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Moments before the Patriots kicked the winning field goal, improving to 5-6 over the Cardinals, FOX put up a stat about the kicker’s career long 56 yarder. Then after that, FOX went to the Carolina @ Minnesota game, which also came down to a field goal. Right before the Panthers kicker shanked the attempt, a stat was put up that he had a 56 yard field goal attempt the week prior, and with his miss, the Minnesota Vikings improved to 5-6, beating the Panthers. But ask yourself, what are the odds of these rituals, moments apart, in light of what we know about this number, and how often it is used by the Jesuits, who control the world of rigged sports and more?

It should also be noted, just before New England’s winning field goal, the clock was stopped at 56 seconds, setting up the scripted play, where Cam Newton took a shot harder than Tom Brady has ever felt in his career (but it was nothing new for Cam, who has taken at least a hundred similar hits in his scripted, play by play, career). The hit created a 15 yard penalty, and pretty much won the game for New England. Thus, it was a “56 special.”

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In light of the news about New York City Public Schools reopening in December (when the vaccine is supposed to be out), don’t forget they were ordered to be closed on November 18 what is typically the 322nd day of the year, and earlier in 2020, on March 22, or 3/22, the lockdown measures went into place for New York.

And here’s a reminder about the March 22 lockdown.

New York State of PAUSE = 79 *Society of Jesus = 79

Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2020/11/18/new-york-city-schools-closing-because-rising-covid-19-rates/

Of course, 322 is the number of Yale’s Skull and Bones.

And don’t forget this clip from the 33rd episode of Batman, which mentions Batman’s historical relationship with Skull and Bones. As you likely know, ‘Gotham City’ in Batman, is New York City.

Or this shot from the latest Batman film, where section 322 is shown before the stadium explodes.

Read more about 149 and 322, and Skull and Bones: https://gematriaeffect.news/?s=149+322

And of course, never forget this clip of Tim Russert asking John Kerry and George W. Bush about both being in Skull and Bones, where he identifies the number “322.”

Keep in mind these closures have been based on the data put out by The Johns Hopkins University, which was founded by a Skull and Bones member.

Read more about Daniel Coit Gilman and the founding of Johns Hopkins: https://gematriaeffect.news/yale-skull-and-bones-and-the-beginning-of-the-johns-hopkins-university/

Read more about Genesis 3:22 and the encoding of 322: https://gematriaeffect.news/u-s-reports-32000-cases-of-coronavirus-on-march-22-2020/

And for one last point, don’t forget that Jesuit educated Tim Russert reportedly died at age 58, at 2:23 PM local (322 in reverse).

*He died on his 38th day of his age *Death = 38 *Murder = 38 *RIP = 38

*Secret Society = 58 *George W. Bush = 58 *Bush = 58

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Dead at 25? Death = 25

And notice his rap name.

Murder = 83

Killing = 43 *RIP = 43

*Black = 106 *Black Lives Matter = 106 *I can’t breathe = 106

This news comes Saturday, November 28, 2020, a date with 59 and 79 numerology.

11/28/2020 = 11+28+20+20 = 79 *Society of Jesus = 79

11/28/20 = 11+28+20 = 59 *Slave = 59 *Negro = 58 *Jesus Christ=59 *Kill=59

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In recent days we have discussed the death of David Dinkins at age 93, who ended his term in New York City as Mayor in ’93, and Dave Chappelle requesting Chappelle’s Show be taken down by Netflix on his 93rd day of his age. Of course, we have always talked about 93 and black history. Let us now add to the list, Julius Whittier.

Martin Luther King Jr. = 93 *Malcolm X = 93

Furthermore, this statue has been erected on a date with 42 numerology.

11/27/2020 = 11+27+(2+0+2+0) = 42

We know what 42 means.

Martin = 42 *Malcolm X = 42 *Slavery = 42 *February 42 *N*gger = 42

And for one more point, today leaves 34 days in the year. First Black?

Also, today is typically the 331st day of the year, the 67th prime, and he wore the #67, as you can see in the statue.


Update: And notice how YouTube / Google pay tribute to 42 with this story with their fake traffic stats.

181, 42nd prime

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In last night’s chat, two people called in about the death of Sam Sarpong on October 26, 2015.

Sam Sarpong is on the right (with the spooked face).

This photo was taken one week before his death.


He died while his sister was 38 years old, the number connecting to ‘death’. He died October 26, 2015, and she was born May 31, 1977, turning 38 in May of that year.

Read more about 38 and death here: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2018/07/38-murder-by-numbers-movie-poster-and.html

You’ll notice below, he jumped off the ‘Colorado’ Street Bridge.

Notice the name of the bridge equates to 118, the other common ‘death’ number.

10/26/2015 = 10+26+20+15 = 71 *20th prime *Death = 20

And don’t forget that Colorado is the 38th state, in order of statehood.

Also, he died 311 days after his own birthday.

311, 64th prime *Kill = 64

He died on a date with 44 and 17 numerology as well.

MTV = 17 (He was on MTV’s Yo Mamma)

10/26/2015 = 10+26+(2+0+1+5) = 44

10/26/2015 = 1+0+2+6+2+0+1+5 = 17

Think about what we document with the 64/44 dates.

He was a model for Tommy Hilfiger for 6 years. Notice he died 216 days after Tommy Hilfiger’s birthday.

And again, he was a model for Tommy Hilfiger for 6 years.

6x6x6 = 216 (Or “six cubed equals 216”).

Sam Sarpong died on the 26th, after being a Hilfiger model for 6 years.

Think about the Bible, man, the sixth day, in which man was made in the 26th verse, and his name was Adam.

This code is being used to play God over man. It is a reversal of how it is supposed to be. And notice how MTV and God relate.

And how MTV and Satan relate.

Sam Sarpong died 10 months and 7 days after his birthday.

*Ritual Sacrifice = 107

And think about how MTV is raising many of the children of the world, where TVs and screens have replaced parents and family.

*149, 35th prime *Satan = 35 *Baphomet = 35 *Svengali = 35

Sam died on his sister’s 149th day of her age.

Also, with regards to him being on MTV’s Yo Mamma, and him dying 311 days after his birthday, the 64th prime, the TV show ran 64 episodes.

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Notice his birthday is April 1, or 4/1, like 41, and he was a coach for ‘Dallas’.

He was born in Orlando, Florida, where the NBA championship was won by ‘King James’, exactly 41 weeks after his birthday, October 11, 2020, and of course, LeBron James favorite NFL team is the Dallas Cowboys. *10/11/20 = 10+11+20 = 41
*From the Lakers winning the NBA Finals to his death was a span of 46 days. *Sacrifice = 46 *LeBron became 4-6 in Finals in 2020

He died before the Thanksgiving day games, where both teams won with 41 points, on November 26, 2020, a date with 41 numerology. Keep in mind, one of those teams was the Houston Texans, reminding of the folded NFL franchise, the ‘Dallas’ Texans, who became the Kansas City Chiefs.

11/26/2020 = 11+26+(2+0+2+0) = 41 *Dallas = 41

This was the first Thanksgiving for Washington as the ‘Football Team’, a name change from Redskins. Notice it also sums to 41.

41, 13th prime *USA = 41 (America’s Team, the Dallas Cowboys)

*Dallas = 13/41


In light of him dying at 54, it is important to note that Joe Buck and Troy Aikman brought up his death at 54, and then just moments later, the Dallas Cowboys scored a 54 yard touchdown.

And keep in mind, until this season, they were the Washington ‘Redskins’, a nickname equating to 54, and a number familiar to their rituals, playing out of the most Jesuit city in the nation, Washington D.C.

He died Wednesday, November 25, 2020, a date with 56 numerology, as well as 76. Of course, 56 connects to the Jesuits, and 76 connects to the ongoing riddles with Acts 7:6, and black men.

11/25/20 = 11+25+20 = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

And keep in mind it was Andy Dalton, in his 137th career game, who connected on the 54 yard touchdown, moments after the death of the 54 year old was mentioned. I bring up his 137th game because Markus Paul’s name equates to 137.


And don’t overlook that they were playing the team from D.C., the Jesuit stronghold.

Also, I don’t think CNN making this their headline story at the start of the Cowboys game was any coincidence.

And how about that 5-4 decision by the very Jesuit / Catholic Supreme Court?

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If the miscarriage happened in July, it means it happened while she was 38 years old. As we know, 38 is a number connected to death, and you can read more about that here: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2018/07/38-murder-by-numbers-movie-poster-and.html

Death = 4+5+1+20+8 = 38

Don’t overlook her 8/4 birthday

As for this news coming November 25, the word death also sums to 25.

2020, a year of rituals with 20, 25, 38 and 97, just ask the Kenendy’s

*97, 25th prime

Furthermore, today leaves 36 days in the year, and we have written a lot about Meghan, 36, 216 and 666 to date.

666, 36th triangular number

216, product of 6x6x6

Read about her very “36” baptism: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2018/03/36-45-63-65-151-216-666-meghan-markle.html

Read more about Meghan Markle by the numbers: https://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2017/11/67-216-331-prince-harry-and-meghan.html

It is also noteworthy that this story comes 113 days after her birthday, a number connected to dishonesty.

Read more about 113 and the dishonest mainstream here: http://freetofindtruth.blogspot.com/2017/04/47-93-113-youtubes-12th-birthday-april.html

For one last point, this news comes on a date with 56 and 76 numerology.

11/25/2020 = 11+25+20+20 = 76 *Skull and Bones = 76

11/25/20 = 11+25+20 = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56

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This news comes Tuesday, November 24, 2020, on Dave Chappelle’s 93rd day of his age.

*Saturn = 93 *Time = 47 (Saturn is the keeper of time) *He is 47

93 is a very significant number to BLACK HISTORY. We just talked about this with the death of David Dinkins, the only BLACK Mayor of New York, who was Mayor until ’93, and just died at 93, in a ritual.

Read about David Dinkins death here: https://gematriaeffect.news/david-dinkins-new-yorks-only-black-mayor-the-106th-dies-november-23-2020/

Black History Month = 93

Martin Luther King Jr. = 93; Malcolm X = 93

They only met one time in history, on a date with 93 numerology. That date was March 26, 1964. *3/26/64 = 3+26+64 = 93

Crucifix = 93 *God’s Son = 93 *Nazareth = 93

They say the sun is 93 million miles away, and a lot more than that…

Also, that date can be written 26/3, like 263, the 56th prime as well.

Notice how Dave Chappelle sums to 56.

The same patterns.

And notice how ‘Chappelle’ fits in further.

Jesuit = 78 / 42

*Scottish Rite = 78 / 165 (Jesuit network)

*Masonry = 39

*MLK & Malcolm X each died at age 39. *39 books in the OT

And from Chappelle’s June 11, 2020 special on the killing of George Floyd, titled 846, to this news, is a span of 167 days, the 39th prime number.

167, 39th prime

Read about his June 11 special here: https://gematriaeffect.news/dave-chappelle-releases-piece-titled-846-in-tribute-to-george-floyd/

And don’t forget that George Floyd was killed in the time of Gemini, in the Twin Cities, on the 93rd Meridian West, never mind the 44th Parallel North, a number that connects the deaths of MLK & Malcolm X, as well as Obama, number 44, who just released his book on the day leaving 44 days in the year, a Promised Land.

And for one last point, this news comes Tuesday, November 24, the day leaving 37 days in the year, and this story is to show the power of the BLACK COMEDIAN during the time of BLACK LIVES MATTER.

And for one last last point, this news comes about four years after his massive Netflix contract.


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Tampa = 20+1+13+16+1 = 51 (51 points scored)

The LOS ANGELES Rams beat the TAMPA BAY Bucs 27 days after the World Series concluded on October 27, 2020. MLB = 27 (13+12+2)

Of course, the LOS ANGELES Dodgers beat the TAMPA BAY Rays.

Now notice the Rams are 7-3, and the Bucs are 7-4, after falling to 7-4 on the 74 date numerology.



*11/23/2020 = 11+23+20+20 = 74

And about those 27 days…

And those 27 winning points…

Rams, 3-3 away, like 33.