Hamas releases 85-year-old hostage, October 24, 2023 news

Islam Jewish Related Knights Templar Terrorism War

Notice, the hostage is 85-years-old.

It goes with the 85 encoded in the Judith and Natalie Raanan hostage story.

As you know, the war began on the day leaving 85 days in the year, October 7.

As for the hostage’s name, notice the ‘Jewish’ connection.
Yocheved Lifshitz = 74 & 88
Jewish = 74 & 88


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  1. Mr on October 24, 2023 at 11:35 am

    Talk about tying in News, Sports, and History. All these Hostages being released from the Middle East reminds me of the Iran Hostage Crisis that took place 5 days before Super Bowl 15. History Repeating itself?

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