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The news of Tyler Perry’s dead 26-year-old nephew, Gavin, came on the 26th of February, 2020, a date with 68 numerology.  

The date numerology matters because he is dead from a hanging, thus a ‘noose’, having 68 gematria.

2/26/2020 = 2+26+20+20 = 68

The death happened the day prior, a date with 67 numerology, also connecting to ‘noose’.

2/25/2020 = 2+25+20+20 = 67

As we know, 67 is the blood sacrifice number.

*Satanic= 67 *Killer = 67

He was found dead on the 25th.

*Nephew = 71 (20th prime) *Death = 20 *2020

This hanging comes in February, Black History Month.

This happened in St. Helena Parrish.

His age of 26 factors in as well.

And Tyler Perry’s Madea character factors in.

Tyler Perry is from New Orleans, the city that goes by the nickname NOLA. And don’t forget LSU won with 42 points this year in New Orleans, 4-days after 5th Ward Weebie, a local rapper, died at 42, 42-days from his own birthday.

Let us examine the gematria of Gavin Porter further.

*Kill = 64

*Sacrifice = 62 *Faustian Bargain = 62

The surname Porter is fateful as well.

*Suicide = 34

*Death = 38 *Killing = 38 *Murder = 38 *RIP = 38


The death came 165-days after Perry’s birthday, or his 166th day of his age.  The news came on the 57th day of the year, February 26.

Entertainment Murder by Numbers

The news of the ‘Sahara’ author’s death breaks February 26, 2020, a date with 48 numerology, corresponding with the gematria of ‘Sahara’.

2/26/20 = 2+26+20 = 48

He died February 24, the 55th day of the year.  Notice the star in his series of novels was named ‘Dirk Pitt’, and that character was played by Matthew McConaughey.

He died on Matthew McConaughey’s 113th day of his age, 50.  Thus, McConaughey is 38-years younger.

*113, 30th prime *Clive = 30

*Scottish = 113 (McConaughey is Scottish name)

The news has been released on McConaughey’s 115th day of his age.


He died 224-days after his birthday, on 2/24.

Notice the name Clive sums to 84, and the divisors of 84 sum to 224.

The name Clive also sums to 24, and he died on the 24th.

Entertainment Esoteric Sports

The book released March 19, 2019, 157-days before Kobe’s 41st birthday. Of course, Kobe would end up dying on his 157th day of being 41-years-old, and those two numbers were prevalent throughout his playing career.

‘The Wizenard Series’ ties in with the 251 / 54 pattern that runs throughout Kobe’s career, right into his death, a day after LeBron James passed him in points scored, scoring the 54th points of the game, on January 25, or 25/1, like 251, the 54th prime.

Recall, Kobe won the NBA Finals in the 54th NBA season, 251-days after the death of Wilt Chamberlain, who was from Philly, and died in LA, just like Kobe.  Kobe was also accused of rape a span of 54-days from his birthday, in a spa with 251 gematria.

Fairwood Community Center?  Training camp?

Again, Kobe is from Philadelphia.

And LeBron passed him on January 25, or 1/25, like 125.

Kobe’s wife’s birthday is May 5, the 125th day of the year.

Of course, Wizenard is a play on Wizard.

Kobe’s second book, Epoca, released 81-days after his birthday.

Read more about that here:  https://gematriaeffect.news/kobe-bryants-epoca-the-tree-of-ecrof-novel-released-81-days-after-his-birthday-75-days-before-his-death/

Entertainment Esoteric Murder by Numbers Sports

Kobe Bryant’s book, Epoca – The Tree of Ecrof, has a cover that reminds of Kabbalah and it’s Tree of Life, which has a light half and a dark half.  The dark half is known as the Qliphoth.

The book released November 12, 81-days after Kobe Bryant’s 41st birthday.

Kobe died 75-days after the release of the book.

I have a feeling Kobe was tying to share the secret of what is taking place with the farming of athletes in this children’s book.

Notice, the male character’s name is ‘Rovi’.

The female character is Pretia.

Male?  Female?  Boule?  Baphomet system?  The GOAT?

See prior work on Kobe Bryant, his death, and the Boule.

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Racism Sports
Kasino = 24 *Kobe, #24

Notice the latest rapper to be killed is shown in Lakers gear, and he was killed February 24, 2020, the date of the Kobe Bryant Memorial.  He was killed in Dallas.

This rapper, Channel 5 J Dub, was killed Monday, February 24, 2020, a date with 46 numerology.

2/24/20 = 2+24+20 = 46

This writer changes his name to “JDud” moving forward, which is sloppy, because that isn’t his name.  I confirmed it is J Dub.


His rap name, J Dub has fateful gematria.

59 also syncs with Black Mamba.

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

Notice, the top middle is the front of the chopper, and as you look down the center, you see its tail, with its end. Then looking back up at the body section of the chopper, you see the four chopper blades, or the propeller. Factor this in with the predictive programming of his death in a helicopter that was foreshadowed in the cartoon Chamberlain Heights, November 16, 2016, and Nike’s The Black Mamba movie, 2011.

Chamberlain Heights: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6218436/

The Black Mamba: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1837673/

Astrology Christianity Entertainment Esoteric Rambo's Corner
Kanye West

A commonly held belief is that the crucifixion occurred on the 3rd of April or April 3rd; a date written 34 or 43.

As established in Parts 1 through 5: The Greater Ritual is a MERCURY RITUAL. Jesus Christ – believed to be born on September 11th (VIRGO) – is a central element of the Greater Ritual.

The planet Mercury rules the zodiac signs of GEMINI and VIRGO.

Personalities who are Virgo or Gemini are most often chosen to play the role of Mercury and/or Jesus.

While people of all races and ethnicities are chosen for the role of Mercury/Jesus ( black Kobe Bryant and white, Jewish David Stern both Virgos died in the 74th NBA season) there have been disproportionate Black Jesus/Mercuries; especially from the field of Hip-Hop music. Chief among them is KANYE WEST who is a GEMINI (born June 8th).

MERCURY = 41. 179 is the 41st prime number.

Kanye West is married to Kim Kardashian

Jesus Christ’s closest female associate is Mary Magdalene. Before the Roman Empire founded institutional Christianity and canonized selective texts to establish the Holy Bible, The Gospel of Mary (Magdalene) was highly venerated; in some quarters considered the most important Gospel.

Gematria de-occults how deeply Jesus symbolism is coded into Kanye West.

Kanye West is credited with the 2004 founding of G.O.O.D. record label. The name of the label synchs with the all-important “MERCURY” Gematria number 41. 67 is the gematria of “MERCURY RITUAL and synchs with his name “West”.

Below is a 2012 cover of Complex; a now-out-of-print pop culture bi-monthly magazine. The symbolism is obvious. It features Kanye West and some of his signed artists. The date of the issue is just as significant as the cross symbol.

AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2012. The tropical zodiac sign of VIRGO is during August and September.

While Jesus/Mercury symbolism and rituals are being performed at an increased rate at the current moment (particularly black Mercury/Jesus), they have been present in news and popular culture for decades in the United States:

The 1990 horror/psychological thriller film is one of the most underrated of all time and contains everything from MK Ultra mind control themes, occult Jesuit Order themes to 911 predictive programming. 911 is the preeminent Mercury ritual. The Exorcist III contains Mercury/Jesus themes and in particular Black Jesus/Mercury.

The serial killer in the movie is possessed by The GEMINI KILLER. That is the most overt Mercury reference.

Thomas Kintry

The first victim of the Gemini Killer is an African-American 12-year-old boy named THOMAS KINTRY. The name Thomas means “twin.” That is another Mercury/Gemini reference.

The Gemini Killer crucifies Thomas Kintry on a cross made of rowing oars. He beheads Kintry and replaces his head with the head from a white Jesus sculpture which he paints in black-face.

Christopher Scarver

Milwaukee serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is an MK ULTRA/MK DELTA Assassin mind controlled Monarch who was programmed using The Exorcist I and III movies.

As mentioned: The Exorcist III features the Gemini Killer, so no coincidence that Jeffrey Dahmer is a Gemini. Mercury is Hermes. Gematria reveals the theme in the Dahmer ritual.

Jeffrey Dahmer is purported to have been killed by inmate Christopher Scarver at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin. Again, Gematria de-occults the Mercury ritual.

(Black) Jesus symbolism is evident in Christopher Scarver:

  • His name starts with “Christ”; CHRISTopher Scarver.
  • He is said to have been a carpenter as Jesus is said to have been.
  • He was diagnosed as having a Messiah Complex a.k.a. Messianic Delusion.


Scarver is said to have bludgeoned Dahmer to death using a piece of gym equipment known as a LAT PULL-DOWN BAR. This is a very significant element of the Jesus/Mercury ritual.

The Lat Pull-down is the exercise shown below and is performed in a CRUCIFIXION POSITION.


TUPAC SHAKUR is one of the most noteworthy celebrities with Jesus/Mercury coding. Of course, he is a GEMINI. His death is not only under VIRGO, but the same date as the official birthday of CESARE BORGIA who is believed to be the inspiration for the popular image of Jesus Christ.

Tupac Shakur’s birthday 16th June, in most countries written 166, like 166.

Jesus is said to have been crucified at the Place of the Skull; GOLGOTHA on Good Friday.

Tupac’s alter-ego is MAKAVELI which is a play on NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI the Italian Renaissance philosopher who wrote “The Prince” which was inspired by the life of CESARE BORGIA.

JOSHUA is another name for JESUS since the Hebrew name for JESUS; YESHUA translates to “JOSHUA” in English.

As mentioned in The Greater Ritual Part 5, Tupac’s middle name AMARU is the Peruvian Inca expression of the Jesus/Hermes/Mercury/Djehuti/Thoth archetype.


Nas appears as a crucified Jesus Christ in the video for the 1999 hit song Hate Me Now

Nas is VIRGO ruled by MERCURY. Jesus Christ = Mercury.

Nas’ birthday of September 14th can be stated and written 14th September; 149, like 149. The phrase “BORN A VIRGO” sums to 149.

The value of “HATE ME NOW” is 139. Like 139 the date 13th September the birthday of “Jesus template” Cesare Borgia and death day of symbolic Jesus Tupac Shakur.

September 13th is 913. The reflection of 913 is 319.

Nas’ full name is Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones

More Jesus symbolism from Nas.

  • His 2002 album title “God’s Son.”
  • His 2004 mixtape “Carry the Cross.”
179 is the 41st prime number. 41 = MERCURY

September 11th, or 11th September is thought by some to be the real birthday of the entity popularly known as Jesus Christ. That is 911 or 119.

Hip-Hop magazine XXL had Hate Me Now as the 119th ranked song of the 90’s decade.



Rapper Mase appears – on the cover of his 2005 mixtape Crucified 4 the Hood – as Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns.

Mase is a VIRGO.


Rapper Remy Ma appears – on the cover of her 2007 mixtape Shesus Khrist – as a crucified Christ.

Remy Ma is a GEMINI.

Her name – with her original last name or current last name – both sum to the primary “Jesus number” 74.



Rapper Jadakiss appears – on the cover of his 2009 mixtape The Passion of the Kiss – as Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns.

Jadakiss is a GEMINI.

Both JADKISS’ stage name and real name JASON PHILLIPS synchronize with JESUS in Gematria.


Rapper Denmark Vessey – on the cover of his 2013 album Cult Classic – appears as Jesus Christ performing the “Mano Pantea” hand-sign, as Jesus is often depicted doing.

Denmark Vessey is a VIRGO


Outside of Kanye West, the rapper most imbued in Jesus Christ symbolism is Kendrick Lamar. He professes to be a devout Christian, with Christian themes prevalent in his performances.

Kendrick Lamar is a GEMINI.

Kendrick Lamar plays the role of Jesus Christ-at-the-Last-Supper in the video for his 2017 song Humble.

Beyoncé (BEYSUS)

Black-celebrity-representing-Jesus Christ has been taken to an even higher level with singer/actress Beyoncé Knowles.

She has been praised – alongside Jesus Christ – in actual Christian churches, with the Bible being interpreted through the lense of her life.

Beyoncé Knowles is a VIRGO

On April 25th, 2018 San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral of the Episcopal Diocese, held BEYONCÉ MASS which uses her songs to interpret Biblical scripture.

The sermon was delivered by Rev. Yolanda Norton, Professor at San Fransisco Theological Seminary where she teaches a course titled Beyoncé and the Hebrew Bible.

Beyoncé has attained the moniker BEYSUS.

BEYONCÉ MASS has been held at Spelman College, Atlanta and its organizers claim that it has been held as far away as the country of Portugal.


Beyoncé Mass organizers have had to defend against accusations that she is being worshipped as a deity.

Before going solo Beyoncé was part of the musical group DESTINY’S CHILD.

Gematria reveals how the Jesus theme is invoked with that name.

The name DESTINY’S CHILD is a reference to a passage in the Biblical book of ISAIAH chapter 65:11.


On December 30th, 2013 Beyoncé was the center of a major controversy when she was accused of “replacing Jesus” in her Instagram picture where she is superimposed over the Christ in a picture of The Last Supper.

The background picture is an Andy Warhol mural of “The Last Supper” (above) at Miami’s Jugofresh juice bar. She was posing on the counter top.

Kodak Black

Rapper Kodak Black sports three cross tattoos on his face.

His real first name is DIEUSON. “DIEU” is French for “GOD.” So DIEUSON is a French-English combination for “GOD’S SON”; The same title as a Nas album.

Kodak Black is a GEMINI

Twin symbolism is prevalent in Mercury rituals; twins being a symbol for GEMINI. Twin symbolism is displayed in the cover art for Kodak Black’s single Calling My Spirit. (Below).

Kodak Black’s most recent album is 2018’s Dying to Live.

61 is another Gematria Jesus code.

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Sports

There’s a theme here.

At the Kobe Bryant Memorial, on February 24, 2020, they played Moonlight Sonata to honor Kobe Bryant, after a story was told about him learning to play the song by ear.  It was played by Alicia Keys, who remembered Kobe Bryant, the day of his death, at the Grammy’s.

2/24/2020 = 2+24+20+20 = 66

66 is that Lakers number.

*Alicia Keys = 41 *Kobe Bryan = 41 *Kobe dead at age 41

After the Moonlight Sonata rendition, they immediately went to a highlight clip of Kobe Bryant, which begins with his days in High School, at Lower Merion.

Following that, Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls spoke.

Notice how the name of the event syncs with 66.

Jimmy Kimmel was the host. His birthday is the 317th day of the year.

Don’t forget that Kobe was Mr. 666. He scored 81-points in his 666th game, he had the 6-6-6 Workout and he died in chopper. *Helicopter = 666

ESPN’s YouTube had 6.66-million subs for the broadcast, a number that climbed a lot in recent days.

The name also syncs with May 15, or 15/5, the establishment date of The Boule, May 15, 1904, which Kobe’s life was measured by, same as his father, Joe Bryant.

Read more about this tribute coming on the 55th day of the year here:

*Boule = 55 *Sigma Pi Phi = 55

The host of the event was Jimmy Kimmel, of the you know who tribe, that broadcasts nightly from the Masonic Temple of Hollywood.

His name ties into the event as well.

Recall, Kobe’s chopper reportedly departed from John Wayne Airport.

And don’t forget the Chamberlain Heights cartoon which foreshadowed Kobe’s helicopter death, came out on Kobe’s 86th day of his age, November 16, 2016.

His death at 41, all lead up to this ‘memorial’.

And for one last point, on this Boule ritual day, the Atlanta Hawks are at the Philadelphia 76ers. Of course, the Boule is from Philly, and now HQ’s in Atlanta.

Hawks on 17 wins? *NBA = 17 *Hawks = 17

Hawks on 41 losses? *Kobe Bryant = 41

Hawks on 24 aways losses? *Kobe, #24

76ers on 26 home wins? *Bryant = 26 *Boule = 26

Entertainment Murder by Numbers Science

The Washington Post put their 74 stamps on it with ‘hidden figure’.

*Masonic = 74 *Occult = 74 *Killing = 74

Of course, Masonry controls NASA.

7/29/1958 = 7+29+19+58 = 113 *Scottish = 113

The news of her death comes exactly 26-weeks after her August 26th birthday.  *101, 26th prime

Today is 2/24.  2+24 = 26

The news comes on a date with 46 numerology as well.

2/24/20 = 2+24+20 = 46


The news of her death comes 163-weeks and 3-days after the release of the film Hidden Figures.

When they release the date of death, I won’t be surprised if it was Saturday, February 22, 2020.

Entertainment News Sports

On the same day as the Kobe Bryant memorial, a man who was accused of rape in the summer of 2003, Harvey Weinstein, a movie mogul, is found guilty of rape. Keep in mind, they’re both LA men as well.

Today is February 24, the 55th day of the year.  The parallel is Satan and the Synagogue of Satan.  In Kobe’s case, he was employed by them, whereas Harvey is of them.

Further connecting the two men, this comes 24-days before Weinstein’s 68th birthday, and 185-days after Kobe’s 41st birthday.  Of course, Kobe wore #24, plus it is the 24th of February, and the number 68 connects ‘rape’ and ‘basketball’.

Notice how ‘Harvey’ and ‘rapist’ go together.


26.5 hours?  *Bryant = 26

Today is 101-days to the start of the NBA Finals, June 4, 2020. 

*101, 26th prime *Finals = 101 *Philadelphia = 101 (Kobe’s hometown)

26.5 hours is 1,590 minutes.  *Scottish Rite = 159