TOPS Supermarket Buffalo, N.Y. Shooting: U.S. Presidents, Other Shootings, the NFL and the BRADY BILL

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One of the most important stories in the United States — and the world — is the May 14th, 2022 mass shooting in a TOPS supermarket in the city of Buffalo, New York.

Multiple themes, topics, personalities and patterns are tied together in a large web.

The most salient is the right-to-bare-arms issue. Another high-profile mass shooting took place at Marjorie Stonemason Douglas High School. Marjorie Stonemason Douglas died on May 14th; the tops shooting on the anniversary of her death.

The second most apparent is the issue of racial conflict. But multiple other themes many much more symbolic, and ritualistic — on an occulted level — are part of the web:

There is a heavy United States Presidential theme, being in a city that is most known for its National Football League team the Bills, multiple elements around them are present, with possible implications for the upcoming NFL season where the Buffalo Bills are one of the favorites. In fact the Buffalo Bills will contest the grand opening of the upcoming NFL season at the home of the reigning champion Los Angeles Rams.

The BuffaloBills will have the privilege of kicking off the 103rd NFL season. 103 a key number here:

There are a reported 10 killed and 3 injured so far at time of writing. 10, 3 like 103 the 103rd NFL season that Buffalo will kick off. The next Super Bowl (Super Bowl LVII) will be held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. In gematria “STATE FARM” has a value of 103.

We see how multiple mass shootings – and shootings in general – tie in with the Presidential theme here, along with the gun-rights war.

The most prominent legislation associated with gun control is the popularly titled “BRADY BILL.” The Brady Bill gun control laws were named after James Scott Brady who was the White House Press Secretary who was shot when John Hinckley Junior attempted to assassinate U.S. President Ronald Reagan. White House Press Secretary happens to be in the news at the time of the TOPS shooting. It occurred the day after a new White House Press Secretary began their tenure in office.

John Hinckley Junior — who shot the White House Press Secretary James Scott Brady — attended Highland Park High School in Dallas, Texas the location of the most famous U.S. Presidential shooting. The Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl winning starting Quarter Back Matthew Stafford — who will face the Buffalo Bills on opening day — attended the same high school as John Hinckley Junior. This year the first major tournament in professional golf: The Masters was won by an alumnus of that same Highland Park High School Scott Scheffler. Masters as in Master Number:

In numerology 11 and 22 are considered Master Numbers. John F Kennedy was shot on 11-22.

JFK killed at Dealey Plaza, where roads formed a trident

In gematria’s Sumerian cipher the name of the TOPS supermarket shooter”Payton S. Gendron” sums to 1122.

The phrase “WIDE RIGHT” sums to 1122 as well; in the Agrippa/Latin/Jewish cipher. This has a double-entendre: Payton S. Gendron is described as being politically “far right” which is “wide right”.

“WIDE RIGHT” is a phrase in football that refers to field goal kicks missing to the right of the goal post, but in particular one specific historic miss; the most famous missed field goal in the history of the NFL, that of Buffalo Bills kicker Scott Norwood in Super Bowl XXV versus the New York Giants.

Scott Norwood ( # 11 ) misses the historical field goal with 8 seconds left at end of Super Bowl XXV that would have won the championship for the Buffalo Bills.

A jersey that illustrates the “WIDE RIGHT” miss of Scott Norwood

Again: 11 and 22 Master Numbers. Payton S. Gendron used a Bush-MASTER assault rifle, as did Adam Lanza of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting that was commemorated at the following Super Bowl.

BUSH-master rifle; a presidential reference. George H W Bush would have become President had Ronald Reagan died. Bush was also photographed outside the Texas School Book Depository when JFK was assassinated.

In gematria “BUSH MASTER” sums to 126 like the date 12th June which is George H W Bush’s birthday.

The TOPS shooting happened on “JEFFERSON AVE” which sums to 126. It is named after U.S. President Thomas Jefferson for another Presidential element.

In fact Scott Norwood attended Thomas Jefferson High School and attended James Madison University. James Madison proceeded Thomas Jefferson as U.S. President.

George H W Bush is the best known member of the Skull and Bones secret society that utilizes the number 322 in its insignia.

Super Bowl LVII will be held on February 12th, 2023 which leaves 322 days in the year.

There was a mass shooting at a Boulder, Colorado King Soopers supermarket on 3-22, March 22nd, 2021 which started at the same time (2:30 pm) as the TOPS shooting, and had the same number of deaths ( 10 ).

George H W Bush was the 43rd Vice President. Super Bowl LVII will be on the 43rd day of the year.

George H. W. Bush died on November 30th, 2018 on the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Brady Bill. Remember that the Brady Bill was named after Reagan administration Press Secretary James Scott Brady who was shot by John Hinckley Junior whose target was Ronald Reagan. George H W Bush the 43rd U.S. Vice President and would have become President had Reagan died. So how interesting that Bush dies on the anniversary of the signing of the Brady Bill.

The TOPS shooting and the Boulder, Colorado King Soopers shooting both started at 2:30 pm. In gematria “James Scott Brady” sums to 230.

“Wide Right” a popular phrase with the NFL and the Buffalo Bills in particular.

“WIDE RIGHT” also sums to 103. Remember that 10 dead, 3 injured is reported at the TOPS supermarket shooting. Buffalo will kick off the 103rd NFL season, the Super Bowl will be in “State Farm” (103) stadium.

The Brady Bill was passed by the 103rd Congress of the United States.

Here we see what might be a clue to the upcoming Super Bowl which is high ritual magic literally. A ritual theme — there are always multiple ritual themes — is gun violence and gun control, as well as a Presidential them which is related to the gun violence topic.

There could be a play on the phrase “BRADY BILL“.

That could be a Tom Brady – Buffalo Bills ritual Super Bowl. Brady plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so that would be a Tampa Bay vs Buffalo Super Bowl.

An incident like this was always in the cards after the Supreme Court of the United States; what many say is one of the most conservative Supreme Courts, with Republican Majority; the John G. Roberts Supreme Court, ruled against gun manufacturer Remington and rejected its appeal to even have a hearing regarding the State of Connecticut’s Supreme Court’s ruling that Remington is liable and can be sued by the Sandy Hook families. The Conservative/Repubican U.S. Supreme Court refused to enforce the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which a Federal law that protects gun manufacturers from liability for crimes committed with their products.

The Supreme Court sent the case back to Connecticut where Remington settled with the Sandy Hook families and has since filed for bankruptcy.

This ruling opened the door for New York State to introduce a bill holding gun manufacturers liable for actions of their customers. It was inevitable that a high-profile incident like this would happen.

New York Senate Bill S7196 

was signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul. Gun manufacturers will now be sued out of existence in New York State with no protection from a Republic majority United States Supreme Court.

Connecticut is home to Skull and Bones.

Ronald Regan was shot on Connecticut Ave at the Washington Hilton.

Friday, May 13, 2022, falls 339-weeks after Friday, November 13, 2015…

Catholic Church History Jesuit Knights Templar New World Order Predictive Programming Terrorism

From the Friday, November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris, France, to Friday, May 13, 2022, is 339-weeks later, a standout number.
United States of America = 339

It is also 78-months.
Jesuit = 78
Order Out of Chaos = 78 / 183
-May 13 is Arturo Sosa’s 183rd day of his age

Of course the Jesuit Order was created in Paris, France. And the Templars were burned at the stake in Paris, France, Friday, October 13, 1307.

Adding to the ritual, Friday, May 13, 2022, will fall 205-days after Kamala Harris’ birthday, October 20, 2021.
Knights Templar = 205

Keep in mind May 13 is the 133rd day of the year.
Government = 133
President = 133
White House = 133

The date will fall 174-days after Joe Biden’s 79th birthday as well.
New World Order = 174
-Knights Templar = 79
-Society of Jesus = 79

Keep in mind Biden was VP in 2015, when the Paris attack happened.

Also, Skull and Bones, all powerful in D.C., is modeled after the Knights Templar, as well as the secret societies of Bavaria.
Bavaria = 135
Central Intelligence Agency = 135
-13/5 (May 13 date)
-Skull and Bones = 202
-D.C. is the (202) area code

May 13 is Pope Francis’ 148th day of his age.
Bavarian = 148

And most importantly, the date is right for more staged ‘terrorism.’
Terrorism = 135

Masonic Temple on OKC Bombing Memorial site sold for $201,000 in 1945 to Joe D. Morris

Catholic Church Explosion Federal Freemasonry Government History Jesuit Knights Templar Secret Societies Terrorism,_Oklahoma)

It was sold to Joe D. Morris for $201,000.
Joe D. Morris = 54 / 144
Jesuit Order = 54 / 144
Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building = 144
*Terrorism = 54
The Jesuit Order = 201
Ignatius of Loyola = 201
Timothy McVeigh = 201
Terry Lynn Nichols = 201
Robert G. Millar = 201
Richard Snell = 201
Mercury Marquis = 201
Roman Mythology = 201

The list also includes the blast happening a span of 20-weeks and 1-day into the Superior General’s age.

Knights Templar = 65, Oklahoma City = 65, Terrorism = 65
Alfred P. Murrah born on day leaving 65-days in the year

Credit goes to Richie Rich:

Peter Hans Kolvenbach, Richard Wayne Snell, Clarence Thomas, Eusebius Beltran, The Heritage

As for Euseblus Beltran, the attack came 231-days after his birthday.
Ignatius of Loyola = 201 / 231
-Ignatius became the first Superior General of the Jesuits on April 19, 1541
-Bill Clinton’s ’92 riddle for the OKC bombing came on 23/1 (Jan. 23)
-That was Georgetown’s birthday, where he went, the first Jesuit University in U.S.
-There are 231-gates in Kabbalah

It was also 19-weeks and 1-days before his upcoming birthday.
The Heritage = 191 (Bought for $201,000)
Oklahoma City = 191
Society of Jesus = 191
*Richard Wayne Snell = 191
-Richard Wayne Snell = 83
-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma = 83
-He supposedly tried to blow up same building in ’83

The bombing was 191-days before the anniversary of Alfred P. Murrah’s birthday, October 27.

Eusebius Beltran = 56
Society of Jesus = 56

Eusebius Joseph Beltran = 84
The Catholic Church = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84

The OKC bombing occurred 817-days after his installation, and (817) is a Dallas area code, where JFK was assassinated, #35, just down I-35 from Oklahoma City, on the 35th Parallel.
Catholic = 35
Holy See = 35
Jesuitism = 35

Gennifer Flowers of Oklahoma City and the OKC April 19, 1995 bombing on her 86th day of her age in light of Bill Clinton and Jesuit Georgetown

Catholic Church Celebrity Entertainment Explosion Jesuit Knights Templar Predictive Programming Terrorism
Allegations of Clinton Marital Infidelity |
Federal = 138 *Donald Trump = 138 (138th day of the year news, in the time of Trump)
*Trump and Bill Clinton are both Jesuit educated

Notice it was January 23, 1992 that the Gennifer Flowers story emerged. That was Georgetown’s 203rd birthday, and of course, Bill Clinton, #42, went to Georgetown.
Georgetown = 42
Jesuit = 42

Ignatius of Loyola = 231 (23/1 date)
-Founder of the Jesuits
-Georgetown, first US Jesuit University
-231 Gates in Kabbalah (Book of Formation)

Funny enough, Gennifer Flowers was from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where the bomb would go off on Ignatius of Loyola Day, April 19, 1995, at 9:02 AM, the same time the plane would end up hitting the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001, following the ’93 WTC Bombing which happened almost immediately after Bill Clinton became #42 on January 20, 1993 (the bombing was on February 26, 1993).
Ignatius of Loyola = 201 / 231
Timothy McVeigh = 201
Terry Lynn Nichols = 201
Mercury Marquis = 201
Richard Snell = 201
Robert G. Millar = 201
*Sexual Affair = 201
Jorge Mario Bergoglio = 201
-First Jesuit Pope
-First to live in Suite 201
-McVeigh sentenced to death June 13, 1997 (day leaving 201 days in the year)

And notice Gennifer Flowers testimony came on her last day of being 41, one day before turning 42.
Skull and Bones = 41 / 76
Gennifer Flowers = 76
-George W. Bush born 7/6
-George H.W. Bush, #41
-Both Bushes and Clinton went to Yale (where Skull and Bones is)
-February 26, 1993 was a span of 401-days from her interview
–401, 79th prime
–Knights Templar = 79 (What S&B are modeled after)
–Society of Jesus = 79
-9/11 happened on a date with 41 numerology (9+11+20+01=41)
–Osama bin Laden = 79
Affair = 41

OKC? Bombshell allegations!?

The bombing came on her 86th day of her age, 44.
-4 is associated with death
-Military = 44
-Execution = 44
-Kill = 44
The Star = 44 (Who she did interview with)

She became a model/actress in ’86.

And again, 86 goes back to the Jesuits.

Think of Hiroshima, August 6, or 8/6…

Think of World Trade Center construction beginning August 6, 1968…

Her January 23, 1992 bombshell news was also 9-months and 11-days before the ’92 election. Of course the World Trade Centers were destroyed in Manhattan.
Manhattan = 92
-Second plane hit at 9:02 (shown on TV before plane one)
-OKC Fed. Building blew up at 9:02 AM April 19, 1995

Keep in mind that was synced with the 52nd Presidential Election….

Monica Lewinsky = 65 (Affair began in ’95)
-Her affair began with Bill in ’95

And notice where Alfred P. Murrah fits in (the man the building in OKC was named after that blew up on April 19, 1995).

And with OKC leading into 9/11, recall Genesis 11:9 is where the story ends for the Tower of Babel.
Tower of Babel = 124 (1/24 birthday) / 52 / 65
Oklahoma City = 52 / 65

Yale = 65
New Haven = 124

Her ’99 film is called Play It to the Bone.
Skull and Bones = 149
Patriot’s Day = 149 (April 19, 1995)
*JFK born on 149th day of year
-Dallas and OKC on I-35 hours apart

Notice how Play It to the Bone overlaps with ‘Holy Roman Empire.’

Woody Harelson is In Play It to the Bone, and he has family that claimed to kill JFK in the 187th year of the nation’s existence, November 22, 1963.
Society of Jesus = 187
Unconquered Sun = 187
Washington D.C. = 187
George Washington = 187
JFK Assassination = 187
-In Sumerian, they all equate to 1122
-JFK killed 11/22, in 187th year of USA

Las Vegas = 86 *Gennifer Flowers = 86

The film runs 124 minutes. Her birthday is 1/24.

It released on Christmas, 12/25/1999.
1225, Square Root of 35
149, 35th prime
Catholic = 35
Holy See = 35
Jesuitism = 35
Iesus = 35
JFK, #35
JFK, first Catholic
OKC on 35th Parallel
Dallas and OKC 3 hours apart on I-35, where JFK was killed
*Eye = 35
*Genesis 3:5

It released 56-months after the OKC bombing.
Society of Jesus = 56
Washington D.C. = 56
All Seeing Eye = 56
Mind Control = 56

It was also 244-weeks after the bombing.

The film released 626-days before 9/11 *Protestant = 626 (The Catholic Enemy — The U.S. founded as Protestant)
17×11 = 187

244 relates to Plutonium, which is in BIG BOMBS…

*Terror = 94 *WTCs opened on 94th day of 1973

And remember, the MVP of Super Bowl 56, was Mr. 244, Cooper Kupp, on his 244th day of his age, who is from Yakima, Washington, next to the Hanford Site, where the first nuclear energy was developed. So go figure…

For another 244….
Monica Samille Lewinsky = 244

And notice she gave an interview on June 5, 2018, or 6/5, like 65.
Oklahoma City = 65
Alfred P. Murrah born on day leaving 65-days in year

And to bring it back to Georgetown, Bill Clinton signed the legislation to create the OKC Memorial on October 9, 1997, 129-weeks after the attack.
Georgetown = 129

Jesuits created to counter ’95 Theses.
-’95 Bombing

April 19 is the 109th day of the year, and Clinton signed the legislation on 10/9
Military = 109
Tim McVeigh = 109

Here’s a few more 109s in the ritual.

And as for Monica Lewinsky, her affair began November 15, 1995. That was 210-days after the OKC Bombing. *Alfred P. Murrah = 210
-Sex Scandal = 168
-168 dead at OKC bombing

The bombing was 95-days before Lewinsky’s July 23rd birthday, in ’95.
Jesuits created to Counter 95 Theses

The affair began on her 116th day of her age
David Koresh = 116
Timothy McVeigh put to death on 11/6 (11th of June)
9/11 on Pope’s 116th day of his age
-Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 116

And finally, for the Star, it was established in ’74, was 18-years-old at the time.
IHS = 18 / 18 (Jesuit logo acronym)
Star = 18
-The sun is a star (so we’re told)
-The Jesuits logo is the sun

John Carroll = 126 (Founder of Georgetown)

And keep in mind Washington D.C. won the Super Bowl the day Clinton went on TV, 37-24, 61 points, the 18th prime number. And 61 is the number of circles in the FLOWER of Life (Gennifer Flower?)
Washington DC = 61
Jesus = 61 (Society of Jesus in D.C. longer than Feds)
61, 18th prime
IHS = 18 / 18
Sun = 18

The sun of god? The Son of God?
Jesus = 74
Cross = 74
Messiah = 74
Gospel = 74
Parables = 74
Occult = 74
Masonic = 74
Jewish = 74
*George Washington = 74
*Jesus Christ = 74

*And keep in mind Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 58th Presidential Election, after Clinton was elected on the day leaving 58-days in the year, November 3, 1992, and both men faced sexual related allegations as they won the presidency, as “politicians.”
Freemasonry = 58
Secret Society = 58
Washington = 58
Star = 58
Calendar = 58
Zodiac = 58
Gregorian = 58
-The Star tabloid…

Ketanji Brown Jackson confirmation vote comes April 4, 2022, 54-year anniversary of killing of Martin Luther King Jr., 202-days after Jackson’s birthday in the (202)

Black Lives Matter Federal Government History Jesuit Knights Templar Murder by Numbers New World Order News Racism Secret Societies
She was nominated on 2/25 (2:25 post time) *Black Lives Matter = 56 (56th day)

This ritual comes 202-days after her 14/9 birthday, in the (202) area code.
Skull and Bones = 202 / 149

Read about her nomination on February 25, 2022, 201-days before her birthday, or a span of 202.

Read about Stephen Breyer’s retirement 201-days before his birthday.

Read about Skull and Bones and 201 in relation to Paul Walker’s death.

Keep in mind today is 38-days after her February 25 nomination, and the anniversary of MLK’s death, in light of Skull and Bones being known as the Brotherhood of Death.
Death = 38
D.C. on 38th Parallel North

It is the 54-year anniversary of the death of MLK.
Jesuit Order = 54

He was killed on ’95th day of ’68, and Martin Luther, the leader of the Protestant Reformation, wrote the 95 Theses.
Counter Reformation = 95
Bavarian Illuminati = 95
-Catholicism = 68
-Mathematics = 68

Update: The vote was 11-11.
Black = 11

April 7 is three days away, the anniversary of Trump putting in his first Supreme Court Justice.

Mark 9:40, in light of George W. Bush often saying, “you are either with us or against us,” after September 11, 2001

Biblical Catholic Church Federal Government History Jesuit Knights Templar Secret Societies Terrorism

Think of this verse, Mark 9:40, in light of what we know about 94 and the World Trade Centers, and in light of the President at the time, George W. Bush, who often repeated the phrase, “You’re either with us or you’re against us.

*for whoever is not against us is for us = 182 / 191 (43rd prime)
-George HW. Bush, #43
Society of Jesus = 191
Company of Jesus = 182
Jesus Christ = 43
Yale = 43
-Skull and Bones and Knights of Columbus in New Haven (Catholic related)
-George W. Bush a member of Yale, Skull and Bones
-His graduating class had 911 members (1968)
-1968, the “9-1-1” year…

And in case you need a refresher on the 94 part.
Roman Catholic Church = 94
-World Trade Center = 94

-Terror = 94
-Neptune = 94
-Neptune is Poseidon and the trident was part of the WTC architecture
-The WTCs opened on 94th day of ’73

‘You are either with us or against us’ = 389 (77th prime)
-World Trade Center = 77
-September Eleventh = 77
-National Security Act = 77
-Secret Society = 77
-United States = 77
-Flight 77…

*George Walker Bush = 177 / 84
*The Jesuit Order = 177 / 84

11 killed in three shooting / stabbing / ramming incidents in Israel, March 22-29, 2022

Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Knights Templar New World Order News Secret Societies Shooting Stabbing Terrorism

The first shooting was Tuesday, March 22, or 3/22, the 77th anniversary of the establishment of the Arab League, March 22, 1945, the second shooting was Sunday March 27, 2022, the 86th day of the year, and the latest shooting was Tuesday, March 29, 2022, the 88th day of the year.
Judaism = 77
Zionist = 77
Jewish = 88
Holy Roman Empire = 88

Of course, 322 is the number that ties the Abrahamic religions together, and Genesis.
Abrahamic Religions = 322
Ancient Mystery Religion = 322

322 is also the number of Skull and Bones, modeled after the Knights Templar, who used to be headquartered in Israel. And that matters because Ramadan begins on April Fools Day this year, or 4/1.
Skull and Bones = 41

Notice it runs through May 1, the anniversary of the establishment of the Illuminati.

As per usual, they’re blaming Arabs and Islamic terrorism.

11 dead, eh?

Madeleine Albright, first female U.S. Secretary of State, dead March 23, 2022, in clear Skull and Bones ritual

Catholic Church Celebrity Federal Government Jesuit Knights Templar Murder by Numbers New World Order News Predictive Programming War World War

Madeleine Albright it is dead March 23, the 82nd day of the year.

She is dead at 84.

This is connected to Skull and Bones, again.

Madelein K. Albright = 84
New Haven, Connecticut (Where Yale is)
United States of America = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84
The Catholic Church = 84
Jesuit = 84
Masonry = 84
Zionism = 84
-She worked at Georgetown

New Haven, Connecticut = 84 *United States of America = 84 *Jesuit = 84 *Arkansas = 84
Think of Bill Clinton, Jesuit and Yale grade

They are talking about how Madeleline Albright’s legacy was pushing NATO east, which is now “coincidentally” playing out with why that was with Russia and Ukraine.

This news comes 149-days before Bill Clinton’s birthday, born August 19, 1946.
This news comes on Hillary’s 149th day of being 74-years-old, born October 26, 1947.
Skull and Bones = 149 / 76
-Synced with Bill’s 76th birthday
-He went to Yale (Where Skull and Bones is)
-Yesterday, Hillary, Yale grad, was sick with Covid-19 on 322
-Yesterday, Jen Psaki, from Connecticut, like Yale, was sick with Covid-19

Madeleine Albright had red hair, like Jen Psaki.

She is dead on her 313th day of her age.
Marie Jana Korbelová = 313
313, 65th prime
Knights Templar = 65
United Kingdom = 65
-Skull and Bones modeled after Knights Templar

They had to reference the Cold War, 9/11, nuclear weapons, and Bush’s New World Order speech.
George H.W. Bush, #41
Skull and Bones = 41
Albright = 41
9/11/2001 = 9+11+20+01 = 41
-41, 13th prime
-She is dead 23/3
-233, 13th Fib. #

Go figure 9/11 came 119-days after Albright’s birthday…
Poseidon = 97 / 119
Vatican = 119
-She took her position as Secretary of State in ’97\

Mariupol’s destruction becomes focus of Russian invasion and attack of Ukraine, March 22, 2022

Catholic Church Jesuit Knights Templar Military New World Order News Secret Societies War World War

Mariupol, no doubt, has been one of the key cities of focus in the Russian invasion of Ukraine story. Notice it is on the 47th Parallel North.
Ukraine = 47
Government = 47
Authority = 47
*News = 47
*Beast = 47
*Mariupol = 666

And recall, Ukraine popped off 47-weeks after the Jesuit Klaus Schwab’s birthday.

Coming back to the ‘beast’ thing, it rules for 42-months in Revelation.
Mariupol = 42 / 48
World War = 42 / 48
New Mexico = 42 / 48 (Where Baldwin killed Ukrainian woman on the set of RUST)
-Freemason = 42 / 48
-Illuminati = 48
-Jesuit = 42
-Much of Ukraine is on the 48th Parallel North

On March 22, 2022, they began showing how bombed out the town was.

Keep in mind Mariupol was established in 1778, meaning it becomes 244 years old in 2022.

Read more about Plutonium, Atomic Mass 244.

Hillary Clinton, Yale grad, tests positive for Covid-19 on Skull and Bones Day, March 22, 2022

Catholic Church Coronavirus Federal Government Jesuit Knights Templar News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Secret Societies

Hillary has tested positive for Covid-19 on March 22, or 3/22, reminding that her and Bill once left the White House, only for Mr. 322, George W. Bush, to take it.

In light of 322 being the number of Skull and Bones at Yale, guess where Hillary went to school.

Today is 147-days after her birthday.
Conspiracy = 147
Freemason = 147
U.S. President = 147
President of the United States = 147

This goes with the Jen Psaki Covid-19 news, who is from Connecticut, like Yale.