date numerology as well. 5/17/24=5+17+24=46

Notice the overlap with ‘Sean Love Combs’ and ‘Catholic.’

JFK, #35, the first Catholic, was killed at age 46.

March 5, 2016, was 122 days after Diddy’s birthday, and now the video is released on 17/5.

The video releases on 17/5, like 175. *Pope Francis=122 & 175

Notice it’s the end of Diddy 152 days after the Pope’s birthday (rather than a span of 153).

*Puff Daddy=87 *The Catholic Church=87 *Ignatius of Loyola=87

As for the three other numbers, to make sure we got the full picture…
91, 13th triangular number (Diddy settlement with Cassie 13 days after birthday)
Video released 28 weeks into his age *Man=28
Video of beating from March 5, or 5/3
Diddy=28 (28 weeks into his age…)

May 31 will be 152nd day of the year, two weeks from now, on a Friday.

This video was released on the 266th day of Cassie’s age.
Iesus Hominum Salvator=266

We are in the time of the first Jesuit Pope, the 266th Pope.

That is Pope Francis, and today can be written 17/5.
Pope Francis=175 (the first Jesuit Pope)

The sun’s birthday has been celebrated on 12/25 by the Catholic Church since 274 AD. (Sun=54 — Diddy is 54)
Pope Francis became a Jesuit in 1958, emphasis on ’58.
The 59th US Pres. Election made biden #46, 46 weeks after the Pope’s birthday (Catholic=46 — 46 books in Catholic OT)

This ritual with the first Jesuit Pope comes in the 21st Century.

Today has 21 date numerology. *5/17/2024=5+1+7+2+0+2+4=21

Diddy is 54 right now. *Jesuit Order=54

His father was in killed in ’72. *Jesuit Order=72

His father was 33 when he was killed, and today, in a non-leap-year is the 137th day of the year, the 33rd prime number. Diddy has been enjoying ‘Rockstar’ status for all of his life, until his number was up.
Rockstar=33 *Order=33 *Secrecy=33 *Police=33 *Federal=33 *Masonry=33

Sean Diddy Combs=137/56/241/79
Society of Jesus=56 & 79
241, 53rd prime *5/3 video *Sean Combs=53
This news comes 53 days after the raid on Diddy’s house, March 25, 2024

And again, all of this is synced with the 87 year old Pope.

Biggie died on March 9, or 3/9, like 39. *Biggie=39 *New York=39

87 is bigger than the Pope.

Notice they were photographed together on March 7, 2016, the 66th day of a typical year, after the incident. It is that photography that is being used to substantiate the claim this is Diddy and Cassie in the footage. This news comes today, May 17, 2024, having 66 date numerology. *5+17+20+24=66

66 is the 11th triangular number. *Black=11 (it is ritualistic, it is racial, it is shaming)

Kim Porter, Diddy’s family, died 11 days after his birthday

Today is 66 days before July 22, the 27th birthday of No Way Out, Diddy’s album. And since he is 54, that means he has lived the second half of his life right now, the part where he has been a big star with a controversial history. *Ritual=27 *Sun=54 & 27 (the sun is a ‘star’)

March 7 has 46 date numerology as well. *3/7/2016=3+7+20+16=46

Today also has 46 date numerology, reminding us about Kim Porter, diddy’s deceased ex.
5/17/24=5+17+24=46 (Diddy=46) (Rap=46) (Svengali=46)

It ties in with the theme of ‘domestic’ abuse. And the 66 part goes with ‘family.’

She died on the day leaving 46 days in the year.

She died on the ‘kill’ date, November 15, 2018 (64, 44 & 28 date num.)

Genesis 46 is about ‘sacrifice’.

His full name also equates to 46.

And notice the footage is from March 5, 2016, emphasis on 3/5. *Svengali=35 & 46

And remember, ‘rap’ equates to 35 and ’46’ like Svengali. *Rap=35 & 46
Rap=17 (today is May 17)

And we know who runs the show. *Catholic=35 & 46

Photo used at the time of Kim Porter’s death (notice the 35) *Satan=35 *Baphomet=35

Today is the 183rd day since the settlement. *Order Out of Chaos=183

The news of the settlement broke on November 17, but many stations did not report on it until November 18, the latter being the 322nd day of the year. As for November 17, recall that the number, like the date, 1117, is the 187th prime number, and 11 and 17, also like the date, are the prime factors of 187.
Holy Roman Empire=187
Society of Jesus=187
Brotherhood of Death=187 (the 322 thing)
Washington DC=187
George Washington=187
Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry=187

From November 18, 2023 to today is 181 days later, and 181 is the 42nd prime.

You know about 42. And his old name, ‘Puff Daddy’ makes that list.

May and February are the only ’42’ months. *Slavery=42 *Tuskegee=42 *Jackie=42

Saldy, it’s a long list that even includes the following: *Nigger=42.

It also includes the gang. *Jesuit=42

There’s been many big rituals for the Pope in the time of him being 87.
The Catholic Church=87 *Ignatius of Loyola=87

And again, one more time, the beating video is from 5/3, and this news was released 53 days after the raid on Diddy’s house, March 25, 2024.

And here’s the math for ‘No Way Out,’ the album Diddy put out after Christopher Wallace’s death.

This album released 135 days after Biggie’s death *Bavaria=135 & 54 (Where the Illuminati was founded)
Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit, created it *Jesuit Order=54

“Puff Daddy and the Family” is written on the album cover. Remember, his father went RIP in ’33.

Remember, the beating was on March 5, the photo was from March 7, or 3/5 & 3/7.

Think about the title “No Way Out.” Perhaps that is the case after you make the deal with the devil.

Harrison Butker sets media on fire suggesting that women prefer making babies to work, May 16, 2024 news

Battle of the Sexes Catholic Church Celebrity Jesuit Psychological Operation Sports

Harrison Butker’s news came Thursday, May 16, 2024 exactly 95 days after he won the Super Bowl, on the Vatican’s 95th birthday. And keep in mind ‘Thursday’ has that ‘Catholic’ connection.
Catholic=35 & 46 *Thursday=35 & 46

His name ties in as well. *Harrison Butker=71 & 199 (46th prime) *Catholic=71 & 46

Notice that his remarks were made to the Benedictine College, reminding us that Pope Benedict died at age 95, a ritual going with Martin Luther, the German, pinning the 95 Theses.

And as you can see, the remarks were made Made 13, but it is easy to understand why the story was saved for five days later.

Gisele Bundchen speaks on post-divorce from Tom Brady, April Fools Day, April 1, 2024

Battle of the Sexes Celebrity News Sports

Gisele Bündchen=128 (hot number right now)

This news broke Apri 1, 521 days after her October 28, 2022 divorce from Tom Brady.
521, 98th prime *Tom Brady=98 *Patriots=98 *New England Patriots=98

Monday was April 1, or 4/1, or April Fools Day.

This was in the 35th week of Tom Brady’s age, and his 243rd day of his age, which is interesting because three to the fifth power (3 & 5) is 243. *Tom Brady=35

After Brady won the Super Bowl at age 41, the media put out the story about Gisele being a “good witch,” helping Tom Brady win the Super Bowl after surpassing age 40.

Trump and E. Jean Carroll in same room for first time in decades, January 16, 2024

Battle of the Sexes Celebrity Elections Federal Government Jesuit Legal News Politics

Today is exactly 42 weeks before the election.

Think of Georgetown, founded by John Carroll.

Today is 54 months after the June 21, 2019 accusation by Carroll against Trump.
John Carroll=54
Jesuit Order=54

Today is also 35 days after E. Jean Carroll’s birthday, or her 36th day of her age.