George P. Bush announces he is running for AG of Texas, 46 weeks before his 46th birthday, June 2, 2021 (and 3 months and 22 days after Jeb’s birthday)

Federal Government History Jesuit Knights Templar News

First of all, notice he is 45-years-old, and the first member of the Bush family to support Trump, outside of Billy Bush, who loved Trump’s conversation on the bus, a word one letter off from Bush, and who partook in a conversation that seemingly catapulted Donald Trump, the proud pussy grabber, to President of the United States.
Ritual = 45
Berlin Wall = 45(Trump announced as 45th President elect on anniversary of fall of Berlin Wall)
—That date was November 9, 2016 (the 27-year anniversary) (Ritual = 27 / 45)

Also, this news comes 46-weeks and 4-days before his 46th birthday, which is funny because ‘AG’ equates to 46.

John Ellis Bush = 197 (45th prime) *His father’s name

June 6 will be 322 days before his birthday, keep an eye out.

And today is 3 months and 22 days after his father’s 68th birthday, of all years…
-George W. Bush’s birthday is 68 days from 9/11 (July 6, 1946)
-CIA = 68 (George H.W. Bush was head of CIA)
-1968 was the year…
—George W. Bush graduated from Yale and Skull and Bones
—9/11 made national emergency dialing code
—WTC construction began in NY
—2001: A Space Odyssey released
—The New York Jets won their only Super Bowl at the end of ’68 season

Notice the 111 days as well. Think of his father’s speech on 9/11/1990, about the New World Order, the One World Order, on the day leaving 111 days left in the year (the repdigit of one). *New York = 111 (His brother was President when 9/11 happened)

Yale = 43
New Haven, CT = 43
H.W., 43rd Vice President
W., 43rd President
Jeb, 43rd Governor of Florida (Where Bush’s election came down to…)
Football = 43
GOAT = 43
Brady wins Super Bowl at age 43, in Florida, the night after the Goatville killings at Yale
American football credited to Walter Camp, who went to Yale, and likely was a member of Skull & Bones

And notice his name gematria.

Skull and Crossbones = 223 (His family is of Skull and Bones, which identifies by 322)
George Washington = 88 *Holy Roman Empire = 88 (S&B is modeled after the Knights Templar)
263, 56th prime *Society of Jesus = 56 *Washington D.C. = 56 (Jesuit have the Templar cross in their logo)
The Synagogue of Satan = 223 / 92

Keep in mind this news comes on the 153rd day of the year, June 2.
-153 (17th triangular number) *Jesuit Order = 153
Jeb = 17 (His father)

And for another point, this news comes on a ‘Wednesday’, the right day for an ‘attorney’ announcement.

Keep in mind he is challenging ‘Ken Paxton’, on the most perfect date.
-Ken Paxton = 72
Attorney General = 72
-Jesuit Order = 72 / 153 (News on 153rd day of the year)

And notice the 293 name, going with June 2.

293, 62nd prime (Today is 6/2, June 2)

Ken Paxton is 58 at the time of this challenge from George Prescott Bush.
Bush = 58
Freemasonry = 58
-Secret Society = 58
-Rosicrucian = 58 (Related to Knights Templar)

SAINT BERNARD and the NFL’s High Ritual to the Roman King of the Gods

Astrology Catholic Church Esoteric Jesuit Knights Templar Rambo's Corner Sports

Plus Baseball’s Cincinnati Reds & Marge Schott

The much anticipated — particularly in the astrology community — Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction happened on December 21st, 2020. Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunctions occur every 20 years but 2020’s was a virtual once-in-a-lifetime event when all the astronomical arrangements are taken into consideration. With that in consideration it was prime time for high ritual; ritual to effect some high magicians’ intentions for the Age of Aquarius, that is expected to resonate for the next two thousand years.

Monday Night Football was the only professional sports event on show on Conjunction night December 21st 2021, so this more than any other sports event is the prime example of how relevant astrology can be to decoding sports event, especially since this went beyond football or sports in general, but was a night of epic ritual at a time – during the corona virus phenomenon – of unprecedented radical global change.

Because the event centered on the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the obvious place to start decoding the Monday Night Football game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers from an astrological stand point would be those two planets: Jupiter and Saturn.

But the context of the radical change occurring globally and some of the primary forces behind that radical change is needed. The Jesuit Order and the Vatican are a major force or the major force as has been covered extensively in the work of Zachary K Hubbard. With that in mind we know that Cincinnati was chosen because of its strong Jesuit roots; and the fact that it shares the same moniker as the Vatican: The City of Seven Hills.

I have illustrated extensively that the true object of the Order’s veneration is the Roman god Jupiter the chief deity of Rome – and of Ancient Greece in the form of Zeus – represented by St. Peter.

So in this case the event was centered around the planet Jupiter: The night of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, in a Jesuit city; Jupiter being the favored planet of the Jesuits.

Jupiter rules the zodiac signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

It is not a coincidence that the first openly Jesuit Pope is a Sagittarius, and the Mitre “fish hat” is a Pisces symbol worn by the Pope and Cardinals.

A symbol of Jupiter the orange striped planet, is the Tiger. The Cincinnati Bengals are then instantly recognizable as a Jupiter symbol.

In the absence of superstar rookie quarterback Joe Burrow – who attended LSU Tigers in college and is a Sagittarius, (and the Bollywood Indian movie “Bengal Tiger” was released on his birthday) who would be the star of the masquerade? There were several candidates but the most likely was Bengals veteran Running Back Giovanni Bernard who is a Sagittarius and has a Catholic background. His birthday of November 22nd is related to the Great Conjunction since U.S. Presidents elected in Great Conjunction years have died in office or survived assassination attempts; the most famous of which is JFK on November 22nd, Giovani Bernard’s birthday.

November 22nd, 2020 was the also the date that Joe Burrow was eliminated from the grand ritual game with a season ending injury, handing the starring role to Bernard.

Giovani is an Italian name. “Jupiter” in Italian is “GIOVE.” The adjective pertaining to Jupiter is “JOVIAN.” The Italian translation is “GIOVANI.”

The Roman god Jupiter is actually a mere analog of the original archetype: the Sumerian storm god ENLIL. the Babylonian version of Enlil is “ELIL” which also sums to 25.

In gematria “JOVIAN” sums to 71. “CATHOLIC” = 71, like “PETER” = 71 like “ZEUS” = 71, like “The Society of Jesus” = 71, like “Vatican City” = 71. The Hebrew word for Jupiter “TZEDEK” = 71. Jupiter also rules Pisces. “PISCES” = 71.

Any doubt that the NFL and media higherups are consciously aware of the astrological and ritualistic nature of events like this are erased when you consider what ESPN Monday Night Football’s lead commentator Steve Levy announced to the audience shortly before half-time:

— Steve Levy, Monday Night Football, ESPN, December 21st, 2020

With 4:20 left in the second quarter Steve Levy had declared:

“Three Pittsburgh turnovers tonight leading to 17 Cincinnati points. I mean, you would think that the planets would have to be aligned for the Cincinnati Bengals to have this kind of effort against the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight.”

Absolutely no doubt about the consciousness of the astrological ritual.

With that level of ritual awareness I suspected that Steve Levy himself must have been part of the grand Jovian ritual. Sure enough Steve Levy – born March 12th – is a Pisces.

Monday Night Football has four announcers: three in the broadcast booth and one field reporter on the touchline.

Lead play-by-play commentator Steve Levy born March 12th is a Pisces.

Analyst Brian Griese born March 18th is a Pisces.

Analyst Louis Riddick born March 15th is a Pisces.

Sideline reporter Lisa Salters born March 6th is a Pisces.

This is what I call a PISCES GRAND SLAM!

Opposing the Bengals was Pittsburgh Steelers Quarter Back Ben Roethliberger who is also a Pisces.

Pittsburgh Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin is also a Pisces, with the same birthday as ESPN MONDAY Night Football commentator Louis Riddick.

Steve Levy’s birthday is 3-12. Roman god Jupiter’s full title is “JUPITER OPTIMUS MAXIMUS” which sums to 312. “BENGALS RUNNING BACK” sums to 312.

MNF Commentary Crew Is Not Randomly Put Together

The MNF commentary crew is Steve Levy, Brian Griese, Louis Riddick and Lisa Salters; a gematria matchup as well as a broadcast-crew match up.

“Steve Levy” and “Lisa Salters” have double overlap most significantly at 36.

Lisa Salters’ birthday of March 6th is written 36.

“Brian Griese” and “Louis Riddick” also have double overlap.

Steve Levy’s birthday of March 12th is written 312. The term “BENGALS RUNNING BACK” sums to 312.


Coming into the December 21st Conjunction game Giovani Bernard, a veteran in his 8th season and no longer a feature Back, had scored just two rushing touchdowns and two receiving touchdowns in 13 games.

Bernard’s 97 yards total offense for the game hits on a key ritual number.

  • On Bernard’s birthday November 22nd, 2020 Joe Burrow suffered the season ending injury against the Washington Football Team with the score 97.
  • Giovani Bernard’s jersey number is 25. The 25th prime number is 97.

As Bernard scores a touchdown notice the Steelers’ number 97 in pursuit

  • The name “BURROW” sums to 97.

St. Thomas Aquinas

Giovani Bernard attended St. Thomas Aquinas High School, a private Roman Catholic school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It is sponsored by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Miami and is the largest Catholic High School by enrollment in the United States.

Its patron saint is Thomas Aquinas whose birthday is not officially publicized but whose death day is in Pisces: March 7th.

St. Bernard and 174

Giovani Bernard’s name brings more to the ritual table: his last name is shared with 6 Catholic saints, the most significant of which is Saint Bernard of Clairvaux who is the founder of the esoteric order of The Knights Templar who have influenced Freemasonry and the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order’s military wing The order of Malta shares the Knights Templar Red Cross symbol: the Malta Cross or the Templar cross (below).

174 is hugely significant asa a gematria value of “CINCINNATI” the Jesuit founded city.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux is venerated on August 20th; his feast day.

From 2020’s Feast of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, August 20th to the Great Conjunction and Giovani Bernard’s heroics is 17 weeks, 4 days like 174.

When you spell out “ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY FOUR” in the latin cipher (“Jewish” on the gematrinator calculator) it sums to 2112, like the date of the Great Conjunction.

December 21st, 2020 was the 356th day of the year.

When you spell out “THREE FIFTY SIX” it sums 174.

174 is one of the most significant numbers to this ritual/synchronicity.

The Knights Templar were known as “WARRIOR MONKS.” This sums to 174.

The Great Conjunction symbolically ushers in “THE AGE OF AQUARIUS” which sums to 174.

The famous running Back in Cincinnati Bengals history is Pisces Ickey Woods, real name “ELBERT L WOODS” which sums to 174.

Jupiter 99, The Tiger and the Lightning Bolt Symbols

The most commonly used gematria value of “JUPITER” is 99 (Simple/Ordinal).

A symbol for Jupiter, the storm planet – and Jupiter the Roman King of the Gods – is the lightning bolt. The striped tiger is a symbol of the striped planet Jupiter. A National Football League team with the Jovian lightning bolt symbol is the Los Angeles Chargers. The Cincinnati Bengals hosted the Chargers in the opening week of the 2020-21 season in a ritual homage to Jupiter. The game was played on September 13th.

September 13th is an enormously significant date pertaining to a Jovian ritual. The Roman Temple to Jupiter, the chief deity and god of gods, was located on the most sacred of Roman sites: Capitoline Hill.

Jupiter was worshiped there as an individual deity, and with Juno and Minerva as part of the Capitoline Triad. The building was supposedly begun by king Tarquinius Priscus, completed by the last king (Tarquinius Superbus) and inaugurated in the early days of the Roman Republic (September 13, 509 BC).

The first Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus inaugurated on September 13th, 509 B.C.

The Jovian symboled Bengals and Chargers met – in a Great Conjunction year – on the anniversary of the inauguration of the Temple of the Capitoline Jupiter, exactly 99 days before the Great Conjunction and the Monday Night Football game in Cincinnati.

Besides the striped tiger being a symbol for Jupiter the striped planet, and the lightning bolt being a symbol for the god Jupiter, the eagle is a representation of Jupiter; the most salient and vivid Jovian symbol of all. Three national Football League teams have Jovian logos: the Bengals, Chargers and the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Society of Jesus a.k.a. Jesuit Order was formed in 1540 on September 27th. The Society of Jesus/Jesuit Order venerates Jupiter (and his original archetype) in the guise of St. Peter.

Yet another Jovian ritual was observed in the NFL in 2020 when the Philadelphia Eagles hosted the Cincinnati Bengals. Since Jupiter is being elevated and worshipped in this game, he cannot be allowed to lose. So the game ended in a tie (23-23). 23+23 = 46 like the gematria of “SAINT PETER” and “CATHOLIC.” The second catholic President of the united States is the 46th. The first catholic President of the United States JFK died at age 46.

23 is the 9th prime number. 23 becomes an occulted 9. 23-23 is 9-9, like 99 the number of “JUPITER.”

The Next NFL Jupiter Ritual Thursday, 9-9, Opening Game of the 2021-22 Season

The upcoming NFL season will open on Thursday September 9th. This is a significant Jovian date because Thursday is the day of the week dedicated to Jupiter, and the date is written 9-9 like the key gematria value of “JUPITER”: 99.

December 21st and St. Bernard in Cincinnati Sports History

Reds owner Marge Schott and her dog Schottzie

Those familiar with Cincinnati sports history will remember “St. Bernard” in a different context: the last time the Cincinnati Reds baseball team won the World Series was in 1990 when they were owned by Marge Schott.

Marge Schott became the first woman to buy a major league team when she purchased a controlling interest on December 21st, 1984.

The Reds won the World Series despite Schott’s leadership not because of it. She is generally considered to be one of the worst professional sports team owners in American history.

Marge Schott demanded that her St. Bernard appear in every official team photograph and media guide

Schott allowed her St. Bernard to defecate and urinate on the astroturf field before games and – in one notorious incident – made the General Manager Bob Quinn clean up after Schottzie soiled his office.

Major League Baseball eventually forced her out of the league due to multiple incidents of overt racism including declarations of support for Adolf Hitler. Of course she sold the team on Hitler’s birthday.

Schott is also said to have worn a Nazi Swastika arm band. The Nazi Party used multiple symbols of Jupiter:

The most prominent Jovia symbol the Eagle

The lightning bolts were used as a logo for the SS paramilitary.

The oak leaf – most commonly displayed on Nazi officers’ lapels – invokes Roman Jupiter whose symbol is the oak tree.

Nazi symbolism which is Jupiter symbolism: the eagle, lightning bolt and oak leaf

Marge Schott died in Pisces; March 2nd which is Ben Roethlisberger’s birthday. Ohio native Roethlisberger was the starting Quarter Back for the Pittsburg Steelers in Cincinnati on Great Conjunction night 2020.

Marge Schott’s funeral was held at All Saints Catholic Church.

She attended Catholic Sacred Heart Academy.

Other Synchronicities: 112


This is a relevant number to “CATHOLICISM” which sums to 112.

Vatican City was established as an independent state in 1929 on 11th February; a date written 112.

The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) is officially engaged in apostolic ministry in 112 nations.

Stellarium Planet Placement Guide

Conjunctions are considered the most powerful alignments in astrology. Knowing that a sporting (or other) event will occur during a conjunction can be helpful in predicting some aspects of the event. Stellarium app – not available for Mac – is a helpful tool for this.

Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. Enter a date present, past or future and it will indicate planetary and stellar positions for that date.

25 killed in Rio de Janeiro drug raid, May 6, 2021, one day after “Boston George” news

Jesuit Knights Templar Murder by Numbers New World Order News
Death = 25 / 97 (25th prime)

This news comes May 6, 2021.

The Jesuit Order = 201 *Event 201 was focused on Brazil (Coronavirus pandemic simulation)
Society of Jesus = 56 (5/6 date) *Coronavirus = 56

It comes one day after the death of George Jung as well, a man connected to drugs and South America, and in his case Colombia, established July 20, 2021, the 201st day of the year.

Boston George = 56

Wells Fargo bank hostage situation in St. Cloud, Minnesota, May 6, 2021, the most perfect day of the year

Banking Jesuit Knights Templar News Predictive Programming

Notice, this news comes May 6, or 5/6, like 56.

Society of Jesus = 56, Washington D.C. = 56
Knights Templar = 65 (Today can be written 6/5 as well)

Keep in mind today has 52 date numerology as well, going with ‘Minnesota’. *Minnesota = 52

5/6/2021 = 5+6+20+21 = 52
Today leaves 239 days in the year (52nd prime number)

Remember, the Jesuits have the Templar cross in their logo, and the Templars were the first bankers.

Also, St. Cloud, Minnesota equates to 93, a big number in the Minneapolis area, and as we know, the Jesuits (Society of Jesus) have a strong connection to Saturn, thus why the first Jesuit Pope, Francis, is born on Saturnalia.

George W. Bush, #43, speaks 43 weeks after his birthday, saying if GOP stands for “White Anglo-Saxon Protestantism” then the part will lose, May 3, 2021

Celebrity Federal Government Jesuit Knights Templar Religion Secret Societies

This news comes May 3, a date written 3/5, or 5/3, like 35 and 53. Of course these numbers connect to the Catholic Church and religion, and the Protestant Reformation was against the Catholic Church.

And notice, today is exactly 43 weeks after #43’s birthday, July 6, 2020.

Yale = 16 (53, 16th prime) *5/3 date

Remember, George W. Bush became #43, in ‘Florida’, the 43 state, where his brother Jeb, was the 43rd Governor of the time, and of course their father was the 43rd Vice President, who also attended Yale, the home of Skull and Bones, a secret society that gets their symbolism from the Knights Templar, who serve the Catholic Church.

Get it?

Journalist Godfrey Gima, dead at 79, March 29, 2021, a ripe date for a sacrifice

Jesuit Knights Templar Murder by Numbers News

This is big news in Malta. Think of the Knights of Malta, related to the Catholic Church, same as the Knights Templar and the Jesuit Order (Society of Jesus).

Anyhow, this is news made for March 29, 2021, the 88th day of the year. Of course, Malta equates to 88.

Godfrey Grima is dead at 79, from Covid-19. It reminds me of the pandemic being declared on March 11, 2020, the 79th day of Anthony Fauci being 79 years old.

Society of Jesus = 79 (Fauci is a Jesuit), Knights Templar = 79, Christianity = 79

Murder = 79.

And with regards to that connection, notice how his name equates to 74 and 61, the same as Jesus.

Jesus Christ = 74
42 Generations to Jesus — *Jesuit = 42 *New Testament = 42

And don’t forget the 79 relationship with murder.

Notice, 7 and 9 surround the words, and the letters changed are 3 and 8, or 8 and 3.

He is also dead on a ripe date for a sacrifice, March 29, 2021, for two reasons.

29/3 (like 293, the 62nd prime)
3/29/2021 = 3+29+20+21 = 73

They had to mention 1967. *Blood Sacrifice = 67 *Human Sacrifice = 67 *Satanic = 67

House passes $1.9 trillion in Covid stimulus relief, again, 33 days later, March 10, 2021

Banking Coronavirus Federal Financial Freemasonry Government Jesuit Knights Templar New World Order

This comes 33 days after Congress passed the $1.9-trillion in stimulus the first time, February 5, 2021. Read more about that here. This also comes four days after the Senate passed the stimulus.

Think of the House of Temple in D.C., the Masonic HQ for the Scottish Rite, with 33 pillars on the outside, each 33 feet tall. On that building there is an unfinished pyramid, with 13 layers of bricks, like what is shown on the U.S. Dollar Bill.

The unfinished pyramid is the top of the structure as shown below.

With regards to money, today has 18 date numerology.

3/10/2021 = 3+10+(2+0+2+1) = 18

And 18 also connects to IHS, the acronym in the Jesuit Order’s logo, the entity that created modern Freemasonry, and that has been in D.C. longer than the federal government.

Today also had 54 date numerology.

3/10/2021 = 3+10+20+21 = 54

John Carroll = 54 (Established Jesuit Georgetown when he was 54 years old)

And notice how ‘money’ and IHS go together.

And of course, the eye on the top of the pyramid represents the sun, what is the Jesuit logo.

Notice John Carroll was born on January 8, or 1/8, like 18.

And again, he established Georgetown after his 54th birthday.

231, 21st triangular number *Jesuit = 21

And for one last point on who runs the show, March 10 can be written 10/3, like 103.

The Jesuits logo is the ‘circle’ representing the sun, that has 32 sun rays around it.

The Jesuits claim to operate in 112 countries including the U.S., or ‘United States’.

Keep in mind, the first rule in witchcraft, or SPELL casting, is creating the circle. So here in the U.S., what we have, is one nation under a SPELL, chasing fiat bills, and thinking about little else.

Freemasonry = 158 (15/8 establishment date)

Oh, and of course, today is the 69th day of the year.

The Zug massacre, September 27, 2001, a clear Jesuit & Knights Templar ritual, synced with Pope John Paul II

Catholic Church History Jesuit Knights Templar Mass Shooting Murder by Numbers New World Order

First of all, this shooting happened on September 27, the day the Jesuits were recognized by Rome in history, September 27, 1540. With that in mind, notice how ‘Zug’ fits in.

Terrorism = 54

Keep in mind this happened in Switzerland, a stronghold of the Knights Templar, and the Jesuit logo has the Templar cross in the middle.

And don’t overlook that the Jesuit logo is the sun.

And don’t forget the Jesuits and Catholic Church serve the Catholic Church, that made the day of worship for ‘Christianity’, SUNday.

And notice how ‘Switzerland’ fits in.

And also how ‘Zug massacre’ fits in.

Furthermore, the shooter in the Zug massacre was Friedrich Heinz Leibacher, who was born July 21, 1944, the anniversary of the banning of the Jesuits by the Pope, July 21, 1773.

Notice how his name overlaps with ‘Knights Templar’.

Pope = 25 (Who the Knights Templar serve)

And in light of these interests serving Rome, it is no accident that this happened on a date with 57 numerology, and Leibacher supposedly committed suicide that day, dying at age 57.

9/27/2001 = 9+27+20+01 = 57

The shooting was on his 69th day of his age, and 132 days after Pope John Paul II’s birthday on May 18, 2001.

10:32 AM was when the shooting started…. 10:32… 132…

Keep in mind the shooting location was known as the Canton’s Parliament.

You could also say the incident was 68 days after the shooter’s birthday.

Club of Rome established in ’68

And for the clincher, you could also say it happened on the Pope’s 133rd day of his age, and 43 weeks after the Superior General’s birthday.

Society of Jesus = 191 (43rd prime) *Jesus Christ = 43

And again, the Pope’s birthday was May 18th.

Chaos = 19 (19 weeks)
Government = 133

ALSO, if you read the articles about the shooter, they needlessly mention that he had several failed relationships with women from the Dominican Republic. It is similar to the excess reporting of Adam Lanza weighing 112 pounds. Anyhow, notice the 102 encoding.

Again, the Jesuits translated Art of War.

And in the aftermath, a greater surveillance state was born, just like after 9/11, which came only days before this incident.