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This comes October 31, 2020, a date with 61 numerology, and on the day leaving 61 days in the year.

10/31/20 = 10+31+20 = 61

We’ve seen this before.

This news also comes on a date with 81 numerology, and ‘Orthodox Church’ equates to 81.

10/31/2020 = 10+31+20+20 = 81

Not by chance, today is 47 days before Pope Francis 84th birthday.

Read about the arrest of the 47 year old in the Nice, France attack:

It is time to make the Catholics confess, eh?

And don’t forget that Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope. Notice how the location ‘Lyon’ sums to 42 and 21, the same as Jesuit.

Saturday is named after Saturn, the keeper of TIME…

And of course ‘Saturday’ is a day of the week that we commonly see ‘shooting’ headlines on.

109, 29th prime *Church = 29

The Gematria of Jean-Macé sector stands out for multiple reasons.

Terrorist Strike = 224

Read about the terrorist attack on Nice, France, October 29, 2020, and how it came 224 weeks after the Bastille Day attack on Nice, July 14, 2016:

And notice the gematria overlap with ‘Vatican City’, ‘Catholic’ and ‘religion’. As we know, these are all Jesuit rituals.

For more a little more gematria, compare ‘priest’ with ‘Muslim’.

39 Books in the Old Testament that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all based out of.

Catholic Church = 75 *New World Order = 75 *Order = 75

*The Catholic Church = 87

And last, the attacker on the run narrative allows the authorities to lockdown neighborhoods, in more mini martial law drills, as they just did after the Notre Dame attack.

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It is only possible for the Texas A&M Aggies to become 4-1 in Week 9 of the college football season due to the coronavirus.

Notice, George H.W. Bush was buried next to where the Halloween game will be played between Texas A&M and Arkansas, the latter schooling reminding of Bill Clinton, from Arkansas, who was #42, after #41, George H.W. Bush, the Skull and Bones member.

This game on Halloween, or ’41’ day, comes 701 days after his death.

H.W. was born 12/6, like 126.

Read about 701, 126, and the Knights Templar as well as Jesuit Order:

Skull and Bones gets their symbolism from how the Knights Templar buried their death, in an Ossuary.

This game comes on 10/31, and H.W. died on 11/30, the anniversary of Paul Walker’s death, who starred in The Skulls, about Skull and Bones, where he drove a red Porsche in the film, similar to the one he died in.

10+31 = 41 *11+30 = 41

For the clincher, this game comes on George W. Bush’s 118th day of being 74 years old.

For one more, it comes on Bill Clinton’s 74th day of being 74 years old.

For another nail, this will be the 76th game between Arkansas and Texas A&M.

Notice the Aggies can stay on 41 all-time losses vs. Arkansas in the 76th game.