Mark 9:40, in light of George W. Bush often saying, “you are either with us or against us,” after September 11, 2001

Biblical Catholic Church Federal Government History Jesuit Knights Templar Secret Societies Terrorism

Think of this verse, Mark 9:40, in light of what we know about 94 and the World Trade Centers, and in light of the President at the time, George W. Bush, who often repeated the phrase, “You’re either with us or you’re against us.

*for whoever is not against us is for us = 182 / 191 (43rd prime)
-George HW. Bush, #43
Society of Jesus = 191
Company of Jesus = 182
Jesus Christ = 43
Yale = 43
-Skull and Bones and Knights of Columbus in New Haven (Catholic related)
-George W. Bush a member of Yale, Skull and Bones
-His graduating class had 911 members (1968)
-1968, the “9-1-1” year…

And in case you need a refresher on the 94 part.
Roman Catholic Church = 94
-World Trade Center = 94

-Terror = 94
-Neptune = 94
-Neptune is Poseidon and the trident was part of the WTC architecture
-The WTCs opened on 94th day of ’73

‘You are either with us or against us’ = 389 (77th prime)
-World Trade Center = 77
-September Eleventh = 77
-National Security Act = 77
-Secret Society = 77
-United States = 77
-Flight 77…

*George Walker Bush = 177 / 84
*The Jesuit Order = 177 / 84

11 killed in three shooting / stabbing / ramming incidents in Israel, March 22-29, 2022

Islam Jesuit Jewish Related Knights Templar New World Order News Secret Societies Shooting Stabbing Terrorism

The first shooting was Tuesday, March 22, or 3/22, the 77th anniversary of the establishment of the Arab League, March 22, 1945, the second shooting was Sunday March 27, 2022, the 86th day of the year, and the latest shooting was Tuesday, March 29, 2022, the 88th day of the year.
Judaism = 77
Zionist = 77
Jewish = 88
Holy Roman Empire = 88

Of course, 322 is the number that ties the Abrahamic religions together, and Genesis.
Abrahamic Religions = 322
Ancient Mystery Religion = 322

322 is also the number of Skull and Bones, modeled after the Knights Templar, who used to be headquartered in Israel. And that matters because Ramadan begins on April Fools Day this year, or 4/1.
Skull and Bones = 41

Notice it runs through May 1, the anniversary of the establishment of the Illuminati.

As per usual, they’re blaming Arabs and Islamic terrorism.

11 dead, eh?

Madeleine Albright, first female U.S. Secretary of State, dead March 23, 2022, in clear Skull and Bones ritual

Catholic Church Celebrity Federal Government Jesuit Knights Templar Murder by Numbers New World Order News Predictive Programming War World War

Madeleine Albright it is dead March 23, the 82nd day of the year.

She is dead at 84.

This is connected to Skull and Bones, again.

Madelein K. Albright = 84
New Haven, Connecticut (Where Yale is)
United States of America = 84
The Jesuit Order = 84
The Catholic Church = 84
Jesuit = 84
Masonry = 84
Zionism = 84
-She worked at Georgetown

New Haven, Connecticut = 84 *United States of America = 84 *Jesuit = 84 *Arkansas = 84
Think of Bill Clinton, Jesuit and Yale grade

They are talking about how Madeleline Albright’s legacy was pushing NATO east, which is now “coincidentally” playing out with why that was with Russia and Ukraine.

This news comes 149-days before Bill Clinton’s birthday, born August 19, 1946.
This news comes on Hillary’s 149th day of being 74-years-old, born October 26, 1947.
Skull and Bones = 149 / 76
-Synced with Bill’s 76th birthday
-He went to Yale (Where Skull and Bones is)
-Yesterday, Hillary, Yale grad, was sick with Covid-19 on 322
-Yesterday, Jen Psaki, from Connecticut, like Yale, was sick with Covid-19

Madeleine Albright had red hair, like Jen Psaki.

She is dead on her 313th day of her age.
Marie Jana Korbelová = 313
313, 65th prime
Knights Templar = 65
United Kingdom = 65
-Skull and Bones modeled after Knights Templar

They had to reference the Cold War, 9/11, nuclear weapons, and Bush’s New World Order speech.
George H.W. Bush, #41
Skull and Bones = 41
Albright = 41
9/11/2001 = 9+11+20+01 = 41
-41, 13th prime
-She is dead 23/3
-233, 13th Fib. #

Go figure 9/11 came 119-days after Albright’s birthday…
Poseidon = 97 / 119
Vatican = 119
-She took her position as Secretary of State in ’97\

Mariupol’s destruction becomes focus of Russian invasion and attack of Ukraine, March 22, 2022

Catholic Church Jesuit Knights Templar Military New World Order News Secret Societies War World War

Mariupol, no doubt, has been one of the key cities of focus in the Russian invasion of Ukraine story. Notice it is on the 47th Parallel North.
Ukraine = 47
Government = 47
Authority = 47
*News = 47
*Beast = 47
*Mariupol = 666

And recall, Ukraine popped off 47-weeks after the Jesuit Klaus Schwab’s birthday.

Coming back to the ‘beast’ thing, it rules for 42-months in Revelation.
Mariupol = 42 / 48
World War = 42 / 48
New Mexico = 42 / 48 (Where Baldwin killed Ukrainian woman on the set of RUST)
-Freemason = 42 / 48
-Illuminati = 48
-Jesuit = 42
-Much of Ukraine is on the 48th Parallel North

On March 22, 2022, they began showing how bombed out the town was.

Keep in mind Mariupol was established in 1778, meaning it becomes 244 years old in 2022.

Read more about Plutonium, Atomic Mass 244.

Hillary Clinton, Yale grad, tests positive for Covid-19 on Skull and Bones Day, March 22, 2022

Catholic Church Coronavirus Federal Government Jesuit Knights Templar News Pharmaceutical Tyranny Secret Societies

Hillary has tested positive for Covid-19 on March 22, or 3/22, reminding that her and Bill once left the White House, only for Mr. 322, George W. Bush, to take it.

In light of 322 being the number of Skull and Bones at Yale, guess where Hillary went to school.

Today is 147-days after her birthday.
Conspiracy = 147
Freemason = 147
U.S. President = 147
President of the United States = 147

This goes with the Jen Psaki Covid-19 news, who is from Connecticut, like Yale.

Jen Psaki, Connecticut native, tests positive for Covid-19 at age 43, on March 22, 2022, Skull and Bones day (Yale pranksters)

Catholic Church Coronavirus Federal Government Jesuit Knights Templar New World Order News Pharmaceutical Tyranny

Jen Psaki is from Connecticut, like Skull and Bones, 322.

This news comes March 22, 2022, 111-days after Jen Psaki’s December 1, 2021 birthday, or a span of 112-days. Both numbers should be familiar.
Vaccination = 111
Jesuits operate in 112 countries
Catholicism = 112
Mathematics = 112

Think of the Sandy Hook ritual in Connecticut and 112.

Of course Skull and Bones is modeled after the Catholic Church’s Knights Templar.

Think of the fact that Jen Psaki is 43, in light of #43, Skull and Bones member George W. Bush.
Yale = 25+1+12+5 = 43

Notice that she is the 34th and current White House press secretary.
Biden = 2+9+4+5+14 = 34

Biden is #46.
Connecticut = 46
Catholic = 46

She is from Stamford, Connecticut.

She went to the William & Mary, the second oldest college in the United States.

Skull and Crossbones = 223 / 65
William and Mary = 223 / 65
*Knights Templar = 65 / 79
*Jennifer Psaki = 65 / 79

*Christianity = 65 / 79
*Stamford, Connecticut = 79
-Today, 3/22 or 22/3

Jen Pska was a member of Chi Omega sorority, which features a skull and crossbones in their logo.

The Johns Hopkins University = 322
-Hospital founded by Skull and Bones member

They have been a huge part of the simulations leading up to the pandemic.

David Beckham gives his Instagram account to Ukrainian doctor in Kharkiv, Dr. Iryna, Sunday, March 20, 2022

Big Tech Celebrity Entertainment Jesuit Knights Templar New World Order News Sports War

As we know, Super Bowl 56 was perfectly aligned with David Beckham, and as we also know, Super Bowl 56 was perfectly aligned with the rigged war in Ukraine. So go figure that David Beckham handing over his Instagram account to the Ukrainian doctor comes 322-days after his birthday, two days before March 22, or 3/22.

*Keep in mind American football is credit to Skull and Bones member Walter Camp.

Inflation rising to record high in 40-years, 7.9%, blamed on Ukraine, on Osama bin Laden’s birthday, March 10, 2022

Federal Financial Government Jesuit Knights Templar Military New World Order News Terrorism War World War

Inflation rising to 7.9% is being blamed on what is taking place in Ukraine.
Ukraine = 79

And this news comes on Osama bin Laden’s birthday.
Osama bin Laden = 79
Society of Jesus = 79
Knights Templar = 79
-The original bankers

Funny enough, Osama bin Laden would have turned 65-years-old today.

And in light of today being 10/3, like 103, let us not forget Pan Am 103.
Jesuits = 103
Scottish = 103

It’s demise was blamed on terrorism reminding of Osama, and his 10/3 birthday.

And don’t forget the supposed recent destruction of the Ukrainian “Dream,” Antonov An-225 Mriya, which flew for the first time in history December 21, 1988, the same day Pan Am 103 crashed.

Go figure…

It all comes together, because it is all Jesuit ritual.
103, 27th prime
Ritual = 27