Common pesticides in food reducing sperm count worldwide, study says, November 15, 2023 news

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This news comes on 69 date numerology, November 15, 2023.
Sterilization = 69
New World Order = 69
Catholic Church = 69
Illuminati = 69

11/15/2023 = 11+15+20+23 = 69

Read about the New World Order ritual with Kim Kardashian being GQ’s Man of the Year.

That story is buzzing today, November 15.

This one is flying under the radar.

Smithfield Foods (word’s biggest pork producer) shuts down Sioux Falls plant due to coronavirus case, April 12, 2020 news

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This news about ‘swine’ comes on Easter Sunday, which relates to lent, which has dates where meat, including pork is forbidden.  It is tribute to Jesus fasting.  Of course there are many spiritual beliefs that relate to eating the flesh of pigs, or swine.  Notice how the word ‘swine’ fits in with ‘coronavirus’.  As we’ve been discussing, a ‘food shortage’ is something we could see with the ongoing contrived pandemic by the numbers.

Swine is a word found commonly in the Bible, and we know these riddles are biblical:

Notice the word sums to 70, like ‘coronavirus’.

The date of this news, Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020, has numerology of 56, and it leaves 263-days in the year, the 56th prime number.  4/12/2020 = 4+12+20+20 = 56

*Swine = 65 *Pandemic = 65

Notice the 74 gematria of Smithfield Foods.

Of course, you know the meaning and significance of 74.  If not, read more here:

Keep in mind this comes on Easter Sunday, the day to remember Jesus.

Notice they’re reporting 293 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19.  We saw a lot of this number, March 29, or 29/3.

The location also goes with the ‘holiday’.