AI Porn of Taylor Swift at a Kansas City Chiefs game gets 58,000 views on X, just before Super Bowl 58, January 25, 2024 news

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Notice the part below about 45,000 reposts.
Deepfakes=45, Pornography=45, Ritual=45

The news breaks on Taylor Swift’s 44th day of being her age (34).

The images went up on X late on Wednesday, January 24, 2024.
X=24 (the latest 24 ritual with X)

Kansas City Chiefs? 58,000 posts? Just before Super Bowl 58?

Again, Andy Reid is on 58 losses with the Chiefs, and born in ’58.

Also, the owner of the Chiefs, Clark Hunt, is 58.

Keep in mind Super Bowl 58 is the 54th Super Bowl of the modern era.
25/1 date (251, 54th prime)

Also, the emphasized headline goes with the posting date, January 24, or 24/1.

For one more, they stayed up for 17 hours, being removed on the 25th, 17 days before the Super Bowl.

And notice, this is bringing more calls for the government to bring more laws to the internet.