Illuminati Confirmed | Golgotha Tenement Blues on The Crow soundtrack in light of Brandon Lee’s death

Catholic Church Entertainment Freemasonry Government Jesuit Knights Templar Murder by Numbers

Read about Brandon Lee’s very Jesuit / Illuminati death.

If you didn’t get why I used the song Golgotha Tenement Blues (from The Crow soundtrack) for the Brandon & Bruce Lee death video, in connection with the Jesuit killings involving Alec Baldwin, Jon-Erick Hexum, Golgotha is where Jesus was crucified, I think now you do. Of course, all of the deaths have much to do with crucifixion… and 93.

Since I brought up the Illuminati, I could have touched more on Genesis 3:22, and the fact that Weishaupt died on the 322nd day of the year. I’m sure you know about Skull and Bones, and 322. Think about how Golgotha means ‘Skull’ and ‘cavalry’, and of course Skull and Bones is modeled after the Knights Templar, who were very much a cavalry (military on horse).

Again, Adam Weishaupt died November 18, the 322nd day of the year.

Skull and Bones, Knights Templar, Jerusalem… Golgotha.

Notice, Genesis 3:22 references the Tree of Life, which has a “322” of its own.

Read more about the meaning of 322 and Genesis 3:22 here.
And read about this related example here.
-There are many, many examples…

And don’t forget, in Kabbalah, where this knowledge comes from, the physical model is the TREE OF LIFE, and it has 3 pillars and 22 paths.

And now think about these lyrics in light of the fact that the Illuminati was established by the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt, an order that has the Templar cross in their logo.



Glow, in the mother fucking dark.

Ancient Templar sword discovered by a scuba diver off coast of Israel, October 18, 2021

Catholic Church Jesuit Jewish Related Knights Templar New World Order News

This news broke October 18, 2021, the day leaving 74 days in the year.
-Knights Templar = 74
Christianity = 74
Jesus = 74
-Cross = 74
-Gospel = 74
-Parables = 74
-Messiah = 74

Keep in mind this was the anniversary date of Event 201.
The Jesuit Order = 201

And notice ABC said this story came “by the numbers.”

‘The Batman’ trailer debuts October 16, 2021, in a clear tribute to Skull and Bones

Entertainment Jesuit Knights Templar Secret Societies
The Batman = 84 *The Jesuit Order = 84 *Jesuit = 84

The Batman trailer debuted Saturday, October 16, 2021, the day leaving 76 days left in the year.
Skull and Bones = 76

Recall, in the thirty-third episode of the original Batman TV series, it is revealed that Bruce Wayne’s grandfather founded Skull and Bones.
Gotham City = 149
Skull and Bones = 149

Steve Bannon to be held for criminal contempt in very Illuminati ritual (Skull and Bones, Jesuit Order, Knights Templar), October 14, 2021

Celebrity Entertainment Federal Government Jesuit Knights Templar Secret Societies

This news comes on Steve Bannon’s 322nd day of his age, the number of Skull and Bones. Notice it is also 46 weeks, like how S&B is in ‘Connecticut’, not far from D.C.
Connecticut = 46
Catholic = 46
Ordo Ab Chao = 46
Chaos = 46

And notice Steve Bannon attended Jesuit Georgetown. Today leaves 78 days in the year.
Jesuit = 78

Recall the death of John Thompson at age 78, August 30, 2020, a date with 78 numerology, the Georgetown coach who won the championship in ’84.
Jesuit = 78
Jesuit = 84

His Jesuit education is 38 years old this year and D.C. is on the 38th Parallel.
English = 38
Gematria = 38
Kabbalah = 38

In Kabbalah, 3 pillars, 22 paths… and don’t forget Genesis 3:22, the 78th verse of Genesis.
Genesis = 78
Jesuit = 78
*Today leaves 78 days in the year.
Tree of Life = 56
-Society of Jesus = 56

*If you count the span of days left in the year, today is part of the 79.
Society of Jesus = 79
Knights Templar = 79 / 65
Christianity = 79

Don’t forget Skull and Bones is modeled after the Knights Templar.

And today has 65 date numerology.
10/14/2021 = 10+14+20+21 = 65
Knights Templar = 65
Switzerland = 65
Christianity = 65
*White = 65
-White Jesus?

Jennifer Sewell becomes latest soldier to disappear from Fort Hood, October 7, 2021

Jesuit Knights Templar Military News

Notice, this latest disappearance at Ford Hood happened on October 7, 2021, the 20 year anniversary of the U.S. military invading Afghanistan.
Military = 107
Templar = 85 (October 7 leaves 85 days in the year)

The date also connects with ‘ritual sacrifice’.
Ritual Sacrifice = 107

Furthermore, her name equates to 67.
Jennifer Sewell = 67
Blood Sacrifice = 67
Human Sacrifice = 67

And for one more, Fort Hood is in Killeen, Texas.
Killeen, Texas = 187
Society of Jesus = 187
-Hood = 42
-Jesuit = 42

CNN mocks its readers with the story of waste, fraud and abuse in Afghanistan war spending on 20-year anniversary of invasion, October 7, 2021

Catholic Church Financial Jesuit Knights Templar Military New World Order News War

Notice how the mockery begins, with the story of an $85-million hotel that was never used.

Of course, today is the day leaving 85 days left in the year, October 7, the day we invaded Afghanistan 20 years ago, in the latest crusader ritual.
Templar = 85
Christ = 85
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85
September Eleventh = 85

And then they close with an estimated “19 billion” in total waste. The truth is, every last cent spent on the fraud of a war was a waste, but they chose 19 for the symbolism, the same reason they made up the story about the 19 hijackers.

CNN’s article on George W. Bush addressing domestic terrorism on September 11, 2021

Federal Government Jesuit Knights Templar New World Order News Politics Psychological Operation

Yesterday we covered why Bush was the right guy, 20 years to the day of 9/11, to talk about the new terroristic threat, domestic terrorism. Once again, he is Mr. 68. *Terror = 68

Population Control = 236 (Gives new meaning to the phrase…) (Shutting down the dissenters)

Skull and Crossbones = 223

Holy Roman Empire = 88
George Washington = 88 (George W. Bush)

WTCs, 110 stories
Rockefeller = 110 (Behind WTC project)
President = 110
Prophecy = 110

Keep in mind 223 is the 48th prime number.
223, 48th prime
False Flag = 48
1/6/2021 = 1+6+20+21 = 48

For another, from January 6, to September 11, was 8 months and 5 days later.
September Eleventh = 85
Templar = 85

Recall, Bush is a member of Skull and Bones, which gets it symbolism from how the Templars buried their dead.
Templar = 85
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85

And again, we invaded Afghanistan on October 7, 2001, the day leaving 85 days in the year.

Where Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ release, Sunday, August 29, 2021, meets Hurricane Ida hitting Louisiana on the anniversary of Katrina (George Bush doesn’t care about black people)

Catholic Church Jesuit Knights Templar Military Natural Disaster New World Order News Weather

150 MPH, the 150th day, the flood.

And once again, New Orleans is in harms way, on the anniversary of Katrina making landfall in 2005. Keep in mind the city is built below sea level, so it was likely not named as such by accident.

And keep in mind the calendar and the language are in tribute to the Roman Catholic Church, which is guided by the Jesuit Order. And since we are talking about Louisiana, that should remind you of France (Louisiana Purchase), where the Society of Jesus is from — and more specifically, Paris, France, 56 land, and here we are in the time of Louisiana’s 56th Governor, Mr. Edwards. Speaking of which, one of the “Niggas in Paris” released his album today, in tribute to his dead mother. I bring him up, that is Kanye West, because his name met the masses after Hurricane Katrina, when he said, “George W. Bush doesn’t care about black people!” during an event to raise money for the Red Cross, or the Templar Cross, the same one found in the Jesuit logo.

*Oh yea, and on the subject of Kanye West, his album for his mother, and the anniversary of the Katrina flood, today is the 29th.

Furthemore, today is Kanye West’s 83rd day of his age.

It’s all biblical. “Jesus Walks.” And here we are on Sunday, having 78 date numerology.
8/29/2021 = 8+29+20+21 = 78

Read about John Thompson’s death at 78, last year, August 30, 2020, a date wit 78 numerology.

Keep in mind, water connects with birthing, and a hurricane, very clearly.

Think of International Women’s Day, March 8, or 8/3, the 67th day of the year.

*It is always March 8.

Germany = 38 / 83

And for one last point, today is the 241st day of the year, the 53rd prime. Keep in mind 53 is associated with the feminine, and 53 is the 16th prime, and today is the 16 year anniversary of Katrina making landfall.

241, 53rd prime
53, 16th prime

And for one more fast fact, today is 48 days after Donda West’s birthday.

The Order of Illuminati, was established by the Jesuit, Adam Weishaupt.

Kanye West claims Chicago, a Jesuit stronghold, but was also born in Atlanta, another Jesuit stronghold.

United States of America = 84
The Catholic Church = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84
Jesuit = 84

84 is the reflection of 48. *Illuminati = 48